CC exchange 2016 gift for the coolest @inakh​!

First of all, I’m really sorry! I know I’m terribly late, but you know how much studying I had for the past few weeks, so I blame it all on my university! Today I finally sat down and decided that this is the time and it is done and I hope you enjoy it! Secondly, I have to admit I was really happy but also super nervous when I read that you’re my giftee, because damn. You can create anything you want for TS4, and you could easily do all those stuffs I’m giving you yourself… BUT now you don’t have to B)

First of all, we have the Get Together chairs recoloured in eversims’ Ever So Lovely palette. These ones came out accidentally, when I was done with the barstools and thought that it would be nice to have something else to match them, if you ever need something like this.

Then there are these paintings originally made by peacemaker-ic and I believe you have to download the original mesh here, so my recolours show up in your game. There are some pretty drawings, but also a portrait of Tatiana since we both love her so much, and also a drawing of Lexa I drew myself B) 

And finally the Get Together barstools! I remember you telling me that you love things recoloured in eversims’ palettes, and you lack barstools in your game so maybe these ones aren’t the most creative and amazing but I tried! (You know how amazing I am at meshing) 

Sooo here are your gifts and I hope you like them, they are just or you so I’m probably gonna send you the download links of facebook and yeah, happy new late year I guess :D ♥


Please Watch in HD [720p]

Well, Valentine’s day is almost here, and also the MSP so I wanted to post something before 6b starts. I hope this half of season has a huge pay off because we sure deserve it! lol
I hope everyone likes it =)

This video is dedicated to Sara! I know you had a couple of hard weeks some time ago, and I hope you liked it bb <3 @saedhriel  (I hope is not to angsty lol)
Also, for @geekyspinne and @oohhshiny for put up with my negativity all the time haha s2

oh! Miniature from @saedhriel , because she is awesome like that! Sorry, I was so excited to show you that I forgot to credit you lol
Check her edit here! <3


This is for my dear Dylan’s birthday. I’m so sorry this is so late, I actually ended up scrapping what I had first written for you because it refused to cooperate. Then I woke up and this happened, even though it’s 70 degrees outside and sunny af. Guess I’m just in a rainy mood? Oh well. Enjoy bb, and happy birthday~


When Derek wakes up, the house is quiet save for the incremental gusts of air through the AC vents, and the familiar cricks and shifts the wood gives off as the house settles. He can hear the dawning of a tame rainstorm begin to open up in the morning sky. The leaves on the trees rustle in anticipation as a warning of a breeze blows down the street.

The light of morning is blotted out by storm clouds, leaving the bedroom gray and soft with the absence of it.

Stiles loves these kinds of days.

Derek smiles at the passing thought, amused with how typical it is to have the first thought of the morning be about him. Derek imagines how Stiles would act if he knew. 

While his smile would be smug and outright, something softer and more private would hint at the center of his eyes. 

A silent admission that, yes, his first thought had been of Derek as well.

Derek isn’t one for rainy days. 

He’s more of a sunny day fan, where he can head out on a run, or read in the sun out on the porch swing they built in the backyard last summer. 

Stretching his limbs out of their sleeping position, he shifts around until he’s facing Stiles’ half of the bed.

To his immediate disappointment, he finds an empty space instead. He turns back over onto his back and pushes his hearing out the door, down the hallway, through the kitchen entryway, and can hear the steady beat of a heart that has become so familiar to him he’d know it in a crowded street.

There’s the faint tip tap of a keyboard accompanied by soft breaths, the tempting scent of freshly brewed coffee, and a new, wafting wind blowing in from an open window.

It’s all the convincing Derek needs to finally roll out of bed.

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