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BTS BOYFRIEND- Namjoon Edition

I looked at the masterlist and our inbox and realised that Namjoon is the only one we haven’t made a ‘boyfriend’ post about. So here we go :):)

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- LOTS AND LOTS OF CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE MEANING OF LIFE. You’re not gonna have a boyfriend who has the IQ of 148 and do nothing

-He would take you EVERYWHERE WITH HIM. Whether that is: Dance practice, concerts, shopping, to meet him mum etc etc

- - You’d wake up to him having the whole duvet to himself and then you start to contemplate whether you or him should just get another bed

- Randmom outbursts of love. This includes flowers, little gifts and even taking you to your favourite restaurant after work

- Sometimes on the weekend, he would force you to have dance battles with him. He only does it to make a fool of himself and make you happy

- HOW YALL MET: You two were at the same restaurant waiting to get a takeaway and the waiter messed both of your orders up. You then spend the next 10 minutes just complaining about bad service and then somehow end up talking about the latest movies. 

- He alwaYS takes you to dance practice. He shows you off to the rest of the gang and boasts to Jungkook how he got a girlfriend first


- Would probably end up breaking half the things he buys for you

-You will have a rare jin pop out of no where when Namjoon isn’t around….’You better look after my baby, otherwise you will feel the wrath of my bad jokes’

- He would ALWAYS WALWAYS ALLWWWWAAAAYS compliment you on your figure. Always using words you don’t know the meaning of 


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- It may be a little awkward at first BUT ONCE YOU GET THE BALL ROLLINNNGG…OH BOOIII

- - Random winks from across the table



- SHIT TONNES AND TONNES OF FOREPLAY. Sometimes he does foreplay and fucks off, cos he knows how to leave you wanting for more


-LOTS and Lots OF NECK BITES AND KISSES. Don’t be surprised when you’reDon’t be surprised when you end up going to wrok the next morning with your neck looking bruised as fuck


Hope yall liked this…lots of people asked for this in our ask/inbox so hopefully this fULLFILLS YOUR NEEDDSS!!!!. BYFRIEND- BTS EDITION….OFFICIALLY TICKED OFF OF THE LIST. 

~~Much Love…Admin Marzipants x


Scott x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Jealous Scott, Alpha!Scott, Dom!Scott, Dom!Reader, hair pulling, handcuff, dirty talk, swearing, wolfed  out!Scott

“Hey (Y/N), do you have a free period?” A boy from one of your classes asked and smiled when you pushed Scott’s arm of your shoulders so you could look at him. 

“Yeah did you want to start on the project now, I was just going to watch the team practise but I do that all the time.” You hummed.

“May as well get a head start.” The boy mumbled and you grabbed your bag from Scott, who’d been lugging it around all day, blowing a kiss in his direction as you hurried after the boy.

“Woah, Scott chill out buddy, put the claws down nice and easy!” Stiles yelped as Scott snarled and went to follow after you.

“She just ditched me for another guy.” He growled and Stiles nodded.

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure that’s her study buddie and that if they fail she fails the while class so it’s important, not like she actually ditched you to spend time with the guy.” Stiles pointed out.

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The Summer Epilogue Part Two (33/33)

The Summer (33/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 400,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 28,772 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: schmoop, romantic baths, proposal, multiple orgasm, humour, edible body paint, penetrative sex

A/N: Wow, I can’t believe this story is over! It’s been literally such a wild ride and I’m so overcome with emotions now that we’ve officially posted all of this story for the world to see. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s been here with us since the start, and thank you to everyone who we’ve picked up along the way. Your support means the world to us. We love you all and will hopefully see you again soon with another RP <3

Chapter Thirty-Three: Epilogue Part Two

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Kiss Cam

* Laurens × Reader
* Modern

A/N: so no one requested this but I’ve had this idea for months. I back-burnered it when I had a bunch of requests. But I got super motivated to write it since here it is! It’s based of this very well known post.

Word Count: 1,854


You had been dating Charles Lee for a little over a year now. He was opinionated and loud and didn’t care for your friends. Although, your friends didn’t care for him. It was awful being in the middle of it. However, you weren’t about to leave your friends for Charles but you weren’t about to leave him for your friends. No matter how much they complained.

“Thanks for dropping me off.” You told Charles. He was on his way into the office and drove you to the house the guys shared.

“Yeah.” He grumbled.

“I know you don’t like them, but they’re still my friends.” You told him.

“I know.” He said as he put the car in park.

“Yo! Y/N!” John said from the doorway of the house. He was smiling and waving. You smiled and waved back.

“Thanks Charles. I’ll see you after work.” You said. He responded by grabbing your shirt collar and pulling you in for a kiss. You wrapped one arm around his shoulders, the other went up to tangle in his dark hair. It was a bit of an awkward kiss, having to lean over the middle console. Still, it was a passionate. You pulled back with a gasp. You raised your hand up and over his hair to smooth it down and back into place and he smiled at you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He responded. “See you soon.”

You climbed out of the car and waved to him as he drove off. You walked up to John, he had a scowl on his face. “What?” You asked.

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Electricity (Cisco Ramon X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Cisco Ramon X Reader
Word Count: 2,098
Warning: Spoilers for Big Hero 6!!

You watched as Hartley questioned Cisco, the new worker at S.T.A.R. Labs, with a scowl on his face. You took pity on the new guy (you had known Hartley since high school and had had time to get used to Hartley, but to new people, well…he could be a bit hard to swallow) and walked over to where they were talking, laying a hand on Hartley’s shoulder in warning.   

“Hartley,” You scolded gently. “Be nice to the new guy.”

Hartley grumbled something under his breath before he fell silent and walked away.

“Sorry about him,” You said, smiling apologetically. “He can be a bit…he’s not good with new people.” Your __e/c__ gaze flickered down to his Star Wars shirt. “Oh man, your shirt’s awesome! Star Wars is the best!” You said enthusiastically, flipping your arm over and showing him the rebel alliance tattoo that was inked onto your forearm.

Cisco’s eyes widened. There was someone else here who was as geeky as he was? And they were a girl?

“That. Is. Awesome.” Cisco said, grinning in excitement. His hand gently moved to your forearm against his will, lightly tracing the black mark, and unknowingly sending volts of electricity shooting up your arm.

You cleared your throat, and Cisco seemed to realize what he was doing, extracting his hand immediately.

“Sorry,” He apologized hastily, rubbing his arm sheepishly.  “I’ve never actually met someone that has geeky tattoos, guess I got a bit excited.”

You shook your head, smiling at him. “No worries; I’ve got a bunch more, I’ll have to show them to you sometime.” You winked at him, and Cisco desperately hoped that you were flirting with him because you were kind of ridiculously hot.

You glanced down at your watch (which was Star Trek themed), cursing under your breath when you realized what time it was.

“I’ve got to get back to work; I’ll see you around, though?” You offered, your voice hopeful, and Cisco thought that he could get used to hearing it for the rest of his life.

“Yeah. Yeah, see you.” Cisco responded, still kind of in shock that he had just had a genuinely good conversation with a pretty girl, waving at you as you sped off and turned a corner.

He was going to like working at S.T.A.R. Labs, he could feel it.


It happened pretty quickly.

One week you were Cisco’s work partner, for the next two you were his best friend, and then after knowing each other for a little over a month, you were his girlfriend (you had been ready to date him after that first day, but you both agreed that waiting would be better, and it had been).

And you loved it.

Cisco was amazing. Nerdy, geeky, funny, smart, nice; he was basically everything you had ever wanted, rolled into one adorably hot package.

“Please, please, oh pretty please dress like Bucky.” You pleaded, clasping your hands together and sticking your lower lip out in a pout.

“But I was gonna dress like Han!” Cisco whined, frowning at you.

“I know, but Cis, your hair is perfect for Bucky! You can wear it in a cute little bun and be domestic!Bucky after he gets over being the Winter Soldier and I can be Steve and it’ll be adorable.” You wrapped your arms around him, peering up at him hopefully. “Please?”

Cisco couldn’t deny you anything. It was a gift for you, and a curse for him. He groaned, and you knew that you had won.

“Yay!” You beamed, and your smile was so blinding that he briefly forget what you had been talking about. You pressed a kiss to his cheek before you nuzzled your nose against his neck. “I love you so much, oh my god. And I promise: we’ll do Han and Leia next year.”

You were already planning your next Comic Con together? You honestly thought that you and him would be together for another year? The thought made Cisco smile, partly because you were just adorable and partly because he had been thinking the same thing; what you and Cisco had was special, and he would be damned if he let it go.


“You two are sickeningly cute.” Felicity commented fondly as you and Cisco whispered to each other, pressing kisses to the other’s nose and cheeks and lips.

You chuckled sheepishly, turning toward Felicity. You, Cisco, Felicity, Barry, Caitlyn, and Ronnie (his being alive had been a surprise, a welcome one, granted, but still, a huge surprise to you and everyone else) were going to see Big Hero 6, the new Disney movie based off a series of Marvel comics, and you and Cisco were especially excited.

“Sorry.” You said apologetically, glancing around the line. The line was huge (curse the others for not wanting to buy tickets online!), and it was filled with little kids. In other words, it was not the best place to be kissing your boyfriend.

“No no, I’m not complaining, I’m just worried about the innocent eyes you’re scarring.” Felicity said, smiling to let you know that she was teasing (she was always teasing you and Cisco though, so it wasn’t surprising to you).

You rolled your eyes at her, while Cisco stuck his tongue out at her.

“You’re a jerk.” You muttered at the same time as Cisco blurted out “None of them are even looking at us!”

Felicity shrugged, beaming innocently at you before looping her arm through Barry’s and pulling him with her to the front of the line, where they purchased their tickets. Caitlyn and Ronnie were next, then it was Cisco and yours turn.

You bought your tickets without incident (you had been worried that the tickets would sell out or something), and the two of you made your way over to the theater to snag seats while the others bought popcorn and candy.

Needless to say, since your friends loved to tease you and Cisco about your relationship (for reasons you still didn’t understand), they came back with one soda for you to split, two straws shoved into the top.



You were sobbing, and you officially hated Disney.

Big Hero 6
had ripped your heart out of your chest and stomped it into pieces.

“How could they just kill Tadashi like that?” You whispered angrily, fingers curling into the edges of Cisco’s shirt. “I mean, I know that it was implied from the trailer that he was gonna die, but still!”

“Hey, shh, it’s okay.” Cisco soothed, even though he felt the exact same way on the inside. “Maybe he’ll come back, the movie’s not over yet.”

That idea seemed to appease you and you fell silent, one of Cisco’s hands running through your hair comfortingly.


“I hate Disney.” Cisco said numbly as he walked out of the theater, perfectly voicing your own thoughts.

“Agreed.” You huffed, crossing your arms across your chest.

Everyone else seemed to be in the same state of shock as you.

The writers had kept Callaghan’s daughter alive, who no one had any sort of emotional connection to, but they killed Tadashi? It didn’t make sense to you (well, it did, actually, but it still made you mad).

“Anyways,” Barry started, breaking the silence. “Felicity and me were going to go to Red Robin, you guys in?” Barry asked, directing his question to the other four of you.

You turned to Cisco, raising a __h/c__ eyebrow at him. You did love Red Robin, but you didn’t want to go. Your eyes were still red from crying, and you were ridiculously tired (partly from crying and partly just because you were tired ninety nine percent of the time), but if Cisco wanted to go, you would go.

Cisco shook his head. “Nah, I think we’re gonna head back home. We’ll see you at work on Monday.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, and Cisco shot you a look that said “Did you really doubt me?” You shook your head in response, grinning.

Caitlyn and Ronnie decided to go to the restaurant with Barry and Felicity, so you exchanged hugs before waving goodbye as you walked to the car you shared with Cisco. Cisco’s arm was looped around your waist and you were snuggled close to him, while his free hand was intertwined with yours.


When you got back to the apartment that you also shared with Cisco, he ushered you into the bedroom, mumbling something about you changing into your pajamas while he heated up some Totino’s pizza rolls for both of you to eat before you went to bed.

You did as he asked, changing into a pair of Captain America sweatpants, that just so happened to be his, and a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt, which was also his (you may or may not have had a thing for wearing his clothes).

You walked back into the kitchen once you finished, and your nostrils were greeted with the delightful smell of freshly microwaved Totino’s pizza rolls.

Cisco held a plate out to you and you reached for it eagerly, before he moved it about your head (it wasn’t even hard for him; Cisco was a good head taller than you). Cisco smiled cheekily, pointing at his lips with a finger from his free hand.

You rolled your eyes and pecked his lips in payment for the pizza rolls, taking them and mumbling a “Thank you.” as you carried them over to the couch.

Cisco joined you a moment later with his own plate full, plopping down next to you and snagging the remote from your grasp.

“You wanna watch the new episode of The Librarians?” He asked, arching a dark eyebrow as he popped a pizza roll into his mouth.

You nodded eagerly, unable to talk around the four pizza rolls that you had shoved into your mouth. Cisco rolled his eyes at you that time, but did as he offered, and moments later, the opening theme for The Librarians started to play.


“Hey, so I know this probably seems kind of sudden and this isn’t like romantic in any way, but would you, maybe, be interested in marrying me?” Cisco asked nervously, hand deep in the pocket of his jeans, clenching onto the ring which was inscribed with elvish script. “__y/n__? C’mon, don’t leave me hanging.” Cisco spoke again after a moment, turning to look at you.

You were asleep.

Of course you were.

Cisco couldn’t help the gentle smile that rolled across his face when he saw you; your arms were clutching a TARDIS pillow, your legs were hanging off the side of the couch, and your lovely __h/c__ hair was all messed up from trying to get comfortable against the pillows.

Cisco sighed fondly, pressing a kiss to your forehead before scooping both your plates off the coffee table and depositing them in the kitchen.

Cisco decided as he brushed his teeth that he would do better when he actually proposed. Maybe at Comic Con, with you dressed as Leia and him dressed as Han (you had promised him three Comic Cons ago that you would dress up like Leia with him next year, but every year so far, you had found a different couple costume that you just had to piece together).

He would plan the perfect proposal, and you would say yes (he hoped), and everything would be fantastically, geekily awesome.

Cisco was brimming with excitement as he walked back into the living room, gently gathering you in his arms before carrying you into the bedroom and carefully setting you down on the bed.

When he climbed into bed next to you, he realized that you were mumbling something in your sleep. He got closer, unable to understand what you were saying, until you said it quite clearly and quite loudly.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

He didn’t think that you actually understood what you were saying yes to, but for now, he just let it slide. He would repropose soon (probably tomorrow), and he was pretty sure that you would say yes, so you and him would be able to start planning the perfect geeky wedding.

But for now, Cisco was content to fall asleep with you in his arms. You were still quietly muttering yes, and Cisco murmured it back, stroking your hair in time with his voice until you fell silent and then drifted back asleep.

He fell asleep moments later, visions of the one ring of power love that he had stashed in the nightstand drawer dancing behind his eyelids.

End.  <3


(Side note: See if you can recognize the importance of the date at the end of the story!) 

He heard the strumming of fingers against a wooden desk. It was probably dark in his room, cold, lonely. He wondered if there were reds that danced around in the shadows and mixed with the cool blues of night. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe his imagination ran too wild sometimes.

“Tell me your dreams.”

Dreams? Did he even have any anymore? All of them seemed to have come true already. He was loved by millions of people for just being himself. He was never granted that sort of affection when he was younger. It was so overwhelmingly wonderful to have what life had given him thus far.

Dreams? To give back, to repay the world for allowing him such a privilege. A dream? To give back to him, the boy in another country.

“Evan?” He chuckled, “I didn’t think you’d be silent for that long, man.”

“I’m still here,” Evan cleared his throat. He stared blankly at the screen in front of him. A painted sunset and a man in a hockey mask with his back to him. They were going to parachute off the mountain, but the rest of the group grew tired quicker than they did. Now the two characters stood there as night fell and the pixels that were once brilliant pinks and oranges deepened to a navy. The stars were becoming more visible.

“Oh, oh, good. Y’know, if you’re ever tired just tell me.”

Evan smiled, “Jonathan, what are your dreams?”

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Mistletoe: a Josh Dun imagine part 10

Y/N: So I’ve gotten many requests to continue the Mistletoe fic until after Christmas, so that is what I am going to do! Thanks so much for the quick and loving feedback, you are all so sweet. xoxo

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               Although you felt a little left out at first, you were extremely grateful. Just seeing Josh happy and laughing, as if he didn’t have a single care in the world, it made you feel so nice inside. Tyler and Josh went together like peanut butter and jelly. They were also particularly entertaining to watch, their silly antics and stupid jokes even earning a laugh from you. It definitely beat staying at your grandparents. They had made you feel embarrassed and scared, and the thought of having to stay cooped up in a small room with Josh, eating Christmas cookies and faking a smile, it made you sad. All you wanted was to enjoy your Christmas, make sure both you and Josh were happy, and hopefully meet Tyler. It was a miracle your grandparents had let you go, and now, spending time with Josh and Tyler was a blast.

It was later in the evening when you found yourself eating Taco Bell and slurping on Red Bull with them, sitting in the hallway of the studio after they had worked on a new song, holding Josh’s hand, when Tyler asked the question. “So are you guys official?” he raised an eyebrow.

               “I think so,” Josh replied slowly, looking at you for confirmation.

               “Yeah,” you rolled your eyes, squeezing his hand. “We are.”

               “That’s adorable,” Tyler smiled. “I’m glad you guys could make it by Christmas Eve. That’s awesome. Your grandparents weren’t angry, y/n?”

               “Nah. My grandpa even gave us permission to leave,” you responded. “It was great.”

               “Wow, I’m surprised,” Tyler’s eyes widened.

               “I think we all are,” Josh chuckled.

               “So do you guys want to head back to the apartment? I hope you don’t mind all three of us sharing a room. I mean, I’m sure you and Josh would love to share a bed of course,” he smirked.

               “Been there done that,” Josh reassured, earning a look from Tyler.

               “Woah, slow down!” Tyler exclaimed. “When did this take place?”

               “Shut up,” you giggled. “It was just a lack of space at my grandparent’s house.”

               “Oh yes, I’m sure there was barely any space between you two,” Tyler teased.

               “Give it a rest, Ty,” Josh sighed. “I think you’re just jealous.”

“Am not,” Tyler replied a little too quickly, causing Josh to laugh.

“Don’t worry,” Josh put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “I’ll always be here. I’m not going anywhere. Besides, aren’t you talking to some Jenna chick anyways?”

“Maybe,” a smile crept on Tyler’s lips.

“Aha!” Josh’s eyes lit up. “I called it.”

               “Whatever,” Tyler shook his head. “We’re just friends.”

               “So were me and Josh,” you pointed out. “Look where that led.”

               “Yeah, yeah,” Tyler blushed, embarrassed.

               The entire ride to the hotel, Josh and Tyler were going back and forth having a passionate discussion about ranch dressing on pizza crust. You watched as they bantered back and forth, giggling at their humor, noticing what an adorable laugh Josh had. It reminded you of when you first saw him smile, how his face scrunched up and his eyes got all squinty, his cute toothy smile appearing, pure happiness displayed through his grin. Things have changed so much since then. When you rolled up to the hotel, Tyler ushered the two of you into the elevator and to the room. There were two beds and a sofa, and you looked at Josh. “I believe we’ve been in a similar situation before, haven’t we?” he raised his eyebrows, turning towards you.

               “Yup, think we might need to break in the couch,” you winked.

               “Woah! I do not want to know what that means!” Tyler cried.

               Josh and you both burst out laughing. “Cuddles,” Josh clarified between chuckles. “Nothing more and nothing less.”

               “Hmm,” Tyler eyed Josh suspiciously. “I don’t know if this information is coming from a reliable source.”

               “Get your mind out of the gutter and come watch a movie with us,” you rolled your eyes. “Tomorrow’s Christmas.”

               “We don’t even have a tree!” Tyler complained. “Where the heck are the presents going to go?”

               “Then let’s go get a tree,” Josh decided. “Come on.”

               “On Christmas Eve? What place is even going to be open?” you wondered. “Much less, would they even let us bring a tree into the hotel room?”

               “It doesn’t have to be a big tree,” Josh explained. “It can be a small tree.”

               “A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!” Tyler shouted.

               “Exactly!” Josh grinned. “It can be itty bitty, either way, it’s still a Christmas tree. Besides, I still haven’t even gotten gifts for anyone yet!”

               “Slacker,” Tyler joked.

               “We’ve been on the move since who knows when,” you protested. “We barely had time to eat, how do you think we magically came up with Christmas presents?”

               “I have an idea,” Tyler proposed. “I’ll go out and get us a small Christmas tree. You two stay back or get a cab or something and make me some spectacular presents.”

               “Yeah right,” you chuckled. “All you’ll be getting this year is coal.”

               “Why? Have I been a naughty boy?” Tyler gave a sly smile.

               “Hey! Enough of that!” Josh groaned, practically shoving him out the door. “You go get the tree and we’ll take care of your presents, doofus.”

               “You better both stay off that couch,” Tyler teased. “The beds too.”

               “That’s it. Out the door you go,” Josh rolled his eyes, earning a small laugh from Tyler, before he shut the door and sighed, walking back over to you. “I’m sorry he’s such a handful.”

               “Don’t apologize,” you reassured. “He’s amazing.”

               “Oh,” Josh frowned.

               “Not as amazing as you,” you added, wrapping your arms around his waist and looking up at him as his cocoa eyes flickered with delight.

               “You know how I told you that I didn’t have a gift, yet?” Josh wondered.

               “Yeah?” you raised an eyebrow.

               “I lied,” he whispered. “I kind of had something in mind.”

               “Am I allowed to get my present early?” you wondered, his face somehow slowly drifting closer to yours. “Or do I have to wait until tomorrow morning?”

               “I think I might make a small exception just for you,” Josh smirked.

               “Just for me?” you asked, lips dangerously close to his.

               “Only you,” he winked, crashing his lips onto yours, the sweet taste of his kiss causing you to relax into his arms, his hands getting tangled in your hair, pressing your body closer to his. When you pulled away, both of you catching your breath, Josh looked at you, smile creeping onto his lips. “I know Tyler said to stay off the couch…”

               “He’s not here though, is he?” you reminded.

               “Goddammit I love you,” Josh grinned, his lips finding yours once again, the two of you slowly migrating to the sofa.

               “How long do you think it takes to go buy a Christmas tree?” you inquired as Josh sat you in his lap, leaving hot kisses down your neck, hands on your back pressing you closer to him.

               “I don’t know,” Josh chuckled as you began to tug at the hem of shirt. “Hopefully long enough.”

icy--blondie  asked:

Headcannons or scenario<3) for Genji/Hanzo/McCree with a sick s/o. Their s/o being really sick barely breathing and having pains when doing so,occasionally getting dizzy and losing balance, having a fever and shivering. (Pls end me this is too much.) Even tho they are this bad they still try to practice their aiming since it calms them down.

@icy–blondie I’m assuming you mean archery aiming?? Honey this sounds as bad as when i had pneumonia WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRYING TO DO ARCHERY LIKE WTF I AM CONCERNED


  • You are stAYING IN BED DO YOU HEAR ME. Put those arrows down. Nope. Bed and blankets.
  • Is the kind of boyfriend to buy you special food while you’re sick to make you feel better. “It’s ramen! My father always used to get it when I was feverish as a child.”
  • He’s as bright and sassy as usual, or so it seems. Once you’re asleep he sits beside you and keeps checking your temperature. If you look like you’re struggling to breathe he panics until you catch your breath again. He’s a very concerned cyborg, okay. 
  • He doesn’t want to leave your side, so he just meditates next to your bed. 
  • I can see him kneeling next to you and intertwining your fingers if you were coughing badly and he got worried. You just give him that reassuring smile of yours, and even though he’s not entirely satisfied there’s not much he can do about it. So he pretty much stays chill for your sake.


  • “This is foolish.” Damn right, Hanzo. “You’re sick. Get in bed.” Upon you not agreeing, he walks over to you and sternly takes both your quiver, bow, and arrows. He doesn’t care how cross you get with him.
  • Once he has you in bed, he goes and hides those things he took from you. No overexerting yourself. You can barely stand!
  • Doesn’t like you to walk by yourself what with how dizzy you sometimes get. This man tries to be subtle but it really doesn’t work when he gets up to keep and eye on you to and from the bathroom in case you fall on the way. Sweet, but very unnecessary.
  • He’s not too touchy while you’re sick, since he doesn’t want to get it himself. But he’s fine with putting a wet rag on your forehead etc, and he caresses your cheek when your fever is really bad.
  • He goes about his own business, but if you call his name even once he is there in an instance. And if he has to leave home, he tells you to text/call him if you need anything. (You end up sleeping through his absence, much to his relief. You’re resting finally.)


  • “Darlin, this is ridiculous. Put the arrows down.” Jesse ain’t havin none o’ yo shit. Seriously though he will literally pick you up and carry you to bed if you don’t go with him willingly. He will, like Hanzo, confiscate your archery materials, but no one knows what he does with them…you’ll see them again though. Hopefully, anyway.
  • Classic soup remedies!! He makes sure you eat, unless you’re asleep. He lets you get your rest, then, and likes to run his hand through your hair as you do so. 
  • McCree is the kind of guy to suggest a movie marathon when you’re stuck at home with a fever etc. He crawls next to you and wraps and gives you one of his hands to hold while you watch old Western movies. (It’s just him watching; you’re taking a nap.)
  • Plenty of forehead kisses! Jesse doesn’t care if he gets sick from you, but I also headcanon that he has a pretty strong immune system after being in a gang for so many years. They don’t exactly live in the lap of luxury. Well, typically anyway. But if you complain of fever at all, that’s the first medicine he gives you, before anything medically useful. (Good job, Jess.)
  • Should you ask for it, his serape is yours to add to your collection of blankets surrounding you. And if he catches you snuggling it in your sleep?? Oh my lawd??? Why are you so cute?? You’re making his cowboy heart burst over here, darlin.
10 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Canon Clexa-Grounder Christmas & Clarke first time seeing snow. 

Previously: Day 1

There was a smell that came with it. Deep in the night, the world grew disorientingly quiet, grew discerningly still, and it would begin. The chill in the air would be enough to break bones, would briskly freeze any skin it could find. Something changed, and no one else would know it, except for the Commander.

“Wake up,” Lexa whispered, digging her nose into Clarke’s neck, earning a growl. “It’s snowing.”

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The Family Meeting (CFKAU)

“If it’s a family meeting, then why are we having the Friar’s here too?”

“Andy,” Farkle sighed with a trace of a hidden smile on his face. “Sometimes you are too smart for your own good.” Andy beamed with pride and stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth through a gap from a lost tooth.

“I’m hungry,” Ethan whined under his breath. His eyes trained on the giant bowl of pasta in front of him that he had been instructed not to touch until their guests had arrived. “Can’t I just have a few bites? They practically all live here anyways.”

“Ethan Gordon Minkus if you so much as touch a noodle on your plate-”

Riley was cut off by the sound of the doorbell, followed by the thunder of multiple feet against the floor. Austin was the first of the Friar kids to burst into the kitchen and say hello to his pseudo cousins. He was followed by Maddie who ran directly to hug Andy, despite the fact that they had seen each other at school only a few hours before. Noah was the last child to enter, carrying Lottie on his back. A pair of very frazzled looking parents followed their children.

“I told them to wait after we rang the bell,” Lucas groaned. “They clearly didn’t listen.”

“Clearly.” Maya rolled her eyes and walked over to give Riley a big hug. “They’re monsters, I swear.”

“I heard that, mommy.” Austin looked up at his mother with a frown on his face.

Maya leaned down and ruffled Austin’s hair much to his disapproval. “Big eared monsters with no manners!”

Riley smirked at her best friend. “Remind you of anyone?”

“Can we eat yet?” Ethan yelled over the side conversations between children and adults. “If I don’t eat now I think I might explode!”

Farkle laughed and nodded. “Alright everyone, dig in!”

Friday night family feast had become a Friar-Minkus tradition long before any of the kids were born. The two families took turns hosting a dinner of some sort every other Friday night. As each child was born, the table at both houses grew bigger and more food needed to be bought. Somehow, every feast always resulted in at least one day of leftovers, not that anyone was complaining about it. This tradition was one that both families cherished and hoped to keep up for a long time to come.

“So what’s this about a meeting?” Noah asked with a mouth full of spaghetti. Maddie hit his leg under the table at the same exact time that Lucas groaned “we raised savages” to his wife.

“Are we going to Disney again?” Lottie asked hopefully.

“No, we aren’t going to Disney. Sorry Lot.” Lottie frowned a bit at Farkle, but he continued anyway. “Have you guys all enjoyed modeling a bit for me?”

Andy and Maddie looked at each other with big smiles on their face, nodding vigorously. “It’s been so much fun dad!”

“Yeah! Are we gonna be able to do more shoots?”

Farkle smiled at their response. “Hopefully you girls will be doing a lot more shoots.”

“It’s been pretty cool,” Noah agreed. The girls at school think I’m really cool because I’m a model now.“

"Me too!” Ethan agreed with a giant bite of garlic bread almost falling from his mouth. “Lacy Bartley told me that chicks totally dig guys who model.”

Riley rolled her eyes and looked at the twins for their answer. “How bout you Aus and Lottie? Have you guys had fun?”

“Yeah!” The said simultaneously. Sometimes they were creepy with the whole “twin telepathy” thing.

“So you would all agree if I asked to take you on an adventure for some shoots?”

“You mean like your family adventures?” Maddie asked.

“Bigger,” Lucas smiled.

“A bigger adventure than that time we stole Peter Pan’s shadow and held it ransom for Andy’s lost tooth back?” Ethan asked with wide eyes.

“Isn’t it the tooth fairy who takes your teeth?” Noah asked confused by the younger boy’s logic.

“Yeah,” Ethan agreed. “But she lives with all the other fairies in pixie hallow so Pan just had to ask her for it.”

“Bigger than that Eth.” Riley smiled adoringly at her son and his wild imagination. “That was a great adventure though.”

“Some pretty important people have seen the pictures I’ve taken of all of you,” Farkle explained. “They loved the pictures, but they said that it was the kids that made them truly special. I’ve gotten a job offer pretty far away that would be pretty hard to turn down.”

“You’re going to move away from us?” Maddie asked in distress. “You can’t all move away!”

“Calm down Mads,” Maya interrupted her. “Let Farkle finish.”

“Well as I said they really loved the kids in the pictures. They asked me to move far away and take the kids with me to do some bigger shoots.”

All six of the kids stared at the four parents in confusion. None of them were comprehending what was being thrown at them right now.

“How long would we be gone?” Noah asked skeptically.

“That’s the thing,” Lucas looked at the adults. “We aren’t sure. This could be a very temporary thing, or it could be a permanent thing. It’s all based on what happens when we get there.”

“And where is ‘there’ exactly?” Andy asked.

“Los Angeles, California,” Riley beamed.

The realization hit the four older kids at once, but the twins didn’t understand what was so great about LA.

“That’s where they make all of the movies like Captain America and Tangled,” Maya whispered in their direction. It didn’t take long before they were just as excited as the older ones.

“Are you serious mom?” Ethan asked, still skeptical of their parents. “You’re not playing a trick on us, are you?”

“No trick,” Lucas held his hand over his heart. “I promise bud.”

“This is so amazing!” Maddie shrieked to Andy. “We could be world famous models! You could be the Kendall to my Gigi!”

“Think of all of the beaches and the warmth,” Noah put his hands behind his head as if he were relaxing in the sun. “Sure beats the snowy winters here.”

“Well,” Farkle interrupted the kids and their excitement. “Thats the thing. We don’t know how well this is going to work out, so we are going to keep our houses here in New York too.”

“So we can still be close to Grandma Pangers and Grandpa Cory?” Lottie asked softly.

“Exactly.” Lucas leaned down next to him and kissed the top of her head gently. “They can also come see us any time they want.”

“This is the coolest thing ever dad,” Andy grinned. “I can’t wait!”

“Good,” Riley laughed. “Because we are leaving next week.”

“Get ready LA,” Noah smirked. “The Friar and Minkus families are coming for ya!”

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you please make a bts reaction when you (gf) are really cold and you have 5 blankets on you and your snuggling up to them. Thank you!!!!

I don’t typically get cold, but my mother does, and it’s really funny because we have like 20 covers just for her to use during the winter. So I kind of had to use her as my inspiration for the s/o, which was super weird xD But I hope you enjoy it~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin often shot glances at you whenever the two of you were together, just to make sure you were still healthy and safe. But, each time you got up to get another blanket, his glances would last a little bit longer, up until he was only glancing away from you for short moments. He worried that you were sick, or on your way to being sick, so when you asked to cuddle, he had something else on his mind. He headed to your side, felt your forehead for a temperature, and asked if you wanted any soup or medicine. You assured him that you weren’t sick, just cold, and though he didn’t quite believe you, he agreed to just hold you to him, pulling you tight into his chest and occasionally putting the palm of his hand to your forehead to make sure your temperature hadn’t risen since the last time he’d checked.

Originally posted by btsxtswb

Yoongi wouldn’t be all that worried when you got up every five or ten minutes to get yet another thick cover, though he would watch you with bemusement each time. He did think it was a bit chilly, but it certainly didn’t warrant five blankets. His gaze would follow you from the moment you got off the couch to the moment you sat back down, then stay on you for a few extra seconds until he was sure you weren’t going to address it. The one time you did comment, asking him to cuddle you, he rolled his eyes but didn’t refuse. Once he had you in his arms, he did have to admit to himself that you were a bit cold to the touch, but he couldn’t understand how when you had so many covers around you. And, somehow, as he held you, he got overheated. He complained that you and the blankets were too hot, but he didn’t make you get rid of them if they were keeping you warm.

Originally posted by suga-com

Hoseok would chuckle every time you got up to get another blanket. He thought you might be joking, but if you weren’t, then he just had something else he could tease you about, plus yet another reason to cuddle you any time the temperature dropped even a single degree. However, this time, he jokingly refused you when you asked him to hold you. He said he’d only cuddle with you if you used the covers you were already wrapped in to create a large fort in the middle of the room. Anticipating your refusal, he argued that moving around should help you warm up a bit anyways. He gathered up all the pillows and covers available, along with whatever stuffed animals he could find to add extra warmth, then built a fort with you, creating a bed with the leftover fort materials and stuffed animals. He cuddled with you on that bed until you were warm, then moved on to starting a tickle fight that hopefully wouldn’t knock down the fort.

Originally posted by melaninjungkook

Namjoon would have been a little concerned each time you got up to grab yet another blanket. He wouldn’t have said anything at first, just waiting for you to say something. He figured you would tell him if you were getting sick. But, when you hadn’t said anything despite him blatantly staring at you, he decided it would be best to just ask you outright if you were okay. When you assured him that you were just cold, he believed you and shrugged away his worry; you did get cold fairly easily, and even he had to admit that it was a bit cold in the room. When you asked to cuddle, he smirked but complied. The moment you were in his arms, he commented that there were better and faster ways to get you warm. Then, after a moment of smirking and winking, he settled back into the couch and silently pulled you tightly into his chest.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jimin wasn’t cold at all, and he found it quite funny that you were. He would tease you each time you stood up to grab another cover, asking you if it wouldn’t just be warmer to stay bundled up, as a lot of cold air must have gotten to you every time you stood up and sat back down. But, when you asked him to get the covers for you, seeing as his point was valid, he just said he was busy and returned his attention to the television. Then you asked him to cuddle you, and he sighed dramatically and playfully. He puffed out an, “If I have to,” before smiling and plopping down beside you. Once you were wrapped in his arms, he would jokingly ask if you’d only acted cold just to have an excuse to cuddle him. No matter your response, he would assume that he was right, and he would start being flirty and cheeky. That is, until he got hot and had to pull away a bit to cool off.

Originally posted by yng-i

Taehyung was just as cold as you were, though he didn’t want to show it. He held himself tightly, hoping to be inconspicuous when he rubbed warmth into his arms. He didn’t want to use any of the covers on the off chance that you would need them all. Instead, he just kept stealing glances at you, which ended up being very dramatic pouts as he realized you were warming up while he was still freezing. He didn’t want to bother you, though, and he didn’t want to steal one of your blankets, so he stayed silent and waited for you to notice him. The moment you asked him to cuddle with you, he jumped up from his spot on the armchair and joined you on the couch. Rather than just wrapping his arms around you and snuggling into your side, he forced his way into your cover cocoon so that he could actually have his arms around your form, which was radiating a comfortable heat.

Jungkook didn’t even notice that you were cold. He barely heard you stand up and sit down, and if he did notice, he just assumed you were going to the bathroom or the kitchen and didn’t comment on it. He was far too enthralled by the game or movie in front of him - whichever you had chosen to occupy your time - and he couldn’t be bothered to look away. He only raised an eyebrow and hummed what sounded like consent when you asked to cuddle, but he still wouldn’t turn his gaze from the screen, so you weren’t sure. Still, you knew there would be no harm in moving closer to him, but you were surprised when he nearly jumped off the couch; he hadn’t been expecting your touch, as he hadn’t even heard your question, and he grew somewhat sheepish when he finally pieced everything together. But, despite being apologetic - and slightly embarrassed - he only agreed to cuddle with you if he could continue watching or playing whatever had been holding his attention.

Jealousy (Bobby scenario)

Title: Jealousy

Genre: Angst/fluff

Warnings: None

I definitely got a little carried away with this… I hope you like it, anon!


There was a knock on your door and you excitedly jumped to your feet. You were expecting Bobby just about now, for your monthly movie night with cuddles and everything unhealthy to eat. You quickly made your way to your door and pulled it open.

“Mino?” You blinked confused at the man in front of you, “what are you doing here?”

“Are you not happy to see your best friend? I am hurt!” He said dramatically, making you roll your eyes.

“I was expecting Bobby, so I am a little disappointed.”

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“PA” [Chris - One shot]

Inspired byImagine: Being Chris’ personal assistant. One of his friends tends to flirt with you whenever he sees you. Chris gets jealous every time.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Featuring: Sebastian Stan.

Special Tags: @theycallmelirpa Thanks for the imagine inspo. <3

@voicesandvoicesandmore Steve’s next i hope but in the meantime, here, have some Chris. ;)


She’s sitting at a table, using her laptop.

Only the sound of her fingers hitting the keyboard resonates in the room.

The screen’s brightness and the lamp on the hotel room’s nightstand are the only source of light.

Chris places a script in front of her.

-Now, we’re talking. –He says pointing at it. –Think you can get me a casting call?

She eyes him through her glasses with a condescending look.

-When have I not, sir?

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Jimin x Reader

Originally posted by eyehealyou

I’ve been feeling some legit Jimin feels lately so I wrote it down in a smut from a prompt from my friend.

Prompt: You and Jimin go on vacation to a private summer home.

Enjoy ☺

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Satisfied, Sebastian Stan Imagine

A/N: This is the first Imagine in the “mini series” of fics inspired by Hamilton the Musical! I really like this one for some reason, but listen to the song before reading to get a feel for what/why! Also, this doesn’t necessarily a happy ending..

Listen to Satisfied from Hamilton: An American Musical Here!

Summary: When you first met Sebastian, he was just starting to blow up in his career. The two of you hit it off perfectly, but the fear of being in the public eye kept you from being anything more than close friends. Your sister on the other hand, had fallen completely for the man and couldn’t stop talking about him. So you set Sebastian up with her. Two years later, you standing in the hotel room helping your sister put on her wedding dress, thinking about if your life would be like if you had dated him- Knowing your never going to be Satisfied with anyone else.

Disclaimer: The initialized lettering are lyrics from the song (expect when there is a “-” in front and at the end, all rights to those lyrics go to Lin-Manuel Miranda! 

Warnings: Mild Swearing, Sad ending?

Words: 1,952

Masterlist :)

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Things Kishi Could Potentially Learn From

So I feel that if Kishi looks back at his manga, The Last, and the novels with hindsight, he can make several adjustments to his story preferences in order to improve their quality, in preparation for Part 3 and Boruto the Movie. These are obviously just my suggestions, but I think that if Kishi incorporated them into his works, they could appeal to a few more people. For instance:

  • Put less emphasis on the main characters.

One of the biggest gripes I had with the main plot was that Kishi focused far too much on Naruto and Sasuke and powering only them up, to the point where only a handful of ninjas in history were on the same level. This is also the main reason why the Sasuke Retrieval Arc was my favourite arc in the whole story. Because not only was it the final time where the other rookie ninjas were portrayed as being on par with Naruto and Sasuke, but also because every single one of them got their moments of greatness (including the Sand siblings) due to the awesome fights that took place, beginning with Choji’s fight with Jirobo, all the way to Naruto and Sasuke’s fight at the Valley of the End. They all had their moments in the spotlight.

However, judging by the fact that all the spoilers concerning Part 3/Boruto the Movie have focused around Boruto and Sarada, maybe Kishi will do the same thing again; make the world revolve around those two and not give enough attention to those truly deserving of it. It’s still relatively early days though so we’ll see. But characters like Mirai for example. She was my joint favourite in the new generation. I loved her design and she seemed to be a Chuunin already judging by the flak jacket. She gave the impression that she could really kick some ass. And speaking of girls kicking ass…

  • Let the females actually properly defeat their opponents, by themselves. Fuck the damsel in distress trope.

Something I feel as though the Novels have done really well so far is the fact that the girls seem to kick a lot of ass in a much smaller time frame. Temari and Ino were very impressive in Shikamaru Hiden, especially when trying to save Shikamaru and Sai respectively. And as we know, Sakura certainly didn’t need any saving in Sakura Hiden. They all managed to kick ass without taking anything away from the guys they were helping/saving. Sakura was a victim of the damsel in distress trope in Part 1, which is why I’m so glad she found her feet in Part 2 and this was no longer the case. In fact, the trope seemed to almost vanish completely in Part 2, but then came Hinata in The Last… and goodness gracious. That’s all I’ll say about that. Kishi may not have written that script but he approved it. So hopefully now he’ll be more inclined to illustrate them kicking more ass in actual combat, and not just being useful from the sidelines by being medics, or sensory ninjas for example.

I heard some people speculating that maybe in the Boruto movie, Orochimaru opts to kidnap Sarada, so Boruto, Naruto and Sasuke go to save her. I can only hope that doesn’t happen. Sarada is an Uchiha, and that name is synonymous with badassery XD.

  • Make sure that this DOESN'T happen.  

That, or ANY romantic pairing between the new generation for that matter. If you wanna include romance, show it between the couples who were canonized in the manga. Show the SasuSaku, ShikaTema, NaruHina, SaiIno and ChojiKarui moments, and show them bonding with their children. Kishi has stated he’s not comfortable with writing romance so why continue writing out of your comfort zone? If he’s adamant about it then he should reserve the romance for the canon couples, (and please for the love of god give SasuSaku some much needed service/interaction!). I think it’d be much better if he kept the relations between the kids strictly platonic. I mean, I’d love to see Himawari looking up to Sarada. I’d love to see some bro moments between Boruto and Shikadai. I’d also love to see some more Team 7 interaction etc. 

I’m a huge fan of all the canon couples and would love to see more romance between them. Not the kids though, definitely not the kids.

  • Don’t make Sarada all about the Sharingan.

In my opinion, in the manga, the Sharingan had far more development than any actual character, and that speaks volumes. It was a simple copying doujutsu when it was first introduced, whereas by the end, it was a supremely dangerous and powerful weapon of mass destruction. Eventually, pretty much all of Sasuke’s techniques were linked to the Sharingan in some way (this includes the standard chidori). He even stopped using the signature Uchiha fire release (Katon), and traded it for his own blaze release (Enton) once he acquired the Mangekyo and was able to mold the black Amaterasu flames.

I’ve seen people wish that Sarada unlocks her own Mangekyo somehow, but honestly I just want her to unlock the regular 3 tomoe Sharingan and that’s it. I’d rather have her learn a variety of ninjutsu techniques, and not focus on doujutsus which will cost her her sight in the long run.   

  • Give the kids identities of their own.

The similarities between some some of the children to their parents, in both looks and personality, are ridiculous. Especially Boruto/Naruto, Himawari/Hinata, Shikadai/Shikamaru, and Inojin who is an awkward mix of Ino and Sai looks-wise. Hopefully Boruto won’t just leech techniques off of his dad. I don’t really wanna see him spam different versions of the rasengan or do constant shadow clone techniques. Give Hinata and Boruto some quality time together and remind him that he’s every bit of a Hyuuga as he is an Uzumaki. I don’t wanna see any jutsu favoritism.  

Same for Shikadai. The guy is basically Shikamaru with Temari’s eyes. Literally everything about him, from looks to personality, screams mini Shikamaru. I hope to see some of Temari’s firm personality in him, and maybe even give the Nara clan a much needed boost in the diversity of the ninjutsu they use. What I’d give to see Shikadai perhaps break free from the Nara shadow binding techniques, and maybe learning a few jutsu from the Hidden Sand Village, courtesy of his mom. 

Kishi got it right with a few of the children though. I see both Sakura (Shanaroo!) and Sasuke (dat smirk) in Sarada, and she doesn’t look or act like a carbon copy of either of her parents. The same can be said for Chocho who definitely inherited Karui’s “I don’t give a fuck” personality, and Mirai who’s just awesomesauce in so many ways.

If Kishi takes these examples into consideration, I and hopefully many others would have less to complain about. 

Think about it Kishi… :P