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Alfred before the events of bloodborne 

Sketchy panel form yet another short comic heh. 

  • Davey is super nervous about his first kiss and he gets increasingly worried that it’s going to be a stage kiss since he’s in basically every school production.
  • He managed to get away with it for years because he plays roles like Mark from Rent and then Valjean and he’s fine with that. But then he gets cast as Charlie in Kinky Boots and he doesn’t want to turn the part down because it’s a great show that he really loves, but he also doesn’t want his first kiss to be in rehearsals with some girl he barely knows.
  • Jack can tell something is wrong and he asks is Davey is nervous. And Davey says ‘yes’ because he is, but not just about the show like Jack thinks. But he’s goes along with it so when Jack asks which part of the show he’s worried about he says it’s the finale, because that’s when he has to kiss the girl playing Lauren, but it’s also his only real choreography - in six-inch heels.
  • Jack assumes it’s the heels thing, so an hour later Davey is running the dance routine and his lines with Jack in a spare classroom and they get to the kiss and he just. kisses Jack. He isn’t really thinking and he supposes that technically it’s a stage kiss after all but this is different because he’s liked Jack for years and it’s with a guy and not some random girl. And Jack is kissing him back and this really isn’t in the script but Davey isn’t complaining.
  • Ten minutes later Race walks into the same classroom to find them making out. Davey’s sat on a table with his legs wrapped around Jack’s hips, still wearing those damn heels. Race backs out of the room and runs off to find Spot, because they’ve had a bet about this for ages and he wants the money he’s owed.

@askbasb i can’t believe star became an actual fairy

(toxic was taken so i used lie instead)


I’ve been wanting to get into journaling, so I’ve decided to buy some stationery stuff to start a photo/bullet journal. I’m hoping I get to start a page soon :) 


I have been waiting for warm enough weather to take my geckos outside for soooo long. 

Remember this photoshoot? It’s Sakura’s turn!


Happy 30th Birthday Taipi ♥ 2017.06.25