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Per the IRC fundraiser: I would LOVE to read a blurb about Steve Cap eviscerating David Duke (or any other white supremacist) a la Chris Evans on Twitter :) (Hi. Thanks for using your powers for good!)

This didn’t go quite in the direction I hoped when I started, but I hope you like it anyway, Anon! 

Steve got a Twitter – really, Steve was assigned a Twitter – when he joined the Avengers, but he didn’t use it very often. He didn’t care for it, and forgot about it for long periods of time. People followed him, but didn’t expect much in the way of content. 

Then, one day, a tweet popped up from his account.

You shouldn’t punch Nazis in the face. You will incapacitate a Nazi for longer if you punch in the side of the head or the genital area.

What followed was an eyebrow-raising, thirty-tweet essay in which Captain America laid out the basics of hand-to-hand combat and offered advice for most effective techniques. Every time he could have used the phrase “your opponent” or “the other person”, instead he used “a nazi”.

When someone pointed this out to him on twitter, he tweeted back, ‘A nazi’ is fewer characters.

It was an amazing afternoon, but the news coverage of Captain America’s brutal new twitter branding didn’t really hit a frenzied pitch until the following day, when someone tweeted, So you think I should be punched in the face for my opinions?

Are you a nazi? Steve tweeted back.

I voted for Trump.

There was a gap of about half an hour, and then Steve replied, #trump wants people I love to die; at least to be unprotected from violence. Why wouldn’t I strike someone threatening my loved ones?  

At which point the President of the United States tweeted, Pathetic Captain America wants to punch the landslide who elected me. Captain: you’re fired!

And Steve tweeted, Donald Trump is scared of me. Watching a sad old man try to fire someone he doesn’t employ is hilarious.

After which it appeared the President may have lost his mind; his tweets, growing increasingly erratic, eventually threatened a nuclear strike against New York unless Steve resigned.

Bring it on, I’ll punch that too, or didn’t you hear about what happened the last time someone tried? Steve tweeted.

At which point the President’s twitter went dangerously silent.

The following day, the White House announced that the President had been admitted to the hospital with 'cardiac issues’, and was expected to sign resignation papers at noon.

“I’m hearing that the rest of the GOP finally pushed him out. I hope you’re proud of yourself,” Tony said.

“Jarvis was the one who advised me on how best to bait him,” Steve replied, stretching smugly.

“Pence isn’t exactly a cake walk.”

“No, but he’s never going to try to nuke New York, and he’s not so irrational he’d announce the attempt on social media,” Steve said. “My job is to make sure dangerous psychopaths don’t threaten the United States. One down,” he added, grinning.

Escape - Alec of the Volturi x Reader

Requested by anonymous: So the reader and Alec from the Volturi are mates. Alec’s sister hates the reader because she thinks that the reader is stealing her bro. So she uses her powers on the reader. She keeps using her powers till reader is depressed and scared. Reader escapes to the Cullen’s house. Fast forward to when Alec finds her again but gets jealous because she’s happy and singing with jasper and Emmett while cooking. Everything has a happily ever after though!

This is kinda trash but I hope you like it anyways, anon.

Originally posted by alecxvolturi

“Aro, I have someone I’d like you to meet.” Alec pulled you along behind him.

Aro’s crimson eyes looked up from the novel he was reading, focusing on you. You felt naked under his stare, something about him making you uncomfortable.

His lips stretched into a smile that sent shivers down your spine. He stood up and handed his book to a young woman who was standing next to his chair, waving her away.

“Who’s this, Alec?” He came down the stairs and slowly approached you.

“This is (Y/N).” He placed his hand on your back and guided you closer towards Aro.

“(Y/N)…” He repeated, his eyes scanning over you. “And where did you meet her, Alec?”

“I went out a few months ago to go hunting and on the way back I found her bleeding in the street. She doesn’t know who it was that bit her, but they left her for dead.”

“How terrible. We at least have the decency to finish off our victims.” His eyes flashed to yours, and he must have noticed the hurt you felt from his insensitive comment. He noticed because he grabbed your hands and pulled you towards him. “I’m sorry, dear, how rude of me. Would you mind if I read your past?”

You looked over at Alec, not understanding what Aro meant.

“If he touches your skin, he can see all of the thoughts you’ve ever had and things from your memory.”

You looked back to him in uncertainty, but nodded anyways.

That awful grin spread across his face as he removed his gloves, his hands finding yours again. He stared deep into your eyes and it took all you had not to look away. “My, my…” He whispered after a moment. Your hands fell limp by your sides once he released them. “Thank you. You seem to be an interesting girl.” He turned to Alec. “Have you introduced her to Jane?”

He nodded. “Of course. Although I don’t think she’s been very kind to her.”

“Oh?” Aro tilted his head.

“I haven’t been very kind to whom?” A feminine voice seemed to echo in the large room. The beautiful blonde walked to the center where you were standing with the two men, her heels clicking against the marble floor.

“I’m just telling him the truth, Jane.” Her eyes burned in jealousy as he spoke.

“We want you to accept this sweet girl.” Aro told her, and she seemed to fume even more at his comment.

Her deep red eyes met yours and fear flashed through you. Her threatening gaze held yours and you soon felt a dull ache course through your body. Your breathing escalated and the ache grew into the worst pain you had ever felt. You collapsed onto the floor and your screams filled the air. Alec held you in his arms as he yelled at Jane to stop. You still focused on her eyes as you heard Aro commanding her to stop and Alec continued to yell.

Finally her stare became aloof instead of intense, and the pain stopped. She simply looked at Aro and turned around, heading back through the heavy wooden doors.

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Alec held your cheek and you looked up at him.

You were sitting in one of the chambers as Alec had to tend to some business with other members of the Volturi. As you sat alone, all you could think about was how terrifying your mate’s twin sister was. Even though you cared greatly for Alec, you knew you could not live a life in fear of his jealous sister. She was a more experienced vampire than you and you could end your life easily.

You took a deep breath and quickly slipped out into the night.

You sat and watched Jasper and Emmett with a smile on your face. They were joking around and Emmett sang at the top of his lungs as he flipped a couple of steaks on the grill. You were so lucky to have found them after you escaped from Italy. Their mother figure, Esme, took you into their home in a heartbeat and you would forever be grateful for them. Of course you missed Alec, but this was a better life. A life that didn’t involve you being abused and fearing for your life.

“So why are we cooking again?”

“Edward’s father-in-law, a human by the way, is coming to visit. Gotta play the part.” Jasper smirked at you.


Your body suddenly went rigid upon hearing the voice. Jasper and Emmett looked shocked as they stared at the boy standing behind you.

You slowly turned around and met the familiar eyes of Alec. He looked surprised when he saw that your eyes were no longer red like his, they were gold.

“Oh my god.” You hopped off of the bar stool and hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.”

“Uhh (Y/N)? Please explain why one of them are here.” Emmett rolled up his sleeves to show that he would be ready to fight if anything happened.

“I never told you why I came here. I was living with Alec’s coven but…I ran away…” You trailed off.

“Why? What did they do to you?” Jasper growled and stepped around the counter but you held up your hand.

“My sister hurt her. Which is something I never intend on doing.” He looked down at you and you melted from his words.

“Alec…I can’t go back with you.” You looked down, feeling ashamed.

“Why? Are you with one of them?” He looked at the two vampires in jealousy.

Emmett smirked and Jasper’s face softened as he laughed at his accusation.

“No, no. They already have mates. I meant I can’t go back because of her. I’m afraid she’ll kill me.”

He looked at you sadly. “I figured that’s why you disappeared. So I told her if she didn’t want you there then I would leave too.”

This surprised you because you knew the two of them were very close. You didn’t quite know how to respond so you waited for him to go on.

“If you don’t want to go back, then I’ll go with you…anywhere.”

“I’m not sure, Alec. The Cullens have taken great care of me. I’d feel guilty just leaving them behind.” You frowned.

“Then we’ll stay in the area.” He grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. “(Y/N)…I will do whatever it takes to be with you. If you want to stay here, I’ll stay and just go visit my family when I feel like it. Just please don’t tell me to leave.”

You smiled and hugged him again, pulling back to kiss him sweetly. After a moment, Emmett cleared his throat and you backed away, blushing.

“We’ll be watching you, kid.” Jasper looked at Alec seriously but winked at you.

I hope there weren’t any mistakes because I didn’t have time to proofread because I have class. Oops

It's over| Jughead x reader

Requested by anon:
“Hi! Can you write JugheadxReader and they are dating, butt Jughead is so focus on his novel that he “forget” the reader and he don’t even response her text messiges. Very angst?“
Sorry if I messed it up, this is short and really bad but I am really tired.
I hope you like it anyway anon.
Thank you for requesting xx.
Feedbacks are always welcome.


Requests are open

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Originally posted by dailyjugheadjones

Riverdale was the perfect city, nothing happened and everything is calm and quiet. One day one of the Blossom twins, Jason, disappeared. Since then chaos filled the city and everybody talked about the boy.

A few months later his body was found in the river, and that was the exact moment when the panic began.
You weren’t really worried about the killer and the dead boy,  you had other things on your mind, like good grades and her boyfriend.
You and Jughead have been dating for at least 3 months. At first it was fantastic, Jughead is a really good boyfriend but when Jason’s body was found you two weren’t together like before, you were almost strangers.

You walk in the hallways of your school, the last bell just rang, sign that the lessons were finished for today.
You turn around trying to get to your boyfriend’s locker.
“Hey Juggy” you kiss him on the cheek.
He looks at you and gives you a small smile returning to his locker.
“So where are we going tonight?”
Jughead sighs and looks at you with pity.
“I’m sorry Y/N, I can’t go out tonight, I have to write my novel”
You take a step back and put a fake smile on.
“Okay, see you Juggy”

You throw yourself on your bed, letting the tears fall from your eyes.
What did I do? He doesn’t love me anymore. I can’t live like this. Why doesn’t he love me anymore? Why does he prefer that stupid novel?
Millions of question fly inside your head, tears dry on your cheeks.
Slowly your eyelids begin to close, sending you in a dreamless sleep.

When you wake you notice the moon outside and get up to check your clock.
You get up, put your shoes on and grab a jacket.

When you open Pop’s door, the smell of fries and Pop’s smile almost make you forget what you came for. Almost.
You walk towards on of the boots.
“We need to talk”
Jughead turns his head to you, confused.
You look at him and then start to walk towards the exit, he walk behind you.
Once you are outside you take a deep breath and turn around.
“It’s over”
He furrows his brows.
“It’s obvious that you don’t love me as much as I do and I don’t wanna stay with a person that doesn’t love me so it’s over”
At this point of the conversation tears start to run down your face.
“See you at school”

Simon Minter x reader - 22:21

A/N: okay so I wrote this on my phone in like 40 minutes, sorry if it’s bad, but I hope you like it anyway @ anon who requested this. I know my English isn’t the best cause I’m German/Dutch, but any kind of feedback would be nice!

Warnings: I don’t know maybe alcohol and making out? If there’s anything else please tell me!


You took a big swig of your drink, feeling the burn of alcohol as it slid down your throat. This Friday had been kind of rough, mostly because of the difficulties at work today, but you had also not been feeling that well when you woke up and it had only gotten slightly better.

Now you were at some bar in London, a couple of blocks away from your apartment, lazily dangling your legs off the bar stool, when a group of guys who were around your age stumbled in, obviously already a bit tipsy. You rolled your eyes slightly at their drunken behaviour, until you spotted a mop of almost silvery hair among them, who was eyeing you, and you felt your cheeks turn red. You quickly turned away, going back to paying attention to the way your drink twirled around in your glass when you shook it.

At some point you had emptied it completely, leaving you with nothing to do, so you decided to take another look at the guys who had walked in earlier.

There was the cute, washed-out silver haired boy with piercing blue eyes, who was still looking at you every now and then. You quickly turned your attention to the other ones, but already saw “quicksilver” get up and saunter over to you in the corner of your eye.

You turned your seat towards him, raising an eyebrow as he smirked, trying to lean on the bar, not managing to and sliding off, almost falling. You hid your laugh with your hand, seeing him turn red like you had earlier. He scrambled to his feet, the alcohol in his system fading slightly and his shyness showing, as he struggled to introduce himself.

“H-hi, uh, I thought you were hot- shit I didn’t mean that- no wait I did you’re hot but like not in a creepy way and- oh my god I’m- this is so embarrassing- my name is Simon”, he rambled, making you chuckle slightly.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you Simon. You don’t look too bad yourself.”

You were slightly shocked by your own confidence, but when a blush creeper up his neck you knew he wasn’t expecting it either.

Simon took a seat next to you, ordering a glass of water (to clear up, as he told you) and starting to tell you about himself, occasionally asking you things about your life, your interests and your job.

At the end of the night you’d found out he was a Youtuber who was also part of some group called “Sidemen”, he lived not too far away from you and the group of guys he came in with were his friends, who had come over to your spot at the crowded bar once, introducing themselves quickly until one of them, Harry you believe, almost puked on the floor.

After that they all dragged him back to their original place, leaving you alone with Simon again.

Now it was around 1 in the morning and you were feeling kind of tired, the alcohol wearing off since you had switched to water a while ago.

“Hey Simon,” you turned to him and felt your heart flutter when he stared straight into your eyes, “I’m gonna head home, it’s getting kind of late.”

Simon stood up with you and smiled. “I’ll guide you home, I mean you live pretty close right?” You nodded. “And it isn’t save for pretty girls like you to walk around alone in such a big city.”

You blushed, making your way outside as Simon trailed behind you, catching up with you a few steps away from the music of the bar. The sidewalk felt wobbly as you carefully made your way home and you felt the cold of the night wash over you, giving you goosebumps.

Your arms wrapped around your slightly shaking form instinctively and Simon noticed, quickly taking off his hoodie and handing it to you.

“No, I’m fine,” you lied, but gave in when he looked at you with big eyes.

The hoodie was a bit too big for you, making it that much better. It was extremely warm, having been worn by Simon all night, and the sleeves covered your hands like gloves. It smelled like Simons cologne, mixed with the beer he had been drinking. You snuggled into it, grinning to yourself.

Meanwhile Simon was looking at you in awe, completely mesmerised by a beautiful girl like you, wearing HIS clothes and looking so cute in them. He saw the ways your eyes lit up when the warmth of the hoodie engulfed you, and in that moment he knew one thing for sure.

He had totally fallen for you.

You suddenly made a sharp turn towards your apartment building, already opening the door when you remembered you were wearing Simons clothes.

As you turned around again you were shocked to see him standing so close to you and you were certain he could hear your heartbeat going faster than before. He looked you straight in the eye, his face inching closer as the light of the stars reflected in his eyes, his breath spreading across your face. Your lips were centimetres apart when you felt his hands coming to rest on your waist, your arms wrapping around his neck.

“Goodnight Y/N”, he whispered, tilting his head and closing the gap between you, kissing you with all the passion he had, as you returned the kiss with equal force. His tongue slipped over your bottom lip, begging for entrance which you gladly allowed him. Your tongues fought for dominance until you pulled away for breath, resting your head on his chest.

He took a slight step back, making your hands fall to your sides as you smiled at him sweetly. Simon turned red again, whispering a quiet “text me” as he started walking away, but you quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him inside.

“The night isn’t over yet, mister.”

Finally got some time to colour that White Queen Running inspired piece that anon requested ages ago.

If you’re not already reading that fic you should most definitely start.

Anonymous asked:

½ hear me out imagine richie realising he likes stan but not knowing what to do cos “wait my nickname is literally trashmouth and stans a mythical creature not from this planet im not entirely sure how to go about this” he goes to ben for help and ben reckons poems are definitely the way to go. so they write one together and richie leaves it in stans locker. lunch time rolls around and stan is smiling huge and richie thinks “yup this is it i did it”

2/2 dont think it sent before but here it is if i remember it well! stan goes to ben instead, smile wide, hugs him and says “you write the most thoughtful things, bevs a lucky girl” and richie is speechless cos 1) whatta smile and 2)that should be his??? stan turns and gives richie a polite nod and talks to bill before ben can correct him. richie doesnt know whether he should laugh or cry and ben agrees. but he wont give up! hes still got his flowers that ben thinks can fix things up…hopefully

Part 1 / Part 2

I rewrote this three times since Monday because i couldn’t decide how I wanted it to go forward so i’m sorry that it’s a little off! I hope you like it anyway anon and thank you again for sending me the prompt!

Their plan was simple enough, take Stan to the quarry and show off his softer side but this was Richie Tozier which meant things were never simple.

“Hey Stan, you got any plans this Saturday?”

“I don’t know, was going to go to the park i suppose. Why did you want to do something?”

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Anything featuring a darker/kickass Caroline and an in awe Klaus. I need to cleanse my brain of mommy Caroline

Edit: JFC, I don’t know that the hell happened here. Stupid posting from my phone and eating text. Apologies for those who say the original two sentences and the wonky lack of paragraphs!

This didn’t go as dark as I’d hoped, but I hope you like it anyway, anon!

“Well now, aren’t you a surprise?”

Caroline looked up at the amused, British drawl. The fall sunshine was still warm, and she was taking advantage of her Fall Break to do some SAT studying. The warm afternoon was utterly still, and so she’d spread her study material along her back porch. She tensed as she took in Klaus, bare toes pressing against her calves.

She hadn’t seen him in person, but she little doubt of who he was. Elena had described him to her while sobbing after they’d found her alive, and Stefan had offered the occasional clipped detail. Blue eyes, pretty dimples, angelic curls bright in the sunshine, and lips that promised sin. But no one had told her he was handsome, and his looks hit her low in her belly.

He smiled, as if he knew it.


An arched brow, hands slipping into the pockets of his dark jeans as he moved up the steps of her pour her to lean against a beam. “Why?”

Mouth dry, but unwilling to cower, she twisted her pen and met his gaze. “What could possibly be surprising about me?”

A hint of teeth as he studied her. “I hear you killed Damon.”

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girl that you love / choi hansol

Originally posted by hanwooz

title; girl that you love

genre; smut to fluff

characters; vernon/implied female

req; I really loved your 7 minutes in heaven with wonwoo 💞 can i request one with vernon? Thanks love!

summary; 7 minutes in heaven with vernon is a little unstable. good thing you’re there to shake things up, right?

word count; 1,287

a/n; ive been writing smut all week so i tried to make this a little fluffier and/or cuter! hope you like it anyways anon ^^ (also shy boy vernon is my favorite hc thank u)

other notes; super super shy!vernon holy shit, also blushy!vernon, instigator!reader, not really smut but it got heated i suppose

(note: this is kind of connected w my previous 7 minutes in heaven scenario w/ wonwoo, but its not necessary to read that one to get the context of this one!)

After watching your friend get it on with Wonwoo, you were eager to have the next person spin the bottle. “Hansolie,” you heard Jeonghan’s voice call, a bit slurred.

The boy’s head peeked out the corner of the room, and he walked over. “Yes, hyung?”

“Play with us,” Jeonghan’s voice slurred, his syllables messy. Hansol looked hesitant, but he sat down regardless, as Seungcheol swatted Jeonghan.

“He’s too young for this, and you’re drunk,” the leader scolded, turning to Hansol. “You don’t have to play if you don’t want to-”

“-I can handle it, hyung, I’ll be fine,” the second youngest in the group responded, and sat down, taking Wonwoo’s previous spot.

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Requested by anon:
“Can you do a Supernatural and Teen Wolf crossover one-shot where Stiles and Lydia are dating and in their first year at Harvard and they’re fans of the Supernatural books and Chuck is there for a book signing and Stiles and Lydia go to get their copies of Swan Song signed and Sam Winchester and the reader (female version of Dean Winchester) are special guests and everyone at the book signing because they thought the Winchesters were fictional characters but they turned out to be real? No smut”

I messed this up really bad, I hope you like it anyway anon, and sorry if it took so long but it was complicated to write.

Feedbacks are always appreciated.


Requests are open 

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Originally posted by teen-martinski

Originally posted by bittercasblogger

For Lydia Harvard was the best place in the planet.
It was magical, those buildings fascinated her and it seemed like all the books in that place were calling her.
Stiles liked Harvard but unlike Lydia he struggled a little to keep up, he has never been the guy that thinks only about studying. What Stiles likes more than Harvard was the sparkle in Lydia’s eyes, every time she talked about something that she liked. Her face would lit up as she talked about her day, and Stiles would be so fascinated that he all he could do would be staring.

Y/N liked her life. It was the only life that she knew. Her parents were hunters and she had to continue the family business.
She was only 5 when she killed her first ghost, 8 when she exorcised her first demon, when she was 10 she cut off her first vampire’s head and at 11 she killed her first werewolf.
When her parents died, it seemed like her world was collapsing on her. At the age of 20 she met the Winchesters, they liked her from the first time they saw so they decided to take her under their protection.

“Stiles, wake up”
“5 minutes”
Lydia sighed, looking at her handsome boyfriend tangled in the sheets.
“Today is the day, Stiles”
Stiles got up fastly, and after checking the calendar, before starting to jump around the room.
“It’s the day!” he screamed and Lydia covered her hears, laughing lightly.
“Get dressed”
“Yes, ma'am”
Once they have jumped in the jeep  the journey proceeded well.

“Tell me again why we have to go there”
Dean asked you again, crossing his arms.
“Because Chuck told us to go- Dean rolled his eyes- look Dean, I don’t like this conventions too but Sam said that we have to go”
Dean mumbled something that you couldn’t understand and opened the door of the car.
Sam smirked at you, mouthing ‘good work’.
You laughed a little and entered in the car.

Stiles and Lydia loved the environment that they were in, especially.
They got enough money to go to a book signing of their favourite saga.
They took their copies of the Swan song and waited patiently in the line.
Once they arrived in front of the small desk, they looked at the man in front of them, smiling.
“Hey guys”
The handed him their books.
“What’s your name?”
Stiles still looked at the man nervously.
“And he’s Stiles”
The man quickly signed the books and handed them back.
“Don’t forget that there is a big surprise for you”
Lydia and Stiles walked away with a big smile on their faces.

You hopped off the car, the Winchester imitating you.
“Chuck said that he will meet us in the back” said Sam looking at his phone.
You walked towards the back of the building where a man told him to follow to walk down a hallway and up some stairs.
You found yourself on a stage, Chuck at the microphone, smiling at you.
You looked at the crowd, your face almost as confused as theirs.
“Who are you?” screamed a redhead in the front row.
Dean stepped in front of the microphone.
“We’re the Winchester”