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Daddy Issues

Can you do an imagine were your the jokes daughter and you have a boyfriend and he goes through your phone and finds out.

A/N: Here it is, I hope it’s what you wanted!

“Stop.” You said to your boyfriend James as he was littered kisses down your neck.

He immediately stopped, his body hovering over yours.

“What is it?” He asked looking down at you.

“Get on the ground now.” You said, shoving him off you.

He quickly did as told laying on the side of your bed opposite of the door that had just banged open. Your father was never one to knock. He stalked into your room, as you tried to nonchalantly make up self, look as if you hadn’t had someone’s tongue down your throat 5 seconds ago.

“What’s up?” You said, putting on your sickly innocent voice.

“It seems I’ve made your mother mad…surprise surprise. And I need your help deary.”

“Well what’d you do to her?” You asked sliding off the bed to draw him away from James.

“I might have started seeing a new psychiatrist.”

“Oh you didn't…” you said, knowing how upset your mom would be over this. You know, since she is a psychiatrist herself… or was. Before she became Harley Quinn.

“Oh but I did… any ways I am headed out to rob a jewelry store to make it up to her hopefully. But I seem to be missing on of my hencies. But that’s not the point, I was hoping you’d distract your mother for me while I’m gone. Don’t want her to think I’m off the with psychiatrist huh? HAHA!”

“No problem, I’ll go ask her to freshen up the color on my tips.” You said while twirling the fading blue ends of your hair.

“Knew I could count on ya deary.” The joker said while turning on his heels and exiting the room.

You quickly shut the door, and looked over to see James standing up.

“You better get outta here. I’m pretty sure you’re the missing henchie my dad was talking about. Good, thing he likes how reckless you are, else he’d of shot you long ago for always bein late.”

James made his way around the bed and scooped you up in a hug twirling you around.

“You’re as clever as the devil and as twice as pretty.” He said while placing a kiss on your lips.

“Well I am his daughter.” You quipped.

An hour later you were chatting away with your mom in her bathroom as she recolored the ends of your (Y/HC) blue. When your mom was in the middle of her rant about your dad. You snuck a quick text to James, telling him to steal you something pretty.

Two hours later you were curling your freshly dyed hair when you heard the front door bang open.

“Y/N!!” You heard your father yell out.

You body instantly froze, your hands beginning to clam up. The tears started prickling behind your eyes as your anxiety started to take over. Your father was a very scary man when he wasn’t angry. And here you were the direct object of his anger. You silently moved out of your bedroom towards where you knew your father to be.
As you rounded the corner you saw him sitting very calmly in his large leather chair. He his legs were crossed and his hands resting on his knees. A large smile was plastered to his face.

“Have a seat deary.” He said, lifting his hand and gesturing for you to sit on the couch to his right

You did as told, quietly sitting down. Clasping your hands to keep them from shaking.

“What’s goin on puddin?” You mother called from the balcony of the stairs.

“Harles, come on down here. Our little girly has been keepin secrets from us.” He said to her, never taking his eyes off you.

Once your mother was sitting on the arm rest of his chair did he speak again.

“So yer over me hun?” He asked.

“What?” You replied not following a word.

“I asked if you were over me. You see I remember a time when it was me who you’d ask to steal pretty things for you.”

Your heart skipped a beat, as you wrapped your mind around what your father was saying.

“Where is he?”

“Oh don’t worry about him deary, he’s out with the boys.”

“Please, don’t hurt him?”

“Don’t beg me!” He yelled, jumping to his feet knocking your mom off the arm rest.

“You thought you were sneaky huh? Thought I wouldn’t notice the look on that boys face when you’re around? Though I wouldn’t do my investigating? Thought I wouldn’t look at his phone when it kept goin off eh??” He purred, while slowly kneeling in front of you.

He took your hands in his, closing his pale ones over yours to cease the shaking.

“Now, you know I don’t like my little girly to be scared of me. But I also don’t like my little girl sneakin around with my men either.”

He stared at you. His bright blue eyes staring into your Y/EC ones that had tears streaming down them. You hated the mind games he’d loved to play. Here he was his body calm but his words were like venom. Leaving you confused on how to act.

“I’m sorry.” You said, taking a deep breath to steady your tears.

He didn’t answer, just kept staring.

“Well an apology has always been good enough for me, what say you puddin.” Your mom said, obviously trying to defuse the tension.

He stood up, pressing his hands against your knees to gain leverage.

“I say…” he started.

He moved to stand behind Harley, massaging her shoulders.

“I say that I accept your apology. But the question remains on what to do with that boy.”

He had a glint in his eyes when he spoke. An all too familiar glint, that appeared only when your fathers heart was set on killing someone.