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That may seem like a very weird question but... do you think Light goes through character development in Death Note ? I do realize the obvious answer is yes but at the same time he is really skilled at clinging to himself, if I make any sense ?

I think he does, yes! Even if it’s… mostly negative character development.

I do see where you are coming from with the thought of him ‘clinging to himself’ and just adapting his old principles to new situations over and over, though. I agree that he does this, but I also think that he maneuvers himself into very significant changes by doing so. There are many things that are second nature to end-canon Light that pre-canon Light would never even have considered. Light’s logic may remain comparable to his past self, but that doesn’t exclude him from character development?
After all, developing does not mean becoming a new person, it is a field of continuity in which being yourself is often what drives you to change. Uh.

Light goes to extremes to ensure his self image stays positive, but this very self-image as well as the expression of it still changes over time.

To get the obvious out of the way, the first chapter encompasses a tremendous amount of development. Light would not entertain the idea of murdering prior to it and is then sent down the hell rabbit-hole by accidentally murdering someone anyway. To protect himself from this truth, he warps his mindset into one that justifies these killings, makes them positive.
This is not a thought or frame of mind that he would have considered before, the circumstances force him into changing, adapting.

But that is the part that everyone already knows about, so I will focus on making the point that Light’s changes are not over and done with at that point.

For a start, being Kira long-term changes his entire attitude about the world and his own place in it. Pre-canon Light sees the world as a boring, rotten place. In the finale, we get a clear glimpse into what makes him think this:

As the intelligent son of a very earnest police officer, Light is hyper-aware of crime from a young age. This also means that he always observes the seeming futility of Soichiro’s work on the grand scale. No matter how many criminals are caught and incarcerated, new crimes will spring up. Soichiro teaches Light to believe in being truly just, but Light can see that that on its own does not change the world order.
He wants to enter the NPA himself, but he has an underlying sense of ennui that tells him people as a whole won’t change, despite the successes on individual cases. It is all rotten, always as expected. It’s dull.

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I cannot rly draw females, idk BUT WHATEVER I just wanna state now that I have a thing for rly powerful women, like Kaguya and Shutara, who is btw from bleach, forever sad that the Royal Guards had barely screen time. Some like her, others not but I found it cool that by Naruto was a woman the end boss. Idk by bleach I missed always this powerful, female villain ; Unohana was there, yes but she was on the good side, kinda, I mean Soul Society is quite fucked up with its system. But w/e lets not argue. 

I think I should make a reblog account,, omg,,,

I’ll probably do that and then post a post with a link to it so it you wanna hear me scream over things I reblog i mEan

yoo i was serious when i reblogged that voltron batman au o 3o i need lance in catwomans costume~ 


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 7

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I have a lot of feelings about that new episode of Rick & Morty and I’ll get around to drawing them, but first things first… Morty Falls is a show I would totally watch.

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have you heard about/listened to 'the adventure zone'? it's a podcast. I think it's something you'd like, esp if you like lots of characters creating a found family and complex but awesome relationships between those characters. I'd also love to see your interpretation of the characters if you do get into it.

i actually just started listening to taz recently! i do like both of those things and i also hear it has canon girlfriends later on which im all about!! im not very far in (like.. halfway thru rockport limited? i think) and i havent really decided on designs for the boys yet, but heres number one regulator of my heart killian