- Leon - 

Scenario: The little boy and the God of Leo’s little girl. 


Leon sighed as he read the small note attached at the fridge, recognizing the handwriting too well as it belonged to his wife. His eyes scanned the note again, as if etching every word to his memory:

I’m going to be on a later shift today so I won’t be able to pick up our daughter.
I’m really sorry. I know tomorrow is supposed to be your turn but I am put in charge of an event at the last minute. I’ll make it up to you, okay?


P/S: Also, don’t do anything too drastic this time.’

The God of Leo raised an eyebrow incredulously at the last words, then scoffed and threw the small note in mid-air, snapping his fingers to make it disappear as he discard it away. He hasn’t recalled the times he has been 'drastic’ when he have his turns in picking up their daughter from school. Aside from judging humans poorly on a regular basis, anyway.

Of course, in amidst the ugliest things and amongst the ugly 'goldfishes’, the only two of the most beautiful human beings closest to him is his wife and daughter. Or well, to be precise, she’s a half-god but still an underlying fact that she has most of his marvelous charms.

A promise is still a promise. And he doesn’t really consider this a favor in the first place. He would be all the more delighted to pick up his daughter, and perhaps even be the envy of many men because let’s just say he stood out as the most handsome and bad-ass father to a wonderful and adorable girl.

Looking at the time, he counted several minutes before the students will be dismissed from school. Well, obviously, what god wouldn’t think of the most convenient way to get there without a moment’s hassle?

And so, he snapped his fingers.


Leon teleported just a few minutes before the bell rang. Parents were already swaming around in wait, some of them had rushed all the way from work to pick up their kids, some already have pre-packed lunch with them.

Children were already running out from their classes, hustling and nearly tumbling with their backpacks. This time, he put aside most of his ill judgment of the human race and focus on waiting for the sight he longed to see.

And then, there she was.

His little seven-year-old beloved locked eyes with him, realizing that it was her father this time who had been waiting to pick her up, her face lit up with joy as she pushed her little feet to run faster towards him.


Leon chuckled softly, her cheerful voice flow into his ears like a sweet carol. He knelt down, and with arms spread wide, the God of Leon embraced his little girl endearingly.

“What’s the hurry, my girl? It’s not like I would run away and leave you behind,” Leon said teasingly, smirking as he gently ruffled her hair as the girl giggled, “How dare you make Papa worry like that.” He teasingly chided her.

The girl knew her father wasn’t being stern with her from the tone of his voice as she kept giggling, “Hehehe but when I saw Papa, I just have to run. I’m so happy you’re here!”

Leon smiled, helping her to hoist her bag with one shoulder and carry her up with one arm, “You’re becoming like your mother. Thinking you can just make me happy by saying cute things.”

“You are smilinggg, Papaa!” His daughter teased, poking at his cheek.

“Hush,” Leon jokingly chided again, walking away from the crowd.


Leon stopped in his tracks when he sensed the presence of a small boy, concentrating his direction towards them as he ran towards the pair of father and daughter - panting hard, red face as he try to catch his breath. The boy must be about the same age as his little girl. For a moment, he really thought if he had walked away with his daughter, he wondered how long would he need to chase them, but thankfully he didn’t think of teleporting on the spot because he was very close to snap his fingers for the deed.

Leon raised an eyebrow, though with a mildly icy stare, especially when it seemed like the boy was calling out to his little girl.

His daughter’s face lit up with surprise, recognizing the boy who is still catching his breath, “Ah! Tio-chan!”

Now both of Leon’s eyebrows raised. “Tio…-chan?”

…Lord. Did she just call a boy with a term of endearment? In front of her father?

The boy gulped and prepare himself to speak again. But this time, when he noticed Leon’s intimidating and strong icy glare, he gulped again. However, the young boy bowed deeply.

“A-Ah I’m sorry, Mister!! I’m uhm…I’m…”

Leon scoffed, “What is it? Now you lost your tongue, boy? What a simple goldfish–Ow!”

“Papa! Don’t be mean! He’s my classmate.” His little girl scolded him. Yes, him, the God of Leo, and yes him, her father.

When Leon turn to her, taken aback that she has such the courage to scold him like that and even pulled at his ear gently, he realizes once again she is indeed his child - it was like looking at a cute resemblance to himself.

Leon sighed, then look down at the boy again, “Speak. What is it?”

The boy swallowed hard again, but push through his courage and lifted his arm, a small lion mascot keychain dangling between his fingers. When the little girl saw this, her eyes sparkled.

“My LeoPeo keychain!! The one that Papa bought for me at the festival!!”

She reached her arms out, flailing and excited to receive it. Leon watch the two, had a moment of trying to inwardly stay calm but he only let out another sigh, his expression gentle as he knelt down and lower his little girl on the ground. The girl went to the boy and took the keychain from him, her eyes still sparkling as though she had found her precious treasure again.

The boy blushed, then nervously explain, “Y-You dropped this when we were having recess, I think. You look really upset when you were looking for something but can’t find it. So uhm…I…I thought I should give this to you now…”

Leon raised his eyebrow inquisitively, “You could have given it to her before.”

The boy grew more nervous, as though being interrogated so seriously under such a fierce-looking dignified man, “I-I’m sorry! It’s just I-I didn’t know how because there were so many people with her. I…”

“Thank you!! I’ve been looking for this! It’s a present from Papa and I was really sad when I thought I lost it!” Before the boy could finish explaining [and had the trouble to explain further anyway], Leon’s little girl interrupted him by looking at him with a giant grin, her eyes brimming with tears of joy.

Leon was quick to react to surprise, but not enough for his body language to show. The last time he had seen such expression from his little girl was when he snapped his finger and gave her a box of lion-shaped cookies, and that was only two days ago.

The boy smiled shyly, “Uh…S-Sure! I-I don’t want to see you sad. I-It’s a really cute keychain…”

Leon frowned. Oh please, he knows that look just from a glance, he likes her. HIS little angel.

….Well, he did make her happy. Not bad for a small goldfish child – boy.

Leon cleared his throat, then later gently took his daughter’s hand, and then look at the boy with a dignified smile, “Well, as the father, I express gratitude for returning her precious keychain.”

After they both bid farewell, Leon and his girl walk away hand-in-hand. He would’ve just teleported them both right back to the house but then she had been asking if they could get ice-cream at a shop just blocks away so Leon thought it would be harmless to just….not teleport back home.

“He’s a nice young boy, I see.” Leon finally said.

His little girl giggled, looking up at her father, “Papa, you nearly scared him. Like a real lion.”

Leon scoffed, “Well, that’s a good thing. However, I will praise him for he has the courage to talk to you. A long way to go when he grows up to be a goldfish–”

“Papa.” His girl pouted.

Leon sighed, “A man. I mean, a decent man." 

The only people who could ever tell him off and reprimand him for his haughty personality sometimes are only two most important people in his life: His wife and his child. 


;A; Why was it SO HAAARDD to think of a good scenario for a Papa Leo *cryingg* I had another idea but then it became a bit too serious and kinda long, so I wanted something else. This was already in the draft and for some reason I just thought instead of wracking my brain for days for fitting new idea for Leon, I’ll just go with this one. 

I imagine his kid being the type to get to his soft spots even more XD so I was also thinking like ‘Oh why not a daughter who makes Leon feel like a giant softie Lion pffft’ 


I wanna do a Papa Scorpy next since the last one is not really a properly-written fic but more like just an ‘impromptu text post’ kind of thing. 


E-Enjoy? XD;;


I have gone through the motions of making plans
Of morning sky sunrises over dark nights
Which winter over
And dip back to dusk
Before my little dreams and goals and plans
Ever seem to bear fruit.

I am trying to convince myself that like these days
I too am growing longer
And brighter
And that every day and every little plan and dream and goal
Is a small seed slowly germinating in the thaw.

Long winters always seem forever
And endless
And bleak
And as I walk along sidewalks towards trains and apartments and jobs and grocery stores
So cyclical like nothing ever changes
I peer up at the sky,
Gauging the heat of the yellow sun - Warmer? Stronger?
I turn to the tree tops to spy buds knotting the spray of spindle branches


With what is left of this hope


With this small kernel

That it will be an early spring.
That these little signs
Point to a greater knowing,
Even if the groundhogs deliver conflicting reports.

I have never been a gardener.
All growing things take time
And I have always lacked patience.
But I am trying to learn.

Spring always comes too slow and too sudden
It seems, on first glance,
just a haze of green over purple brown branches and trunks, so indistinct, so ephemeral, so imaginary
Until an insistent, mad rush of the stuff
Runs roughshod over all of your doubts.

It is so green
and so new
I always wonder
If the world has ever seen such a perfect green
If it is mixed in parts gold and birthed and knowing on the years’ palette
fresh and bespoke
A colour Pantone could never put perfect on a paint chip
A green shoot of life so brimming full that I wish it would spill all over me
Root me in the earth
Stretch me long and tall as summer days
And fill up my little ponds and inlets
Reservoirs fed by osmosis
To surge up and unfurl my plans until they sprout, until they grow
With fee-fi-foe-fums
Into impossible Giants
Until I am bursting with it
Until I am following the sun
With my face up turned to the light
Like a sunflower
Like I had always been there
Like I was always meant to
Like the winter had never been
And certainly,
like it had never been impossible.

All growing things take time.
Memory too, grows, and is learned.
How funny a thing to forget
That one is not unlike a 6th grade pea plant experiment
Tested at low levels of light and water and care
How hard it is to remember
That one is simply a growing thing
And that like all growing things
One must take time.

I’m sad now. How can I sleep like that?

“Brother no!” Prompt request

Silverrulez had given me a prompt request about Zeref and Natsu suddenly revealing that they are brothers.

I think she probably wanted something much more dramatic, but alas, it turned into comedy.

Still I hope you all like it! Here is a quick prompt with healthy doses of Nalu and Zervis! Enjoy!

When Zeref had agreed to go shopping with Mavis he had expected to go to a grocery store, maybe a few clothing stores.

Instead he had been taken to that ever expansive hellscape on earth. The closed in prison of mismatched smells and toxic fumes. That inescapable void from which no man returned in proper health.

The perfume section at the mall.

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031 | “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

The lovely @sakura-bell asked for fic 31 ages ago. It’s not exactly as you requested as it’s not specifically set in any time frame (since they’re living together and that obviously doesn’t really fit into current canon) but you can envision it where it pleases you :) Hope you like it dear! 48 is still on the docket.

031 | “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

It’s not often that Barry Allen mopes. Even when things go wrong, he tends to internalize his disappointments and refocus his priorities away from whatever’s bothering him, preferring to dive into his work at the CCPD or as the Flash. Sometimes (ie: pretty much always) they’ll talk about it first, a quiet conversation in the cortex or while they’re laying in bed at night, but then he lets it go or lets it settle at the back of his mind, something to fuel him forward rather then drag him back.

It’s probably not the healthiest coping mechanism but it is, all the same, what he does to get through.

Which is why the sight of him, dejected and moving sluggishly through their kitchen the next morning after one such talk (and a really awful few days at the station), lingers in the back of her mind throughout the day. He doesn’t text her all morning, like he normally would, with some random thought or question (pretense he doesn’t need for the comfort of her company) and when she finally texts him to see if he wants to do lunch, he just brushes her off with some vague message about samples and leftovers from someone’s birthday in the break room. 

Her frown is so deep and lingering that Cisco pauses dead in his tracks as he ambles back into the room, brow quirked and eyes scanning her as if for clues (he’s been watching too much of the Mentalist; she’s been telling him that for weeks). “What’s wrong?”

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aka me practicing with some of my prisma color markers.

I hardly used these so.. I thought I should give them a try. I felt I had some what of a good idea of what I’m doing? Haha.

Well hope you guys still like this regardless.

Also I chose green fire since that seem most of markers involve the more cool colors in the spectrum rather than the warm colors.

qualitydeercupcake asked:

Hey :) I'm writing you concerning the ship aesthetic request. 1) What I like : Books(writing), music, drawing 2) I study english literature and history at uni. I am an artist and also a musician ( I play 4 different instruments, but mainly the guitar), and most importantly, I'm a ravenclaw :D. 3) Hair/eye colour: Brown and light blue ( I am also rather pale) 4) all the colours of the woods and the sea, but mainly green. 5)character that I like: Remus Lupin while he's still in Hogwarts :)

Here you go, hope you like it. xx :D