hopefully i can get my hair right soon

water under the bridge (daddy issues ch. 3)

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scott gives into his needs. isaac apologizes. naomi meets stiles. 

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Ah, school anxiety is the worst. Best of luck on your history test, I have one on friday too. I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon and talk about a crush. This year I don't have any but I'm helping my friend (the only other gay musical dodie fan) out with her crush. I've befriended her and soon I'm gonna have them officially meet! Both of them have very pretty hair and are good at drawing so that's a start I don't know what else they have in common though haha. Sorry about the long ask!

Its totally ok!! Its so sweet of you to have them meet up, hopefully they hit it off. And even though I’m nervous, we can get through these tests together right? Tysm <3