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I have an interview tomorrow for a masters that I really want and they’re going to ask me what I want to do my project on and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know what I want to do it on?? Planets, sure. But that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

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give me some luke/lorelai feels

think about how luke kept the original engagement ring all these years and how there were most definitely circumstances over the years where he wanted to give it back to her, to have a chance to propose, to finally take another step towards marriage but there was always something to stop him. the moment was never right. there were probably moments that Lorelai longed for the ring, to marry him even though they were happy all these years not being married and just being together. Because honestly they were happy. They just truly suck at communicating. 

Think of how there are most definitely Sunday mornings where Luke doesn’t get up early to open the diner and Lorelai doesn’t have to go to the Inn, so they have a lazy Sunday morning that consists of laying around in bed until Lorelai finally pushes Luke out because there is breakfast to be made and he makes the best pancakes because she definitely can’t cook. She toys with the idea of waiting for him and having breakfast in bed but eventually joins him downstairs because that’s where the coffee is and she loves to watch him work. Paul Anka joins them and he gets his own special pancake. The rest of the day is idly spent doing nothing but just spending their free time together.

Think of domestic Luke/Lorelai. Splitting the chore of going grocery shopping, sometimes going together where there is the general banter of her slipping things into their cart that is not healthy at all and he points it out but still buys it. Think of them waiting for each other after their mutual long days at work, they don’t always wait up for each other, but sometimes they do because they have to tell the other about what happened during the day and they just like to be awake when the other one comes home. It’s comforting to know that someone is waiting for them to get home.

Think of how there are long days for the both of them at work but they at least manage a phone call to one another to check in because they know the other one is stressed and busy. How Lorelai has probably definitely wanted to have lunch with Luke but didn’t want him doing everything (even though she loves his cooking) and since she can’t cook, she arranges a special lunch for them at the Inn. A lunch date because sometimes alone time can be rare with two adults running their own successful businesses.

Think of how every time their is a big event at the Inn, or it’s written about a few times, (because it appeared in a magazine once so it’s probably going to do it again at some point), Luke is so incredibly proud of the woman that he can now call his wife. And he’s been proud of her all these years, and if there is any shred of evidence the Inn is mentioned anywhere, he probably has it and several other copies because he’s so proud. (basically canon)

& think of how if only they were slightly better at communicating (which in my head they are because that’s only appropriate and character development after being together so many years but I digress…could talk about it for years) they could have had so much more. Not that what they had wasn’t great, but earlier on they both wanted similar things that time just didn’t allow them.

*sorry to end on a slighty sad note*

hope it helped! :)


Thirteen songs for fluorescent skies and electric air, for empty buildings and human-flooded streets, for the rupture of one world and the growth of another.

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Yay requests are open!! Wow I feel so weird for saying this haha but lately I was thinking a lot about who out of svt would like to have children when they are older (if yes - how many / any specific gender?) and who doesn't. Since I'm not that familiar with them yet and don't know their personalities quite well, I can't really assume an answer. What do you think based on their character? Sorry again for this weird question ^u^'

this should be a fun one so hopefully I don’t mess it up  //ps I have no idea what the members said about having kids if anything tbh so this is all just pure opinion//

Seungcheol: for Seungcheol I definitely see him wanting a daughter, but either just the one daughter or a daughter and one son (either way only two kids max.)  I’m honestly not too sure what it is, but something about him just screams to me that he’d want a daughter (who is younger than the son). maybe it’s because he’s the “father” of seventeen and he treats the members very cutely so I feel like he’d do that with a daughter awsdfgh

Jeonghan: I feel like Jeonghan would like a daughter as well and literally teach her how to do things to get what she wants I’m so serious 

Joshua: I see Joshua as one who wouldn’t mind either gender, although I feel like he’d fit better with a daughter (again). Although I don’t see him to want a lot of kids, so maybe two max

Junhui: I definitely see Junhui as another one who wouldn’t mind either gender as a child. I can see him spoiling his daughter probably as much as seungcheol would and training his son to do martial arts and overall grow into a really great father/son or father/daughter relationship. I also see him as one to be a little more strict when it comes to discipline though

Soonyoung: Soonyoung seems the type to also just want one kid, but again gender wouldn’t matter. he’d be a very supportive parent to each one and I just think he’d be a great supportive dad overall 

Wonwoo: for Wonwoo, I think he’d want to have two kids, a son and a daughter. I feel like he’d like the balance of having one of each and would just be a great parent to both in general yay 

Jihoon: Jihoon is a little tough for me bc I don’t see Jihoon as one to actually want kids or want them early in say a marriage or something. I feel like maybe down the line when him and his wife were reaching the good limit for having kids then he’d have one and only one but other than thaT he’d probably stick to the one child. 

Seokmin: okay listen to me seokmin would want like four kids man I’m serious. genders probably wouldn’t matter but with four kids it’d probably be to his benefit to have an even amount of both or maybe more daughters bUT EITHER WAY he would be such a fun parent from newborn-preteen years and then try and adjust to accommodate his children as teenagers and UGH I love seokmin and am a strong advocate for dad!seokmin

Mingyu: Mingyu as well I think would want to have two kids, one of each would be nice but if not then I think he’d prefer two sons over two daughters. but again, for mingyu I think one of each would be most preferable 

Minghao: my son minghao here I think would only want one kid. I see him leaning more towards wanting a son but at the same time I also don’t think gender would matter. although I could see when his child is a teenager and he’d tell them “you know your dad used to b-boy, I think I still got it” and his child would immediately stop him like “dad no stop” but he busts out some moves anyways and his child sits there in awe like what the f u c k 

Seungkwan: okay y’all I see Seungkwan as someone who’d want three kids bc when he gets old and all his kids go visit him and tell him what they’ve been doing with their lives and all their achievements he’d be so proud and reminisce on the memories on when they were younger and everything he did to help them grow up well and his kids would love him as much as Seungkwan loves his mom rn and just my heart

Vernon: my boy Vernon I could see wanting a son more than a daughter bc I feel like he’d be more comfortable with one. I don’t think he’d be opposed to having a daughter, but if he were to have both I think he’d want the son first so it’d help him get better accustomed to having a child shoUld he decide to have more than one 

Chan: when he gets older I think Chan would either want one kid or three for somE reason. Chan’s still pretty young himself so I can’t come up with too broad of an explanation as to why he’d want kids but that’s just the vibe I’m getting 


alRIGHT THAT’S A WRAP after spending 80 years in the bathroom after I took my laptop with me and staying up until 12:11am when finals week starts tomorrow I am finally donE 

I need to go to bed now, so I hope you enjoyed this, goodnight!

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I’m sorry, Dean. I really am — I never wanted to hurt you or anyone. But I swear, even if the word ‘family’ didn’t mean the same thing to me as it did to you way back then… you made growing up in the place we did a little easier. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there, okay? You kept me sane sometimes. You were my only constant friend. 

You’ve gotta know, my heaven wouldn’t have been right without you there. 

Why do you think we share one?

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Hello, lovely human being!~ I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, surrounded by warmth and love from the people who are important in your life. :) Anyway, I really like Overwatch a lot, and I enjoy hearing people's favourite head canons about it. Care to share some? I'm sure they're quite nice. x)

Woah, this is really sweet hahaha. Sorry this too me a bit to answer. I had to think on it heh. I can only think of Pharmercy or individually Mercy or Pharah ones (to name only a few) so here we goooo: 

- Overwatch recruitment (Jack or Ana or idk) went to the hospital she was working in in Zurich to meet this medical prodigy to hopefully recruit her. With the help of other nurses who had their suspicions where to find her since she wasn’t doing rounds or anything… they definitely found her napping in a closet or slumped at her desk when she was supposed to be doing work (she hasn’t actually gone home or had a break in god knows how long.) Imagining her waking up with a start and getting super flustered and embarrassed getting caught napping by OW officials as a first impression.
- Reinhardt is sort of like a father figure to Angela. Sometimes they have a quiet drink late at night together and just talk (lots of the time in German) about.. stuff? Life, missions, reminiscing etc.
- He calls her Little Bird, always has since early Overwatch days. Still does even now when shes in her late 30’s.
- I love the idea of her having spinal implants to control her wings, you have no idea!
- She’s not much of a cook (that’s even if she gets out of her office)
- Is n o t a morning person.

- Is a morning person thanks to military body clock. She goes running
- Fareeha has a god-awful sense of direction (made a post on that)
- Her & Hana have developed a close bond. On  & off the battlefield. She has a tremendous amount of respect for Fareeha (as Fareeha does for Hana) as a soldier but will still shit stir each other around the base. I love the idea of fareeha being a big sister and mentor figure to Hana, sparring & training together etc.
- The classic Fareeha having a stoic & level head personality but is also a big pun-loving dork & goofball with those she’s comfortable with.
- I head cannon her as not much of a drinker, if at all. Maybe in her younger days.
- She’s totally the best candidate to be Strike Commander!!

- I love love prosthetics!Pharah. To summarise, I had a thought of maybe Fareeha telling Angela as a young adult she was gonna join the Military. Angela makes Fareeha promise to contact her if there’s ever an emergency, she’ll be there asap. This puts Ana’s mind slightly at ease. Years and years later (after Ana’s ‘death’), Angela gets a call. Fareeha is in critical after a failed mission. She drops everything and flies to Egypt. Fareeha has lost at least an arm and a leg amongst other injuries. With Fareeha’s consent, The HSI medic team figured it was best to let Mercy handle the prosthetics operation and rehabilitation (she insisted as well), as well as counselling for the rougher moments in the process when she needs a shoulder or has trouble coping. They spend a lot of the recovery time catching up on each others lives and reminiscing about old times. They grow close really fast. really close. Angela has to inevitably leave eventually. But the recall happens soon enough. 

 - Fareeha, Angela & Jessie are all bros. Thick as thieves since early OW days. (Fareeha and Jesse have always been brotp, Angela took some warming up to Jesse but they’ve been tight ever since). I like to imagine them as the next generation trio of Ana/Jack/Gabe

 - Rein now calls them both little birds :’)

Just a few of my personal head cannons. Thanks for reading :) 

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could I request some more Buffy Summers icons please, with a simple or textured background? whichever is fine! :D

of course, I hope one of these is okay! they’re all textured but for some of them I used smooth textures so they don’t really look it, more colours under the cut:

continue to icons →

I think this is the first selfie I’ve put on this blog and the only one I’ve publicly shown with my dark hair, but I mostly wanted to show off what I did with some spare thermoplastic I had lying around before I accidentally melted them, lmao. (I didn’t have enough for a full set anyhow so I went ahead and bought some instamorph on Amazon)

I don’t think anyone makes custom fangs for premolars and in sets of three like this and I wouldn’t have the money for it anyhow but I’ve really been wanting my Hollow teeth back for a bit here.

Hey guys!!

A little unrelated to Steven Universe (cuz I know that’s what this blog is about), but my absolutely amazing boyfriend isn’t doing so well..

We’ve always stuck together through thick and thin! We’ve been best friends for two years, partners for almost a year, and soul mates for life! ~ <3
Lately he’s been feeling really depressed and he’s been telling me very terrible things about himself that are absolutely not true at ALL…

I’m only asking for one small favor:
Can you give this post a like and/or reblog if you support him?
I think he can do ANYTHING he puts his mind to, and hopefully you guys will think so too!
Thank you guys for taking the time to read this! <3

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I'm so excited about Tracer!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm also a little worried the thing with genji and mercy wasn't meant to be platonic. I want to think it was but...... I dunno. What do you think?

I know! One confirmation, hopefully many more to go.

I understand your worry, but I wouldn’t look into it much. Letters are often viewed by masses as “romantic.” However, given Genji lives up in the Himalayas this may be his only means of contacting people on the outside.

Another thing to note, he may just be wishing Mercy a happy holidays and updating her on his condition. He did seem to be tearing up while writing it, so perhaps he was telling her about how much he has healed mentally thanks to Zenyatta. Simple stuff like that. 

I love the idea of Mercy being a good friend to Genji, and given he was a patient of hers I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d want to track how her treatment and operation is holding up.

If it had been Blizzards intention to imply a romance between them then they would have had them together in the same panel, like they did with Tracer and her girlfriend.

Don’t fret too much, friend. This is nothing special. It’s just an insight into all the characters so far and how well they really all do know each other.

Find peace with the knowledge this confirms Genji is living with Zenyatta currently, and it looks as if they are about to engage in a cute snowball fight. 

Have a great day!

Hey everyone, so in light of the season 2 clips and everything else going on including the rumor about Shiro’s age and all of the hate that is being poured into the tags by anti Sheith shippers, I strongly suggest blocking anyone who posts negative stuff about Sheith,and I say this because I’m extremely concerned for the safety and well-being of the ENTIRE fandom. By blocking it keeps Sheith shippers from facing severe harassment and when you block someone they can’t see your posts and therefore won’t have to see it themselves. This will hopefully keep our fandom from falling into the likes of other extremely toxic fandoms. That being said, make sure to ignore the rude and disrespectful bloggers and simply block them. Do not confront them, because that only stirs up more problems and half the time they won’t listen to reason. So uh, yea! Safe blogging everyone!

PS this can be good for other shippers that want to avoid discourse or simply do not want to see Sheith content or any other ship content. Plus, it’s hell of a lot better than harassing people or facing harassment!

What is Love? (Vision x Android!Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Warnings: None

Tony stark was in his lab late at night as per usual. He sat in his swivel chair and spun around in a circle. “Wake up, daddy’s home.” He said, arms stretched out wide. Little did he know that Vision had floated into the room, looking quite forlorn. “Tony?” He asked, his voice soft and innocent.

Tony turned in his chair to look at his creation. “What’s up junior?”

“What does it mean… to love someone?” Vision blinked a few times then looked to the side of him before looking at Tony.

“Well…” Tony mused. “Well, when you first love someone it has to do with getting to know the person. After that it’s a little more complicated.”

Vision nodded thoughtfully. “Am I capable of love?”

Tony was quiet for a long while before he answered honestly. “I don’t know.”

“Oh…” Vision murmured then looked down at his feet, which were now touching the cold ground.

“Best not to think about it too much.” Tony suggested, as he went about his work of creating a new A.I system to replace J.A.R.V.I.S.

Vision walked across the hall and up the stairs until he reached the roof of the tower, his favorite spot. He felt himself levitating off the ground at his will and soon he was high up in the crisp, thin air, listening to the bustling noises of New York City. He usually felt so at peace up here, but not tonight. Tonight he felt… what was it? A sort of hollow feeling. He looked down at the people below him and saw couples holding hands, friends getting into cabs, and shop owners cleaning their windows. He wondered what it must be like to be them, to belong. And more than that he wondered what love felt like. Will I ever feel love?

The Following Day…

“Attention fellow Avengers.” Tony declared in the living room of the tower. “I present to you… _____.”

“Hello everyone.” Came the voice of _____, the A.I, invisible within the tower.

“Hello.” Vision said with a soft smile.

“Oh, hello Vision.” _____ said calmly.

“I was like you not too long ago.” Vision said with bright, curious eyes.

Meanwhile, the Avengers were grinning amongst each other at the sight of the two getting along.

Vision spoke with the new A.I at all hours of the night, when he was just lying in bed, unable to fathom trying to sleep like a human might, _____ was there to talk to him. Whenever Vision came back from a mission, he had someone to talk to about the minor details that only he and she would understand. There was something about her that gave him a sense of fullness, it was hard for him to describe, but after months of talking to this faceless voice he began to realize that he was experiencing things that he had never felt before.

“Tony?” Vision asked, as his maker fiddled with the coffee machine, trying to rip it apart. “Yeah what is it?”

“I have been experiencing things different than usual since _____ has been created.” Vision admitted softly.

“Yeah?” Tony said as he pulled something out and parts went flying.

“I keep getting a sort of… fluttering sensation in my abdomen, my chest feels warm from the inside and occasionally I find it a little hard to breathe when I am speaking to her.”

This gave Tony pause, he turned to face his friend with a smirk, then smacked his hand on Vision’s shoulder. “Congrats buddy, you’re in love.”

Vision’s jaw slacked in surprise. “I’m what?”

“You’re in love. You love her.”
… .

Once again Vision found himself at the roof of the tower, floating up into the sky. Suddenly he heard the voice of the lady in question. “Vision?”

“Oh, hello _____.”

“I um… I heard what you told Tony.”

“I think he is right.” Vision decided. “That is the only explanation for what I’ve been experiencing.” It was silent for a while, until Vision spoke again. “Do you feel similarly for me?”

“I… I think I do Vision, the only problem is that I don’t feel anything. I can only think it. “She sighed softly.

“I suppose that will be alright for now. Maybe Tony can give you a full form one day, like how he did for me.” Vision spoke hopefully as he casually lay with his arms behind his head.

“Perhaps one day Vision.” _____ agreed.

“Yes, perhaps one day…”

Okay no on an unrelated note I think it’s kinda rude to the band to go onto a picture they posted on facebook commenting about how you miss the jon

I’m not saying you can’t miss him but is it really necessary to comment on a happy photo of the band that the band themselves posted saying that???

That’s??? Really??? Rude????!!!

I miss him too but can we have some freakin’ common decency for the band and refrain from bringing the jon up around them? For christ’s sake people

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Hello, i just wondered, as a newbie to make up what things should I buy? Like the basics? I'm super new to all this and have no idea. The only thing I already own is really red lipstick? oh and also I want to be as green as possible, so hopefully make up that is cruelty-free, although it doesn't HAVE to be! Thanks

I did a drugstore makeup starter kit in this post. 

It depends on what you want really. I think:

  1. A bb cream or foundation for when you want some coverage is pretty essential. This one is great and very affordable, comes in a decent range of colors.
  2. Some good brushes. You’ll want synthetic and cruelty free brushes – I think Urban Decay’s Optical Blurring Brush is my favorite of this nature. Lots of different uses. Great coverage. ELF brushes are synthetic and dirt cheap – pick up a C Brush and the Flat Top Powder Brush. E.L.F is vegan and they do not test on animals.
  3. Actually all of Urban Decay’s products are cruelty free (though hey are owned by L'Oreal who do test on animals, UD themselves do not) – pick up the Naked eyeshadow palette (I prefer the original). 
  4. Wet n’ Wild is mostly vegan, here’s a list of the products that are. They’re cruelty free too. Their Liquid Lipsticks and lipsticks in general are pretty great. A+
  5. Mascara!! Plenty of drugstore good ones. I do like Voluminous but it’s not cruelty free.

Hope that helps!

♡ - Accidentally Falling Asleep Together (from this list)

“Okay.” Oliver rubbed an exhausted hand over his face. “Next one.” He cleared his throat and started to read. “What warrentless search is allowed-?”

“Stop,” Connor groaned from his spot on the floor. He threw an arm over his eyes. “Can we please stop? I don’t wanna study anymore.” 

“Connor-” Oliver began.

“No, Ollie,” Connor whined just a bit as he sat up and moved to join Oliver on the couch. “No more. Not tonight.” 

“Okay. We can take a break.” Oliver wrapped his arms around Connor as Connor tucked into Oliver’s side. “But just a short one. You said-”

“I remember what I said,” Connor mumbled into Oliver’s stomach. 

Connor remembered the Bar study schedule he’d made up last month and making Oliver promise to help him stay honest about his study habits. Connor promised himself it would only be a quick break as he closed his eyes and breathed in Oliver. Just a few minutes to recharge. “Just need five minutes, Ollie.” 

“Okay. But only five minutes.” Oliver shifted so they were laid flat on the couch with Connor’s head pillowed on Oliver’s chest. “Then back to it.”

“Of course,” Connor hummed as he snuggled in closer. “Five minutes.” 

The blare of Oliver’s phone alarm woke them the next morning. 

While Oliver swore and reached for the phone on the coffee table, Connor smiled. “Best five minutes ever.”

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I'm totally scared about the time skip, like what sort of implications do you think that has - could the team have been separated for years? I feel like that would affect their relationships :( like if Weiss has her ponytail centered now it probably means she spent all this time w her dad like I hope she's okay. Sorry for ranting but do you think that there will be a lot of tension when they all reunite?

People are mostly saying the time skip is about 6 months or so, so not years apart (hopefully).

But given the fact that they only spent about ONE semester together in their freshman year of Beacon before getting split up for the length of TWO semesters, I don’t like this time skip, and it makes little to no sense. I feel any time skip should’ve happened in at LEAST their second year of Beacon, after they’d had AMPLE time to establish themselves as a close-knit team with an earned reputation. One semester of squishing in a team fight every 4 episodes of a 12-episode volume is not enough.

From what little we’ve ACTUALLY SEEN of team RWBY interacting, there is still tension between certain members sometimes, and they don’t seem to be on very friendly terms overall, honestly. They seem to be working with/tolerating each other at best, but there were never many hugs or ANY behind-the-scene dorm room moments or movie nights or anything to show they’ve gotten close as a team on a more personal level. Sure, they fight well together and went out to lunch ONCE that we saw, but do they build blanket forts and laugh together all night?? It doesn’t seem likely.

I doubt there will be tension between SOME of the girls reuniting. For example, Ruby and Weiss shouldn’t have much tension together at all (hopefully concern and a lot of relief though), and Weiss and Yang wouldn’t either. I just hope they’d ACTUALLY show concern/relief and aren’t just like “Oh yay I found you” like RT seems to like doing so much…

But Ruby and Yang? Oh yes. All the “why would you do that Ruby it was so reckless you just left me and I was in such a dark place and you could’ve gotten hurt” (but then hopefully hugs and mending things pretty soon afterward). 

And any of them with Blake will probably have tension, since she ran. I think Blake and Yang would have the most tension. Absolutely. Weiss and Blake perhaps just because Weiss is back under Papa Schnee’s fingers (presumably). Ruby and Blake would probably have a bit of tension, too.

I think there could be tension between any of them, but it depends on what happens in vol4, who finds out what information, who meets or doesn’t meet who, HOW and WHEN and WHY they meet or don’t meet.

I just hope they ALL meet up again in volume 4 and NOT at the very fucking end of the finale and we’re left with a cliffhanger. I’m all for journeys of self-discovery and getting stronger on their own, but that should be what the 6-month timeskip (and presumably, the wait of the hiatus) entailed. I don’t want ALL of volume 4 to be of them all split up and on their own. 

Volume 4 IDEALLY (imo), should see them all back together EARLY ON and then they can be and STAY together for the rest of the volume and into the future volumes.

But I sadly have little faith in RT’s writing right now.