Depression is:

Depression is waking up at 8am but not getting out bed until 6pm
Depression is over eating and/or not eating for a few days
Depression is laughing your head off at 3pm and praying for death at 12am
Depression is not talking to anyone for days on end
Depression is not showering for a week
Depression is losing interest in things you used to care so dearly about
Depression is always having the word “suicide” in your head even when you’re at your happiest

And depression is trying so very hard to just be okay

Depression is holding on. Depression is thinking of something that can just get you through one minute and then thinking of something to get you through the next and the next.

Please don’t give up. We can do this together.

I love you and I won’t give up on you even if you don’t want me anymore, I’ll always carry you around in my heart.
—  Tenari Ioapo
Don’t Let Her Go.

If she makes you laugh, don’t let her go. 

If she is honest with you, don’t let her go. 

If she is the kindest, caring, most beautiful soul you’ve ever met, don’t let her go.

If she has always been there through thick and thin, don’t let her go. 

If she’s put up with your bullshit, don’t let her go.

Whoever you thought of don’t let her go because a girl like that is hard to find.