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Sorry if this has been requested before, but can I have a Saeyoung x MC where he has a bad dream and he's super scared when he wakes up. Maybe mc could comfort him or something. Thanks!

Sure thing! I hope you like it:) 

Beads of sweat trickled past his temple. Breath left his lungs faster than he could inhale. His head ached, and the world around him spun in darkness.

Saeyoung gripped his blanket, almost shoving the cloth in his mouth to stop the sob that wrenched from his throat. Cold air glossed over his skin, eliminating whatever body heat he had acquired from initially waking.

The bed was so cold and…empty.

For a moment, his sleep induced brain convinced him that he was alone in this world. The faint glimmer of his wedding ring and the padded steps in the hall snapped him back to reality. Though they did nothing to stop his trembling shoulders.


You called his name from the doorway, bleary eyes and mussed hair. You rubbed your eyes and yawned, before your gaze turned sharp and worried.

“Hold me,” he managed to speak.The words came out broken, weak, and desperate, but right now his pride was nothing compared to the images in his head. “MC, please–”

He doesn’t even get to finish, as you were already rushing towards the bed and half throwing yourself onto him. You sat on his lap as your legs encased him.

You weren’t so much wrapping your arms around his neck as he was grappling your body against his chest. He buried his face in your shoulder, unashamedly letting the burning tears streak down his cheeks.

Your fingers stroked the hair at the nape of his neck. “Hey,” you whispered. “What’s wrong?”

The statement only beckoned him to squeeze you tighter. He shut his eyes and concentrated on you. The smell of you…how it mixed with traces of your perfume…your warmth emanating from your closeness…your skin…pressed flush against his rooting him in reality.

“Just another nightmare,” he said finally, though he still held you against him.

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Sweet Treat

For @descentofthe-losechesters, who was a winner in the Sanctuary contest, and for @crowleyshellkitten, because it fits with that request as well :)

Summary: You’re working late at Benny’s restaurant when he asks for your opinion about a dessert. Things get out of control in the best way.

Warning: smut

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: I haven’t written much Benny, so I hope you enjoy! XOXO

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Every Time We Touch

I am so excited to participate in Adrinette Month, so I’m going to start with a project I’ve been planning for a while. This is a Soulmate AU for Day 1: Made For Each Other! This is one of the longer ones, so I’ve split it into three parts. I have included links to each part so that they can all be read in sequence. It is also my first time publishing my writing online in about seven years, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Part 2  Part 3

Also available on AO3

Marinette couldn’t picture her parents skin without soul marks on them. Whenever they kissed or touched, her father would leave a trail of light blue on her mother’s skin, and her mom’s touch would leave streaks of red on her father. She would watch in awe as her mom drew patterns on her father’s arms, and her dad kissed strategic patterns on her mom’s skin. They reveled in each other’s touch, making Marinette eager to find her own soulmate from a young age.

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Seasons of Liz

(1969) Elizabeth Thompson, age 18, has left the dirty streets of Brooklyn behind in favor of the polished suburbs of Long Island. Armed with a camera and a cynical world view, she tries to make amends with herself whilst traveling her new home. The idea that she could belong in such a lavish lifestyle seems preposterous, but then again, so does landing a man on the moon. [Reverb 2017]

Happy Reverb 2017 everyone! @l0chn3ss and I had so much fun writing this, and are really excited to present it to you! Check out @rainshatteredsky‘s artwork, I will add a link here when it’s posted. Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoy!

A bead of sweat rolled down the bridge of Elizabeth Thompson’s nose, bubbling at the tip and threatening to drip off the end into her waiting lap, but she didn’t notice. She barely registered the static of the television, the whir of the fan behind her blasting cold air on her neck, or even the chatter through the open window as her sister played outside in the yard; instead, her eyes were fixated on the events unfolding on the screen before her.

Liz wiped sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand and blinked for what felt like the first time in days as Buzz Aldrin took his first steps on the moon, the second human being to do so. Something in the back of her head registered this as the start of some new era, a giant leap for mankind and all, but it didn’t seem all that important , so instead she picked up the glass of lemonade on the end table beside her, cold beads of condensation rolling down the glass to the table below, and frowned at the television as she took a sip.

People weren’t meant to walk on the moon, that’s why the moon was in the sky and her feet were planted on solid earth, and yet there they were, taking the first steps on the ominous grey rock in the sky.

(If she were more honest with herself, she’d admit that she didn’t feel like she was on very solid earth at all.)

read it here on ao3
check out mai’s photography here

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 5

(Act 1: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 )

(Act 2 Chapter 10-18)

(Act 3 Chapter 19+)

Reigen drummed his fingers in nervous rhythm against his steering wheel. His car idled in the parking lot of a small corner shop decorated with grated windows and peeling advertisements for money transfers. He’d cracked the window, but the lot air carried the same stagnant ashy taste as the air inside Reigen’s car. Oil and sodden garbage slicked the asphalt. Chunks were missing where they’d been worn away and never repaved. The whole atmosphere set his nerves ablaze, and Reigen sunk lower into his seat, furtive eyes glancing from the store to the surroundings.

Tetsuo Isari had entered the shop seven minutes ago. The cashier inside, visible from the parking lot, sat at the counter and jammed his thumbs into the keypad of his phone, bored. He yawned once. Reigen took it as a good sign that whatever Tetsuo—or the thing inside Tetsuo—was doing in the store, it wasn’t to the immediate danger of the cashier.

Reigen stiffened. Tetsuo moved into view, setting down a dozen cans of something on the cashier’s counter. The cashier stowed his phone and slid the cans through one at the time. A total rang up. Tetsuo paid, bagged the cans, and turned on his heel. The thing inside Tetsuo neared the door, and in a moment the thing inside Tetsuo would be in the parking lot, standing just in front of Reigen’s beaten up car.

Reigen’s grip on the wheel was deathly tight. For the moment he did not smell the ash in the car, because for the moment he’d stopped breathing. Indecision flooded his mind with a buzz of panic. He debated getting out; he debated confronting the thing while it was here; he debated unlatching the glove compartment and stuffing every packet of salt into his suit pocket.

The bells above the door tinkled. Tetsuo walked out, sagging plastic bag hooked on two fingers. He seemed to be whistling as he checked his watch and moved in slow, easy steps across the lot. Reigen hunched lower while the thing passed, and once again seemed to pay him no mind. It only stopped to loiter by the bus stop opposite the shop opening. Reigen did not know the city bus lines all that well, but he knew from the sign tacked high above the shelter that it was the proper line Tetsuo was meant to take home every day. The thing inside Tetsuo was, if nothing else, headed somewhere in the direction of home.

Reigen twisted his hands against the wheel harder, chest fluttering. He’d soaked the pits of his suit straight through.

“Creepy ghost, waiting for a bus, with soup. Excellent. Great detective work. Glad I could make such an important discovery before this thing…scalds my face off with too-hot corn chowder, or—“

He froze. The bus pulled up at the stop, and Tetsuo vanished into its depths. Reigen could only blink as the doors closed and the bus began to pull away. Then he laughed a single, hollow, panicked laugh.

“—or…asphyxiates me with the grocery bag or slits my neck with the can opener or…yup. Yeah. Whatever.” He hit the gas pedal and swerved out of the lot in close pursuit of the bus. “Can’t wait to find out.”

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‘Live Lokai’ - Find Your Balance

One of these beautiful little Lokai bracelets arrived through the post last week. They are intended to act as a reminder to stay balanced in your everyday life (perhaps a little bit of a placebo effect), which can be easier said than done.

Each element has meaning:

The white bead - Contains water from Mt Everest, the highest point on Earth (from sea level). The reminder: Sometimes you’re on a high note in your life, stay humble.

The black bead - Contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. The reminder: Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful.

The clear beads - In perfect balance on either side, signify that the path for every human life is different.

It’s a shame that silly celebrities tend to wear these with a lack of understanding, but I’d say they’re a lovely reminder of any positive steps you wish to take in the coming year. :)

Meaning of lokai
The name lokai was inspired by the Hawaiian word Lokahi meaning unity and to blend opposites. Lokai is our unique pursuit of finding a mental balance.

Experimenting with lokai
We know you might have the urge to cut open a lokai bracelet and peek inside. We have done it to ensure quality! We inject both the white and black bead with water and mud.

The Black Bead – Stay Hopeful
Sitting directly opposite its white counterpart, the black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, signifying the difficult moments you experience throughout life.

Even through life’s lowest moments, stay hopeful.

The Clear Beads – Keep Moving
The clear silicone beads represent that everyone has their own story. While life has its highs and lows, every point in-between is just as meaningful – these points make up the fabric of your own story. The clear beads remind us that clarity is key in times of joy and sadness.

The White Bead – Stay Humble
Carrying water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, the white bead represents life’s highest moments. Sourced by Sherpas who are native to the landmark, the water is injected into the center of the silicone ball itself. As silicone is a porous material we have found that over time when wearing your lokai the water may evaporate throughout the white ball.

It’s those times when you’re feeling on top of the world, that it’s most important to stay humble.

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Percy, Vex, and #28?

28. “I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it.”

Percy wanders the halls of Whitestone, stone cool under his fingertips as he runs them along the cracks, great gaping things that could swallow him whole if they wanted, but tonight they don’t, so he walks the maze of hallways, the way he does every night when he dares to sleep.

Tonight, Vex is with him. She must have snuck up on him, which wouldn’t be so hard, he thinks idly, not among this pressing blackness, because he’s only human; his eyes weren’t made to see in the dark. Vex matches him stride for stride, legs unnaturally long, creaking as she walks like broom handles.

“Hello, Percival,” she says in a voice not her own, a familiar shadow of a whisper, and he stares at her blankly, standing in the pale, too-bright, empty courtyard under the pale, too-bright, empty sky, looking at her pale, too-bright, empty face, and resigns himself to tonight’s nightmare.

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SamJess... Please... I beg you. Something with paint? Like chilling with some preschoolers and fingerpaints, or some sort of required art class. Please. I have a powerful need.

Sam didn’t think he’d enjoy this kind of date. It wasn’t his kind of thing, but Brady had told him early on that Jess was into art and there was a place just outside of Palo Alto that conducted mini-crash-courses on painting for small events, parties, groups of friends, and couples. Sam was sure the whole idea was really fucking lame, but Jess was this… force.. this incredible energy that had surged into his life and he was willing to take risks to keep up with her. He wanted to make her smile, like he had accidentally on their first date, and watch the electricity in her eyes and her dimples meet as the rest of her face shimmered to light. 

So there they were on their third real date, half way through a crash-session on how to paint a bowl of fruit that was backlit by a tiny lamp. Groups of friends laughed and drank from glasses of wine at their easels, scattered across the open room, as the instructor walked around giving out tips. There were two other couples sharing a canvas each, and then there was Sam and Jess, tag-teaming their own work-in-progress.  Sam was hoping the small beads of sweat collecting across his forehead could be passed off as determination to get the apples to look right next to the grapes, even though he couldn’t mix the paint to get the right shade of purple, instead of what they were really about: hoping Jess didn’t consider this to be the dumbest idea on the planet. 

He side-eyed her, trying to gauge how much fun —if any—she was having, as she added some color to the orange next to the banana. She was grinning. Was this a good sign? Was she only being polite? She was that kind of person, such a great person, so nice, she wouldn’t let Sam feel like he was failing even if he was, he just knew it. This wasn’t a way to gauge the success of the date, she’s too smart and nice to give a hint that it all sucked. 

She caught him staring at her —something he really was not trying to do but it was easy to get lost in the way she moved and how soft her hair seemed— and raised an eyebrow at him, her grin widening. Sam tried to be smooth in his recovery, snapping his attention back to the canvas and bringing his hand thoughtfully up to his chin. 

“Hmm,” he grunted, as if an artist lived somewhere deep in his law-student brain. “Maybe if I add more red here?” The hand that was on his chin reached out to point to the slightly purple apple painted on the canvas and he noticed there was purple paint on the tips of his fingers. “Oh…!”

Shit. His stomach dropped.

Jess began to laugh. 

“Ah, um…can you…?” he began, laughing nervously as he handed her the pallet so he could wipe the purple that was surely on his chin. He swiped the back of his other hand across his face to make sure he got it all, but when he pulled that hand away he saw that there was yellow paint on that one.

Oh, come ON!

Jess began to laugh louder. 

Sam was pretty sure he had never been this embarrassed in his life as his face turned bright red underneath the purple and yellow smudges all across it. There was no question now, Jess had to think this was the dumbest thing a guy had ever taken her to do on a date. She was literally out with a man who looked like a giant child learning to finger paint.

Jess sat the pallet down and grabbed the bottom of her apron. “Here,” she giggled, approaching him. He leaned a bit over so she could reach, mortified until he felt her tug the collar of his shirt to pull him close. Then his stomach dropped again, but for a completely different reason. She used her apron to wipe the paint off Sam’s face (though Sam wondered if his blushing cheeks could just burn it off, at this point) while her other hand gripped his shirt, smiling as she worked. She was close, very close, and Sam just couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of her no matter how many times "You probably look like such a moron! Stop staring at her!” ran through his mind. 

When she was done, her eyes met his and there was the electricity he craved. There was the smile he was hoping for. It didn’t just light up her face this time, he felt it also burn his own, and at the touch of her lips on his he was certain there was a very real jolt throughout his body. 

Well played, he thought as she pulled away. This painting was a good idea.

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i want you to fuck me so hard my eyes pop out of their sockets and then shove them up my ass as anal beads

anyways….. hope you’re all having a nice night

Love the meaning behind these bracelets! “Sometimes you’re on top of the world. Stay humble. Sometimes you’ve hit a low. Stay hopeful.”The white bead carries water from Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on Earth. The black bead carries mud from the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth. Just a little reminder to stay balanced during life’s highs and lows!

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Henry's interview at the library to get his first job there

Mr. Hagesawa looked down at the copy of Henry’s resume in his hands, and then back up at Henry again.

“And you graduated-?”

Henry swallowed around the massive lump in his throat, and hoped that the sweat beading on his forehead wasn’t visible. 

“Two weeks ago sir. This is, um, my um, first interview.”

The head librarian of the Gravity Falls Public Library beamed at him. “And you chose us?!”

“Er, yes,” Henry said, choosing a more politic answer than “you were the first person to call me.”

“Mr. Pines, do you know how long this position has been open?”


The other man slammed his hand on the desk and Henry jumped. “Two years! And do you know how many people have applied?”

Henry was trying to calm his racing heart. “A few?”

No one! Nobody at all! Can you believe it? And now you’re here like, like…like-”

Henry braced himself.

“Like a gift!”

He was not expecting that.

Mr. Hagesawa went on, waving Henry’s resume excitedly. “And you just got your degree? The last time I was in school was thirty years ago! And Miss Trueheart never attended college! She refuses to let me get rid of our card catalog!”

That explained the massive cupboard of tiny shelves that stood immediately in front of the doorway, making it hard and cumbersome for people to enter.

“Son, when can you start? Now? Now would be good, I have so much to show you and we can get your desk ready and-”

“Wait, I’m…you’re hiring me?” Henry asked. He and his friends had all been warned by their teachers in the program that the job market out there was terrible, that it may be months or years before they found a position…

Mr. Hagesawa snorted. “You’re the first person who hasn’t run away screaming at the mention of Gravity Falls. Everything else on top of that is icing on the cake. Of course I’m hiring you! Now, do you have your social security card with you and can you read this packet about your 401K and-”

Henry let Mr. Hagesawa chatter away at him, completely stunned.

Hearth's Warming Con 2016

The time has come! I am getting ready to go to Hearth’s Warming Con 2016 tomorrow!

My vendor stand can be found on the second floor’s vendor area. I will be at table 14.

I’ll have a ton of prints to choose from, including all main 6 ponies and the princesses. I’ll also have a variety of new and older works. Of course you can also pick up a lot of Silly Lyra merchandise including the comic book and some very cute Lyra and Bon Bon prints. Last but not least you’ll be able to buy some very nice bead ponies! Hope to see you there!