i could teach you - taeyong scenario - part three

Lee Taeyong - NCT

words - 3.8k

genre - angst, heartbreaker!au

soundtrack - hey violet, break my heart

parts - 1 / 2 / / 4/ 5 (still ongoing)

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The buzz that emitted from your pocket drawing your attention away from him. If it was Minyoung, you were not going to answer. After you called her this morning, the memory of her screaming voice was still vividly etched in your mind. That conversation was pure torture – thank god you didn’t tell her about Taeyong or you wouldn’t be breathing right now.

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Hi! I love how your reactions are little bit longer than usually reactions are, but I was wondering if you can do an exo reaction to seeing you move on(from your relationship with him) but they still love you. Let's say they broke up because they really couldn't meet with each other and decided that it's better to part their ways or smth like that. Thank you!!! Bye and have a lovely day :)

Hi hi! So this one turned out… quite long, so sorry about that! Also, these kind of turned into scenarios? I’m sorry, don’t hate me >.< Either way, I hope you enjoy ^^


Xiumin feels like shit. He’s just sitting, drinking coffee alone in a secluded corner of a café, trying to hide his face. He lifts the warm mug to his lips and freezes because, sitting a couple of tables away, there you are. You’re swirling a straw in your hand, a shy smile on your face, leaning forward with your hand on the table. And that’s when Xiumin sees him; he’s sitting across from you, his hand laying on top of yours, sharing a couple’s drink with you. Xiumin feels his heart drop and he almost wants to stand up and walk over to you to apologize for how much he hurt you. He almost does, his hands are flat on the table and he’s about to push himself up when he sees you laugh. That bright smile of yours reminds him of the days you used to spend with him, and he feels his breath catch in his throat. He can remember it vividly: you laughing as he cuddles into you, his teeth nipping your skin as he growls playfully at you. But then that image is replaced by one much worse. He remembers you, tears in your eyes as he stands in front of you, wringing his hands together in nervousness. He remembers the helplessness of your voice as you asked him to stay with you. To this day, he’d say that walking away from you was the hardest thing he’d ever done. But now here you are again, happy with someone else, and Xiumin lets himself smile bitterly. He stands up and resists the urge to walk over to you; instead he covers his face with his jacket, shuffling over to the exit. He lets himself spare one last glance at you, a slight smile on his face, and then he walks out, leaving his heart in that café with you.


You’ve lost count of the number of times that Luhan and you have broken up for this exact same reason. The excuses are always the same, the fights always for the same reason. You’re never here! Why are we even doing this if you’re not going to at least try?! And the making up is always the same too. You bump into him in the street, or at a friend’s house (your friends are his friends, after all), and the look he gives you is always apologetic and loving. The words exchanged are always the same too. I love you. I know, I’m an idiot. Forgive me? Your heart aches without Luhan, and his heart aches without you, so you always find yourself drifting back into the same atmosphere, circling around each other in this dangerous pattern until you inevitably crash again, causing the hugest explosion of the planets. Each break up is worse than the last, and it always leaves you feeling empty, hollow and numb. Luhan feels just as bad, not even getting out of bed for days until he’s practically forced to. You both walk around numbly until you find your way to each other again, and his touch is electrifying on your skin, getting rid of the numbness that you hate so much. His lips make your heart start beating again, his fingers tangled in your hair reminds you to breath, you’re still alive and Luhan is here. Except this time is different. This time there’s not a hole in your chest, your body doesn’t feel numb anymore, your heart is still beating. And this is both thrilling and scary. You find yourself going through the days as normal, and each day it gets a little easier to breathe until you can breathe fully now, not even the mention of Luhan’s name makes your heart ache. But then you see him, sitting on the bench where you first met him. You smile a bit bitterly, stuffing your hands in your pocket as you go sit next to him. As you get closer, you see how crappy he looks. His face is thin, his eyes tired and sad. Both of you are quiet for a moment before Luhan speaks. “It’s different this time, isn’t it?” He looks up at the sky, blinking rapidly to keep the tears at bay. “We’re not getting back together this time, are we?” Both of you are quiet and you let your hands lay on top of his. He quickly turns his hands over, letting his fingers interlock with yours tightly as you whisper out that you don’t know what’s going to happen with you two. Luhan sighs heavily, looking at your face. He can see that you’re fine, and it kills a bit on the inside, but he knows that this is his fault. He made a choice between his career and you, and he needs to respect that. But still, he lifts your interlocked hands up to his lips and places a soft kiss on the back of your hand. A couple of tears slide down his cheek and he doesn’t try to brush them away like he normally would. He squeezes your hand in his. “I love you, you know that right?” You smile slightly, nodding your head. Luhan sighs, finally wiping the tears away as he stands up. He stretches out, trying to compose himself. He turns to you one last time letting his hand fall on top of your hair as he ruffles your hair, smiling at you. “Take care kid.” And then he’s walking away. You don’t say you love him too, he doesn’t expect you to, but you know that he can see it. And maybe that’s enough for now.


Kris is standing behind your door, wringing his hands nervously. He kind of wishes he could just turn back around, but he’s already knocked on your door. Maybe she didn’t hear, he thinks, and he’s starting to turn around when you open the door. He stands up straight quickly, dropping the nervous look from his face as his eyes scan you. You’re wearing one of his favorite outfits on you, your hair sloppily pulled on top of your head, and there’s a bright smile on your face. Your smile quickly drops, a look of panic replacing it. Your voice is hurried as you ask him what he’s doing there, your eyes darting around the hallway. Kris has to take a deep breath before he talks. “Baobei, I know I said some really dumb things before but…” He doesn’t get to finish before you’re shoving him away, telling him that he needs to go. Tears prick your eyes and you try not to cry. It took so long to finally stop crying after Kris and you broke up, and now he’s just going to show up and ruin it. “No baobei! Look I know I messed up but –” He’s interrupted by a loud voice coming form behind him. He turns around, and standing there is someone raising their brows at you in question. Kris connects the dots quickly, his face becoming red as he stumbles back. He clears his throat. “I guess I should have called first, huh?” He doesn’t sound angry, just dejected. You open your mouth, but Kris shakes his head at you, a soft smile on his face. “It’s okay.” He glances at your boyfriend and then back at you, taking a deep breath. “I’m okay.” He looks at you, his eyes intense, “Or, well, at least I will be.” He steps back, gesturing for your boyfriend to come inside. “Have a good night, you two,” he says as he walks away, not bothering to look back. Your boyfriend wraps an arm around you, but it doesn’t feel right. His arms are too short, too muscular, not long and lean like Kris’ arms. He asks you what that was about, but you’re distracted, looking at Kris’ retreating back. You mumble distractedly, your eyes focused on Kris and that when you realize what he’s doing. He’s letting you go. And you’re not sure you’re too happy about it.


The members are worried because something very strange is happening: Suho is drunk. He keeps drinking, blinking his eyes slowly as he mumbles to himself. The members hover around him, asking him if he’s okay. Suho growls out angrily, “I’m fine, why can’t any of you just leave me alone?” He stands up on wobbly legs, walking to his room as he swipes another full bottle of alcohol, and he doesn’t even care that it’s a shared room before he slams the door behind him, making sure that it’s locked. He lets himself slide against the door, already chugging from the bottle. His vision is blurry, and he can barely make out the names on his phone as he punches a familiar number. He lets it ring for a while, occasionally sipping some more, and he’s just about to hang up when you answer the phone, your voice thick with sleep. He sits up immediately, his eyes wide as he hears your voice calling out his name. He doesn’t respond, just lets himself lean against the door as he enjoys the sound of your voice. Your voice gets more panicked as you ask him if anything is wrong, and Suho can just picture you, sitting up in the bed with your hair tangled on top of your head from how you sleep. He can almost see the curve of your lips as you continue to call out his name, and it makes Suho smile a little. He finds himself blurting out a giggly hi. He flat out laughs when you ask him if he’s drunk, and he responds with a slurred maybe. You sigh, mentioning that you’re going to call another member to check up on him when he slurs out that he locked the door. You question why he did that, and he’s silent on the other side of the line. But then he says it, his voice silent and low. “I miss you.” Your heart stops as you hear those words, and you sigh loudly. His sad voice tugs at your heartstrings, but you remind yourself that you broke up for a reason, and you tell him as such. Suho just laughs bitterly at your words. “I just wish it wasn’t so hard, you know? I miss you.” His voice drops again. “I love you, jagi. I love you.” You’re quiet and then you hear a loud slam, followed by glass breaking, and Suho’s voice comes back on. “Do you miss me? Say you miss me.” You whisper out that you miss him, but your eyes are stuck on your boyfriend sleeping soundly next to you. You’re surprised by what Suho says next. “Do you love him, jagi? Does he make you happy?” You don’t even question how Suho knows that you’re dating someone new, so you just whisper out a soft yes. Suho sighs loudly, and he’s running his sticky hands full of alcohol through his hair. “I hope he takes better care of you than I did, jagi. Bye, I love you.” And you barely have a chance to respond before the line goes dead. But that’s okay, you’re already slipping on a sweater, dialing the other members number as you quietly slip out the door.


Lay is laughing, joking around with the members as they eat dinner at some restaurant he doesn’t know. He’s watching the members bicker with each other, enjoying just sitting back and relaxing for a while. He’s lifting food into his mouth when he sees you, sitting at a table on the other side of the restaurant. He noisily drops his food, his eyes wide. He quickly concludes that you’re on a date by the way you’re dressed. He hates that he enjoys the slight uncomfortable look you get on your face when your date reaches out to touch your hands. He almost smiles, but then the look leaves your face and you’re laughing loudly, your eyes snapping shut as you throw your head back to laugh. Lay feels his heart stop at the sight of your smile, and a spark of jealously sparks in his chest. There was a day when he made you laugh like that. Distantly, he can hear his name being called, but he’s too caught up in you, watching your every move. You still look the same, but something about you looks defeated. There’s a slight slump to your shoulders that wasn’t there before. Lay is being shaken and his eyes snap away from your table, distractedly mumbling out a What? He’s being informed that the members are leaving, and he’s too distracted to notice the look of worry that the members share, because they saw you and they saw the way Lay was looking at you. He leaves in a haze, his mind replaying the image of you laughing over and over in his head, and when he walks in the house, he immediately goes into his room, pulling out the rumpled sheets he’s been pouring over since you two broke up. He flattens the edges, his eyes scanning the song he’s been writing you. This was his apology to you, his way of getting you back, but now… his fingers tighten on the papers, his eyes wet as he swallows loudly. His shoulders are tense as he pulls out other pages, getting his guitar ready as he starts writing a new song, one about a boy who fell in love with an angel and how the boy hurt her so bad that her wings started falling off, wasting away into nothing, and how the boy starts traveling the world looking for new wings for her but in the process his angel finds someone else who heals her, someone who teaches her to live without her wings. There’s tears running down his cheeks when he finishes it, and he has no idea if what he tried to say made sense, but he stumbles out of the room anyway, his song in his hands and he slams it on the table, sighing loudly. The members look at him and Lay just blinks, his eyes blank and yet so sad at the same time. “I messed up,” he says. He slides the pages down the table. “I wrote a song.” And then he’s turning around, going back into his room. He crawls underneath the blankets. He doesn’t know how he feels right now, he’s happy for you, honestly he is, but at the time it feels like his heart has been ripped out of his chest. He closes his eyes, seeing you imprinted on his eyelids, and sighs once more, allowing himself to sink into sleep.


You’re asleep when your phone starts buzzing, and your voice is slow as you answer it. “Jagi!” a loud voice exclaims and you frown as you hear Baekhyun’s familiar voice. It’s been months since you’ve heard from Baekhyun, so why is he calling you now. You don’t get a chance to respond before Baekhyun’s voice is back on the line, his voice loud and fast. “So I’m at our park! You should come swing with me so you can push me. See you in ten? Okay, bye jagi!” And then the line is dead. You’re a bit confused, but then you think what if he’s drunk, so you find yourself going to the park. You throw any random clothes you can find, and you make it to the park in less than ten minuets. As soon as you get there, you see Baekhyun. He’s dragging his feet on the ground as he sways gently, humming to himself, his eyes closed. He doesn’t look anything at all like the energetic boy who called you earlier. He open his eyes as he hears you step closer, smiling as you sit on the swing next to him. His smile is soft, his eyes look tired, and that’s when you notice his appearance. His clothes are rumpled, his hair is a mess, his eyes drooping in tiredness. You open your mouth, but Baekhyun beats you. “We just flew back in.” He yawns. “I haven’t slept since we got on the plane.” You hum, swaying gently, and you’re about to ask him why he called you here when he speaks again. “Jagi, do you ever think we made a mistake?” He’s not looking at you, instead looking at the stars. He sighs, and you sense that he’s talking to himself mostly because he continues. “I think I made a mistake. I can’t sleep without you. I always crawl on your side of the bed expecting you to be there.” He closes his eyes, leaning his head against the chains of the swing. “But I know you’re happy, I can see it in your eyes.” He glances at you then, quickly, and then he’s pushing himself on the swing, higher and higher until he’s feet above the ground. A tired Baekhyun is a strange Baekhyun so that’s why you don’t think this is out of the ordinary. Baekhyun stops suddenly, his feet skidding on the ground. “Are you happy?” You find yourself smiling, leaning your head against the chains as you softly whisper that it was hard, but yeah you’re happy now. Baekhyun smiles widely at you, his eyes wet as he faces you. “Good, I want you to be happy.” He stands up, yawning once more. He walks behind you, his hands grasping the chains of the swing, and neither of you speak as he gently starts to push you. He pushes you softly for a while, humming softly to himself. You don’t know how long you’re out there, but suddenly instead of pushing you back out, Baekhyun pulls you to him, his arms wrapping around your waist. His lips are on your hair, his breathing soft. His voice sounds sad and you can feel his tears falling into your hair. “I love you jagi.” You say nothing, just let Baekhyun cry on you because you know this is his way of saying goodbye.


You’re sitting on the couch at a house party of one of your friends. You don’t really want to be here, this was Chen’s friend first, so you spend most of the night looking over your shoulder to make sure Chen doesn’t surprise you. You almost relax against the cushions, letting yourself be lulled by the soft music and voices in the background. You’ve almost convinced yourself that Chen didn’t come when it happens. You should have known that Chen is sneakier than that. Your eyes are drooping shut, but then there’s something soft touching your cheek, a soft voice cradling your skin. “Don’t you know you shouldn’t sleep at parties like this?” Your eyes snap open, your back straightening as you look up at Chen. He’s standing in front of you, his eyes crinkled at the corner as he smiles at you, a cup in his hand, his fingers brushing your hair away from your face. You find yourself blushing, and despite the fact that you wish you didn’t respond to the feel of his fingers, your heart skips a beat. You whisper his name, finding that it doesn’t hurt your heart to see him anymore. He laughs loudly, standing up straight, slightly wobbling on his feet. “Yes jagi, I’m Jongdae.” You roll your eyes at his smart mouth, and Chen laughs, sitting down next to you. The conversation isn’t awkward at all, it’s Chen after all, and talking to him is as easy as breathing. It’s only when you’re telling him about what’s been going on with your family that Chen does it. He’s nodding, looking intently at you, and somehow his arm is thrown over your shoulder, his fingers playing with your hair. You freeze when his fingers absentmindedly brush against the back of your neck, dipping into the collar of your shirt like they’ve done many times before. Chen freezes when he sees this, immediately lifting his hands as he stutters out an apology. “Ahh, sorry, force of habit, you know?” This makes you a bit uncomfortable and you open your mouth when Chen blurts out. “I miss you.” He gives a slight chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. “Aish, I’m sorry jagi. But I’ve been thinking about it since we broke up…” His eyes find yours, and upon seeing the look on your face, his face drops. “I guess it’s not the same for you, huh?” You hate telling him this, but you do. You tell him that you’ve just got over him and you can’t allow yourself to be hurt again. Chen stands up rapidly, agreeing with what you say, and then he’s gone. You’re in bed when you hear from Chen. He’s banging loudly on your door, calling your name, and you quickly open the door, letting him in. Chen collapses on your couch, sobbing out that he loves you. You just let him rest his head in your lap, your fingers brushing through his hair as you let him sob out. It’s only when he’s asleep that you let yourself whisper that you love him too. When you wake up the next morning, your neck stiff from sleeping in an awkward position, you’re alone, but there’s a note on your coffee table that reads I’m sorry I was an idiot, and you’re left wondering what exactly he’s apologizing for.


Chanyeol isn’t paying attention, too busy tapping away at his phone, but as soon as he hears his order being called out, he slips his collar higher trying to hide his face. It doesn’t matter anyway; this place is small, not full of people at all, so there’s no need to hide himself. Still, he can’t help it, so he shuffles forward slowly, his hand reaching out to grab the tray of food. Just as his fingers grasp the tray, a hand swipes out at the same. Chanyeol quickly looks up, ready to ask for his food back but his words die in his throat as soon as he catches your eyes. Both of you stare wide-eyed at each other, and then Chanyeol lets go of the bag, laughing awkwardly. “Ah, sorry.” You bit your lip, cradling the food to your chest as you apologize as well. Both of you stand there awkwardly, but then his order is being called out again, a fresh tray of food being placed on the counter. Chanyeol grabs his, still looking at you, and you clear your throat, stuttering out a goodbye. “Wait!” His fingers wrap around your forearm, making your heart stop and his voice is soft as he asks, “Will you eat with me?” You find yourself agreeing, walking over to a small table. The meal is uncomfortable at first, but this is Chanyeol, and he has you laughing in seconds. You’re chuckling at a joke that he said when Chanyeol quiets down, his cheeks turning pink as he plays with his food, asking, “So, uh, how have you been since, you know?” Your smile drops, and you drop your eyes, shrugging. Chanyeol is quiet, but then his hand is resting on top of yours, his fingers warm on your skin. His voice is impossibly soft, “I’m sorry jagi.” You look up at him and you let yourself smile at seeing his face. You leave the meal on good terms, and you don’t know how it happens but you find yourself having dinner with Chanyeol there almost every day. It’s on a day when Chanyeol said he was going to be out of town when you do it, you take your (possibly) new boyfriend for a meal there, and you’ve just finished eating when you see Chanyeol sitting at a table away form you, his eyes downcast and sad as he eats by himself. You tell your date to wait for you outside and then you sit down with Chanyeol. He doesn’t look up when you sit down, not even when you whisper out a hi. He just mumbles, “This was our spot.” You say nothing, and Chanyeol sighs shakily, finally looking up at you. His eyes are wet, his smile sad. “I messed up, didn’t I?” Tears prick your eyes, and you find yourself laying your hand on top of his. He flips his hand over, letting his fingers lace with yours. He licks his lips, squeezing your hand. “I have to go, I’m late for a rehearsal.” He stands up quickly, but pauses when he’s standing above you. He drops down, placing a kiss to the top of your head, and he lightly pets your hair, whispering, “I hope he makes you happy.” And then he’s walking away, covering his face with his collar. He spares you one last glance, gives you one last smile before he’s out the door and it breaks your heart because you want to call him back in, but you know he’s gone.


Kyungsoo is not paying attention to where he’s going; he just wants to leave the store as quickly as possible, get back home so he can give the members everything they asked for. His hands are full, candies and drinks almost spilling out of his hands, and that’s when he bumps into you. His eyes go wide as soon as he spots you, but it’s too late, his body is slamming into yours. You stumble, but Kyungsoo holds his hands out to steady you, dropping everything in his hands. His heart jumps at the feel of your warm skin underneath his palms, and his cheeks turn red as he stutters out your name. Both of you are uncomfortable, but you still bend down to help him pick up his items. You try to avoid touching his skin again, not wanting to feel the fire from his fingers. “So, how have you been?” His voice is soft, worried, and you know that he’s acting like this because the last time he saw you, you were crying hysterically as you begged him to give both of you another chance. He can see it vividly too; see the tears streaming down your cheeks as you begged him not to leave. He stills remembers the way your voice sounded as you told him you loved him that last time, and he didn’t even turn back as you said it. But he wanted to, oh god he wanted to. Sometimes he wonders what would have happened if he would have turned around, taking you in his arms like he wanted. He snaps out of it when he sees a hand land on your shoulder, and his eyes are wide as he sees you smile up at the person, placing your hand in theirs as they help you up. Kyungsoo is at a loss for words, and he stands up slowly, not even bothering to pick up everything off the floor. He doesn’t ask you who it is, he can tell by the way that your hand is holding theirs. He clears his throat, looking down at the floor. He feels like he can’t breathe, there’s a lump in his throat, but he manages to force out Excuse me before he’s shuffling away, not even sparing you another glance. He lets a few tears slip when he’s safe outside, the bag of goodies tight in his hands as he lets out a shaky breath. And then he’s walking away from the store, trying to forget the way your skin felt underneath his, but to be honest, it’s the only thing he can think about.


Tao is laying on his bed, sleepy as hell, and yet his phone is in his hands, his eyes squinting at the brightness of the screen. He’s scrolling through his feed of his own private profile, the one fans don’t know about, and he randomly comments on things. This is his favorite part of the day, the part where he can just unwind and be himself, talk to his friends without worrying about anyone else. But this is usually the time of day he would spend with you, but those days are over. So when Tao scrolls down and sees your smiling face, he freezes. He tries hard to ignore it, but you’re smiling in the photo and there’s someone next to you, there head resting on your shoulder, and Tao can’t help but to click on your profile. And he wishes he hadn’t. Because there you are, on dates with someone else, smiling on a carousel, sharing a drink, at the park. He smiles seeing your face, but it’s dimmed by the fact that someone else is causing it. He doesn’t know how long he looks at your profile, because suddenly his phone clock says that it’s three in the morning, and he’s scrolled all the way down to see pictures of when you were dating him. He smiles bitterly at the pictures, remembering the words he told you every time you tried to take a picture. ”Ah, not my face baobei, people can’t know.” So there’s pictures of you holding a masculine hand, and then there’s one of that same hand resting on your shoulder, but none of you two fully. And it makes Tao’s heart ache, seeing you with someone else. His heart still beats for you, aches for your touch, but he can see that you’ve moved on. Tao lets himself smile as he sees you, ignoring the breaking of his heart. His fingers tap at the screen quickly, and then he’s setting his phone down, closing his eyes as he lets himself drift into sleep, a bitter smile on his face. The next day when you wake up, there’s a message on your phone, and all it reads is I’m happy for you.


Kai is laying on the couch, Monggu sleeping on top of his legs. Kai’s eyes are drooping, and he’s barely about to sleep when he hears a knock on the door. He groggily stands up, slamming the door open, and as soon as he sees you, his back straightens, his eyes becoming wide as a small smile covers his face. He softly whispers your name, his fingers twitching as all he wants is to touch your face. You’re uncomfortable, not looking him in the eye as you state that you realized that some of your clothes are still in his place. He laughs a little awkwardly, that small smile still on his face as he gestures for you to come in. You remove your shoes, stepping in, letting them fall careless on the floor, and Kai smiles at himself. You were always messy, just like him, leaving clothes strewn all over and your hair ties everywhere. Even now, months after you broke up, Kai still finds your hair ties; they’re hidden underneath the couch cushions, snuggled into the corner of his clothing drawers, underneath the bathroom sink. And every time he finds them, he smiles, slipping them on his wrist so he can set them on the bedside table later, ready for you to grab when you finally come back. Kai is thrown out of his daydream when he hears a small bark and he looks down to see you on your knees, your hands rubbing Monggu’s fur. It makes his heart ache a little, and he’s about to comment when you stand back up, asking him where he placed your clothes. Kai is a little embarrassed, but he shows you the way. He’s embarrassed because they’re folded up neatly, placed in his drawers along with his clothes. His cheeks are a bit pink when he hands you the stack of clothing, and you’re still not looking at his face. His skin brushes yours, and it makes your entire body tingle, but you brush it off as you remember Kai standing in that exact same spot as he asks you to leave. “So, what made you realize you were missing some clothes?” You avoid his eyes as you tell him that you were packing up to move with your current boyfriend, and Kai feels his entire heart stop. His smile drops, but then it’s back, brighter than ever as he wishes you luck. He’s practically shoving you out of the door, his voice loud and happy, his eyes blinking rapidly. He slams the door loudly behind you, leaning his forehead against the wood, releasing ragged breaths as he feels tears slide down his cheeks. He finds himself mumbling out to himself, a shaky sad confession, “I still love you.” He doesn’t know that you’re leaning against the door too, your palm on the wood as tears sting your eyes.


Sehun is angry when he hears that you’ve moved on. Deep inside, he always pictured you getting back together, maybe when he’s got everything figured out. He bangs on your door at some ungodly hour of the night, and you open it drowsily. Sehun is a bit tipsy, you can tell by the way his voice is louder than usual. He pushes through you, squeezing past you as he exclaims, “How dare you do this?” You’re a bit confused, but through hazy eyes, you manage to see Sehun kick his shoes into a corner of your living room before he’s facing you again. His shoulders are tense, his eyes on fire as he looks at you. “Well? What do you have to say?” You mumble that you have no idea what he’s taking about, rubbing a hand down your face to wake yourself up. Sehun scoffs, crossing his arms. “Your boyfriend! That’s what I’m talking about!” He starts pacing, running his hands through his hair. “I knew that asshole liked you when we were dating! I told you he liked you! But did you believe me? No, of course not. Oh no Sehun-ah, he doesn’t like me. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m with you, not him.” He scoffs. “What a load of crap.” You find yourself getting angry, and then you’re pushing against Sehun, angry tears in your eyes as you shout at him that it’s none of his business anymore. Sehun and you are yelling at each other, your fists hitting against his chest. “Will you stop hitting me?!” Sehun yells out, his hands wrapping around your wrists as he traps them against his chest. He freezes, glancing down at you and then it’s quiet for a moment, the only sound than can be heard is the sound of your breathing, and then Sehun speaks. “Is that my shirt?” You glance down at yourself and then look back up, not knowing what to say because he’s right. But you don’t have to say anything, because as soon as you tilt your head up, Sehun traps your lips with his, his hands releasing your wrists to wrap around your waist, pulling you up. This is so wrong, you shouldn’t be doing this, you have a boyfriend, and yet you find your fingers sliding into his hair, tugging his face closer as you press your lips harder against his. Then you remember his face, his cold eyes as he told you that he didn’t have time for you anymore, and you’re shoving him away from you as fast as you can. He blinks down at you, stumbling away, and both of you just look at each other before Sehun’s eyes go wide, his fingers coming up to his lips in horror. “Oh my god, jagi… I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You just stand there, feeling terrible. Sehun deflates. “I think it’s better if I leave…” You silently nod, tears stinging your eyes and Sehun quickly runs to grab his shoes. Sehun pauses at the door, his back turned to you and he softly says. “I’m really sorry jagi.” He leaves without looking back, the door softly shutting behind him.

Nights With Got7-Mark

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Nights that you spent with Mark were always special and never boring. Mark had practice today but you knew he would be home in about an hour so you quickly hopped in the shower. You were rinsing out the shampoo in your hair while singing along to your favorite Got7 song that was playing in the background, so when Mark entered the bathroom you took no notice. Mark sneakily snatched your pjs that you placed on the counter and replaced it with a deer onsie (like the one mark is wearing in the gif). He placed a note on top that said ‘wear this babe :)’ You got out of the shower and saw his note and mentally slapped him. You’ve got to be kidding me. You didnt have any other choice but to put it on since Mark took your other clothes. You semi-angrily stomped out of the bathroom to only find Mark in the bedroom wearing the same onsie. “Mark we look ridiculous!” You complained while throwing your hands in the air. “At least we look ridiculous together,” Mark laughed and pressed his lips longingly on yours after going a whole day without seeing you. “ I guess we both look kinda cute,” you sighed. Mark insisted that you took a picture together and post it on his instagram to show everyone how cute you looked. You loved how these weird little surprises that Mark gave you never failed to make you love him even more.

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I honestly hope you feel like shit and regret every single time you hurt me whenever you think of me, but I also hope you think about the stuff we could’ve been and blame yourself for fucking it all up over hoes. I hope guilt eats you alive because what we had was different and you could never get it from any other girl.

I hope one day you have a daughter and when she comes home crying because someone broke her heart I hope you remember me I hope you fucking feel like shit I fucking hate you

anonymous asked:

This blog is disgusting and all but one accusation are just gross personal attacks. All you've done is obsessively catalog Alex's blog and then make accusations based on your claims to have 'contacted' Alex and 'not seen proof' that you aren't owed. Why anyone would believe some fake anonymous person who is dedicating their time to attack someone who is openly currently struggling with mental illness is beyond me. I hope you feel like shit for what you're doing, it's disgusting

We aren’t “attacking someone with mental illness.” We are exposing a pathological liar who scammed thousands of dollars out of good people. We have friends that have Borderline Personality Disorder and none of them have committed fraud like this.


Ashton:               It was 8pm when it all happen.  At that moment the only thing that was going through your mind was worry.  Fear evident through yours and Ashton’s eyes as they searched wildly for each other.  Both of you so close yet so far away.  Both of you pushing through bodies, hand running through you hair in frustration, slowly feeling the anxiety creeping up on both of you. Gunshots are still being heard throughout the restaurant mixed wit the screams of people.  A hand grabs onto your forearm pushing towards them making you scream and start throwing punches like a mad woman butt person was too strong.  Colliding with the persons chest you instantly smelled the familiar cologne.   Looking up you quickly wrapped your arms around Ashton’s neck hugging him as if your life depended on it.  He rubbed your hair and whispered comforting words in your ear.  People pushed you two in hopes of getting out of there as fast as they could.

Michael:              You couldn’t believe this, the last 8 months
were a complete lie.  Feeling disgusted with yourself you quickly ran out of Michaels house, slamming the door while doing so.  Arriving to your car you heard the door open and Michael desperately calling your name, ignoring him you continue searching for your keys.  “(Y/L) please hear me out!” he said behind you clinging onto your left hand and turning you around to meet his eyes.  Instead of answering him you slapped him as hard as you could with the back of your hand , making him stumble back a bit.  “I deserved that” he muttered while rubbing his now red cheek.  Scoffing you turned around and finally found your keys, quickly opening your car and entering itStarting the car you were about to drive away when Michael got in and sat in the passenger seat.  You turned and looked at him directly in the eye and took a deep breath.  “Listen the bet was off-“ you held up your hand not wanting to hear anything else.  “Michael listen to me, don’t interrupt, just listen cause I’m not gonna repeat it again, I am not a person who can be taken advantage easily.  You somehow did that, I don’t know how but you did. For what? For Money and let me tell you something You will never be forgiven, ever, I don’t care how much you beg, I’m not coming back into your arms like nothing ever happened.  Us? We’re through.  I don’t deserve this, I’ve gon’ through so much shit that I’ve learned when to avoid stuff that are going to do harm in my life.  You Michael have been added to the list and I hope you actually feel like shit for doing this.  Now I want you to get out of my car and let me drive away because I’m sure both of us know I’m not gonna come crawling back to you.” By the time you finished your rant tears were streaming down both of your faces.  Muttering a last sorry Michael got out of the car and let you speed off.  You didn’t know how much money he go for dating you but  you knew one thing for sure, that was the last time you open up to someone so quickly.

Calum:                    “Just one more store, I swear” Calum said as he dragged you into yet another store.  When he first asked you to go shopping with him you thought nothing of it, boys don’t take a lot of time shopping right? Wrong.  Your boyfriend took twice the time a girl would take and that’s a lot to say.  He had already bought probably the entire mall and had about maybe 15 bags in his hand, but of course he insisted on entering another store, the eighth store you’ve gon into to be exact.  You understood he needed new clothes for the upcoming tour but you were pretty sure he didn’t need the closet of Paris Hilton or some shit.  He had about 10 new shirts, 7 new skinny jeans (that were too tight, but you didn’t mind) , and 2 new shoes along with countless of beanies and snapbacks.  Dragging you into this store he immediately went towards band tees, exclaiming that he needed more shirts.  At this point your feet hurt and you had a headache.  Whining towards him one more time in hopes of just going home and cuddle, he simply just said the now familiar words of “We’re leaving soon love, just give me 10 more minutes”. You sigh and kept following Calum knowing that this wasn’t the last store you were gonna buy in.

Luke:                     “8  kids???” You asked your eyes the size of bowling balls .  With a big smile Luke nodded his head like if what he just said was completely normal.  You and Luke had been married for about 2 years now and wanted to finally start your family.  Asking him how many kids he wanted to have he said 8, 8 kids, 8 kids you’d have to push out, 8.  “Lucas are you drunk?” you asked knowing he wasn’t.  He shook his head with a slight chuckle noticing your facial expressions. “Too many?” he asked with a shy look on his face.  “Waayyy too many Luke, I love you and everything but I don’t think I can handle 8 kids just, no” you said shacking your head at the thought.  8 kids, meaning 8 different birthday parties, 8 different occasions that you probably would have to go to the principles office, 8 kids going through puberty and having mood changes, you couldn’t do it just couldn’t.  Looking up at Luke you both started laughing at both of yours expressions.  “Alright, how many do you want to have?” He asked you with a smile.  “Um I’d like 2 maximum 3” You said confidently.  “Two or three kids, I can handle that, boy or girl?” he kept on asking.  “I’d like the boy first and then a girl but either way is perfect” You responded already picturing how everything would go.  “Alright so when do we start?” Luke said with a cheeky smirk and a raised eyebrow making you laugh.

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Yo, I’m prepared to start creating texts as we speak! But all that aside…I know a handful of you are curious as to why I was gone, and what happened in the first place. What I am about to say is very private…but I believe you deserve to know.

From December 17th (of 2015) to February 1st, my school and peers were threatened with shootings, bombings, strangulation, stabbing, rape, gutting, and torture. All this was posted by someone under an alias. So what happened? We obviously flipped the fuck out. School was canceled, which delayed finals and second semester. We were searched and scanned everyday, so we didn’t bother with bringing our bookbags. The main person being targeted disappeared, probably in protective custody. The threats got worse each passing day, no school spared from it. Children, children under ten, were targeted as well. And kids quit showing up. I continued on, unable to do anything about it. Why didn’t I skip? Because I’m not that kind of person (surprise surprise), and the consequences would be severe. Maybe not as severe as getting shot, but you get it. This individual made a blog, claiming they had nudes of the girl and answered questions. Then came the post titled “The final day of your life”. It basically said that week would be our last, but on which day would be kept a secret. People continued to insist that he didn’t have the balls to come near us, but there’s always that tiny hint of doubt. On that Thursday, they told us about the truth. They didn’t know the girl, the nudes were fake, they didn’t live in the state, or the country. That our cops are stupid, and they will never find out who did it. Their only regret was picking on a girl that they couldn’t find anything negative about. But one questioned remained: why? Well, because they were fucking bored. The latest post just says “see ya never”.

How does this affect me, you ask? Well, how does it not? I spent weeks of my life checking, waiting, dreading updates from the prick, collecting evidence, crying myself to sleep, jumping at every noise outside the classroom, deleting friend requests from that monster, mapping out escape routes, writing notes to my friends in case anything happened to me. That included a note to you guys, too. That’s how important you are to me. I hate him, I hate the asshole who caused all of this so much. He ruined that girl’s life. He’s traumatized people forever. He’s made me lose my fucking mind for two months. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. But I do not wish death upon him. I can’t do such a thing. Maybe he deserves it, whatever you think. As for me, I could never tell someone to take their own life.

So if you’re reading this, you low, fucking pitiful excuse of a human being…I hope you feel like shit. Fuck you. Just fuck you. I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting you. Have a nice life, you bastard.

This one freaking asshole looked at the scars on my arms which are a lot and tells me with the absolute most serious face “Next time, don’t cross the street, go down the road”


Are you shitting me???? Wtf????????

Sometimes I feel like dying inside. Crying all day. I have no hope then, it’s almost as if I am depressed. Nobody is perfect. That is why I want to help others by talking to them. Just like a small support group. By talking most of these negative feelings have gone away. So I hope that if you feel like shit, you know you can always talk to me.