hopefully i can get my hair right soon

water under the bridge (daddy issues ch. 3)

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scott gives into his needs. isaac apologizes. naomi meets stiles. 

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I still have some hemming other shit to do(like get ribbons to hold the things onto my wrists and not hair bands, fixing the waist line, ext) also my work space is waaaaay to small for this especially while I’m in the middle of moving

But I’ve never made a dress before let alone a dress of this nature, let alone from my own pattern

So I decided why not take the fabric I got for 2$ at value village and practice right? Hopefully soon I can get it looking nice

I had the beginnings of a cold today… and as soon as I took daytime cold medicine, it made me feel even more off… maybe because it’s a brand I don’t normally use?🤷🏼‍♀️🤕🤧😷

Hopefully, I can sleep this off.💆🏼😴