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this is probably kinda messy but i just really need to get all my Trollhunters thoughts out before I burst. beware of spoilers, my dudes.

I love that I feel some, if even a small bit, of sympathy for each of the “villains” in the show. Draal begins as Jim’s first major adversary wanting to be the Trollhunter, but as he steadily becomes a close ally we learn all Draal wanted from the title, from beating Jim, was to make his father proud, something he learns to do by helping Jim instead of going against him. Strickler is a ruthless and cunning guy who literally admits to being power hungry and only having his own best interests in mind, but he has a soft spot for Barbara that brings out his more human side, that makes me feel bad for him despite everything. NotEnrique is a (quite literally) shifty, selfish brat that betrays Jim and co. before officially moving to their side, but his genuine care for Claire and her feelings, the budding sibling relationship they grow to have, makes me like him, makes me sad to think about him leaving after Claire gets Enrique back. Angor Rot is a cruel hunter who enjoys torturing and destroying souls, but the flashback where we learn he’s so bitter because his own soul is trapped in a ring and he wants to be free, made my heart clench when the ring shattered right before his eyes. Even the little gnomes who are shown to be selfish and mischievous, are shown another side by Chompski, another turned ally of Jim’s, who just wanted a home.

The characters are multi-dimensional, and because of this we see gray spaces among them. NotEnrique especially goes back and forth for awhile before settling his allegiance with Claire, but I appreciate the gradual change as opposed to a sudden one because it feels more realistic. You can feel that inner conflict going on. It becomes very clear that villains are people (creatures, whatever) too who see themselves as doing right but are capable of shifting their perspective into a new idea of right. Aaarrrgh is another great example of this. He used to fight with the GumGum long ago, but then realized he was wrong and dedicated his life to repenting for all the death he caused, choosing to do good and be a pacifist instead. The show doesn’t define by fixed black and white, but by the choices characters make. This extends to the “heroes” too.

The best example probably being when Jim faced the ethical dilemma of trusting Angor Rot to follow through on their deal or not. Both of his friends stood for these opposite choices; Toby wanted Jim to trust Angor Rot and hand the ring over, and Claire wanted Jim to keep the ring and control Angor Rot with it instead. It’s hard to say what the better choice is because both raise good points. Ultimately Jim seemed to lean more Claire’s way, going a step further and trying to steal the Killing Stone from right under Angor Rot’s nose, but that backfired horrendously resulting in the ring shattering and utterly destroying any chance of some sort of truce/alliance ever forming between them. Angor Rot was after blood from then on out, putting Jim, his friends, and all of Troll Market in serious danger. We don’t know if all of that could’ve been prevented had Jim acted differently, we don’t know if something worse would’ve happened had Jim acted differently, but it just goes to show the moral complexity behind ethical decisions like that, something I deeply appreciate the inclusion of. Its great writing.

Jim is faced with smaller decisions of this nature as well, such as when he lies to his mom once more after promising to tell her the truth when she recovers and doesn’t remember anything again, though we have yet to see the outcome of this decision, whether its the better course of action or not, as again each choice has its drawbacks and benefits.

That said, I find Jim’s character progression in a moral sense very interesting, particularly when it comes to “finishing the fight”. The story begins with Jim vehemently against this, choosing to spare lives like Draal’s (”House rules. Not mine.”), going so far as to start a speech in front of the disappointed trolls about how he doesn’t want to live by their rules until he’s yanked off stage by Blinky. This continues up until about the middle of the season when he has to kill Gunmar’s son out of self defense. My first thought watching that scene was ‘Oh no. The first kill’ He was trying to dance around it in the fight, trying to get out of doing it, but in the end he couldn’t get out of it. Kill or be killed. And as the stone body tumbles into the water, you see Jim’s conflicting emotions on his face. You see the resignation, the realization that this is something he’s gonna have to do sometimes whether he likes it or not, and your heart breaks a little for him. Then in the finale Jim doesn’t hesitate, jamming Angor Rot’s sword right through his own chest without looking back.

And it hurts, watching this young, loving kid realizing you can’t spare everyone, having to adapt to this harsh warrior lifestyle so suddenly, but its realistic development. Too many times stories will try to argue that killing the villain makes you just as bad as them, but that’s just not how it works. That’s not how war works. It’d be nice in theory if everyone could be spared, but that’s not reality and Trollhunters does a great job of showing that, and the emotional burden that comes with it.

Switching gears a bit, there’s a decent amount of foreshadowing of Jim’s father having been a changeling, and consequently Jim having some of that troll/changeling blood in his veins as well; his father’s mysterious sudden disappearance, the fact that the amulet has only ever chosen those with troll blood before, the quip about Stickler being a changeling “If he’s one, I’m one” in which we find out later Stickler is one. I don’t know if the theory’s true or not (it would explain how the amulet could’ve chosen Jim), but I wanna play around with it for a sec, as well as the Daylight and Eclipse powers, in relation to the morally gray spaces in the show.

If Jim is part troll/changeling, it would symbolically represent the amulet really well; Daylight representing his humanity, Eclipse representing the changeling. On the surface, like a human compared to a changeling, Daylight seems more “good” than Eclipse. The suit’s blue and silver, there’s no ill intent behind wanting “the glory of Merlin”, and Blinky says Jim’s (as well as all humans’) greatest strength is their ability to love each other. Whereas Eclipse is black and red, is drawn from Gunmar’s eye, is to be used “for the doom of Gunmar”. But, like a human and a changeling, despite appearances, neither force is more inherently good or bad. Humans are capable of doing evil, and Daylight is capable of being used for evil, like when Angor Rot was using Daylight against Jim. Changelings/any creature from the GumGum are capable of doing good, like NotEnrique and Aaarrrgh, and Eclipse is capable of being used for good. Nothing is inherent, nothing is all good or all bad, all that matters is your choices, how you choose to wield those powers, what kind of person you choose to be.

And Jim himself would be the amulet that binds these two forces together. He is neither all human or all troll, all light or all darkness, all good or all bad. He is not one side of the coin or the other. He is the coin itself. He is the literal balance of these forces, bridging the gap between them as well as the gap between the “good” creatures and the “bad” creatures, and then all the creatures and the humans. He commands these forces. Regardless of appearance, regardless of blood, he gets to choose how they’re used and what kind of person he is, and that is what defines Jim. Not either or, but both. Both sides embraced together. That is of course if Jim really is not all human. It’s certainly something I’d like to see.

Strong as Steel

Hey! :) (Your writing is great tbh). Could you please do a one shot where Bucky likes you but is scared cause he has the metal arm? And you end up showing him YOUR metal arm, even if you’re insecure about it? If they get together at the end, that’d be great, feel free to add anything else.

Word Count: 2712

Warnings: none

A/N: I know, I know, I haven’t posted in weeks. I’m sooo sorry but I’ve been struggling so much with motivation to write. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how long it took me to finish this one shot and it’s not even that good. Anyways, I’m sorry, hopefully I can get more one shots/fics/writings out soon. I’ll do my best for you guys

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You’d always been insecure about the metal appendage that had replaced your flesh right arm. How could you not be? It was foreign, a silvery object not of your body, given to you by HYDRA when you were under their control. This was why you’d kept it covered up all the time. You wore long sleeve shirts and gloves at all times, even when it as hot. And when you met the Winter Soldier for the first time, you’d hoped you and him could be friends, as if the both of you having metal arms and being prisoners of HYDRA made you friends somehow. But he never spoke to you despite the few missions you’d gone on with him, the meetings you’d sat through stealing glances of him. He was hot, you weren’t gonna lie about that but his eyes always looked everywhere but you. He spoke easily with Steve, Sam and Natasha, but every time he looked at you, it was like he felt nothing but intense hate for you and that only made you hate him too.

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my bullet journal: 3/???

My March spread! Can you guys tell how much I love Do Bong Soon? Because I do! I actually did scripty writing for the first time, and I gotta say, it’s my favorite of 2017 so far. I slipped up a bit since I put it in pencil first and when I try to erase it, it smudges haha. I need to get out of that habit! Speaking of habits, I haven’t done more than one for the these first three months, so hopefully I branch out in April and do more! But still, I love this monthly one and I hope you do too.

Thank you for your honesty - Alexander Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Thank you for your honesty

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader is the leading lady in a new television program and is Italian. Alex is her co-star and has the biggest crush on her and thinks her accent or when she speaks Italian is sexy. And during a interview (Ellen,Cordon,Fallen,etc) he let’s it slip live. So he’s really nervous the next day while shooting.. He sees Reader and goes up to apologise incase he embarrassed her, but she takes him by surprise and kisses him passionately. Reader tells him she loves him in Italian then smut

A/N: I didn’t feel ready to write a real person smut yet, apologies! Hopefully if I can do so soon, I will make one for Alex as well!

“Come on, why are you so nervous? You have more than 24 hours till the interview and you’re freaking out for no reason.” you said with a giggle, handing him his own coffee as he sighed for a moment, throwing his head back all-too-dramtically.

“You don’t understand, I’m going to mess up and it’s going to be everywhere in a matter of seconds.” he groaned, running a hand down his face before taking a large sip of the coffee you offered him.

“Oh come on Alex-” you rolled your eyes, resting your head on his shoulder and getting comfortable on the couch next to him “Don’t be such a drama queen, you’ve had plenty of interviews before this one and you’ll have just as many. I still can’t understand how nervous you can get before each and every one of them! Just relax and everything will be fine.” you said, wrapping and arm around his torso.

“Easier said than done.” he sighed, resting his chin on top of your head “You are always so optimistic about things I don’t know how you do it.”

“Tutto per il caffè!” you said with a giggle and that accent he secretly loved to death as he looked down at you, raising an eyebrow and a small smirk, which only made you laugh more “It’s all because of the coffee!” you explained and he grinned, nodding his head.

“And for a second I thought it was all because of me.” he said with a chuckle and you laughed, hugging him.

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Balance Pt. 3 // H.S

part one || part two


thank you for 100+ notes on part one!


Three days after writing your number on his palm. He calls you. Harry had texted you that night so you had his number as well.

On the second day, you had to fly to England to record a music video. So, you informed Harry you were busy and would let him know when he could call.

In the past 24 hours, your twitter had been nothing but replies about the two of you meeting. You even saw it as a featured story on Snapchat. You decided to stay off those accounts for awhile. Two or so days, and you’ll be fine.

But today, as you were getting ready for bed, your phone rings on the nightstand. You walk out of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand, and check who’s calling you. Harry’s name flashes on the screen, you answer and place it on speaker.


“You’re a hard women to get ahold of, Y/N.” Harry teases. “Music video yesterday, and a photoshoot this morning. Do you even sleep?”

You take a seat on the edge of the bed, “I can ask you the same thing, y'know. By the way, how did rehearsals go?”

“They were good, actually. Though, I hear some fans want an encore duet from us at their show. Let me tell you, they can get quite aggressive.”

You smile. “Trust me, I know.”

“You should come to my Vegas show. We can hang out after. I’ll buy a pizza.”

You bit your lip in thought. “Send me the details, and I’ll see what I can do. Deal?”

“Deal.” You hear him talk to somebody in the distance. “I’m sorry, love. I’ve got to go. More rehearsals. I’ll hopefully see you soon.”

“Of course. Have fun, and drink a ton of water.”

He let’s out a small laugh, “I always do. Bye, Y/N.”

“Bye H.” You say, before hanging up.


You had just landed in Las Vegas. You weren’t even supposed to show up. You had a business meeting in the morning. But, that listen voice inside your head kept saying, ‘it can wait.’

Harry had sent you a ticket just in case you schedule cleared up. It didn’t, but you had changed your mind. In the past two years of being a singer, you’ve never done anything so last minute. Ever.

After pulling up to the theater Harry was playing at, you walk in backstage. You show the guards the pass you printed less than an hour ago, and they let you in. You see Gemma, as she talks with her boyfriend and Lou. Her eyes widen when she spots you walking over.

“Y/N! We thought you weren’t going to show. I’m so happy you’re here.” Gemma says before tackling you in a hug.

“Something came up last minute, so I got on a plane and headed over.” You say, as she backs up and talks her spot by her boyfriend.

“He’s done getting ready.” Lou says. “Just doing some vocal warmups. Let’s go let him know you’re here.”

You follow behind Gemma, and fall into step beside Lou.

“He going to flip when he sees you.” Lou whispers, as you reach a door. Harry’s name taped on the front.

“Come in!” He says, after Gem knocks.

“Look who we ran into.” Gemma pulls you so you’re standing beside her.

Harry gets up from his chair, his drink in hand, and he walks over to you. Embracing you in a hug.

“You made it.” He pulls back, and talks a drink from the cup in his hand. “I’m so happy you’re here. You look great. When did you touch down?”

You shrug. “Less than an hour ago, and thank you.” You look over his outfit. A custom made Gucci suit. “You look great, too. Is that all from Gucci?”

He shrugs, as if its no big deal. “Yeah, they custom made a few pieces for my tour. I guess they like me, I don’t know.” He gave you a small smile.

“That’s so cool. Show me your ways.” You tease him.

“My ways are too complicated for one night of lessons. I’ll have to upgrade you to premium lessons.” He leaned in. “Which are really just phone calls, but I’ll throw texts in for free.”

“We’re going to go grab some food.” You hear Gemma say beside you.

You almost forgot she was there. Almost.

Harry stands up straight, and turns to her. “Stay away from the chocolate doughnuts. They’re mine.”

She waves him off, before they all turn to walk out.

“So, what do you say?” You focus back on Harry. “Want to join me onstage? One more duet?”

You smile, and nod. “Why not?”


Whoop. Part three is done. I had no idea y'all would like this so much lol. But, thank you. Request/ask here


- M xo


So I made these characters because I was so inspired by @eliana55226838, @thelostmoongazer, @the-vampire-inside-me art pieces of batim’s AU’s! I’m always excited to see the amazing art work you all make. :)
So let’s start by introducing the two characters:
The first character, her name is Belle the Bunny. She was once the main character of a show that inspires children to be themselves, to have confidence, to have fun and most of all to learn to live your life to the fullest. She loved children with all her heart and would act like they are her own that’s how much she loved them. She was quite popular in her entertainment (however, quite not as big as other very popular cartoons). Her cartoon was loved. However… After being created into this world by the hands of humans. Her Creator’s started to act very ominous than their usual optimistic and kind selves. The cartoons and herself started to became suspicious, however, didn’t really think about it too much. They just shrugged it off… Then, this is where the horror begins. The Creator’s started experimenting on the cartoons and they gathered each cartoon individually, and started to dissect them all. Belle tried to hide, however it was fruitless. They found her, while seeing all of her friends dead, she was being experimented on for 3 weeks straight without any care in the world. After the experimentation, she went into a blind rage, she murdered everyone and burned the studio to the ground… That’s all I have to say about her past so far, hopefully I’ll draw some of her past soon. Anyway, she is in her early 30’s, she is with a different mafia group with her husband, Jonathan the Flaming Toon. Which I will say his past is unknown. He just came to Toon Town and stayed where he grew in power (Not as powerful as Bendy’s… But really close though). He is in his late 30’s, he’s gentle, doesn’t speak very much, serious, and unusually very calm through every situation. There will be more about him soon. However I can tell you one thing for sure. He’s not an ordinary toon… Hopefully you all like it and hopefully I’ll post more of my art soon, thank you. I hope this okay? :)

Common Language

Paring: Youngjae X reader
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 1,320
Summary: When Got7 come into the restaurant you work at it turns your world upside down, especially hearing some confessions in Korean. When will you tell them you know?


Hey all here’s some fluff with the sunshiny boy Youngjae! As someone who worked in food I wish something like this would happen lol. Hope you enjoy!
~Mod Phoenix


Another day, another boring shift at the restaurant. You were a waitress at a small restaurant and it was never exciting, easily seen in the empty dining room now. You knew that there was a Got7 concert going on the next day, you envied those able to go to their world tour. Due to the concert you thought it might be a busy shift, but you were mistaken. You sighed as you played with the strings on your apron. After what felt like an hour, which was really only ten minutes, the bells hanging from the door rang happily to announce customers.

When you looked up you were stunned to see none other than Got7. You quickly shook your head to try and clear it and said, “Hello, table for seven?” You automatically grabbed menus as the eldest responded, “Yes please!”

“Right this way,” you said with a smile and lead the way to a large party table. You set out the menus and let the boys get seated,“ I’ll be back to get your drink orders!”

You weren’t going to let them know you were an ahgase, rather you wanted to treat them like other customers. Jackson looked up at you and joked, “It seems like your the only one here!”

You laughed, “Well basically, there’s just me, the two cooks, and a manager.” The others started to speak in Korean, which they had no idea you also knew Korean. You had been studying it since high school and continued with taking classes in college. You almost felt odd listening in as you made your way back to the hostess stand where you could see all the boys interacting.

They talk started normal enough, just asking what some of the items on the menu were. But then you heard Youngjae’s voice stand out, “She’s really cute!”

This was followed with Jaebum asking, “Then why don’t you try talking to her?”

“I can’t speak English!” He exclaimed loudly.

Your breath was caught in your throat, he thought you were cute! You let out a long breath before heading over with your small notebook and pen in hand. You smiled, trying to look like you hadn’t understood the small exchange, “Can I get your drinks?”

You quickly jotted down their orders and smiled, “I’ll get those out right away!”

Before you walked away you heard Youngjae ask in Korean, “Wait what’s her name, what’s her name?”

“Ummm…” Jackson thought, “I didn’t see her name tag…” Mark responded that he hadn’t either and BamBam hadn’t payed attention.

As you went and fixed their drinks you couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this situation. You balanced a tray full of drinks and handed them out. Once everyone had their order you asked, “Are you guys ready to order or do you need a few minutes?”

“Uhhh…” Jackson responded looking at the others repeating the question in Korean. “I think we need a few more minutes.” He was obviously looking for your name tag, which you had tagged to the pocket of your white apron. You couldn’t help but laugh and question, “Are you looking for something?”

“Oh! Sorry, I was looking for your name tag.” He responded, slightly embarrassed.

You pulled the pocket up and tapped the tag pinned there, “I guess it is out of sight.”

“Ahh, Y/N!” He grinned and said, “Thanks for waiting on us.”

“No problem, it is my job after all!” You replied happily as you went back to the stand.

“Her name is Y/N,” Jackson stated in Korean, turning to Youngjae.

The sunshiny boy grinned, “Y/N… A cute name to match a cute face!”

Yugyeom groaned, causing BamBam to imitate being sick. Jinyoung smacked the table to get their attention, “We need to have our orders ready, so figure out what you’re getting, then you can talk as much as you want.”

They quickly became quiet to look at the menu, only asking what things were. As you glanced up you caught Youngjae staring at you and when you locked eyes he quickly looked down. You could feel the heat rising in your face as he groaned, “She caught me looking at her!”

BamBam couldn’t help but laugh, “Smooth dude, smooth.” This caught him a quick slap on the arm. He then went on a tangent about how cute he found you, especially your smile.

You came back over and asked about ordering and Jackson ordered as well as BamBam. Mark listed off off his, JB’s, Jinyoung’s, and Yugyeom’s orders. You looked at Youngjae with a grin, “And for you?”

“Wait, what’s happening? Mark, I told you what I wanted!” Youngjae asked in confusion.

Mark simply smirked, “You can talk to her now, tell her your order.”

His eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head and it took everything you had to look confused at them speaking Korean. “Umm.. I want.. Uhh… Personal pepperoni pizza?” He stammered with an obvious accent, which made him even more adorable.

You nodded with a grin, “Got it, I’ll go put these in and hopefully they’ll be up soon!”

“What was that for?“Youngjae immediately demanded.

“It got you to talk to her didn’t it?”

“Well yeah, but you didn’t have to put me on the spot! It doesn’t help she’s cute let alone I can’t speak English!” He put his face in his hand, “I wish I could talk to her!” He sighed as he leaned back, “If only she knew Korean…”

You chuckled to yourself, ‘Oh man if only you knew, this is too much fun! I’ll let him know when they’re about to pay.’ You nodded as you made your decision, making your way to the food window to wait for their orders.

You brought back their food and so they were back to loud conversations. Youngjae later started talking to the others, “Guys, how do I talk to her? Should I ask her out? If I do though there’ll still be the language barrier… She’s just so cute,” He sighed wistfully. “I just want to know her…”

“If you ask her out, I could go as a translator,” Jackson offered, nudging the younger boy playfully.

“Wouldn’t that be awkward though?” He countered.

“I guess…”

All of the guys wracked their brains on how Youngjae could ask you out with the language barrier. They were very concentrated, debating ways until they had finished eating. You had to hide your face from time to time due to unstoppable laughter, this really was too fun. They didn’t know you were a fan of theirs or that you knew Korean, you couldn’t wait to see the surprise on their face as you printed the check and made your way over.

You smiled and stated in perfect Korean, “Here’s your check, not sure who to give it to so I’ll set it here. Did you guys enjoy your meals?”

“YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN?” They all yelled in astonishment. “Wait, so you could.. understand us this entire time?” Yugyeom asked, specifically looking towards Youngjae, who looked absolutely stunned.

“Yeah, Yugyeom, every word! I’ve been learning Korean for probably five years?”

“Wait you know us too?” JB questioned, obviously shocked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been an ahgase since you guys debuted!” You chirped.

Youngjae finally spoke up, “So you heard everything I said… about you?”

You smiled, “Yeah, you’re very flattering!”

“Well since it’s out there, even though I feel totally embarrassed, Y/N, do you maybe want to grab coffee tomorrow morning?” Youngjae asked, rubbing his neck nervously as he looked up at you with shining eyes.

“I’d love to!” You exclaimed happily. You took out your notebook and scribbled down your number, handing it to him. “Here’s my number, call or text me so we can plan.” He took it happily and nodded, who knew you’re boring day would end like this?

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doodleoodledodie  asked:

RFA + Minor trio on MC who is insecure about double chin?

A/N: Honestly I have a large one and I hate it so much so I can semi-understand the pain. And it’s like, it doesn’t matter what size you are, you could still have a double chin, so it really shouldn’t be such a problem for people. Because if you have one, if you don’t, whatever, you’re still beautiful. ♥ And for that reason that’s… probably why this is short ^^; ~Admin 404


               He doesn’t even notice unless you point it out to him honestly. He just sees you for who you are inside, your body doesn’t matter. You could be half mutant, but as long as you’re still who you are inside, that’s fine! He’ll squish your cheeks whenever you’re feeling bad about it and talk a mile a minute, telling you how beautiful you are no matter what! You cry over it, he cries over it. He’s always here for support!


               He notices but he doesn’t care? Like, it’s a part of your beautiful face! Your beauty rivals that of his own and boy oh boy that was a l o t of perfection in one person. You’re insecure? He’ll spend hours at a time quoting from some of his previous plays to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are to him. Really, MC, it’s okay! If anyone makes you feel bad for it, he’s right there defending you!


               I’m sure she gets a double chin when she looks down at anything because??? Boobs can do that to you?? So she’s fine with yours because it honestly doesn’t matter to her! You can accept hers, she can accept yours, simple as that! If it truly bothers you, she’ll research hundreds and hundreds of makeup tutorials and haircut guides that help to mask it for you, but constantly reminds you that she loves you no matter what!


               You see, he’s the type to point it out but not mind it. It’s not as if he pointed it out to be rude, he just pointed it out as he was analyzing you (which is also not a nice thing Jumin st o p). He thinks you’re beautiful no matter what, so he can’t understand why you’re so insecure about it. Plus, Elizabeth the Third loves to ram her head against your chin in the first place, she doesn’t seem to mind- so why do you? If you’re insecure about it to the point of no return no matter how much he tells you he loves you, he’ll have Assistant Kang research ways to make you feel better about it.


               L o v e s you no matter what! Obviously he saw pictures of you during his background check so he’s seen both your selfies where you hide it and your candid photos where you don’t- loves them all! Your personality and how good-natured you are is what caught his eye, you being an absolute cutie came second. Constantly kissing from the base of your neck up the front of your face, including your chin when you’re insecure because he wants you to know!! That he loves you!!! All of you!!!


               Tries to show you how amazing you are through posed (and especially) candid photos he’s taken of you. He tells the real story and the made up fairy tale version as well, hoping that the stories behind them all mean more to you than how you look- because that’s how he thinks of you as well. He loves the person, the story, behind the face more than anything else. He understands how it feels to be insecure, so he’s trying to respect your boundaries but also trying to tell you that they’re okay! You’re amazing! So he lets you just talk it out when you need, and will do everything to brighten your mood when that’s needed instead!! Just wants you to know you’re his favourite person in the world.


               Doesn’t get why you’re insecure because you’re a literal god(dess) in his eyes? You’re so beautiful and amazing and who cares if you’ve got a double chin? You’re understanding and you /love/ him, why the hell would your looks matter to him? But he does get that being insecure isn’t something you can just dismiss like it’s nothing, so in his tsundere sort of way, he stutters and it takes him a long time to actually tell you that it doesn’t matter. Most of the time, if you’re incredibly insecure, he just gives you his mask to wear. Hiding behind it can make you feel amazing, so he just wants you to be able to forget your worries and be confident, even for a moment.


With You By My Side - Nine

A/N:  9 of 10. By now y’all know what this story is about. I’m gonna put in some warnings, but if you dont want to get SPOILED, dont read them. If you are easily triggered READ THE WARNINGS. Thanks for all of the amazing feedback, I am honestly baffled by all of you. And thanks to my beta @thorne93. shes the best.

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared

Warnings: Vomiting, blood, reader is really sick, language, medical conditions, some fluff if you squint..

Wordcount: 2075

Catch up HERE

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Thanksgiving turned into Christmas, Christmas turned into Easter and before you knew it, Jensen was once again wrapping up another season of Supernatural. Your eight months were up, but so far you had barely noticed the illness, your body was a little weaker and you had very little energy, to the point where you needed to nap every day, but other than that you felt fine. You went to the hospital once a month to get an evaluation on how the cancer was spreading, and for some reason it had slowed down a little. It was still aggressive and Dr. Hansen always informed you that it was spreading, making sure you didn’t get your hopes up for anything. The outcome would still be the same, but you had gained a little more time.

“What did the good doctor tell you today?” Jensen asked as he Skyped you during one of his breaks up in Vancouver.

“Nothing we don’t already know. He seems to think that I will start feeling worse soon, and he wanted to put me on a higher dose of cortisone,” you explained. The cortisone was there to help with pain in your joints, the only side effect was that it made your bones more fragile. “He’s still a little shocked that I’m alive I think,” you chuckled.

“Did he say anything about how much time he thinks you have left?”

“No, anything between a couple of months and half a year. He did tell me that once I start to feel sick, it will probably be fast.” That little fact eased your mind a little, the worst thing you could think of was to just lay in a bed and wait for death, you couldn’t imagine a worse fate than that.

You heard a few muffled voices through your computer as Jensen’s eyes started traveling the room he was in. “I’m really sorry babe, but I have to go. I’ll call you later if I get a chance. We’re gonna try and wrap things up tonight so that we can go back home tomorrow.”

“Really?” you said excitedly. “Then you go knock ‘em dead.”

“I love you, (YN),” he said, blowing a kiss your way.

“I love you too, Jay.”

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Alright so for feysand kiss 11 or 18. Or you can do nessian. Whichever

A/N: I started this and thought I finished and published it, and then I went in my drafts and it was not.  Good story right?  Hopefully the actual drabble is more entertaining.  Kinda NSFW :)

(on Ao3 soon!)


It’s her fault really, for not realizing that some men actually respect boundaries, and letting it go this long without telling him she would like them to mutually ravish each other.  He knew well enough when they started dating that her previous relationship ended because of its less than healthy nature and was utterly cautious about letting her take the lead - responding enthusiastically, but always doing just that.  Responding.  So when she has a smudge of ice cream on her lip he finally pulls the ultimate ‘move’ - i.e. kissing it off - she’s more than ready.

And yet, he apparently doesn’t read those signals and pulls away, looking uncharacteristically bashful, lavender eyes scrunched shut as he rushes an apology, “I’m sorry, are you - “

Feyre doesn’t let Rhysand finish whatever idiotic question he was about to ask and just tugs his face back to hers, lips aggressive enough that she hopes he’ll catch her drift.

Which he does, because he gets so swept up he nearly squishes his ice cream cone in her hair, but luckily he realizes as his lips run over her jawline.  “Perhaps, we should not consummate our relationship in public?”

Feyre bites his earlobe and murmurs back, “Maybe not.  Yet.”

So Rhysand slips into the driver’s seat and Feyre grasps his hand.  At least at first until he swerves into the shoulder one too many times and puts a temporary ban on any touching.  Because he’d like to get home in one piece.

They manage to make it back to Rhysand’s town house - no roomates - quickly enough and Feyre’s making unlocking the door pretty difficult with the things she’s doing to him, her hands working on the buttons running over his chest.  But he gets it on the third try and turns to Feyre, “If you don’t behave yourself I’ll throw you over my shoulder and  - “

“Aren’t punishments supposed to be un-wanted?” Feyre murmurs as she pulls him into the apartment by his lapels and Rhysand lets out a growl, grasping her waist so she’s forced to link her legs behind his back, sandals falling to the floor.

He stumbles toward the staircase when Feyre’s hands finally make it to his belt and quickly work it free from the loops.  “I’ve been waiting and you were so patient.”

Rhysand huffs against her neck as he loosens another button on the front of her dress.  “You’re welcome.”

Feyre’s hands pause and she tilts his face so their eyes meet.  “I’m unbelievably grateful for your patience, which I needed.  But my patience has run out and you’ve been torturing me with your - “

“Fantastic body?”


He smirks and lets said hands run up her thighs and beneath the mostly undone dress.  “I am a rather sensuous being.”

She slips his pants off his hips and links her legs tight around his waist, pulling till their centers press together deliciously.  “Talk is - cheap.”

Rhysand pauses his kisses at her sternum and grins dangerously.  “Allow me to show then, Feyre darling.”

Car Wash For Charming

Hey everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve written a Juice fic, but here’s the first of three I’ve been working on! I wrote it this after and it’s not perfect, but hope you all enjoy it :)

“I’ve called this meeting with everyone because we’re running out of ideas.” Jax said, sitting on a bar stool before everyone in the clubhouse.
“As you know, we’re going completely legit. Redwoody is going well, but it’s still new and the profit isn’t enough to pay everyone. And the garage really isn’t bringing in much anymore. I’ve spoken to the boys, and we need help. So, let’s hear it.”
Penny, Lyla, Tara and Gemma sat in thought. As much as the club was for the guys, the women loved the Sons, and Teller Morrow, and were keen to help out however they could.
“What if we… Oh this is silly.” Penny began.
“No, babe, tell us! Can’t be any worse than anything else we’ve tried.” Penny’s Old Man, Juice, replied.
“Well, I was thinking, and I mean this without disrespect, but the Sons and Teller Morrow have kind of a bad reputation in Charming.”
“Exactly what we’re tryin’ to change, doll.” Tig replied, quickly shutting up as Juice gave him a threatening look.
“Right, so what if you guys did something for Charming? Give back, show them you’re working towards being the club you should be.”
“And how would we do tha’ lass?” Chibs asked.
“There’s a fair coming up, right? We could get a booth and do a car wash. Charge ten bucks or something, do a really good job, but then donate all the money back to Charming.”
Murmurs rippled through the group, everyone nodding.
“That’s a great idea, Pen, but how do we get people in? They’d just turn up their noses and walk passed.” Happy added.
“You could offer a free tune up or detailing for anyone who gets their car washed. They’d have to present a voucher or something, so you’d know they were legit, but that’s easy done.”
As everyone pondered the idea, Penny leant over to her best friend, Lyla, and whispered in her ear.
Lyla passed it on to Tara and Gemma, who smirked and nodded.
“What are you girls up to?” Jax asked.
“Another way to promote and get people in - sex sells.” Lyla said.
The guys all looked confused, wondering what exactly was involved in a sexy car wash.
“We’ve got some of the best looking guys in Charming, right?”
The guys all looked smug, agreeing.
“Wait, what the hell do you want us to do?” Chibs asked, not seeming to really want the answer.
“Not anything you don’t already do. You just need to wash the cars topless. Maaaybe pantless.” Penny replied.
An outrage sounded as the guys objected. Tig seemed to be the only one unphased.
“Guys, guys, hold up! Now, that would bring the ladies in, but what about the men of Charming?” He asked.
“Oh, well, you know the men of Charming, very patriotic and the like, always wanting to do what’s needed to make Charming the amazing small town it is…” Penny tried.
“No, no, no, if we gotta do this, you do too.” Jax said.
“Need I remind you that all this mess was the men’s fault??” Tara added.
“Look, it’s only fair. Plus, you’ll want to keep an eye out on all those flirty women out there. They won’t be able to keep their hands off this.” Opie said, pulling up his shirt to reveal his muscular stomach.
“Ope!” Lyla laughed, swatting her hand at him.
“See? These randy women! If that’s what happens to our ladies, what’s gonna happen when the whole of Charming lay eyes on us?”
“Alright, alright, we’ll do it!” Penny conceded.
“We’ll have to promote the crap out of it, though. Make sure people know. And not just flyers, we’re gonna need to go online. Set up a Facebook page. Gemma, can you organise a booth?”
“Sure thing, sweetheart, I’ll call today.” Gemma replied.
“Great, Juice and I can sort out Facebook. Maybe us girls can do some promo handing out flyers.”
“Just one thing,” Jax began.
“There’s a lot of money going out for this, when does it come back in again?”
“You gotta spend money to make it. We got a lot of reputation to repair, it’s gonna cost.” Chibs replied.
“I’ll look at what cash we got. Can probably move some stuff around from the club funds, make it stretch, cover what T-M can’t.” Bobby said.
“Redwoody can probably pitch in, our sales are picking up now we’ve added merchandise.”
“So, we all good with this?” Jax called.
Everyone let out a resounding “aye!”
“Penny, you might have just saved T-M.” Juice said, kissing her.
“And that deserves a drink!” Chibs called, and everyone headed towards the bar.

The fair was two weeks away, and the girls had been out promoting Teller Morrow and their booth. Penny knew it was a cheap shot, but they all dressed up in their shortest shorts and crop tops, getting as many people to take a flyer.
Thank God it’s summer, Penny thought to herself.
“The comments and snide looks from girlfriends will be so worth it when it gets T-M in the good books.” Penny reminded them as they headed back to the garage.
“You’re both free for the video shoot tomorrow, yeah?”
Both Tara and Lyla nodded.
“I’ve got one of my camera guys coming out tomorrow to shoot it, so it’ll be professional.” Lyla replied.
“Awesome! Don’t forget, bikinis and tans only.” Penny grinned and the girls walked into the clubhouse.
“What’s this about bikinis and tans?” Juice asked.
“We’re shooting the video for the car wash tomorrow, remember? You guys have to bring your swimming shorts.” Tara replied.
“Babe, I dunno if I can do this.” Juice said, pulling Penny aside.
“What are you talking about? You’re a total stud, and, just between you and me, the hottest one out of all this lot.”
Juice chuckled.
“No, I mean, you being on display for all the guys to see. I just don’t want guys to think they can just make a move on you just because you’re washing their car. It’s not worth it.”
“Aw, babe, it’ll be fine. No one is gonna a lay a hand on me. They might look, but you’re the only one that gets to touch.”
“Damn right I am.” Juice said, kissing Penny and grabbing her backside.
Penny smacked him playfully on the shoulder, and they rejoined the group.

“Aaaand, ACTION!”
“We here at Teller Morrow are proud to call Charming home. We want to give back to this town, so if you wanna help out, come down to the fair on Saturday. We’ll be washing your cars all day, with all proceeds going back to Charming. Make sure you grab your voucher for a free tune up or detailing, we’ll see you there!” Jax ended his spiel and the group smiled at the camera.
“Cut! Great job guys!” The cameraman said.
“Not so hard, was it?” Penny said.
“I’m pretty hard.” Tig replied, to the groans of everyone.
“How’s our numbers looking?” Jax asked Penny.
“Honestly, pretty good, considering. Facebook is getting a lot of likes, and I’ve had some of our friends giving good reviews. I’ve been promoting the crap out of the fair, on our page and Charming’s.”
Jax smiled and headed over to Tara.
“I’m gonna put the video up as soon as it’s been edited, hopefully that helps even more.” Penny said to Juice.
“Have I told you yet how proud I am? We needed you, and you stepped up.”
“You have, but you can tell me again.” Penny smiled.
An alarm sounded, and she checked her phone.
“Damn, I gotta get back to work, I’ll see you at home after my shift?”
“Sure thing, babe.”


The video had gone viral around Charming, and the Facebook page had exploded. A lot of comments came from men and women alike, all keen for the “hot bikers” and “sexy biker chicks” to “service their cars.”
At least that’s what Penny hoped they’d meant, and not the innuendo that she’d read into the comments.
The guys were loading up all the gear for the car wash into the back of the garage truck.
“Okay, everyone! Tomorrow is going to be a long, hot day, but remember to have fun, and we’ll all hang out after at the fair. Gemma and the prospects will man the booth, and prospects and crows will take over for the guys on lunch breaks. Now get some rest and we’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow!” Penny said, excusing everyone to get to bed.
Nearly everyone was on time the next morning. Happy and Tig got to the fair a little after everyone else, Tig sporting a red mark on his head.
“Dude ate the last of my cereal.”
“That didn’t call for you throwing a full jug of milk at my head!” Tig exclaimed, scowling at Happy.
“Sure it did. I didn’t have any cereal, what else would I have done with the milk?”
“Tig, maybe head back to T-M, give Bobby a hand if he needs it.” Gemma said, and Tig did as he was told.
“Really? A whole jug of milk at his head? Couldn’t you have just made him buy you more cereal?” Juice asked.
“Yeah, but the punishment had to fit the crime.” Happy replied, smile on his face.
Once the booth and supplies had been set up, people slowly started trickling through the gates.
“Time to de-robe, people.” Opie said.
Everyone had suddenly become shy.
“Come on guys, it’s for the club!” Lyla encouraged, and they all started to remove their shirts.
Their confidence was boosted as a group of young people walked through, whooping and cheering.

The day was going well, they were backed up with the cars waiting to be washed. Everyone had to go in pairs for lunch, and Gemma brought around sunscreen for everyone to apply.
“How are we doing?” Penny asked, applying more cream.
“Great! We’ve made over five hundred dollars, and we’re halfway through.”
They all high-fived, getting back to washing.
Penny and Juice had a lot of fun flirting while washing the cars, and the guys and girls challenged each other to see who could wash more cars. The smack talk and wet sponges flew back and forth between the groups.
By mid-afternoon, they had taken their last clients for the day, still plenty of cars left to go.
“Hey, has anyone moved the cash box?” A prospect asked.
“No, only you guys and Gemma have been around it.” Lyla replied.
“Juice and I are about to get our lunch, we’ll look for it.” Penny said, pulling her shirt over her head.
“I hope it’s not far, we got two hours before we gotta hand everything over to the mayor, and if we don’t have it, it’s not looking good for us.” Juice said.
“Keep thinking positive, babe, we’ll find it.”
They looked in the garage truck, got Gemma to check her car again, and searched the booth multiples times over.
“Ok, don’t worry, we can give them the books to show what we brought in today. Get Bobby to write a check from T-M. We can take some money from our savings and give them that. If we find the cash box, then we can put it back.” Juice said to Penny.
“That’s the best plan, at least T-M still looks good.” Penny said.
“No way, that’s way too much. I’m sure if we explain-“ Jax started.
“Charming is already suspicious of us. If they know the money is missing, they won’t believe a word we say, truth or lie.” Happy replied.
“Alright, we got twenty minutes before handover time, someone call Bobby and get that cheque down here.” Jax said.
“I’ll be back in a sec, babe, I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” Penny said to Juice, heading to the toilets with a heavy heart.
The club had worked so hard to make this happen, to turn their image around.
Walking into a cubicle, Penny spotted a pair of lacy underwear that had been left near the U-bend of the toilet.
“Classy.” She said, about to turn and find another toilet to use when she spotted something wedged in behind the bend.
The group turned and Penny held up the cash box over her head, dancing around in excitement.
They all came in and hugged, breathing a collective sigh of relief that the day had been a complete win for the club before heading over to the booth.
The handover was success, the club having raised over a thousand dollars. The mayor accepted the money in front of a crowd who congratulated them.
“So where was the box, exactly?” Gemma asked.
Penny told them about finding the underwear, and then seeing the box.
“That box has seen unspeakable things.” Happy said.
“What do you two look so sheepish for?” Chibs asked a crow eater and prospect.
“Well, Gemma put me in charge of the cash box, while she was on lunch. I had to go to the bathroom, so I took it with me to keep an eye on it.” The crow eater replied.
“I might have followed her in and…” the prospect began, stopping as everyone caught on.
“Seriously guys? Come on.”
Everyone was laughing and shaking their heads.
“Well, you’re both on toilet duties, for a month. If there’s a blocked toilet, you’re on call.” Jax said.
“And we get a lot of blocked toilets at mine and Tig’s.” Happy added.
The crow and prospect shuddered.
“I think it’s time we went and had a little fun, don’t ya think?” Penny whispered to Juice.
“Agreed. Don’t know how I managed to wash any cars with you walking around in that bikini and shorts.” Juice replied.
“I could say the same to you. Make out on the haunted house ride?” Penny grinned.
“You got it, babe.”

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Amar: Hey, I’m sorry to have to call you up to the apartment again but-

Landlord: Yeah, I know. This is some crazy stuff we’ve been experiencing, huh?

Amar: Tell me about it. Three earthquakes in one week.

Landlord: I knew San Myshuno was known for having earthquakes every now and then but this is getting ridiculous. One more like we just had today and it’ll level the whole apartment building.

Amar: (sighs) Hopefully it doesn’t happen again any time soon. Is there anything I can do to help out this time?

Landlord: Don’t worry about it. I’m already on it.


The present is the key to the past.

Very pleased to officially announce Palaeowarriors, a new Youtube channel coming soon-ish hopefully.

This has been both a long time in the making and a completely spontaneous process. More than ever, science education and communication matters in today’s world. Over the summer I’ve been discussing these issues with many friends, trading ideas back and forth, and from these ideas Palaeowarriors sprung like a phoenix from the flames.

The story of deep time, the epic of evolution, is one that people deserve to know - not only because it is strange and grand and fascinating, but because it gives us a sense of perspective. A realization that we are a small part of a much larger narrative that we are lucky to be a part of. And I’m inclined to believe that perspective could do a lot of good in the world.

And Palaeowarriors will shed light on this story in a number of different ways - not just what we know, but how we know it. The full journey from field to museum to publication is a journey that few nonspecialists ever get to see. Understanding context - not just the evolutionary or environmental context of an organism, but the historical, technological, and scientific ones - is vital to understand the full system. And it is just as amazing and entertaining as a whirlwind tour through the ancient world.

This is not intended to be a passive series of boring video lectures. You, the viewer, are just as important to all this as the content. That’s one of the reasons why I went to Palaeoblr to first announce things. Direct engagement and discussion with an audience is one of the best ways to learn - and also provides immediate feedback to improve future work. When you build a community, you can start to move mountains.

So there you have it. There is no release date yet. Hopefully, it’s soon, and sooner than you think. I’ll keep you updated on the premiere when I can. All the relevant social media accounts should be going up later today, probably after the Kulinday stream (cause frankly that’s the bigger priority for all of Palaeoblr and you all know it :P).

In the meantime: send over any questions or suggestions. I would be more than pleased to read them. As of today, you are a formative part of this project. Tell us what you think.

See you soon.


(evening edit: the tumblr is live! Follow through for links to other social media)

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Hi Mari! I just wanted to tell you how amazing and incredible artist you are, I never get lost in your comics and I really have so much fun reading them, I've been in your streams a couple of times(I wish I could be there more often though), watching your process while talking with you is quite fun and really inspires me to try harder on my own drawings, also I wanted to tell you to take breaks from time to time, you deserve to have them and enjoy a peaceful time... That's it I guess! 👏👏💚💚

Thank you so Much! I’m so glad you attended my streams ^3^ I started this drawing during my stream yesterday ^^ hopefully I can finish it soon. Streams are fun but really energy draining …. I want to do them more often and do awesome art…but I get sooo tired >.< *break time* lolol 


Thanks for the kind words, anon! Here’s a peck on the nose from Moon to Guzma for you (and for all you guys)!

It’s really funny, because I’m pretty sure it’s just like one or two haters spamming my inbox (I can tell from their writing style). The hate mails are pretty amusing, and they’re always a good laugh for me and my co-workers xD

The Surrogate Part 2

I watch Jake and Eve fawn over their newborn. “Uh guys, there’s still another one,” I say as I lay there still connected to their boy. They laugh and look at me, “Of course, do you want to move?” I think about it, “Yeah I think I’d like to go to the bed.” Jake nods and puts the baby on my chest so we’ll have more time connected. He starts to help me up and I hold the baby tight to my chest. I feel him nuzzling me, searching for my nipple. “He’s hungry.” I tell Eve. She looks me hopefully, “Do you think you could feed him? I’m sure it will be much better for him.” I look at her wide-eyed, this was not part of the plan but I agree. As we head to the bed water starts to pour down my leg, the second amniotic sac has broke. Once I get settled on the bed I put the baby down and strip off my bathing suit top. I grab the baby and guide the baby to my nipple and he begins to feed. Jake slips behind me with his legs on either side of me and puts his hands on my belly. “Just one more to go.” Eve climbs on the bed in front of me, since Jake delivered the first baby she going to deliver the next one. I groan as a contraction comes working the baby down. I just pant through a couple, waiting until the next baby gets lower to push. The baby at my breast drinks away, oblivious of the pain and excitement in the room.

After awhile I start to push again, eager to get this baby out. I can feel my birth canal stretching again and I can tell this baby is bigger as I struggle to move it down. I lay back against Jake’s chest, still holding their son, “It’s bigger, I can’t do this.” He rubs my belly gently, “You’re doing great. Just let your body do its thing.” I scream as another contraction grips me and I bear down with the pain. Eve slips her finger inside of me to check how close the baby is. “Its right there, just a couple more pushes and I can see it,” she coaches me as I pant heavily. With my next big push my pussy starts to bulge again, the big head right at my opening now. Eve watches as I start to open again, this time the baby is coming faster. I quickly have the head out to its forehead but it seems to be stuck now. I push several times but there’s no more progress, I just lay there with a baby stuck in my tight pussy. Eve decides it time to cut the first cord and takes her son and lays him in the bassinet she set up earlier. Jake is whispering in my ear but I’m barely listening because the pain is too much. “I have to move, I want to squat,” I whimper after a particularly hard contraction that still didn’t get the baby further. Jake and Eve both hurry to help me to the edge of the bed. I try to be careful with the big head between my legs but I can feel it slipping back into me. I have to stop once I get to the edge of the bed as a contraction tears through me but I resist the urge to push knowing it won’t help. I stand up once it passes, my legs spread to make room for the head but it doesn’t help. I moan as I feel the baby moving back inside of me, its head barely out now. Jake helps me to squat far away from the bed with him holding me as I squat. I can feel myself opening up wider as Eve kneels before me. As soon as I start pushing again I get the head back out easily getting to the same point. My pussy starts to get more in this position, making room for the larger head. I cry out as I start to stretch more, this time getting past the eyes before I have to stop. I try to pant but the burning is to much so I just end up moaning. My next push almost gets the head out but ends too soon. “The baby’s head is so close, your doing so good,” Eve encourages me. The next contraction takes it’s time coming, leaving me squatting with a head almost out of me. Eve caresses the head hanging out of me as I try to prepare for the next contraction. My legs are weak now and I don’t know if I can get this baby out fast enough before they give out. I cry out as the next contraction builds, I bear down with it and the head slowly inches all the way out. I gasp as my sore stretched pussy gets a break. Eve makes quick work of checking for the cord but my legs can’t hold me up anymore even with Jake’s help. “I have to lay on the bed,” I whimper.

Eve exchanges a look with Jake but he starts to slowly help me stand. He supports me as I start to waddle over to the bed, Eve reaches between my legs and keeps a hand on the baby’s head. We slowly make our way to the bed like this, walking with the heavy weight of the baby half out of me is torture but I know I need to get on the bed. We get there and I sit barely on the edge, making sure there’s room for the head. Eve piles the pillows behind me and I rest back against them. Jake and Eve kneel on the floor in front of me, eager to meet their other baby. Jake supports the head as I wait for the next contraction and when it does I give every ounce of strength I have into the push but it doesn’t budge. The shoulder are firmly stuck inside of me now. I try and try to push over and over but it refuses to move. We’re all close to panicking now, thinking this baby is really stuck inside of me but right before I give up hope I feel the shoulders give inside of me. I get one to pop out before the contraction ends. Jake rubs my leg while Eve tells me how happy I’m making them. Their support gives me the strength I need to get the rest of the baby out in one big push. Eve starts to cry I deliver the baby into her waiting hands. I lay back, feeling the weird sensation of an empty womb when its been full for so long. Jake is preparing himself to deliver the placentas as Eve shows me their chubby daughter, clearing the bigger twin. It’s moving to see them so happy with their babies and I’m already thinking I want to do this again. Eve hands me her daughter and I realize she wants me to feed her too.

After we deliver the placentas Jake grabs the first baby and we all cuddle up on the bed together. We point out certain features of each baby and comment if they look like Eve or Jake. After awhile the twins are asleep and I can tell Eve and Jake are thinking hard about something. Finally Jake starts to talk, “We’ve been thinking, you were the perfect surrogate and we would really love more children..” Eve takes my hand, “We were wondering if you’d be willing to move in and be a part of our family…” Jake puts his arm around me, “Maybe you could keep breastfeeding the twins and then hopefully soon we can add more to the family.” I look at them both and then the twins, “I’d love that.”

To be continued….

Alpha/Alpha Verse (First Mark)

@opaldelight Asked: How about something sweet.. Like Shiro asking Keith if he could maybe leave a tiny bit of his scent on Keith. It’s just the beginning of their relationship so he’s still a bit shy about letting his more… alpha-ish side show

Note: Had to think this one through a bit.  Finally decided that a culture who had always had scent marking would probably end up with a bunch of conflicting traditions and trends, and basically have as huge a complex about when, where, and how much as we do about things to do with dating in the real world. (no duh, eh?)

The movies made the progression look easy.  The protagonists would meet.  Go on a couple whirlwind dates, and then suddenly all their friends would be scenting the air around them and gush about how cute their new lover smelled.  It was simple, no questions about when or how much.  Just boom the time has arrived to start marking each other and you will never accidentally overdo it.

If only real life could be like that.  Keith may seem like he’d stepped out of a movie, beautiful, whip sharp, amazing at everything, but things could never go that smoothly for Shiro.  Sheesh, the first time he’d asked Keith out he’d just stared at Shiro a bit, then walked out of the room.  It took Matt two days to point out that he’d asked on April 1st.  

The misunderstanding had quickly been worked out, and he’d started dating the cutest person he knew.  They’d went out more often into the desert to goof off on hover bikes and watch stars as well as more classic movie theater stuff. He’d even gotten to start what was quickly becoming his favorite pass time of kissing Keith.  Still no marking though.  As far as the scenting populace went, they might as well just be very good friends.  Around each other a lot but nothing special.

He’d like to change that.  Let everyone around them know, that they’re a little bit closer than friends.  Maybe heading in the direction of something more.  How did you ask someone something like that? He had to ask.  Keith did not take well to people trying to pull dominance moves on him.  

Shiro’s pretty sure there are magazines dedicated to these sort of questions, but he’d never live it down if he got caught with one.  That left him with the direct route. Next time he saw Keith, he’d just have to ask if he could please scent mark him a tiny bit.  He could crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment afterward if he got shot down.

The next time he’s sees Keith is a study session in his room.  Keith’s working on Calc I while Shiro writes his essay for his ‘How Not to Embarrass the Garrison’ class, not its literal name, but Matt had called it that so many times that Shiro had actually forgotten the real course title.  Despite his determination, it still takes him until their second study break to work up the courage to say anything.

“Can I ask you something?” Shiro says while Keith breaks into his Snicker’s stash.

“No,” Keith deadpans tossing one of the candy bars at his head.  He holds a serious face for a moment, then breaks out laughing, “Your face.” Keith say, reaching over to mess up Shiro’s hair, “You’re like a confused puppy.” Shiro feels his cheeks heat up, he wasn’t sure if this was hurting his case or not, “Seriously, though, ask.”

Shiro takes a calming breath, “So we’ve been dating for a bit now, and I think it’s safe to say we’re boyfriends now, right?” Shiro looks to Keith, he continues when he gets a nod, “Right so, I was thinking, that maybe, we should start letting other people know, you know?” That makes sense right?  Keith likes logic, surely he’d like Shiro’s reasoning.

“Matt already knows we’re dating.” Keith says, with a confused expression.

Shiro kind of wants to hide under a blanket, maybe he’d been a bit vague, “Marking, I meant scent marking,” Shiro says, gesturing towards his neck, “Nothing major, just some. Enough so people can tell we’re dating.  We don’t have to of course, if you think it’s too soon?”  Shiro looks up at Keith hopefully.

“Oh,” Keith sits up straighter, “Oh yeah, of course. If you want to, you-we can.”

Keith had said yes!  Emboldened, Shiro leans a bit forward, “So can I now?”

Keith’s blushing, “Sure,” He says, baring his neck and shoulder for Shiro.

Very carefully Shiro moves, he can’t do too much, that’d give the impression they were doing more than dating or Shiro thought waaay to much of himself.  Just a little on his shoulder, then he’s done.

Keith is staring at him when he sits back, “Seriously?” Keith says, raising an eyebrow at him, “If that’s all you wanted to do, you could have gotten the same effect giving me a hug.”

“I just wanted people to know we’re dating,” Shiro says sheepishly.

Keith rolls his eyes, then yanks him forwards, “This is how you show someone you’re dating,” Before Shiro can say anything, Keith rubs his neck straight across the entirety of Shiro’s shoulder.

Shiro doesn’t know what to say, when Keith sits back with a huge smile on his face.  He hadn’t expected Keith to be so enthused.  “You really like me that much?” Shiro asks, still a bit stunned.

Keith’s face falls, “If it bothers you, you can wash it off.” Keith says softly, playing with the hem of his shirt, “I’ll understand.”

Shiro kisses Keith, right on his cute little nose, “Can I do the same to you?”

When The Devil Needs A Favor

Title: When The Devil Needs A Favor

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley, and several others!

Word Count: 2,400 (ish)

Warning: Season 12 spoilers!!! LOTS of them!!

A/N: This is my submission for @therealdeanwinchester13‘s Writing Box Challenge! Enjoy! And yes Luci truly does bless this post, we chatted about it. (sass is in the URL people) 

My prompt: You sold your soul to the Devil some years ago. Today he gives it back and says. “I need a favor.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

“I need a favor”

“What could you possibly want from me?”

“I need you to get me something that myself and a uh, friend, desperately need.”

“I’m guessing if I refuse somehow this hell hole will get worse?”

“That’s the idea, yes.”


“Dean? Sam?” The two men looked up from their food, clearly trying to place you.

“Garth, he, ah, sent me your way.”

“Oh, yeah, Y/N. I’m Sam, this is Dean.” Sam scooted over in the diner booth inviting you to slide in. Dean gave you a nod, his hands covered in burger and bacon grease. You were pretty sure his grunt and garbled speech was his version of a hello.

“Nice to meet you guys too. Thanks for helping me out. Garth said that if I wanted to learn how to survive this, insane form of a life, then you two were the ones to teach me.” Both of them laughed and exchanged an unsure glance.

“Yeah that would be us. Garth said you’re good thinking on your feet though, so you ready for a crash course? Dean and I aren’t exactly traditional teachers.”

“Well Sammy might be, but I sure as hell ain’t.”

Laughing you looked between the two, “I have no doubt I will get a well-rounded education from each of you.”

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P.S. my big brother would tell me this phrase right before we played hide and sneak in the dark. You know, cause he was a dick!!! Love him though, sometimes.

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