Part one of my The Good Sides Of The Internet poster project I’m doing for my art school application portfolio. 

Skam changed me as a person and helped me meet some of the most incredible people and I’ll be grateful for this forever. 💛

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Can I be honest? I feel a little bad sometimes that I like yoi because it's yaoi and I read somewhere that yaoi, in itself, is homophobic, which makes sense to me, because, it's targeted towards girls who, presumably, fetishize gay men. But I didn't know what yaoi was when I started to watch yoi, I had only learned of the term much more recently. I watched yoi because, being a queer female, I was desperate for gay content. Does that make me homophobic then, for watching and enjoying yoi?

Never feel bad about watching yoi, which isn’t a yaoi/porn anyway lmao obviously. It’s just got a gay couple instead of a straight one and just like i (gay male) ship my straight pairings in Doctor Who, i don’t see why straight girls and boys can’t ship a gay pairing?

Okay so Japanese chi has these quests which are quizzes. Basically they give you a question with three options and each option corresponds to a portal. You enter the portal that corresponds to the right answer you find the boss. You enter the wrong portal a giant Darkside one shots you. 

The main reason I bring this up is…it’s weird getting these wrong. Like they’re in Japanese so I have to guess (cause more effort than it’s worth to translate) but I know if they were in English I would ace every one. 

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Congrats on the 1k followers Nicole! I'd love a little ficlet of #231 if that's possible <3


#231: robert teases aaron with his cold feet in bed every single night, purposely rubbing them up and down aaron’s leg and waiting for the inevitable groan and ‘rob get your feet away from me’ from the younger man who can’t handle the shiver that runs through him.

Aaron feels Robert climb into bed beside him, he smiles a little but his eyes are too tired to turn to face him.

It’s freezing and Aaron brings the covers over his body further as he presses into his pillow and then feels Robert snake his hands over his waist and keep them there.

“You tired then?” Robert says, a little offended in his tone and Aaron turns slowly. 

“Sorry, yeah I am.” Aaron whispers, soft and gentle and then he kisses Robert tenderly before pulling away, knowing if he lingers then Robert will think he’s getting lucky tonight. 

Robert smiles at Aaron, kisses his husband’s shoulder and then tries not to look to sad as Aaron turns away from him again.

It takes a few seconds until Robert’s eyes flicker with a thought and he’s rubbing his feet against Aaron slowly. He knows what the effect will be, knows Aaron’s going to lose it in a second but he continues regardless.

Aaron frowns, shivers at his husband’s ice cold feet and then huffs out a breath as he mumbles into his pillow. “Rob, get your feet away from me!” He moans out before pulling away from his husband’s loving grip.

“What? I’m not hurting ya am I?” Robert teases, hugs at Aaron’s waist tighter and then he sees his husband jerk away from him as their feet collide again under the covers.

Aaron’s all alert now and he’s trying to fight the smile on his face. 

“You go and put some socks on or - or -” Aaron’s too tired for this and Robert’s practically wide awake and it’s not fair.

“Or what Mr Sugden?” Robert’s attacking Aaron now, kicking his feet up and down Aaron’s body and watching his husband squirm, breathlessly laughing like mad.

“Cold. Too cold you idiot.” Aaron manages to get out through his later.

Robert stops, sees that he’s managed to pin Aaron down on the bed as if he’s surrendered.

“You don’t put socks on, keep your feet away from me then I’ll be keeping something of mine away from ya for a very long time.” Aaron says, arching an eyebrow and then shamelessly looking towards Robert’s waist and then even further down. 

Robert smirks, lips his licks. “Oh really?” He says and then Aaron’s suddenly rising, holding Robert’s face and pressing their bodies together just enough to make Robert let out a needy moan.

Yeah. Really.” Aaron says seriously, with a smug smile on his face.

Robert swallows hard and then suddenly he’s off the bed, flying towards his drawer and picking out the first pair of socks he can find knowing he’ll only go through the same teasing the next night and loving it all.  

Izzy and Jace as Luke and Princess Leia.

Star Wars Au.

For my lovely and dear Anica ! @magnusandalexander

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congrats on 1000 followers!!! #125 please if you dont mind!! its so cute 😊


#125: robert loves playing with aaron’s hair and spending his time delicately twisting his fingers around his boyfriend’s curls as they lay in bed.

It’s dark, always dark when they are ever this relaxed in each other’s company. 

It’s like the darkness makes everything melt away, leaving nothing but this softness between them.

Aaron’s propped up against Robert’s chest, looking down at his hands, his wedding ring, and feeling completely content as he hears Robert breathe against him. 

“I can hear you thinking.” Aaron says, feels Robert tense a little around him.
Robert shrugs, holds his hand up and then he’s combing through Aaron’s hair, feeling at his delicate curls and smiling. 

“Sorry.” Robert whispers out, kisses Aaron’s head and then sighs. 

Aaron knows there’s something not exactly right, something bothering Robert and so he takes the plunge - 

“Something’s up.” Aaron says, attempts to turn, to look up at Robert and face him directly but then Robert shakes his head, turns him round again and then sighs.

“Nothing’s up.” Robert declares, chews his lip a little and then he smiles, feels at Aaron’s hair again, twisting the curls in his hand. “Not anymore anyway.”

Aaron frowns, touching Robert’s naked stomach and prodding it lightly. 

Robert rolls his head back and let’s out a little laugh. “Oi, stop that.”

“I will when you tell me what’s up.” Aaron snaps, holds out his hand for Robert to take. 

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I’M SO SORRY! (NOT, maybe a tiny bit)

We couldn’t resist, because reasons. Now I will hide myself in a dark hole, with lots of trash and stuff. >w<”

Angst questions

Yeah so um I decided to make an oc ask meme based around angst. Some of these I came up with myself, others are from other ask memes and I just picked the angsty ones so here goes:

1. What’s one experience your character had that made them very afraid?

2. Does your character have a deep and/or dark secret? If so, what is it?

3. Have they ever lost a loved one? What happened to them, and are they the same as they were before they lost them?

4. Has your character ever been hurt or betrayed by someone they thought they could depend on? What happened?

5. Would they ever turn on someone they just met in order to save themselves?

6. Have they ever committed a crime, or something they felt was wrong? What was it?

7. If your character was allowed to murder one person without any consequences, who would it be and why?

8. Does your character have any enemies? If so, who and why?

9. Is the character a victim of abuse?

10. What were the character’s parents like? What was the affect the parents had on the character?

11. What are your character’s coping mechanisms?

12. Do they like to suffer? Like to see other people suffering?

13. What does it take to make your character cry?

14. What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?

15. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?

16. What are your character’s vices and bad habits?

17. Is your character afraid of death? Why/why not?

18. Would society call your character a good guy or a bad guy? what would they say they are?

19. What is your character insecure about?

20.  What was something they struggled with greatly and how did they overcome it?

21. Does your character have anyone that they really care about, to the point that they would give their life for them? If so, who are they and what is your character’s relation to them? If not, do they wish they did? Is there anyone they wish they could build such a relationship with?

22. If they could change just one thing about themselves, what would it be?

23. Is your character more physically or emotionally strong? Why is this?

24. What is your character’s most important possession? Why?

25. Do they find that they care what others think of them? Or do they not really mind how others view them?

26. What, in your character’s life, puts the most pressure on them?

27.  What would be the worst way to die, in your character’s opinion?

28. What is your character’s greatest strength?

29. What is their weapon of choice, and what weapon do they dislike using the most?

30. What makes them feel safe or secure? What makes them feel insecure or unsafe?