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Hey so I thought I would share about a commission project that I have been working on for @moonsdesigns , because it has been giving me life!

I’ve been doing monthly blog banners (they make the most amazing handmade hoodies!), and I am a little more than halfway through the year. It’s the longest spanning commission I’ve done and it has been such a dream.

additional commission slots are closed at the moment, but hopefully I will be able to open up in July and take new missions!

In the meantime, please enjoy looking at some of this new work from me– please respect that these banners were paid for by someone else; do not repost, upload elsewhere, or use! If you would like to commission something similar for your business, feel free to drop me a line for an estimate :3

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You know she dead

idk man I just had this idea and honestly there is like a 99.999999% chance someone else has done this already, but I haven’t seen it, so I decided to make this. LB feeling some momentary doubt while thinking about the future (lettin dat Marinette shine through) and Chat trying to cheer up his Lady. 

Hopefully, you can read the handwriting okay….I’ve been told I write my f’s backwards but I’ve always written them that way so ????


Fic Author Self Rec

@phd-mama tagged me to do the fic author self rec, where we rec our own fics and then tag other authors. Anyone who knows me knows that I start to freak out if people actually… get excited about my fics. So this is good practice! Love thyself. Love thyfics.

5. Six Weeks. This was my Big Bang from last year, and also the first fic I ever started planning. It’s also the closest I’ve ever gotten to something like angst, and by reading it you’ll be able to tell that yes, I am apparently a fluff fiend at heart.

4. Down the Backs of Tabletops (and ticket stubs in the attic). I wrote this for a fiction writing class, and every day when I had to bring it in to class for discussion, I just did a mass name-change from one direction to random names, ahahaha. So approximately 20 English majors read this and sort-of approved of it (except one asshole who drew memes all over it and told me that it shouldn’t have a happy ending because that’s “expected” and “drab” like, fuck off). It’s weird and you’re not going to understand what’s going on until, like, halfway through? But halfway through 7k isn’t that far! I believe in you, dear reader!

3. Record Your Fate (and Write Me In). This fic makes me think of watching Frozen at 2am with my roommates spooning on the couch next to me and talking in their sleep, because that’s when I wrote 90% of it. One thing that you need to know about me is I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort, but also for weird fantasy, and I was somehow able to squash both of them into this fic. It’s weird. You should read it.

2. For the Love of Honey. This was all written between the hours of midnight and 3am, and by reading it I think that’s obvious. This fic reads like something that someone who never sleeps and also has just drunk a venti caramel macchiato sans-milk would write. Personally, I think it’s funny. But maybe that’s just me.

1. I Don’t Love You I Want in Your Heart. For some reason I’ve become so… attached to this fic. If you want something else to make you laugh, this is (hopefully) it. It’s also a/b/o, which I know is not a lot of people’s cuppa tea, but I’ve been told that it’s good even if you don’t like it! High praise, let me tell you.

Okay I have NO clue who has and hasn’t done this at this point (but damn I’m always one of the last ones to do this, how inconvenient!) so I tag @lululawrence, @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed and @hrrytomlinson

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I have to stay that today is Tuesday and nothing changed. I'm sad and I feel emptiness.

I’m sorry that you feel that way. I really am. 

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You’ve been emotionally touched by the work that someone else created and saying goodbye is always hard.

But we’re not done in this fandom!

First, we have a whole other episode to look forward to when Emma is going to win the final battle! Not to mention the hour special before the finale that is no doubt going to be emotional as hell.

And forgetting about a potential 7th season entirely … we still have more of Season 6 fun ahead of us … the DVD release complete with bloopers and most likely a whole BTS featurette on the musical episode!

Colin has a bunch of cons lined up and hopefully we’ll see the two of them together in a few more cons before the year is out.

Plus, fic, fanart, meta … those will keep rolling in for months and probably years to come.

Colin and Jen will both have new projects to work on and we’ll get to see them in new, exciting roles!

I Can’t Do This Anymore

Poe Dameron/Reader

Reader is a bounty hunter who grew up on Yavin 4 with Poe Dameron.  Now the two of them are lovers.  Poe constantly pesters the reader to join the resistance, but she sees no point and only knows life in the ways of a bounty hunter.  This eventually sparks an argument that makes them both question their relationship…

Author: Charlee

Anon Asked:  Could you please write an angsty Poe Dameron/reader where Poe and reader have their first fight/argument as a couple? The fight is really intense and heated and they question a lot about their relationship but it ends in some really great fluff?? Xo

Word Count: 1285

A/N: really sorry if this sucks, As i was writing this a million things were happening and its been a shitty night guys… enjoy…

Exhaustion fell over you as you returned to your little underground home beneath the sands of Jakku.  Another hunt completed, another bounty collected.  As you walked closer to your home, you notice a ship parked near by.  An X-Wing painted black and orange.  “Poe…” you whisper, a soft smile coming to your face as you step down into your home.

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So apparentely this is not the only Levi parody of this video.  Someone else has done one as well!! See it here!!!


So… I know it’s not perfect… I omitted some things and added some things…Also THERE IS A REFERENCE TO A POSSIBLE SPOILER TO THE MANGA but I think it might be discrete enough so it won’t give anything away. Hopefully it’s kind of funny to some people… I tried…

Also, excuse my voice and the camera… I was alone in filming this so some of it was difficult.

Makkle’s Character Analysis: Chika Takami

“It’s Honoka 2.0″, you told yourself when you first saw her. But let me tell you why you were (including myself) misled.

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Grantaire has a lot of tattoos. Like, a lot. There’s a bird wing that goes over his whole shoulder, an owl on his forearm, “liberté” in a fancy script behind his ear, vines and flowers that wind from his neck to his fingers. The one that interests Enjolras the most, though, is on the inside of his left bicep, a lock inlayed with intricate scrollwork. Around the keyhole, the filigree forms a heart.

“Where’s the key?” he asks one day. Surely there’s a key to that thing, either on Grantaire himself or (hopefully not) on the arm of someone else.

“Haven’t found it yet” was the reply, and Enjolras isn’t sure if that’s a better or worse answer than “[someone] has it” because of the look on Grantaire’s face.

A month into dating, Enjolras runs up to him, all smiles and with a bandage on his right arm. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he says, and he’s excited even though Grantaire looks kind of worried. He peels back to the bandage, and there’s a freshly done tattoo on his upper arm, a key wrought in filigree to match R’s lock. “I took a couple liberties with the design, but I hope it fits.”

“Oh, it does, Apollo. It sure as hell does.”


Castiel imagine but kinda sorta a Dean imagine too and like .5 percent a Sam imagine. Requested by anon. This imagine has been edited for reposting purposes, just to add some detail to my terribly blatant beginner’s writing. Hope you like it!

The hunting lifestyles ran in your blood, though it had only run in your routine for little over a solid year, your brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, as well as their angelic companion Castiel, reentering your life to educate you in the ways of the huntress. They taught you all the tips and tricks your absent father aught to have taught you, but couldn’t find the time between tracking invisible trails of a demon you knew wouldn’t step out of the shadows until it wanted to be found, your safety and manner of protection ranking second, no, third on his to-do list, right after Sam… and right after the Hellspawn. You were, after all, his illegitimate child, you never expected Christmas gifts from the man. John Winchester didn’t stick around for very long after he knocked-up your mother, who was dead now, by the way, most likely thanks to him. No, he wasn’t for the teary-eyed funeral procession of his on-again, off-again lover. He patted you on the back and got the Hell out of Dodge without so much as an apology for hauling your blood into his hectic, dangerous way of life. You harboured no affection for the man, but his sons… they were nothing like him, for which you were thankful.

You had found your brothers through a beer-and-football kind of man named Bobby Singer, a simplistic hunter with n extensive knowledge not only on lore, but also on his friend’s drunken escapades, one of which had spawned your entire existence. One introduction and multiple apology-riddled explanations of your situation, you had adhered yourself to the boys’ hips, the three of you becoming inseparable in a matter of days, ganking monsters, never quite managing to find a motel without cigarette stains on the bathroom tiles, trying desperately to save the human race from extinction. The angel, Castiel, stuck around too, though his allegiance with Heaven often required his presence elsewhere. He always managed to find his way back to your side, even when your brothers were hunting without you. You would turn to find his body standing rigid as a plank of wood in the corner of the kitchen, or holding out your misplaced weapon, his sapphire eyes dropping from your startled expression to dissect the floorboards. In fact, he seemed to have a strange obsession with watching over you, like a guardian. He drew the line at the Edward Cullen watching-you-whilst-you-slept scenario, so it wasn’t all bad. At least you had your privacy, hunkering down to bed without paranoia ransacking your peaceful thoughts.

Dean’s voice woke you up that morning, far too early to rise, yet far too late to go back to sleep, a perfect imperfection in timing on his part. You rolled off of the lumpy mattress, trying to ignore the puff of dust every movement produced, walking off to find your eldest half-brother, your bare feet padding against the slightly warped boards of wood beneath you.

“If you like a woman, Cas, you go for it. You… charm her. Flatter her. Hit on her, Cas, before you loose your chance.” You heard Dean direct, his voice low and gravelly from his recent awakening, by the sounds of it, the pinch of his fingers around the bridge of his nose audible in his tone. As you entered the poor excuse of a kitchen, the angel spotted you, eyes widening, deserting his eye contact with Dean to stare intently at the surface of the cheap breakfast table, swallowing with apparent difficulty before his eyes flickered up to yours once more. The brothers, confounded by the angel’s unseen cause of silence, raised their vision from their conversation, eyes locking on your sleep-numb form in the doorway, Sam spluttering a breathy laugh at your extreme case of bed-head, the rat’s nest atop your cranium causing Dean to choke on his bottle of bear as he, too, chuckled.

“Woah, good morning, beautiful!” Dean joked. You rolled your eyes, fighting back the grin that tugged at your lips, flipping him the bird as Sam pressed a brittle poptart into your palm, nodding your head in the youngest brother’s direction in silent thanks. You stuck the pathetic pastry between your teeth, gnawing through the cement-grade icing, offering a little half-wave to Castiel, who stared at you like he was looking at the Sun, his eyes unmoving, their targets your pupils. His mouth was ajar, his shoulders hunching forward like he was bracing himself against the wind at his back. You took a chunk out of the strawberry slab of leftover pie crust and rejected jelly.

“What, Cas?” You mumbled through your food, crumbs falling from your mouth. Castiel swallowed loudly, steeling his breath.

“Y/n, I’m in love with you.” He stated, his voice monotonous as it always was, despite the fact that he had just declared the impressive extent of his affection for you. Your eyes widened to match his, leaving the angel’s heavenly face to flash to your eldest brother’s your stomach flopping about in fear as you took in the shocked anger painting his features, his emerald eyes practically red with rage. Dean slammed his bottle of beer down on the table hard enough to shatter the murkily transparent glass, spilling his half-drunk amber alcohol all over the tabletop, the liquid free of its constraints. Dean’s face was one of pure fury. Before another word could be said, your older brother had the angel pinned to the wall with his arm on the his throat. the celestial being presenting no struggle, as he would have easily been able to flick your brother away. You’d seen the guy lift a car clean off the pavement without so much as a wince. Sam attempted to detatch Dean from Castiel, but Dean was far too angry, his furious adrenaline fueling his attack as well as his ability to hold his ground. His back was tensed, the weight of his body pressed into Castiel’s neck.

“Dean, lay off!” Sam yelled. Dean shook his head, applying more pressure to the angel, who now appeared to be in minor discomfort, his hand gently resting against his brother’s arm.

“What do you think you’re doing, Cas? That’s my sister! She’s off limits, do you hear me? Off. Limits.” Dean growled, anger potent in his voice.

“I- I don’t understand. You told me to tell a woman how I feel, Dean. I love Y/n, and I followed your advice.” Cas said calmly from the more painful side of Dean’s forearm, voice rough, never changing pitch. His hand slackened and fell from Dean’s arm, though not in relation to the man’s attack. The angel seemed otherwise unfazed by the arm jabbing into his trachea.

“Guys.” You tried, your voice unheard by Sam and Dean, but Castiel’s eyes focused more fully on yours, filling you with warmth. You smiled at him, earning what was probably, hopefully, maybe a smile from him.

“Cas is right, Dean. You told him to go for it. It could be worse.” Sam mumbled, “Hell, Dean, I’ve done worse than he has.” Sam laid a hand on Dean’s shoulder, this time going about a gentler approach, his goal remaining the same; pry his brother from the angel’s throat. Dean’s face was twisted in disgust as he shook the hand from his body.

“He can pick someone else!” He yelled, voice deep, gravel tumbling with his words.

“Guys?” You tried again. Castiel tore his eyes away from yours, trying to speak to Dean, to alert him that you had something to say. As soon as Cas opened his mouth, Dean slammed his head into the wall. You winced.

“Look, Dean, Cas has every right to love whoever he chooses.” Sam pointed out, his voice steady despite the tension floating about the subject of his logic, trying his best to be the voice of reason. “That includes our sister, whether you like it or not.“ Dean was about to blow a gasket, turning to spew more venomous words, making up your mind for you, but you beat him to it. You slammed what remained of your poptart onto the table, feeling the thick glucose syrup squish between your fingers, beer seeping through the moisture-less pastry.

“GUYS!” You screamed, your voice crackling from the force behind your howl, all three men redirecting their attention to your face, surprised by your seemingly sudden outburst. Took them long enough t pay attention, but it was happening. “You’re forgetting that I have a say in this too.” Dean clenched his jaw, nodding for you to continue, leaning ever so slightly away from the angel, his arm continuing to bar Castiel to the drywall. ”Really, it’s fine with me. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love him, yet" the angel’s face fell, eyes softening with disappointment before sparkling back to life at the end of your statement, “You can let him go.” You said softly, pleading with Dean, your eyes boring down into the emerald abyss of his. Castiel’s face lit up from within like backlit marble. Dean cursed under his breath, lowering his arm and releasing the angel. Cas began to cross the room to you, but Dean held him back, a hand on his chest, halting his stride. Dean pointed a finger in Castiel’s face, directly between his eyes, almost resting on the bridge of his nose, his digit stiff.

“You so much as let a hair fall out of line, I will personally escort you to meet your Father. Understood?” The angel nodded at Dean’s threatening tone, crossing the room to you, his arms enveloing your body, holding you close to him. You breathed in the airy, clean scent of him, content, the angel’s hands running up and down the ridges of your spine, his breathing in time with yours. Sam laughed, his usually weightless chuckle tainted by his obvious nervousness.

“Guys, break it up before Dean has an aneurysm.” He whispered, the angel separating from you, opting to hold your hand instead, his eyes shining in the harsh motel light.

Hey @taylorswift

So, I got engaged on Nov. 24, and I’m really excited because that means that I get to spend the rest of my life with my absolute best friend (this is the guy who drove me 5 hours to Nashville for the secret session, and then waited 5 hours for me to be done, and then drove me 5 hours back home). Our two year anniversary is tomorrow, January 5.

I have been trying to get you to see posts about my engagement since it happened. Everyone else who matters to me knows, so know I want you, someone who has been so important to me and helped me through so much, to see this (and hopefully accept the invitation when I send them out). 

Our song is Mine, because it explains our relationship so perfectly, from sitting by the lake at Shakespeare Festival, where we had our first kiss, to fighting at 2am and thinking that it was over, you have beautiful managed to capture the heart of our relationship without being there and I hope that some day, you WILL get to share in our celebration.

Love you forever and always, Tay. 



James Spader Appreciation Week, Day 3:

I wanted to post a different scene but I saw someone else already posted it, so I went with this one. It was an impossible task to pick just one fav scene out of all the things James has done.

So here is the hug after Liz is released from jail. It was such an amazing moment, the fact that Red was the one waiting for her.

At that moment I was hoping that it would be the beginning of something more but unfortunately Liz was a total different person in S3b…

Let’s hope for better things in S4 and hopefully a nice reunion hug like this one.


slams a fuckin MEP on the table

hey guys! i decided i’d try to boot up one of these things, since i found a pretty sick mashup that goes super nice with the recent civil war event.

listen to the mashup here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


  • the lyrics with GREEN backgrounds are #TeamFam specific
  • the lyrics with CYAN backgrounds are #TeamTapi specific
  • the lyrics with BLUE backgrounds are open (including neutrals)
  • EDIT: ALL SLOTS ARE OPEN TO ANYONE. due to supply and demand there are no longer team-specific slots. take any one you want!
  • the GREEN and CYAN lyrics side by side are played at the same time
  • the GREEN and CYAN parts MUST be in portrait format. landscape or square will not be accepted
  • the BLUE parts MUST be in landscape or square format. portrait will not be accepted
  • one part per cultsona
  • once you have finished your parts, you may request one more per sona
  • if there is high participation, your request for extra parts may be denied
  • the LOCKED! parts will become available if there’s enough participants!
  • all LOCKED! parts have been opened!


  • add me on skype [send an ask if you need it] and tell me who you are
  • tell me your forum username, your sona’s name, and which part you want
  • when you’re finished, send me versions of your artwork with and without the lyrics via skype
  • be patient while everyone else finishes up and i edit the video!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

part slots and a few more bits of information are below the cut

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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