Hope Springs Premiere!

Ok, so the Hope Springs premiere was Monday and I was there! I got there at about 5:30 and had to wait until 6:00 to get my official ticket. Then they ushered us into the lobby where we proceeded to wait and look for celebrities. It was incredibly nerve racking. While I was waiting I saw and met Sam Waterston ( Law & Order) and Tracey Ullman ( Meryl’s good friend and a comedian). They were both so amazingly kind. We were then told we all had to take our seats in the theater(’s). We walked in to the theater expecting to be on a balcony and looking down on Meryl, but it turns out they had two completely separate theaters so I wasn’t even going to be able to see Meryl! My heart sank and as I sat waiting for the movie to start i decided I had to desperately go to the bathroom, which would entail going back into the lobby. So i did, i came out of the bathroom and there she was, MERYL STREEP. Just talking with her agent and her daughter Louisa who, I knew was beautiful, but she was strikingly, unbelievably,  gorgeous and she didn’t even have any make up on! So I took a picture, which will be posted momentarily, and I just stood there pretending to make conversation while actually analyzing her every move and breath. Then she started walking towards me with her daughter. As she walked by she looked at me up and down ( maybe determining whether she liked my outfit) and then smiled and nodded. I was amazed, she was so perfect. Then I walked behind her for a while and then decided to go back into my theater. The movie was AMAZING by the way, go see it! ( Sorry this is taking to long) Then after the movie I again went to the bathroom. While waiting in line, her daughter, Louisa, walks out of a stall crying and on the phone. I was immediately concerned. She stood looking in the mirror cleaning herself up while still on the phone as I took my turn to go to the bathroom. I could hear her end of the conversation. “ I know, Kevin told me. Ok, mom, mom I can’t talk right now i’m in the bathroom.” She was talking to Meryl! I then came out of the stall and washed my hands right next to her, occasionally brushing her hip and elbow with mine. 

        Now it was time for the after party, I arrived and the restaurant was amazing, there was an indoor and outdoor space and it was beautifully lit. The food was great and I was on the look out for any celebrities I could find. I walked around noticed Meryl’s “make-up man” Roy Helland and stopped to congratulate him on his Oscar for the Iron Lady, he was impressed and obviously very proud of his accomplishment. I then proceeded to walk around with no notice of Meryl. I did happen to see Clive Davis and David Frankel though. Then I was getting some water by the bar and I turned around to see her daughter again. Then I knew she was there, looking around I spotted a familiar looking man. He looked at me and smiled, then I realized, it was Stanley Tucci. I love Stanley Tucci! I told him how much I loved his acting and he thanked me very kindly, he then excused himself because he had to go to the bathroom. Feeling excited I quickly turn my head and there she was, two feet away from me. Meryl Streep, I stood, again analyzing her reactions and wallowing in the fact I was hearing her glorious laugh in person. Many people came up to her congratulating her for her work in Hope Springs. I thought “I will never be able to talk to her”. Then my aunt ( who was with me) said she was going to try to introduce me. My heart skipped a beat thinking my dream might come true. Then a few minutes later, she was alone, Meryl Streep had no one to talk to. So my aunt said “ Ms. Streep if you just had a moment I would like to introduce you to my niece, Annie, she’s a big fan”. Meryl looked at me and smiled, putting out her hand for me to shake. She said “ So nice to meet you!” And I replied with “ So nice to meet you too!” We were looking into each others faces and then she said “ You’re a beautiful girl” I was amazed and overcome by the fact that my idol had just called me beautiful. I replied with a quiet “Thank You” Then again making eye contact, my eyes started to water and a tear started to roll down my face. She noticed what was happening and said “ Oh sweetie, oh how sweet.” And proceeded to hug me and give me a kiss on the head. I was dying inside, she smelt like the perfect combination of flowers and fruit, her blonde hair in my face, our embrace ended. She looked at me and saw my aunt had her camera out, she then said “ would you like a picture with me?” of course the immediate answer was yes. So we arranged ourselves for the picture and then…. the flash on my aunts camera wasn’t going off. Meryl noticed and said" well I think it will come out good because the red light went off!“ She then made sure you could see us in the picture, she began asking me questions about myself when an important looking woman grabbed her arm and said ” They are ready for you in the VIP room". Looking somewhat disappointed she listened, saying bye to me and walking away. It had happened, I had met my idol. I was amazed and wished the experience could have lasted longer. I saw her a few more times during the night and as she was leaving she walked by me and said good bye again. Later that night I met Steve Carell and Tommy Lee Jones. They are both hilarious but in different ways, Steve is more inventively funny while Tommy just plays with words to create a clever phrase. Then the night was over, not wanting it to end I walk out of the restaurant into a mob of camera flashes. I couldn’t believe it was over, that I had met Meryl or any of those other incredible people. The night couldn’t had been any better! Uhhhhh now I have nothing to look forward to, what will I do with myself.