Ephemeral (1/1)

Summary: “Guess that’s what happens when literally everyone on Earth spends every second cockblocking us.”

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut, language

Words: ~4k

Notes:  Requested by @seethelovelyintheworld, a fic in which “every time they have sex, they both have orgasms right away.”  I finished this before the premiere, and I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I have no patience whatsoever, and figure some smutty fluff is due after such angst.  So here you go!

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It’s just on the cusp of midnight when Killian Jones finds himself walking down a quiet street in the center of town.  The nights are growing longer, the sun colder, stiff breezes wafting in from the sea. Though he’d be content to turn his collar up against the weather, and allow his blood to warm his fingertips, he wears a long shirt with a high neck beneath his vest at Emma’s request.  He’d also sunk his teeth into the thick, knitted wrist of a black glove, wriggling it down onto his fingers, and savoring the look on her face.  It had been admittedly far less alluring when –

“Where’d you get that glove?” she says, reaching out to skim the palm of her hand over his hip.  “And can I have the other one because oh my God, these are soft.”

“This glove lacks a partner, Swan, much like the hand it protects.”

“Then where – ”

He flushes, then, and covers with a kiss to the swell of her cheek.  “From Madame Lucas.”

– but all the same, he’d not left the house that morning without several promising kisses to her lips. 

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She never forgets a slight, real or imagined. She takes caution for cowardice and dissent for defiance. And she is greedy. Greedy for power, for honour, for love.

Collared Pt. 5

Rating: M
Pairing: Supercat

A/N: Major thanks to @spaceshipsarecool for helping get a lot of this on track and for a ton of edits. Thank you to @fictorium for edits as well and to the sin bin for kind words and comments that keep me on track with this stuff. 

Excerpt: She felt more than saw Miss Grant fidgeting next to her. The tapping of her fingers against the screen of her phone was expected, but she kept rearranging herself—crossing her legs just to immediately uncross them and then cross them the other way. Kara turned to face her once her heel began to tap in a steady rhythm against the floor of the car.

“Are you…alright, Miss Grant?” Kara doubted there was anything she could do, but she wanted to help Cat like the woman had helped her the night before.

“I’m perfectly fine.” She gritted through her teeth. “I’d be even better if the incompetent pilot we hired to fly the CatCo jet had delivered my son to me already.”

“He’ll be landing soon, I’m sure.”

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mobile wallpapers (540 × 960) → requested by anon ✿

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Namine in "What I Gain, I Lose"

The title of this palette is so sad…

I also wanted to try a new dress on her ;~;

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Please give me all the headcanons!!! I'm thristy af right now waiting for the new chapter

i feel you, anon!! like, i know being an artist is really hard and i’ll respectfully wait for the new chapter for as long as it needs, but im also dying to know what will happen and i have to fill the wait with something

so, in the hopes to make the wait a bit more bearable, and because im still recovering from the flu, have some sick headcanons (well, it’s mostly one big headcanon, but still)

  • he tian rarely gets sick, which thank god for that because he is insufferable when he’s sick a real hassle to take care of
  • like at first he would pretend for the longest time to be okay, because he doesn’t want to admit to be sick even if deep down he knows he is, and that always puts him in a bad mood - the ‘get away from me if you know what’s good for you’ kind of bad mood
  • so he would go on like this until it gets so bad that he can’t avoid the issue anymore, at which point he just closes himself inside his apartment until he feels better
  • mostly because i feel like he is the kind of person who hates to be seen as weak and ask for help, and who is not used to take care of himself or be taken care of
  • guan shan is not going to take any of this bullshit of course, so as soon as he realizes how sick he tian actually is he shows up at he tian’s apartment to make sure he is curing himself properly
  • which he isn’t, so guan shan ends up taking care of him by taking his temperature, making sure he drinks enough fluids and takes medicines at the right times, cooking him soup, etc. all the while complaining about what an idiot he tian is for making his flu get so bad
  • and he tian is so not used to this the first time it happens, but the minute he realizes that it’s okay to keep his walls down around guan shan, he becomes the most needy fucker when he’s sick, always asking guan shan to cook him something, or bring him stuff, or keeping him warm
  • on the contrary, being sick is not a big deal for guan shan, but he makes sure to stay home so he doesn’t get worse
  • and he assures he tian that no, he’s fine, it’s just a cold, there’s no need for he tian to go there and check up on him
  • which of course he tian completely ignores and ten minutes later he is at guan shan’s house
  • and he tian would try to do all the things guan shan does when he is the one who’s sick, but it always ends in a disaster (he manages to fuck up even pre-made soups)
  • so he tian usually just ends up sitting near guan shan’s bed while guan shan tries to rest
  • but even if he has three covers on top of him guan shan keeps shivering a lot, so after a while he tian just tells him to scoot over and climbs into bed with him to keep him warm
  • guan shan complains about this at first because “you’re going to end up getting sick too” “i don’t mind” “well, i do, because im the one who will have to take care of your needy ass when you’re sick”
  • but in the end he doesn’t put up that much of a fight because it’s actually nice to have he tian wrapped around him
  • so of course the next day he tian is sick too and they spend the rest of the week curled up together next to the humidifier, half buried under a mountain of blankets and crumpled tissues and bickering about being sick
  • “this is all your fault” “oh, really? who stuck his tongue down my throat even when he knew it was colonized by bacteria?”

as usual, if anyone wants to add their own headcanons, please feel free to do it!!

I finally wrote a new piece after four months of writer’s block. I’m really happy to be able to write again and I hope this creative streak holds! I hope you guys like this piece. I used a few pentatonic scales and organized it with a fugue structure. Tell me what you think.