hedyweddy: I’m trying to think of something to say but I can’t really think of anything. I’m scared I’m suppressing all of my emotions because I haven’t cried yet and I don’t feel like I’m going to. I feel like I’m a ghost and I’m just drifting through the empty shell of a home with echoes and creaks. No more laughter or family or tufty meowing to be let outside, or me putting on my Violet helmet and climbing onto my bike, to open the front door and pedal down to the park and fight over who goes on the swing. No more house, no more home. This is the end of a chapter that I’m only just recalling now. There’s so many things running through my head, and I could never explain it fully in words, and I could never get anyone else to feel the specific feeling that I’m experiencing right now. It stopped being a home a long time ago, and it just became a house. I just have to cut the last string in order to fall into a completely new chapter.
Goodbye past
You’ve been fun

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Hello! I love your naruto college au/ school au you've done so far with the founders trio and I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble but how do you think they'd meet their s/o in that au? In class, at a party, etc?? Aaah thank you!!

YESSSSS I love this. I’m gonna combine if that’s okay? I hope these are alright


•He can definitely be attracted to someone he’s met once or twice at a party, or through a mutual friend, but he’s more likely to gain feelings for someone he knows and is familiar with. Probably a long time friend or acquaintance

•He’s very much the type who needs that transition from friend to s/o in order to feel comfortable and certain about the relationship. That way he knows a lot about them already

•I can just imagine Hashirama having them in at least one class, and that’s how they start talking (if they aren’t friends already). Hashirama just likes talking to people, even if it’s his crush. He’s not hesitant at all, very outgoing. So there’s no meandering around them or hiding his feelings. He’s pretty open about it

•Honestly, it’ll probably look like they’re dating before they even are. Literally the “when are you two going to make it official just do it already” couple. Mostly a result of Hashirama’s over-enthusiasm

•He constantly walks/drives them home. Pays for their food if they ever eat together (it literally becomes habit, like they’d learn not to even pull out money because they already know Hashirama won’t let them pay). Puts any other plans aside if he wants to make room for them. Calls and texts them on the daily (cute goodnight and goodmorning texts ofc). Really just spends as much time with them as possible. Like, it’s sooo obvious

•He’ll even post pics of them together all over social media with cute comments, comments that are practically meant for couples. Like wow Hashirama, not subtle at all

•And Hashirama’s not ashamed. Everyone knows about his crush, he doesn’t deny it if he’s ever asked. He figures it’s much easier and much less stressful that way

•It’ll just be a gradual thing, really where they both know they like each other. It doesn’t really matter who does it, but it’ll be one of those “so…. we’re a thing, right?” moments that one of them bring up at random. If his s/o is the one who asks, Hashirama gives a very eager “Uhhh yes! If you want us to be!” with a big, enthusiastic grin on his face


•It’s gradual for Tobirama when he’s gaining feelings for someone, so it’s not likely to occur if he saw them fleetingly at a party or other event. He’d have to see them frequently until they grew on him

•He probably met his s/o in a class they had together, or in the library, since he spends a lot of time there. Or they could just be part of his circle of friends. Regardless, it’ll be in a setting where he has the opportunity to speak with them, but he chooses not to. He doesn’t know how to approach them. He’ll try to avoid them, because he knows he’s gonna get all anxious

•He was probably paired with his crush for a partner assignment once and it was awful. Tobirama maintained his cold facade, might have even been a little too cold, but internally he was like shit can class just end now

•At some point, they’d probably notice him staring for too long, and too often. Tobirama thinks he’s slick but sometimes he messes up and doesn’t glance away fast enough

•He’d likely never directly confess his feelings. But at some point, the more they talk and hang out, it becomes obvious. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste the time of day on them. He’s so unapproachable and stiff that you’d notice when he strayed from that normal behavior. So the s/o will just kinda know that Tobirama likes them. And it turns into a little relationship without him ever really asking them out. A little kiss or holding hands for the first time might serve as enough confirmation for Tobirama

•ALSO LISTEN imagine Tobirama volunteering as a pool life guard during the summer bc why not he likes water right. Maybe he frequently sees his future s/o, and he obviously gets all flustered when he’s on duty and they show up (looking nice in their swimsuit and what not). Like awww can you imagine flirting with life guard Tobirama. So cute. Go to the deep end and pretend you can’t swim so he has to come save you and give you mouth to mouth. Just do it 

•Another possibility, and highly probable, is that Tobirama met his s/o through Hashirama. The second Tobirama shows even the smallest bit of interest in his crush, Hashirama is likely to notice. Unfortunately for Tobirama, his big bro is very perceptive about those sort of things. In which case, Hashirama will frequently encourage Tobirama to just make a move. Or go the “I’ll talk to them for you if you want, Tobirama” route. And Tobirama fiercely denies it every time

•It’s literally only when Tobirama finally invites his s/o over for dinner at the Senju house that it becomes official and he can’t deny it anymore, and Hashirama’s like “HAAAAAA I KNEW IT”


•I can definitely see Madara meeting his s/o at a party. Now while he is the type who gains interest at first sight, he won’t always act out on those feelings. Maybe if he was a little pumped up with alcohol he’d approach them, or if he was simply in a particularly saucy and audacious mood. Otherwise, he might back off and wait till he saw them again to do anything about it

•He’d be on the look out too, purposely scanning the hallways at school or subtly exploring more of campus to see if he found them

•Maybe he saw them at that same party again (and he definitely goes again, on the same day of the week, at the same time, just to run into them) and he’ll try to make it obvious that he’s interested. Whether that’s offering them a drink or just staring at them in a not so inconspicuous way. And it’s difficult not to notice those piercing dark eyes across the room. So spicy 

•He could also start gaining feelings for a long time friend. It’s easier, since he’s known them for a while and he can forgo on the whole “getting to know you” process. Not that the getting to know you phase isn’t exciting at times, but he’s rather impatient

•Be warned: his feelings grow rather quickly if he starts liking someone, but with consequences. He’ll continue to harbor feelings for them even if he hears that they’re already in a relationship, or that they like someone else. Madara doesn’t give a shit he will homewreck given the opportunity. No mercy. Savage

•Which just becomes a load of unnecessary drama. Always expect some drama to accompany Madara’s feelings for someone. That’s just how Madara is. He’s very reluctant to back off when he’s latched onto his feelings

•Hashirama could also prove to be a matchmaker for Madara. Madara’s better at hiding his feelings, but Hashirama might find out eventually. And if Madara’s not making a move (he sometimes just sits back and plots ways to approach his crush) Hashirama tries to help him out because even Hashirama gets impatient

at last

In response to this gorgeous art and some headcanons by @theysangastheyslew . I hope you like this, Elena! <3 This is sort of also a “real” version or sequel to my piece for Thursday of Royai Week 2016, which can be found here 

at last
my love has come along
my lonely days are over
and life is like a song

This is perfect, Riza thinks. She is wonderfully ensconced in Roy’s arms, and the band is playing something slow and jazzy. The light of the most wonderful day of her life slowly fades beyond the horizon, and throws the courtyard into a soft shadow. The sun sparkles against the champagne glasses, and gives the white roses a fiery glow. All of their guests have respectfully given them space for their first dance together, and for that, Riza is extremely grateful. In this moment, it’s just her and Roy, holding on to one another, swaying back and forth in time to the music.

Safely wrapped up in Roy’s embrace, she rests her forehead against his. Roy’s hands on her waist are comforting and protective, and every now and again he runs his thumbs up against her sides. Her arms rest against his shoulders, and her hands clasp behind his neck, and she takes a moment to run her fingers through his soft, slicked back hair. Riza didn’t know what she would have given to be able to behave like this all the time through all the years. Back then they’d had to resort to stolen kisses in quiet corners of the office and gentle, fleeting caresses when no one was looking. There had been so many instances where they’d considered breaking things off with one another because of some extremely close calls, but in the end, the bond they shared had conquered all. After all they had been through, Riza was certain that nothing would be able to tear them apart.

As the minutes melt away, other couples join them on the dance floor, but Riza and Roy have eyes for only each other. One slow dance turns into two, then three, and eventually they stop counting. The warmth that has finally fully blossomed in Riza’s chest glows with an intensity brighter than Roy’s flames. Riza doesn’t know if she believes in God, but she knows that she and Roy crossed paths for a reason stronger than any coincidence. A feeling of glorious sacredness descends gradually upon them both, and Riza revels in the feeling.

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[ someone different ? ]

“Blue hair? Well, that’s somethin’ you don’t see everyday.”

The chujin couldn’t keep his mouth shut when the stranger walked past him, aimlessly trying to read them. Someone just passing by, someone that he, for some reason, was unable to read. In the back of his mind, it felt fishy. Something didn’t seem right.

“Oh, sorry. That came outta nowhere.” A small nod came as an apology to the stranger. “But ah, it looks cool!”

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aqours positivity because we all need a little love and support from our favorite idols

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!!! 21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” with strangers please @ soymilk

The young man at the bar was crying. Not loudly, he made hardly a peep beyond a few sniffles, but Mikleo could see the glimmer of tears tracks on his cheeks. No one looked at the youth (perhaps twenty at the oldest) besides Mikleo.

But Mikleo saw him, and his heart ached.

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you’ve got a friend in.... someone I’m sure.

((OOC: RP starter for @ask-the-great-papyrus! Prompt: Papyrus in-game said that he’s never made a friend, right? Well, how did his previous attempts at making one go? (spoiler: not very good probably). Pre-Pacifist run timeline here ))

“…well i mean how’s he not going to make friends with the Temmies? those little hellions love everybody,” He mused to himself, lounging lazily on the couch of their shared house. He glanced at the front door expectantly and tapped a bony finger on the arm arm of the sofa. It was needless to say that he was… rather concerned for his brother’s lack of friends, save Undyne to an extent as well as the echo flowers. Due to this, he’d suggested Papyrus go out to the Temmie village in waterfall.

And it was taking him a while to come back.

 And yes, he was getting concerned.

“…then again maybe he wouldn’t want to be friends with them in the first place. i know i wouldn’t be. or maybe he’s already made friends with them, just…taking his time coming back.” He just hoped the bonehead hadn’t upset them somehow. They seemed placid on the surface, but when they didn’t get what they want they’d come for dust.

“come on sans, he’s fine,” he quietly reassured himself, giving a weak chuckle.
“give him some credit, he’s just fine.”