hopefully i will be waking up as this posts on my blog

48 hour tumblr awards cuz Summerfest is almost here and I can’t wait.  and jess banner because let’s be real; who doesn’t love jess?

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Blog rates for Drunk!Q&A

I’m sooo close to 10K. I remember when I hit 7K or something everyone wanted me to do a Q&A video and I ended up being too awkward to do it and it was boring because I just didn’t know what to say. So I decided to do this one drunk! Because drunk me says dumb things and laughs too much and makes a fool of herself but hopefully it’ll be funny. So I need questions! 

1.Reblog this post(and be following me)
2.Send me a question to answer in the video(fandom, destiel, other, whatever)
3.Get blog rate 

I’ll make the video tonight and I’ll publish it when I hit 10K.

Rules: Answer these questions then tag 20 i only tagged 15 blogs you want to know better

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Average hours of sleep: 4 or 7 hours depends on whether my insomnia kicks in and i wake up in the middle of the night

Blankets I sleep with: 1

Favorite Band: Dab7

Dream Trip: Egypt (also Greece, Italy, anywhere where it’s still a bit tropical)

Wearing right now: An old, blue shirt, and gray shorts

Age of blog: i think my blog is now 4-5 years old (used to be a photography blog, then rotbtd, then naruto, now kpop ruined me)

Following: 474

Posts: 22,570 (lmao ajhahahaha)

What I post about: kpop, most especially got7 and suga

When did my blog reach its peak? never? hopefully it wouldn’t… although i’m almost to 1,000 followers…

URL : i brief history of my urls poppoe > gellafish > blondmarkson > jinsonaf > tokwha > blackpinkys > rapgod-agustd > now godlysuga. will most likely change godlysuga to spooklysuga once october hits so heads up.

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I was tagged by my angel @pocketwishes <3 LOVE YOU 

Name: Nickname is Zee
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 5"3
Favourite colour(s): Red or Teal
Hours or sleep: 7
Last thing I Googled: how many mb in a gb 
Favourite books: Stolen by Lucy Christopher (many others but to name one)
Favourite bands/Artists: Twenty one pilots, Mumford and Sons, Pearl Jam
Dream Job: Living it, pilot; but more specifically, Aidan Turner’s Chauffeur Pilot lmao lmao. Also hopefully something to help with A21 too one day.
Currently wearing: Tank and boxers
When did I establish this blog: Started sometime last year cause my main blog turned to only aidan turner #sendhelp
Chief content: Marvel/Twenty One Pilots/Shit posts
Did my blog peak: It’s a steady amount of shit all the time
Pets: I love my cats omfG
Wake up: no
Cats or dogs: CATS
Coke or Pepsi: Red Bull
Day or night: Night
Text or call: Text
Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick
City or Country: Both??!
Last song I listened to: Some tøp song

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psa... ish.

sorry i’ve just been posting art and sending memes!!!!!
i’ll catch up to things soon i’m just reworking my entire storyline for paps
and adding a second timeline
which i will finally (hopefully. bear with me i am a big tired boy.) finish and post after i wake up again whenever i sleep today.
everything you see from his timeline right now is irrelevant until told otherwise!!!!

you’re still free to join my discord server i’m on that just about 24/7
you can also just add me on discord and talk to me there ic/ooc, i have a private server for private rps! which im okay transferring here too.

i will update my blog, get rid of chrome’s ungly ass emojis, fix his and gaster’s timeline, add verses, etc.


this blog was gonna be a joke.

what did i do to myself.