(i apologize once again for the inactivity … 

at first i spend too much time on my fan comic , but now i ran into ….. well, lets just say i dont know what to do, im standing at the edge of a cliff and i have nowhere to turn … 

i will not abandon this blog, dont worry)

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It is interesting that something happens to Jimin each mama year, 2014 - could not get off his shirt correctly (still did an amazing job), 2015 - did a minimal choreography error in run, 2016 - slipped during blood, sweat and tears, but he just casually incorporated that into the choreography. I just hope Jimin is not to hard to himself when mishaps happens, because he is an imperfectionist. God, I love Jimin and your blog ;)

This is a “legend syndrome” in my book.. No but seriously every big performer makes a mistake during big events. He still killed it. I can’t believe him and Hoseok saved Mama once again.

Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m Sorry for being so inactive and keep disappearing all the time guys! 

I was… well, not doing so much well and….some…. stuffhappened-lol NeverDerpingMind I am fine now ok? ok. ;)

I actually did check tumblr on my phone, but this tumblr app was so soooo awful! It did not load for the love of God and after a hundred years of waiting for something to load I couldn’t like it or…, it just came back like I did nothing. 

And right now I just finally got to use my pc, so I’ll start checking over again.

Thanks for tolerating me! I’ll tryyyy to draw something this in week or the next one, I hope. But in case I didn’t, I’ll just update with some old phone doodles? whyamilikethis?

PS: I also noticed I don’t get any notifications when someone tags me! ;__;

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Would you mind doing a favor? I don't have tumblr so I can't see/post on Eternity's blog but I so very much love everything she posts and all of the funny gifs she posts. In fact, I scour other blogs hoping they re-blog her posts, that's how much I love her snark. Please tag her to let her know that she has fans outside of tumblr who appreciate her wit and talent. I know I'm not the only one and I hope she never stops. So sorry for her family tragedy. Thank you.

@fromheretoeternity1121 @maniacal-savage-bibliophile @boyneriver

Deep down inside we’re all jackasses…more so than others but a jackass nonetheless.

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Hey there! Call me crazy but I seem to recall a user telling you a little while back that Destiny Knots in sumo can be found on wild.... somethings...? So... yeeeah. Any chance you recall what that something is? (Preeeety sure I saw it posted by you, but maybe it was a different Pokemon blog? I hope not. Heh. >.>)

No, never mentioned them, but my pickup meowth found one just wandering about


Anonymous asked: Could I please request a little piece either Arno where he discovers that the reader can play the violin/an instrument well and asks them to play for him?

Word Count: 630

Warnings: None

Pairing(s): Arno Dorian/Reader

Author’s Note: So I’ve been really busy with adjusting to university life and playing more Overwatch then I should be, but I decided since the semester is coming to a close and all that’s left are final exams I figured I’d try getting something out for my pretty much dead blog. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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How are you doing?

I’m actually okay now. 

I am so, so sorry, guys. I don’t have a good explanation for disappearing so suddenly without a word except that a crisis happened and in the aftermath I lost motivation. I’m hoping to pick this blog up again. I’m sorry, I’m trying.

Kid-Apoo-Hawkins Alliance. Headcanons Part 1: Scratchmen Apoo

Ok, leaving these here because someone asked whether I had any headcanons concerning the Kid-Apoo-Hawkins Alliance. Honestly, most of these are a few years old already and I have never given headcanons too much importance. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean the blog will automatically turn into a headcanon blog. Hope you guys enjoy and appreciate this little treat I’m offering you.

  • An extrovert and very straightforward. If he wants to hug someone, he’ll just do it without a second thought and without considering the possibility of the other person might feel uncomfortable; he means no harm though, he’s just impulsive.
  • A goddamn chatterbox. Seriously, he won’t shut up, not even underwater.
  • Music is his life. He’ll just listen to anything and everything. He also likes taking different music styles and trying to create some cool mix out of them.
  • He hates silence.
  • When he’s bored, Apoo makes absurd sounds (if he manages to annoy or get a reaction out of someone, all the better) or whines like a child (“I’m booooooored”, “I wanna go hooooooome”, “Are we theeeeeere yet?”).
  • He loves gossiping, whether it’s about other people’s personal lives or their Devil fruit abilities.
  • He adores being in the limelight (which is a possible cause for his humongous rivalry with Kid, who happens to love the spotlight just as much).
  • He’s one of those who think that the louder you talk, the righter you are (another thing he shares with Kid).
  • When he meets someone with a very volatile temper (see people like Kid) he can’t resist his need to rub them the wrong way.
  • He’s relatively prone to throw tantrums (not as prone as Kid is, though) and he becomes prickly rather easily depending on the subject you touch. Otherwise, he’s easy to get along with.
  • He loves boasting in front of his crew and he tends to “embellish” his feats, which is the main reason his crew believes he’s able to do just about anything (kinda like Buggy).
  • He hates running because his extra-long arms are difficult to control and he looks “ridiculous” when he runs according to his own words; although if he has to run to save his own skin, he will.
  • He loves having his hair brushed.
  • His eyes are quite sensitive to light, that’s why he always wears a pair of lightly tinted glasses.
  • He’s the master of terrible puns, like saying he’s an Apoollonian beauty when making fun of his own unusual appearance.

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Thanks for the follow :) we've probably messaged you on anon once or twice in the past as we've been lurking the DID tag for a bit, but we decided to finally try actually using our blog! Hope you have a reason to smile today.

Hey lovely no problem! That’s great you’re starting to use your blog. Aww thank you, hope you have a reason to smile today too 😊

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