Cuddling with Logan would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Haven’t seem the movie yet but hopefully soon :3 Yay Logan!!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him acting like he’s reluctant about it, only to not be able to resist hugging you back as you’re usually the one to start it

-Him pulling you in a way to make you rest your head against his chest and keeping you tightly snugged against him

-Him feeling so relaxed, that his powers are properly controlled as he wouldn’t ever feel himself threatened while in your arms

-Him enjoying to listen to you talk to him about your day, making him slowly opening himself more and more to you

-Him nuzzling to your hair as he kisses the top of your head, to make you understand that he loves you

-Him laughing to feel you wrap your leg over him and deciding to be playful, doing the same to you but tightening his grip over yours

-Him intertwining his fingers with yours whenever he’d reach to hold your hand for a moment just to kiss them

-Him keeping the blanket up to keep you warm as he wouldn’t want you to get sick

-Him pretending to hate it when you would turn your back at him just to grind yourself against him but actually liking to have a reason to “punish” you, making you laugh

-Him stroking your cheek as you fell asleep in his arms and saying a few loving things to you before kissing you and going to sleep himself

Making out with Logan would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Logan :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him getting possessive of you and smirking as you’d look him in the eyes before grabbing your cheek and the back of your neck and pressing his lips to yours

-Him getting rough, making you out of breath and having to hang onto him and gripping his hair

-Him loving to tease you by nipping and biting at your lips, only to make you beg for more and for him to stop teasing you so much

-Him pressing kisses along your neck, only to bury his face for a while before kissing down your chest

-Him gripping your body tightly to him as he doesn’t want you to break away from him at any point, making you want to grind up against him

-Him pulling back just to press his forehead against yours and start to tease you about being needy for him, making you laugh

-Him planting light kisses over your exposed shoulders as he wants to make you feel how much he loves you, only to end up leaving bite marks as well

-Him making you sit on his lap and straddle him as he feels up your hips and thighs, before guiding you to grind on him

-Him and you usually ending up with ripped open shirt as you both just can’t handle not feeling each others skin

-Him just brushing your cheek and telling you how pretty you look with all the hickeys over your neck

Fuck You Logan, Fuck You

Warning: cussing, SMUT, orgasm denial, UNPROTECTED SMUT (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT), Daddy kink and handcuffs, if i forgot something let me know

Pairing: Logan Howlett/Wolverine x reader, Remy LeBeau, Bobby, Rogue, Charles Xavier

A/n:This took me what feels like forever to write. It seems I can never do a fic with Logan without Remy in it. This is the longest smut I’ve written (4428 words, HOLY SHIT) and I really hope I did Logan justice. Plus thank you to @a-lonely-string for the inspiration for this since we were talking about him over the past few days and @petlaufeyson for recommending another song to add to my smut writing play list, IT REALLY HELPED. If you’re not a Logan girl, after this you may be one. Sorry not sorry. If anyone has anything negative about this, COME TO ME or FUCK OFF! I didn’t edit this because I tend to do it while I write.

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Part 1 Part 2

               “Fuck you Logan. FUCK YOU.” You stormed off towards your room in the mansion. You lived in the mansion longer than Logan did and you sure as hell lived just as long as he has. You both were pretty much immortal but lately he didn’t think so. At the moment you hated him, you hated him because you were trying to do your job. A job that you do pretty damn well, might you add, but still. He tried to prevent you from saving a group of young mutants before the government tried to kill them. “Fucking Logan. God, he pisses me the fuck off.”

               “I haven’t heard such a beautiful woman talk like that, Cherie.” Remy stood at your door looking in at you as you stood there in your uniform pants and your black lace bra.

               “What the fuck do you want, Rem. Can I try to relax before you start trying to flirt with me?” You looked at him. You were pissed and he could see it.

               “What did he do this time?” He tried to step closer but all you did was growled at him, making him stop almost all movement. “Okay, okay.” He held up his hands in surrender. “He must have done something stupid to turn such a kitten into a lion.” He was still going to try to flirt with you. Knowing what your abilities were. Super human strength, shift into a feline (ranging from cat to lion), healing like Logan, and everything that comes with being a feline.

               “Really Rem. I swear he thinks that just because I’m a few years younger means I’m fucking fragile or something. We both are mutants, right?” You look up at him as you walked over to your dresser. Remy nodded his head as his answer. “Why can’t he see that I’m a big girl and don’t need daddy fucking me over every fucking chance he gets.”

               “The two of you should just sleep together and get it over with.” He smirked at you as you pulled a clean pair of panties and a huge shirt from your dresser. Tossing them on your bed.

               “You know what Rem, fuck off. Better yet, go the hell away so I can try to relax.” Remy shook his head and turned from your room and walked down the hall, probably to go flirt with one of the other teachers or bug Logan. You didn’t care, you just wanted to relax.

               You walked into your bathroom and opted to run a bath instead of a shower. Dealing with a man that healed just as quickly as you and a temper of a five year who had their candy taken from them, you needed a bath. You added some bath oils to the water that you knew would help with your muscles and your stress levels. The smells of lavender, blueberry and a hint of sugar cookie (a slight weakness of yours) filled the room. You stripped the rest of the way down, tossing the rest of your uniform into your room landing somewhere with a thud. Not that you cared at the moment.

               You slipped into the relaxing hot water and leaned your head against the back of the tub. You relished in the heat sinking into your muscles and the scents that filled the room helped you start to relax. You had managed to let your eyes drift shut as you laid there, calming and finally relaxing.


*Logan’s POV*


               “Fuck you Logan. FUCK YOU.” (Y/n) stormed off, her ass looked amazing as she did. ‘God, get a grip with yourself Logan. She now hates you.’ I walked into Charles’ office.

               “She doesn’t hate you, Logan. She’s just pissed, give her some time then go talk to her.” He didn’t even look up from the papers on his desk. “If you stopped treating her the way you do. You two would be the perfect team again.”

               “How I treat her. She almost got killed.”

               “Do you honestly think that will happen, Logan?”

               What the fuck was he talking… Fuck she has pretty much the same mutation as I do. I’ve been a dick for no damn fucking reason.

               “I take it you realized something.” He looked up at me and smiled. “Like I said, give some time to cool off and then go talk to her.” I nodded my head and walked away.

               I walked up to my room, closing the door behind me I stripped off my uniform and pulled on something comfortable. I walked down to the kitchen, food sounded great at the moment. Gambit was sitting at the table with looked like his cards.

               “What the hell did you do to our little kitten that she would nearly scratch me?” He kept messing with his cards as I dug through the fridge. “The two of you should really fuck and get it over with. The sexual tension between you and Cherie is driving most of us insane.” I placed some food on the counter and looked at him. “Don’t look at me like that, Logan. You know damn well what I’m talking about.”

               “We had to rescue a few groups of kids and she tried to throw herself in front a small group of kids but I pulled her back and I took most of the blast, which apparently pissed her off. I totally forgot her mutation is like mine.” My gaze dropped to the food in front of me.

               “Now that somewhat explains why she was pissed. From the sound of it, you tend to do that a lot.”

               “What do you mean from the sound of it? What the hell did she say?” I looked up at him, getting pissed again.

               He got up from his seat and walked towards the door. “She said something like she’s a big girl and not needing daddy fucking her over ever chance or something like that. I couldn’t pay much attention, she was standing there in half her uniform and a black lace bra.” I don’t know why but thinking of her calling me daddy was a bit of a turn on. Thank god for the counter in front of me.

               Before I could say anything, he was out the damn door. God, she was going to be the death of me but first I need to see what (Y/n) meant when she called me daddy. I could feel the smirk on my face. I sat down and ate my food, giving her some time to cool off.


*Normal POV*


               You felt better now that you were able to relax. The water had cooled off to the point it was getting cold. You sat up and got out of the tub then quickly dried off. You loved that the bath relieved your stress but you knew it would never fix the problem know as Logan. Thinking of him right now caused a headache that you didn’t need or want. You stepped out of your bathroom and low and behold, guess who’s sitting on your bed. Logan. You groaned at the sight of him leaning against the back of the door. His big muscular arm crossed over his broad chest as he just stood there with his eyes now trained on you since you opened your bathroom door.

               “UGH, what the fuck are you doing in my room?” You didn’t pay notice that he was now looking you over. “Did you come to fuck up my night as well, Logan?” He smirked at you. ‘Why the hell was he smirking?’

               “I came to apologize for earlier.” You looked up at him with shock.

               “Wow the infamous Wolverine wants to apologize.” You rolled your eyes at him as you walked over to your bed, his eyes followed your ass as you walked. You could feel him staring at you. What you weren’t expecting was that he stood up straight and walked over to you. You were facing your bed when you felt his hands on your hips.

               “Yes, sweetheart, I’m trying to apologize. I admit I don’t do it often.”

               “But?” You had a bit of sarcasm in your voice and he clearly heard it.

               “There is no buts the only but I want is yours.” You turned around and looked into his eye. You almost couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Remy told me what you said earlier.” What did Rem tell him? He leaned in and placed his soft lips to your shoulder. “The only fucking over Daddy’s going to do is fucking you over and over tonight.” Your breath hitched in the back of your throat as your mind was piecing together what was happening. Of course you’ve thought of riding this man like the beast he is or how amazing it would feel to have him coming at you from behind. You bit your lip in hopes to hold back a moan.

               You let your hands travel up his arms until they reached his shoulders. Your fingers started playing with the hair at the base of his neck as you felt his teeth against your neck. You moaned as he bit down harder. You instantly ripped off his shirt, gaining a growl from deep in his chest. His hands traveled down to the backs of your thighs. He mumbled jump against your neck and you jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. You instantly felt how hard he was and ground down on him causing you both to moan. One of his hands slid up to your ass and gave it a rough squeeze, pulling a loud moan from your lips as your head fell back. He laid you down on your bed then stepping away from you. He walked over to your night stand and opened the top drawer, he was somewhat shocked to see a pair of handcuffs in there but he knew you well enough that you had a few kinks up your sleeve.

               “Logan.” He looked down at you with a half-smile.

               “Nah uh, you get to call me daddy baby girl.” You had to rub your thighs together, the way he sounded when he spoke made you wet. He reached down and grabbed your hands, raising them above your head and cuffing them to your head board. To say you were shocked would have been a lie, you were more turned on more than anything.

               “So, daddy, how long have you thought of doing this?” You tried to keep your voice seductive especially with the word daddy. You saw him twitch under his sweat pants. You couldn’t help but lick your lips at the sight before you.

               “You have no idea baby girl.” He smirked down at you as he walked to the end of your bed. He stood there for a moment, admiring how you were laid out for him on your bed. You looked up at him, admiring his hard chiseled chest. You bit your lip as seductively as possible in hopes he would do something. He gave you a slight smirk before he dropped his sweats and crawled half way up the bed. You felt his breath on your legs as he crawled up. You thought you knew what he was going to do but it didn’t happen. He peppered kisses along the tops of your thighs and from time to time he would bite down on your soft flesh, pulling soft moans from you. At times you thought he would bite hard enough to draw blood, not that you were complaining. His hands slowly worked their way up your thighs, slowly pushing them open so he could see every inch of you. Logan let out an animalistic growl once you were completely open to him.

               He let himself be taken over by animal instincts and dove into you. His tongue made contact with your clit, making you moan loudly and causing you to pull at your restraints. Your head fell back against the pillow as he inserted a single finger. Moving it slowly in and out of you, dragging the pleasure out as much as possible. You bucked your hips up which caused him to lay his other hand across your lower abdomen pinning you in place. You needed more friction than what he was giving you.

               “Daddy” You softly panted out softly, causing him to look up at you. “If you don’t pick up the pace, I’m not going to have to explain to Hank how a pair of Vibranium handcuffs broke.” He eyes went full blown with lust. He added another finger and started to pick up the pace, quickly.

               “Is that better, baby girl?” He smirked up at you as you threw your head back on a loud moan. Your back arched off the bed as his lips attached themselves back onto your clit. You felt the knot in your stomach tighten as his fucked you with his hand. He took his fingers away causing you to whimper at the loss but moaned even louder as he slid his tongue into you. The pleasure was almost unbearable, he could tell you were close. “Cum baby girl. Cum for daddy.” With that your body shook, your orgasm raking through your body like a tidal wave. His tongue was buried deep inside you, lapping up everything you had to offer. Your body had become sensitive, you felt every hair on his face against your legs. You moaned softly as he gave you one last lick before making his way up your body. Kissing and biting along your stomach and all around each breast. Taking one nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it pulling wanton moans from your lips. His hands slid up your body, one taking your lonely breast while the other laid on your hip. You felt want and need build back up as he took your other nipple into his mouth. He mumbled something about being a good girl. He continued up your chest to your collar bone, nibbling along the bone and up the side of your neck. He sucked on your neck, leaving dark spots that would soon fade. “You’re such a good girl for daddy.”

               His hand slid up and into your hair, pulling it back hard causing your head to snap back and a moan escaping your lips. You felt him twitch against your thigh, a bead of pre-cum slipped from the slit and was spread across the top of your thigh. You raised your hips slightly, grinding up against him pulling a groan from him. Logan pulled back from your neck and gave you an evil smirk. He repositioned himself where if he was to grind down, the head of his cock would push against your clit. Then that was exactly what he did, pulling a loud moan from your lips. You bucked your hips just to feel the pressure against your clit again, making the man above you groan as he drops his head.

               “Daddy please.” Your voice was breathy.

               “Please what, baby girl.” His voice was low and husky which only made you need him even more.

               “I need you.” He looked down at you releasing your hair and gripped himself. He lined himself up to your core and slowly pushed in. You moaned at the sensation of being stretched. You dug your nails into his shoulders as he continued to push into you. His head fell to the crook of your neck as he bottomed out, groaning at the sensation of you completely surrounding him warm and tight. He stayed still for a moment, causing you discomfort was furthest from his mind. “Fuck.” Panting as you bucked your hips up, taking him in even further. He took this as a sign as to start moving. He pulled back, leaving the head of his cock inside you then slamming back into you. You screamed in pleasure as you pulled on your restraints. This only spurred him on, fucking you harder and faster. Suddenly he pulled out, causing you to whine at the loss of him inside you. “What the fuck?” You barely able to breathe out.

               “I’m planning on taking you in more than one position, sweetheart.” His voice husky as his breathe fanned over your skin as he uncuffed you from the headboard. You sat up and as you did, Logan managed to get both your wrists behind your back and cuffed them in place. You looked up at him in disbelief while he just smirked down at you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you up and your legs instantly wrapped around his waist. He walked you over to your dresser and sat you on top, pulling your ass to the edge then sliding back into you. You both moaned loudly as he slammed back into you. His hands gripping your hips as your head falls into the crock of his neck, your lips found the skin there and your teeth bit down hard causing him to thrust harder into you. You swore the force he used would cause the dresser to move but it didn’t, you were extremely glad that the dresser didn’t budge as Logan fucked into you.

               You felt that knot in your stomach grow tight again. Winding tighter with every thrust, with every sound that fell from his lips. You were closer to cumming this time and he decides to pull out. You groaned in protest and whimpered in loss of him again. He had a wicked smirk on his face and you knew right then you were in for a long night. He instantly flipped you over, your chest was now lying flat on top of your dresser. He spread your legs a little then gripped your hips with a bruising force causing you to whimper. Your head laid on the dresser as you looked back at him, sending him your own smirk.

               “Don’t get too comfortable being in charge right now Daddy because once these,” you wiggle your cuffed hands, “I’m going to show you just who’s in charge.” Just then he slammed into you from behind causing you to scream in pleasure. God, he felt fucking amazing inside you.

               “Is that so, baby girl?” His breathe fluttered against your ear. He started thrusting in and out of you as his grip tightened slightly, causing you to moan loudly with every thrust. You felt one of his hands leave your hip and tangled into your hair, pulling back slightly making your sounds echo off the wall in front of you. That was when you felt a sting on your ass. You whimpered when he spanked you again. You bucked your hips back causing him to go deeper than ether of you thought was possible. Logan growled as he started to really thrust into you. You were quickly reaching your high again, you were starting to contemplate on begging him for release. With one final hard thrust, Logan stilled for a moment. You could feel how hard he still was and you knew he wasn’t done with you. He pulled out of you, again. Without a word, he picked you up and carried you back to the bed. Setting you down on your knees. You looked up at him slightly confused and panting. All he did was kneel down behind you. You felt his hands on you, one on your hip and the other on your shoulder. He gently pushed you down so your shoulders were on the mattress and your face felt the cool sheets of your bed, giving you some relief to your over heated skin. He then pushed into you again. You were starting to get sensitive and moaned as he slid in. Your arousal was dripping down the sides of your legs and all over him as he began to thrust into you again. You managed to force your ass back as he thrusted forward causing him to moan loud. The sounds of skin slapping skin, his moans and groans, and the sounds you were making filled the room. Logan was getting close to his release and so were you.

               He then did something that you were expecting, he uncuffed you. You smirked as you moaned with pleasure as he fucked into you. Your hands landing on the bed and you pushed yourself up. With the added leverage of your arms, you threw yourself back into him. You heard him swear as you started taking control of things. You started to thrust yourself back into him and you felt him stop moving. You kept this up for a while, his hands landing on your hips as you fucked yourself on him. Before he could register what was going on, you pulled yourself off him whimpering slightly as the feeling of being empty surged through you. You turned and looked at him.

               “I told you Daddy, once the cuffs come off I’m gonna show you who’s in charge.” You smirked at him as you pushed him onto his back. You climbed up onto him, biting into his neck as you grabbed his cock and lined him up to your entrance. You slowly lowered yourself onto him, causing him to grip your ass tightly and a string of cuss words falling from his lips. You released his neck as you sat up, moaning at the action. You raised up slightly and slowly moved back down. Logan’s head fell back onto the bed, he was going to burst at any moment and you knew it. So you decide to take mercy on him. You started to move a bit faster, every time you would roll your hips or raise up you would do it harder and faster than the last time. You ran your nails down his chest. Anger red lines followed, some even bleed a little but healed quickly. You felt the knot in your stomach get tighter and you knew you were close to your peak with the sounds that Logan was making he was too. You ran a hand down your body and started rubbing on your clit with the perfect pressure. Your orgasm raked through your body, hard. You came on a scream of his name. You clamped down hard on him, pulling him over the edge with you. His nails digging into you as he shot himself into you and started to fuck up into you, prolonging both of your orgasms. You leaned forward, placing your head in the crock of his neck. One of his hands slid up your back and stopped at the base of your neck, holding you to him as you both came down from your highs.

               You slowly and carefully raised yourself up and off of him then flopping onto the bed next to him. He placed a kiss to the top of your head before he got up and walked over to your bathroom. You faintly heard the sink turn on then off. Logan came back with a washcloth and cleaned you up before laying back down next to you, pulling you back into his chest. Your hand rested on his chest and you started to mess with his chest hair. He started carding his hand through your hair and your eyes started to droop. Moments later, the both of you fell asleep.

               The next morning you woke up still in his arms. To be honest, it was the best night’s sleep you ever got. You barely managed to get out of the bed without waking Logan, you knew he was a bear to deal with when he is woken up before he woke up himself. You relieved yourself before pulling on a pair of panties and a large shirt that you think you stole from Logan on a mission a few years back without him knowing. You slipped out of your room quietly and made your way down to the kitchen. Remy sat at the table along with Bobby and Rogue, all of them with smiles on their faces.

               “You guys seem to be in a good mood this morning.” You looked at the clock on the microwave, seeing that it was only 9 in the morning.

               “We are.” Remy got up and walked over to you. “How did you sleep last night, Cherie?” He leaned in close to your ear.

               “I slept great last night, Rem.” You smirked at him as you moved to make yourself a bowl of cereal.

               “Oh really, Cherie? Mind if I ask why?” He smirked back at you.

               “I’m not telling you, Rem. You don’t need to know.” You grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured some over your cereal. You grabbed a spoon before walking over to the table and sat down next to Rogue. “Besides, it won’t stop you from flirting with me.” Rogue giggled and Bobby rolled his eyes.

               “Really?” Remy cocked his eyebrow at you. “Have you seen Logan? He is normally up by now.”

               “I have and I’m not telling you where.” You chuckled as you ate your breakfast.

               Logan walked into the kitchen in his sweats from last night. You were so glad that you both heal quickly, you didn’t need Remy giving you an even harder time than he already does. Remy looks at him then back at you and smiles. It was like something clicked in his mind.

               Once you finished your breakfast, you walked over to the sink where Logan just happened to be. You felt his hand on your ass as you placed your bowl in the sink. Bobby and Rogue got up from their seats and left. Remy still had a smirk on his face.

               “You two finally did it, didn’t you?”

               “What makes you think that, Rem?” You looked up at him and you couldn’t keep a smile off your face.

               “Finally!” He grinned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving you and Logan alone.

               Logan pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around your waist. You leaned up and placed your lips to his. He squeezed your butt causing you to squeal a little.

               “You know, I’m glad that Hank sound proofed my room.” Logan looked down at you almost confused. “You couldn’t hear a stadium full of fans screaming in my room.” The look of confusion faded into a wicked smile.

               “You mean we can do last night all day?”

               “Since it’s Saturday and there are no classes to teach, yes.” As the last word barely left your lips, Logan threw you over his shoulder and walked you back towards your room.

Losing your virginity to Logan would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Logan !! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him trying his best to be gentle and delicate as he starts to kiss you, only to cup your cheeks and promise you that this will be the only time he ever hurts you

-Him deepening his kisses and making you want more, only to wrap his arms around you tightly and picking you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist

-Him leaving hickeys and soft bites along your neck as he walks you towards the bed, and continuing as he holds you and lays you down

-Him groping your chest and gradually sliding his hand inside your shirt to tease you, before ending up taking it off and mark you with more hickeys

-Him not letting you undress him for fear of losing control when he feels your touch and just doing it so quickly so he can go back to pleasuring you

-Him keeping you still as he kisses down your stomach and finally starts to give you soft oral, making you squirm and let out light moans

-Him asking you whether you enjoy him like this and looking at you to make sure you are, only to end up getting even more turned on

-Him taking his time fingering you and stretching you, thinking it’ll somehow help ease away the pain, only for it to make you want more

-Him reaching back up to press his lips to yours after he made you come, only to suddenly get slightly rough as he firmly holds you and eases his cock inside

-Him kissing your forehead as you winced in pain and holding you tightly as he mumbles an apology and slowly starts thrusting

Birthday surprise and Hope - Old Man Logan x Reader

Well first, thanks :-). And second, here’s your request (I’m using the movie version of Old Man Logan), might be a bit long, and again, I feel like I could have written something better, that maybe I didn’t write quite what you were expecting anon’ but…Yeah, that’s all I got right now. Hope you’ll like it anyway (don’t hesitate to drop a message to tell me so) 

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Before the world all went to shit, before you lost all of your friends but Logan and Charles, before you had to run away to stay safe…you were doing some research about your boyfriend’s past. About where Logan actually came from.

The only information you had was that his real name is “James Howlett”, and that he was born somewhere in Canada, probably in Alberta. Which wasn’t really much. You didn’t even had an estimate of the year he was born in, his healing factor making it impossible to guess his age…The research weren’t easy. 

But, finally, right before Charles had his massive seizure that killed most of the X-men a year ago, you had a lead. You found his birth date, and the place he supposedly grew up in. Everything fitted perfectly, there was no doubt that you found the right date and place…but you never got the occasion to take him to Canada and show him your findings, because of what happened that dreadful day in Westchester county…After the death of almost all of your friends, Logan, Charles and you fled the school, and since then,  you just kept on the move almost all the time. 

Caliban joined in pretty early on, and you finally settled down at the US border near Mexico. Your idea of taking him to his birth place and all, forever buried away…Until she arrived.

Laura. His daughter. He could say whatever he wanted about it, but you considered her his. She looked like him, she was “made” with his DNA, and was born naturally with the help of a Mexican girl that birthed her…She was his daughter, no questions asked. And from the moment she entered your life, everything moved faster than ever. 

You guys lost Caliban. But you didn’t even have time to mourn him, running from Transigen, trying to be as far as them as you could. 

Charles had another dangerous seizure, Logan refused to speak to the kid, who obviously wanted nothing more but to bond with her father, you were tired of all this pain and misery…life wasn’t really the greatest. 

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MARVEL Masterlist

James “Logan” Howlett/Wolverine :

In love with the Wolverine

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You can’t hurt me more (abused!reader part 1)

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I popped Captain America’s Cherry” (NSFW)

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Self-destructive tendencies

“You’re a terrible father” (Daughter!reader)


Thor Odinson :

Midsummer Queen

Just To See You Smile

Pairing: Logan Paul x reader

Word Count: 709 words.

Warnings: Nothing. 

Request: Y/N and logan are getting married and he surprises you by getting Why Don’t We to perform at your wedding. Anonymous.
A/N It’s a bit late, but I hope you like it! 

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“Logan, you’re an idiot,” you laugh as you stand in the hallway. You’re about to head off to a friend’s house because Logan insists it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. You’ve never been a big fan of all those traditions, but Logan insists on the two of you doing this properly. 

“I’m a strong idiot!” he exclaims flexing his arm, “and I’m your idiot.” He wraps his muscular arms around you. 

“That you are,” you sigh contently placing a kiss on his chest. He smiles down at you and you feel your cheeks burn. Even after so long together he still makes you feel like that shy girl who came up to him at a cafe one day. 

“Now go, my lady. I’ve got preparations to do!” he exclaims with a funny face making you laugh. Logan has never been one to be serious for more than a couple of minutes. You kiss him goodbye and head to your friend’s house where you pamper yourselves and before you know it it’s the next day and you’re standing in your wedding dress. 

“Wow,” someone says and you spin around to see your dad with teary eyes. 

“Oh dad. If you cry, I’m going to cry,” you say already choking back tears. 

“Don’t. There isn’t time,” he says hugging you tightly. He holds out his arm and you take it letting him lead you down the stairs. You try your hardest to keep your balance in these shoes. 

“Don’t let me fall,” you whisper with a shaky laugh. 

“Never,” your father says. It’s the last thing he says before you turn the corner and you’re looking down the aisle. Logan is standing at the end and Jake is right next to him. You notice Lauren sitting with tears in her eyes and you can’t help but feel like you might burst from happiness. Everything is perfect. As you walk down the aisle the music starts playing, but it’s not what you picked out. You look around and that’s when you spot them. 

“You have my focus. I can’t control it. I find your magic in every moment,” the song starts out and you feel a single tear slip down your cheek. It’s your favourite song. But this is completely stripped with only a piano and it’s beautiful. 

“I love you,” you mouth to Logan walking to him. Suddenly it’s going to slow and you just need to get up there and become Logan’s wife. You notice tears in Logan’s eyes as well and everything just feels so right. It comes to your vows and Logan goes first.

“I swear I’d walk, I’d run, I’d even learn to fly just to see you smile,” Logan starts out quoting Why Don’t We. Behind you, there’s a little cheer and you imagine their faces right now. Now you know why they were so excited. 

“I’ve said to you a million times that your smile is everything to me. Seeing you happy means the world to me. You’ve been there through everything. From when I started YouTube to when I first saw colours with those glasses to now. And I don’t ever want that to change. So on this day, I promise you that I will do my very best to make you happy, I will fight with you on bad days and make up with you on good days. I will wipe away every tear and always bring a smile to your face. I promise to love you until time stops.” You intertwine your fingers with his taking a deep breath before speaking. 

“I’m not good with words. Never have been. So I figured I’d list the reasons why I love you. I love you because you don’t mind my bed hair in the morning. Because you always make extra coffee for me. You know me better than anyone else. I love you because you’re my best friend. I love you because you got the boys to play my favourite song. I love you because you’re you. And that’s all I could ever ask for,” you finish. The priest announces you married and you kiss Logan. 

“Our first married kiss,” he whispers against your lips.

“And probably not our last.”

Return (Logan Howlett)

word count: 1, 466

summary: An old friend re-enters Logan’s life.

a/n: No spoilers for Logan, I think. It’s set before Logan so yeah. Read with a warning. Send in requests because I’m a hoe for Wolverine and Logan kinda just killed me. Also, chance’s same drugs references. 

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Wolf Pack

Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary: Logan had found a peaceful life with the reader, they lived on a small ranch, somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Logan had tried to forget his past, but thinking that Victor Creed would forget him was a foolish hope. One particular night Logan and the reader are faced by two deadly threats, and Logan not only has to fight for his life, but for the reader’s as well. 

A/N: I will never not love rancher Logan, too precious. I messed with the timeline so that he would remember Victor, so there’s that. Oh, and I wanted to include a dog in this, because why not? I hope that me naming it doesn’t bug you, but I would rather see the name Bandit than (Y/D/N) over and over again, if it does bug anyone, please let me know so I can fix it for the future. 

Warnings: Language, blood and gore

Also, written with female pronouns but please don’t take offense! This is just the way I naturally write, but I am open to writing with any preferred pronouns so just lemme know!

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You loved it when you were the first one to wake up. Seeing Logan sound asleep right next to you was a sight that would never get old. The few golden rays of sunshine that came in through your window landed upon his dark hair, making it shine. You smiled, wiggling your way closer to him until you could rest your head on his bare chest. Logan stirred slightly, but just enough to wrap his arms around you. 

“Morning Sweetheart,” he murmured, his voice gravely.

“Good morning,” you said glancing down at the dog at the foot of your bed.

The dog’s head perked up at the sounds of your voices, his pointy ears turning toward you. 

“We have a lot to do today,” Logan said, running his hand up and down your arm.

“I know,” you sighed, tilting your head upwards and planting a kiss on Logan’s cheek before siting up. 

You stretched your arms before sliding out of bed, Logan doing the same. You shuffled out of your bedroom with your pajamas on, your bare feet sliding along the cold wood floors of your home. Your house was small, but it had all the space the two of you needed, well three including your dog, Bandit. You soon reached your kitchen, crouching down to pull a loaf of bread out of your cabinet. After inserting two slices of bread into your toaster, you turned on your stove before preceding to pull a cartridge of eggs out of your fridge. 

The sound of paws on the floor followed by footsteps caused you to look towards your bedroom, sure enough revealing Logan followed by an all-too-happy dog. Logan wore a familiar flannel, jeans, and boots, and you could see the outlines of his muscles as he walked. You smiled at him as the toast from before popped behind you. 

“Getting a start on that fence?” you questioned, drumming your fingers on the counter-top in front of you. 

Logan nodded, walking next to you and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“If I’m lucky I’ll get it done today,” he said.

The two of you needed to fix your barbed-wire fence, the winter had been hard on it and it had fallen down in several places. It kept unwanted animals out, and it was important that you finished it soon. 

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” you murmured as you turned to face him. 

“I’ll be fine,” Logan held your gaze.

“And be safe by the trees,” you added.

Logan nodded, beginning to walk out of your house before you hollered at him.

“Wait, you need breakfast,” you grabbed the toast out of your toaster and handed it to him. 

Logan took the food from you gratefully, “I’m leaving Bandit with you.”

“Deal,” you said watching as Logan exited the house, your dog looking at you and wagging his tail.

You smiled down at your pet before continuing your morning routines. After eating breakfast and feeding your dog, you walked back into your bedroom. Pulling open one of your dresser drawers and taking out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Once you had your new clothes on, you grabbed your boots, sliding them on and pulling your hair back. 

Bandit looked up at you with perked ears, ready to start the day. You scratched behind his ears before exiting your house. Once outside, you began your walk towards your small barn. The sun was warm on you as you walked, but a cool breeze still provided a brisk environment. The barbed-wire fence beside you swayed ever so slightly as you walked, the tall grass on the other side following suit. You averted your attention from the scenery and looked towards the small barn now in front of your face. 

As you swung open the large door, you noticed how the paint was chipping on both sides. 

“Another job for another day,” you murmured to no one in particular. 

After studying the contents of your barn, you began your daily activities. You glided through what you needed to do just like any other day. It wasn’t until you were checking the fence line next to your horses that you noticed something was strange. You glanced down at your dog, whose fur had bristled. You noticed that all of the usual chirping of birds had stopped, and the horses near you had started to pounce around uneasily. You got a bad feeling in your gut, you spoke to your dog.

“Lets go find Logan.”

As if your dog was agreeing, Bandit started to walk in the opposite direction from which you had came. You only had to cross a couple of hills before the familiar tree line appeared at your side, hiding who knows what. The fence next to you was to mainly keep cows out and horses in, but you decided to jump over it anyway, wanting the little protection it offered. Your dog crawled underneath with you, on high alert. 

You walked for a couple more minutes before you saw the familiar head of dark hair in the distance. Logan’s back was facing you, but the sight of him relieved you of some of your fears. Once Bandit noticed Logan he took off like a bullet, and you watched with a smile on your face as he playfully jumped on Logan. After calming the dog Logan looked to you, still a couple of yards away, he smiled and waved in your direction. You smiled back, and your pace intensified, soon enough you were being squished into a tight embrace by Logan.

“What brings you out here Love?” Logan asked before releasing you. 

“Just wanted to come check on you. Things have been…off,” you said.

“I noticed it too,” Logan said, picking up his hammer off of the ground and turning back towards the fence. 

“Can I help you?” you asked.

Logan looked to you, large smile on his face.

“I love you,” was all he said.

Taking that as a yes, you began working with Logan on the fence. The two of you worked together as an efficient team, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it. In between your small talk and endless jokes, time passed rather quickly, and the two of you got a lot done. Before you knew it the sun started to dip down, and you had finished the section of the fence you wanted to get done. 

You stretched your arms behind your back, “I think we did pretty good.”

Logan opened his mouth to respond, but growling of your dog prevented him from doing so. Mere seconds later, a loud howl erupted from the forest in front of you. With wide eyes your head whipped to Logan.

“We’re leaving, now,” he said, swiftly picking up the box of staples and hammer on the ground. 

You walked in the direction you needed to go, grabbing a wood post that you had discarded to the ground, mostly because you didn’t want to leave it, but partially for self defense. As you stood up your attention turned to the forest right in front of you, with a chill you realized that a pair of yellow eyes was looking at you. Your heart stopped, and slowly you backed up, but the pair of eyes in front of you was getting closer. You raised the wood post in your hands.

“Logan-” you began, but the wolf lunged. 

With horrifying speed the animal jumped over the fence, directly at you. The wolf’s jaw enclosed around the post in your hands, it’s paws hitting your chest and pinning you to the ground. Now fully revealed, the wolfs brown fur shone in the light. You cried out as your breath was pushed from your lungs. The crushing weight of the animal left you pinned down, but it was abruptly relieved. 

You whipped your head to where the animal flew, standing up abruptly. 

“Logan,” you cried as you realized who it was who had tackled the wolf off of you. 

Logan’s claws were outstretched, the metallic weapons made you realize how serious the situation was. You never thought of how deadly Logan could be, whenever you saw his claws it was because he had a nightmare, not because he was fighting for his life, or your life. Bandit was frantically running around the two, growling and barking at the predator that Logan had pushed to the ground. 

You watched in horror as the wolf sank its fangs into Logan’s forearm. Logan cried out, but slashed down with his free arm, sinking his claws into the wolf. The wolf instantly went limp, and without thinking, you ran. Logan’s attention was on you instantly, and you barreled into his arms. 

“Are you alright?” he asked you, wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“Am I alright? Are you alright?” you asked frantically, grabbing his arm and inspecting where the wolf had latched on.

“Don’t worry about me,” he said, and sure enough the wound on his arm was healing as you spoke. 

Your eyes locked with his as you said, “Wolves don’t travel alone.”

Logan nodded, “We’re getting out of here.”

Without another word the two of you started running, running towards your house. It wasn’t until five more wolves emerged that you had to stop moving. Your heart hammered in your ears and you could barely breathe. 

“Get behind me,” Logan said.

Doing as instructed, you watched as the wolves started to circle around you. Logan stared down the wolves, waiting for one to engage, waiting for something to happen. Your dog growled, standing in front of you protectively. 

“Damn, I guess the wolves beat me to it,” the foreign voice from behind you made you whirl towards it.

As your eyes fell on a man in a black coat, you noticed that every bone in Logan’s body had doubled in tension. 

“Who the hell are you?” you exclaimed.

The wolves around you continued to circle, but didn’t engage. It was as though they were waiting to see what the new predator would do. 

“Aw, you didn’t tell her about me?” the mysterious man said, but he was talking to Logan. 

“What do you want Victor,” Logan snarled.

Your shoulders tensed, you didn’t know what was going on, or who Victor was. Logan rarely talked about his past, and you knew him well enough not to pry. 

“That’s easy brother…” you jaw nearly dropped open as he spoke, “I want revenge.

Victor let out a primitive growl before jumping over the wolves, and straight for Logan. The force of the impact caused Logan to smack into you, sending you flying backwards. Sprawled on the ground you groaned, only to realize the wolf flying towards you. You barely had time to scream as your dog intercepted the fatal attack. 

The wolf cried out as you stood up, grabbing the wood post from earlier. Your dog had latched onto the wolf’s neck, and you ran over, swinging the post at the animal and watching it go limp, just for another set of claws to sink into your leg. You gasped in pain, swinging your makeshift weapon down on the new wolf that had attacked you. The wolf didn’t give up, its teeth dug into the back of your calf. You screamed in pain, sinking to the ground. 

Your dog was fending off the other three wolves, and you couldn’t see Logan or Victor. Your senses were dulled, and all you could focus on was the pain in your leg. 

“Not like this you bitch,” you gasped, swinging your weapon back at the animal and knocking it’s grip loose. 

The wolf jumped at you again, but you intercepted the blow with a kick from your good leg. The wolf whined, but didn’t give up until another good hit from the wood post. You didn’t have time to appreciate the damage you had done, you had other wolves to account for. Not to mention the ear piercing scream that emerged out of nowhere.

Sure enough, Logan’s voice erupted throughout the hills in agony. 

“Logan!” you screamed, trying to stand up, but tumbling back onto your knees. 

“No, no, no, no,” you cried, a steady trail of tears falling down your face from both pain and fear.

You heard your dog behind you wince, quickly followed by a sickening thud. You twirled around to see Bandit limp at the end of a fence post, the new found darkness made it so you couldn’t see where he was hurt. A wolf jumped towards the defenseless dog.

“No!” you screamed, throwing the post in your hands at the animal. 

You succeeded in stopping the animal, but now it and its companions were turned towards you. The remnants of the pack growled, advancing towards you.

“Scram mutts,” Victor’s voice erupted through the tension. 

The wolves did as told surprisingly, avoiding the attacks of a new threat.

Turning your attention to him in terror, you asked, “Where’s Logan?” 

“Isn’t that cute? The princess is worried about her brute,” he spat.

Your fists clenched at your sides. 

“He won’t be getting up any time soon,” he said, and without another word he advanced on you, sinking his claws into your shoulder.

You exclaimed in pain, helpless as he pushed you to the ground and hovered over your face. Fangs bared, he lowered his head to your level and hissed in your ear. You squirmed in his grip, but to no avail. Victor took one of his claws and sliced down your arm, drawing blood. You couldn’t hear, you couldn’t see, all you could do was feel the pain you were in. 

“You’re sick,” you managed.

“I’ve been called worse-” Victor’s words were cut off abruptly.

 “Don’t you fucking touch her.”

Logan’s voice was like a beacon of hope. You moved ever so slightly, squinting your eyes so that you could see what was happening. Logan was standing over Victor, who was clutching his side. Logan’s clothing was blood-soaked and shredded, but he held strong. His claws were extended and his knuckles were red.

“Go to hell,” he growled at Victor.

“I’ll see you there,” Victor gasped, and before he could say anything else, Logan’s claws went straight through his chest. 

You watched as Victor’s body went limp. You felt something wet touching your ear, and you turned to see it was your dog’s tongue. Tears of joy erupted form your body, seeing that everyone you loved was okay was all you could ask for. 

“(Y/N),” Logan exclaimed, reaching you as quickly as he could. 

As he reached you Logan pulled you to him as softly as possible. 

“It’s going to be alright Sweetheart,” he said, gathering you up into his arms before standing. 

You could see the pain in his features, you could see how afraid he was. With a good amount of effort you were able to raise your hand, cupping his cheek. 

“My hero,” you mumbled.

Logan’s body was so warm against yours, and you wanted nothing more than to fall asleep peacefully. 

“I love you,” he said, his voice cracking. 

“I love you too,” you managed. 

Logan lowered his lips to yours, pulling you against him tighter. You knew he would have a hard time letting go from now on, you knew he would tell you everything, and you knew you would only love him more. 

“I’m going to get you home,” he said, planting a kiss on your forehead. 

You smiled despite the pain you were in. You were in rough shape, but you couldn’t help but be thankful. You couldn’t help but be thankful for the loving man who was holding you in his arms. 


Steve: Wade seems…nice enough. A little loud, a little extreme. But nice. I’m just glad someone’s getting Peter out of the house. Even if it is to throw rocks at the odd gound hog or try to climb those steep rocks at Central Park.

Logan: I’m hoping Parker will rub off on him. Maybe get Wade to calm down and cool it with the weapons.

Steve: Excuse me, weapons?

Logan: Nothin’, it’s nothin’.Don’t worry about it.


► Wyatt & Hope // Speechless (by lilacstar2) - for Julie ♥