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Obviously you must draw the Kitten Witches getting ready for Fall or doing general witchy things xD But I would also love to see more works featuring Koh because I just think she's so elegant! And her little tanuki friends are so fluffy and cute ♡

I hope this still counts! When I hear “fall” I automatically think Halloween, I guess. Thanks for the request!

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Hihi can i request for mingyu's reaction to their gf(you) getting upset from not being able to eat the pudding she bought yesterday cuz someone ate it already. {mingyu ate it!} Thank you!!!

Omg this request is super cute! I hope you enjoy! And sorry for the delay in the post, I made it much longer than expected! Again, I hope you like it!  

Word Count: 762

Genre: Fluff! 

The bus finally arrived to your stop. You smile at the bus driver and scan your bus card. You walked all the way to the back of the bus, and plopped yourself at the window seat. You sighed and leaned your head onto the window, closing your eyes for a bit and placed your headphones into your ears.

It’s Friday afternoon, aka the day that you have been waiting for. This week was packed with many events and then meetings with co-workers after work too. Don’t get me wrong, you didn’t hate working at one of the most popular radio stations in Korea, it’s mostly the other way around. This week was quite eventful, it just that it was so exhausting due to lack of sleep you had and food as well.

But all of that didn’t matter now. Well… all expect the sleep and food. You were super excited to eat some chocolate pudding once you get home while catching up with some kdramas. Everyday this past week, you have been rewarding yourself with some chocolate pudding. You had one left and it clearly had your name on it tonight.

Your phone vibrated. You sigh once more and opened your eyes, slightly disappointed that you had to move.

Hey, I’m at your place and brought in the groceries you wanted! Oh, I also brought in ddukbokgi for us to eat together! Are you almost home?

You felt your mouth salivate hearing about more food.  Also, you were definitely excited to see Mingyu, since you haven’t seen him for a whole week.

I’ll be home in about 15 minutes. You replied back.

ㅋㅋㅋ Mingyu sent back.

Sorry Gyu, I’ll be home soon :) 

Once the bus stopped in front of your complex, you got off and walked to the entrance. You waved hello to the manger and walked up to your dorm. You got your keys out to open the door. You pushed it opened and said, “Mingyu, I’m -” You were cut off by Mingyu lifting you in the air to give you a massive hug.

You giggled, “I missed you too, Gyu.”

Mingyu kissed you on the cheek and placed you back down. You look back at Mingyu with a big smile and realize there was a smudge on his face. You squint a little to see what it is.

“I know I’m handsome, but it’s not nice to stare.” He teased.

You brush the smudge off with your finger and inspect it. It looks like your chocolate pudding. You heart drop a little and a frown began to form on your face.  

Mingyu rubbed the cheek that had pudding on and looked back at you.

“”Did you eat my last pudding?” You asked softly.

“Oh, yeah, I ate that as a snack while I was waiting for you,” He said simply while walking over to the kitchen.

You followed him, “Mingyu, I can’t believe you ate it!” you whined.

“It’s just pudding,” he said while setting up the table for the two of you.

“IT was the last one! And I was so excited to eat it today!” You said, while licking the pudding off your finger. The creamy texture was so good, but only lasted for a second. You let out a long sigh.

“I didn’t know –” Mingyu stopped what he was doing and looked back at you, “You were more excited to eat pudding than see me?”

“Kinda, just a little, maybe?” You stumbled on your words.

 “So you didn’t miss my hugs, my smile, our late night binge watching of dramas,” he said as he started walking up to you.

“That’s not what I mean, I just wanted the pudding, and now I don’t have any,” you said. Mingyu and you were now face to face. 

“Well I guess you didn’t miss these either,” Mingyu said softly and he kissed you right on the lips.

You stepped back from Mingyu and frowned, “Even your lips taste like pudding.”

Mingyu laughed and kissed the side of your cheek, “If you’re that upset, I’ll buy you some tomorrow.” 

“How about tonight?” you said, pulling onto his sleeve.

“Fine, as long as you stop giving pudding more love than me,” as he gave you the pouty face.

“I’ll try,” you said, “but it might be hard. I’ll try just for you though.” You beamed up at Mingyu.

 Mingyu kissed you again on your cheek.

“Stop spreading the evidence on me,” you said, and stuck out your tongue.  

Again, I hope you like it! Send in more requests please!

- Admin Lil Coups

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Send me a ▲ for an unpopular opinion

{ I feel like the Greek Mythology fandom most often mischaracterizes Persephone, Demeter, and Hera. In that order.

Persephone isn’t a naive, sweet girl made of sunshine and smiles and lightness and comfort after death. That girl is Kore, the goddess Persephone used to be. Persephone is the dread queen. I’m all for re-interpretation of characters and such but I get so tired of perpetually 16-18 Persephone, sweet and usually blonde and white as snow. It’s so common it’s got to be a misconception and a mischaracterization, not a re-interpretation.

Demeter isn’t an army-grade helicopter mom. She isn’t some bitter, cold, angry mother who locked her daughter away out of spite and wouldn’t trust her. That’s an awful thing to say about somebody’s mother and I hope whoever you count as your mother never hears you saying that. Demeter tried to do right by her very young and innocent daughter and ultimately failed, and she grieved that loss and moved on.

Hera is a jealous bitch. Let’s get that out of the way right now. That’s not the issue in her mischaracterization.
The issue is forgetting that she is a queen and a mother and a woman as well, although she is a formidable queen, a cold mother, and an angry woman. She is proud; she is strong; she has suffered worse arrows than yours. She is not forgiving, and she is not always kind, and she does not forget, but she has weathered so much more than you give her credit for–and when you soften her up and make her repent, or when you harden her and forget her wisdom and her true strengths, you do her a disservice.

Stop shitting on women of myth, you guys, and do some damn homework. }


AOS ALPHABET D is for Dramatically Jumping out of Planes
 Your first jump?  Second. First was with Coulson and Lola. It’s a car. It flies. 
…yeah this is my first.

Late Night Meetings

Another Klance fic! this one was written at two in the morning, but worry not - I edited it at two in the afternoon. This one has some Galra!Keith cuz my heart needs it, cuddles cuz why not, and Forehead kiss cuz it’s the exact meaning of comfort. 

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff, Angst - comfort

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 2874

Summary: Lance doesn’t really know how it began, but he knows that he is now paying a visit to Keith’s room every night. He constantly feels as though these events will end. But the one night when Keith’s door is locked, there is something wrong. Something is very wrong. And Lance needs to find out. (Galra!Keith. Cuddles. Forehead Kiss. Bonding Moment.)

Lance isn’t quite sure when it began happening. It has become somewhat of a habit of his now. Nearly every night - if not all - He leaves his room, shrouded in the darkness of the vast stretch of endless space; During what has been presumed to be day time, The lights of the ship are on and providing energy. But at night, they are not, and blackness cloaks all.

All Lance had to do was find a way to light his path. He found a device from the ship, likely from the control or maintenance room. Lance snuck there weeks ago. from then on, he used it to lurk from his room to other parts of the ship.

Lance sighs and glances out every glass window on his way, a wistful smile on his lips as he gazes at the millions - infinite, perhaps - stars. He was always fascinated by them back on earth, seeing them as magnificent gems littering the darkness beyond human reach.

Now, however, they are much different to him. They no longer hold mysteries. They hold nightmares - they remind Lance of his longing for the planet in which he lived for such long time - where he grew.

Shaking his head, Lance rid himself from the pain. He glances up and sees his destination before him - Keith’s door.

He debates with himself for a moment with this is truly the best option, and shrugs as he sees nothing wrong. Sure, it is far beyond the ordinary, but not wrong. It is alright to want what Lance yearns.

Swallowing and suppressing the flutter of nervousness in his stomach - a feeling he experiences, although weaker with each passing day, every time he pays one of his late night visits - Lance raises his knuckles to the metal door and knocks.

A few moments of silence greet him coldly, but Lance is not put off. Keith can easily be taking his time. Or perhaps he’s fallen asleep. The latter thought has Lance signing in rejection. He knows how Keith is normally distant from others. And he’s known since this began that it would come to an end.

A moment before he fully turns, ready to return to his room and mourn his home planet in loneliness, however, A sound catches his attention. Lance stops at once.  He blinks as he turns back towards the door.

“…Keith?” He asks tentatively, and when no answer comes he assumes it was his imagination.

Once again, the sound reaches his ears. This time, Lance stops. He tilts his head to the side, now aware he hasn’t imagined it. Slowly, he attempts to talk to his friend again.

“Keith?” He asks, voice stronger than last time.

He receives no answer again. Lance groans.

“Seriously, Keith,“ Lance says to the door, knowing his voice is easily reaching his friend. “What’s up with you? I guessed you wouldn’t want to do this anymore at some point, but I didn’t know this is how you’d go about it. Geez.”

Then a reply comes, and Lance is frozen in place.

“…Leave me alone, Lance.”

He sounds broken. That’s the first thing that dawns on Lance.

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Hi guys!I’ve been debating for a few months now if I should open a redbubble or I should make my own prints,and I finally decided on this,cause printing and specially shipping them myself would be really expensive for something bigger than an A3 ;;w;; I’ve uploaded a few doodles and finished drawings as well as some old art uvu if you want an specific picture just tell me and I’ll add it

You can check it HERE

I also opened my storenvy again OwO I’ll ship the Bokuhero charms next week,sorry for the delay OTL I forgot the printer I usually go to was closed ;;w;;

Thanks for reading guys

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I JUST FOUND THIS ACCOUNT AND MY GOD I'VE BEEN SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR ART!!! Such talented hands, such talented hands... Thank you for all the odagide and soukoku art! If it's not too much to ask, can you draw some fluffy soukoku..

he got aces up his sleeves 


The Dark Horizon AU. The Caribbean, 1715: Royal Navy Lieutenant Killian Jones and his brother, Captain Liam Jones, have just arrived to help pacify the notorious “pirate’s republic” of New Providence. But they have dangerous allies, deadly enemies, and no idea what they’re getting into when they agree to hunt the pirate ship Blackbird and the mysterious Captain Swan. (OUAT/Black Sails.) 

I loved her. He didn’t want to reach the conclusion, but it was the only one. It was right there in bloody front of me, and I missed it. Not in its fullest sense, given how brief and complicated their acquaintance had been, not enough time to grow and blossom, but nothing else possibly fit. It wasn’t liking her; he had liked people before. He knew what that felt like. It wasn’t admiring her, because he likewise had admired people before. Even if it turned out to be a lie. It wasn’t even lusting after her, because if lust was all it was, he would have taken what she offered the first time she offered it, and not even cared if she went on her way after. As difficult and as painful and as irrational as it seemed, the only word that described its complexities and its depths and its contradictions, its utter, world-changing grip on him, was that. Love. And I lost her.

Happy birthday @qqueenofhades  I don’t think I can describe you as a ray of sunshine per se, but you’ve certainly have made my life brighter! Thank you for all the messages, the fics, the flail and the overall kindness you’ve brought into my life. I wish you the best day for today :)

Strange Magic FanFic – “Flame and Forest, Damsels and Dragons”

There is a finer line then one thinks between Princess and Predator, Dragons and Damsels… 

For Strange Magic Week Day 4: Dark Fantasy AU! 

I had so much fun with this one, guys, I can’t even try to deny it. I’ve been wanting to write a story like this for so long…!

Just want to say that I envisioned Human!Bog here, but in reading it, it could easily be his Canon form too. So, whichever one your mind wants, it works =) 

As always, hope you enjoy!

“The Dire One of the Dark Forest? I was expecting…more of a title.”

The sorcerer planted his staff into the scorched soil of the Dark Forest, more bestial in that moment then the creature before him with the snarl he gave. “If you come to kill me to claim any crown, you’ve been sorely misinformed. There are curse casters like me throughout the Forest—”

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It’s in my blood - Joker X Harley X Reader imagine

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Heya can u do a oneshot where your just join the sucidde squad but join a cell with Harley but when joker comes to free her he sees you talking to yourself and Harley’s tells joker to save you . But little did he know he helped the most best theif on earth” asked by anon. 

A/N: Yes of course, i’m sorry if it’s not brilliant, but i had a whole lot of homework to do, so i wrote this really quickly. But hope you enjoy!

Word count: 1279


“And for the final and last person I want in this squad we have, (y/n), she’s fearless, crazy and tuff as hell. 12 brand new cars were stolen in under 32 hours, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Hummer, Jeep and for the final Audi.” Amanda Waller said introducing your background story. “And what exactly is she?” the man asked Amanda, not totally understanding why you were getting in the squad. “Simply the best thief the whole world has ever seen” Amanda said taking a sip of her red wine, and smirking at the man. “But why would we need a thief in this squad?” the other man said confused. “Because, if it gets down to the point where we need certain kind of information, we need someone who’s fast and quick on their toes, and doing their job so well that you wouldn’t even recognize that whatever they took is missing. That’s what we need (y/n) for.” Amanda said leaning back in the chair, proud of this group of criminals she selected. “So how did she get caught?” the first man said looking at Amanda waiting for the answer. “As I told you before boys, everybody has something in their life that means the world to them, for (y/n) it was her partner in crime, also known as the Harley Quinn I just introduced you to before” Amanda said leaning forward on the dinner table. “Wait, so (y/n) and Harley know each other?” the other man said surprised. “Indeed, so when we told (y/n) that we had Harley, she gave up. She loves Harley as her own sister, but they don’t tell people that they know each other, so that no one could use them against each other, just as we did” Amanda smiled at the men. “But if no one knows about them, how did you?” the first man asked again. “We know everything, every single thing” Amanda said leaning back once more, and crossing her arms over the chest. “Okay then, I will talk to the boss, and we’ll see if he agrees on this” the first man said, getting up from the chair along with the other man, and walked out.

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