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“He is the beginning of what would eventually become the Rebel Alliance.” Dave Filoni

Season 3 theories for Piper’s 180 personality switch

These are all very solid and serious.

  • Piper was abducted by aliens. They replaced her with a doppelganger and did a terrible job.
  • The bedbug infestation was really a group of mind-controlling insects; they got to Piper (they’re in league with the cockroaches).
  • After the season 3 episode 4 scene we were all so happy that we died. Then went to hell.
  • Bad writing.
  • The writers read alxvse’s fanfiction, decided they couldn’t compete, and gave up.
  • Norma hexed Piper.
  • The writers were captured by the Piper-haters and forced to destroy her character development. Quick – launch a rescue mission. Don’t let them get to Alex, too.
  • Bad writing
  • Piper is still in the SHU. This is all her imagination.
  • Lolly was right. The NSA is inside the prison. They got to Piper.

(Kubra did too. That’s why she was so messed up.)

  • Suzanne’s fiction is real: Piper is stuck in an alternate dimension but hopefully Admiral Rodcocker is going to help her get back home.
  • Alex is actually a CIA agent, so is Piper. This is all part of a very confusing plan to bust someone on the inside. It’s not going well.
  • When looking around the prison, Piper found a helicopter and escaped with Alex. They sent back actors in wigs, one of whom was more convincing than the other. The new guards didn’t notice. Alex and Piper are currently on a beach in Cambodia with three guys in drag.
  • Piper was given a ‘Godfather’ script in drama class. She took it a bit too seriously.
  • Bad writing.