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@opinonated is going through main voltron tags mostly klance, shallura, sheith and using ALL character names posting graphic gore and disturbing images.

I think the account is relatively new as there are only 2 posts so far, but I just came across one of them now in the tags.

please spread the word, and stay safe . Let’s look after each other 🚀💛!

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favorite underrated fics ? x

i dunno who sent this but damn you lol  what qualifies a fic as underrated?  hmmm…okay.  let’s see what i can do for ya.

i’m gonna be cocky and include myself on this list because i’m quite proud of some fics that can’t seem to get readers for the life of them, so have those first and then i’ll go to the others lollll

the long way home series and a word we’ve only heard these were very vivid in my mind and i feel like they really came to be something more than i ever could have imagined, so it makes me very happy when anyone reads them and shows them love and affection.  they don’t get any attention usually so if you wanna shower them with love i would appreciate it lol

okay, on to other people’s fics!

record your fate (and write me in) by @londonfoginacup like okay, basically all of emmu’s fics are underrated, tbh.  they are a beautiful escape from…everything.  but this is one of my very favorites.  it pains me to choose just one of hers because she asked for three the other day and i might have linked her to six hahaha but for real like…start with this one and continue on, basically.

wrapped in red by @becomeawendybird once again, please read all of her stuff.  all of hers are also underrated imho but this one is how i discovered who she was and she has also quickly become one of my all time fav authors in this fandom, no joke.

the brothers and sisters series by @fuzzypurplestuff emmu and FPS are my go tos when i’m feeling anxious and can’t focus and need non smutty fics to read, okay?  but this series is one of my favorites just because the perspective is different from what we usually get and that’s so fun and interesting to me!

home for christmas by @haloeverlasting yes i know another christmas fic on this but i like christmas fics all year round, okay?  lol besides, most people are familiar with her works because of amazingness like mutability and king and lionheart, which are worthy of the praise they’ve gotten, but this hidden gem needs more love too.

one-two-three what are we fighting for by @taggiecb listen.  do not ask questions, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.  just click the link for this fic and read the damn thing because holy.  shit.

won’t you please come around by @allwaswell16 once again, ever fic of hers is amazing, but somehow this has flown under the radar and THAT IS A TRAVESTY!  it is so cute and funny and omgosh i just adore it so please read it.  please.

it’s a better place since you came along by @phd-mama okay listen.  this fic made me cry and is beautiful and amazing and you have to read it and how does it not have more hits?  i have no idea, but just do it okay? and then when you’re done read the rest of her stuff.

the “a” in normal by yesitstyles listennnnnnn this fic is so important to me okay?  like for all my ace babies out there, you have to read this!  i loved it on so many levels and it just.  yeah.  it’s amazing.

just a touch of your love by @a-writerwrites listen.  i don’t do girl direction, it’s one of my rules.  i just…i can’t get into it.  but this one?  yeah.  lisa broke the rules and it was soooo worth it.  

my heart, it went wild by @afirethatcannotdie like, ellie is known for other fics, as she should be, but how is this one not beloved by all as well?  it’s fantastic.

yours in fractions by @fullonlarrie cause like ACCIDENTAL PLATONIC BEDSHARING YES PLEASE and that’s all i gotta say about that.

like a bullet in the dark by @fookinloosah this entire fic created an ambiance while reading it that kinda blew my mind and i had to keep reading to find out what the hell was going on and it was just soooo interesting!  i have no idea how it hasn’t become more well known than it is.

aaaaand this has gotten very long, i’m sorry!  i’m only halfway through my bookmarks, so there’s PLENTY more, but for real, these are all ones that i look at and think, how does not everyone know these fics?  so hopefully there’s a few on here that you haven’t read and will love!

Anti-awareness Month/Inktober
Day 11 - All Monsters Are Human

This is REALLY late, but I had been real busy with putting together my portfolio for one of my classes last week, plus I was working on Glitched so I didn’t have any time to draw.

I went with an angsty scene from Glitched for this one, given how the prompt only made me think of this part. Anyone who’s read the fic, you know what part this is. Anyone who hasn’t read Glitched, this is a scene from both Parts 9 and 10 when Anti is looking through all of the posts and comments we’ve made about him that he considers to be mean and hurtful, especially the ones involving the nickname he hates so much. It’s basically like cyber-bullying to him.

It can be viewed two different ways: that Anti is a monster with a human side, or that we, as the community, are the real monsters even though we’re human.

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/JUMPS IN HERE HELLO I was wondering if I could make a request!! I love your merformers AU like a lot and I love love love your take on yandere characters as well. Could I hear your headcanons on a yandere merformer of your choice?

Oh yes, absolutely!  :D  I’m gonna do Brainstorm for this, because he seems like the type lol!

It’s Brainstorm’s loneliness that sets him down this path.  He’s not exactly what you’d call a popular mer.  Even among his so called friend group, he has a self-destructive tendency to alienate himself.  It’s not his fault they don’t understand his genius.  At least, that’s what he tells himself.

Meeting you was nothing short of a happy accident.  He spotted your bright, yellow kayak as it passed by overhead one day, and immediately decided to investigate.  He’s seen humans come by in boats to see the mangroves before, but it’s certainly not what he’d call an everyday occurrence.

The first thing he notices is that you’re alone, which to him seems unusual, as he assumes humans usually travel in packs.  Yet here you are, quietly paddling your boat through the crystal clear waters, admiring the sunlight filtering through the branches above you, a faint smile on your face as you softly hum to yourself.  It’s mainly for this reason that he decides to approach you.  Even if it goes wrong, there’s not much one human can do against him.

It’s starling for you at first when he first snakes his way over to the side of your boat, but your shock is quickly replaced by amazement.  You had heard and believed the legends about merformers ever since you were a small child, but you never dreamed that you would ever see one, never mind have one come up and strike up a conversation with you.  Judging by the creature’s somewhat startled expression, you gather that this isn’t quite the reaction he had expected, or at least, not to this extent.  You can only hope that your incessant questions and inane babbling aren’t as annoying as you fear they are.

Little do you know, however, that Brainstorm is far from annoyed.  In fact, he’s ecstatic!  Here is this tiny, strange, inquisitive little creature that he’s never even seen before who showers him with attention and compliments and just generally makes him feel actually worth something for a change.  The more you talk, the more he grows to like you, and the more he likes you, the more appealing you start to become in his eyes.  He didn’t quite notice before how your eyes seem to sparkle like the sun on the surface of the water, or the way your smile seems to bloom over your face like a water lily.  He suddenly becomes very aware of how much he’d like to run his claws over your soft skin or through your hair and the thought causes a bright flush to creep over his face.

He offers to show you all the secret spots of his beautiful home, places that the other humans never even knew existed, in return for a small kiss on the cheek.  You giggle and concede to his request thinking to yourself about mers and their mischievousness natures, unaware of how the small brush of your lips sends his stomach flip flopping.  Brainstorm leads you all over the mangroves, showing you where the spoonbills make their nests and where the best bromeliads grow along the shore.  You’re so in awe of your lovely, almost magical, surroundings, that you don’t realize how long you’ve been here until you see the sun start to sink bellow the horizon.

Biting back your worry, you thank Brainstorm for showing you around and ask him to lead you back out again, which of course he will, for another kiss.  You begin to notice however that he seems much less sure of himself this time than he did when first leading you into the heart of the mangroves.  You chalk it up to the dimming light.  Why else would he seem to be leading you down an increasing number of dead ends and wrong turns?  By the time the sun fully sets you’re nearly in tears.  Not only are you cold, tired, and hungry, but you’re legitimately concerned you might not survive with all the nocturnal predators creeping about (you could swear you saw a pair of yellow alligator eyes watching you from the surface of the water.)

Luckily you have Brainstorm there with you.  Don’t you worry, pet!  He won’t let anything happen to you!  You’re completely safe as long as he’s around.  In fact, he knows of a quiet, secluded spot not to far up ahead where you can rest for the night.  He’ll watch over you the whole time.  He’ll even catch you some fish first and maybe try to find you some oranges.  You do look awfully hungry after all.  It’s lucky that you ran into him or you might not have lasted the night.  You just relax, poppet.  He’ll protect you.  Now how about another kiss?  

You feel a small churning of dread begin to settle in your stomach as he proceeds leads you through the inky blackness of the mangroves with expert precision.  

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It was sorta unclear why exactly Marco's leaving and/or why Star can't go? I know this is unimportant but it just bothers me that no one explained the reason behind these eventsSometimes it's really good at showing the consequence of long-term effects for even minor things but it tends to never got all the way. I'm just surprised why this is all skipped? Marco being absent from Earth worrying his friends and family

I’d like to know more about what happened during Marco’s absence, and how long he was gone, but there’s only so much you can fit in 11 minutes I guess. Hopefully it’s going to be touched in some way in Sophomore Slump.
As for him leaving Mewni, I think the reason is very simple 

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(Hopefully you'll post this) For anyone who is thinking that they're not going anywhere in life and that no gay/not straight guy will date them or whatever, I just wanted to say this. This time two years ago, I was still closeted and thought that the only time I would ever be happy was when I was dead. Now, I'm out, a leader of two orginizations at my school, and I just celebrated my one year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend who supports me constantly. Keep your head up! Things gets better!

I’m so happy for you!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

(Uh… I’ve actually only seen, like, one episode of DW…? hehe… WELP! Time to pull up IMDB and hopefully do this right! Thanks for the Ask Anon, hope it meets your standards!)

Scout: He would think the premise is cool, but probably turn to Engie every few minutes like ‘What the fuck did that man just say?’ Everyone shushes him, Engie promising to explain the science la- OH! Cool science stuff is happening!

Engineer: Very intrigued, keeping his notepad at ready. Hey, it may be fictional on the TV… but maybe he can make it a reality, with a few 24-hour work periods, Engie no.

Sniper: If nothing else is on, he’ll watch an episode or two, but doesn’t go out of his way to watch the show. Kinda indifferent, like ‘I live in Australia, there’s been weirder science-y shit.’ Australiam is one hell of a drug/mineral/don’t tell me there isn’t some people who smoke that shit.

Soldier: Can be heard ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at five a.m. while watching the show. He’s a fan, to say the least.

Demoman: Same as sniper, he’ll watch it when everyone else is gathered up to watch. Eh, it’s cool. Usually forgets about half the episode, but what he does remember was pretty nice!

Medic: “Please, that man isn’t even a real doctor!” “Yeah, well neither are you!” “…” Walks out about 1/3rd way through of the episode, comes back to rewatch when everyone else leaves, so he can criticize the show without being ‘personally attacked.’

Pyro: Urgh, booooo-ring! Turn on The Flintstones, Pyro wants to watch the dino’s!

Heavy: He’ll help out Engie with some details he missed from the episode. He enjoys it, and finds the plot fascinating, and is very interested in what Engineer can create from the show.

Spy: He’d rather read his old-man magazine… But, he’ll grudgingly admit, there are a few episodes he can appreciate

Marines Ch54 2nd Preview

I take it back, probably not gonna be a longer than usual chapter after all. Only got one point left to write and there’s only 4,000 words so far. Regardless, have another quick preview;

“That bastard! Who does he think he is?! I’ll murder him!” 

A shocked inhale. 

“Sanji! You can’t kill captain’s big brother!” 

“Yeah, you’re nowhere near that level, Shitty Cook.” 

“The fuck did you just say, Marimo?!”

It’s so weird. Time away and distance gives everything perspective. It’s one of those things that we all know, but I always end up forgetting I guess??

but yeah, more messy personal ramblings under the cut. I’m all pensive and sappy today lol, I ended up making a longer post

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Are you still gonna see Aladdin? I mean, I'm not even Arab (I'm Bangladeshi) but I'm still pissed at how brown people are interchangeable when it comes to Hollywood.

I honestly don’t know, the fact that only one character is going played to be played by an Arab actor in a movie based on an Arab folktale is a major turn off for me, especially considering it’s going to be done by a big company like Disney that have such a large platform. Granted the movie is going to be released in 3 years so who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind by then (And hopefully they might even do a recast).

I know that I’m a comic blog but I think I’m going to jump in this argument (You can ignore if you don’t care)

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Thirteen songs for fluorescent skies and electric air, for empty buildings and human-flooded streets, for the rupture of one world and the growth of another.

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give me some luke/lorelai feels

think about how luke kept the original engagement ring all these years and how there were most definitely circumstances over the years where he wanted to give it back to her, to have a chance to propose, to finally take another step towards marriage but there was always something to stop him. the moment was never right. there were probably moments that Lorelai longed for the ring, to marry him even though they were happy all these years not being married and just being together. Because honestly they were happy. They just truly suck at communicating. 

Think of how there are most definitely Sunday mornings where Luke doesn’t get up early to open the diner and Lorelai doesn’t have to go to the Inn, so they have a lazy Sunday morning that consists of laying around in bed until Lorelai finally pushes Luke out because there is breakfast to be made and he makes the best pancakes because she definitely can’t cook. She toys with the idea of waiting for him and having breakfast in bed but eventually joins him downstairs because that’s where the coffee is and she loves to watch him work. Paul Anka joins them and he gets his own special pancake. The rest of the day is idly spent doing nothing but just spending their free time together.

Think of domestic Luke/Lorelai. Splitting the chore of going grocery shopping, sometimes going together where there is the general banter of her slipping things into their cart that is not healthy at all and he points it out but still buys it. Think of them waiting for each other after their mutual long days at work, they don’t always wait up for each other, but sometimes they do because they have to tell the other about what happened during the day and they just like to be awake when the other one comes home. It’s comforting to know that someone is waiting for them to get home.

Think of how there are long days for the both of them at work but they at least manage a phone call to one another to check in because they know the other one is stressed and busy. How Lorelai has probably definitely wanted to have lunch with Luke but didn’t want him doing everything (even though she loves his cooking) and since she can’t cook, she arranges a special lunch for them at the Inn. A lunch date because sometimes alone time can be rare with two adults running their own successful businesses.

Think of how every time their is a big event at the Inn, or it’s written about a few times, (because it appeared in a magazine once so it’s probably going to do it again at some point), Luke is so incredibly proud of the woman that he can now call his wife. And he’s been proud of her all these years, and if there is any shred of evidence the Inn is mentioned anywhere, he probably has it and several other copies because he’s so proud. (basically canon)

& think of how if only they were slightly better at communicating (which in my head they are because that’s only appropriate and character development after being together so many years but I digress…could talk about it for years) they could have had so much more. Not that what they had wasn’t great, but earlier on they both wanted similar things that time just didn’t allow them.

*sorry to end on a slighty sad note*

hope it helped! :)

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Yay requests are open!! Wow I feel so weird for saying this haha but lately I was thinking a lot about who out of svt would like to have children when they are older (if yes - how many / any specific gender?) and who doesn't. Since I'm not that familiar with them yet and don't know their personalities quite well, I can't really assume an answer. What do you think based on their character? Sorry again for this weird question ^u^'

this should be a fun one so hopefully I don’t mess it up  //ps I have no idea what the members said about having kids if anything tbh so this is all just pure opinion//

Seungcheol: for Seungcheol I definitely see him wanting a daughter, but either just the one daughter or a daughter and one son (either way only two kids max.)  I’m honestly not too sure what it is, but something about him just screams to me that he’d want a daughter (who is younger than the son). maybe it’s because he’s the “father” of seventeen and he treats the members very cutely so I feel like he’d do that with a daughter awsdfgh

Jeonghan: I feel like Jeonghan would like a daughter as well and literally teach her how to do things to get what she wants I’m so serious 

Joshua: I see Joshua as one who wouldn’t mind either gender, although I feel like he’d fit better with a daughter (again). Although I don’t see him to want a lot of kids, so maybe two max

Junhui: I definitely see Junhui as another one who wouldn’t mind either gender as a child. I can see him spoiling his daughter probably as much as seungcheol would and training his son to do martial arts and overall grow into a really great father/son or father/daughter relationship. I also see him as one to be a little more strict when it comes to discipline though

Soonyoung: Soonyoung seems the type to also just want one kid, but again gender wouldn’t matter. he’d be a very supportive parent to each one and I just think he’d be a great supportive dad overall 

Wonwoo: for Wonwoo, I think he’d want to have two kids, a son and a daughter. I feel like he’d like the balance of having one of each and would just be a great parent to both in general yay 

Jihoon: Jihoon is a little tough for me bc I don’t see Jihoon as one to actually want kids or want them early in say a marriage or something. I feel like maybe down the line when him and his wife were reaching the good limit for having kids then he’d have one and only one but other than thaT he’d probably stick to the one child. 

Seokmin: okay listen to me seokmin would want like four kids man I’m serious. genders probably wouldn’t matter but with four kids it’d probably be to his benefit to have an even amount of both or maybe more daughters bUT EITHER WAY he would be such a fun parent from newborn-preteen years and then try and adjust to accommodate his children as teenagers and UGH I love seokmin and am a strong advocate for dad!seokmin

Mingyu: Mingyu as well I think would want to have two kids, one of each would be nice but if not then I think he’d prefer two sons over two daughters. but again, for mingyu I think one of each would be most preferable 

Minghao: my son minghao here I think would only want one kid. I see him leaning more towards wanting a son but at the same time I also don’t think gender would matter. although I could see when his child is a teenager and he’d tell them “you know your dad used to b-boy, I think I still got it” and his child would immediately stop him like “dad no stop” but he busts out some moves anyways and his child sits there in awe like what the f u c k 

Seungkwan: okay y’all I see Seungkwan as someone who’d want three kids bc when he gets old and all his kids go visit him and tell him what they’ve been doing with their lives and all their achievements he’d be so proud and reminisce on the memories on when they were younger and everything he did to help them grow up well and his kids would love him as much as Seungkwan loves his mom rn and just my heart

Vernon: my boy Vernon I could see wanting a son more than a daughter bc I feel like he’d be more comfortable with one. I don’t think he’d be opposed to having a daughter, but if he were to have both I think he’d want the son first so it’d help him get better accustomed to having a child shoUld he decide to have more than one 

Chan: when he gets older I think Chan would either want one kid or three for somE reason. Chan’s still pretty young himself so I can’t come up with too broad of an explanation as to why he’d want kids but that’s just the vibe I’m getting 


alRIGHT THAT’S A WRAP after spending 80 years in the bathroom after I took my laptop with me and staying up until 12:11am when finals week starts tomorrow I am finally donE 

I need to go to bed now, so I hope you enjoyed this, goodnight!

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Taking TWO Halloween Requests

Okay, I REALLY want to write something for Halloween! Like super bad, but I’m still working on 500 follower requests (which is sad since i’m almost to 700???) But. I’m going to take exactly two requests, and only in the form of comments on THIS POST (must also be from two different shows!) 

So send away~ and I’ll choose the ones I think of an idea for off the spot! 

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could I request some more Buffy Summers icons please, with a simple or textured background? whichever is fine! :D

of course, I hope one of these is okay! they’re all textured but for some of them I used smooth textures so they don’t really look it, more colours under the cut:

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Hello, lovely human being!~ I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, surrounded by warmth and love from the people who are important in your life. :) Anyway, I really like Overwatch a lot, and I enjoy hearing people's favourite head canons about it. Care to share some? I'm sure they're quite nice. x)

Woah, this is really sweet hahaha. Sorry this too me a bit to answer. I had to think on it heh. I can only think of Pharmercy or individually Mercy or Pharah ones (to name only a few) so here we goooo: 

- Overwatch recruitment (Jack or Ana or idk) went to the hospital she was working in in Zurich to meet this medical prodigy to hopefully recruit her. With the help of other nurses who had their suspicions where to find her since she wasn’t doing rounds or anything… they definitely found her napping in a closet or slumped at her desk when she was supposed to be doing work (she hasn’t actually gone home or had a break in god knows how long.) Imagining her waking up with a start and getting super flustered and embarrassed getting caught napping by OW officials as a first impression.
- Reinhardt is sort of like a father figure to Angela. Sometimes they have a quiet drink late at night together and just talk (lots of the time in German) about.. stuff? Life, missions, reminiscing etc.
- He calls her Little Bird, always has since early Overwatch days. Still does even now when shes in her late 30’s.
- I love the idea of her having spinal implants to control her wings, you have no idea!
- She’s not much of a cook (that’s even if she gets out of her office)
- Is n o t a morning person.

- Is a morning person thanks to military body clock. She goes running
- Fareeha has a god-awful sense of direction (made a post on that)
- Her & Hana have developed a close bond. On  & off the battlefield. She has a tremendous amount of respect for Fareeha (as Fareeha does for Hana) as a soldier but will still shit stir each other around the base. I love the idea of fareeha being a big sister and mentor figure to Hana, sparring & training together etc.
- The classic Fareeha having a stoic & level head personality but is also a big pun-loving dork & goofball with those she’s comfortable with.
- I head cannon her as not much of a drinker, if at all. Maybe in her younger days.
- She’s totally the best candidate to be Strike Commander!!

- I love love prosthetics!Pharah. To summarise, I had a thought of maybe Fareeha telling Angela as a young adult she was gonna join the Military. Angela makes Fareeha promise to contact her if there’s ever an emergency, she’ll be there asap. This puts Ana’s mind slightly at ease. Years and years later (after Ana’s ‘death’), Angela gets a call. Fareeha is in critical after a failed mission. She drops everything and flies to Egypt. Fareeha has lost at least an arm and a leg amongst other injuries. With Fareeha’s consent, The HSI medic team figured it was best to let Mercy handle the prosthetics operation and rehabilitation (she insisted as well), as well as counselling for the rougher moments in the process when she needs a shoulder or has trouble coping. They spend a lot of the recovery time catching up on each others lives and reminiscing about old times. They grow close really fast. really close. Angela has to inevitably leave eventually. But the recall happens soon enough. 

 - Fareeha, Angela & Jessie are all bros. Thick as thieves since early OW days. (Fareeha and Jesse have always been brotp, Angela took some warming up to Jesse but they’ve been tight ever since). I like to imagine them as the next generation trio of Ana/Jack/Gabe

 - Rein now calls them both little birds :’)

Just a few of my personal head cannons. Thanks for reading :) 


I’m sorry, Dean. I really am — I never wanted to hurt you or anyone. But I swear, even if the word ‘family’ didn’t mean the same thing to me as it did to you way back then… you made growing up in the place we did a little easier. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there, okay? You kept me sane sometimes. You were my only constant friend. 

You’ve gotta know, my heaven wouldn’t have been right without you there. 

Why do you think we share one?