RFA + Saeran reactions to an MC who is super jumpy and fidgety from past severe physical bullying

Thank you for the request @queenofwherever!
I hope this is okay, I had a bit of trouble with this one :(

Zen: When he found out that you were severely bullied in your past, he was furious to find out who but soon realised that it was in the past and getting mad at them now wouldn’t help anything. He saw how anxious you could be and it hurt him on the inside to see so in an attempt to comfort you, and comfort himself, he just hugs you. He pulls you in for a long hug until you’ve calmed down.

Yoosung: He’ll get mad at those who bullied you in the past and complains about how they could do such a thing? He was always an honour student so he never got bullied, he wants to understand why they would bully you out of all people. He’s always worried about you because of this and he’ll make sure to stay by your side at all times just in case you get too anxious. 

Jaehee: This woman will 100% always be by your side after hearing that you were physically bullied in the past. She’ll be extremely vigilant if anybody tries to even touch you. She’ll be very protective and make sure you’re okay at all times.

Jumin: After hearing about this, he’ll subconsciously begin to avoid touching you in case any bad memories surface, even though he knows that it may not be triggered by just a touch. He just wants to make sure you don’t get hurt and don’t remember anything bad though he really does want to hug you as much as he can. When you tell him it’s okay for him to touch you, he would slowly touch your hand and then pull you in for a long hug. He can finally get you to have sex with him again. Okay sorry that was inappropriate. 

707: “Let me hack into their information and blackmail them for apologies,” is what he said when he found out and he wasn’t joking. He was going to do it until you had to stop him, it wasn’t visible on his face but you could feel the anger just from his voice. In the end he gives up trying to hack them and instead he decides to “stalk their profiles” and “send them negative comments”. He is never going to let this go.

V: First he would ask you,”Are you okay with what happened?” He wants to know what your feelings are before he dives further into the subject. He’s definitely not okay with what you were put through but if you aren’t okay with talking about it, he won’t ask about it. Just know that he’ll always be next to you and ready to listen.

Saeran: You get a bit worried when he grabs the knife and even if you know he’s not going to go find them, you’re worried that it’s the thought of killing them that’s circulating through his head. When he sees the look of worry on your face, he’ll come give you a reluctant hug and turn into a little timid puppy as he nuzzles your neck hoping that you’ll be okay.