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Callie and Arizona. 49.

“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.”

Okay so I kinda cheated - more about Callie and Arizona than actual Callie and Arizona. Hope it’s okay!

She had heart eyes again. She knew it and somehow she couldn’t stop it. Ever since coming home from New York she was heart eyeing all over the place. And everyone had noticed except for the actual person she was giving heart eyes too.

Callie was smitten. Head over heels, thinking about them 24/7, doodle names in a heart in a notebook kind of smitten. She felt like a teenager with a stupid high school crush.

Except this was worse. Infinitely worse. Because this time Callie was crushing on Arizona Robbins. Her Arizona. The woman she’d been married to, had a daughter with. The person who had once known her better than she knows herself. She knows Arizona, all her flaws and annoying habits. She knows her and she loves her god, her heart aches for her. Her heart and… various their body parts.

“Shut your trap, you’ll catch flies.” Bailey grunts, sliding up beside her.

Callie lets out a dramatic sigh, turning from the patients room she had just watched Arizona head into and banging her head against the desk with a groan.

“This is driving me crazy, Bailey. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

“What in gods name are you playing at, Torres?”

Eyebrows raised in confusion, because that had so not been what she was expecting, “what?”

“You heard me. She’s happy. I mean she’s practically roller skate girl without the roller skates. And while I am the chief and I have absolutely no interest in sticking my nose in people’s personal business, I know things. I see things. Things I wish I didn’t. And what I see is you staring at Robbins like a love sick puppy.”

“Yeah well I feel like a love sick puppy.”

An exasperated sigh from Bailey was the only sound between them for a moment before the slightly terrifying woman seemed to find her words again.

“Whatever it is you’re thinking, whatever it is you’re planning. Don’t. Stop it. Because it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself to do something stupid. And as your boss, as chief of this hospital and as your friend, I can’t let you do that.”

“Bailey,” Callie let her fingers drum against the nurses station, contemplating her next words, “Miranda, I love her. I’m in love with her. I always have been and I always will be. And I can live without her. I have lived without her. I just don’t want to. I love that you’re trying to protect her, trying to protect me, but you don’t have to. I would never do anything to hurt her. I just, I want to love her again. And I came back. For her.”

Before Miranda could respond or Callie could continue, a loud bang sounded beside them as Meredith half threw down the chart and stood with them, both hands in her lab coat, “she’s her Derek.”

Meredith rolled her eyes at the love sick beam on Callie’s face and the confusion on Bailey’s, “she’s her Derek, Miranda. Arizona is Callie’s Derek. And she isn’t going to find another Derek. And she doesn’t have to. Because her Derek is right here, waiting for her to realise that she loves her. Post it on the wall loves her.
Waiting for her to realise that she’s her damned Derek.”

Arizona walked back out from a patients room then, just across the hall, her head thrown back in laughter at something Alex had said, his own smirk firmly in place. And as they watched her look up at them, somehow her eyes brightened before she could stop them because wow, Callie really always had had that impact on her and having her home and near was just perfect.

Bailey shook her head, because really, she’d always known these two were a little bit of magic. But she’d seen them lose that, seen them nearly destroy each other and themselves in the process and they were her people. Whether she wanted them to be or not. So she cared. She loved. And Arizona had finally seemed happy again, smiling in a way Bailey was sure she hadn’t since before the crash. And she hadn’t really stopped to think that maybe she was smiling because of Callie rather than in spite of.

“Well I’ll be damned, Torres. She’s your Derek.”

A huge, gleaming smile took over her face before Callie m let out a yelp as her friend hit her hard on the arm, “don’t mess up!”

And she stood on her own, laughing. Because like hell she would.

Wip of a comic for Fortunate Son by @anna-droid because it’s my favorite fic tbh
Will be finalized digitally and will look like an actual comic (maybe?) later lmAO

words: 3217
rating: t 
genre: ANGST 
a/n: a late birthday gift for @endragoneel…since her favorite genre is angst i did my best to make it pretty angsty~~~ hope you enjoy ever!

Slow days were never a good sign at her job. Silence in a hospital was a sign of impending danger. But she had to keep  on her chipper face for the sake of her patients. Lucy was currently an intern. searching for what field she would want to specialize in rather than being a general surgeon. Her favorite happened to be in pediatrics…though it was hard watching the young patients be in pain.

She just showed promise being she was so gentle and caring around them. She’d play games and sing and dance, whatever it took to make all the patients smile. Though she could be serious when it came down to explaining things to the parents.

Walking around the corner to the playroom, in search of one of her patients, she stilled catching sight of a head of pink hair. Kids these days and there crazy hair styles…

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Just need to write those, maybe, useless and insgnificant words down because it’s becoming heavy in my heart. @THEHO218 is one of the first fansite I discovered when I first began to have interest into kpop and most especially bangtan. At the very beginning I was wondering what was those sites but I was appreciating it anyway because thanks to them I was discovering this new universe which was opening in front of my eyes. And her site, wow, I was incredibly admirative of it, her pictures were always marvellous and her love for Hoseok was incredibly big. She was about to make her first project for Hoseok’s birthday, she just got 100K on her twitter. I’ll still admirative and remember her work. One another thing that I’m sure is that heaven gained a new angel to watch Hoseok and BTS from above. She will stay in our minds, in our hearts. Thank you for everything. May her soul rest in peace, may her family and friends find a way to smile again after this. @THEHO218 we love you, thank you. Let’s share her work and don’t give up.

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Michele has no clue how he managed to let it slip to Emil that he was going to Barcelona.
After a week of preparations, the tickets to buy were now two, the hotel room was one with double queen’s beds, and his relaxing stroll through the Spanish city turned into a sightseeing journey with a fellow competitor.
Somehow it had just happened, and somehow Michele hadn’t found it in him to start protesting, or cancel his trip to Spain, just to avoid having Emil tag along. Thing is, technically he had nothing against hanging out with Emil for a couple days while supporting his sister in the biggest competition of the figure skating season.

The only thing he was ready to complain about is the fact that routine lover and planing master Michele Crispino was completely taken aback by the fact that Emil Nekola wanted to tag along in the first place. He could start to freak out again, think of it as a way of Emil trying to get closer to Sara.
But them walking along the Christmas market together was kind of destroying that theory.

And Michele was more than a little confused.
“Hey, Emil. I was wondering” he starts, wrapped deep in his scratchy old scarf, while raising an eyebrow at Emil walking in front of him.
“I don’t remember whether I asked you already or not, but… Why are you here, too… instead of being in Olomouc?”

I really need to figure out… something. with my asocialness. Because I’m okay being alone but I don’t want people to dislike me yknow? I want people to know me, and hopefully like me, but I hate the physical act of speaking and I like being alone.

I guess this is why the internet is so good for me.

long mornings and longer thoughts


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