hopefully i kill them before i kill us


The next evening, after putting Rendyr to sleep, Sevella joined Reyce in the common room to have dinner before she was locked away in her room. After the bits and pieces of the conversation she heard between him and the witch the previous evening, she was desperate for more information. And she planned to use their short time together at dinner to hopefully gain some.

“I’ve been wondering something,” Sevella said as she sat down at the table. “Why didn’t you take Brennan, too? Why only me?”

“I was sent to retrieve you alone.”

“Then why not kill him? And the others that were with me?”

“I was not told to kill them. Only to bring you to the castle.”

“Why did she not come herself? Why entrust such an important task to you? Or anyone for that matter?”

“Because she can not leave.”

“Why not?”

“That is none of your concern,” he replied, irritably. “And you need to stop asking me so many questions. Eat quickly, so that we can retire for the night.”

Knowing she would get nothing more from him, Sevella fell silent and began eating her dinner. She had a plan of escape in mind, but it required each piece of the puzzle to fall perfectly into place. And for the right moment to present itself. Or at the very least, a close enough moment that she could take advantage of.