hopefully i kill them before i kill us

So the penultimate issue of TAAO is coming out soon. Hopefully tomorrow we get a full preview. In the meantime before I can be proven wrong, I’d like to play Devil’s Advocate. So the question I pose is what if Liege Maximo is the antagonist and not the villain?

So far we know the story of LM convinces Megatronus to kill Solus. He was known to have everyone’s ear and was the perfect diplomat, uniting the Tribes together and settling disputes between them. He was a hoarder of secrets and used them as weapons to unite the Primes and their peoples.

Somehow this leads to Megatronus killing Solus, proclaiming Liege Maximo told him to do this, and then fleeing for Primus knows where. After all his work to unite the Primes, why would LM do this? Taking some notes from the Aligned Universe, Megatronus was in love with Solus. Solus also loved him…but other Primes as well. Should LM not be a villain, my theory is that Solus rejected Megatronus and angered him. Liege Maximo learned of his anger and personally went to Megatronus to calm him down. Using LM’s reputation against home, Megatronus struck Solus down and tried to lay the blame at Liege Maximo’s feet.

Not once has LM or Vigilem admitted to the actions they are accused of. His own Tribe incarcerated him and kept a lie to hide him away forever. If he’s not guilty, then his anger is justified I would say. At least against Elita’s people.

That said, I hope whatever else happens now that we’ve seen Windblade’s mind laid open is that we see both Starscream’s AND Vigilem’s memories as well. As LM’s closest friend Vigilem should have an interesting story to tell…