hopefully next ones will be better ; ;

guiltyblackprince  asked:

I really enjoy the way you draw Yuri and Otabek, and I'm so freaking excited to see more of the mafia AU. It was all I could think about the other week. Stay wonderful! <3

Omg thank you so much dear, that really makes me feel better today, so thanks so much… I’m really glad people like the mafia au 💕 once Otayuri week is over I will get to work on the next page of the comic so hopefully next week I’ll have another one to show!!!!


Yuri on Ice Barcelona Tour: part 1!

Luckily we’ll get the rest done next week, but we needed to do this as soon as possible =_D

The photos aren’t the best and we didn’t manage to align the stills perfectly, but ah, who cares.

First, we have Casa Batlló, constructed by Antoni Gaudí, same man who did Sagrada Família (and many more buildings of the city). It’s located at Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most snobbish shopping streets of the city, with the most luxurious brands.

And there’s the infamous bench XD. Sadly there’s really too much people in Barcelona, much more than the anime showed, so no still aligning XD.

Then, THE MOMENT. It takes place at the Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona, but really, we just call it la Catedral.

More to come in the next few days, with more (hopefully better) photos and more trivia about Barcelona.


Hello there!

First of all I hope everyone has a nice new year! Hopefully a better one then mine. In these days life is trying me really hard. I still didn’t had a luck with the job hunting, didn’t called me back from nowhere and I need to pay the rent in the next week, so they won’t kick me out, and for food. And to add to my luck, in the days I figured (mostly my body did), that I am allergic to something, and it’s affecting my body reallly badly (for 3 days I couldn’t stand up).

So I will make COMMISSIONS again, hopefully this will be enough to pay the rent and paying the doctors, so COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!!

Reblogs are most needed and appreciated! :3

Linearts -  13$ (any additional character +5$)

Full colored pics - 20$ (any additional character +5)

If you want a drawing, send me a private message with the following:

Character reference: visual reference would be the best, but I can work with a written reference too; also a few words of the character’s personality
Additional Info: anything you would like in the commission, like specific poses or expressions

Payment trough Paypal:

  • In USD or Euro, whichever works best for you
  • If it’s easier, there’s a “Buy me a Coffee” button on my Tumblr page. You can use this too. One coffee costs 3$. How much coffee you buy, dependes on the price of the commission.

    What will I draw:

    • Hardly every or most things I can (OCs, Fan characters, Fanart etc.)

    What I won’t draw:

    • Explicit, sexual content

    Please help if you can! If you don’t want or can’t pay this much for a commission, please click on the “Buy me a Coffee” button and buy me one coffee if you can!

    Thank you for any generous donations! Love you all!


    I did a really dinky animation about video games. I think.

    Not particularly proud of the animation, since it’s a bit dated I think, but I think it’s better to have a finished result then nothing at all. Hopefully I can show improvement in the next one. 


    A quick sheith animatic I threw together for Valentine’s Day ♥

    this is supposed to be kind of a warm up before I start working on my bigger sheith project~


    12.13.2016 - honestly i enjoyed my bujo spread from last week a lot more than i enjoyed last week because it was such a hectic week. so many things were going on and that’s not fun when you also have food poisoning (dumb dining hall food). hopefully this week goes better.

    Topi’s Daily Card #914:  Liege of the Hollows

    Liege of the Hollows is the card where hug style decks, token decks, and mana ramp decks all collide.  On death, everyone gets to dump mana and get that much squirrel tokens.  Provided no one’s got infinite mana set up by then, it’ll hopefully be you that’ll end up with the most amount of 1/1s.  The best part is if you can make this kind of thing a little more one sided, such as using Soul Warden, or better, Suture Priest.  There’s tons of interesting politics to play with this card, determining when it dies, who’s tapped out, or who you want to help.  It’s a fun card to use, and I’ve yet to see it played in any EDH deck.  I plan to include it in my next hug style deck, and I hope a few others here will, or perhaps some of you already do.

    Morning Cuddles

    “Lance.” Keith’s voice rang out into the otherwise silent room.

    “Mmm..,” came the tired reply.

    “Lance, let go I have to go train,” Keith said, voice sounding stern.

    “Nooo…. stay here a cuddle more..” the taller boy replied, burying his face in the dip between Keith’s shoulder blades. His arms tightened around Keith’s waist, keeping him in place.

    “Lance, we cuddled all night long. I need to go train now,” Keith said matter-of-factly.

    Lance shook his head. “Nope. Skip it today. You’re mine right now,” he snarked.

    Keith sighed in exasperation and turned around in Lance’s arms to face him, looking him in the eye. “Seriously?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

    Lance nodded. “Seriously,” he said, peppering kisses all over his boyfriend’s face. “One day without training isn’t going to kill you. Stay and relax for a little bit.”

    Keith struggled for a few more minutes, trying to get Lance to let him go, but it was no use. He finally gave up with a huff, crossing his arms.

    Lance grinned, kissing the tip of
    Keith’s nose. “You’re adorable.”

    “Shut up,” Keith mumbled, feeling his face heat up as he turned away from Lance again, only to be pulled back firmly against his chest.

    They stayed like that for quiet a while, falling into a comfortable silence. Lance snuggled his face in Keith’s hair and smiled when he felt the other boy’s breathing even out again, soon letting himself fall back asleep as well.

    I am so tired tbh but I was in a klance mood and my brain wouldn’t let me sleep until I got this out. I know it sucks but it’s late and I’m running on three hours of sleep so sorry lmao, but enjoy.

    Busted ~ Part 1

    Shawn Mendes
    Words ~ 700
    Warnings ~ Swearing
    Request ~ Hi love your stories so much!! ❤️❤️ could you write one you and Shawn have a secret relationship and like the crew doesn’t know about it because you guys keep putting yourself in situations where you almost get caught until the point u do get caught? Haha thannks xx

    Note ~ Sorry this is a piece of poop, but I haven’t posted all weekend so needed to get something out and I still have a bunch of school work to do (It started out so promising, I don’t know what happened!) Hopefully the next part will be better :D

    “Shawn, I need to leave.” I giggled quietly but his arm only tightened around me, drawing me closer until our fronts where pressed flush together. A brief ‘no’ followed by a slur of incomprehensible mumbles as he burrowed his head under my chin.

    “Don’t leave.” He whined sleepily when he felt me trying to move away. Another small sound escaped as I ran my fingers through his fluffy bed hair, lightly scratching at his scalp knowing that it relaxes him. If I could get him back to sleep I could leave the room without any more complaints.

    I pressed a kiss against his head, “I don’t want to leave, but someone will catch us if I don’t.” I giggled again, remembering how Jon walk in yesterday morning to, catching us in bed together. Luckily, he didn’t walk in a few minutes earlier otherwise that would have been very awkward.

    “Five more minutes.” Shawn pleaded, pulling back just enough to look at me with half opened eyes.

    I was about to decline but then he wiggled his way onto my pillow. Our inches away from each other as his arms around my waist tightened, trapping me. His lips brushed over mine for a short second, then again, and again. I pushed at his chest softly, not wanting to start a make out session at four in the morning.

    “Okay.” Shawn smiled, his eyes instantly falling shut again, small snores escaped his parted lips.

    It became real difficult to keep my own eyes open. I kept myself entertained by tracing shapes along his arm, but the repetitive motion didn’t help my case. My gaze landed on my boyfriend’s sleeping face and he looked so relaxed, something that was rare to see when he was on tour. It made me happy to see him like this.

    My eyes snapped open as warm light shone against my face. A loud knock echoed through the room. Shit.

    “Shawn, wake up.” I whispered while attempting to shake awake the snoring log next to me. Another knock, this time more aggressive. I sat up and scanned the room until I spotted a bottle of water on the bedside table.


    “What the hell was that for?” Shawn spat as he shot up, water dripped from his hair and face. His eyes winded at the knocking.

    “Shawn, you have two seconds to open this door or I’m coming in.” Even with the door between us, Jon’s voice still rang loud and clear, and it still made me shit my pants.

    Shawn let out a quiet laugh as I jumped. He gave me a quick peck on the lips before leaping from the bed and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms. I slid into the bathroom as Shawn opened the door. Not the best place to hide, but it was better than nothing, I guess.

    “Why is your hair wet?”

    “I was taking a shower…”

    “Sure you were. Where’s Alex hiding?”

    She’s not here…“

    "You’re a terrible liar. I went to her room and no one answered. Look, I know something is going on between you two and I really don’t care. I’m just here to keep you safe. Just don’t let Andrew find out. He’ll end up telling the label and they’ll blow their shit. Anyway, tell your girlfriend we have ten minutes before we leave.”

    A few more words were exchanged before the door slammed shut. I emerged from the bathroom and was greeted by my very smiley boyfriend.

    "I thought you were leaving.” Shawn laughed and circled his arms around my waist, swaying us from side to side as he leaned down to peck my lips.

    “Sorry, but who wanted me to stay?” I joked and pushed him away, “I’m gonna get changed. I’ll see you in a bit.”

    Shawn caught my arm as I walked away, tugging me back so our bodies were pressed together. His hands cradled my cheek as our lips collided. And as much as I loved this, I really needed to get ready.

    Giggling, I finally broke away as Shawn’s hands slid down to my waist and up my shirt, “Just get ready Mendes.”

    Part 2



    • MALEC!!!
    • M A L E C
    • Alec was so angry
    • poor Magnus 
    • LYDIAAAA -heart eyes-
    • Okay so the episode was good, but I was confused when Jocelyn came up at the end with a crossbow and was like ‘gonna kill my son’
    • Aldertree is one sexy guy idk if i like him tho, but I didnt like him in the books either so
    • It looks like the show got a bigger budget, which is good maybe no more demon fish suits
    • the Malec ANGST 
    • Didnt see Maia yet but hopefully next episode…
    • Jace killing the vampire holy shit????? 
    • Valentine being a bad father lol
    • This whole episode was good. The acting was A+ and gotten better. I’m really looking forward to this season and seeing what’s more to come!

    Hey guys! More insomnia here, but on the good side I’m doing very well in my classes, and I’ve just been struck by a wicked kick of inspiration for SVI. Above are a few panels that I sketched out for Part 42, but due to my recent changes, they won’t be making it into the final product. Events still happen, but I realized I didn’t need to explicitly show this since it was implied already in Part 41. Also I’m just trying to cut out anything unnecessary so I can GET ON with this story already! So much fun stuff coming up, I cannot wait! Here’s a small teaser as to what Part 42 will look like:

    P.S. Sorry for no art streams lately, but the last one I did cut out unexpectedly, and this internet connection is extremely unreliable. Just gonna have to hold tight until I finish my classes and move on to the next leg of my journey with (hopefully) better internet fidelity!