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Can you write something about aokaga where aomine gets really frustrated by how oblivious kagami is to his advances, to other people advances and to how fucking charming he is

This is so freaking cute nonnie! ^^ I hope this is what you had in mind, enjoy!


“Wanna Netflix and chill?”


Aomine can feel his determination soar. Today’s the day. He’s finally going to tell Kagami and hopefully show him how he feels. (It pisses him off that Kagami still thinks Netflix and chill means nothing but watching Netflix and eating popcorn.)

To say Kagami is oblivious would be a nice way of putting it. His general lack of intelligence has nothing to do with how unaware he is of his surroundings or the people in his life. Aomine and he go out on an almost regular basis because of all their one-on-ones and it’s become a form of entertainment for the bluehead to watch people hit on Kagami in different ways but get rejected, simply because the big oaf has no idea he’s being hit on. Initially he used to get jealous but now, he’s not worried in the least.

They’ve just finished getting a bite at maji’s and are heading towards Kagami’s place and Aomine wants to leave today with at least a kiss. They’ve known each other for a while now and Aomine found himself gradually thinking of Kagami’s smile as endearing, his presence a comfort and a source of joy. He’s never admitted this out loud, but he doesn’t have to for Satsuki and Tetsu to get it. He has Satsuki’s blessing and Kuroko plans on killing him if he breaks his heart.

‘I need his heart to break it don’t I??’ He screams internally and he can see Kagami staring at him weirdly from his periphery but chooses to ignore it.

It’s frustrating, and Aomine is actually bad at wooing people considering he’s the one people normally try to impress. None of their tactics work on the redhead either.

He’s never been this patient or gentle or persistent in his life. He knows that’s only because this stupid Bakagami is special, not only because he plays so well or can cook so well, but because he’s a genuinely nice human being that Aomine doesn’t mind spending the rest of his life with.

His face flames at the direction his thoughts are taking and he pushes them away, focusing on the conversation Kagami is trying to have with him.

“But like, the celtics are killing it?”

“Nah man, Chicago’ll win. Two words- Derek Rose.”

They argue about the NBA all the way to his apartment and when they walk in, Aomine feels at home, having visited so many times. Kicking his shoes off, he promptly makes his way to the couch and plops down, wiggling his ass till he’s comfortable. Kagami scolds him playfully before getting a bowl of popcorn and some soda and sitting next to him, and turning Netflix on. He’s looking for something to watch and Aomine watches him carefully, taking in those adorable forked eyebrows, the sharpness of his jaw, the intensity of his eyes.

Kagami turns to look at him and they’re very very close, Kagami’s breath fanning over Aomine’s face and it’s the absolute perfect set up for a kiss, almost straight out of a romcom when-

“Is there something on my face?”

Kagami’s expression is filled with mild confusion and Aomine sighs, completely frustrated as he pulls away and grumbles out a “No.”

Kagami shrugs before putting a show on, and they get comfortable, Aomine’s hand resting on the back of the couch, his fingers brushing against Kagami’s shoulders. The redhead doesn’t protest, doesn’t seem to notice.

As time went by, they spent less time hating each other and more time becoming friends of sorts and Kagami’s comfortable with him being in his personal space now and that’s exactly the problem- he can’t seem to distinguish between a platonic touch and a lustful one.

The movie plays in the background but Aomine pays no attention- he’s too busy trying not to pop a boner because of Kagami’s warmth, the musky smell that’s indigenous to him, the way his hair tickles the inside of Aomine’s wrist.

Kagami munches on the popcorn, content, and he offers some to Aomine every now and then which the boy accepts gratefully. At least he can keep his mouth busy to prevent salivation.

The whole movie, Aomine touches Kagami, small, gentle, extremely suggestive touches that just do not seem to hit the redhead the right way. He keeps looking at Aomine every few minutes and flashing a brilliant smile and Aomine is done. When it happens for the nth time, Aomine can’t control himself anymore.

“Kagami!,” he bellows, his voice hoarse.

Kagami startles and stares at him with wide eyes.


Aomine frames the man’s face with his hands, keeping his grip tender, loving, sincere. He leans in close, closer, closer and he hopes Kagami understands his intention, he hopes if he doesn’t want it he’ll back away, he hopes he won’t back away.

He presses their lips together firmly.

It tastes of buttered popcorn.



The Sailor Moon S pins! Set one.

I don’t mind telling you I was nervous when I bought these. It was tough to tell from the photographs what the quality would be, and I’ve had spotty luck with Bandai products. But I was taken by the versatility of them, and so I plunged ahead anyhow.

I shouldn’t have worried! The enamelware on them is really thick and nice, and I was genuinely surprised by the level of DETAIL lavished on these charms—I hope that comes across in the pictures. I also took a side picture of one of the charms so you could see the absolute THICKNESS of them. These will last you a long time even with daily wear.

All in all, one of my best merch purchases, I’d say.

The Usagi charms  are all already sold and being shipped today, but the Chibiusa charms from set two are still available, and I should get that set next week.

I might have said this earlier, but I finished the main quest of Fallout 4 by destroying the Institute with the help of The Brotherhood of Steel. I have already addressed why The BoS, so I’m not going to explain that again.

But the most wonderful thing happened. And I’ll try to tell you all in the best way I can, I hope you’ll find this as beautiful as I did.

The cinematic ending had finished. It was night, the moon shined bright and the stars glistened like I had never seen before, or had never noticed before. I was looking over the Commonwealth, seeing the fire of the explosion disappear slowly and the flared up dust settle back onto the ground.

My mind was everywhere and nowhere, I was thinking about what I had done so far, what has happened, what choices I made, what effect they had and what effects they would have in the future. I heard a footsteps behind me, I was expecting Maxson to have stepped up to me to bring his speech of a so called victory. But I was wrong, so wrong.

“And the people of the Commonwealth slept soundly, for the greatest monster was gone.” Those words, those very first words from him, after the cinematic had played, while I was looking over the Commonwealth at a night that could only be described in Tolkien’s books. I had doubts with bringing him with me on this mission, I didn’t want him to see me do this with them.

But at that moment, when I expected Maxson and his overly confident speech, I got Nick Valentine instead, thanking me. I never knew that at that moment I needed him the most, the detective with that voice of him that even Freeman would tip his hat to him. It was stress relieving when I had that talk with Nick first before I would talk to Maxson.


April + Catherine - parallels

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Fili is judging you...

Here are some of the best sassy Fili stares:

Ugh, stop being a bunch of Debbie Downers!

Great, I have to listen to another deranged wizard.

I hate you, elf.

This plan is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…and I listen to Kili all day.

Thorin, please.

So what? I could have done that too. Show off.

What the…oh, HELL no!

I question your life choices, Thorin.

Fili vs. the Elves, Part 2: Sass Harder 

I would say you’re joking, but we all know you don’t have a sense of humor.

And there you have it: Judgemental Fili Glances…at a glance. Stay tuned for Confused Kili Faces (wait, what’s the size limit for posts??) 

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My muse has just discovered they’re pregnant. Send me a + to see how they would break the news to your muse.


Crow shook her head in disbelief, holding it in her hands. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening. Vampires weren’t supposed to be able to procreate. Yet here she was, unsure what to do about this new found knowledge she now had. There was no way that this was real, but it was. She had conformed it three times now. God, there was no way. The tests must have been wrong. That’s what she kept telling herself, but she knew the truth. This was real and this was happening.

Crow waited until Ariya was fast asleep. Elijah stood out on the balcony, looking out into the night sky. It was one of the most beautiful nights she had seen in a long time, but she couldn’t focus on it, not tonight. Bringing him a drink, she stood beside Elijah in silence for a few minutes. Just thinking of what exactly to say, how to tell him.

“Elijah. There’s something I need you to know…” She waited a few moments, gathering her strength, and making sure she had his full attention. “I’m pregnant.”

A Titan's Weak Point

It started as a typical day, early in Eren and Levi’s relationship. The Captain had woken first, and promptly shoved Eren out of bed. This happened every morning. Until they brushed their teeth, Levi wouldn’t allow and cuddles or kisses. Some days he even insisted on bathing first, depending on what they’d done the night before. After brushing their teeth, he exchanged several red-faced kisses with the shifter. Then they both went down for breakfast and a day full of training exercises. 

In fact, nothing out of the ordinary happened until the evening. It was usual for Levi to sit with Eren as they ate, or rather, for Eren to sit with Levi. Pass it off as hero worship, if you would. Only a few people knew that Eren was now sleeping in the Captain’s room. Most of them had no idea the depth of relationship the two males had. As Levi stood after eating, he impulsively reached out and brushed Eren’s nape as he walked passed. The reaction he received was anything but expected.