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A Game for Those Who Seek to Find a Way to Leave Their World Behind

Summary: In which Dan finds a strange board game and ends up playing it (and releasing its horrors) with his best friend Carrie and arch enemy, Phil.

Word Count: 6.9k

TW: uhh there’s just some kind of horrifying things in there so idk good luck

Genre: angst? i guess? but it’s a happy end it’s like good angst

this is a thing now because i rewatched jumanji today and felt inspired (if you haven’t watched the movie it’s literally amazing you can find it online….. completely….. not illegal… ahem)(you can still read this even if you haven’t watched the movie but it’ll be better if you have probably)

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happy birthday julius!

wrote this fic for @ocsickficsideblog‘s oc julius because he’s a sweetheart and deserves a fic to celebrate him!  (even if it’s a fic about him being sick and having my asshole oc as a caretaker)  also, april is wonderful and i love her even though i’m a sucky friend, so this is for her, too!

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic if you’re sure you’d like to continue reading!

When Kel walked into a bathroom filled with retching sounds, he immediately turned around and walked right out.  Not his problem.  He could find another bathroom.  Or he could just wait until later, when Mr. Sick had vacated the area.  Since he didn’t know of any other restrooms nearby and was feeling particularly lazy, Kel settled on the latter.

By the time class ended an hour later, Kel really couldn’t wait any longer, so he speed walked back to the restroom and immediately started emptying his bladder.  It wasn’t until after he started peeing that he heard it: another retch.  And then another, and another.  Whoever it was didn’t stop retching the whole time Kel was peeing.  It continued even as Kel washed and dried his hands.  He winced as he moved to leave the restroom; the sick guy must have been heaving for over an hour, and didn’t seem to be feeling any better for it.

Not my problem, not my problem, not my problem.  Kel just wanted to go home and sleep.  A kind person would help out and he knew that, but he also knew that he wasn’t a kind person.  He’d always had a strong conscience, but he didn’t care about guilt.  He didn’t.  Hadn’t for years.

So why was he unable to make his legs move him away from the bathroom?  Why was he still listening to the retching?  Why, in the past couple of weeks, had he started to care?

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he grumbled, turning around and going right back into the bathroom.  He knocked on the door of the only occupied stall.  “You alright in there?”

A choked, negatory noise was the only response.  Kel flinched.

“Can- Can I come in?  Can I help?”

“Mhm,” the sick guy mumbled.  Kel slowly pushed the door open.  Kneeling on the floor of the stall, his cheek resting on the toilet seat, was a black haired man.  Or a boy?  He was small, and looked young, but then Kel was often mistake as being much older than he was, so he tried not to judge.  Instead, Kel lowered his voice as the sick guy eyed him curiously.

“You’re not hungover, are you?”  Kel asked, but he could tell the difference between alcohol poisoning and natural sickness without any confirmation.  The stranger shook his head, and swallowed a gag.

“Stomach - urp! - bug,” he mumbled.  Kel nodded.

“Have you thrown up yet?”  A small shake of the head.  Kel sighed.  “I’ll stay with you until you do,” he said reluctantly.  “Then you should head home.”

“Thank you,” the sick man croaked.  “Are you in- hurrgh!”  He didn’t get to finish his sentence due to an overpowering retch, but Kel was able to anticipate where it was going.

“I’m in high school,” he explained.  “Name’s Kel.”

“Nice to - ulp! - meet you,” the stranger panted.  “I’m - huuurk! - Julius, in co- huurrup! - col - hicuurp!

Again, Julius was cut off by a heave.

“Your name is Julius and you’re in college, I got it.  Just breathe, you’ll be alright.”  Kel found himself stealing words his roommate had used with him.  “Have you had any water recently, Julius?”

“No,” was the weak response.

“Let me get you some.”  

“Wait don’t leave me-“  Julius cut himself off with hollow burp and a shudder, and Kel tentatively squeezed his shoulder.

“I’ll be back in just a minute, I promise.”

It only took Kel 57 seconds to grab a bottle of water from the vending machine nearby, but by the time he got back, Julius was retching again.

“Here,” Kel said, pressing the bottle to Julius’s lips.  “Drink this, I think it will help.”

Julius didn’t question him, and it occurred to Kel that the boy could stand to be a bit more suspicious about strangers.  He was about to say as much when Julius hiccuped quietly and a mouthful of clear liquid splashed into his lap.  Kel reconsidered his words before speaking.

“Fuck.”  He quickly helped Julius, who was now shaking uncontrollably, lean back over the toilet.  The older boy’s shoulder’s jolted, and suddenly he was throwing up a thick, brown substance.  Tears slid down his face.

“Woah.  No need to cry,” Kel cringed.  “You’ll be okay.”

Julius nodded, but couldn’t speak as more sick spilled from his lips.  He panted for a bit, trembling.

“Do you think you’re-“

Julius was shaking his head before Kel even finished asking if he was done throwing up.  A minute or two passed before Julius lurched forward again.  Nothing came up the first time, and the next silent heave produced only a bit of spit.

“I think-“  Kel started to suggest that Julius was empty, but again the sick boy shook his head.  He squeezed his eyes shut, only to have them fly open a moment later as a rush of liquids gushed from his mouth.  He coughed weakly, bringing up a bit more bile, and let out a whimper before leaning back against the stall wall.  Kel gingerly flushed the toilet for him.

“Sorry,” Julius sniffled as he tried and failed to tear off a wad of toilet paper from the roll.  His hands were shaking too bad, and it was painful to watch, so Kel did it for him.  He quickly handed the toilet paper to Julius; there was no way Kel was going to wipe his face for him.  The other boy seemed far too worried about other things to care about that, anyway.

“I’m sorry, I must’ve caught a bug from - *sniff* - my boyfriend.  I didn’t - *sniff* - didn’t mean to drag you into this!”

“It was my own decision to help,” Kel muttered, begrudgingly.  “No need to cry over it.”

“I’m- I’m sorry,” Julius said, trying to contain his tears.  “I don’t mean to…”

Kel sighed.  “I know.  It’s okay, really.”  He noticed that some of the color had returned to the other boy’s face.  “Feeling any better?”

Julius managed a shaky smile.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I am.  Thank you.”

Kel shrugged.  “Okay.  Are you going to be alright?  Is there someone you can call to pick you up?”

Julius pulled a phone out of his pocket, and stared at it with a bit of surprise on his face.  The shock quickly morphed into a soft smile.  He showed Kel the screen.  It was filled with an incredible number of texts from someone named Alistair.

“That’s my boyfriend,” Julius said softly, proudly.  Kel cringed internally, but maintained a straight face as Julius went on.  “Apparently he was worried and will be here in five minutes or so.”

“Oh, okay,” Kel nodded and stood to leave, lingering a bit when Julius cleared his throat.

“Uhm.  Thank you again.”

“It was no problem,” Kel said tightly, ready to leave.

Julius smiled knowingly.  “Well, thank you anyway.  You actually really remind me of Alistair, and it was a huge comfort to have you here.  You’re a very kind person.”

Kel grunted.  “Sure thing.  See you around.”

And with that he stalked off, a bit shaken.  The last thing he wanted was to be compared to some lovesick guy who worried about his boyfriend day in and day out.  Surely a single act of kindness didn’t mean he was becoming soft.  Right?

And yet Julius’s words continued to echo in his head: You’re a very kind person.

It wasn’t a compliment Kel had ever expected to receive, and he wasn’t sure, but he thought that maybe a part of him - a very small part - actually wanted to believe it.

Check out my birthday page for more about characters who i might write birthday fics for!

Tag time yeah

The lovely @followmyrainbow has once again tagged me in a tag post. They’re one of my fave Sonic blogs, y'all should check ‘em out btw

Anyway, rules: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 people to do the same. I’m including links because why the heck not

Call Me - Shinedown: Sort of an anthem of my life rn

Shamar (Day) - Sonic Unleashed: Gotta do something mindless? Time for Shamar.

Time Trials - Hyper Potions: Who DOESN’T love this freaking song, am I right

Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Ninja Sex Party: Yes, the NSP remix. I like when Danny dances on top of the bus in the music video, sue me

How Far I’ll Go - Moana: I know, I’m basic (not to mention late)

A Sky Full of Stars - The Piano Guys: I’m pretty much always vibing to this one tbh, it’s a piano/cello cover of the Coldplay song and it’s AMAZING

Southern Gospel Medley - Anthem Lights: … yeah, I just really like the way their voices blend together, it’s really good

Cool Patrol - Ninja Sex Party: I can’t wait to get back to my apartment and jam to this at full volume again

Oh Yeah - Yello: They used a remix for my sisters’ dance recital routine and we’ve all been singing it for weeks now

Mortal Kombat High - Starbomb: Love the vocal sound on this one, especially the chorus. That’s all the justification I have for this one.

Tagggssss: @srvfan17, @amegakureangel186, @moms-spaghettios… yeah, idk who else to tag. If you’re reading this, GO WILD FRIEND, SHOW OFF YOUR WONDERFUL TASTE IN MUSIC

anonymous asked:

yOUR SUPERMAN AU IS BEAUTIFUL I NEED TO SAY THAT. if you dont mind could i ask a bunch of questions like what was kuroken and kagehina's (like hinata called him a thief?) relationship in the past before they came to the base? did daisuga get those burn marks together? and are yamaguchi and tsukishima friends but why is he so mean to yama :( AGAIN THANK YOU for making this au honestly it's GREAT

I have been avoiding superman au questions for a while already because!!!! I don’t want to make any spoilers on anything!!!!! But it really makes me happy that people are still interested on it despite all of this time  ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

  • In the very first update, the first thing hinata says is ‘you can ask about that friend of yours’, implying Kenma’s looking for someone (Kuro). He basically kisses the life out of Kuro when he runs to him, who knows how long he’s been looking for him. Everything about this au comes from the idea of Kuro needing to save the world, and he’s a naive dumbass so he probably left Kenma behind because he needs to make of this world a better place for him and Kenma got tired of waiting and decided someone’s got to save the savior _(:3」∠)_ He says it here
  • Regarding Kagehina, in this update, it’s explained why Tobio stole from Kenma, Akaashi and Hinata food and medicines. They were for baby Yachi ✨ They just happened to end up in the same base. I guess you could say by the way Tobio is so overprotective of Yachi and the way Hinata’s indignant that Tobio managed to sneak off the stuff and run away before he could be caught. In this one though, Hinata is already fond of Yachi and seems to have forgiven Tobio’s shenanigans, whereas Akaashi and Kenma haven’t commented on it because they didn’t give it any importance. They all have done horrible things to survive, after all. Kagehina’s relationship will be developed in the doujinshi I was planning on drawing…!!! 
  • Daisuga burns match, is it a coincidence? Is it related to the Day A? Is that why Asahi and Tanaka are retired? Does it have to do with Kuro’s arm, Oikawa’s scar, Iwaoi relationship…? I wonder and wonder  (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧
  • The day A brings us to your last question: Tsukiyama. I, personally, am not keen on developing their relationship in any platonic/romantic way, but I do feel like they’re very important for each other’s growth. It settles a parallelism with the manga: Tsukki didn’t call the bullies pathetic back then in Yams’ childhood, he was calling out Yams on it, in the same way Yams will call it out on him later on, because Tsukki doesn’t want to get involved in the war although he’s pretty good at programming stuff. 

Overall when I first started drawing the Superman au I assumed I wouldn’t draw /everything/ from its very beginning, so I had to find a way to at least imply it. There is more to this than what they let on, and even if it’s not specified what you can guess. So far it’s been very entertaining to plot every update with this in mind! But I also think it might be counterproductive because I might have failed all of the time in building the characters and exposing them otl. But hopefully I will improve this!! That was the goal of the superman au after all!! Let’s see how much I can tell of a story without actually telling it ୧(*´꒳`*)୨