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IF YOU HAVE A CANON CHARACTER, answer in the sense of what made you want to play them, how you have come to interpret them differently.

PART ONE. what thing(s) initially inspired your character?  

     That’s…a bit of a long story? Around the time I created Ryū, I was just starting to take writing a bit more…seriously (though, looking back, it was…a rough start lol). I was trying my hand at writing more fanfiction as both practice, and to get into a fandom I loved so much. 

     Like a lot of newbies, I wanted a character to sort of…play along with the story (at first just with fics - I didn’t even know RP was a thing until about six years ago). I took my love of dragons, and made…an abomination, haha! Everyone’s first character is a mess, though. But the initial inspiration was just…the fandom in general, and a tie to dragons and unique chakra.

PART TWO.  how has their personality developed from their first concept?

     Well…at first, during her…”ew” stage, she was a bit cold, aloof, and drastically overpowered, haha. But after revamping her about six years ago for RP, I completely gutted her character save for some loose concepts. Rather than…well, her previous mess, I made her a healer, a defender. Someone soft, yet stubborn. I wanted her to be…unique compared to most other characters in both canon, and that I’ve gotten to know from other muns with OCs. I wanted Ryū to be a bit of an…oddity. There’s not a lot of focus on medics in Naruto without a combat focus to go along with it: Sakura, Tsunade, Kabuto, even Hashirama. I made her into someone that doesn’t really fit in their world in regards to her powers - someone desperate to reject the inherent violence.

     Hopefully I managed to balance that “outlier” concept along with making her fit into the Naruto world in regards to her CHARACTER…if that makes sense, lol - while she might be different than the CAST, I hoped she could still fit into the WORLD.

PART THREE.  how has their appearance developed from their first incarnation?

     …well, to start, she had green eyes, brown hair, and a lither build. She was also a LOT taller - even just recently I’ve reeled that back again. She was almost six feet at first, then 5′9″, and now I’ve dropped her to 5′7″. Still tall due to her father’s genes, but not so…extreme lol - she’s also softer in build in regards to weight - she’s not active like her first form, so it’s more believable that she’d be less fit.

     And now her hair is white (as in ALL hair, included eyelashes, brows, even body hair), eyes are grey, and her features overall, including her face, are far softer/rounder than before. All to help fit both her role, and her soft personality. I want her to LOOK like she behaves.

PART FOUR. what do you think most makes your character unique?

     Whoops, I kinda said this already lol - basically just…her focus as a character. While Naruto is heavily combat-based, she’s sort of…the opposite. She has total focus in defense and healing. While she’s mighty in that regard, she still has MAJOR weaknesses, some born of her ability, and some born of her stubbornly-held views. She refuses combat, though she could arguably be very dangerous given her knowledge of the body, and how potently her chakra affects it.

     And like I said, there’s no real focus on any medic-ONLY characters. Those who have the traits also have specialties in offense, compared to her pairing with defense instead.

     I also tried to give her an extensive backstory that explains these traits, as well as her appearance. Pale-haired characters aren’t exactly RARE (Hidan, Kakashi, the Ōtsutsuki, etc.), but every aspect of her, I’ve taken into account and tried to give a reason or story to.

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