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He's coming to get us ( Dark!Spiderman - Tom Holland )

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Summary : You, Tony and Peter are in Tony’s laboratory, doing some experiments on a sticky virus when all of a suden, the virus enters Peter’s body, growing on him. After that, Peter turns into a darker version of Spiderman, making a lot of trouble in the tower and in the city. You and the rest of the Avengers have to stop him before he turns the city into a living hell.

A/N : you’re Hawkgirl btw but your wings appear only when you’re not wearing a specific necklace.

Also, I’m making this into a (???) part so yeah this is Part 1/(?) SORRY FOR MISTAKES


“Where did you find it?” Peter asked amazed by the little creature who kept moving in the jar. You watched it, coming closer to it for a better view. The little thing was sticky and really fast, almost like a quicksilver, but black and with a really weird structure. You and Peter watched it so intensely that both of you gasped and stepped back when the ‘thing’ jumped and stuck itself on the part of the glass that was in front of you. It surely had power too as it has moved the jar further onto the table.

Tony looked at you and chuckled to himself at your reaction, taking the jar into his hand.

“Well, he kept crawling onto my old Iron Man suit. I found it a week ago. I don’t really know where it came from.” He said analyzing it, putting the jar into light for a better view then shaking it a little.

“Maybe it’s a virus or something who eats iron?” You tried to explain but it surely sounded stupid so you just furrowed your eyebrows and watched Tony’s movements. He put it again on the table and crossed his arms over his chest.

“It doesn’t look like a virus to me.” He said thinking a little. “This looks like its have its own life. But maybe you’re right.” He turned to you and you just shrugged then moved your gaze to Peter. He was still looking at it.

“Are we going to make some experiments on it?” He asked hopefully turning to Tony. Tony laughed at how enthusiastic Peter was and came closer to him.

“Sure, Spider-Boy, do you want to help?” He asked, putting his hand on Peter’s shoulder. Peter nodded.


“Okay then, I’m leaving you two because I don’t want that sticky thing to jump on me or something- well, I just don’t want to help so, yeah. See ya!” You said then turned around, starting to head the door. The two of them watched as you left and then turned to each other.

“Well, more fun for us, right Spider-Boy?”


After you left, Tony and Peter set up everything for their future experiments. While you were deciding what movie to watch with Natasha, Clint and Thor, the other two struggled with the little creature, doing God knows what to it and of course, taking notes about every reaction and basically about everything it did.

After some time, Peter took his glasses off and began to write something about his structure. Apparently, it can divide itself in more viruses and then stick back together. This thing is surely interesting but not to mess with.

“Mr. Stark, should I see how it reacts to fire?” Peter asked from his seat while Tony was looking at something on his computer. He turned his gaze to Peter, then back again to his computer.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea.” He said getting up and coming to Peter. “It doesn’t react good to earth elements but let’s see what this little bud si capable of.” He set the lights on the creature who was now free on the table and then took the matches, lightning one.

As it came closer to it, the black thing started to melt. Tony kept the fire close to it and Peter started to write down the reactions. It divided itself in two halves, again and again until on the table were left only little black drops. After Tony threw the match, they watched closely the next reaction. It didn’t came.

“Maybe fire kills it?” Peter questioned and Tony groaned.

“Yeah, maybe.” He said, scanning all the drops with his eyes. “I really started to enjoy it. But oh well.” He turned and started to head the door. “Clean that up, I’ll be right back.”

Peter groaned in response and got up, looking for something he could clean the table with. Just as he turned, he heard a small noise from the table. He looked over his shoulder and saw some drops sticking back together, maybe five or so. The little thing started to move around quickly and Peter turned again to the table. He couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Stark so he took the jar and tried to catch it but the thing jumped on his hand. He furrowed his eyebrows and began to stir, trying to catch the little creature but it didn’t stopped from moving. It divided itself again, one part staying on Peter’s arm, starting to grow on it and the other one jumped somewhere on his face.

At this point, Peter started to freak out and dropped the jar which shattered into million of pieces. He grabed the black thing from his hand, trying to put it down but it just grew faster. In only five seconds, his left arm was full covered in that black virus. The other half apperead on his other hand but he was too freaked out and shocked to notice so it jumped right into his mouth and he swallowed it without even knowing it.

The thing grew even more on him, starting to look like a darker version of his Spidey suit and Peter felt his heart skipping a beat at the image in front of him. It looked unreal, it couldn’t be true. By this time he started to panic really hard when all of a sudden, he felt something sticky in the back of his neck. The virus started to grow even on his head, like a mask and inserted two things which looked almost like fangs into both sides of his neck, making Peter scream in agony.

He fell to his knees, screaming as he felt like the life was taken out of him. He began to breathe heavily as the suit took his air and couldn’t breathe properly. The agony continued when he started to rip apart the suit and it electroshocked him while the fangs were inserted deeper into his neck. He couldn’t take it anymore, he knew he would pass out in any moment, so he got up really slowly and tried to steady his breathes. He could feel his sweat under this suit, it exhausted him. A quick shock was sent to his brain and in that moment, he lost it. He began to feel anger and a desire for revenge. He didn’t know where it came from, he just wanted revenge. Badly.

He stood still for a moment, then turned his attention to the door. He listened the steps who were coming closer and closer. You were coming after Peter to check on him after Tony told you to do so. You quickly tasted the code and the doors opened, revealing Tony’s huge laboratory but Peter wasn’t in there. You furrowed your eyebrows and started to look for him. Maybe you didn’t saw him, like, this laboratory is huge, he could be somewhere in here and you wouldn’t even notice.

You walked past the table with the little drops that were left of that virus and saw Peter’s notebook and glasses. He wouldn’t leave without his glasses, so he surely is in here. As you moved further you stepped into the shattered jar and jumped at the sound.

“What..” you spoke with loud voice looking at the ground. You heard some movements and could sense a presence above you so you gulped and really slow, you moved your gaze to the ceiling. And there he was. A darker version of Spiderman, who was ready to attack you. And it did.

You screamed, both in terror and fear as he put you to the ground. He made a grotesque sound, his sharp teeth only a few centimetres away from your face. He scanned your face and you gulped once again. With the most insesisable movement, you catched your necklace and ripped it off your neck, your wings imediately appearing. Spidey jumped again to the ceiling, looking at you upside down and you got up, your wings keeping you in the air, a few metres away from this devil.

“What are you?” You screamed, looking at the terrifying thing and he shot some webs to your wings, trying to catch you.

You moved to the side, avoiding his webs and letting them stick to the wall. He groaned and jumped to you, catching your shoulders and trying to put you down. You hold still, punching him in the face but he only groaned in pain. You lifted your foot and hit him in the stomach, earning from him the same grotesque sound. He let you go for a moment and that was the perfect time for you to turn and hit him with one of your wings. He flew onto the window in front of you, cracking it a little. You moved closer to him to check if he passed out but as you did he lifted his arms shooting some webs at you. You stopped and put your wings in front of you, letting the webs stick to them. When you pulled them apart, the web ripped and you flew into him, punching him with all your force, breaking the window.

You remained inside, watching his dark figure going down. Peter’s desire of revenge was now even more powerful and he lifted his hand shooting a web to the corner of the tower, regaining balance. Once regained, he stuck himself on the building, exactly like a spider, and begin to move higher onto it.

You watched it from the window and as you were about to go after him, you heard the doors behind you. You turned around and saw Tony with a confused look on his face.

“What are you doing?”

“You won’t believe it, but I think the thing you just discovered, it is really a virus.” You said and then turned again to look after Peter who now, is nowhere to be seen. You felt your heart skipping a beat and began to panick.

“Where is he?!” You screamed, looking all over the building in hope you’ll see the dark figure. Tony was still confused, watching you.

“Who?!” He screamed back, needing answers.

“Peter! Look on the cameras, please!” You said almost crying. Tony obeyed imediately and went to the big screen where different images of the building were shown. Suddenly, the black figure apperead in one of the images. Tony zoomed it and gasped.

“What is that?” He said in shock.

“That’s Peter. I- I came after him and he was like this, on the ceiling! He attacked me and at first I didn’t knew it was him, only when he started shooting webs.” You said, looking in terror at the screen. Tony copied your gesture, looking at the horrifying monster Peter was now.

“But how, I mean, what happened?! What-” Tony started, turning to you and then to the table where their experiment was.

“I think that virus entered his body.” You said concerned and Tony still couldn’t believe it. Just as he opened his mouth to protest and say something, the power went out, leaving you two in complete darkness.

“And now he’s coming to get us.”

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