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  • My Dad: u r the only person in the world who likes gargoyles anymore. It was awful and it had too many Star Trek actors
  • Me: i will fight u and the internet will back me up

So. How about a little 1 minute needle felting tutorial to keep your mind busy tonight? I’m going to have some SUPER SPECIAL needle felting kits available soon (hopefully in time for Dcon and the holidays!) but till then, here’s a starter. #banishelectionworries #needlefelting #tutorial #notreallyallthathelpful #ButHey #ionlyhadoneminute

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anonymous asked:

do you have video of the show yet?? 😭

Noel Morgan just shared a pic of the empty stage, so the show just ended not too long ago. Hopefully videos will be available soon


I spent this past weekend in Detroit printing this beast of a poster at Signal Return, a pretty awesome letterpress shop. It’s pretty rare that I’m happy with a finished print, but this is definitely an exception. I worked with Lee Marchalonis who guided me through the printing process, she is an incredible letterpress ninja and I have SO much respect for her.  The print was massive, roughly 18″x24″, so we had to develop some work arounds to accommodate it. It took a really long time (longer than I’ve ever taken to one project) but it was so worth it. Hopefully it’ll be available soon from the shop at Signal Return! Feeling so grateful to Signal Return for the opportunity and Lee for her expertise!

A coloring book with hand drawn Golden Ratio illustrations under way

Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator who has been drawing beautiful geometric illustrations of nature, entirely by hand, for over 40 years. He creates the designs at an old drafting table with a pencil, compass, ruler and protractor.

Rafael was a teenager when he first learned about the golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi (φ). It appears in nature as for example sea shells, plant leaves and branches grow in spirals where the ratio of the amount of turn from one branch to the next is precisely 1.618.

Rafael applies the golden ratio to his geometric formulas and leaves the construction lines intact to highlight this natural mathematical framework.

Blue morpho butterfly sequence

Chambered nautilus shell

Butterfly infinite sequence

Fibonacci sequence shell 

Araujo’s coloring book has a successful funding campaign under way and will hopefully be available sometime soon. In the meantime, the campaign is still running on Kickstarter with plenty of perks available to backers.


The #Avengers #AgeOfUltron statue from the movie’s credits is real and hopefully available soon from Comicave Studios. #marvel #comics #film (at San Diego Convention Center)

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