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Lemme dump some ARMS Headcanons before Nintendo ruins them with their actual canon~

(it’s kind of a fustercluck, sorry about that, so they’re sectioned off to different characters. Anyway there’s mostly ones for Mechanica, Min Min, Ninjara, Spring Man, Helix, Kid Cobra and a few others here and there)

Mechanica and Min Min:
- Mechanica and Min Min have a very close sibling like relationship.
- In fact Min Min was the first person Mechanica showed her robotic suit to
- She also egged on Min Min to join the ARMS League and make her a similar suit to do so (before Min Min’s ARMS appeared)
- Min Min can speak both Chinese and English. Her English is actually really good because she uses it so much while working at her family’s ramen shop
- Min Min prides herself in naturally being calm, cool and collected. That all quickly went out the window the morning she woke up with ARMS. Lots of confused incoherent screaming happened that day
- Mechanica has been to every one of Ribbon Girl’s concerts, and I mean every one
- Mechanica even knows a decent amount of Chinese thanks to Min Min, and she’s pretty good too!
- Mechanica greatly admires Ribbon Girl, funnily enough, Ribbon Girl really admires her for making her way into the ARMS League with a handbuilt mech suit. Unfortunately… neither have the confidence to approach the other fighter

(rest are under the cut, there’s a lot)

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Match-Up Series: No. 1


And who might you be?

You are a noblewoman hailing from the Oshu province. In your childhood, you’d often felt somewhat helpless to the ongoing wars that the men of your family would be set out to fight for–but since you were never very much the type to let yourself wallow in what you could not do, you simply set out to find a way to make use of yourself. There had been a rather skilled doctor that had served your clan for years, and after much persistence and arguing on your end, he eventually gave in and named you an apprentice. Though he’d only vowed to teach you the basics, you figured that had been all you needed to know–your resourcefulness led to self-study, and you’ve learned better from helping soldiers and villagers alike. You’d hardly call yourself full-fledged in the medical practices, but you are pretty damn good at it, if you do say so yourself. Your handmaiden is a girl by the name of Hana, and she often assists you in the tools of your trade and has a rather extensive knowledge of herbs.

Being more enamored with your studies, you’d never given much thought to your marriage–you’d just accepted that it was inevitable and that you’d have little place to argue when it would be put in place. But you were always a bit more on the optimistic side, weren’t you? Adventure lies in any corner of the world for you.

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Naoto Shirogane - P4Arena Manga + Anthology Vol. 2 [45 coloured icons]

As requested by prestigiouskilljoy! 30 coloured Naoto icons from the Persona 4 Arena manga, with a bonus 15 from the second Arena anthology. No credit is necessary, but a like/reblog if you plan to use any would be appreciated!

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shamingcows  asked:

!!! 21. “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with..” with strangers please @ soymilk

The young man at the bar was crying. Not loudly, he made hardly a peep beyond a few sniffles, but Mikleo could see the glimmer of tears tracks on his cheeks. No one looked at the youth (perhaps twenty at the oldest) besides Mikleo.

But Mikleo saw him, and his heart ached.

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anonymous asked:

It's been a really rough week with pets. A dog went missing and a dog got really hurt in a fight. What do you think Les Amis would do if one of their pets went missing or got hurt really bad?

It happened when Joly was still in the process of moving in with Bossuet and Musichetta. One morning, Joly woke up to discover that Mr Fuzzypants, his pet rabbit, was nowhere to be found. And as it generally happens when Joly is confronted to stressful situation, his mind started reeling and jumping to the worst conclusion possible, which resulted in him shaking and crying, sandwiched between Bossuet and Musichetta.

So, of course, the whole gang gathered and put up posters and looked around for Mr Fuzzypants in the neighbourhood

“He hates me,” Joly kept sobbing. “He hates me because I moved out and he felt disoriented and he wanted to go home! It’s my fault, everything is my fault!”

Until Grantaire brought his kitten over to help Joly with the shaking and overall guilt. And the kitten strayed right up to an abandoned box Joly had already emptied, only to find Mr Fuzzypants sleeping in it

Joly cried some more