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this is probably kinda messy but i just really need to get all my Trollhunters thoughts out before I burst. beware of spoilers, my dudes.

I love that I feel some, if even a small bit, of sympathy for each of the “villains” in the show. Draal begins as Jim’s first major adversary wanting to be the Trollhunter, but as he steadily becomes a close ally we learn all Draal wanted from the title, from beating Jim, was to make his father proud, something he learns to do by helping Jim instead of going against him. Strickler is a ruthless and cunning guy who literally admits to being power hungry and only having his own best interests in mind, but he has a soft spot for Barbara that brings out his more human side, that makes me feel bad for him despite everything. NotEnrique is a (quite literally) shifty, selfish brat that betrays Jim and co. before officially moving to their side, but his genuine care for Claire and her feelings, the budding sibling relationship they grow to have, makes me like him, makes me sad to think about him leaving after Claire gets Enrique back. Angor Rot is a cruel hunter who enjoys torturing and destroying souls, but the flashback where we learn he’s so bitter because his own soul is trapped in a ring and he wants to be free, made my heart clench when the ring shattered right before his eyes. Even the little gnomes who are shown to be selfish and mischievous, are shown another side by Chompski, another turned ally of Jim’s, who just wanted a home.

The characters are multi-dimensional, and because of this we see gray spaces among them. NotEnrique especially goes back and forth for awhile before settling his allegiance with Claire, but I appreciate the gradual change as opposed to a sudden one because it feels more realistic. You can feel that inner conflict going on. It becomes very clear that villains are people (creatures, whatever) too who see themselves as doing right but are capable of shifting their perspective into a new idea of right. Aaarrrgh is another great example of this. He used to fight with the GumGum long ago, but then realized he was wrong and dedicated his life to repenting for all the death he caused, choosing to do good and be a pacifist instead. The show doesn’t define by fixed black and white, but by the choices characters make. This extends to the “heroes” too.

The best example probably being when Jim faced the ethical dilemma of trusting Angor Rot to follow through on their deal or not. Both of his friends stood for these opposite choices; Toby wanted Jim to trust Angor Rot and hand the ring over, and Claire wanted Jim to keep the ring and control Angor Rot with it instead. It’s hard to say what the better choice is because both raise good points. Ultimately Jim seemed to lean more Claire’s way, going a step further and trying to steal the Killing Stone from right under Angor Rot’s nose, but that backfired horrendously resulting in the ring shattering and utterly destroying any chance of some sort of truce/alliance ever forming between them. Angor Rot was after blood from then on out, putting Jim, his friends, and all of Troll Market in serious danger. We don’t know if all of that could’ve been prevented had Jim acted differently, we don’t know if something worse would’ve happened had Jim acted differently, but it just goes to show the moral complexity behind ethical decisions like that, something I deeply appreciate the inclusion of. Its great writing.

Jim is faced with smaller decisions of this nature as well, such as when he lies to his mom once more after promising to tell her the truth when she recovers and doesn’t remember anything again, though we have yet to see the outcome of this decision, whether its the better course of action or not, as again each choice has its drawbacks and benefits.

That said, I find Jim’s character progression in a moral sense very interesting, particularly when it comes to “finishing the fight”. The story begins with Jim vehemently against this, choosing to spare lives like Draal’s (”House rules. Not mine.”), going so far as to start a speech in front of the disappointed trolls about how he doesn’t want to live by their rules until he’s yanked off stage by Blinky. This continues up until about the middle of the season when he has to kill Gunmar’s son out of self defense. My first thought watching that scene was ‘Oh no. The first kill’ He was trying to dance around it in the fight, trying to get out of doing it, but in the end he couldn’t get out of it. Kill or be killed. And as the stone body tumbles into the water, you see Jim’s conflicting emotions on his face. You see the resignation, the realization that this is something he’s gonna have to do sometimes whether he likes it or not, and your heart breaks a little for him. Then in the finale Jim doesn’t hesitate, jamming Angor Rot’s sword right through his own chest without looking back.

And it hurts, watching this young, loving kid realizing you can’t spare everyone, having to adapt to this harsh warrior lifestyle so suddenly, but its realistic development. Too many times stories will try to argue that killing the villain makes you just as bad as them, but that’s just not how it works. That’s not how war works. It’d be nice in theory if everyone could be spared, but that’s not reality and Trollhunters does a great job of showing that, and the emotional burden that comes with it.

Switching gears a bit, there’s a decent amount of foreshadowing of Jim’s father having been a changeling, and consequently Jim having some of that troll/changeling blood in his veins as well; his father’s mysterious sudden disappearance, the fact that the amulet has only ever chosen those with troll blood before, the quip about Stickler being a changeling “If he’s one, I’m one” in which we find out later Stickler is one. I don’t know if the theory’s true or not (it would explain how the amulet could’ve chosen Jim), but I wanna play around with it for a sec, as well as the Daylight and Eclipse powers, in relation to the morally gray spaces in the show.

If Jim is part troll/changeling, it would symbolically represent the amulet really well; Daylight representing his humanity, Eclipse representing the changeling. On the surface, like a human compared to a changeling, Daylight seems more “good” than Eclipse. The suit’s blue and silver, there’s no ill intent behind wanting “the glory of Merlin”, and Blinky says Jim’s (as well as all humans’) greatest strength is their ability to love each other. Whereas Eclipse is black and red, is drawn from Gunmar’s eye, is to be used “for the doom of Gunmar”. But, like a human and a changeling, despite appearances, neither force is more inherently good or bad. Humans are capable of doing evil, and Daylight is capable of being used for evil, like when Angor Rot was using Daylight against Jim. Changelings/any creature from the GumGum are capable of doing good, like NotEnrique and Aaarrrgh, and Eclipse is capable of being used for good. Nothing is inherent, nothing is all good or all bad, all that matters is your choices, how you choose to wield those powers, what kind of person you choose to be.

And Jim himself would be the amulet that binds these two forces together. He is neither all human or all troll, all light or all darkness, all good or all bad. He is not one side of the coin or the other. He is the coin itself. He is the literal balance of these forces, bridging the gap between them as well as the gap between the “good” creatures and the “bad” creatures, and then all the creatures and the humans. He commands these forces. Regardless of appearance, regardless of blood, he gets to choose how they’re used and what kind of person he is, and that is what defines Jim. Not either or, but both. Both sides embraced together. That is of course if Jim really is not all human. It’s certainly something I’d like to see.


word count: 884

note: i’m sorry i’ve been so inactive but i have no motivation to write and despite ample suggestions from you all i can’t get anything out of my brain. i’m so sorry. i’ve had this written for a while, but i normally like to have two things written before i post so i haven’t shared this. but i thought you all deserved something. hopefully my writer’s block will stop soon and i can get back to writing.

She noticed it when she watched him on stage. He had that gorgeous smile on his face, but his eyes didn’t gleam in the way they normally did. The longer the night went on she became increasingly more concerned.

The second he stepped off stage she could tell something was wrong. His team surrounded him immediately pushing her out of the way. She heard the word migraine and then there came calls for water. He sat on the ground pressing his fingers into the bridge of his nose, his eyes shut tightly.

She came close to him and he looked pale. The color drained quickly from his face and she knelt beside him. Her fingers kneading softly into his lower back. She said nothing, but he knew it was her.

He was ushered back on stage for an encore despite her protests. He could hardly see and asking him to return to a stage of lights and a stadium of screaming was hardly fair. But he insisted. His passion, both for music and his fans, sometimes got the better of him.

Finally, the show was over. He moved back quickly pushing through the team surrounding him he marched through halls pushing the door. She chased behind him her heels clicking along the gray linoleum floors.

They were greeted by the cool night air. He sat on the sidewalk his hands covering his eyes, pressing hard against his skull, in an attempt to relieve some pressure building in his eyes. She sat beside him on the cement with her arms wrapped around his waist.

His phone kept buzzing and he passed it to her. He managed to say something about not being able to see the screen. It was texts from various members of his management team asking where he was and she typed a quick response about their location and the possibility of bringing a car around back.

They waited for another fifteen minutes before a black car moved around the side of the building. She whispered softly to him and he nodded and she helped him to his feet. Some team member jumped out of the car and ran up alongside them.

Together they guided Shawn into the car. As they made it around the front of the building she thought they would be clear. But, the second that thought crossed her mind they were surrounded by screaming fans and the flashing of cameras.

Shawn let out a low groan and closed his eyes once more. She placed her hand on his head and pressed him into her shoulder. She carefully and gently massaged his scalp. Her fingers working through his hair as their car maneuvered through the sea of people.

The car pulled onto the highway and they rushed quickly along the smooth road. It was silent with the exception of Shawn’s low breathing. After forty-five minutes of silence, they pulled off the highway. The car made it’s way to the hotel where they were once again greeted by paparazzi.

“I can’t do this,” Shawn said softly.

“Hold my hand,” She said placing her’s into his and squeezing tightly against his fingers. It felt oddly reminiscent of the earlier parts of their relationship. Except it was Shawn telling her to hold his hand.

The car door opened and they were met with camera flashes and yells from the people behind the camera. Their heads faced down as she pulled him quickly by the hand through the hotel doors. His eyes shut tightly as they maneuvered through the lobby into the elevator.

Twelve painful dings later they reached their floor and she led him down the hallway. Finally, they made it past the threshold. She helped him take off his shoes and went to the bathroom to run a towel under some cool water while he peeled his jeans off.

She found him again laying on top of their neatly made hotel bed. He looked so peaceful for a moment that she almost forgot the pain that he was in. She moved towards him and slowly got on the bed to avoid creating sound and movement.

She placed the cloth against his forehead and she laid down next to him. His breathing shallow and unmeasured. She placed delicate kisses against his shoulder as her hand rubbed against his chest.

He must have fallen asleep some time later, for his breathing became mellow and rhythmic. But she did not. She stayed away next to him. Changing the towel on his forehead every so often and continuing to place those soft kisses against his t-shirt covered skin.

When you love a person you do anything for them. Their pain is yours and if you had to run through hell to fix their problems you would. That’s the way it went. She didn’t care if they had to be up at four and she didn’t care that she had been up since six.

The only thing she cared about in that moment was him. He would yell at her the next day for staying up to watch him. But, she wouldn’t mind. She knew he would do it for her. That’s the tough thing with love, you can’t stop it, no matter what.


my bullet journal: 3/???

My March spread! Can you guys tell how much I love Do Bong Soon? Because I do! I actually did scripty writing for the first time, and I gotta say, it’s my favorite of 2017 so far. I slipped up a bit since I put it in pencil first and when I try to erase it, it smudges haha. I need to get out of that habit! Speaking of habits, I haven’t done more than one for the these first three months, so hopefully I branch out in April and do more! But still, I love this monthly one and I hope you do too.

[SCENARIO REQUEST] Boyfriend!Jun...

Requested by: @honeydreaming

Ello friend! If you can’t already tell, I’m 8000% attracted to JunHui HAHAHA and this is actually my first post/scenario for this blog hehe so hopefully you’ll like it. & if you want more of Jun, there’s another BF scenario + drabble coming up soon so stay tuned!
I hope you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it weeeee ~ do leave comments if you have any!

Have a good day ahead!

junnie :>

If Jun was your boyfriend…

  • He’ll make you fetch him after his martial arts training even if he knows how to get home blindfolded
  • Makes you buy food for him after trainings
  • “I’m hungry, jagi please get me fooooooooood”
  • Puts his hands around your shoulder at the most random timings
  • Ends up head-locking you and messing your hair
  • Many many tickle fights
  • It’s always a competition between the 2 of you
  • A lot of teasing from him
  • But he always lets you win in the end
  • Begs you to accompany him to his gym sessions so that he can show off his muscles to you
  • Prefers to see you in his oversized clothes just because he likes to see you in them
  • Tries to act manly in front of you or the other members but honestly he’s just very adorable and caring
  • Texts you in the middle of dance practice even though he’s not supposed to
  • Sometimes Hoshi might get irritated at him
  • “Jun, stop playing with your phone. It’s not break time!!!”
  • “Wait, let me tell y/n what I’m doing”
  • A tol ball of fluff that loves to cuddle especially when he’s sleepy
  • Build pillow forts and makes you sit inside just because he’s bored
  • Loves showering you with many random little kisses
  • Prefers to back hug you
  • Very protective over you
  • Stares down at every guy who looks at you for more than 5 seconds
  • “Jun, stop looking at him like that, you’ll scare him”
  • “He better be scared. You’re mine.”
  • Stares at you whenever you’re not paying attention because he finds you so beautiful
  • When you catch him looking at you, he’ll quickly look away and pretends as if nothing happened
  • “What were you staring at?”
  • “Nothing, there was a bug in your hair. It’s gone now though.”
  • Never fails to make your heart skip a beat just by staring at you lovingly with his big round eyes
  • Video calls with you at night so that he can see you before he sleeps
  • “I love you jagi. Dream of me! :-* ” and immediately ends the video call, not letting you reply

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I noticed you were feeling down, @shsluckymushroom, but hopefully some Natas can cheer you up. I’ll get to Maeda soon, but Hinata was easier because hair. It was certainly interesting to compare him to Izu. I can’t remember if I’d noticed before that they each wear the uniform differently. Hinata also carries himself a bit differently in some of these sprites (specifically when walking to the side or cheering.) This could be just because they needed to fit more hair onto Izu’s, but I’m just gonna tell myself that they each have a distinct way of carrying themselves because that’s cool (and they sort of do anyway).

Like before, below is the smol set, and I’ll put the individual pixels and gifs under the cut. If you want any of the individual ones enlarged, lemme know!

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Thanks for the kind words, anon! Here’s a peck on the nose from Moon to Guzma for you (and for all you guys)!

It’s really funny, because I’m pretty sure it’s just like one or two haters spamming my inbox (I can tell from their writing style). The hate mails are pretty amusing, and they’re always a good laugh for me and my co-workers xD

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I readed this morning your last scenario, the Hyoyeon one and I loved it so much...I dropped by a few times before to tell you this but once more won't hurt anyone: you are amazing and lovely, and your writing is always on point! 👌✨💝

MOONIE STOP IT. I already love so many ppl, my heart can’t take anymore 💘 I hope you feel better soon (and have a nice day bc you’re so friendly and sweet and write the fluffiest fluff that’s good for the soul) and here’s some Yuri to hopefully cheer you up :D Make sure you get plenty of rest and stay hydrated!!!! 💕💖

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i'm curious, who're your oc's? tell me about them

i’m afraid i’m horribly underwhelming when it comes to my oc’s!! i enjoy designing characters but i’m not very good at anything beyond that haha, though my main ones are my swamp hag (who you can find a ref sheet of at my art blog @lemonhome!) and sona Olais, who’s really just me but cuter :/


Brynjolf is my photo student today because most everyone else ate. 

“Lass…. why did you flip me over…”

because you were being a shit and stayed balled up for 10 minutes.

Good news is that I haven’t seen any mites on him recently! I usually wet a paper towel and wipe him down nose to tail every couple of days. I haven’t seen so much as a speck! Hopefully they are gone soon so I can handle him more often.


Tori: *Sans I were playing with Frisk’s new plushies, and…

sans: *Frisk gets real frisky when we tell ‘em incidental bad jokes.

Tori: *We hope this may cheer you up, anonymous user! You may talk to us whenever you wish. ]:)

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So this isn't really related to MBTI but... I'm an INFJ 5. My best friend sexually abused and raped me many times (not violently - he thought I wanted it because I didn't say much - I did protest, but I was too afraid of him to do more). I feel like I'm shutting down and I'm going to cut everyone out of my life very soon just because I can't handle the pain of trying to pretend I'm okay around people. I'm not okay and I don't know how to make myself okay. What can I do to help myself? Thank you.

1. Why are you so afraid of your supposed best friend? Tell your friend what he did. Confront him about it, so that he may learn. If he truly thought you did want it, I would seriously let him know and discuss this, even though it may be painful. It will hopefully make him a more conscious and aware person. 

2. Why cut everyone out? Don’t do that. Talk to some people you trust. Only cut out people if they are inherently harmful, or if you can’t trust yourself to maintain a healthy relationship (like with your best friend - you shouldn’t be that scared of someone). 


I downloaded TFA and the first thing I do is make a crack video

LOTS OF INCOMING KYLUX in this one, can you tell I have a preference??

Also this is the first video uploaded on the YouTube account for @justgsquadthings. It’s a shared account between the squad and I. Hopefully we’ll be posting more videos to it soon.<3



Summary: You and Castiel have been falling for each other for a while now but avoiding entering into an actual relationship. That all changes one night when you and the angel finally sleep together, resulting in much more than a purely physical bond. Who better to talk it out with than your twin brother, Sam Winchester? Unfortunately, your older, and much more protective, brother interrupts your conversation.

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 2,310

Warnings: none

part one | part two | part three | part four


As soon as you and Castiel popped back into bunker, Sam and Dean were upon you.

“Took you long enough.” Dean reacted to your arrival immediately. “Where the hell were you?”

Castiel walked towards Dean. “I must urge you to remain calm.”

“How can I remain calm if no one will tell me what the hell it is I’m supposed to be calm about?” Dean raged.

“Dean,” Sam stepped in. “Just let Y/N explain before you freak out.”

“Freak out? Trust me, Sammy, I’m just getting started, so someone better get to explaining right quick.” Dean threatened.

“Alright, outside, come on.” You put both hands against Dean’s chest and shoved him towards the door. “I think this is a conversation I prefer to have one on one and without frick and frack’s commentary.”

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Throwback to the very first time I saw Taylor live.
Red tour in London 01/02/14 one of the best nights of my life, I won’t ever forget it. Although my seats were like a million miles away.. As I’m sure you can all tell by my pictures, it was incredible.

I cannot wait to experience this feeling all over again in London when I see Taylor for the 1989 Tour.. The more I think about it the more excited and emotional I get it’s not long to go now! Hopefully I’ll be a lot closer to the stage this time round :D

I love you taylorswift and cannot wait to see you soon! 😘