Along with so many others, I have watched Hope’s life blossom in such beauty and grace both through her singleness and in her relationship with Nick. I have been so blessed by her presence on here–her honestly, her unapologetic authenticity, and her pursuit of the Lord’s glory. I am praying for you two today and hope you are overwhelmed by joy and favor in celebrating oneness with Nick. We love you Hoooooope!!!!1


h a p p y .
my time with her is so good. we have learned so much together and grown SO MUCH together. we’re pretty fricken blessed to just breathe in joy, as well as rest, when even text each other- let alone roam around different towns. i’m excited about the future because of best friends like her.

attention ladies of southeastern michigan tumblr

How amazing would it be to just do life together? Like how about we meet up on a regular basis and be real life friends and drink coffee and tea and sit and talk about Jesus and be real and know what’s going on with each other beyond what’s posted on tumblr and encourage each other. I mean, wouldn’t that just be the best? The lovely Shelby and I are going to make this a thing. And this is your official invitation. We’re going to be at the Bean & Leaf in downtown Rochester Tuesday night at 7pm and we would love to see you there. This is open to absolutely anyone and everyone who sees this and can come (I just tagged people who I know live in the area). 

Love you girls. This community is so precious already. 

Pray For Hope.

My dear friend Hope (she doesn’t like puns on her name but I think she secretly is okay with them when they are genuine and not just for lols) leaves early tomorrow morning to serve and grow for a week in Honduras. I’m committing myself to lifting her up in prayer over the next week and asking my followers to do the same.

It’s a bold and ambitious mission, hoping to convert and save an entire nation of people by putting their faith in Jesus. There are plenty of legitimate threats present in something like this, both internally and externally and also physical and spiritual.

So would you join me for a week in praying for my sister and for her team? That she and they would remain safe, rooted in truth, obedient to the Spirit’s promptings, emptying themselves for service, fearless in the face of failure, gracious, willing, humbled, eager, bold, and unwavering, and that they would do all these things in love?

Also be praying for the citizens of Honduras - that the Spirit would be softening their hearts and doing a great, redeeming work among those people. The government officials, the high school students, the church leaders; everyone.

The power of prayer is mysterious and weird and nonsensical but it’s real and mighty. I think it’s pretty damn amazing that you and I can say we had a part in what God will be doing down there next week, just through our conversations with our Father. So I am excited :) and I don’t care about notes but if you want to reblog this so more people can share and be invested in God’s work absolutely do it!


Hey Hope for your birthday fischday I made you a thing idk

(usually when my friends have birthdays I say “go follow them” or “wish them happy birthday” but probably everyone already follows Hope and she’s probably getting more birthday wishes than she knows what to do with so do whatever da heck u want idec)

Hopey Fischday.

Not everyday is a lesson or this deep profound revelation of who God is or what He’s saying. But there is clarity. And the clearer He becomes, the more I see my true self. The clearer He becomes, the more I learn that running from Him when I mess up is the opposite of what I want. The clearer He becomes, the more I see the beauty in others. The clearer He becomes, the more discerning I become.
And I am no where close to where I want to be, but I am no longer where I was.
—  HopeThis Post
Attention: Tumblr Alive Festival Meetup

As plenty of you have seen, heard, or been made aware of, a group of us are planning a tumblr meetup this June at Alive Festival in Mineral City Ohio.

This is essentially open to anyone that wants to take part, and tomorrow (Friday) night we are going to have a tinychat session to talk about details. It will be at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST.

I will be posting and having others reblog the link to the tinychat room earlier tomorrow so if you want to listen or let us know you’re interested or just hang out in tinychat, keep a look out tomorrow!

Today, I am scrolling and I am seeing all of these women I follow. You are all just incredibly beautiful. I see you for all you are and you are beautiful. Every piece that equals sum of yourself is beautiful and radiant and overwhelmingly precious.