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Henry's interview at the library to get his first job there

Mr. Hagesawa looked down at the copy of Henry’s resume in his hands, and then back up at Henry again.

“And you graduated-?”

Henry swallowed around the massive lump in his throat, and hoped that the sweat beading on his forehead wasn’t visible. 

“Two weeks ago sir. This is, um, my um, first interview.”

The head librarian of the Gravity Falls Public Library beamed at him. “And you chose us?!”

“Er, yes,” Henry said, choosing a more politic answer than “you were the first person to call me.”

“Mr. Pines, do you know how long this position has been open?”


The other man slammed his hand on the desk and Henry jumped. “Two years! And do you know how many people have applied?”

Henry was trying to calm his racing heart. “A few?”

No one! Nobody at all! Can you believe it? And now you’re here like, like…like-”

Henry braced himself.

“Like a gift!”

He was not expecting that.

Mr. Hagesawa went on, waving Henry’s resume excitedly. “And you just got your degree? The last time I was in school was thirty years ago! And Miss Trueheart never attended college! She refuses to let me get rid of our card catalog!”

That explained the massive cupboard of tiny shelves that stood immediately in front of the doorway, making it hard and cumbersome for people to enter.

“Son, when can you start? Now? Now would be good, I have so much to show you and we can get your desk ready and-”

“Wait, I’m…you’re hiring me?” Henry asked. He and his friends had all been warned by their teachers in the program that the job market out there was terrible, that it may be months or years before they found a position…

Mr. Hagesawa snorted. “You’re the first person who hasn’t run away screaming at the mention of Gravity Falls. Everything else on top of that is icing on the cake. Of course I’m hiring you! Now, do you have your social security card with you and can you read this packet about your 401K and-”

Henry let Mr. Hagesawa chatter away at him, completely stunned.

WIP of a very complicated dream catcher I’m working on. I was hoping the center beads would make more of a gradual arc but I kinda…misjudged. Dyed quartzite and wooden beads for the outer ring makes for the most complex beading pattern I’ve done to date! Amethyst was used for the inside beads. You’ll see more WIP updates as I continue to work on this! 6/24/15

These gems felt like singing in the sunshine today….
Labradorite, Fluorite, Golden Lemurians, Smoky Quartz Mala Beads….
Hope you’ve all enjoyed this incredible summer day!
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PHOTO: She Has Hope

Wearing my ‘She Has Hope' handmade beaded necklace! ‪#‎SheHasHope‬rescues and rehabilitates human sex traffic survivors and the jewelry and products are made by the courageous survivors.

Untitled #30 by palewis featuring oversized watches ❤ liked on Polyvore

James Perse black tee / Frame Denim destroyed jeans, $445 / Hanky panky lingerie / Charlotte Russe pointy toe flat / Rachael Ruddick black leather handbag / Domo Beads bracelet jewelry / Charlotte Russe oversized watch / Topshop black jewelry / Calvin Klein silver sunglasses / Hope genuine leather belt / Matte makeup
What was the last thing you cared about that you misplaced?

Most of the time i would say my iPhone, as i lose my Phone at least 40 times a day, everyday, without fail. 

But that would be boring..

I’ve misplaced a bracelet that I got for my birthday, it isn’t a normal Pandora bracelet but every bead on it has a meaning and a purpose of being there. I first got it when my parents broke up and i’d been collecting beads hoping to fill it - I have space for 3 more beads.

Some of the beads I have are the usual life beads, so the car for passing my driving test, the pair of scissors for passing my hairdressing exams, the infinity bead.. 

There is literally so many different beads on it for different moments of my life, and i could explain them all, but now it just sucks i’ve lost it even more, but realistically it’s probably going to turn up in my handbag or something. Shock..

andddd i ended up talking about beads. What an interesting read. 

4 Purple Cotton Bracelet-Purple Tiny Glass Bead or Hope Ribbon Charm Hangs Off of Chain-Epilepsy-Alzheimer’s-Orca-Lupus-Cystic Fibrosis


Matching pieces for him and her - Matte black onyx stretch bracelets with sterling silver anchor charm for her and antique sterling silver anchor charm for him.

Onyx gemstones have been known to possess metaphysical characteristics that promotes self-mastery, inner strength, and balance. Anchors on the other hand, have long been a symbol of stability and hope.

0.8 cm beads are used for him and 0.5 cm beads for her.

These pieces are now available on my Etsy page. See the link for more information : https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/238588971/onyx-bracelet-with-sterling-silver?ref=shop_home_active_1