hopefully i can make more things like this now

Hey all! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working on a personal project (an art book)! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the spring or, at least, the summer time but I’ll definitely share things once it’s close to completion! 

On that note though, with the new episodes coming out I’m getting back to working on more SU prints! Now that Blue Diamond has been introduced, I can finally start making ones of the Diamonds (mainly because I don’t think we’re going to see Pink anytime soon and no one even mentions White, what’s up with that?)! Holly Blue Agate will also be added too, so please look forward to her and Yellow coming soon!

Hope you like! <3

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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

Powerless (El Diablo x Reader)

A/N. This bitch is over 5000 words long, so prepare yourselves. The goal is for it to be three parts in total, and i’ve already started part two, so be ready for that (considering how long they are though, it could be a few days). I love this character, and he deserved better, so be prepared for more stuff for him. alright, I hope you guys like this, enjoy!

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The locker room went from almost painfully loud to dead silent in under a second. Every man in the room turned to look at (y/n) as she threw her duffel bag into her locker and began to change. She was used to it. Instead of responding she pulled on her uniform jacket, clipped her belt around her hip, and crouched to lace up her boots, all without looking at the men surrounding her.

There weren’t a lot of women who worked as guards for Belle Reve prison, but even so there was a women’s locker room just down the hall. As a prank– which she later learned happened to every woman on her first day– (y/n) had been assigned a locker in the men’s room. Griggs, and a few of the other men, were hoping to get a laugh or two out of it, but when she changed without complaint, and without giving them anything to look at, they knew the charade had failed.

“(Y/l/n)!” Griggs barked, hoping to at least make her jump. Instead she turned slowly to look at him. He hated this woman already. “I’m Commander Griggs, your superior. Are you aware you’re in the wrong locker room?”

She raised an eyebrow when a couple men snickered around her, but gave him a pleasant smile. “I’m sorry, I must have gotten the wrong locker number. I’ll make sure to have that changed. I hope I didn’t make anyone uncomfortable.” Her sharp eyes swept the room, and more then a few of the men shifted under her gaze. “And technically I serve Amanda Waller. This transfer is only temporary.”

Griggs smiled at that. “Because you were caught fucking your boss.”

That got a reaction from her. A blush spread from the tips of her ears down her neck, but instead of lowering head her eyes hardened and she gritted her teeth. “Yes sir.”

Griggs’s smile grew. She may have outranked him once, but now she was his, and she had best remember that. He would make her remember. “Perfect. Right this way, let’s introduce you to the inmates.”

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Sometimes you just gotta write your version of the finale of a show before it actually airs because you’re not sure you’re going to be able to handle the actual version of it.

“Talk to your mom yet?”

Clarke’s head jerks up from the radio in her hands, nearly dropping it in surprise. She rolls her eyes, hiding both her guilty expression and the immediate comfort she feels in his presence.

“Yep.” She can’t muster up much else. She’d become an expert at goodbyes at this point, the exact moment in the back-and-forth to switch off the part of her that was trying hang on to any ounce of stability it could find. However, she’d allowed herself to slip a bit, the conversation over the crackling radio to her mother, the person she’s said “final” goodbyes to the most. Recently, her vulnerability had been rearing its head more and more as the world began to end. Swell timing, she’d thought morosely.

“She take it well?”

Another example of Bellamy’s quick wit. Normally, it was a comfort to her, a reminder that there was someone to meet every sigh, every worry, every dilemma with a mind that existed on just the same wavelength. Someone who could somehow pull her back from tumbling into her darkest places with a few words that put a fraction of a smile on her face and a much more significant warmth in her chest.

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Stock only what you love.

This hobby can be incredibly addicting. Its easy to go overboard collecting tanks and fish. But everyone hits their limit at some point. Eventually you won’t be able to just get another tank, or you’ll get burned out on the hobby as a whole because you over did it and just aren’t invested enough in what put you over the edge.

Its easy to get into the mentality that you can do what you want with tanks just because you can. You have a spare tank lying around and see a cute fish at the store. You know you shouldn’t - you have too many tanks and they’re getting to be too much work. But you can, you’ve got everything you need to house this fish, and you figure you’ll just handle the maintenence later, so you do it.

Eventually you find yourself with too many tanks and too many fish. And you love all of these fish to some degree - but do you regret setting up that extra tank on a whim? Smuggling another one home you weren’t supposed to have?

I’ve hit that point before. I’ve had too many tanks, too many impulse buys, and most importantly - fish I was just not invested in enough.

I can think back to turning points in my time in this hobby, where I learned a lot and made major improvements in the care of my fish. And in every case, these things were prompted by a fish that I really, really loved. A fish that was a pure delight to watch.

One of the biggest turning points that I think a lot of even very experienced fish keeper miss is when I realized that I needed to rethink how I chose what fish I kept, and better manage my available tank space.

There are a lot of fish available to the hobby that I really like and would love to keep. If I came across them in the store, I’d probably be that person that gets really excited and bounces up and down at the sight of them. But when I find these fish, I’ve learned to take a step back and think about it.

First, do I even have tank space for them that would be appropriate long term housing? Not just a situation that is acceptable, but in the very best interests of this fish and any other existing fish it might be moving in with? I want to make sure my fish are always being given the best I can offer, that they don’t get a lower standard of care than my other animals because I put my wants (to have these fish) over their comfort.

Second, do I have quarantine space available? I am still planning to do that video on quarantine and acclimations that will explain this, but quarantine is really important for the health and wellbeing of your fish. I need to make sure I have both space for a permanent home and space for quarantine available when I bring them home, not just one or the other. (Especially not just quarantine, and I’ll figure out a real home later. I’m bad about this.)

And finally, the make or break question that I’ve learned to ask myself - is this the best use of my available space? I’ve realized that I can find a fish I love in the moment and bring it home, but when I have an opportunity to get something I’m much more interested in, I regret using up that tank space for a species that I am not quite as interested in. I keep lists of fish that I’d love to keep some day. Some are pipe dreams, some are more realistic. I don’t have to limit myself to fish on this list, I’m sure there are plenty of interesting fish that I’ve never encountered. But I have to love it at least as much as those fish. If I think to myself, “Would I rather use this space for X wishlist fish?” and the answer is yes, then I don’t get that fish.

This has helped cut down on my “multiple tank syndrome”, my impulse buys, and has kept me more invested in the tanks and fish I’m keeping now.

So only keep the fish you love the most, not what catches your eye in the moment. Make your hobby as rewarding as you can make it.


thank you for enjoying the post~ here is your request and i apologize if it took a little long, i’ve had a lot of things going on recently.. but hopefully i can write more now that things have settled down a little!

anyways, hope u enjoy!!!! ♡

-to kick thingS OFF!! he gets attached realllly easily
-therefore he was scared that he was falling so hard for u at first because he wanted to make sure it was mutual…
-and it was!!
-literally the main character of a kdrama (bad boy on the outside is actually not so bad on the inside)
-would put 100% into the relationship
-v loyal
-despite his harsh exterior, he is actually such a sweetie 
-he cares about you so much
-and u know this bc he really does show it constantly
-always asking if ur comfortable, checking up on u when ur not around him etc….
-just wants the best for u :-)
-soft spoken (& w/ HIS DEEP ASS VOICE BBBBBBooooy)
-his voice is super soothing to u and like whenever you two would talk during the night, u would ALWAYS end up falling asleep to his voice
-would definitely tease u about it the next time he talked to you~
-also enjoys a nice visit to the movies, or some museum ?
-mostly chilling and talking when u go out (no like…wOWZA LETS GO CLIMB A TREE or smth)
-really loves to talk with you, more than anything
-very relaxed when it comes to dates
-but is very romantic on the dates~
-lots of confessions of love, skinship, v gentlemanly etc.
-KNOWS!!! how to treat you like no other person has felt before when it is necessary
-its like he practically worships you, you are so important to him
-you are his complete universe and he treats you like you are without fail every chance he gets
-though it can get a lil possessive… but he is cautious to keep it to a minimal so ur not overwhelmed (caring!)
-probs cuddled together all the time when you’re at home
-speaking of.. he is VERY AFFECTIONATE
-likes to hold hands and just. touch you, hence the cuddling @ home thing
-rubbing ur arms, legs, tummy etc. for comfort
-him whispering in your ear with his (again) dEEP ASS VOICE
-he can also be quite protective, so expect him to always be looking out for you (especially in public)
-sensitive boy
-super duper emotional
-pls don’t hurt him, he will be crushed
-trust is HUGE
-needs u to be very direct and open about everything . esp ur feelings towards him
-also needs to be reassured so he doesn’t think anything otherwise!
-he will be just as open as u are to him, with time~
-can be v sensible & understand your feelings easily…. will react very naturally to them
-ex. ur feeling down? he will comfort u and make u feel better without fail (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. this man is like a miracle worker)
-u borrowing his sweaters
-him thinking its adorable and laughing at how big it most likely is on u (he is quite the giant)
-back hugs . 
-would be the cutest to go to the amusement park with (ref. spectacle fantasy 9)
-he would either try to be lowkey about liking it, or he would be full on enjoying the whole thing 
-bc it is a symbol of your relationship
-would also try to win something like a stuffed animal for you at one of the games
-and get fussy if he didn’t win one
-*while ur walking away from the game* “thAT SHOT SHOULD HAVE WENT IN, THAT GAME IS RIGGED!!!” “zuho.. it’s not a big deal, you didn’t have to try and win something for me..” ”but.. i wanted to get u something special that u could look back on and smile at in 50 yrs when we’re married”
-i could really go on and on about how cute it would be gee z
-prefers spend time w/ u and only u, than go out in public, in a group setting etc.
-like “hey juho, let’s go to hongdae or smth” “ehhhh, i’d rather stay home w/ u,” “but i wanna go shopping” “shop online, i’ll buy you anything u want” (biTCH)
-but he does go out occasionally~
-ex. to karaoke !!!!
-enjoys going with u a lot???!
-though he would rather just watch u sing along wildly than sing himself
-but he will be sure to show off a lil, to impress u w/ his skills
-also likes to visit korean bbq places w/ u lmao
-really, quite honestly just likes to do a lot of things with u by his side !!! 
-this boy will also tend to get quite jealous (relates to him being sensitive)
-esp. if you’re close with another guy
-bc he feels intimidated at the fact that you could leave him in a second for someone better :(
-but he would probably not tell u, unless he felt really really strongly about it
-therefore he would just keep it inside of him for a long long long time, which is sO SAD
-um but otherwise, he is truly rlly caring and sweet and loyal and such a loving boyfriend towards u <3 (10/10)

hhhnnnnngGG so here’s a thing for @phantastickle I have read ALL of your fics (probably lol) and I fucking loved “Can you hear me?” and I’ve been trying to draw tickle art for ages and this one was FINALLY successful because I can finally draw humans correctly without making them look like noodles. SO hopefully I can make more hah I’m super nervous to post this tho because I am DYING right now I have trouble even typing the t-word but uh anyways I hope you like it hehe

It’s justified that Kara would be a little pissed finding out his secret the way she does, and that there will be a fight and possible (temporary) break up to set up the flash crossover. I’m not even a little worried about this sticking as I’m sure they’ll be back together within a week or 2.

But I really hope it doesn’t take kara too long to realize she can’t judge him based on his family. I mean her family isn’t exactly spotless (Medusa virus/genocide weapon, anyone??? And then whatever side in the sister vs sister ‘planet is going to die’ debate you were on)… like she wouldn’t want to be judged by her family either.

And hopefully she understands why he was trying to dissociate from his old life, to run away and be a new person. His past didn’t matter if the planet was dead. He didn’t like who he was there and he was terrified of his father, didn’t like how things were run… he wanted to start over.

Anyways I’m positive it’ll be fine, I just hope it doesn’t take her too long to realize he’s still the same guy she fell in love with. And hopefully come to appreciate him more for the changes he is making. How far he’s come.

I just wish he’d been able to tell her before being beamed on the ship! Lol I’d be pissed if I were Kara 😂 though he didn’t ask her to jump in his beam… bah I’m dying can the episode air now please!?!?

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hey I loved your kirby adventure art and I was wondering if you could make a lil tutorial for drawing in that style/ which brushes/ what software you used. thks! ⭐

Sure! I actually have some process work from these, so I can share a little bit about how they were made! :) Fair warning - it’s going to be less “tutorial” and more “here’s a look into how this happened”.

I started off with some super tiny super rough thumbnails, after researching old timey travel posters and the intro animations. For reference, each of these thumbnails is about an inch wide, maybe? and also all of them were drawn on a train so they’re EVEN MESSIER than usual, lol

Those turned into these rough sketches, where I tried to hammer out compositions and focal points and (vaguely) value contrasts…

…which then I painted on top of in Photoshop using Kyle’s Ultimate Pastel Palooza brush. I usually go with the Fat Fun Spongy or the Ultimate Oil Lush, but those are good for blending colors and for this set I wanted things more opaque and distinct so as not to muddy up those gorgeous NES palettes~

Here’s an example of what a half-finished painting might look like, and the guidelines and layer conventions I was using.

Anyway, hopefully that’s at least a little bit helpful! Good luck with your own art-making endeavors!

And, because I must shamelessly plug my stuff, you can now get these postcards in my Etsy shop!

Emily Andras, you genius

After seeing some of the stuff on tumblr I was so nervous to watch the ep, but honestly I wasn’t annoyed with any of it.

Waverly and Rosita were just acting out of hurt and it’s clear they both still love their respective partners. They said this after the kiss. Rosita is stuck in such an awkward position with Doc and I think Waverly is more confused with her identity than angry at what Nicole did. I love how Rosita encouraged Waverly to make things right and go after her girl.

Now Waverly can rescue Nicole and the two can make up again (hopefully to both!)… and we all know how wayhaught like to make up 😍

ooc: Hey guys! So I noticed there was a month long gap in between my latest post and the one before it. 
The thing is, I didn’t even know it was that long. I thought it was a week at most. Time is moving very fast for me right now!
I have a feeling that is going to happen a lot in the next six-seven months. 
I already made a post about this I think two times already, but that was in the beginning of the summer. I thought I’d explain again really quick!

This year is my senior year at college, and since the beginning of Junior year until this upcoming March, I’m going to be working very intensely on my thesis project- for me, it’s a short 3D animated film! It’s going to be taking up pretty much my entire life until it’s done. So please understand that I won’t be able to update the blog as much as I would like to! 
(I have a thesis blog that I’ll be updating more now that the semester has began. Follow for cool 3D things and film progress updates!)

I finally got that deaged arc finished up so I can make more quick posts and hopefully some holiday posts, but posts might come far and few in between and I’m so sorry about that!

So there ya have it! 

Not deleting, not an official hiatus, just…. slow updates! 

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What sort of style evolution would you like to see from each character (you don't have to mention every character, but a few would be nice!) in the next season?

Questions like this totally make my day, so first of all thanks anon! I’ll just talk about a few of the main cast members.

Barry. I’d love to see him branch out and touch on a more edgier style than he currently has. Barry obviously goes through a lot each season, and experiences a lot of emotionally traumatic things. In the first season, he learned about his mother’s killer in relation to a person whom he had called a friend and mentor. In the second, another close friend and mentor of his betrayed him, and even killed his father in front of his eyes. And now in the third season, the love of his life is threatened to the same extent (I won’t mention the identity of Savitar for spoiler’s sake!).

Going through things like this can take a heavy toll on a person, and Barry makes a lot of bad decisions because of his immediate emotional response. But hopefully he can learn to grown from them and become a better person, a stronger person, for it. And while we all know and love a dorky Barry Allen, his character is evolving into something more. I think we’re definitely already starting to see a style evolution of sorts in the second and third season, especially in his jacket department, which instead of wool are turning more towards linen/cotton/nylon. I loved that red bomber he wore in the latest episode, as well as the black bomber he wore in the crossover episode (which come to think of it I totally forgot to post!)

I would love to seem him sport some sort of cool leather jacket in the coming season! A brand that comes to mind when I think of amazing menswear is John Varvatos. It’s safe to say I would squeal a little if Barry wore something from them!

Caitlin. It looks to me like we’ll be seeing a frostier side of Caitlin rather indefinitely. Because of this, I’d love to see her ditch the pencil skirts and maybe show a little more skin now and again. I think it would be interesting to see a fused version of Killer Frost and Caitlin’s style, with lots of leather and mini skirts, but maybe keeping with her love of florals.

Iris. There has definitely already been an evolution in Iris’ wardrobe over the seasons. While she hasn’t ditched her love of bold colour pairings, we see less prints and more solid pieces as her put-together reporter professionalism has come to the fore. I’ve said in the past that Iris is my favourite character style-wise on The Flash, and that still remains to be true. If there’s one lady that knows how to put together a look, it’s Iris West, and I definitely would not change anything about her wardrobe.

I got a lil bit carried away but I hope this is the answer you were looking for.

I’ve been wanting to doodle this out for a while now, it’s been circling my thoughts. Some sort of Police AU where Twilight’s an officer of the law (as well as a part of the K9 force; to be decided if her hound should be Ember [for the sake of being a bigger dog as a part of the force] or Spike), and Sunset’s some rebel punk who gets into a lot of fights, mischief, trouble and such. She never really does anything that warrants her actual jail/prison time longer than a few days in a localized police station, which usually just ends in a fine, or something.And of course they fall in love.
Eventually, after some time, Twilight expects to find Sunset at whatever location she’s called to for minor misdemeanors. And because of this, at some point or another, she finds herself wanting to see Sunset in those locations…not because she likes seeing the crimes happen, of course, but rather Sunny herself. Just to be able to see her, maybe get a conversation or two out of her while that exchange happens. Sunset is such a flirt with her, too. Trying to win her over with that smug, cocky grin that could melt hearts… but, Twilight manages to keep her composure due to her training and being too focused on her job, and upholding said job, through Sunset’s flirting. Though, she can’t help but think about it when she’s off duty
Sunset’s really cocky and egotistical, but that’s just because her actual esteem is super low (ANGST) and she doesn’t really know any better. Twilight hates it, it annoys her greatly because it’s just unnecessary and rude, but she knows this and still tries to look beyond it. She’s certain that Sunset’s probably struggling with a lot of internal battles which is why she’s such a “bad” person to begin with. This doesn’t excuse, however, her behavior and choices; such as drinking, (possibly) smoking, fighting, and revving her motorcycle down quiet streets in the middle of the night…etc. Twilight wants to do all she can to help Sunset and be there for her despite it all, because she’s just that type of person.
and she loves her, shh

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That’s all I have going on right now. Well, there’s probably a bit more I could add but I’ll save it for another time.
I kinda slopped together Sunset’s outfit in the meantime to some punk-looking get-up, which I will probably change later on to something a lot… better than just her old jacket, skinny jeans and a tank-top. But…yeah! That’s a thing!
Hopefully I get better at hum– …Hopefully I get better at all anatomy, so I can do more fun things like these. I don’t want to just stick to my OCs, but I don’t want to make canon characters look bad. Bleh. 
Anyway. Police AU!
Umbra Amethyst~

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Can someone please help me... how do I stay positive in a world where straight people hate me for being a lesbian and other lgbt people also hate me for being a lesbian who is anti-cotton ceiling. i'm starting to hate myself more and more, literally everyone around me is telling me i'm wrong and i'm gross and i should die

I want you to listen to me for a minute, Anon. Let me tell you something you should’ve been hearing from the LGBT community all along: you are fine, you are not broken, you don’t have to change. Being a lesbian is a wonderful thing, something to be celebrated, not condemned. Lesbophobes will always try to convince us otherwise, and it’s exhausting and painful, but you aren’t alone in this fight. None of us are.

As much as possible, try to avoid the people who are making you feel bad about your sexuality. Get off the liberal side of tumblr or off tumblr altogether. Or, follow more gay people. Follow gay people who openly speak out against liberal lesbophobia. Some of my favorites: @aphroditelesbians, @butchesandfemmes, @lesbians-are-perfect, @lesbians-or-gtfo, @lesbians-dont-like-dick.

Read lesbian fiction. I really enjoyed The Miseducation of Cameron Post. Some other popular ones are Ash and Annie on My Mind. Here’s a big list: http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/16326.Lesbian_teen_fiction.

Make a list of all the good things about being a lesbian. Maybe right now you can only think of one or two, like how pretty girls are, or how nice having a wife someday sounds. But hopefully you’ll start to think of more and more things if you have a list. Things like being part of a global community that has produced so much incredible music and art throughout history, and that feeling of solidarity when you meet the eyes of another gay girl.

It is the goal of lesbophobes to make us hate ourselves. They use a lot of manipulative, cruel tactics. But I promise you lesbians are never going to give up this fight. And when you feel like you can’t go on, remember there are lesbians out there fighting for you right now. And maybe one day, it will be you fighting for younger lesbians, for all of us, and you’ll realize how strong being a lesbian has made you.

-Mod Noel

Stephic Writings -- Fanfiction Masterpost

OKAY. I finally got around to reorganizing my masterlist of things, and now I decided to be a dummy and compile them VIA what I wrote (fics, headcanons, theories, etc). So here’s my current masterlist! C: Have a browse whenever you like! I’ll also link this onto my main blog page too. Just in case~


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ship’s log 8/19/17

Good morning, friends!  I‘d like to take this opportunity to apologize for making several of you sob into your cornflakes, but we are now in The Era Of No More Sadfic Ever, so you can breathe easier.

This week I finished two! – count ‘em – two fics!  On the same day, even!  Insanity.  three white horses ended at (an AO3 count of) 16,600 words.  your eyes on the firmament, at (an OO count of) 2163, should be out some time in September.  Hopefully?  It can’t go up until I’ve finished a couple more post-Moment ficlets, at least.  That being said, fic production over the next couple of months might be sporadic, since I’m having top surgery on Thursday and I’m driving across Canada to my new house in early October.  Packing ahoy.


442 words on (SIGH) a new story that needs a title so I can stop calling it “soft witch bucky barnes” in my notes.

You can blame this one for the lack of clonefic progress.  Mea culpa.

post-Moment ficlets:

you as you were in chambers like the rooms a swallow made (it’s all one fic, now) is up to 1024 words, nobody has gotten out of bed yet, lethal amounts of marshmallow goop.

oh, child is slightly bigger at 1272.  Lily’s having a bad day.

I know the afterglow has doubled to 2537 words and the boys still, technically, have yet to Do the Actual Deed.

I would love to get chambers finished and posted before my surgery, but I have a lot of pre-knife stuff to do and a lot of books to pack, so we’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!!

MSA Ghost - 1 Year Later

Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost is now a year old.

As of this writing, the video stands at 11,536,280 views, which is roughly 9 million more than I was honestly expecting from it.

Since day one, a fanbase not only formed from a 4 minute and 35 second music video, but is still active to this day.  At this point there is an uncountable amount of fan content, ranging from art to writing to videos to music and more.  It is an honor to have made something that so many people could draw inspiration from in so many ways.

As we reach year 2, it is my hope that me and my team can come up with additional content that will help this fanbase thrive for as long as we can manage.

While I have stated the goings on of the next project in the new versions of the character puppets, I wanted to take this 1 year mark to provide some more specific information about the next video and what I have in mind going forward.

The original Ghost video started production last year in December.  After 9 months of development, the video was released last year.  There were no plans to make anything beyond this initial video, so none of us was really prepared to think of what happened next in the weeks after release.  Due to the overwhelmingly positive response though, I went to work plotting out what would happen next in the story of Ghost.  While everything hasn’t been written down and set in stone, I think it’s safe to say that I have what I consider to be the “initial story arc” more or less finalized in my mind.  Content wise, this “arc” would take place around 5 or so additional music videos, all stemming from various Mystery Skulls songs.  Ideas have shifted pretty wildly, additional characters have been thought up only to be removed or changed, and the exact nature of characters have been reworked to better suit this longer plot compared to the first 4 minute video.  Among all this, I have kept fan input and desires in mind, and I think I have a good handle of what all is going to happen at this point.  Even then though, things have shifted around mid-production of this current video, so it is an on-going process.  While I can’t 100% guarantee our ability to WORK on said 5 or so videos, that is at the very least what we are hoping to ultimately do, one way or the other.

As for this current video, for reasons I will likely never be able to go into, production was only able to properly start this year in April.  While we certainly had ambitions to have something released by today, various technical and personal reasons have hit virtually every team member that have bogged things down some.  Unfortunately, we are a team entirely composed of people that can only afford to work on this on the side so our ability to work on Ghost content 24/7 is a bit on the impossible side.  We don’t think it will take the same 9 month period as last time though, and we hope to have something released before the end of the year.  That said, I *REFUSE* to make any specific release date announcements until we are both finished and approved by Luis (Mystery Skulls).

Once this next video is released, I will be looking into restarting talks about official merchandising, as I believe that would be best way to assist me in funding my team for their hard work.  While I have pondered the idea of crowdfunding to pay for the work for additional Ghost content, I will likely opt to avoid this.  I feel like that would simply be too risky for little actual benefit, as the odds of me, say, quitting my current day job to work purely on this stuff is just not going to happen any time soon.  Merchandise feels like the more convenient way to go for now, and will hopefully be able to get some fan interaction with contests and stuff.

Anyway, I think that just about covers things for one post.  I will see if I can make time to answer some user questions this week, so stay tuned.

To help tide everyone over, here is a .gif of one of the first shots of the video,  just now polished up by our super talented Special Effects Artist, Patrick.  It is still WIP, mind you, but this shot is pretty much 95% done by now.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you for sticking with us.  We are doing what we can to deliver as high a quality videos as our little rag-tag team can manage. 

-Mystery Ben