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So the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is coming up and I thought it might be fun to do a group reread! 

This is for anyone to get involved in, no matter your house, so hopefully we can all go back and relive the magic together

I’m aware that people have different commitments and a lot of people still have exams so, by popular consensus, we’re going to be taking it slow so there’s no pressure to read particularly fast. We’re going to be reading one chapter a day on weekdays, and two chapters a day on weekends which hopefully is a pace everyone will be able to keep up with

This means the reread will last just under two weeks, so we will be starting on the 14th of June, meaning we’ll finish on June 26th, the actual 20th anniversary

It’s up to you how much you want to get involved and how to document your own rereading journey, but I’ll be posting my own thoughts on each chapter on this blog; things I’d forgotten, things I never picked up on before, favourite quotes and moments, how my thoughts on characters have changed, that kind of stuff

I’ll also be posing a discussion question based on the chapter so feel to chip in your own thoughts on that!

If you want to reply to me or make your own posts, artwork, questions, anything like that then use the hashtag #hogwartsreread so we can all join in each others discussions and talk to each other about our rereading experience! 

Reblog if you’re interested so we can get as many people involved as possible! I’ll be posting reminders as we get closer to the day but I’m so excited and hopefully you guys are looking forward to it too! 

How To Ask For Money On a POT Date....

One of the most highly requested question I get and that i see is how to obtain money on a POT date. Well, I’m here to answer :)

1) How to ask for money on a POT date? You DON’T

One of the biggest complaints when talking to SD’s is that their biggest turn off is when a girl comes across as “too greedy” “too desperate” “only about money” 
Yes, I know. If he can’t pay to be a Sugar daddy then he shouldn’t be one… 
Yeah, but your stuck up princess attitude is why you’re not getting past texting a POT or a second date. But that’s okay! :) WE’RE going to fix this together. Knowledge is power and your SD’s have a lot of it. You can’t treat them like guys our age, they’re stupid but not AS stupid as we want them to be. They can see through your bullshit.  

2) Men like to INVEST 

If your SD wanted an escort, he’d go looking on a different site other than SA. My mother and I know your mother or some female in your life has told you not to give a man everything too fast because if they don’t feel like they’re investing into you whether it be time, money or whatever, what are you to them? Nothing, a fling. So BE the investment they want. As a Sugar Baby, it your job to give them the companionship as well as the physical things they desire. We bullshit feelings and make them feel WANTED. Make them WANT to spend money on you because you’re a diamond in the rough. So have a vanilla job, go to school and AT LEAST have goals. The more independent you seem, the more dependent you’ll make them on wanting to be with you and spend money on you. 

3) Act 10 years older than you are but still be yourself. 

That is one of my biggest compliments that I get. “You look 23 but you act 35.” This isn’t connotation to be old and boring, it’s a “you’re not going to be drama for me and I like that.” Men are visual creatures. They want the cute, sexy 20 something look but they don’t want to deal with the immaturity of your actual age. It’s all about body language. Don’t slouch, cross your legs, keep eye contact, smile often, don’t interrupt and DO NOT get out your phone!

4) Bring up your goals to insinuate financial need. 

There’s a thing called subliminal hints to bring up financial needs. “Once I’m able to move out, I’ll hopefully be able to be your travel companion!” 
“I love people, hence why I’m in nursing school and I work on the weekends. I know being with you could really help me take the stress off.” 

Not only are you stating that you’re diligent in your work ethic, but you’re making it about them.  Most of these guys want to see you happy and know that they’re money is going to a good purpose towards your future, it makes them feel accomplished. This is why good SD’s will spoil you with gifts, they LOVE that affirmation that they did a good job.

5) Ask yourself, what kind of guys are your searching for? 

In all personal opinion, I’ll go search for guys on SA myself. Financial requirement for me are MINIMUM $300,000. I’ve found that their allowances are usually a few grand. If they have SEX ANYWHERE on their profile, I swipe left. “I want someone kinky and sexy….bedroom…” EW GROSS It’s bad enough that I may have to be intimate with your nasty ass, don’t make me visualize suffering prior to meeting. If they’ve had a prior arrangement before, score. They usually know how this works. 

A GOOD SD WILL COMPENSATE YOUR FOR YOUR TIME! Remember this. If you’re going on a free POT date, he’s not a good SD. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK FOR MONEY! <——Key.   

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below and help each other! This is why I LOVE the sugar baby community. <3

Hope this helps. xoxoxo


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May I please request list form of cuddling with Monsta X? Thank you lovely!

Cuddling with Monsta X


  • giant teddy bear + always warm + huge arms = the best cuddler on the planet !!
  • loves it when you put your head on his chest
  • plays with your hair, sometimes tries to braid it while you’re asleep
  • you wake up with your hair in a weird knot and he claims not to know what happened
  • cuddles anywhere ! and everywhere !
  • you’re laying in bed reading a book? cuddles
  • Watching a movie? cuddles 
  • Making dinner? turn the stove down because Shownu’s gonna wrap his arms around you and not let go
  • i see him being the type to sit you on the counter and wrap his arms around your waist and put his head on your chest so you’ll play with his hair

Originally posted by yoongisbigassforehead


  • a lot of posts I’ve seen hyper sexualize him but tbh he’s a lil squish
  • playful as heck
  • would tickle and poke you randomly to start a war when you’re cuddling in bed and you’re too close to falling asleep for his liking
  • because he’s actually a giant baby that gets bored easily
  • if you’ve ever seen fancams of him at fanmeets you’ll know what I mean 
  • runs his fingers through your hair and kisses your forehead
  • secretly loves being the little spoon/laying his head on your chest while you’re on your back
  • loves the feeling of your fingers in his hair and you lips on his forehead
  • even in the summer when it’s so hot you feel like your skin is on fire he demands to be cuddled

Originally posted by wonho-be-mine


  • this tol bean wouldn’t even be getting out of bed in the first place
  • so cuddles would be near constant
  • not super picky, will cuddle you however as long as you don’t make him get up
  • loves spooning because he can just completely cocoon you
  • but also loves having your head on his chest because its a little less suffocating when it’s hot
  • you can’t resist kissing his cute little face all over even when he threatens to push you out of bed/off the couch so he can have some peace
  • would cuddle the giant koala plushie he got from a fan instead
  • claims he’s joking, he’s not

Originally posted by hyungvon


  • loves cuddling in bed and just talking
  • ideally you have dinner, take a bath together and get into bed a little early
  • so you can just face each other and talk about whatever while giving each other little eskimo kisses and he’s playing with your hair
  • gets annoyed if you don’t dry your hair first because you start sneezing and he complains that you wouldn’t have if you dried you hair
  • realistically his skincare routine takes so long you’re falling asleep before he even gets in bed
  • so five minutes into cuddling… you’re asleep
  • and he’s laying there rolling his eyes, wondering why you look so damn cute wearing his shirt

Originally posted by prettytae


  • literally a boa constrictor
  • wraps himself around you and won’t let go
  • hugs you tighter and tighter until you stop breathing
  • jk
  • but he’s clingy as heck when he cuddles, so you better not have any plans for the rest of the day if you’re cuddling in the morning
  • wakes you up the same way he does with Jooheon in that cute ass video, you know the one
  • except he doesn’t get off
  • he’ll just lay on top of you until you roll him off onto the floor
  • jumps back up and attacks you with kisses until you submit

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • because he’s always working into the early hours of the morning he wouldn’t get much chance to cuddle with you while you’re still awake
  • so the days he does get with you he’d cherish and just transform into the biggest teddy bear
  • lets you snuggle up to him like a little koala *gif* and plays with your hair
  • kisses your head a lot and tells you how much he loves you
  • similar to Wonho, loves being the little spoon/you cuddling him
  • isn’t shy about it
  • comes home and flops onto your lap and buries his face in your stomach and just lays there with his arms around your waist and your hands work through his hair/rub his shoulders

Originally posted by wonhontology


  • loves when you approach him first for cuddles, bc he’s a lil shy
  • thinks you’re the softest thing on the planet
  • completely envelops you in his arms
  • doesn’t even have to be laying down, you guys will be standing in the hallway just hugging each other for like 10 minutes before you realize you haven’t moved
  • refuses to let go of you and waddles while still holding you and drops onto the couch with you on top of him
  • you talk about how both of you days were and just lay there for a while enjoying each other’s company

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So I haven’t posted anything substantial in like 50 years and I’m so sorry, I hope this makes up for it, I’ve been writing a lot of different things but I haven’t been able to finish any one thing because I’ve been getting pretty bad writer’s block..but I’m working through it! So hopefully I can keep this up again, all I can ask is please don’t spam my inbox asking for updates! It can make me feel pressured and actually is counterproductive …

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OMG! Hello, it's Villain!Deku Anon again and I just want to thank you! I couldn't even imagine myself that you will illustrate this au with your wonderful art style! I can't even describe how grateful I am! ;-; Moreover, I want to tell you my thoughts about it! I love Dabi's and Deku's interplay really a lot, because, I dunno, Dabi behaves as if he was Izuku's aniki? I can see it that way tho. And Izuku's outfit is great! Simple but interesting and functional :) Anyway, I hope that one day -->

HAI AGAIN! TIME FOR ANOTHER LONG ASS POST I’m so sorry it took so so long for me to finally reply to this so I hope it’s worth the wait! I want to also thank YOU for sharing me this wonderful AU<3 I can’t thank you enough and everyone rly loves it! I just wish you can go off anon so we can chat more about this au but I respect your decisions u v u I’m glad you love it all ehehe///

YEs! I was so proud of how those two turned out! Dabi seems to be the mature one in the villain alliance and he always has this mysterious air to him so being the big brother role would fit perfectly! Aaaah// I’m glad you love the outfit! /)///v//(\ I wasn’t sure what to go for ahaha~

I’m definitely developing this! And no worries, all your questions will be answered, hopefully to your expectation ehehe Q w Q

Regarding Todo; HE’S SUCH A SAD PUPPY I ALMOST FEEL BAD BUT I ENDED UP MAKING IT WORST FOR HIM! i wanted to keep the element of him being a tragic character because that’s what everyone loves about him. He did nothing wrong XD Now, I decided that Deku actually DOES meet up with Todo randomly, like they don’t know each other and this is way before the USJ raid and deku ended up showing todo the light, motivating todo to go forward regardless of what his dad says because both deku and todo see the same view, how there are heroes who does things not for the sake of being a hero. so deku was able to save todo that way!

BUUUuut he finds out his saviour is a villain so now he’s conflicted;;; sorry Todo, you can’t catch a break even in this au //holds him

Moving on to bakugou…

Deku does disappear out of trace for awhile and maybe bakugo does notice but he rly doesn’t do anything about it, the ass…. but that’d be so cute is he does start to worry, I’m sure something like that does bug him in the back of his mind. I’m not so good with how to illustrate deconstruction so hopefully it’s done alright;; as long as you get the idea because that’s what deku will do to bakugou, he knows bakugou well enough to do so

After this whole thing, all might emerged victorious like in canon. Villains retreated and this was when All Might realized his mistake, since he recognized Deku during this raid. “PATHETIC” is what he’s say

Thats what I decided to go for! I totally agree with you on this! I don’t mind it at all precious! Thank you! It makes more sense and it’s the BEST THING EVER LIKE BAKUGOU VS DEKU WOW!! All might will see how much of a hero bakugou wants to be and the connection with Deku helps even more in order to save Deku from plunging further into darkness, so all might makes Bakugou his successor! ^^ it also can help bakugo grow as a hero so it’s a good opportunity for him!

All might FEELS SUPER GUILTY so that’s why he’s so focused on saving Deku.. deku’s mom also feels the guilt. All of this is on the news so eventually Deku’s mom find out about Deku and well… it doesn’t go well. deku still loves her as his mom even if she didn’t believe in him being a hero but he came home only to find her will.

Now, not only is bakugou going to be All might’s successor, but Deku will soon inherit AFO as well. When they find the villain’s hideout and all that crazy stuff going on, All Might faces off with AFO.

Deku is still honestly precious even now, he rly tries to bond with the villain alliance members and that eventually gained Dabi’s and Himiko’s trust! Even though he’s given the role of info gatherer/mastermind, he doesn’t take advantage of it and relies on his friends!

As for tomura, this is how it’s gonna play out

He’s now gonna be Shigaraki’s hero just like how Sensei did it. Both the death of  Sensei and his mother made deku feel that he wasn’t enough of a hero to save them but this will only pushed him even further to become a ‘true hero’, especially when sensei actually put faith in him, when no one else did

also cute deku making friends with everyone cause he’s a sweetie that way!

THANK YOU FOR READING! GOOD JOB FOR MAKING IT TO THE BOTTOM! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! I honestly still have some more stuff regarding this au in mind but that needs to wait until it’d actually done pfft >//v//< I’m tired so ima sleep now;;;


It is ABSOLUTELY fine for someone to have a STRAIGHT ship. I keep seeing things about how much people hate certain ships mainly because they are a straight ship. And people keep using the age card to justify their hate for the ship. We DON’T actually know how old these characters are so STOP uses that excuse to boss people around and to hate on their ships.

I’m going to say this again, I don’t like the show because of ships. I like the show for the characters individually and the family-like relationship between the characters. Romance is too complicated for me to want to get caught up in. Although I wouldn’t might a little romance in the show later on (hopefully it’s at a minimum and doesn’t take away from the plot).

If you have a certain ship that’s your OTP then that’s great. I don’t care if it’s straight or gay or whatever, just stop hating others because they interpret the show different than you.

Pokemon Workout Run!

Train with your Pokemon!

Hey there guys! pokemon-i-choose-you here (AKA Vee) and last month I had thought of a way to incorporate working out and getting active with playing video games! So here’s a post on how you can mix getting active and playing your favorite Pokemon game!

I call it the Workout Run! You would play your game normally, but there are rules you have to abide by when you play:

  • Nickname your Pokemon after a certain exercise you want to do (ex. Push Up, Sit Up, Squats, etc)
  • When you catch a Pokemon, whatever level it is, that’s how much of that exercise you have to do! My example will be ‘Push-Up’ the Rowlet:
  • When you level up your Pokemon, you increase the amount of push ups you have to do (So 5 push ups when caught + 6 push up’s when leveling up = 11 push ups) Keep leveling up for a more strenuous work-out!

Play your game as long as you want, but be mindful that you shouldn’t level up too much in one day, so your body doesn’t get overwhelmed! Basically, you should pace yourself playing your game each day (: especially if you’re not used to exercise! 

And if you’re doing serious bodybuilding, consider taking a before and after picture! To take a look at your progress!

And just keep playing till you beat the game! I used Sun/Moon Pokemon as an example, but it’s not limited to that game! I’m actually starting my Workout Run with Omega Ruby!

If you guys want, please reblog this to share this idea! I think it’s a super fun way for you to literally train with your Pokemon and you “level up” with them! And it will hopefully be an influence to either get active or work harder when you’re in the gym!

Bless ETD for managing to get me an appointment with a nearby clinic in an hour. Hopefully we’ll be able to head up north tomorrow. But in the meantime I’m just going to keep sitting on this ice pack praying this isn’t actually a cyst/blocked gland making the right side of my lower body agony. Oh the joys of a compromised immune system 👌🔥🔥🔥

About Asks
  • People keep asking about my ask box so let me just say that i actually closed it because there is already 100+ questions in my ask bin and since i have to deal with school i don't want to bite off more than i can chew so sorry if you wanted to ask a question, I'm just one person, I'll open them once i answer about half and i tell you all when i open it back up
  • thank you for reading this and hopefully understanding
  • p.s. this is the first time in history i have ever had this many asks, I'm a bit overwhelmed
I remember when the title of my book, “Stranger Than Fanfiction,” was first announced, I got a lot of hate from a lot of people who write fanfiction because I think they thought I was gonna be making fun of them when actually, on the contrary, this book celebrates them and really, I think, hopefully inspires people to really keep it up.
—  Chris Colfer

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Sony Music UK have retweeted Louis' tweet about the single and have posted the pic he posted on their ig!! Can't believe they are actually promoting him!! God yeees! I'm so here for this!! Hopefully they will keep it up, and promote him in other ways!!!

i am actually in shock i hope they just started and they will do their job from now on, now it’d be nice if sony music UK could give the fans what they want (*** **) and make even more money out of their deal(s). 😎

Dru isn't "fat", PLEASE DO NOT BEAT ME UP

A lot of people are aging Dru is “fat”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to body shame, I just think the word has a different meaning than the context it’s being used in. “Fat” to me implies body fat, the actual physical way the body stores extra calories. Someone who works out, more specifically the way Shadowhunters do because their job is so physically demanding, is not going to be “fat”. I know it was addressed in the book (I don’t remember this having sped through the book in a day and a half) that Dru considered herself fat despite the fact that she trains like a shadowhunter, but aren’t we only getting Dru’s perspective here? (Correct me if I’m wrong, please I’d truly love to know where someone else [besides effing Zara or one of her sleaze ball companies] besides Dru specifically calls her “fat”, not heavy or curvy but fat). Seeing that we are getting an insecure thirteen year old’s opinion of her body can we agree it’s not going to be “accurate”. We obviously know that since Dru already thinks herself fat and not proudly that she has low body image. In return that means of course she’s going to think she’s “fat”, that doesn’t mean she is. For instance, I feel awkward trying blouses on because I have no boobs. Does that mean the shirt I’m wearing actually looks bad on me because of the way I perceive it hanging horridly on my body from the lack of cleavage I have? No, in all honesty it looks fine and you can’t really even notice it. But when I look down I see where extra room for boobies was sewn into the shirt and I think it looks weird and obvious. Dru however thinks the exact opposite of her body, every curve stands out to her ten times more than it does. Plus not only is she naturally curvy, she’s physically mature for her age. At thirteen she’s in bigger gear than other girls her age. How can you expect her not to think she’s fat? As far as I’m concerned though no one else (of importance, meaning Zara or other mean thirteen year old shadowhunter girls) think Dru’s “fat”.

Dru’s Shadowhunters wiki page reads: “Dru has the Blackthorns’ signature dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. She is quite tall for her age—nearly the same height as Cristina, despite being five years younger than her. As a child, she was already compact, expected to grow to be curvy unlike her mostly lanky siblings. Her body has since already gone through puberty early, showing off her curves to the point where Dru, at thirteen, has been mistaken for seventeen or eighteen years old by mundane boys. This has made her very self-conscious about her body because unlike most Shadowhunters who are wiry or muscular, she is round-bodied and doesn’t fit into the gear designed for girls in her age group.”

Tell me that doesn’t sound like every other teenage girl with body image problems plus the fact that she’s different added on top of it. If you’ve actually made it this far into my post, hopefully you know bashing any sort of body image pride you’ve built up through this “Dru is fat” thing, because positive body image is hella important and you keep using Dru or whoever else as your inspiration or whatever else you’re using her as (as long as it’s good). I’m just saying, maybe you and I have a different understanding of the word “fat” and it just so happens that the way you’re using it is bothering me. Because maybe I think that Dru’s importance isn’t that she’s “fat” it’s that she realistically represents how low body image feels like and I think she’ll serve as a lesson that how you see yourself isn’t how everyone else sees you and you need to learn to love yourself. #Druisnotfatpleasedonotbeatmeup

I Won’t Say pt. 2 (Jughead x Reader)

-Summary: Part two of I Won’t Stay, where Jughead and Y/N go to the dance together but ditch.

-Jughead Jones x Reader

-Request? Yep.

-Word Count: 1110

-Warnings: none

-A/N: Jughead is living in the drive in still for this one, it fits better with the story.

-Tags: @multiversegalaxygirl@xbobaaa , @flowercrown-bucky ,


Jughead’s POV

If I was being honest, I was quite nervous. I was supposed to be picking up Y/N in thirty minutes for the school dance that she asked me to. Dances aren’t my thing, but I wasn’t about to say no to a chance with Y/N, even though everything in my head was telling me that I should do otherwise, that anything to do with relationships is a waste, because someone always gets hurt in the end. But I ignored it, and decided I’m gonna do what my heart wants for once. She is the one who asked me after all.  Or had I misinterpreted it? Was she asking me as a friend? I hoped not.

I shook the thoughts from my head and grabbed my phone and left the drive in, locking the door to the place behind me. After about twenty minutes I arrived at Y/N’s house; I was ten minutes early, but that didn’t matter, she usually gets ready for things super quick. I sent her a quick text telling her I was here, opting not to knock on the door and having to face her nosy mother.

I may love Y/N, but that does not mean I have to like her parents.

No, I’m still not admitting that I love her.

After a minute or two, the door opened up to a smiling Y/N. I couldn’t help but smile back, she had the most beautiful smile.

“Ready to go?” I asked her.

She nodded, “Let’s go.”

When we arrived at school, we immediately found our group of friends. They all greeted us and the evening went on with us just talking and drinking the punch that had not yet been spiked by Reggie. I was getting kind of bored after about two hours, Y/N and I just sitting down, watching everybody dancing.

Then, the slow dance came on.

I sat there for a couple of seconds, debating whether I should ask her to dance. It would be rude if I didn’t, but also risky if I did. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and finally said it:

“Do you want to dance?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Thought you’d never ask.”

I stood up and held my hand out to her, she took it and I led her to the dance floor where everyone else was dancing. She placed her arms around my neck, and I carefully placed my hands on her waist, my heart racing from how close we were in proximity. It felt like we were just stood there, staring at each other, no cares in the world. Before we knew it the song was over and we parted awkwardly, not saying a word.

She spoke up, “This dance is boring, wanna leave?”

I nodded and we left, not even telling any of our friends goodbye. We made our way to our ‘secret spot’, otherwise known as the tree house in the back yard of Y/N’s house. We hadn’t been up here in a while. We had been so wrapped up in the investigation into Jason Blossom’s murder and the Blue and Gold that we hadn’t really had time to properly hang out in our spot. We used to come here once a week, as a tradition. We’d made a silly pact when we were younger that we would only be best friends if we met there every week. We would play card games and board games to keep ourselves amused. It was what I looked forward to every week.

When she pulled out Cluedo from the stack of board games I laughed, “Hopefully we can actually solve this murder.”

She laughed, “Shut up you goof.”

Although it was dark and there was very little light in the tree house, our eyes adjusted and we sat down and set up everything and started playing. About half way into the game, I couldn’t help myself but to say, “I’ve missed this.”

She looked up from her cards, “The game or us hanging out?”

I rolled my eyes, “The second one obviously.”

She smiled, “Me too,” she said sincerely, then she went back to the game, “I think I’m gonna accuse.”

I shook my head, “You can’t possibly know who it is!”

She smirked, “Was it scarlet, with the pistol, in the bedroom?”

I looked down at my cards, knowing that I didn’t have any of those, and she had in fact won. I groaned and threw my cards down, and she laughed.

“You chose this game cause you always win at it, cheater,” I say, teasing her.

“Hey! It’s not my fault you suck at it!” She said laughing.

After we had packed the game up, too tired for another game, she sat back down next to me. It was quiet for a moment until Y/N spoke up again, “How have you been? You know, besides everything.”

I shrugged, “Fine, haven’t really had much time to think about anything else.”

Y/N nodded, “I get what you mean, I haven’t really had a moment to myself either, which made me enjoy tonight a hundred times more, because I got to spend time with you, like we used to,” she smiled fondly.

We sat there, in the dark tree house, just staring at each other. Thanks to my lack of control, my eyes flickered to her lips for a split second. I love her. I’m in love with her.

“I, uh…” I trailed off, not really knowing where I was going with my words. I didn’t really want to finish my sentence, because admitting it means being vulnerable, it means putting myself at risk for being hurt by the ones you love. I already knew how that felt. But I didn’t have to admit anything if I just showed her instead.

So I kissed her.

It was like the world stopped spinning. Her lips connected with mine in the most luxurious way that I felt like I was going dizzy. Everything made sense. I had no idea how much I had wanted this until now.

It felt like a lifetime until we pulled apart, and when we did I had to say it, “I love you.”

She inhaled a deep breath, looking like she was still recovering from what had just happened, “I-I love you too Jughead, I always have.”

“You have?” I ask, shocked.

She nods her head and places her hand on my cheek, smiling, “How could I not love you? You’ve always been here for me when no- one else was.”

I couldn’t even come up with a reply, I was just filled with relief.

So instead, I kissed her again.

A Christmas Pet - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Prompt: Damian finds Santa’s reindeer on the roof (while Santa is downstairs) and is trying to convince Batmom to let him keep them

“Mom! Wake up!” Damian whispered crawling into your bed in the middle of the night and urgently shaking your shoulders. Your eyes cracked open and you looked over to see Bruce sleeping like a log on the other side of the bed.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” You mumbled already letting your eyes close again.

“There’s reindeer on the roof Mom! Come look!” Damian said eagerly pulling at your arm. “Come on Mom!” He encouraged again when you were too slow to get out of bed for his liking.

Damian dragged you downstairs and out the front door into the frigid snow covered night. You managed to pull on a jacket and some boots before it was too late. He pulled you some distance away from the manor until you could clearly see the roof and stopped to point up.

Holy shit.

“See? I told you!” He said and dear lord he was right. On your roof stood multiple real live reindeer. Their breathes billowed visibly from their noses while they stood calmly on your roof. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw that they were all harnessed together leading a bright red sleigh. You stood there in shock with you mouth hanging open in shock.

How much did you spend to make this happen, Bruce. You thought to yourself. And more importantly how the hell did you manage to get nine reindeer and a sleigh on the roof?

“Can I keep one?” Damian asked hopefully.

“No.” You responded immediately.

“But there’s so many Mom! They need a home and Batcow needs more friends.” He argued.

“Go ask your father.” You said, not able to take your eyes off the fucking deer on the manor’s roof.

“Yes!” He celebrated briefly before hurrying inside to go ask his father permission to adopt yet another unconventional pet. Shaking your head numbly at the sight before your eyes you broke out of your trance to hurry after Damian to make sure he wouldn’t actually wake up Bruce. That man would agree to anything in a haze of sleep.

“So how did you do it?” You whispered to Bruce the next morning while all the boys were opening gifts.

“Do what?”

“Get live reindeer on the roof.” You said a little confused as to why he was acting like he had no idea what you were talking about.

“I didn’t do that.” He stated honestly.

“Then who did?” You asked, the sounds of sleigh bells could be heard far off in the distance.

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Oh man. Writing these two dorks getting all blush-y and awkward-y is one of my favorite things to do. Here’s #79: “My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Derek scowled as he used the scanner to price check items along the aisles of Home Depot. It wasn’t his first choice of job, not by a long shot, but he needed the money and the hours weren’t terrible. If he was lucky he could make it back to the apartment in time to see Laura before she headed off to work.

He didn’t like the orange apron he had to wear either.

The words of his co-worker still echoed through his head, “you should just talk to him Derek, what’s the worst he could say?”. Leslie had been talking about the once-a-month guy; this pale, beauty marked, bow lipped guy that Derek found really attractive. Except he’s never actually talked to him, and Derek’s pretty sure the guy didn’t even know he existed.

Sure, maybe he hid out in the plumbing sections on the days the guy came in because that’s usually where he’d head to to grab some random part. Maybe Derek would watch from afar because words weren’t his thing and he was too socially awkward to start up a conversation.

Well that and the mandatory “hi, welcome to Home Depot can I help you at all today?” he would have to start with.

Angrily he scanned another item, not even flinching when a finger tapped his shoulder.

“Leslie, seriously knock it off, I’m not talking to him. End of story,” Derek snapped over his shoulder, rounding the corner to the next aisle.

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

Derek felt the tip of his ears heat up as he spun on his heel, looking around the aisle corner. Of course…it was him. Once-a-month guy. Derek frowned because he was just in here last week, so him being back so soon was throwing him off. Today he was in a dark flannel and a red hoodie, khakis and old sneakers to top it off.

“Uh, she’s my co-worker,” Derek explained, crossing his arms, “what can I do for you?”

The guy shakily held up a flush valve for a toilet, “I bought the wrong one, I was wondering if you could help? I see you in that section all the time.”

That information has his stomach in knots and his face heat up as well. Before he could think of words he nodded his head and motioned for the guy to follow. The steady squeak of sneakers behind him was reassuring as they crossed the store to plumbing. It wasn’t really his section but he was pretty handy, he could probably help.


There were only two kinds, one that looked more tube like, and one that looked like a lever system.

“I’d try this one for whatever model toilet you have,” Derek said holding the lever version to the guy who suddenly had this stupidly gorgeous smile on his face. It pulled his cheeks, teeth almost blindingly white and straight, amber eyes lighting up. Derek had to focus on keeping himself on his feet.

“My flush valve is actually fine,” he said.

Derek raised an eyebrow, “um…okay? Anything else I can do for you then?”


“What?!” Derek sputtered, nearly dropping the piece in his hands.

The guy ran nervous hands through his chestnut hair, “look….you’re not exactly subtle and you’re the Hot-as-the-sun Home Depot guy! So I kind of made an excuse to talk to you with the whole flush valve thing and–”

“Derek,” he interrupted.


“My name. It’s Derek,” Derek explained.

The guy let out a nervous laugh, “I’m Stiles.”

“I get off work in thirty minutes if you want to–”

“Yes.” Stiles nodded jerkily.

Derek couldn’t suppress his own smile, “you don’t even know what I was going to say.”

“Don’t have to. It’s a yes.” Stiles smiled.


Quite The Impression

A/N: An anon request where Spencer tells Morgan about this woman he met at his library, and Morgan doesn’t actually think she exists, but as they’re talking, a woman walks into the BAU, and it’s the woman they were talking about. @coveofmemories 


“Not so fast, Pretty Boy,” Morgan said as his kid brother walked into the BAU with a cup of coffee and a giant smile. “It looks like someone had a good night.”

Spencer smiled, understanding what Morgan meant. After years of working together, he had picked up the way he spoke, although that wasn’t how his own mind worked. “Not that kind of good night,” he replied, sitting down and taking a large sip of his coffee. “I did have a nice night last night, but not the kind of late one you’re implying.”

“Okay, so spill it, Pretty Ricky,” he laughed. Morgan figured it was about damn time that the kid found some happiness in his life. They both loved their jobs, but to be the sole focus on one’s life wasn’t healthy - and neither had been able to find someone who could understand the balance necessary to work for the BAU and carry on a successful relationship. “I can only assume by the smile on your face that you met a pretty honey yesterday.”

As Spencer finished taking another sip of his coffee, he smiled, remembering the forwardness with which the librarian asked him out yesterday. “I did,” he smiled. “I had to return a book to the library and the librarian is new. Just out of a master’s degree in the field and extremely beautiful.”

Of course he would meet a woman at the library, Morgan thought to himself. Most people picked up dates in bars and through work, but Spencer found his companions through libraries and chess tournaments like a true nerd. “So tell me about her. Describe her to me.” Morgan formed an immediate picture of what she might look like - exactly the kind of woman that Spencer would be into, but once he’d started describing her, Morgan couldn’t reconcile the differing images.

“Where do I start?” Spencer wondered aloud without actually wanting an answer. “When I walked into the library she looked kind of out of place. Societal expectations tell us that the typical librarian is supposed to be nerdy and not typically ‘beautiful.’” He hated that kind of thinking, because he fell victim to it also. Someone that looked like him wasn’t supposed to be an FBI agent either. What had that one man from the militia called him? That’s right, he called him ‘a pipe cleaner with eyes.’ “Anyway, she’s on the short side. Long, wavy Y/H/C hair that goes past her shoulder blades. She looks gorgeous in red, which was what she was wearing yesterday. Her eyes are…and her smile…” Spencer started floating off into a daydream thinking about Y/N. “And when I went to return my book, she just asked me out, very straight-forward. I was really thrown off.”

Morgan practically choked on the drink he’d just taken a sip of. That did not sound like the kind of woman that normally went for Spencer. This woman sounded extremely confident, which was at odds with the kinds of women that tended to go for Boy Wonder. “She just asked you out on a date out of nowhere?” he asked incredulously. Even Morgan didn’t have a ton of women just asking him out with no lead up; that was a kind of confidence he admired.

“Yea,” Spencer said disbelievingly. “I asked her for her name first, because we didn’t even know each other’s names, but then I handed her my card and told her I’d love it if she called. I haven’t heard from her yet though and I didn’t get her number. I was so thrown off and nervous, I just walked out with my book.

That Morgan could picture. In his experience, whenever someone made a move on the genius, he tended to stumble over his words, blush like a madman and then awkwardly walk away. “Well how am I supposed to know if this woman even exists, kid?” Morgan teased, smacking him on the shoulder as they both went to grab something to eat. He knew Spencer wasn’t the type to make something like that up, but as the proverbial big brother, he felt it was his lot in life to make fun of him regularly.

“Of course, she’s real, Morgan,” he said defensively. However, upon seeing Morgan laugh, he realized he was only teasing. “Why would I lie about that? I mean she was beautiful. I really hope she calls. I can’t believe I didn’t get her phone number. I’m such an idiot.” After grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine, because as a genius, the smartest move ever was to eat a candy bar with his coffee for breakfast, he and Morgan made their way back to their desks. Today was going to be a heavy paperwork day. 

As soon as they approached their desks, Anderson ran toward Spencer, claiming that someone was there to see him. Morgan hadn’t sat down yet, so he joined Spencer in his walk toward the elevators. 

“Hi, Spencer!” Y/N said, feeling a little bit off in such a foreign environment. “I’m so, so sorry to come to your work place, but I meant to call you last night when I went home and when I reached into my pocket for your card, it wasn’t there. Last thing I wanted was for you to think I blew you off and I remember you saying you worked here.”

Morgan looked between the two in stunned silence as he gave her his phone number verbally so she could program it into her phone. “Just texted you, so now you have mine too,” she said, turning towards Morgan. “You work together?”

“Yea, nice to meet you,” Morgan said, extending his hand toward Y/N. “I’m Derek Morgan. Spencer was actually just telling me all about you.”

Her hand still clasping Morgan’s, she turned her head toward Spencer. “Oh really? Good things, I hope.”

“Only good things. Frankly, I was wondering whether or not you actually existed the way he was going on about you.” Spencer’s face curled up into an embarrassed smile, the blush rising to his cheeks quicker than a thermometer on a hot day. Hopefully, Morgan’s endless teasing of him wouldn’t drive Y/N off. 

Thankfully, it only served to make her smile wider. “Well then,” she said, “I’m glad I made an impression. I don’t want to keep you from work, I just wanted to make sure that I got into contact with you, so you didn’t think I blew you off. I’ll text you and maybe we can get together this weekend.”

“That s-sounds great,” Spencer stammered. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too,” she said, turning toward the elevator and giving both men a small wave. “Oh and Spencer.” A big, dumb smile still plastered on his face, he spun around to look at her. “Just so you know, you made quite the impression too.”

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Spencer let out a nervous giggle. “Oh man,” Morgan exclaimed, slapping him on the shoulder even harder than he had before. “She is something else. And you are smitten. You should text her now.”

“You don’t think it’s too soon?” Spencer asked. He had always been under the impression that there was a timeline for these types of things.

“Y/N doesn’t seem like the type to beat around the bush. She asked for your number and she came her to get it again when she lost it,” Morgan replied. “Screw the rules. Screw what’s expected. Just go for it.”

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I need to know more about this Titanic AU???

I mean……..do you understand that you’ve just unleashed my need to share all the ideas I’ve had brewing for ???? months now upon all of my followers??

So I originally was gonna do this AU for the Klance big bang but then life happened and anxiety happened and my depreciating crippling self hatred and belief that everything I do is shit happened (as usual) so I had to drop out lmao but !!! one day I was texting my babu @jackalopesart and we were talkin about aus or big bangs and she was like “man i would love me a klance titanic au i love titanic” and i was like “haha funny u should mention that bc i have an outline for a klance titanic au for that big bang that i was gonna do before i dropped out” and she started screaming at me that she would have picked that prompt so quick and ksFKSJDFLS you probably don’t care about this background story SORRY but it was just really funny but also she inspired me to keep writing it!!!!! it was just gonna be another one of the 23 WIPs on my google docs but we were talking and she just made me really wanna keep going? so I finished chapter one and she started drawing for it and now we’re here and once she’s finished this last piece of art, chapter one will be up, hopefully this week!!!! :’)

Now in terms of the actual AU,,,I actually don’t want to give too much away😬 

What Kelsi and I have shared with you guys is at least the very basis of the fic, which is that, essentially, Lance is Jack Dawson, and Keith is Rose DeWitt Bukater. However!!! This fic is not going to follow the movie’s storyline to a T. 

I really want this to be a rollercoaster for everyone reading it because it’s going to be different in a lot of different ways!!! and I’ve seen a lot of people be like “well keith should be X and lance should be Y instead” or “lance is gonna die, wow, great” and like. I mean if y’all wanna write your own Titanic AUs then be my guest, but for this story, you literally have no idea what’s gonna happen to these characters or who is who and what their background is yet or who’s gonna get sucked into the freezing vacuum of the Atlantic ocean! All in good time!!!

That being said, of course some of the Most Iconic Scenes will be reflected in similar if not very nearly the exact same ways in this fic…I mean……the car scene, amirite?? But in all seriousness, it’s not going to be the exact same as the movie, so in the end, I guess everyone will just have to read and see? What I can tell you for certain is that Lance and Keith meet in the first chapter, if that helps. I did post a small excerpt of that meeting from Chapter One under my “titanic au” tag on this blog (tho it’s an older draft and i’ve edited that scene a fair bit since I posted it) but hopefully the entire thing will be ready and up in the next few days!! 

Sorry for being a bit secretive but I love bein an extra bitch and letting people go along for the ride with the stories I tell :’’) It’ll be worth it, I promise. I hope, anyway? And also sorry ahead of time for the tears that will probably definitely be my fault. oops!!


[Summer break 17.7]

I’m officially doing a master’s degree on literary genesis & imagination, specialised in English literature. Classes don’t start for another two months, but I’ve finalised all the paperwork this morning. 
Second news is that I posted my first tips/advice original post earlier today.
And the third news is that I decided to go back to taking care of myself. I explain. I’ve lost weight in the past year(s), but I’ve been stagnating for a few months. My trip to Spain consisted to not much healthy eating, and since I finished school, I’ve began to move way less during the day. My plan is to: go back to noting everything I eat & grade the days (red, yellow, green), follow online sports classes (I’ll take loads this week to work out which ones I actually like) & grade the days; then following the results by weighting myself once a week. I’ll keep this up for eight weeks hopefully. 

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