Tomorrow is the moment of truth gladiators. SCANDAL THURSDAY!!! The moment we have been waiting all summer for. :) Were gonna find out..

  • Who leaked Olivia’s name
  • Will Fitz choose to own up to the affair or choose the presidency
  • See Mellie’s typical plan that she comes up with && watch it blow up in her face
  • See what the gladiators do that causes Olivia to blow a fuse
  • Olivia and her daddy issues

&& so much more. We have waited all summer for our Scandal Season 3 to come back. Now we have to prepare for the madness and craziness roller coaster that is Shonda Rhimes. But hopefully our Olitz will prevail, and all the craziness that is about to erupt. The storm is nearly here. Sound off gladiators! :)