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hina + yams hanging out in chapter 244 (。’▽’。)
wanna one reacting to you not being able to solve a rubix cube

lai guanlin: *takes it from you and solves it in 5.283 seconds*

lee daehwi: *winces every time you make a wrong move* no, no, you do it. oooOOOHHShhllkjeouch *body contortions bc he wants you to do it on your own but struggles to keep his pain inside*

bae jinyoung: *jumps around to hype you up to keep trying* *would probably accidentally smack the cube out the window when you’re finally on the edge of solving it*

park woojin: *peels off stickers to help you “solve” the rubix*

park jihoon: honey. you. can. do. this. dont. you. dare. give. up. now. OR SO HELP ME GOD I- *incoherent mumbling* *goes to write a paper on how much he believes in you*

kang daniel: *grabs his pompoms* babe, let’s go let’s go!! YOU GOT THIS! GIVE ME AN R! U! B! I! X! *cue jumping splits* *cue deathscream*

kim jaehwan: just give up already.

ong seongwoo: bitch, what the fuck, give that to me. *4.6 hours later* bitch, what the fuck.

hwang minhyun: *does everything to stimulate your mind while you try to solve it* *head massages* *makes you do yoga* ok sweetie, so if you could just wrap your leg around your forehead for me, that would be gr8

ha sungwoon: *his mom always said almonds are good for thinking so he stuffs as many as he can into your mouth* shhh shh, don’t fight it *keeps putting more in despite the fact they’re not even staying in your mouth anymore*

yoon jisung: *claps through the entirety of your struggle*


I was tagged by the lovely @orange-lightsaber to show some of the art I made in 2016 and…well… when it comes to fandom this is ALL the art I made in 2016 lol It’s hard to find time, unfortunately, so most of the pieces I made were fanfic-centric to my own writing (sorry ;_; I suffer from compulsively having to draw the scenes I can’t shake), along with two general Reylo pieces for fun. 

Fanfic images are for A Proposal by Any Other Name (Leap Year Reylo AU) and A Dance of Titans (canon verse Reylux). Hopefully this year I can just make more general art for fun, though! 

I tag @clefslair @reylotogo @persimonne and any other artists who want to share theirs!


this isnt a life or death emergency but!! a friend ive known for a long time has the chance to visit and do something really special so!! im opening commissions!! 

halfbody sketch: $5 +$3 every extra character; halfbody colored: $8 +$5 every extra character

fullbody sketch: $10 +$9 every extra character; fullbody colored: $13 +$12 every extra character

halfbody line: $15 +$9 every extra character; halfbody colored: $18 +$12 every extra character

fullbody line: $20 +$15 every extra character; fullbody colored: $25 +$15 every extra character

i WILL NOT do: 



i WILL do:



-cute fulffy stuff

-p much anything 

send me a message if you’re interested and ill give you my info!! also as a precaution i will not show you the art until youve payed in full thank u

details abt whats up under the cut

EDIT: i changed the prices and added linework to the commissions so!! yay!! also please reblog this version not the other one thank you! <33

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So Sesame Street has introduced an autistic character, Julia, and I totally assumed I would be cool about it since I’d known about Julia for a while and Sesame Street is really not an incredible beacon of nostalgic warmth for me, I can’t say I watched it too much as a kid, but, damn it if my heart doesn’t sing watching a character on Sesame Street unambiguously flapping her hands because she’s happy.

Because at 22 I tell myself I’m okay, demiboy, asexual, aromantic, autistic- (lots of A’s, there) all sorts of things that I remind myself are okay, and I believe it, but I know there is a part of me, that feels very small and very scared, that does not think he’s doing okay, that thinks he is… weird, or wrong about everything.

And little Julia, just doing her thing, without any real statement made on it- seeing a character flap her hands, when I flap my hands- lights up where that part of me lives like it’s a Christmas tree and it feels like a big, warm hug, it’s a big, loud, this is okay and normal!

And that maybe doesn’t seem revolutionary but dammit, it is.

Every kid who grows up watching Sesame Street, who has never heard the word “autistic” before, goes out and inevitably is confronted with the idea- and they’re going to stop for a moment and go “Oh, like Julia!”

It places vernacular, context, and understanding in the hands and mouths of everyone who experiences that media. It creates the opportunity to have discussions, to understand, and most importantly it tells us the truth: that there is a truly staggering breadth and depth of human experience and also very importantly, that this diversity is not limited only to the unacceptable, the villain or the victim, individuals who are painted as fundamentally wrong and ultimately defeated.

(Nor is it limited to unrealistic saints who can’t have any character flaws with the implication that their diversity is a flaw in and of itself)

We’re tenacious and industrious people. I can’t tell you how many times I have put my experience onto characters who were not, I can almost guarantee you, written for me. I’ve hopefully pinned sensory sensitivity, lack of social cues, stimming up on the wall of canon because I can relate to them just a little bit.

But that doesn’t compare, I think, to having a character, a well-written character- handed to me giftwrapped and with a tag that says “Yes, yes, absolutely this character was for you. Take it, take her, show all of your friends, I wrote her because you’re real, people like you are real, people like you have stories worth telling and lives that are meaningful and you are starving for those stories.”

And I want to cry a little. I want to cry because maybe if we have more characters like Julia the future is going to be a little warmer and a little kinder. There’s going to be a generation of autistic kids who don’t, at 22, still have a little pit in their stomach that’s scared something’s wrong with them because none of the stories they love seem to admit people like them exist. 

Caught Red-Handed (And Red-Faced, Red-Shirted- Food Colouring’s No Joke.)

What time is it? Time for BROTZLY BAKING PART 3 MOFOS!!

This probably isn’t my best offering ‘cause unlike the others which I wrote over a couple of days, I pretty much banged this one out in a fit of inspiration today. So apologies for any mistakes or incoherent bits- might go back and fix it later!

If you’ve missed ‘em you can read the whole series on Ao3 and maybe leave us the odd little comment if you enjoy? You’d sure make this struggling writer’s day ^_^

Right, time to get angsty and fluffy up in here- enjoy! 

Todd was puzzled. Which was pretty common, what with the kind of cases they got, but this was a very particular kind of puzzlement. From an unexpected but not unpleasant change in his life.

He was happy.

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We all have a purpose, and our purpose is to figure out our purpose. That’s what college is. So, why college? Why CRU? The truth is I chose CRU because a friend of mine from camp was going here, then I chose to rush a fraternity and I made new friends, and college has been everything I ever could’ve imagined it to be. So I kept thinking, why would I ever want to leave this place? But then I realized that there’s so much left to learn and experience and look forward to, and now I’m graduating… hopefully, and heading out into the real world with the love of my life, who was my purpose. So, today I’m here to graduate, and tomorrow? Well, it’s hard to say because I have no idea where I’ll be.

If you’re Interested in Narumitsu Doujinshi Scans...

I’ve recently been told that my doujinshi scans are NOT SHOWING UP IN THE TAGS (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

So if you’ve requested of are waiting for a doujinshi scan to show up in the ace attorney/narumitsu/mitsunaru tags and it doesn’t, I’m not holding the scans hostage or anything! I’ve been trying to upload a doujin or at least a strip once a week; usually on weekends. I tag everything, my posts are simply not showing! I’m so sorry!

Here are some of the latest uploads:

IMAGE PLAYING (narumitsu - NSFW)

DO ME!   (narumitsu - NSFW)

Lazy, Wondeful Days Spent with You   (narumitsu - NSFW - Scanlation)

Cute Cute Cute  ( mitsunaru- NSFW)

The Melancholy of Prosecutor Edgeworth  (mitsunaru- NSFW - Scanlation) 

Crazy Risky Ecstasy   (narumitsu - NSFW)

Super Reiji Time!   (narumitsu - NSFW)

Hopefully, this post will reach people who are interested. If anyone knows how to fix that tag problem, please let me know. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you very much for your interest and support щ(ಥДಥщ)


“They sure like to review everything …”

--All I Need

            Bail Organa sighed heavily, and massaged his temples tiredly. It had been at least thirty-six standard hours since he had last slept, possibly longer—in the flurry of frantic activity after the birth of the twins, Padmé’s death, and the rushed flight from Polis Massa, keeping careful record of the last time he had slept had not been at the top of his priority list—and he was beginning to truly feel the effects of the long hours awake. Closing his eyes, the senator allowed both of his hands to fall to the desktop with a quiet thud, his chin drooping to rest on his chest.

            His exhaustion ran deeper than mere lack of sleep, however. The last week had been one terrible, horrifying nightmare—and Bail knew it was only the beginning of the darkness. The future stretched out before them, and for the first time, Bail found that he could not see how the next day, the next week, the next month would be shaped. The dance of politics that had wielded the galaxy, shaping and molding, was no more. The puppeteer’s strings had been cut. Now there was only a twisting, confusing mass of tangled knots and empty, fluttering strings. Now there was a new puppet master, and all the rules had changed.

            So much is lost, he thought despairingly. Amidala. The Jedi. The Republic. And there would be more death in the days to come. More sorrow. More tragedy. More fire and blood and the shattering of hope. How did it come to this? How did we fall so far, so quickly?

            “Not so quickly,” a quiet voice whispered in his thoughts. “The first cracks were visible years ago, the rot growing right beneath your nose. But none of saw it; all of you were blind. Even you. Especially you.”

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I know I haven’t updated much but goshhH IM A COLLEGE STUDENT NOW GUYS WUTT well this started off as a lil that 70s circle sketch but I really don’t like the coloring I’ve done so far, I really need to fix that :/ but in the meantime enjoy this WIP! The next time I’ll post it it’ll hopefully be much better than what it looks like now


This mess was inspired by this stupid tweet and this lovely piece of art

Um, been working on these for a while? Like two months or so? Basically my lil fatesonas? Still WIPs because I’m very slow, though I actually have most of Corwin (boyo on the right) lined, it just felt weird to post him lined but not Rue…? But yeah, so I’ve fixed some issues on the lined versions of these so just/// ignore any of the wonkiness they may have… ヽ(・_・;)ノ

They are fraternal twins who’re about 24. They haven’t seen each other in almost 15 years due to their parent’s divorce when Rue & their father moved to Hoshido. More info and stuff when I finish them and etcetc but Eri finally convinced me I should go on and post their sketches. (*/▽\*)

Probably won’t see me in the tag often for a while after this because college and research papers!! But hopefully I can get full references with colors done before summer arrives. (> x < ;; )


Still working on Corwin’s, but I figure I’d show Rue’s sprite. Just need to add the goggles.

shimmer in your shine - Chapter 9
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: shimmer in your shine - Chapter 9: “Lines Between The Spaces”

Progress: 9/?
Pairing: Leopika, Killugon
Rating: Teen (subject to change)
Warnings: veiled discussions of abusive households and the traumatic deaths of families, all canon-typical.

Author’s Note: I MISSED LIKE THREE UPDATES BUT HEY HERE’S THIS ONE PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH ME. The HXH big Bang fics are also up to be posted here in a few days, so you can all see what I spent my time on. Hopefully, I’ll have another chapter towards the end of June / early part of July depending on how a few things in my life shake out right now.

Also, please, save a life, reblog a fic. Tumblr’s tagging system is still shit, so if you like the fic, consider reblogging it to show it to your friends and followers too.

Summary: A roadtrip at the end of his senior year of college might have been kind of a last minute decision, but Leorio isn’t about to let himself, or any of the others regret it. Assuming, anyway, that they don’t kill each other in the first couple of days, that is.

Part Summary: He scrubs his hand at the back of his neck roughly, sighing as he does. “Alright.”

“I’ll be fine, Leorio,” Kurapika says, gentle.

The Cold Shoulder

Oooooh drabbles! In most fics people generally understand and accept the fell bros pretty quickly since they know how there world is, but it’s kinda odd that the fell bros are up to sharing so quickly. So how about a story were everyone is just really suspicious of them cause there lv expect undertale pap (and or blue I don’t care). Spicy cinaroll please, I need more of this paring. I don’t care if fell Paps is a hard core douche or just tunsundere, you do you man XD. Love your stuff by the by, bottom uf sans forevermore! (Derp this ended up long, my internet has been spastic so sorry if I sent it twice)

Me: This is the only time I am doing this because I fear that you will not see this post if I do a regular post instead. ;v;) 
I don’t know if I’ll be able to even tag you ^^”)

Hopefully you are notified! :O

So to reiterate (just in case): I don’t do submission requests as I mostly take requests from ‘asks’ when I ask for it. So when I ask for prompts in the future, just through my ask box is fine. The Submit box is for works you guys want to show me other than tagging. :)

That’s all, and sorry for the long wait too!! ;v;)


Pairing: Spicycinaroll

Words: 1, 061

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“I liked your fairytale, PuppyCat. If you want, I can help you figure out a nice ending…”

Tonight’s giveaway is dedicated to a wonderful show on cartoon hangover (seriously go watch it it’s like a combination of Steven Universe and Adventure Time); Bee & PuppyCat!

To get a shiny:

  • Deposit a Smeargle named “MarioPaint” into the gts and ask for a pokemon.
  • Be sure to gender/level lock to prevent sniping.
  • You may have ONE OF EACH. No double dipping whatsoever.
  • The giveaway will end at 9:30pm CDT/10:30pm EST or once deposits stop.
  • Happy Trading!

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EDIT: Hopefully the tags work this time. 

And in the silence afterwards, not even the sound of their breathing exists.

Cas didn’t mean to say it, Dean can tell—or at the very least, he didn’t mean for it to come out as abruptly as that. He can tell by the way Cas’ eyes have gone all wide with fear and shock, and by the way his hands shake when he slowly works them free from the lapels of Dean’s coat, holding them in front of his body like he has no idea what to do with them. He steps back, but only a little.

Although Dean is no longer being pressed up against the motel door by the curled fists of a pissed-off angel, he doesn’t relax his stance in the slightest. He keeps himself flat against it, stiff as a board.

This is the part he doesn’t understand.

Fighting he can understand. He knows fighting. He’s good at fighting. He’s never enjoyed it when it was with Cas—if anything, it’s always left him with a hallow and vaguely sick feeling in his stomach, accompanied by another feeling in his chest he cares not to examine. But he still knows it. He knows what words to say to make the deepest cut, knows how to ask all the wrong questions, knows how to speak with his teeth bared and with a growl lodged in his throat.

But this is the part that overwhelms him. This is the part he doesn’t even let himself think about. Cas is just staring him with his mouth parted open and looking like he’s about to take off the moment he can get his senses back, and Dean shouldn’t feel like prey who’s been cornered, but he does.

It’s so much. It’s too much. Dean doesn’t even know if he could possibly hear anything besides the sound of his own heart pounding in his ears, a constant drum against his temples as his vision turns to red. He squeezes his eyes shut tight and does the same to his mouth, having not even realized it was open.

Dean Winchester doesn’t get this. This doesn’t happen. Those words were never meant to be said to him, and they definitely were never meant to be said by Castiel. It’s blasphemy. The moment between them seems to stretch on endlessly.

Unable to gain complete control of his body and with so much emotion rising that Dean couldn’t stop it from escaping him even if he dared to try, he does the most girly, stupidest, most embarrassing shit he’s ever done: he fucking cries.

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Nicknames: Tam,Tammie,Tamtam, young lady, bierfrau(only once but I’m keeping it)
Gender: I’m a gal
Star Sign: Cancer
MBTI Type: I don’t really know tbh
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Birthday: July 12th
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What do I post about: my blog is literally just shitposring and men in spandex
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How many blankets do I sleep with: usually 1
Dream job: I hate even thinking about the future but I’d really like to own my own tea cafe
Dream trip: Hiking up in the mountains but not camping
Fav food:I like pretty much everything but I really love curry (marvelous)
Nationality: Just English

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