Heartstrings - Part 2 (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

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Word Count: 3,415

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Part 1


The next few months were spent helping Lac create music to Lin’s words. The three of you would have extra meetings to get things done in time for rehearsals, most of which would be in Lin’s apartment late at night. Normally you would sit close to Lin, letting him sing while you and Lac figured out if the song needed anything else, such as extra instruments in certain places, or if it needed to be stripped down. You would chime in whenever you had an idea, and were growing used to the fact that your thoughts were not only being taken seriously, but were being praised and very often incorporated into the final product, For the most part, no matter how long it took to get things just right, it was incredibly enjoyable.

However, sometimes when you were all stuck on what could work with group numbers, Lac would ask you to sing with Lin so he could get a better idea of what would sound good with the harmonies. At first you were hesitant, but the men had encouraged you into it, and really, you loved singing with Lin. Aside from when he was writing, it was one of the few times that he would wear his heart out on his sleeve. Of course you were nowhere near perfect, but it was enough to get an idea of what the song would sound like.

You were also lying if your heart didn’t melt every time Lin sang to you when you were his Eliza. He looked at you with such tenderness that you had slipped up more than once because you had been so focused on him, and not the song. For more than you’d care to admit, you had been falling for the man. You had gone from your small celebrity crush to getting to know him and caring for him as a person and his personality and genius. Spending so much time together had only served to strengthen your respect and affections for him, and you were falling deeper every day.

“Okay that’s it for me tonight,” Lac said as he got up from the piano bench.

“Tired already?” Lin teased.

“It’s midnight and we have rehearsal tomorrow at 9am. I’m just being smart.”

You grinned and rolled your eyes as he patted your head as he passed your spot on the floor.

“Don’t stay up too late, you crazy kids,” he winked, causing you to laugh.

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Isaac Lahey- Amnesia


Also, correct me if I’m wrong on any of the facts. I really need to rewatch Teen Wolf.

Anonymous said:
Hello! Could I request a reader x Isaac? Like where Isaac has had an accident and the reader finds him unconscious on the road during a storm so she takes him to her place to patch him up. He has temporarily lost his memory and they fall in love while she cares for him but when he gets his memory back, she is scared that he’ll leave her behind. Thank you so much!!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly follow along perfectly because I was writing and then I got excited and forgot about the request so here we are XD I hope you enjoy,

Word Count: around 3k

I enjoyed making this. I hope you enjoy reading it <3


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do you hear the people sing?

anonymous asked:

Modern Lucina outfit? I can't remember Kozaki drawing that, do you have a link? I'd like to see it (and I love Lucy).

ok, what i was referring to was this art of her from the official fire emblem staff book, but I don’t think kozaki actually drew it, i was mistaken about that. The full scan of the book can be found here 

“Don’t worry Oikawa, it’s just dog adolescence.”

Sorry dear Anon ( and @etstrubal​ for you too ofc :D), but did you really think that “IwaKyou” is going to get a serious answer from me? XD ……Didn’t think so.
Here have some Kyoutani rebelling against the team-mom.


Color Palette Meme

Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan

Begin!AU - Reflection Series : Snowdrop

// o2.18 Happy Birthday J-Hope!


panic! at the disco lyrics + dance


character aesthetics ↣ persephone, goddess of spring, queen of the underworld

She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.

requested by @iichika ; want one?

“Frisk finally smiled at Chara like once. Chara cried.”

Fanart for @soleilos​ / @askhopesanddreams. I know you’re not active on the blog anymore, but I needed to express how much I love your interpretation of Frisk and Chara (both before and after the new headcanons), how much I enjoy your blog, your storytelling, and goodness, your art. It’s just so clean and cute and just–

So, fanart! Dunno how exactly that particular scene went down, but here’s my interpretation of it. I just found it adorable, okay?

defenders of the universe