hopefully i can make more soon

Hey all! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been working on a personal project (an art book)! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the spring or, at least, the summer time but I’ll definitely share things once it’s close to completion! 

On that note though, with the new episodes coming out I’m getting back to working on more SU prints! Now that Blue Diamond has been introduced, I can finally start making ones of the Diamonds (mainly because I don’t think we’re going to see Pink anytime soon and no one even mentions White, what’s up with that?)! Holly Blue Agate will also be added too, so please look forward to her and Yellow coming soon!

Hope you like! <3

Personal Safety on Campus!

Because I know a lot of my followers will be leaving home and going to college soon I wanted you all to make sure that you pack something you might not of thought about, safety devices. Unfortunately we still live in a shitty world so we should protect ourselves. These are all methods I have used myself and unfortunately I have had to use all of them at some point. Hopefully you will never need to use any of these but I would rather you all be safe.

All these tips are gender neutral because anyone can be assaulted, friends. (Although we all know you’re more likely to be assaulted if you’re a woman or LGBT+ so please consider these)

There are several different ways to make yourself feels safer while walking home late at night. 

  1. I personally carry a knife with me at all times, make sure yours is legal in your state and you can carry it on campus because some campuses have restrictions on spring or size of the blade. Get familiar with it and how it feels. You don’t want the first time you use it to be the time you need it the most.
  2. Pepper spray, tasers, and alarm keychains. I’ve used this one and I recommend it if you don’t have a ton of experience with pepper spray or tasers. Pick what you’re comfortable with. The personal alarm is super easy to use and loud as fuck. Attach it to your keychain when you carry your keys.
  3. General tips
    1. No headphones when walking in low populated or dark areas alone
    2. Stay aware, walk with purpose.
    3. Lots of colleges offer FREE self defense classes, take one and bring your friends with you.
    4. If you’re on campus late at night ask someone from class to walk with you part of the way. No one will tell you “No” for this.
    5. Stay on guard even when you’re in your Uber home.
    6. Never go clubbing alone
  4. Safety apps. There are several. SafeTrek is a popular one!

These are just basic tips and you should further educate yourself on what you can do to stay safe. Just general reminders of things you should get before heading off to college. Stay safe, lovelies!


RWBY Art Challenge Day 7: A Parent.

This is an AU where nobody dies, but bad role models still exist. 

This is very late, but I started it before I had some stuff come up and just wanted to finish it! I may have missed the last 7 or so days, but I guess my guilt resulted in 4 parents for the price of 1, so that’s something at least!

I actually started coming up with so many ideas for comics I can do featuring the RWBY moms, so hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more comics with them soon!

Till next time! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ ☆*:・゚


I am making acrylic overwatch ‘pick your ship’ charms!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

They are all double sided so they can smooch whatever character you like! 

They will be available in 2.5″ phonecharm and keychain style clear acrylics!
You can get them at (hopefully) Megacon, (definitely) Metrocon, and soon on my etsy shop (will add a link when available)!

And yes!! I will be adding more characters, but not not for a month or 2 because  i need a break! orz

HEY EVERYONE!!! Yes, I am alive, I’ve just been busy with applying to schools and working on stuff for friends, which I still need to finish -___- but I really wanted to draw this, so everything had to stop. Just wanted to practice more on my Mashima art style because I love it so much, plus I think Eileen and Erza deserve to have a happy conversation, so here they go! And of course Jellal in the background thinking there’s two Erzas LOL They look so alike! Anyway, hopefully I can make more post soon!



He had it pretty rough back then, wouldn’t you agree? 

anonymous asked:

so how about Tony facing his worst fears in order to save Peter? And then in return, Peter rides out the subsequent panic attacks and mental breakdowns that come from it. (Bc I'm a sucker for that angst haha)

The first thing he noticed when he came back to consciousness was the hand that carded gently through his hair.

He jerked, hands flailing wildly as he attempted to fight off the ghost of his attackers. God, his head hurt. He felt woozy; nauseous in a way he hadn’t since developing his powers. Everything felt a little off-kilter, and as he rolled to the side, his head fell from the soft surface it had been resting on and down toward a far harder, unforgiving one, which only increased the pain in the back of his head-

“Hey hey hey, Peter, whoah, calm down, it’s okay, it’s just me. It’s just me! You’re good, kid, you’re good,” someone said above him, and Peter groaned a little, but let himself relax instinctively at the sound of the voice.

Safe voice. Good voice. No threat. That was nice.

“T’ny?” he slurred, rolling back around and opening his heavy eyelids, trying to focus on the figure that was leaning over him.

“That’s me,” Tony replied, giving him a weary grin. His lip was split and there was a cut running across his cheek which was bleeding pretty heavily, so the whole thing looked rather grim, but still. Peter guessed it was the thought that counted. “You feeling okay? Kinda woozy? Gonna be sick, do you think?”

Peter thought about it for a second, before shaking his head. “Not g’nna hurl. J’st feel like…”


“Garb’ge, yeah.”

Tony nodded, patting him on the shoulder. “Yeah, that’ll be the drugs. You remember what happened?”

Peter furrowed his brow, trying to think back. His whole head just felt fluffy- like trying to wade through candyfloss, or catch smoke. “There was…lunch?”

Tony let out a brief bark of laughter. “Of course that’s the part you remember. Yeah, you were in the SI cafeteria, grabbing me some food. It was break, so there were a tonne of other people too.”

Peter began to nod a little as the memories cam back. “An’ then… then there was…gas?”

Tony grimaced. “Fucking HYDRA. Gassed the whole room out, came in with all their shitty guns, told me I had one minute to get down there or they’d start shooting. Honestly,” he shook his head, and had Peter not felt the slightly shaking hand on his shoulder, he would have thought Tony was more annoyed than afraid, “they’re so goddamn crass sometimes.”

Peter made a face. “Why am I here, though? Did I fight ‘em?”

“I’m not sure. I left before I could see the rest of the footage. But the last thing I saw was you…” Tony stopped, looking rather haunted, “you were the last one standing. I think it took more for your body to be overcome by the gas. They must have…fuck, I don’t know.” He shook his head, hand gripping a little tighter to Peter’s shoulder. “They must have recognised you. You’re seen with me a lot, so I guess they just thought you were valuable. Probably because you’re gonna be useful bargaining material,” Tony muttered, face like thunder as he rubbed a hand over his eyes. “God, I’m sorry kid. I’m so… fuck,” he whispered, looking away, eyes flicking up and over Peter’s head for a moment, before resting back down on Peter’s face. “I won’t let them do anything to you, though, Peter, I swear- God, I’ll torch their entire foundations to the fucking ground if they do and they fucking know it, so I don’t know what they’re thinking-”

“I’ll be fine,” Peter said quietly, finding Tony’s hand and gripping as he slowly hauled himself into sitting position. It sent a wave of dizziness over him, and he wobbled precariously for a moment before settling. “I’m enhanced. It takes a lot to hurt me.”

“Hey, hey, just lie down, Peter- you need to conserve energy. The drugs were only designed for normal humans. It’ll hopefully be out of your system soon, and you can get out,” Tony told him, pushing him back down so his head was resting in Tony’s lap once more. Peter wasn’t even strong enough to push back.

“Fuck,” he cursed. “This’s the f’rst time I been kidnapped,” he muttered.

“And I’m gonna make sure it’s your last,” Tony replied harshly, speaking more to himself than Peter. He looked pretty stricken, and his eyes kept goddamn shifting-

Curiously, Peter turned, rolling on his shoulder until he was facing the other way. He hadn’t properly taken in his surroundings yet, and the position he was lying in meant that he had his head facing the tiles of the wall

As he turned, his eyes widened a little. It took a while for his focus to shift back in, but once it did, he noted the large glass pane that separated them from the rest of the room.

They were in a holding cell; nothing more than a box, really. No features, no windows. Just like a part of an empty room had been cordoned off by glass. And on the other side…

There was some weird, futuristic-looking device. Like a vat, but completely see-through. Peter could see the water that glistened, eerily still in the light of the afternoon. It was the only thing in the huge warehouse.

A deep, primal sort of fear struck him as he took it in. It wasn’t some fancy schmancy death machine, it wasn’t intricate or even obviously threatening.

It was just water. 
But that held the potential for many, many unpleasant things.

(read more, mobile users!)

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Moving Day

Pairing: Felix Lee × Reader

Word Count: 889

Originally posted by hyyunjinn

A/N: I just want to say a special thanks to @squishywoojin for inspiring me to write this with your cute af posts!!

You entered their dorm for the first time in what seems like forever, but in reality it was only a week or two. Felix had called you over to help him switch rooms since the rest of the members are finally moving in the next day. You knew it was early but it was quiet, it was never quiet in the dorms. You creep your way into the boys’ shared room and walk over to Felix’s bed to see him with his cheek pressed against his arm and his dark hair all disheveled.

The sight brought a wide smile to your face, you decided to wait a few seconds to take it in before waking him. “Felix, babe.” You whispered ever so softly while running your fingers through his floppy locks. You repeat yourself a few times until he eventually comes to. The groggy boy just murmured a “Hey” before asking you if you could grab him something from the kitchen while he got dressed.

Of course you comply because you could literally never say no to a sleepy Felix, he was just too cute. In the kitchen you search for some sort of breakfast food you could make and the only easy thing you found was a box of cereal. You grabbed the milk out of the fridge, as well as two bowls from the cupboard. You pour the desired amount of cereal into the bowls FIRST and th milk followed AFTER. As if on cue, Felix joined you in the kitchen and thanked you for making his breakfast. Meanwhile you two sat and ate breakfast the other members slowly joined you guys in the kitchen, and each of them making themselves a bowl of cereal.

“So are you guys excited for the other members to move in?” You asked the boys, trying to make some conversation but all of them just gave back a tired reply and continued to munch on their cereal. It was kind of expected though, you knew that they have been working so hard lately so you just let them eat their food in peace.

“Jeongin-ah and Jisungie are lucky, they don’t have to move out of the room.” Felix said with pouty lips before taking the finishing bite of his cereal.

“It’s not our fault that you and Chan Hyung suck at rock, paper, scissors.” Jisung giggled before placing his empty bowl in the sink and exiting to the shared room.

After breakfast, You, Chan, and Felix got busy clearing out their belongings. You took a huge load of Felix’s clothes and transferred them to the smaller room down the hall and while you were alone in the room you took this opportunity to snatch one of your favorite T-shirts he wore because you knew with the whole show being filmed you won’t be able to see him nearly as much as you used to.

“You really think you could get away with that?” The sudden sound of Felix’s low voice made you jump and clutch the white shirt to your chest. The tall boy approached you and put his hands on both of your cheeks, which were flushed with embarrassment, and just smiled his toothy smile that always made your heart melt. “You can have it if you really want it.”

“I really want it,” You honestly told him with a soft delicate voice.

“Then its yours,” He gave you another warm smile and placed a light chaste kiss on your forehead, which just made your cheeks burn even more.

It only took a few more hours of moving to get all of Felix’s stuff into his new room, but as the day progressed, the sky became a dark grey color and started lighting up with streaks of lightning. Your mood started to morph due to the conditions outside the window to Felix’s new room. While Felix was finished putting things where he would like them you took it upon yourself to get under his covers and wait for him to get everything in place. The room was silent except the sound of the rain falling heavy on the roof and Felix’s occasional movements around the room, it almost lulled you to sleep. Before you could get there though, Felix joined you in bed.

You scooted your way closer to the boy and looked up at him. Neither of you said anything, you just gazed at each other. The longer your eyes lingered on his face the more attention you paid to the freckles that speckled his cheeks. You started to count them.

“One, two, three, fou-”

“What are you doing?” Felix questioned you while letting out a loud fit of laughter.

“Shh, You’re going to make me lose my place. Five, six, seven, ei-” You giggled, placing a single finger upon his lips.

“Are you counting my freckles!” He interrupted you once again, but this time is was a little muffled due to your finger.

“Yes, now shuush. Eight, nine, ten … “ You continued counting every dark spot on his skin until you eventually fell asleep with your head on his shoulder, still slightly looking up at him. The boy continues to examine your sleeping features and just smiles to himself.

Felix thought how lucky he was to have someone so supportive and loving as you were on his arm, Literally.

KNK Reaction to their Significant Other Being Extremely Cuddly

Request:  Hello~ Could i request a KNK reaction to their girlfriend being extremely cuddly? Love your work and thanks in advance!!!^.^<3

A/N: This made me extremely happy. KNK are my boys. This is my first time writing something for them, so please take it easy on me. :) <3

Originally posted by kfulllove

Kim Jihun: 

    Jihun himself seems to be a bit reliant on cuddles so I don’t think he would mind to much if his partner is as well. I feel like there would be fights over who is allowed to be the little spoon. He would totally demand back scratches whenever it was his night to be little spoon. 

Originally posted by softseong

Kim Youjin

     I think his reaction would be very situational. If it was in public I think he would want to keep PDA a little bit lowered than if you were in private, so hand holding or arm linking is probably as far as you will get. In private however he was at your mercy. 

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bad at love - part three

pairings : reddie

words : 1.3K

warnings : none

ok but bc part two did so well i decided to treat ya'll  and post part three super early! bad news tho this is the second last part of the series, I hope you all like it!!

Eddie’s shoulders were tense under Richie’s hold. He could feel the breath from the taller boy fall upon his cheek, and the dark curls he loved so much melding itself with his own dark hair. Eddie could feel the heat rise on his cheeks, gladly appreciating Richie covering half his face with his bushy hair.

“Back already?” Mike questioned. Richie snorted before sliding down beside Eddie, throwing himself on top of Eddie’s lap, his legs tangled with Eddie’s own.

“Well, long story short.” He puts his arm against the back of the chair. “I’m a free man.” He showered the group of misfit teens with a blinding grin.

“But you guys were so happy.” Eddie says glancing back at Richie. The position the boys ended up sitting in was nothing new to the either of them. Richie draped across Eddie’s lap, Eddie’s arm wrapped around the Richie’s waist. This is how it had always been. “I saw you earlier, after school. You guys were acting like perfectly happy couple.”

“Well, Ed. Funny thing, it’s not that hard to fake happy.” He gripped Eddie’s shoulder with his right hand. “Now, you and me though, I could work with that.” He winked at Eddie, smirking slightly at the smaller boys flushed cheeks. “No, faker needed.” He starred for a bit, maybe a little bit too long. Eddie was beautiful. This was nothing new to Richie, he had harboured a crush on the boy all through most of their childhood. From the lack of any present and reliable parental figure, Eddie was one of the only constant Richie had in his life growing up. Despite the Loser’s being there most of the time as well, Eddie had always been Richie’s favourite. The former friendship had only begun due to the relatively easy flow between the two. They would bicker back and forth but knew when to draw the line. Richie admired the fact that Eddie could bounce back from whatever insult he through at him, he challenged the boy to think and come up with bigger and better content for future conversations.

Richie in simple words loved Eddie. He loved him with his entire being. From head to toe. Richie would do anything for this boy just to see his bright smile. Whether that was taking on a murderous shapeshifting clown or sneaking into his bedroom window at three am, to bring him a hot chocolate when he was feeling down. Nothing was too much. Most of Richie’s waking thoughts were spent hoping that Eddie was safe and having a good day, missing him when he wasn’t there and wondering when he was going to be back. And If that isn’t love, well Richie didn’t know what was.

An extensive ‘Um,’ was drawn out by one of the remaining four Loser’s sitting at the table. Too wrapped up in his own thoughts Richie hadn’t yet noticed the departure of Ben, Mike and Bev all claiming they were going to get a head start on playing Streetfighter. Ben exclaiming that he needs all the practice he can get if he wants to beat Richie anytime soon. “So, Bill and I are going to go play some pinball, we’ll see you both later yeah?” Waiting for no response Stan dragged Bill off toward the pinball machines. Face flustered at the tension which had settled in-between the two boys in question.

Eddie shifted his position to face Richie more directly, pulling at Richie’s waist to turn his body with his own. Richie tightened his grip around the boy’s neck hopefully making the situation a little easier. Richie always commended the boy at his ability to hold his weight so easily considering the dramatic size difference. The boy had yet to make any eye contact with Richie, he starred down into his lap and played with his fingers. He mumbles something under his breath which Richie had no hope in hearing. “Sorry Eds, couldn’t quiet hear you.” Richie teased the poor boy. Eddie took in deep breathe before clearing his throat. He glanced up into Richie’s warm honey eyes.

“You, uh – you said earlier you were in love with someone else?” Swallowing down all the courage Eddie possessed to confront Richie, he flickered his eyes to behind Richie’s face where all five losers are standing. They all give a reassuring nod to Eddie. He took in a deep breathe knowing this wasn’t to end the way they all were hoping. “Why did you never tell me who it was?”

Gasping loudly, Richie’s mouth opened wide as he stared at Eddie with a hand clenched to the shirt covering his heart. “My boy, I thought you already knew.” Eddie raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes, still awaiting his answer. “Your Mom Ed’s. I’m in love with your Mother. Mrs.K. You better get used to having another Da- “Richie was cut short by Eddie throwing him off his lap. He landed hard on the ground with an ‘oof’ Richie sat in shock, he looked at the boy with a smirk playing on his lips. Eddie’s face remained void of any emotion as he stood over him and walked away.

 “Eddie!” Richie shouted as he watched his figure faded into the overly crowd arcade.

All five losers had watched the scene play out. From Eddie pushing Richie onto the ground, to the part where the boy wiped away the tears leaking from his eyes as he walked past them, slamming the door shut. They all glanced over to Richie, mouths wide open as he starred at the door with confusion on his face. “W-what the fuck Rich!” Bill voice boomed across the room. Richie stood form the floor and headed toward his friends.

 “All you had to do was not be a dick, for once in your life.” Bev piped up, crossing her arms over her chest and narrowing her eyes at him.

“What did I do?”

Stan scoffed from behind Bill, “I told you it wouldn’t work. Richie is too- he’s too Richie Tozier.” Stan said with a wave of his arms as he gestured up and down Richie’s body. “Now poor Eddie’s all heartbroken and shit.”

“Did you listen to anything he had to say?” Mike raised his eyebrows at Richie waiting for a reply. Richie was slightly speechless as he looked among his friends.

“He hadn’t said anything!” Stan scoffed in response.

“Ah, so you didn’t even let him say anything before you were a dick!” Richie squinted his eyes at Stan, slightly insulted.

“He asked me who I was in love with, I said his Mom.” Ben groaned and if Bev could face palm Riche right now she would.

“G-go talk to him.” Bill said awfully loud if they hadn’t already attracted most of the arcades attention by now, they just did. Stan stepped in-between Bill and Mike to come face to face with Richie. Being the only two in the group who rivalled in height. Stan’s facial expression was extremely aggressive, if Richie were to say the least.

“I don’t have any clue as to why, but he’s in love with you, you fuckface! Now go see him before he changes his goddamn mind!” Richie’s eyes widen, flickering back and forth as he processes the information. A quick ‘shit’ was whispered from under his breath as he ran toward the door. Bumping into children and tripping every few feet. The Loser’s yet again stood back and watched the gangly limbed boy child make his way to the one and only person who will ever be able to stand him. With a shake of his head Stan headed back to the table, “He better not fuck it up again.”

A/N Hey my dudes, hope you liked this part! I’m super excited for thr next one tbh.  If you have any feed back much would be appreciated! I hope you are all having a nice day! x

if any of you guys wanna be tagged for part 4 lemme know.

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It's really helpful that you made a trait tutorial but your theme makes it really hard to read for me. Do you think you'd mind making a copy of it without the read more? So I can reblog it to mine and be able to read it better?

Hello! Yes, yes, I agree my theme makes this post, and every other post for that matter, pretty hard to read. I plan on changing it very soon! If you are having problems seeing the images, I don’t know what to say. Hopefully this will make them show up a bit bigger, but since this isn’t a normal post their is no way for you to enlarge them. Maybe try zooming in and hopefully the image won’t be too blurred out that you can’t see. :(

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any more questions, just ask!!

Trait Tutorial

Make sure you are using the latest mod constructor by @zerbu. You can download that Here.

After downloading

I suggest making a folder to put the downloaded WinRAR ZIP file into. Once you unzip the file, look for the Constructor2 Application.

Making the Trait

Open the application. Enter your creator name and your mod name. When you finish, press “Create Mod”.

On the top bar, click “Create Resource”. Select, “Buff/Trait” and click “!!Create Trait”. Then enter a resource name and press “Create Resource”.

Once the new resource comes up it should look like this. Make sure the “Create Trait” box is checked. Set the “Trait Simdata” to personality (only if you are making a personality trait, but for now I’m sure that is what you want to do). Add a “Trait Name”, “Trait Icon”, and “Trait Description”. Change the “Trait Category” to whatever of the four options you would like, based on what it does (Emotional, Hobbies, Lifestyle, or Social).

Adding Whims

If you would like to have whims that correlate to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Whims” subcategory. Next to “Trait Whims”, click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be categories where you can find pre-existing whims. On the right, you can select as many whims as you would like (and you can always add more). These whims will randomly appear ever once-in-a-while. You can click the “Select” button when you have all the whims you would like. In the “Reason” category type, “(From Trait Name)”.

Adding Special Effects

If you would like to add special effect to your trait, follow the steps below.

Staying on the “Trait” tab, navigate to the “Special” subcategory. You can check any of the four options (Immortal, never aging, etc.) and you can also add an effect that changes the way your sims will talk if they have this trait. There are also four options for this (Normal, alien, reaper, and ghost).

Changing how a sim’s needs will increase or decrease.

If you would like to change how quickly a sim’s need will decays or how quickly they will increase when using your trait, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Needs” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Needs” tab. You can select “Need Decay Rates” or “Need Increase Rates”. “Need Decay Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will decay. “Need Increase Rates” will affect how quickly, or slowly, a sim’s needs will increase. For example, under “Need Decay Rates”, a trait about never being bored could have the “Fun” slider almost at zero, that way their fun would go down much slower than other sims’.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples below. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim’s skills will be effected.

If you would like to change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a skill, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Skills” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Skills” tab. You can select “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”. Under the “Skill Gain” tab you can change how quickly, or slowly, a sim gains a new skill. Under the “Effective Skill” tab you can change the effect of actions related to a skill. For example, increasing the cooking effective skill level will result in better quality food. Under each of these tabs there is a third set of seven subcategories that have every type of skill in the sims 4. Change the slider to effect the “Skill Gain” or “Effective Skill”.

Note: Under the “careers” subacategory, it is very similar to this and the examples above. You can change the increase and decrease rates for each type of career.

Changing how a sim acts by themselves

If you would like to change how a sims acts autonomously, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Autonomy” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Autonomy” tab.

Commodities (Pictured above)

This option allows you use autonomy settings from other traits and buffs. For example, if you use the Active trait, sims will autonomously preform actions that an Active sim would normally do, such as doing push-ups or working out. Next to the “Commodities” box click on the magnifying glass. A new box will pop up. On the left there will be three categories for you to choose from (”Traits”, “Emotions”, and “Needs”). On the right you can select the pieces you want your trait to showcase. Once you have done this you can press the “Select” button.


“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of a need using this option. For example, setting the hunger slider to a higher value should cause Sims to autonomously eat more.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount. 

Trait Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will preform interactions related to a particular trait here. If the trait’s commodity is not added in “Commodities”, it will only take effect if the Sim ALSO has that trait, or another custom trait that does add it.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Emotion Commodities

“You can increase the likelihood a Sim will follow the autonomy of an emotion using the option.” - (Mod Constructor 2 By Zerbu)

To change this, you need to move the slider to the preferred amount.

Changing how Sims will increase or decrease relationships

If you would like to change how a sim’s relationship will be increased or how it will decrease, follow the steps below.

Move to the “Buff” tab and navigate to the “Relationships” subcategory. The second set of subcategories are below the “Relationships” tab. You can select “Relationship Increase” or “Relationship Decrease”. “Relationship Increase” effects how good sims are at making relationships (”Friendly”, “Romantic”, or “Mischief”). “Relationship Decrease” effects how quickly a sims will be disliked if the preform mean interactions. This does not change how quickly a sim will loose their relationships naturally. You can move the slider to your preferred amount.

Using the “Loots”, “Broadcasters”, and “Proximity” tabs for making buffs

These tabs allow you to add buffs that make your sims feel a certain way. For example, when using the Goofball trait, your sims can randomly become playful. Check below for a wonderful tutorial by Zerbu.

How to export traits and put them in your game

Once you have finished making your trait and adding all the parts you want, you will need to export your trait. Navigate to the “Export Package” button in the top left corner. Export the trait to your desired location. Then, move it into the sims 4 mods folder. It should the appear in game. You should always test your mods, in case you find any problems.

For some extra help, try looking at these tutorials.

I hope I could help, and if you still have any questions, Ask!!


I’ve been wanting to make a TAZ animatic for so long, hopefully I can make some more soon!

Fic: Ice Cold (Part IV)

Hi! Here’s the third part! This is already explained in the first part, but this is based on a post made my @ec-sanderssides and also, in this other amazing post here!

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This one is the same as part III only fro Logan’s point of view, so sadly it doesn’t move on much with the story, but hopefully it’ll explain things? Don’t know D: And it turned out soo LONG!!!!

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They’re in the middle of Tangled when it happens. The sound of breaks being hit in desperation making them all jump before the loud honk even registers in their minds. Morality is the first to jump and scream, followed by Roman. He can’t say the sudden scare didn’t affect him as well, he did yell, but he was way faster in getting a hold of himself than the other two.

The three of them get near the ‘screen’ that shows them Thomas’s visual field. Morality, of course, is a mess; Roman a close second. While one worries, the other fumes, neither of them being of any help. So, he makes sure to calm them all down. Sure, he is in fact, angry. Transit rules are there for a reason; who knows what the man now approaching them was doing not to see Thomas crossing the street; he was going through a crosswalk, crossing an otherwise empty street. This hadn’t been their host’s mistake.

However, no matter how much he’d like to give the man a piece of his mind and a good teaching on transit regulations, Thomas is their priority. And right now, that means keeping him calm.

“He’s okay, he’s okay, it was just a car” he explains to the others. Roman doesn’t listen to him, choosing to keep ranting; which, okay, he can understand that, but there’s something called priorities.

Luckily, Morality does calm down enough to focus on Thomas and soon goes to calm the boy down instead of panicking alongside him.

The man is soon next to them with a chorus of apologies, for which Logan cares little to nothing about. This is Thomas.

Princey is still pacing and swearing to somehow hurt the man when Morality tries to appease him. It was an accident.

“Yeah, well” he can’t help but let some of his own anger show now that someone else has taken on the role of peacemaker “it could have been more than just an accident! Traffic rules were made for a reason, Patton!” However, he has to concede eventually. Patton does have a point after all, while it certainly was a big scare, Thomas is physically unharmed.

He focuses on listening to the man, Marcus he now knows, talking to Thomas. After all, they should be going to the police station after this, no matter how much Morality might want to resist to the idea.

While he does have his attention on the man speaking to them, he can still hear the others behind him. He assumes Princey’s finally letting go of his anger by the tone of his voice as he addresses Anxiety.

He recognizes, however, Patton’s worried voice. Not his normal worried. His low, uncertain kind of worried; and it causes some sort of alarm to creep up his back, enough for his hearing to slightly sharpen towards them.

Therefore, he’s perfectly capable of hearing Prince’s worried call.

“I think something’s wrong” the fanciful side says and Logan turns around in confusion.

The sight that greets him is one he will never forget. He knows so because he hasn’t been able to forget the first time Roman got his first migraine or Patton his first fever.

And while at that precise moment he had yet to figure out this was something of the same nature as the other two, he knew just by looking at the youngest side that it was in the same level of graveness.

Virgil is sitting on the floor with his legs bent, his back resting against the lower part of their couch. He looks just as he had looked a few minutes prior while Patton was caressing his hair; except he isn’t slouched in borderline sleepiness. His back is straight as a string, his whole demeanor tense. And, worst of all, he’s still. Not the let’s not move so they can’t see us kind of still, but the one that doesn’t leave any space for blinking or switching or breathing.

He makes his way towards him as he takes the whole picture in. Anxiety’s expression is one of pure shock; his mouth is a thin line, his jaw clearly tense, his face is no longer pale but grey and maybe just the smallest hues of blue, which quickly leads his eyes towards any other patch of visible skin. His hands are grey as well and he’s willing to bet he’ll find his nail beds to be tainted a pale purple.

His eyes are wide open but glassy and unseeing, and that’s what scares him the most.

Morality is crouching before the anxious side, Prince soon doing the same.

“K-kiddo?” Patton asks “L-logan… what’s happening?” and he touches Virgil’s arm. Somewhere in his mind a voice tells him Patton shouldn’t touch him, it’ll hurt him, but he’s too busy trying to ignore the evidence to ask himself why “He’s freezing!!”

Logan isn’t all that surprised.

He gently pushes the other two aside, kneeling in front of the younger persona, forcing himself to swallow through a lump in the middle of his throat as he stares directly into vacant eyes.

“Virgil?” he dares ask. There’s no answer. He didn’t really think there would be. He just… he just seems to be… is… “He is…He’s frozen…” he manages to make out, having to forcibly convince himself of what the obvious explanation is “I-I don’t… I don’t know if he can hear us… I think it was because of the abrupt scare”

What other explanation was there, after all. When you get a sudden fright, you freeze. Anxiety just didn’t get any further from that point. And there’s a good point that their youngest isn’t really conscious to begin with. If his theory is correct, this is practically the same that happens to him, and he usually passes out soon after getting hit by it. The pain is too great. That’s what scares him the most about this. To Anxiety, this probably hurt like hell.

Still, he forces himself to think, they’ll cross that bridge when they get there. Right now, they don’t even know if the side can hear them.

“What do you mean?” Roman demands with a desperate tone. While el príncipe can be estúpido, Roman is no idiot, and he knows he is probably somewhat aware of what is happening, but doesn’t want to admit it.

“Maybe…” he says, because there’s still a chance he’s mistaken. He really wants to be mistaken “You know… how we all… I always thought that he might have one too”

“What are you talking about?!” the fanciful side cries, louder this time, wilder.

“Frozen in fear” is all he says. What more of an explanation do they need?

Patton’s answer to that is a loud, deep sob.

While he is startled, he is not surprised by the visceral reaction. Ever since getting used to their little… problems, a common question was whether Virgil would ever suffer from them as well. Sure, he did get panic attacks as a side effect of what he is and represents, and they did get quite bad as a result of sudden unexpected frights such as this one, but they hadn’t seen him having one of those in a long time, so they weren’t truly sure whether he still even had them. There were a lot of things they didn’t know about him after all. Besides, these things weren’t of day to day occurrence either.

Patton had confided in him, out of worry and need of a second opinion, that when checking on the other side after a really big scare, while he would say he was fine, he was always in bed and Patton was sure a little sick as well or at least not feeling very good. But he was never able to prove it, Anxiety ushering him out as soon as he could.

Deep inside, he knows all three of them had been wishing the youngest was the exception to all of this; after all, he was indeed the side that got the most whiplash from being a side. Logic was fine with knowledge, Morality happy with his emotions and Roman proud of his creativity. He never believed anxiety was any of those three. He was anxious just for existing, while he knows he wasn’t necessarily unhappy, he did have the more amount of cons to deal with it. That’s why it made sense that he hopefully wouldn’t have a specific, traumatic way of his nature showing like they all did.

Of course, Anxiety would probably think it was just obvious that he would get something like this even considering all the other things. This time, Logan would be lying if he told him it was having a cognitive distortion.

Patton sobs quietly after that, next to both of them, still holding tightly onto the younger’s arm. He isn’t about to try and console Morality when not even Roman is making any attempts at doing so, instead, he just carefully detaches the oldest side’s hand from the other.

“It probably hurts him to be touched by us” he says lowly in response to Patton’s heartbroken eyes glancing at him in question, trying to ignore the renewed tears that fall at his words.

Roman, after a few seconds of staring at the floor as if it had done him great offense finally stands up and starts pacing, as any angered beast would be in face of a troubling situation.

He looks at him for a moment before letting his eyes wonder behind the pacing persona to make sure that Thomas is handling everything on his own. Their host is currently calling Joan so he lets himself worry about what’s currently the biggest problem and the vision field fades under their lack of interest.

He stands up as well, not without first making sure Patton is somewhat alright or at least keeping himself together, they can’t help Virgil if one of them is having a breakdown. Patton is quietly crying with one hand gripping Virgil’s hoodie like a lifeline, but pulling on it towards himself so his hands isn’t near their friend’s t-shirt and skin.

Once he’s fully standing Roman halts his pointless wondering, turning towards him with more emotions on his face than he cares to recognize right now.  It’s the same expression he has when Patton gets a fever, except maybe stronger? Angrier? It’s obvious none of them had wanted to believe this could happen.

“What do we do” he waits for an order. If anything, he can appreciate his level headedness that makes him look for the solution before dwelling too much on the problem itself. He knows Morality enough not to take it personal for him not being able to do the same.

Besides. This is Virgil.

“We need to get him in the tub. I’m guessing this is very much like what usually happens to me, if not quite so literal maybe” after all, one was frozen in fear (he theorizes) while his is a brain freeze, he thinks maybe Anxiety’s is more of an internal thing, but then again, that might just be wishful thinking, a mistake he’ll allow himself to make on the grounds that he’d rather believe Virgil isn’t suffering as he himself always does until proven wrong. He really doesn’t want to believe Anxiety might be in that much pain, so no matter how irrational, he’ll ignore it. At least for now “I’ll cover him with a blanket so you can scoop him up without hurting him. You’ve got to move him carefully, there is a chance his body might be rock solid, and if it isn’t then the movement will cause him pain” he knows it does “We need to take him to the bathroom”

They both make their way towards the other two then. Logan kneels down as Princey hands him one of the blankets they’d been using while watching the movie and he wraps it around the youngest as best a he can with Morality’s help.

As soon as they’re done, Princey takes his place by Anxiety’s left side before gathering him in his arms. While he isn’t exactly limp, he can see the dark side’s stiff body offering the slightest of resistance to the movements, he isn’t literally frozen solid, which does make breathing a little easier.

Prince is careful in his task, moving slowly and carefully, making sure to have him in as comfortable a position as he can as well as not moving him so much. He knows he’s the one who does the same for him whenever he finds himself in a similar situation, but he’s pretty sure Prince is being even more meticulous in his task this time.

To say they’re all currently a bit rattled and unsure would be an understatement.  

They do a confusing way towards the restroom, with Roman moving as slowly and swiftly at the same time, or trying to that is, having Patton and himself doing some kind of unproductive dance of two steps forward one step back around him as a result.

Once they get there, Logan hurries to the tub, ready to receive the youngest trait. Roman carefully lowers him, Patton having already kneeled next to them, unwilling to take his eyes off the anxious facet.

“Alright” Roman sighs, sounding as if he had been holding his breath so far “we got him on the tub, what now?”

“Now, turn on the water. Cold. We gotta get him warm again” he says, trying his best not to let the obvious tone show. They’ve done this for him. They should know. They do know.

“Why cold?” Patton whines.

“We’ve been through this, Morality!” he isn’t able to hide his exasperation anymore. Patton has done this for him all the other times; he’s explained it to him personally several times when discussing what to do whenever Thomas gets a brain freeze. He can’t just forget “It’s the same with me; if we do it with the water even just a little warm, it’ll hurt him”

“Okay… okay” Morality answers less than happy, but it’s Prince who finally steps forward and gets the water running; and he forces himself to take a deep breaths. He isn’t above not being able to see that he too is letting the current situation get to him. But he has to be better than that right now.  

“Patton” he says firmly “you go get some towels and dry clothes” while having stuff to do is usually the best way to handle Prince, it is also a good way of keeping Patton from stressing too much when not even keeping himself plastered to the person he’s worried for at the time is able to keep him somewhat at ease. There’s a bit in which the latter doesn’t say anything even though Logan can see he’s heard him and eyed him from in his peripheral vision; and he can’t help the little bit of anger that seeps into his tone as he calls for him again.

He can already feel the water through his pants and shoes, and while it is unpleasantly cold, it is nothing compared to how Anxiety currently feels against him. He has the younger side sitting in front of him in a position much like the one he had against the couch, between his opened legs, and his back resting against his torso, low and sideways enough that he can see part of anxiety’s face as his head lies against his left shoulder.

Roman let’s himself kneel on their right side, just where Patton had been before, restless energy still practically palpable around him, his body twitching as if battling whether or not to reach for their youngest.

A few seconds go by before Patton comes back with a chair that has some clothes that belong to anxiety as well as several towels on top of it, before setting it down behind roman and then settling himself on the other side of the tub, his hand gripping its border anxiously he dare say, probably waiting for the moment to touch anxiety again.

While Patton’s eyes hardly blink, never leaving Anxiety, Roman instead has his face set in a serious expression, glancing from the nervous trait to Logic, asking him if he’s needed to turn the water warmer with his sight.

When Logan feels the water already in the level of his wait, he gives him a curt nod to which Roman quickly gives heed.

“There. That’s okay” he says before Roman can turn it hotter than he should. Patton has gone back to sniffing and quietly wiping his tears next to them, not saying a word. Finally, after a few second of more tense silence, it’s Roman who breaks it.

“Do you think he is… you know, there? Can he hear us?” he asks with little to none of his normal confidence.

“I wouldn’t think so. He’s way too cold” which, for lack of a better word, duh. But he can’t really get himself to care for his lack of a better explanation when he can’t say he cares about anything that isn’t Virgil right now “I’d think he probably passed out as soon as it happened”

That certainly is what usually happens to him, after all. And he’d rather believe Virgil isn’t currently aware of the pain his body must be feeling.

“I…” Morality suddenly draws a quivering breath “I hate this” he mutters in a broken voice.

“Morality…” Roman begins.

“No!” he’s interrupted by the latter “It’s just… just so mean! He already has enough on his plate as it is, why couldn’t it just be panic attacks? Why more?”

“We don’t get to decide, Patton” he says in the gentlest way he can. He knows Patton knows this, and it’s something they’ve discussed before. But he can’t think of anything else to say.

“I… I know” he says curtly, maybe angry, maybe sad, Logan can’t really tell right now “I just… I just really hoped he wouldn’t have one” he manages through wobbly lips. They can only drop their heads at this.

“We know…” Roman says in a low voice “I had actually believed it just wouldn’t happen; since we’ve all dealt with them for quite some time now. I thought, hey, if it hasn’t happened until now then it won’t happen at all…”

“I think it’s safe to say we all believed that to some extent” he answers as he gives a nod towards the water handle for Roman to increase the temperatute a little more again. The water is now at the level of his stomach “Roman, can you go get the room ready, please?” and with a curt nod the fanciful side is out of the room.

Seeing as they’ve never really spent time in each other’s rooms –they can’t allow themselves too- especially Anxiety’s considering they’ve only come to know it a little while ago, any kind of interaction had always been done in the common space of Thoma’s mind. The mind palace was an specific part of it. And they had rooms there as well. It’s where they would stay whenever anything like this happened. After all, they needed taken care of. Roman would probably arrange the room Logic would usually use whenever a brain freeze came around to bite him. One thing he could be grateful for was that given the amount of times he had had to do it, Roman would make the room perfect for tending to Anxiety.

As Roan busies himself with that, Patton takes charge of managing the water temperature. The tub soon gets filled and lukewarm. Time passes with them silently looking over Anxiety; Logan has had his eyes on him this whole time, hyper aware of any changes on his body, Morality doing the exact same thing.

Logan notices that he’s finally breathing a little deeper, so at least he can be sure this is working. Even if he knows that there’s no way it isn’t, proof makes a weight lift from his should a bit. But it stills doesn’t tell them anything about how anxiety currently is.

So, when their youngest suddenly, painstakingly and slowly blinks, it had both him and Patton jumping in anticipation.

“Anxiety?” he asks, being right next to the youngest face he’s the first to notice, followed not a second later by Morality’s own calling.

Anxiety’s eyes still seem vacant but they’re not so much glassy as they are watery right now. His eyes are probably burning right now. While he wants nothing more than to get an answer from the side in his arms, he dreads the idea of Anxiety finally becoming aware of his body.

He blinks again, and they have to know. He has to know.

“See if he’s aware of anything” he tells morality, nodding at him as a sign for the heart to arrange himself in front of anxiety to make sure. After all, he’s only able to see part of the persona’s face and expression “just-” he says as Morality sits in the corner of the tub, moving his body so he’s directly abode anxiety and in front of his face “yes, like that”

“Virgil..?” Patton asks vulnerably just as Roman gets back into the room with a hopeful ‘Anxiety’ at seeing he might be responding. They both wait with held breaths as Anxiety seems to breathe out somewhat shakily. Patton looks full of hope and goes to cup the kid’s face before halting and looking at him for approval to which he gives a little nod before asking Prince to turn the water warmer. Virgil isn’t as cold right now and if he’s just waking up then Patton being there, touching him and holding his gaze will probably help mitigate a full blown panic attack. He really hopes so. He doesn’t want to think what that, in Anxiety’s current condition, could entail.

Just touching Virgil seems to make Patton sag in relief. He sees him wiping Anxiety’s cheeks as tears fall from his eyes, which Logan really hopes are just from his eyes finally being able to unfreeze and not as a response to the sudden situation.

“Kiddo…? Can you hear me?” the oldest side manages between new tears “you there?”

All three of them wait with batted breaths for a few seconds, before Virgil finally shows that he’s listening.

“..ah’d…?…” he barely manages around a rough and cracked whisper.

Morality’s face deforms in something between a smile and a wince, and a sob escapes his mouth, before putting his forehead against Virgil’s with his eyes closed.

“It’s okay, kiddo, you’re fine, you’re okay, we’ll have you all warm and cozy in no time” Morality’s voice cracks as he tries to comfort, not moving back from their touching faces.

“Anxiety… are you okay?” Logan finally asks after a few moments of the latter blinking slowly and in silence. He wants- he needs to make sure “Are you in pain?” to which Patton does pull back in order to study Anxiety’s response. But all they get is the anxious persona closing his eyes in return.

“Ann? Kiddo?” Morality asks with a worried voice.

“Is he okay?” Roman asks with the same tone.

“He’s most likely in pain” Logan deduces. That, or incredibly exhausted. Well, he most certainly must be both, but he just doesn’t know which one was the winning force behind the closing of his eyes.

“I brought the towels…” the Royal man says after a while of waiting for some kind of change in Anxiety. Logan thinks he might have just passed out, which would be understandable given the pain he must be in and how exhausted his body must be.

“Good. You can turn the water a bit hotter” he finally says.

“You sure?” he asks, having knelt down in his previous place, holding Anxiety’s hand and looking at him in worry “He’s still really cold. What if it hurts him?” after all, the dark side is in pain.

“Trust me, it should be fine” he assures. The water isn’t all that warm yet and Anxiety was even responding if only for a few seconds, so he’s all the more excited on getting the boy warm again.


“Anxiety, kiddo” Patton tries “open your eyes for me, please?”  

“Anxiety?” Prince asks, clearly hoping they’ll get a reaction again. Logic watches out for any changes in his expression as well. There’s a chance he might not be sleeping yet. But, while he really wants to see Anxiety look at them again and answer them, he’s also aware of how much Anxiety might actually need to rest right now.

“His eyes might be hurting” he explains, trying to convey that he hasn’t necessarily lost consciousness “They probably are, he had them open this whole time” and he makes a mental note to make sure Roman got the eye drops.

“It’s okay kiddo” Patton says after glancing at him and then deciding to keep trying anyways “I know you must be scared but you’re doing great, everything’s fine, you’re doing so good. Just let me see those eyes and you can rest them for a while okay”

They wait expectantly to finally be rewarded by a sigh. Apparently Anxiety was still aware, and Patton had gotten his way. To be fair, he often did with the youngest.

“There you are…” Patton smiles warmly as Anxiety opens his eyes tiredly once more. He stares at Patton for a second before sighing heavily and closing his eyes again. They all wait a little more before Patton looks at him with concerned eyes.

“It’s okay, Morality” he says softly, much more relaxed now that he knows Anxiety is at least somewhat fine.

During this whole time Virgil’s stiff body had periodically relaxed until, he doesn’t know how much longer after reassuring Morality, it starts to quiver weakly. Soon, it’s shivering with a vengeance. He has to tighten his hold on the youngest persona so he doesn’t move from his current position nor his head fall sideways.

“Well” Prince sighs with a smile “This is good right?”

“Yes, it very much is” he answers followed by a deep and relieved sigh from Morality who had started caressing said side’s hair only a few minutes prior.

As he glances at the other two he notices something change from the corner of his eye. Glancing down he can see a slight frown on Virgil’s features and soon the three of them are startled by a low groan which has both Patton and Roman leaning over the tub to look right at Anxiety.

Slowly and probably still pretty difficultly, the aforementioned opens his eye.

“s-too…p” they hear him stutter. He instantly knows what he’s referring to. He knows the drill after all. Morality smiles at seeing him awake while Roman looks at him with a worried expression.

“Stop what? Does something hurt?”

“S-stop.. mo-movvvin’…” the side manages around chattering teeth and probably uncooperative jaw.  

“Sorry, Hot Topic” Roman looks at him with a sympathetic expression “no one is moving you, that’s just you shivering” to which Anxiety groans again. Roman ruffles his hair and for a second Logic panics, wanting to stop him in case the movement hurts him.

“It’s a good thing” he tells Anxiety is what he hopes to be a comforting tone. The latter groans once more, sounding so petulant that it gets his lips to quirk up.

“Can we get him out now, Logan?” Patton asks him with worried eyes but definitely no longer at such a loss as before “I don’t want him in the water so long and it’s already been at least an hour. Plus we can’t have you cold too” and while he’s warmer now, he can’t deny that he’s pretty cold. Of course, this doesn’t matter, Anxiety is their worry right now, but he gets the eldest’s point.

“Hmm, alright, but” and he glances at the other “Prince, you have everything ready?”

“Yes, my finest work yet if I do say so myself” the latter smiles proudly. It’s obvious the worry and dreadful veil that had been covering them was finally evading.

“Alright then” and he maneuvers Anxiety a little bit away from him so Roman can have an easier way of taking him. Prince does so, waiting for a second in place so most of the water falling from Anxiety’s clothes falls into the tub, Logan himself standing up as well. Morality is fast to cover the youngest in several towels, trying to dry over his cloths as much as possible before Roman moves to sit him on the chair. Morality has taken all the clothes and towels out of it, leaving them instead on the washbasin cabinet. Then he’s grapping Logan in several towels as well.

“I brought some clothes for you as well” he points to where Anxiety’s clothes are-he hadn’t seen them- as he gets out the tub with Pattons help, his shoes squishing as he sets foot on the floor tiles. Normally he’d be really faced over the mess they’re making, but right now, while a little part of him is really aware of how everything is getting wet under the lot of them, he can’t say that he cares.

With a towel over his shoulders, he and morality go to hold Anxiety in place along with Prince.

“Prince, can you go make something warm for him to drink or eat? We need to warm him up from the inside” the latter spares a glance at Anxiety as if not all that fond of leaving, before looking at Logan with a nod and leaving the room.

He and morality start undressing the youngest, Morality whispering encouragement after encouragement as Anxiety just lets them do their job with falling eyes. Logan isn’t really sure he’s really paying attention to them. They dry him and put him in dry clothes, hands never leaving him.

“Now you change” Patton commands him with a stern tone as he grabs some extra blankets he had brought along with the clothes. Logan gives heed, changing as soon as he can so they can hurry and take Virgil to bed.

Once tightly wrapped, Anxiety is taken into Moralities arms, his eyes having finally slipped closed somewhere along the line. They both leave the bathroom, Morality suddenly stopping to talk to the bundle in his arms and he sees the now wake side glancing up at the emotional facet through tired eyes.

“Aw, hey there, kiddo” Patton coos “someone is ready for a long nap, huh?” he finishes with a laugh.

He walks past Patton to make sure the room is truly ready. He has to say, Roman did outdo himself. The bed has the heating blanket on and what seems like thousands of layers of blankets and covers lying over it. There are a lot of pillows as well and a heater on the floor facing the bed. The room is pleasantly warm. If he hadn’t been in the tub as well, he would probably find it just this side of suffocating even.

He throws back all the blankets so they aren’t in their way to put Virgil down, just as Patton enters the room. Anxiety is fast asleep, it seems.

Morality comes to lower him as near the middle of the bed as he can, Logan hovering around him wanting to make sure that everything is done perfectly. They lay him down, with blankets around him and all, which Logan finds the best decision in case the heating blanket is too much for his recently unfrozen skin, laying him on his side so he can be warmer. The heating blanket under him has been on for all this time now, and Anxiety gives a deep relieved sigh as he makes contact with it, prompting them to look at each other in pride of a job done well along with a giggle from Morality that seems to take away all the fear the latter had had until that point along with it.

Logan takes his place on the bed by Anxiety’s right, facing him, and pulling some blankets over them both. Roman enters then, with a different shirt (his having been drenched by taking Anxiety) with a tray sporting a bowl of hot soup on it between his hands and Morality climbs into bed behind Virgil, a hand shooting straight to his hair.

“It’s okay kiddo, we’ll figure it out later” he hears him whispering.

“Well, I guess my soup was for nothing” Prince says in a low voice. However there isn’t much disappointment there instead of relief “Well, there’s more for when he wakes up” he says nearing them “Is he okay?”

“He should be” Logan answers as Prince sets the bowl of soup down on the table next to Logic.

“Poor kiddo is all tuckered out” Morality smiles softly “But as soon as he wakes up we’ll make sure he eats all that wonderful soup” to which Prince merely laughs before going around the bed to place himself on the other side of Patton “Logan, you should eat that soup. You where on that tub a long time and it would get cold anyways”

Logan opens his mouth to argue but it is a fair point, so he takes the soup and starts eating. It’s actually quite nice, both in warmth and flavor.

They stay in silence for a long while, Logan quietly eating, Morality carding his fingers through the sleeping trait’s hair, and Roman watching over the three of them.

“What are we doing about this?” the latter is the one to finally break the silence after who knows how long.

“The same we always do” Morality says firmly “We take care of him just like we take care of each other whenever this happens”

“We have to be careful when he wakes up. There’s every chance he will panic once he does” he says, now almost done with his soup “I was surprised he didn’t before, but he was probably too out of it” to which he sees Roman nodding to himself.

“I hated seeing him like that” Morality whispers with a tight voice “It was so different from you, Logan” he explains “I’m not saying worse, but… he was just staring into space, it…”

“It was freaky” Roman says with a firm voice before adding with a less confident version “It was terrifying”

“We’ll just have to make sure to be on alert for any kind of things similar to this”

“Alright” Roman sighs “I have to say…” he suddenly mused “If this was going to happen anyways, I’m glad it happened now, it’ll be easier to care for him now that we are closer”

“That is a good point”

“But I still don’t understand, why did it take this long to happen? I know this was scary, but it’s not the first time we have a scare like that. I had assumed after not happening until now, it just won’t happen ever”

“I don’t know, Morality” he answers “But that’s something we’ll have to discuss, we have to know what he felt and come up with a plan for now onwards”

“Just like with us” Roman added

“Exactly” he confirms “We all had to learn how to deal with ours, we’ll just need to do the same. From now on we have to keep a close eye on him. There’re thousands of things than can cause Thomas a jump scare, there’s a chance this could happen even with just one kid suddenly trying to surprise him, though I highly doubt it. I imagine it must be something gradual, similar to our respective phenomenon, after all, there are some few brain freezes so weak that they barely affect me, the same with you two”

The other two lose themselves in thought after that while he finally finishes his soup. He has half a mind to go get a second plate.

How doesn’t know how much time goes by when Anxiety suddenly moves, closing into himself with a little whine. Morality is on him immediately, shushing him and asking him things to see if he’s awake, caressing his hair and arm with Prince curiously peering from behind him trying to see Anxiety’s face. He groans.

“Anxiety?” he asks in a low voice, trying not to disturb him. Anxiety’s breathing starts getting faster, obviously starting to panic.

“Kiddo? Hey, hey, it’s okay, we’re all here, you’re fine, it’s okay, breath for me, alright?” Patton encourages as Virgil opens heavy eyes to glance around. It takes him a while, eyes closed in concentration as Patton counts for him in a breathing exercise, but eventually he’s breating regularly again, obviously exhausted.

“Good morning, Hot topic” Roman asks with a smile to which Virgil gives him a tired glare, making the other scoff a laugh “He looks fine enough”

“…’ut up, Princey…” the youngest mutters.

“How are you feeling?” Morality asks gently after giving Prince an exasperated glance.

“Tired…” the he seems to whine “…’at happened…?” he says, still not having moved from his position, probably, Logan thinks, too sore to try.

Prince and Morality both look at him with concern, unsure of what to respond. While he understands their reluctance at the thought of telling him what happened, not knowing would only make him panic more.

“You froze” he states “we think it was for that sudden, unexpected fright” he waited to let that information sink in before continuing, but was interrupted.

“…I know”

Wait. What?

Anxiety was looking anywhere but them with a dejected tone.

What did he mean he kno-

“You do?” Patton asks with a sympathetic tone.

“Yeah… I mean… how did I get here?” Virgil finishes, finally looking at the oldest.

“Oh” Roman answers instead “We brought you here, it was very similar to what happens to Logic, you know, so we did kind of the same” and was seconded by Patton nodding behind him.

Logic looked at them all in silence, studying. He knows Anxiety’s smart. Very smart. So he isn’t above thinking that he might have just figured it out himself. It his body after all. But just as Anxiety is smart, he is, well, anxious. And that is what often clouds his judgment. The first time Thomas ever got a scare big enough to prompt a panic attack, Virgil had been too deep in terror to really recognize what was going on around him, let alone what had actually happened. And once they had finally calmed him down enough for him to listen, the panic had left him too focused, or well, unfocused, to truly understand what they were trying to explain. That time, it had been really hard to clarify what had caused him to be in that situation without setting him off all over again.

He knows for a fact, that no matter how tired Anxiety’s body is might help against his panicking nor how much Anxiety has matured since then can help him analyze the situation with a clearer head, there’s no way he could actually be this… calm about it.

It doesn’t make sense.

“But what did you do…?”

“We put you in the tub, just like we do with Logan when it’s really bad, then we dried you and put you to bed” Morality explains with an open smile, trying to keep things as smooth as possible.

And then…

“Oh….” The youngest mutters to himself, before adding in an even lower voice “…I had never thawed so quickly before…”

Then it does.

“…you WHAT?!”

i’ll be holding on to you [stenbrough]

pairing; bill denbrough & stan uris

fandom; it (2017)

word count; 4776

prompt; The losers are dying to see just how long it will take two of their closest friends to crack and finally admit that they’re dying to be together. All it takes is a little meddling and a bet to make things interesting.

the losers are 17.

(Hi!! This is my first fic for this fandom and as you can see, I went a little overboard. This is the longest one shot I have ever written and I am really proud of it! If the characters are a little out of character at some points I apologize but I’m learning and hopefully I can get them right eventually. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!)

The last day of their junior year came with many conclusions. The losers would soon have to start thinking about the more important aspects of their futures like college and finally moving away from the fucked up town they called home.

They had mutually decided that the best way to kick off their summer vacation would be to relax and kick back at the quarry. Their boisterous laughter could be heard from a hundred yards away, but they didn’t care. They had been free of the darkness for a little less than two years and they would be damned if they couldn’t have a little bit of fun over their summer break.

Mike, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie sat up on the cliff of the quarry, four of the teens carefully observing the two boys relaxing in the water. Bill threw his head back in laughter as Stan splashed him, the water hitting him square in the face. Smiles graced the faces of the two teens splashing about in the warm water of the quarry. Richie sighed dramatically in the silence on the cliff.

“What?” Ben asked from his place beneath a nearby tree, a book lying flat in his lap.

“It’s so sad.” Richie said as he leaned against a boulder nestled deep in the soil, Eddie settled next to him with Richie’s arm thrown around his shoulders. Bev looks over from her spot where she’s sun bathing, catching the glare of the sun in the lenses of her sunglasses.

“What is?”

“They’re so in love but they don’t even see it.” He dramatically places a hand over his heart and observes as Stan turns to start swimming back to the shore, Bill immediately taking this as an opportunity to dunk the smaller boy underneath the water.

“Yeah. They’re practically Romeo and Juliet, Richie.” Eddie retorts, turning his head to glare up at Richie who only smiles in return.

“Eds, look at them! You can’t fake that kind of chemistry!” They sit in wonder, watching as Stan shoves Bill backward when he resurfaces, making his way toward the shore again. Their joyous laughter can be heard from up on the cliff and a smile is now found on the rest of the loser’s faces.

“First, don’t call me that, you know I hate it. Second, let’s assume you’re right. Let them figure it out for themselves.” Richie shushed him, placing his free hand over Eddie’s mouth. The younger boy wriggled next to him and desperately pried his hand away from his face, screeching about the germs Richie must have on them.

“Sh. Guys listen. We’ve known Bill and Stan for a while, right? We all—well, most of us—can see how in love these two are with each other! Someone has to crack eventually, right? So what I am proposing here is that we place a little bet to see just how long it takes them to crack. Who’s with me?” Richie had shot up onto his feet whilst giving this over dramatic speech, the rest of the losers watching him with an eyebrow raised.

“How is this supposed to help?” Mike inquired from next to Ben beneath the tree.

“Mikey, my man, listen; no one said it was supposed to help. It’s a classic bet. We all choose when we think they’ll finally give in and whoever’s closest wins. Losers pay up five bucks each.” He could hear the other two getting closer and he was running out of time. “The clock’s a-ticking, people. What’ll it be? In or out?”

The rest of the losers all shared a glance, mutually deciding what the hell, might as well see where this goes. The nodding he gets in return causes Richie to triumphantly pump his fist through the air. “Place your bets, losers. I’m gonna go ahead and say… two months.”

“One month.” Bev said.

“Two weeks from today.” Mike.

“By next Friday.” Ben.

“Tomorrow!” Eddie exclaimed, caught up in the excitement, four pairs of eyes falling on him. “Damn.”

“Alright, and there will be no meddling allowed. May the best loser win!” Richie finished just as Stan and Bill could be seen hiking up the path the reach them again, hair drenched from the salty water of the quarry.

“Wh-what are you guys t-talking about?” Bill asked, shaking his hair out much like a wet dog would, Stan right behind him. Stan let out a shriek, shoving Bill away from him, grinning all the while. Beverly shook her head at her ex-boyfriend and the pair decided to shrug it off.

“So in love.” Richie whispered to Eddie, nudging him in the side with his elbow.

“What?” Stan and Bill asked in unison, identical expressions of confusion etched onto their faces.

“What?” Richie shrugged, turning away from them and returning to his place next to Eddie in front of the boulder.

The first of the losers to break the only rule was, no surprise, Eddie. He supposed he was desperate, having estimated the first and only time frame he could think of, so he assumed desperation would be his best friend for the time being. It was Saturday, the day immediately following the placing of the bet, and Eddie was running out of time fast. He could easily envision that tiny hourglass in his mind, slowly but surely, draining itself of the golden traces of sand. Tick tock goes the clock, Eds.

Eddie Kaspbrak was a lot of things; a hypochondriac, a loser, an asthmatic, nervous, but a quitter he was not. Which is why when Stanley offered for him to join him while he went bird watching the day before, he agreed ecstatically, but he had a plan brewing.

Eddie had showed up on Bill’s doorstep at noon the following day, knocking with newfound pride. “HHey, Eddie, wh-what’s up?” The stutterer asked, stepping outside and gently closing the door behind him.

“Oh, you know, the sky. Listen I need a favor. Yesterday at the quarry, Stan asked me to go bird watching with him and I agreed but shoot! I forgot I have an appointment today!” Eddie chuckled, sitting on the porch steps and looking back at the taller boy with his chin resting in his hand.

“A-An appointment?” Bill asked in disbelief, Eddie nodded. “What for?”

“Well, you know me, hypochondriac and all. It’s something new every day. What do ya say?” He slapped his palms down on his shorts and stood abruptly, turning to face Bill fully, leaning against one of the wooden beams coming down from the roof.

“Yeah, I-I-I can do th-that.” Bill’s cheek seemed to heat up at the realization of what he’s agreed to and Eddie saw it, smirking slightly.

“Thank you, and give my regards to Stanley, please!” Eddie shouted, already running back down the path and toward where he threw his bike on the ground. He waved back at Bill who still stood on his porch, watching the smaller teen pedal away, nearly crashing into a wooden post as he did so.

An hour or so later, Eddie could be spotted crouched behind various trees and bushes, spying on two of his best friends. He rested his chin in the palm of his hand, watching the two so called ‘lovebirds’ from a distance. He observed the grin that would stretch across Stanley’s face as he leaned against a tree trunk, pointing out various winged beauties and describing them to Bill. That was when Eddie saw what Richie had been talking about for himself.

Each time Stan looked away to watch the trees again, Bill’s eyes trained on his face. Even at first glance, anyone could tell just how much adoration Bill held for the other teen. A soft smile played at his lips and each time Stan looked back at him, he would turn away fast enough to snap his own neck, cheeks burning. It was then, when he looked away, that Stan’s eyes would glisten in the midday sun, a small smile resting on his face.

Eddie would admit to feeling a little odd about spying on his friends to no one but himself. Although, his only prayer at that moment was that somebody would break the tension between them. Then, he could rub it in the other loser’s faces when they met up again, but only if the pair in question were the ones to bring up the news. He wouldn’t dare let anyone know he was cheating.

His hopes burn out when he notices Stan and Bill walking in his direction. “Shit.” He hissed, standing abruptly and jogging back up the way he had came, hopping on his bike. It’s a good thing he already knew what being a loser felt like.

The second of the losers to break the one rule Richie had set in place was Mike. He waited the appropriate amount of time, he thinks, to devise his plan. Delivering meat doesn’t offer much in terms of a social life but occasionally, he’ll hear certain things that catch his attention. This particular piece of information he had overheard had been about a party on the other side of town. He decided it was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

“Do I have to go?” Eddie asked, leaning his head on Richie’s shoulder as he pouted. Mike smirked from across the room, arms coming up to fold over his chest.

“Yes, we’re all going. It’s just a party and it’s summer, live a lil’.” He sat down on the loveseat next to Bill.

“Fine. Who has a party two weeks after school gets out, anyway? And on a Thursday? What kind of world do we live in?”

“Come on, Eds. I think it’ll be fun.” Richie grinned, leaning down to press his lips against Eddie’s cheek. The teen smiled softly and glanced up at Richie.

“Don’t call me that, Tozier.” Eddie said, tucking his legs under his chin as they sat on the sofa immediately adjacent to the loveseat, Stanley at Richie’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“I’m with Trashmouth on this one,” Beverly spoke up from her place in front of Ben. “When was the last time any of us were invited to a party?”

“Stan’s Bar Mitzvah.” Eddie said.

“That was definitely not a party.” Richie chuckled, wincing when Stan punched him in the arm.

“You didn’t have to go, Richie!” Stan replied defensively as he crossed his arms, huffed and turned away from the pair.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Bev pointed out, sighing dramatically. “I’m just saying, I think it might be nice to go out and have a little bit of fun. It’s summer, let loose.” The group collectively shared glances with each other, coming to a somewhat mutual decision.

“Wh-When do we leave?”

The seven teens arrived at the unfamiliar house later that night, Mike and Beverly practically skipping up the sidewalk from the truck they had arrived in. They had their arms locked, joy in their eyes as they watched the lights that flickered from inside the house. The group had been anticipating this moment ever since Mike had brought it up earlier that day, and some of the antics a few members showed had been mistaken for excitement. All except for Eddie’s, he had made his opinion on the get-together known numerous times.

“I still say this is stupid.” Eddie said as he walked beside Stanley who he knew had mutual feelings about the situation. “I mean, who knows. Somebody in there could be sick and they could sneeze on me and I’m very prone to that shit, you know? … I think maybe I’ll stay out here. In the nice, fresh, clean air.” The large house was overflowing with people, a vast amount of them gathered outside in the front and backyards.

The immortal words of Eye of the Tiger flowed out to where Stan had been standing, feet planted on the ground. He assumed he was frozen out of fear and anxiety. This party was his biggest fear come true. He hadn’t realized he’d stopped moving until something touched his shoulder.

“A-Are you okay?” Bill asked, smiling sweetly at him and Stan felt his cheeks grow hot.

“Y-Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. I’m fine. Great, even. How are you?” Stan asked, turning his body to face the other teen, pushing a few curls away from his eyes for better vision. Bill’s hand fell from his shoulder, sliding down his arm until he reached the other boy’s hand, lightly grazing it.

“I’m good.” Bill chuckled, a soft smile on his face. Stan smiled back and lowered his head, staring at his shoes. “I-I’m gonna head inside, wanna c-come?” Stan nodded, following the slightly shorter boy up the lawn, shaking his head as if to rid himself of the thoughts swirling in his head.

As Stan and Bill travelled up the span of grass and into the house, the other five standing off to the side, observing the interaction. “I think tonight’s the night, fellas.” Mike said from his place propped against the side of the house. “Might as well pay up now.”

“Not so fast, Micycle.” Ben spoke up, pointing an accusing finger at the older teen. “Bet’s not over until someone makes a move or they tell us they’re together. You haven’t won shit yet.”

“Yeah, we all have to see it.” Richie informed as if it weren’t obvious enough at that point, throwing his arm around Eddie’s waist and pulling him closer, pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek, jawline, and neck making the smaller boy blush noticeably.

“Get a room, you two.” Beverly snickered at the pair and began making her way up the porch steps, squeezing through the crowd of people with Ben at her side.

“She’s just jealous she’s not as happy as we are, Edward Spaghedward.” Richie grinned, moving in to mold their lips together only to have Eddie dodge his lips, arm dropping from his waist.

“You’re revolting.” Eddie snarked, trying his best to portray annoyance but the smile on his face gave him away. Mike rolled his eyes at the couple, watching Richie follow Eddie around the side of the house, and then making his way into the house to seek out the other four losers.

“Mike!” Beverly shouted to him when he was able to track her down, her voice barely audible over the music. “I was wondering if you were ever going to make it inside! This was your brilliant idea after all!” She said, nudging him with her elbow as she took a swig from the beer she was clutching. Ben came walking through a doorway a few seconds after that, a beer matching Beverly’s in his right hand.

“Where’d you get those?” Mike asked and followed Ben’s hand as he pointed toward the doorway he had just come from.

“Through the doorway, down the hallway, last room on the left. In the kitchen.” He informed the other teen, sending Mike to trek in the direction he carefully laid out. As he made his way down the hallway, the music seemed to grow softer and softer until it was a gentle hush, the beat humming through the floors. An obnoxiously loud ‘ha-ha’ erupted from the room to his left and he peered in.

Bill had positioned himself on the counter, a hand slapped over his mouth as he tried to suppress the cackle threatening to rip through him. Stan sat at the table, a shit-eating grin covering his face as he rearranged the flowers in the vase. “St-stop, o-oh my God!”

“What?” He asked innocently with a smile, eyes twinkling and stood up, walking toward the fridge. He fidgeted for a moment before deciding to organize the magnets plastered on the surface.

“Don’t play so innocent, St-Stanley,” Bill remarked, pointing an accusing finger in Stan’s direction. “You know wh-what you did.” And he did but he was slowly forgetting it by the second, the light buzz clouding his thoughts. Bill slid off the counter, walking toward the table and grabbing another beer out of the cooler that had been set there.

Stan finished rearranging the alphabetical magnets back in the order that they belonged and turned around, a fond expression on his face as he stood in front of the fridge and watched Bill dig through the ice for a bottle of beer. Mike still leaned against the wall, peering in slightly from the doorway, careful to go unnoticed by two of his closest friends. He felt a bit odd watching his friends from behind a wall, peering into their love life like this, but in his eyes it seemed to be a necessary evil.

“I think they’re all o-out over here, are there any i-in the fridge?” Bill turned around, locking eyes with Stanley. Stan lowered his head, gaze dropping down to stare at his feet, the lip between his teeth now his main source of concern as he chewed it nervously.

“I-I don’t know.” Stan stammered with his feet still planted firmly on the floor. It wasn’t until Bill had come to stand in front of him that he finally rose his gaze. Bill was smiling at him now and Stan felt as if he could collapse against the cool metal of the fridge to bring him back to reality. He thought he might be dreaming with the way Bill dropped his gaze down to his lips for a split second. It happened so fast Stan briefly thought he may have imagined it, but then he did it again and seemed to lean closer to him.

Suddenly, Bill’s hands are on either side of Stan’s face and their lips are being pressed together gently. Stan concludes with this that he is either dreaming or dead because there was absolutely no way that this was real life. Bill’s lips are warm in his and just as soft as he’d imagined but Bill had been drinking, the proof lingering on his baby-soft lips and leaving a disturbing taste in Stanley’s mouth.

Stan is the one to break the kiss, using his better judgement to decide for the both of them that this was just the alcohol, leaving Bill standing in the middle of the kitchen as he walked from the kitchen to the hallway. Mike had taken it upon himself to move to another room so as to not get caught spying. Given the way the events played out before him just moments ago, he decided that this shouldn’t be taken as a victory.

They all come to a mutual decision to leave the party within the hour.

Beverly decided that the best way to meddle was to not meddle at all, but to tell them straight away to ‘cut the shit and work it out’. It was notable that the pair hadn’t been seen hanging out since the party two weeks earlier. Whenever one of them entered the room, the other would make an excuse to leave it. 'I just remembered that my dad said he needed to talk to me about something’, 'I should probably get home not it my parents will worry’, 'I forgot to feed my hamster’ or something along those lines.

The new development was beginning to put a strain on their group and Beverly was slowly starting to get annoyed because why couldn’t they just act like normal human beings for one minute? Why can’t they be civil and stay in the same room or vicinity for longer than three seconds? She finally decided that enough was enough and teamed up with Eddie to set a plan in motion.

“Hey, Stanny.” She chirped one afternoon at the quarry while they sat up on the cliff above the water. Neither one of them wanted to swim that day, and after a while the others had come up to join them.

“Hey, Bev.” He replied from his place on the boulder that he was sitting atop of. Beverly kept a close eye on the clearing, waiting for a certain stuttering 17 year old to make an appearance. Beverly decided that it would be Eddie’s job to convince Bill to come to the quarry with them (on the condition that Stan wouldn’t be there, which was an obvious lie), and he felt proud that he was successful in his task.

The unmistakable grinding of Silver’s chain as Bill came to a stop brought Beverly away from her thoughts as she smiled at the boy who was hopping off his bike. He wore a bright smile on his face as well as a pair of khaki shorts and the pale blue shirt that Stan had once said brought out his eyes, it was his favorite. The smile on his face had dropped noticeably as he approached his friends, Stan’s mouth hanging open as he slid off of the rock.

An awkward silence fell over the seven teenagers immediately, all conversations coming to a halt. As Richie had once remarked: “It’s almost like a terrible car crash. It’s awful and you know you should look away, but you just can’t.”

“I should rea—” Stan began just as Beverly threw her hands up and cutting Stan’s sentence off even though it was no surprise where it was headed.

“No!” Bev shouted causing the other six teens to jump slightly. “I don’t know what the hell is going on between the two of you. You were friends two weeks ago and then you just stop? Shit like this doesn’t just happen for no reason, so what is it?” She demanded, her gaze shooting from Bill to Stan, her hands planted firmly on her hips. Bill shoved his hands deep into the pockets, staring down at his feet, glancing up at Stanley. Beverly’s patience was beginning to wear thin in the silence that surrounded them.

Stan turned sharp on his heel, gathering the books he had brought along with him. He stood straight up and stared directly in front of him at Bill who now had his bottom lip between his teeth, gnawing on it. “Look, you have been pining after one another for months now and frankly I’m tired of waiting for someone to make the first move. So would you please just cut the shit and figure it out?” Bev asked, exasperated. Stan had his eyes fixed on her, surprised by the sudden burst from the girl and that she and all of his friends knew how he felt about the stuttering boy standing just ten feet in front of him.

Stan regained his composure seconds later, explaining that he needed to leave due to an obligation he had made to his father early on, which Beverly knew was crap but she rolled her eyes and waved him off. Eddie and Richie soon resumed their conversation, smiling awkwardly at each other while they did so since Beverly’s outburst had set an awkward tone, the same went for Mike and Ben.

As Stan marched past Bill he felt their shoulders brush together and tried to ignore the fluttering that enveloped his heart, shoving his books back into his bag and zipping the bag closed. He threw the straps over his shoulders and got on his bike, starting to head down the path they had come up. Bill hesitated for a moment before heading back over to his back and following Stanley.

Stan braked hard when they reached a clearing far enough from the rest of the losers, Bill pulling up next to him, getting back off of his bike and he watched Stan do seconds before him, letting his bike fall to the ground next to Stanley’s which was propped up on its stand. “What do you want from me?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Bill asked innocently as Stan paced across the dirt floor of the woods, the white sides of his shoes becoming noticeably caked in the dirt he was mixing beneath his feet, ruining the cleanliness of his outfit.

“Oh, cut the bullshit, Bill! First you kiss me and then it’s like you can’t stand to be near me!” Stan asked and turned to face Bill fully, fists clenched at his sides. Bill could see the frustration burning behind his eyes, begging to be let free. “Just, help me understand, Bill. What is going on?” Stan was breathing heavily, the heat mixing with the fire that already sparked beneath his bones, his curls beginning to stick to his skin. It’s silent for a few moments before Bill speaks again.

“I-I was scared.” He begins, digging the toe of his shoe in the dirt, hands shoved back into his pockets as Stanley’s eyes burned holes into his head. “You pulled away, I thought I had ruined o-our friendship, I’m still not completely sure that I ha-hav-haven’t.” Bill said, stumbling slightly over his words. Stan’s eyes soften with this confession, taking a small step forward. Bill doesn’t seem to notice this new development, though, since his eyes are glued to his feet yet again. “I guess it was just the beer making me think you liked me back.”

“You’re joking, right?” Stan asks in astonishment. He takes another brave step forward, the tips of his shoes hitting Bill’s. “Are you seriously this dense?” Bill lifts his gaze at this, his face suddenly very close to Stanley’s. “I’m absolutely crazy about you.” Bill is smiling softly at the boy in front of him, the gentleness he displays is causing his heart to soar higher than he’s ever know before. Stan has a hand at the base of Bill’s neck, his thumb brushing lightly across the cheekbone on the left of Bill’s face, gulping visibly as he leaned closer to bring their lips together.

It’s a gentle brush of their lips at first and Bill feels his heart stop momentarily, limbs going numb before Stan pulls back slightly and the movement is enough to send a jolt through Bill’s body. He then has both of his hands on either side of Stan’s face and he’s pulling back in for a proper kiss, lips slotting together perfectly and meshing together as they move backward, Bill’s back hitting a tree and Stan swears he’s never felt more alive in his seventeen years of living.

Bill’s hands are cupping Stan’s cheeks while the latter’s hand make their way into Bill’s hair and he’s curving into him slightly and Bill swears he must have died at that moment. A gasp escapes him and he reluctantly pulls away from Stanley, resting their foreheads together. Stan has his eyes shut, brows furrowed slightly and Bill swears it’s one of the cutest things he has seen in a while. They stand there, pressed against the harsh bark of the tree for a minute or so before Stan breaks the silence.

“We should probably head back, and definitely do that again. Soon.” He grins and Bill nods, pressing another quick kiss to his lips.

A month later, the losers are sitting in Bill’s living room discussing their mutual hatred of the next school year that was rapidly approaching (well, all except Ben), and the only thing that had changed since before was the development between Stan and Bill. Stan still sits next to Bill only now their hands are linked together and the smiles on their faces are brighter than before.

They’ll share the occasional kiss and Richie can be heard gagging from across the room. “I won’t lie, I liked it better when you two were miserable and pining. At least then no one had to suffer through watching you eat each other’s faces.” Richie had also won the bet by default. Beverly lost since the rest of the losers had mutually decided that what she (and Eddie) did was meddling at its finest.

“Like it’s any better when you and E-Eddie do it.” Bill defended, pulling his boyfriend closer with an arm around his shoulders and pressing lips to his hairline.

“Eddie and I save our face eating for the bedroom, thank you very much.” Richie explained and Eddie didn’t hesitate to punch his arm and scoot away from him, although he didn’t complain when Richie was wrapping his arms around Eddie’s waist and pulling him back into him, peppering kisses down Eddie’s neck and causing the smaller boy to squirm. Stan scrunched up his nose at the other couple, turning his attention back to Bill.

When all was  said and done, though, their friends were happy that the two teens no longer needed to wait for one another. They were content in living their lives just the way they were right then.

Cryptic Commander #9: Why Did it Have to Be Snakes

Don’t you just love it when a new Legendary Creature gets spoiled and you know it was meant to be? I got to experience that yesterday when a certain Commander-to-be got spoiled over Twitter, and man am I head-over-heels for this card. Let’s cut to the chase:

(You see what I did there? The card was spoiled by Elaine Chase over on Twitter. You know what? It isn’t funny anymore. I had to explain it. Forget I said anything.)

So, brief personal aside on my experience with BG in Commander. I’ve tried to build a couple of different decks with the color combo, and I ultimately end up with what feels like the same deck. Graveyard Shenanigans.dek. There’s nothing wrong with graveyard decks, I’m just really tired of how the BG ones play out. Jarad and Meren did their best, but I could not be convinced to play BG after I finally took them apart. None of the other BG generals really appealed to me, from Nath of the Gilt Leaf to Sapling of Colfenor. Then they spoiled Hapatra, and the gears started turning immediately. I started playing Magic just before Scars of Mirrodin came out, so -1/-1 counters were part of my formative Magic experience. It has been too long since we had -1/-1 counters, and now they’re giving us a Commander in BG that cares about -1/-1 counters. Thank you based Wizards for bestowing this gift upon me and all the other lovers of -1/-1 counters in this game. We are truly #blessed.

So, what sort of things can you do with Hapatra? I suppose you could attack with her, suiting her up with a Whispersilk Cloak so she can get in unopposed and slowly build up counters and snakes for you. You could do that, and it’s probably a decent thing to include in whatever deck you build, just to have a back-up plan; but, I like to dream big. There are a handful of very playable Commander cards that like to throw -1/-1 counters around to every creature. Thanks to the wording on Hapatra, you won’t be rewarded for placing a bunch of -1/-1 counters on a single creature as part of the same affect (see “Whenever one or more” wording), but putting one counter on a bunch creatures means an army of snakes in the making. The following are some of the best at this:

Black Sun’s Zenith for one has never been so rewarding! Paying three mana to weaken the entire board and make a bunch of snakes seems like a great plan. You could also just wrath the board and be the only one left with creatures at the end of it. Even if Hapatra dies in the process, you’ll still get all the snakes because she’ll see the counters placed on everything before hitting the bin. Carnifex Demon gives you another good, recurring source of -1/-1 counters. If you have a way to get counters on it besides the ones it comes into play with (like Hapatra’s ability or something like Gnarled Effigy), the demon can be a real problem. Contagion Engine kind of speaks for itself. Putting a counter on each of an opponent’s creatures and then proliferating twice will get you three separate triggers from Hapatra for three times the snakes. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the most obvious thing you can do.

Alright, we’re starting to get somewhere now. Crumbling Ashes insures that you never have to commit too many counters to the same creature. It’ll die sooner or later anyway. Blowfly Infestation lets you recycle some of the counters from dying creatures for another Hapatra trigger and more value. Necroskitter makes those sweet creatures your opponents have work for you after they die with a counter on them. It’s finally time for Necroskitter’s day in the sun! However, you don’t just have to put counters on your opponents’ creatures. Have you considered putting counters on your own creatures?

There are a couple of creatures that like to have -1/-1 counters on them for utility purposes. Blow up more artifacts by keeping your Wickerbough Elder fully stocked. Beat down hard with a resilient threat in the form of Deity of Scars. Grim Poppet lets you pinpoint the counters you want to disseminate and take out problematic creatures. You also have the option of throwing Quillspike into the deck for what can only be described as shenanigans. Quillspike will let you remove counters from any of your creatures, which means Persist creatures are gonna get to come back for multiple go-arounds. Puppeteer Clique and Woodfall Primus say hi! And that’s only the fair thing you can do with Quillspike. Turns out Quillspike goes infinite with Devoted Druid. Put a counter on Devoted Druid to untap it, tap it for a Green mana, use the Green mana to remove the counter with Quillspike’s ability, repeat ad infinitum. If you have Hapatra in play, this means infinite snakes. Seems pretty good to me, but treat infinite combos with care. It isn’t fun to lose to them, or win with them, all the time. Be nice about, huh?

Considering how few sets have featured -1/-1 counters in the history of Magic, there are certainly a lot of cool things you can do with them. There’s even an Enchantment that basically has Hapatra’s ability, except it makes Elves instead. Flourishing Defenses. There’s all sorts of things you can do with a Hapatra deck, and I am really excited to try them out!

So, what do you think of the newest BG Legendary? New hotness or soon to be forgotten? Let me know what you think! Any cool interactions I might not have noticed? I would love to see them! Until then, enjoy the rest of spoiler season for Amonkhet and hopefully there will be even more Commander goodies to discuss.

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High School Reunion

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Cammie (OFC)

Word Count: 1,657

Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, fluffy Jensen feels, sad feelings about Jensen not being with you but this is a fluffy fic

Request: Do you think you an do a writing where it’s the readers high school reunion and she pregnant and Jensen has to film but than he surprises her?

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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“I love you so much.” You said into the phone with a smile. You were happy for your husband, Jensen that he was working again, getting to be with his coworkers and second family but you really wish he was with you here now. 

“I love you more. I promise to call tonight after we’re done filming. This time, you have to put me on speakerphone so James can hear my voice, okay?” Jensen said, wishing he was there with you. You put a hand on your very large belly, feeling your son kick for the hundredth time that day. 

“Of course. I just wish you were here with me right now. It would make this reunion a lot more fun. I kind of told everyone you were going to be there. There are a few Supernatural fans going to be there. Oh well, guess I have to break their hearts.” You said, sighing into the phone. 

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. You know I would be there but we need to start filming for Season 13. Hey, look, they’re calling me on set now. I gotta go. I love you, sweetheart.” Jensen said, purity in his voice. 

“I love you more.” 

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Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same (ch.1)

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This fic is meant to be read in connection with my Azriel-centric prequel stories. I would highly suggest reading those first to get the full reading experience of this fic. 

It’s finally here, friends! Chapter 1 of the follow up fic to my Azriel-centric prequels which you should definitely read before reading this if you haven’t already. This fic will span across and after the events of ACOWAR. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, it will explain (almost) everything that has happened since the end of the prequels up until now concerning our dearest Lena. Enjoy!

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My tablet (which has been barely working for the past year or so) is officially dead, so nothing new from me until the new one arrives (which will hopefully be before the week is over, but I really have no idea)! Sorry for even more delays, and have a nice week, friends! 

tl;dr: Tablet’s dead. New one soon. I’m dead, too.