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Hey, have you done #1 of the fic prompt thing :D

1. soulmates au

They all say you meet that person you’re destined to be with like some bloody fairy tale story. Killian Jones has never, and is never going to believe that, even when he has friends who knows the entire process because they’ve went through it already.

They say you meet that person you’re destined to be with when this bloody tattoo shows up, supposedly depicting it as a part of the way you meet. And when he gets a tattoo of something like a door on his arm after his twenty-ninth birthday, he immediately thinks it’s impossible, that it’ll never happen to him. But hell should he know, it’s appeared, and only he can see it on himself. It’s always been odd to think a world like this has such a concept of meeting your ‘soulmate,’ but perhaps Killian will take a chance on this and believe. What’s the worst that can happen? Know you’ll be forever alone, never finding that person you’re matched to be with?

He keeps it to himself, away from Will and Robin. It’s not something worth getting all of their hopes up, and knowing the two of them, they’ll be intrigued in his story, wanting to know how he’ll meet his partner. The tattoo is on his upper right arm, his bicep. Wearing long-sleeves or jackets are all the simple ways to keeping it out of sight from anyone who is willing to observe him.

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it’s horrible how ~respectable people~ can dehumanize others

if someone has obviously been hurt, the proper reaction isn’t to question him about his potential drug use and want to call the cops (no, not even if he’s caused harm to his neighbours before)

i called an ambulance for an injured man whom i found in the corridor of my building, while an elderly woman kept talking about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how she has daughters and grandsons and great-grandsons who are all respectable doctors. when the paramedics arrived, she tried to tell them to get the police instead, and they were just like……. can’t you see he needs help

when they left, the woman went to gossip about it with another neighbour.

i don’t know how long he had been lying in there. the bystander effect is awful. at least four other neighbours saw him, but none were willing to help????


I really hope you will all stick around. I’m still like 10% delusional, but that’s okay. I’m still here because Beth’s death was the only one that was left so open-ended. She also got no closure, while Tyreese got a whole episode and a burial. I am also clinging to the fact that we saw the music box at the end. That was odd. But anyway, I really don’t want this to end. I’m doubtful, but they could always pull a Merle/Morgan and not bring her back for another season or two. Another IMPORTANT FACT, they are going to need a new doctor at ASZ…so I can see Daryl and Aaron going back to GMH to find not only Dr. Edwards, but also a certain blonde who was believed to be dead. That would be fucking epic. It would also have more of an emotional impact considering it would be just Daryl and Aaron there. Think about it, Daryl and Aaron are just about to find out about Pete’s death and now they will have a reason to go back to GMH. Maybe Beth will be back soon. Anyway, I hope you will all stick around because you are all awesome and I love you so much 💛

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"Unbind Me" - Zevran/M!Mahariel for Zevran Week, please?

Zevran couldn’t stop laughing when he finally found him. Partly because he was so relieved – he was safe, safe – but also because he was in nothing but his smalls, hands chained above his head. If it hadn’t been for the dripping dungeon walls and the bloodied guard corpses, it would have been quite the enticing sight.
“My dear Warden,” he said between breathless chuckles, “Did you miss me?”
Mahariel glared back at him, “Really, Zev? You think is funny?”
“Oh, yes.”
“Get these manacles off so I can strangle you.”
Zevran chuckled, leaning down to peer at the lock on the cell door.  He prodded at it a bit - once, twice, three times. Drummed his fingers against the bars. He tentatively, delicately lifted a lock-pick from his pocket between thumb and forefinger – it slipped and he lost it through one of the sewage grates. If he was perfectly honest, he had no idea of how to open it. Really, Leliana should be there; but then that wouldn’t be romantic, would it?
Mahariel’s eyes were closed, expression pained, “You can’t open it, can you?”
“My hands can be put to much better use, I assure you.”
He groaned. Zevran grinned. Not five minutes later the remainder of the guards came crashing through the door and Zevran ended up in there with him – stripped down to the same attire, much to his delight.
“Zev, this isn’t funny.”
Zevran threw his head back against the stone wall, grinning ear to ear. “Really, my love, I am just glad that you are safe.”
Mahariel’s expression softened. He sighed, glancing around the cell. “Looks like I’ll have to flirt my way out after all.”
Zevran smirked, “Now you are speaking my language.”

I’m the Girl You’ll Die For - An Ace Attorney fanmix for my problematic fav, Dahlia Hawthorne. Album art from fanart by midoriner.


TRACKLIST: Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds / Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe / Oops! I Did It Again - Britney Spears / Mein Herr - Cabaret / Medusa - Heather Dale / Killer Queen - Queen / I Eat Boys Like Your For Breakfast - Ida Maria / Little Drop of Poison - Tom Waits / Secret - The Pierces / Miss Jackson - Panic! At the Disco / Maneater - Nelly Furtado / Girl With One Eye - Florence + The Machine / Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore / Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Maybe Someday

More NaLu angst… >:3 This is more like angst word vomit, but I hope you guys still get the angst feels.

Summary: Lucy’s life after she lost the most vital part of her body… her right arm.

Life wasn’t the same.

After missions, Lucy had a routine. Take her bath, prepare some tea and sit down and write down the novel she had started when her adventure at Fairy Tail had begun.

Now… the routine was lost.

And the only missions Lucy went on weren’t exciting. No action, no fighting, only hosting at restaurants and an occasional house work or dog walking missions.

You really couldn’t do much with one arm.

After her missions, she would just sit in her tiny apartment and watch T.V. and wait for Natsu to come home from whatever exciting mission he went on.

Lucy smiled sadly at the thought of Natsu, he still blamed himself for everything that happened. Lucy knew it wasn’t him that violently ripped her arms and her dreams away, it was the demon that had possessed him. Because Lucy knew, Natsu would never in a million years do that to her, or anyone for that matter.

Whenever Natsu stayed the night, he would have nightmares and cry in his sleep, guilt consuming him entirely. Lucy took her left arm and ran her fingers through his pink mane of hair and kiss his forehead and tell him everything was okay… even though it wasn’t.

That demon took more than Lucy’s right arm, he took much more.

He took her guildmark.

Her chances of becoming a novelist.

Her magic.

Her friends.

Her dignity.

Lucy didn’t even know who she was anymore.

She use to remember… remember telling her mother about how she wanted to write, become a famous author, be known for something besides her looks.

Now she was just remembered as a girl who had her arm ripped off by her best friend.

Lucy had contemplated death, but knew the action would be selfish knowing that Natsu would miss her immensely.Lucy used to love waking up, but now life was just a hassle waking up to.

Maybe one day… she’ll recognize who she is again.  

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Do you still have hope for s6? I feel like it makes sense for them to wait because they want beths being alive to shock every one.

I do! I still have hope. There is still a chance they could bring her back with the lack of closure we have had. They may have decided after season 5 had wrapped up. But they might not. I’m trying to stay hopeful, but grounded at this moment :)

  • Me:HEY MOM!!!!! *enthusiastically spews information about Beth and her name being put in the opening credits for 2 second flashbacks to throw us off so when she does come back we won't expect it and will think it's just another flashback or blood loss induced hallucination*
  • Me:Wow I've been needing to unleash that all day. Thanks!
  • Mom:Hey no problem! I'm happy for you girl, and I hope you're right!

GO HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION: https://www.change.org/p/the-walking-dead-bring-beth-back Hope you guys like it. I’m still on Team Delusional about Beth being …

if you’re having doubts or panicking because of tonight, please watch this. It’s by the amazing fabledfangirl, and it’s what first convinced me. It really sums up what we’ve been saying. It’s like chicken soup for the Bethliever. And if you need to talk, please inbox me. We’ll take care of each other.


You guys have been great. Thanks for following and thanks for some of the nice notes y’all have sent to me. I’m leaving my Tumblr here because sometimes I see people getting some of my older pics and stuff from here. But very soon I will be gone. I hope you still enjoy the pics. Remember to love each other like there is no tomorrow. You never know when today is your last. Tell the people you love that you love them. Hold them a little closer tonight. Don’t throw them away. They may be flawed, but they aren’t trash. Love them and help them grow strong. Don’t give up on them. Don’t let distance ruin you and don’t let others cloud your vision of the future. I wish all of you happiness and lives filled with at least one person who truly loves you.

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Hey Faith 😊 I'm just dropping by to say that it's really nice of you to take your time in replying and giving advice to almost all. I know it gets hard sometimes since you also have to take care of yourself but that doesn't stop you from being there for everyone. I never really asked advice from you but still, thanks for that. 😌 It's pretty sweet how people like you still exist in this world. Hope you have a great day ahead and I wish you and Caitlin the best. ❤️

Ahhh thank you so much. This means a lot to me❤️☺️

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sorry to be a bother! but it'd be funny if you could draw denmark and sweden cuz they're so cute >///< i love your art btw

Oh no cutie you’re no bother at all :o I’d love to doodle something for you

(and thank you very much :’3 you’re too kind)

(Ugh this is not how I wanted it to turn out but in the middle of drawing this I began feeling a bit unwell and kinda rushed it again. Sorry)

Hope you like it still hon <3

psa to my mutuals: if i haven’t reblogged your selfie it’s probably because i didn’t see it and you are more than welcome to be like “hey i posted a selfie wanna reblog it?” because i want you to feel cute and validated and i’m 100% here for making you happy by reblogging your selfie okay