Fanfiction Updates: 20-22nd May 2017

New Story:  Wisterian Love by babywerte123

Ch 24: Klaroline Drabble Series by JeDorsToutLeTemps

Ch 21: Royal Sacrifices by The Immortal Hope

Ch 9: Summer Accident by MIonthia

Ch 7: What Awaits In The Darkness by Rene1997

Ch 13: Lost In The Sea by Marianita195

Ch 11: The Beginning Of Another Story (Drabbles) by Sophia Chase

One Shot: Starlit Skies, Scarlet Highs by honorableotp

Ch 12: The Senator’s Wife by AvidReader2016

New Story:  As Long As You Love Me by Klaroline EndGame 53

Ch 7: Scribbles (Drabble Collection) by Wreckless Righter

Ch 4: The Queen Of The Damned by ekvara

New Story:  Klaroline Always and Forever One-Shots by originalslover

Ch 11: My Littlest Wolf by Paroma

Ch 3: Becoming A Priority by neverendingfangirl11

Ch 3: Till Death Do Us Part by seaofswans

One Shot: The Queen Comes Home by Klaroline Mikaelson

One Shot:  Desire, I’m Hungry. How Do You Want Me? by youngjusticewriter

New Story  Try and Stop Me by Some Impossible Fairytale