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This isn't a sin week request but! If possible, could you please do a drabble of the time Ezarel is away in chapter 10? Like him thinking about how Gardienne is doing/being worried about her/missing her while he's on his mission? Maybe if you can, how he'd feel when Gardienne runs up and the first thing she does is hug him?

Apologies for the delay, the last couple of days have been pretty rough so I’ve not been in a creative headspace recently. Hopefully my little dry spell has ended and I can focus on getting the inbox open this weekend.

Hope you enjoy your scenario! ^-^ (Also, apologies if anything here is non-canon, I haven’t played the episode yet, so I don’t know much about it.)

He wasn’t missing you. Nope, not at all. Ezarel knew he didn’t, so why Nevra insisted otherwise was beyond him. Sure, he was eager to go home as soon as possible, but that was normal, right?

The fact you were constantly on his mind was just coincidence, is all. It’s not like he wondered what you were doing, or worried whether you’d finally kicked the bucket. Of course not, everyone at the guard would insure you were safe and stayed of harm’s wa- THAT WASN’T THE POINT.

The point was you weren’t on his mind and he wasn’t missing you. Even if you were on his mind (which you weren’t) it was only passing thoughts like: ‘_____’d like that.’ Or ‘That idiot would love to see this.’ Nothing big or significant, he was sure.

But as the time to return home crept closer and closer, Ezarel couldn’t deny the jubilation of going home, one he only really got when a mission had been especially taxing, which this one hadn’t. And while he was sure searching for the reason why would give him the answers he needed, Ezarel doubted it was the answer he wanted.

For that reason, he tried attributing his eagerness to return to anything that wasn’t you, but even he couldn’t pretend his heart didn’t leap in his chest when he saw you by the Eel’s gates.

He ignored how his walk quickened into a trot, or how a small smile broke out on his face. But he couldn’t ignore the way you… were running towards him?

He barely had time to react when your arms flew around him, encasing him a crushing hug.

While one small part of him was unabashedly ecstatic you’d apparently missed him, the much larger part was screaming bloody murder at the uninvited embrace.

Despite everything(or nearly everything)  in his body screaming at him to step the fuck back, it still took him a moment to wrench himself away, a fact he attributed to your death grip, but in truth, he wasn’t ready to end it yet.

That, however, didn’t stop him from throwing you off indignantly, red-faced as he demanded to know exactly what the hell you thought you were doing.

Unexpected Encounters

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[ sungjin ]

*not requested 

word count; 1.3k

genre; fluff

summary - you were tired of the small town in which you had spent almost over twenty years of your life living in. you decided that it was time for a change - you wanted to move, as far away as you could and just start fresh. you had nothing holding you back, so you got up and left. a simple, long train journey suddenly becomes much more interesting when a handsome stranger happens to board the same train and take a seat in the same carriage. 

[ this is dedicated to daysixdreams  - sungjin’s number one stan (sungjin trash) !! happy early birthday !!!!! ]

“The ten am train to Seoul will be departing from platform four in five minutes. That is the ten am train to Seoul, platform four in five minutes,” a monotone voice boomed over the train stations intercom.

You picked your backpack up from the ground and swung it over your shoulders, followed by pulling the handle of your suitcase up. Luckily, you hadn’t too many belongings and the heavier items would be posted out by your mother once you had settled into your new apartment. You threw your now empty coffee cup into the trash can before clambering up onto the train, struggling immensely with your luggage. Fortunately, a friendly looking older woman helped you carry your bags onto the carriage.

You contemplated on whether or not you should sit near the back of the carriage or in a booth. There wasn’t much choice since the train was already quite packed. The train was coming from Busan which was forty minutes away from your small, quaint town in the middle of nowhere. To say you were excited to be moving to a metropolitan city with far more people was an understatement. You could not wait. You were slightly apprehensive and a little bit worried though since you would be far away from home. You were tired of the small town, you had no relationship or career keeping you there. You recently graduated from college, so it was perfect timing to move and start a new life in a bigger and busier city.

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Deciding to shrug off the strange feeling, Tobias continued their discussion about Ellie. I’ve given this a lot of thought, he started, his serious gaze falling on the small child. She’s missed having you around as much so I thought maybe, if it’s alright with you, she could stay here for a few days so that the two of you have some extra time together.

Of course that’s okay. I would love that, Archer quickly replied, his face lighting up. 

Then after, perhaps we can go back to our prior agreement until we decide on something more permanent. She can spend her days with you & her nights & weekends with me. He took a deep breath, trying to set his worries aside. It was much easier when he saw the smile on his daughter’s face as she played with Archer. I’ve put a call in to my lawyer. I’m going to drop the suit for sole custody. Hopefully you & I can come up with something agreeable for all of us, keeping Ellie’s needs & wants in mind.

Oh wow, Tobias, Archer murmured. Thank you. Thank you so much. I think that’s a really great idea.

Tobias nodded, satisfied now with his decision. Perfect. Then I will be back on Friday to pick up the princess.

As the older man knelt down & kissed the toddler on the top of her head, Archer cleared his throat. I’m really glad we were able to discuss everything with Ellie but, um… he paused, letting out a nervous laugh. That’s not what I needed to talk to you about. 

Tobias stood, his eyes narrowing as he looked again towards the blond. He reminded himself of Levi & the small exchange he’d seen them share when he first arrived. It was the first time he’d seen them together like that in years. It wasn’t just a kiss on the cheek; it was their body language & the way they looked at each other. With that in mind, he swallowed down any hope that had started to creep in. If there is anything else in the divorce decree that you dislike…

It’s not about the divorce, Toby, Archer interjected. If you have a few minutes, you should probably sit down. 

  • I went to a taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight and it was wonderful and he was wonderful and sweet and nice and oh god so handsome. It’s tomorrow night’s show with Tracy Morgan. I am the girl in the fourth row on the right in the audience with the enormous blue-bandage-wrapped thumb.
  • A fun game I’m playing since I nearly sliced off the end of my thumb last weekend is How Many Everyday Activities Are Actually Incredibly Difficult Without the Use of One Thumb. Spoiler: it’s, like, most of them.
  • It doesn’t hurt most of the time now, at least, but I would really love to be able to put a button-up shirt on in less than half an hour. Or clap for 3 hours during a late-night show taping without whispering “ow” every time.
  • I have a second date with the sommelier. He was super nervous the first date so hopefully I can see him with his guard down a little.
  • I definitely have to make a job decision tomorrow. I can’t put it off any longer. I legitimately have no idea what I’m going to do and all the pros-and-cons lists and decision-making checklists have only made me more confused.
  • It’s annoying how stressful it is because I don’t even know if I want to stay in advertising for more than maybe 5, 10 more years.
  • My closest friend at work is very close family friends with the Comeys (like, James Comey is coming to her wedding) and it’s fascinating getting his side of all of this

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Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 2,699
Warnings: Swearing, smut
Author: Brittiny
Request: @gaysmutstiel Hey, Idk if you’re taking requests or not but I was hoping you could write an imagine where Sam borrows the readers laptop cause his laptop freezes(Dean was watching porn on it) and he discovers a folder called “danger” and opens it only to find that it’s more like the readers erotic journal filled with her fantasies n shizz and that leads to smut. Like Sam and the reader already have a thing going on but no one acted on it cause of hunting until Sam goes all Dom on her. Sorry if it’s too long
A/N: Sorry if this wasn’t the kinda ‘dom’ you were looking for! haha. I tried googling to improve on it, and that was little help.
Tagging: @jotink78 @crowleysthornybeauty @supernaturaltookover @faegal04 @nerdflash @allinhishands @carryonmycryingheart @killerofthesouth @drarina1737 @everythingthatmakesnothing @acreatorofworlds @suzyqueqoh @madelineannmolder @mrssamfuckingwinchester @growningupgeek @ellen-reincarnated1967 @crowleyshellkitten @sailorcrescentpotter1 @district-12-erudite @nerdwholikesword @kaydallas21 @catsandteacozies

“Damn it, Dean!” Sam yelled, agitated with his older brother. “Why on Earth do you insist on using my computer for your weird ass porn?” He snapped. You couldn’t hold back your laughter. Sam shot you a look and you tried to cool it. “It’s not funny. He froze my damn computer.” He pointed out. “Can I use yours? I’m trying to get information on this case for another hunter.” You can tell  he was beyond done with this.

You shrugged. “Go for it. I’m not using it.”

He smiled, making you weak at the knees. “Thanks.” He shut his laptop and went to get yours.

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-up at 4:30 so I can go into work today.

-I’ve worked so many Saturdays this summer. 🙁

-then hopefully a nap before we go watch a minor league baseball team play tonight.

-work gave us free tickets.

-the boy starts school in 12 days and all I’ve bought is one pack of pump pencils. I need to get it together!

-planning on driving into the city next weekend, I’ll probably just do all my shopping then.

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Nice job on Komyuniti last weekend. I was able to stop by and watch after my shift at NATC. Its really nice that the San Diego Taiko Community has a collaborative piece. Hopefully I can become a part of the community and continue playing taiko when I move back to down again to SD after graduate school. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how were you able to become a performing member of Naruwan?

hi this is super late but thank you again!! I swear one of these days you need to come off of anonymous and introduce yourself to me :)

But I became a performing member just by taking their classes for 2+ years. Diana is really encouraging and likes to include our community class members in shows often! We usually start out playing a simple piece for one of the less intense gigs (like the Asian Cultural Fest or Chinese New Year stuff, etc) and slowly transition into playing for Naruwan more often

A More Productive Day {270117} 19/100 

today i finished 2 more lessons of yonsei so i only have about 2 left i think, updated my sets and did some more memrise, continued with topik day 2, and did more grammar!! i should be able to finish this chapter tomorrow too hopefully. lets see if i can get the ball rolling again~ in other news (overwatch news lets be real) doomfist came out, played more comp with my friends and should be able to rank up this weekend yay!! also hung out on overwatch with some of my klang buddies from the kakao gc we’re in ^^ 

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I can't visit your ACNL town because of the Welcome Amiibo update :( Do you think you could go on and update your dream town?

Hey anon! Sorry about that, I hadn’t really played much ACNL since before the Welcome Amiibo update, but the good news is last weekend before I bonked my head I fired up the game and did a basic dream town update! You can now visit Starfall at it’s new dream address 5D00-007D-0C26 whenever you’d like :) And hopefully one day in the future I’ll have a chance to do a bigger, better update that takes advantage of all of the new Welcome Amiibo stuff ^^

Writing meme

Tagged by the lovely @kateera : add the first line of a WIP and tag as many people as there are words.

It’s a story I’m writing for Gobblepot Sumer 2017 (which will hopefully be posted next week). The first sentence is longer than a line xD

Detective James Gordon was enjoying his first weekend off in Gotham, his new adoptive city, by going for a jog around the lake that was ten minutes away from his flat.

Don’t think I can tag that many people, but if you people feel like playing along, please do :) @sunlitroom, @destielfourever, @guanin, @stolen-starlord, @serenwib, @motel-hario, @carry-on-my-wayward-shadowhunter, @emmageddon, @sous-le-saule

I know this is small and lame in the grand scheme of the dumpster fire that surrounds us all

But Molly is home and conked out between us. Small ulcer on her eyeball (!) and minor UTI. Some meds, rest, and cone of shame and she should be ready to party by the weekend. The vet said not to rile her up since the meds may upset her tummy and we’re trying to minimize barfing around here but all I want to do is play with her!

My brother is spending the night Saturday and they adore each other so hopefully she’s in good spirits by then so they can get their quality play time in together.

Weekend Update

I had a great but fast weekend. So this post will be great but fast. 

-My mom got to town Thursday night for our tennis tournament this weekend. Got to go out for a nice dinner. Where I had salad. 

-Worked out with my trainer, worked, played tennis, another nice dinner and an early night to bed. Also my dad got to town on Friday night for the same tennis tournament. 

-Played two tennis matches on Saturday. Got lots of sun which was great. 

-Helped work one of the tables for the tennis matches, watched my mom play her last match, which she kicked ass, and our team qualified for the regional tournament. 

-Did some light grocery shopping and did some laundry to end my weekend. Headed out of town for 3 days for work. 

-Lost 9.5 pounds so far with my cleanse and working with my trainer. Hopefully I can keep up a modified diet after the cleanse so I can keep up with this progress. 

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1, 87, or 99 for the Dragon Age questions please. Whichever you pick.

1. How did you get into Dragon Age?

Copy & Paste! :) 

“My now girlfriend (we started dating a month later) introduced me to Dragon Age! I was visiting her house over the weekend and she had me play DAO through the prologue and Ostagar! I played as a city elf rogue (who I named Betty because tormenting my girlfriend with my choices of names in RPGs is a thing).  I LOVED it. I went home and instantly bought it from my PC, and about 2 months later I had DA2 & DAI.”

87. Do you create anything in the fandom (write, draw, craft, gif, etc)?

I dabble? Just this year I started sketching again - just simple things. Hopefully I can improve if I keep practicing! 

Also this year I tried writing some fanfiction for the first time ever? Just short things so far, but I might try something longer in the future? (. .  . and then you all will unfortunately see the longest breaks between updates the world has ever seen. For I am the Queen of Procrastination)

99. Where would you live (Fereldan, Orlais, Free Marches etc?)

Oooh! I like this question. Well… .assuming this isn’t a MGiT situation (because I strongly believe that I would not survive long in Thedas as much as I wish that wasn’t true), I think Fereldan? They have dogs. I like dogs. Fereldan or Rivain maybe? Oh! Is the Frostback Basin an option (listed under places I would SURELY DIE). :D 

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It's my first day sophomore year in high school in a couple of hours I can't sleep I have anxiety and I just want to get the week overwith....if I fall asleep anytime soon I will be late..what do I do?

Well firstly, good good good luck at your next year of school! I think it’s best that you try to sleep right now (so hopefully you don’t get this message until tomorrow/this morning). Run some breathing exercises (they help me go to sleep), download Relaxia (an app which has background noise you can play to help you sleep), and I think there’s an app called ‘Calm’ that helps with settling down anxious thoughts. Talk to your parents about it when you wake up as well- have you discussed your anxiety with anyone? 

The school year is as hard as you make it out to be. The weekend is only five days away, you can do it, I believe you!! This is easier said than done- but make new friends, try new experiences and don’t let the stress of exams and marks get to you. School is never, ever worth compromising your mental health. I hope the week gets better! x

Week one, down.

So far, my attorney has been really impressed with my work. I finally had a chance to just sit in my office and take it in and organize my desk. I’m still getting used to my new computer, but I brought it home this weekend to play around with it so I hopefully I can work a little faster next week because I won’t be fumbling around as much.

The other attorneys have accepted me as one of them. I’m sure it helps that I interned there my 1L summer, but I also know that I’m more confident in myself and my abilities and am much less awkward around them than I was two years ago.

In summary, my first week was a smashing success and I’m thrilled. Exhausted, but thrilled.

Bring on the weekend.