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What do you think about the Boruto anime and manga

HOO BOY. Don’t get me started.

First off, I’m not a fan of 699/700/Gaiden/anyone’s shinden/The Last/Boruto stuff.  I read Gaiden. I watched the Last. I watched some of the Boruto anime. I don’t read the Boruto manga.

If anyone gets offended, you can stop reading now. Call me a hater, or whatever, but I guess I just had high expectations of Naruto, and it just didn’t end well to me, not because of my preference of ships or whatever (my OTP is a crack ship, so).  I would be happy with an open ended ending with everyone excelling in their field or working towards their dream, actually resolving problems/issues that were presented in the original manga/etc.

But anyway. Most of what “I think” of Boruto is what “I don’t like” about it.  That’s it right there. What I think about it is that I don’t like it.


#1) couples forced together for the sake of dragging out the franchise to create Boruto and his friends. The Last, and the last few episodes of Shippuden.

Naruto not knowing what love between a person and love with ramen was and then falling in love with Hinata just like that after genjutsu? Liking Sakura out of rivalry with Sasuke when it was established she was a girl he liked from the very beginning? UHHHH.

and that Sasuke and Sakura and Sarada BS in Gaiden and not knowing if Sasuke wears glasses, no one in the village telling Sarada anything about Sasuke and having who’s the mama drama and Sasuke not showing up once in her 12 years but still being around for Naruto and Sarada awakening her sharingan out of love BS and Sasuke still not being around but he’ll come back for Boruto BS?

Chouji and Karui? I can understand Shikamaru and Temari,  but….whatever.

#2) kids designs are ugly and unoriginal. like i bet there are other people’s OC’s out there that are better designed and cuter than canon characters. I’m sure lots of NaruHina fans have come up with nicer looking designs.  I can probably come up with NaruHina kids that I like more than the actual canon NaruHina and I don’t particularly ship NaruHina at all. Like wtf is that leaf thing and ugly hair on Boruto and Himawari?  Why do they have whiskers when they don’t hold the kyuubi inside of them? And really? Boruto had to look exactly like Naruto? Shikadai is bascially just Shikamaru with green eyes. Metaru is basically identical to Rock Lee. And why does Sarada have glasses?  Sakura or Sasuke don’t have glasses? None of the Uchiha ever had glasses? I think Mitsuki, Cho-Cho, and Inojin have the best designs, and that’s not saying much.

#3) changing the characters to fit what they’re ‘supposed’ to be in Boruto.  Like Boruto saying his mom is scary. like Hinata’s not that scary. and it would be something a child of NaruSaku or something would say about Sakura.  Naruto being a deadbeat good for nothing dad/hokage, when I would THINK that because he didn’t have a dad/family himself he would be ALL about his family.  I think Naruto would be more fired up to do his job, even if being hokage is a lot of work, but I don’t think he’d look so depressed sitting behind his desk.  Not even Tsunade looked that uninterested.

#4) that bullshit about the byakugan, making it what the sharingan was. like i thought every hyuuga was able to use the byakugan and only SOME uchiha could manifest sharingan, but they twisted it around like it was only SOME hyuuga could use the byakugan if they had intense training or some BS.  and Hiashi acting like a senile old man when he’s with his grandkids…… when he was only super stern in the original manga.  and like how BS it was that they made Himawari have the byakugan only ‘after’ kishi forgot to give them the byakugan and she manifested it cuz she was angry about her toy.

#5) and also Naruto missed his damn hokage inauguration like what BS is that. he dreamt about being the hokage and being acknowledged by everyone but he missed the day that signified him achieving that dream because his daughter 'manifested’ the byakugan all of a sudden.

#6) and also he’s so like depressed looking and tired all the time

and Hinata’s just like accepting of everything, like my son’s acting out/being a brat and my husband is never home but that’s okay, that’s how life is, at least I married him and had kids with him, all the growth I did and strength I gained was just to get with Naruto anyway. I hate how everyone else still fights and stuff and she’s just at home.  Wasted potential.

and Boruto hates his dad, like at least you have a dad.  And it makes him act exactly like Naruto did when he was kid (without a dad). Liiiiiike?

Idk. I’m bad at explaining things. The overall feel I get from Boruto is that it basically overwrites/cancels out everything that happened in Naruto.   Especially if Naruto and Sasuke are dead.  It makes all the struggle and conflict the previous generation went through so trivial.  And the whole futuristic thing with electronics and stuff doesn’t resonate well with me. i get it, it’s modern now, but it doesn’t seem to fit with the shinobi world we were introduced to in Naruto.  And it seems that now just anyone can become a ninja?  Like you can just go to school and be trained to be a ninja. Boruto’s whole class wouldn’t stand a chance against Naruto’s class at the same age. iDK. The whole thing just seems weak to me.  

One of the things I do like is Shikadai cuz he’s cute and I love how he’s protective over Boruto.  And how close Boruto and Himawari are.  Like, finally.  We get real sibling love on screen.  Also, the thought of ShikaHima, just cuz how closely it resembles ShikaHina.

sorry I kinda just ranted as I typed. sorry if it’s all messy and grammatically hard to follow. but thanks for listening lol

all the negativity aside

can we like bask ourselves in the idea that kaisoo is so fucking aesthetically pleasing to look at as a couple.

like, ik some of these are photoshoots but holy crap sticks.

i feel so 


like srsly like, if you look at them carefully with an open mind they look so good together.

they can be much more powerful than the power couple tbvh. BUT THATS MY OPINION. coughs.

like holy hell, if i found a partner i wish i could look as good and compatible as them. like srsly.

like, istg. maybe this was one of the other reasons why i shipped kaisoo so hard. other than their chemistry, they look so aesthetically pleasing. (wow. my design terms are coming out. shit.)

hopefully, no one gets offended from this post. like, legit. they look so good with each other it kinda makes me cry inside and die a little.

bonus gif:

istg. kaisoo’s game is pretty strong compared to other ships that i’ve seen (in my opinion of course)

consider the possiblities man. like, legit. if they were like seniors in my school, i would legit vote them for prom king and king (lol whut) it’s 2:39 AM and I should rly be sleeping. this proofs how much i’m really attached to this ship. god. 

all crds. @picskaisoo from twitter 

1) Always Post The Rules!

2) Say whatever you want about each team, good or bad. It can be favorite players, stories, thoughts, opinions, anything! They can be as short or as long as you want.

3) Tag 7 people! And tell the person who tagged you that you answered the tag!

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Anaheim Ducks: i like getzlaf when he plays for team canada + that ryan kesler video is funny

Arizona Coyotes: i do really like the coyotes i really do but i just can’t love them + rachbecca

Boston Bruins: hah nope

Buffalo Sabres: jack eichel tbh

Calgary Flames: i really thought i liked the flames and then i watched them play the canucks and knew i couldn’t

Carolina Hurricanes: they are all such cuties let me live

Chicago Blackhawks: 

(i do like a lot of their players tho not going to lie)

Colorado Avalanche: nate + gabe + matt are my dream team but

Columbus Blue Jackets: i don’t really have anything to say if i’m honest, just keep doing what you’re doing cbj + REALLY FRICJING GREAT TWITTER

Dallas Stars: they’re doing really good and it’s hard not to like them

Detroit Red Wings: STEVE YZERMAN

Edmonton Oilers: everybody really loves them and i only mildly love them i so sorry

Florida Panthers: i support lu + when they win papa john’s pizza in florida is half off so i’d like to thank the panthers for sponsoring my half priced pizza

Los Angeles Kings: no thank you

Minnesota Wild: same with cbj honestly i’m sorry

Montreal Canadiens: the dream team (minus therrien, bergvin and eveRYBODY BEING INJURED)

Nashville Predators: a lot of my sons are on this team + saw them play ottawa and win in ot

New Jersey Devils: all i hear about is corey schneider

New York Islanders: not a fan but jt will always have a place in my heart

New York Rangers: not a huge fan but henrik is a model

Philadelphia Flyers: only like claude giroux til he hits the ice + has no idea how to spell gotisbehere or whatever his name is

Pittsburgh Penguins: my smol penguins that i love

Ottawa Senators: saw them lose in ot vs nashville + have earrings with their logo on them

San Jose Sharks: all i can think about is timo meier and the asg

St Louis Blues: same with minnesota and cbj but i do like tarasenko

Tampa Bay Lightning: whatchu gonna do with jonathan drouin? (in the tune of ‘whatchu gonna do with that big fat butt’ oops)

Toronto Maple Leafs: well i don’t hate them but i know other people love them and some of those people are my mom’s entire side of the family

Vancouver Canucks: my poor babies

Washington Capitals: what happened since last year?

Winnipeg Jets: ehlers is on the first line i am happy

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