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for the 400 followers prompts, hybrid fahc weird animal shenanigans? (i love ur writing!!)

((so uh. remember how I said that my prompt fills would be around 1000 words? and no more than 2000? Well this ended up at nearly 3400…. To be fair the reason for that is because this is essentially 6 minifics in one. Also made this OT7 for @somuchspoopyness (i hope u dont mind if i count this as your prompt fill too? if not tell me and i’ll do something separate for yours)))

Geoff (And Ryan):

Geoff grumbles under his breath, crumbling the papers into a ball. Nothing was working. Nothing was fitting together. There were too many holes in the plans, too many things not being timed at the right times. People falling through, plans falling through. Nothing was working.

Geoff was frustrated. Geoff was really fucking frustrated.

And so was Ryan. Forced to help Geoff, he was getting more and more agitated both from the planning and from Geoff’s own frustration.

Geoff tries to pace the room, tries to get rid of the frustrated energy but it wasn’t working. If anything, it was making it worse and he needed a release and he needed it now.

And then Geoff turns to Ryan and Ryan gulps because there’s that look in his eye and Ryan knows exactly where this is going to go.

Geoff lowers his head, points his horns right at Ryan, and surges forward.

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Why do you think Geminis change their mind a lot?


Going to post this one, I hope you don’t mind. Just in case any others were wondering about this.

I think Gemini’s change their mind a lot because they pick up on so much of the environment around them, depending on what stimuli and information is around them. So I think they morph and change to interact with this information. They are light and airy personalities, so in a way, I think it makes it more manageable when their personal shifts to interact with the knowledge and the opinions, rather than trying to encase it all at once. 

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Soooooo I may or may not have shared your fic with my Creative Writing professor bc she had never read fanfic before and yours was the first one that came to mind 😅 hope that's okay. She wants to do a segment on fan fiction now.



So. That’s kind of weird? I mean, ngl, love that mine was the first you thought of (I’m assuming Experimentation?) but I don’t know how I feel about a professor having looked at it?! And now she wants to do a segment????

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It's no question. I just want to say that you're so funny and awesome, I don't know who you are, but I like you. Your art is my favorite thing on Tumblr.

wut even o_o

Well, provided you didn’t send this to the wrong person, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my tortured little heart for this wonderful message. You are double awesome. The feeling that something I drew could bring even the littlest bit of happiness/humor to a complete stranger’s life is like, beyond. Hope you don’t mind my publishing this! Your message is one I’d like to look at again when I need the encouragement to keep on drawing. Thanks again and I hope you have the most amazing day.

Does anybody else have this ONE fic that they always end up rereading? Like no matter how many other fics you read, there’s THE fic. The default fic; the home fic.


Parallels between Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark (requested by ablueflowergrew)


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phantomrose96, you want symbolism for this gif? Cuz let’s just focus on that picture shattering for right now.

The kids’ trust in their Grunkle Stan just literally broke apart. But not only that, so did their innocence. The glass protected them from the outside world, just as Stan tried to protect them by keeping this secret. They would’ve been safer had they never found out, but they have, and all that protection goes away.

The happy moments in the twins’ summer have shattered. Not only did a wedge come between them and Stan, but Mabel betrayed Dipper here, and the happy sibling relationship they have just cracked for the first time, like the picture. Also, notice how the twins are floating in opposite directions. It makes for a nice artistic effect, but they are also literally drifting apart. The picture is moving in Dipper’s direction, but Mabel is leading the way, and it’s spinning, so make of that what you will.

But the shattering is also framed as a good thing, at least by comparison to the alternate scenario (proof that Stan was right?). Notice how the glass flies inexplicably outwards. It doesn’t leave any shards in the frame, it doesn’t damage the photograph, even though the picture is likely made of paper and the force is obviously from the side, not directly behind as would cause that kind of impact. Despite the emotional trauma there is no blood on either of the twins, and we all know GF isn’t afraid to show when characters are injured: the twins are physically alright. 

The photo is more colorful, more free once the glass has broken away. While the main plot of this show may have once been Stan working while the twins solve their own mysteries, they’re aware, and they’re players now. Whatever happens next, the twins have lost that childhood protection and are going to start showing their own agency.

For better or for worse.