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MMFD Fanfic Round-Up August 21-27

(Compiled by endemictoearth)


Okay, m’dearest gang. I’m gonna level with you. It’s starting to get a bit on top of me, this side-side-blog. I absolutely LOVE the enthusiasm of the fandom for writing prompts and drabbles, but I literally felt like I was chasing after fics this week. Many many thanks to borntosik for compiling a masterpost of the prompt-inspired drabbles, which really helped! 

I’m considering a policy change going forward: If a writer wants their work included on the Round-Up, they need to tag it #mmfd fanfic or #mmfdfanfic, OR notify this blog with @mmfdfanfic - because otherwise, it’s getting tough to make this weekly post happen. Which, in turn, makes it harder to actually read any of the fic that gets posted, or to find time to write any of my own. (Hopefully, nobody wants me to devote all of my free time to finding fics instead of writing them!) (And, let me assure you, it kind of kills me to even suggest this, because I am such a completist … )

To be clear: this is not meant to be an admonition … but it has to be said, in our lovely little fan-dem people seem to be especially self-effacing, not wanting to push their stuff on anyone. I, too, am guilty of not wanting to seem too self-promotional. And it’s entirely possible that there are folks writing who don’t want to have their work catalogued for ‘posterity’ (or as close as it gets on Tumblr) … so maybe I’m making too much of this. In the past, I have gotten messages here alerting me to fics; those will always be included with updates to the Round-Up. I’m just trying to determine how best to go forward …

However, before I make any decisions, I welcome feedback from the collective. Please share this post on your blogs, so hopefully most of the current fandom writers will see this. I want the Round-Up to remain as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. (DON’T GET ME STARTED on how flaky the search function can be. Some fics show up in mobile but not on my computer, and … BLERG.)

Enough of this blather. You’re here for the links! (As ever, if I’ve missed something, let me know!!! Y’know, if that wasn’t clear from the above. :D )

Thanks, m’dears!

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@14000romances – No Bark in the Park

bitchy-brokenThe Full 7 Minutes

borntosikChristmas ThoughtsLittle by Little Pt. 12 - The Morning After

crystalgiddings1993A Day as a Nelson Pt. 2 - Thinking Out Loud

@denaceleste – Drabble 1 - Drabble 2

emmatationsforallOption One Pt. 4 - Cruel Twist of Fate Pt. 1 - Pt. 2

endemictoearthStarted as a drabble now we’re here

@flirtmcgirt – Switch Points Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - I Have to Return Some Videotapes Pt. 1 - Pt. 2


happyfrasersPuppy Love - True Colors Pt. 1

how-ardentlyChoose Your Own AdventureCotton Candy - Drabble 1 - Drabble 2 - Drabble 3 - Drabble 4 - Linda/Karim drabble

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ililypopA Model’s Life

isthistherightwayround – Destination Australia … ? Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4

jackiewalsh2013She’s Perfect

janedoefromhereLate for the Debrief

kneekeytaDrabble 1 - Drabble 2 - Drabble 3 - Drabble 4 - Drabble 5 - Drabble 6 - Drabble 7 - Drabble 8

lametwentysomethingJust a Bad Dream

mydiaryofemusLike Waves Ch. 6 - What If? Pt. 1 - Pt. 2

@nenita78 – Fate Pt. 1 - Pt. 2

snakemindedA New Beginning Ch. 4


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ultimate-sliceChizzy prompt - Rae and Finn prompt - Rae and Finn prompt 2 - Rae and Finn prompt 3