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ESC Love Songs 💕

Here we go, another list (Slavic one[x], Happy one[x]) and this one is.. for well.. the love some of you hopefully are receiving today and everyday ♥ or let’s be real for otps and (day)dreaming ♥♥

Love - Sasha Son 

Love Wave - Iveta Mukuchyan

Love Injected - Aminata

La La Love - Ivi Adamou

Love Is Blind - Donny Montell

Love Me Back - Can Bonomo

I Want Your Love - Eduard Romanyuta

I Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger

Show Me Your Love - Tina Karol

Cliché Love Song - Basim

Love Symphony - Quartissimo feat. Martina

Words For Love - Lior Narkis

S.A.G.A.P.O. - Rakintzis

L'amour à La Française - Les Fatals Picards

Je T’adore - Kate Ryan

I Love You Mi Vida - D’Nash

Grande Amore - Il Volo

Call Me - Feminnem

Carry Me In Your Dreams - Kejsi Tola

Hold Me - Farid Mammadov

Be My Valentine - Svetlana Loboda

Candle Light - Csézy

The Fire In Your Eyes - Boaz

Playing With Fire - Paula Seling & Ovi

Romanca - Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents

Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

Never Forget - Greta Salóme & Jónsi

Everything I Want - Vesna Pisarović

Everyway That I Can - Sertab Erener

We Could Be The Same - maNga (e-akustik version [x])

Marry Me - Krista Siegfrids

I Wanna - Marie N

I Do - Fabrizio Faniello

You Are The Only One - Sergey Lazarev (ft. Helena [x]) (or this guy [x])

My Number One - Helena Paparizou

My Heart is Yours - Didrik Solli-Tangen

Your Heart Belongs to Me - Hind

Here For You - Maraaya

Die For You - Antique

Feeling Alive - Stelios Konstantas

On Top Of The World - Edsilia Rombley

Always. - Aysel and Arash

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What do you guys have against Adam?!! He's not fucking nea/h or mana already so gtfo.

Oooh, where do I begin….

First of all, I’ve nothing against Adam, and neither does Riah, I assure you.

Personally he’s one of my favorites; I love him, and I love to theorize about him, and discuss him, and I think about him just as much as I do the Campbells.

Second of all, I’m… not quite sure what you mean by the second part of that. It’s rude, though. Thanks for that, love. Good to know you are apparently completely incapable of being polite.

But I digress.

When have I ever said that I have an issue with Adam? When has Riah ever said they have an issue with Adam?

Sure, we happen to prefer Nea/h and Mana, but that’s our own personal preference. Are we not allowed a personal opinion?

On that note, sorry (not sorry) our opinions differ from yours, but at the same time, for the low, low cost of absolutely nothing at all, you can stay in your own lane and still be a decent enough human being to accept that others’ opinions are different from your own.

The only problem I have ever had with DGM is when certain fans can’t treat others with respect. DGM isn’t a story exclusively for your own consumption, dear, and that means there will inevitably be different interpretations of the story, the characters, and the message itself. It’s just something you’ve got to live with.

-Admin Ammy

Sups can be hard to draw, so sometimes I like to draw crappy blue circles inside them to get a better idea of how their weird marshmallow forms work - just in case it helps anybody else. :>

Serious artist strikes again. (Wip)

Insomnia (Yoongi x Reader)

Yoongi x Reader - Fluff

Words - 2,637

About - You haven’t slept properly in over a month, luckily Yoongi thinks he has a cure for your insomnia.

Heavy limbs, burning eyes, and cloudy thoughts. It has been exactly one month and three days since you last slept through the night. You have had only four hours total in the past three days.

You have been told, by many people in many ways, that this little “habit” of yours is bad for your health. Sleep is how the body heals itself. You are falling apart.

You don’t know why you can’t seem to sleep anymore. Prior to one month and three days ago you had a loving relationship with the all forms of sleep; you didn’t always get those recommended eight hours, but you more than made up for it with lazy weekends and frequent naps.

So what changed?

You can’t pinpoint when it first began, but you have this creeping feeling that something is…off. Somewhere in the mess of your mind something has gone askew, and it has left you with a constant sense of unease. Everywhere you go there is something missing, someone you should be looking for, some place you should be instead of where you are.

You float through the day on auto-pilot. Your body is far past the point of running at full capacity, so you spend each day drifting in a detached state, unable to fix it, too tired to care.

And that’s the worst part. You are tired.

Oh god, you are so tired.

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Okay no on an unrelated note I think it’s kinda rude to the band to go onto a picture they posted on facebook commenting about how you miss the jon

I’m not saying you can’t miss him but is it really necessary to comment on a happy photo of the band that the band themselves posted saying that???

That’s??? Really??? Rude????!!!

I miss him too but can we have some freakin’ common decency for the band and refrain from bringing the jon up around them? For christ’s sake people

The only person who’d actually put Kaneki in his place, was Touka. When she beat the shit out of him and told him “trash like you should stay out of Anteiku”, basically a week later he disintegrated his group/team and said that he wanted to come back. She always makes him come to his senses, so I don’t think her presence now in Cochlea is a coincidence when he said he “wanted to die in Arima’s hands”. Hopefully, if he sees her, he can find one of the many reasons he has to keep living. She always had a big impact on him, more than Hinami or anyone else.