BSD: Chuuya, Why Are You Awake?

Hey guys! I know, it’s been a while XD But I finally got enough time to actually write something, and be able to finish it. So, this was a prompt from @a-flustered-paint-appeared who wanted either akuatsu or soukoku from the Christmas prompts. So, I choose soukoku since I love the pairing XD I really hope you like this my friend! I really hope you all like this, and please enjoy!

It had been a long day for the Double Black team. All because they could defeat any threat in the matter of minutes, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t put a strain on their bodies. However, after every one of those missions, they would either be too bound up to fall asleep, or they would fall right to sleep as soon as their heads hit a fluffy pillow. Sadly, Chuuya was not having one of those much-needed days. Even after sharing the hotel’s hot baths with his suicidal partner didn’t relax him enough. Unlike Dazai, who fell asleep right after the warm soak, the red head’s body was so bound up and tense that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get a proper rest. Sighing, Chuuya glanced at his sleeping partner, before quietly getting up and making his way outside. Feeling the cold air of a winter night greet him, the ginger took a deep breath, and slouched down against the walls, drawing his knees up to his chest. Glancing up at the glistening stars, Chuuya was so distracted that he didn’t hear their apartment door opening until someone sat beside him.

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It is not a political belief to say that Donald Trump is sexist, racist, ableist, vengeful and a bully. It is not a political belief to say that he has allowed a homophobic, transphobic misogynist into the White House with him. It is not a political belief to say that he is a liar. Those are not labels anyone chooses for themselves; people qualify for them through their actions. And at every turn, Trump has acted in ways that align with every single one of those words. He has lied so much that his lies no longer have meaning. He’s filled the air with fear and bombast, and it’s no surprise that, breathing in the fumes of a deliberately deceptive campaign, the voters had to resort to feelings over facts. There are only so many times you can hear a man say, “I am your only hope for survival,” before you start to wonder if he’s right.

I am scared for my future in a way I never have been before. I am a young, queer woman of color who works in an industry the president-elect has condemned as corrupt and irredeemable. I am afraid my right to marry will be taken away, which in turn will erode my and my fiancee’s financial stability and our ability to start a family. I am looking back at the privilege I held yesterday, which I was so lucky to gain via Supreme Court ruling just as I reached adulthood, and kicking myself for not taking seriously the idea that I might lose it. Early Wednesday morning, I went to bed terrified that the future I’d only just started to seriously conceive would be taken away unceremoniously.

And at the end of the day, I am not the most exposed or in danger here. I am not a Muslim, or an immigrant, or a young man of color, or even a very visible Latina. The political machine that secured marriage equality (and with it those myriad familial rights that make it important in practical, rather than simply emotional, terms) is mighty, and I have faith that it will protect that right fiercely, and ultimately restore it if it does get put on hold.

So today, I reserve the deepest part of my mourning for those groups whose rights are not defended the way marriage equality is. I’m setting aside whatever energy I can to fight for those who cannot do it alone. If you are lost, scared and uncertain about what you’re going to do, I am here. I can’t offer solutions right now, but I can hug you and feed you and keep you hydrated. I can give you a place to sleep and an endless supply of silly television if you need to just tune the world out for a while. And as soon as you’re ready to fight, I’ll be right there with you.

Because it’s not a political belief to say that people of color, queer people, immigrants, non-Christians and refugees have rights. It’s not a political belief to say that bigotry is wrong, and that our nation is better when we stand together. It is not a political belief to say that the things Donald Trump has promised to do as president are unconstitutional and diametrically opposed to the principles of our nation. And it’s not a political belief to say that if you voted to make this happen, you have deliberately put a very large swath of this nation in acute danger. Those are just the facts.

Kaitlyn Jakola, senior copy editor Mic, What comes next: Facing the facts in the Donald Trump era 

For those asking how I pick my colors!

Well, for the most basic of basics,

There’s a lot more than these, obviously, and you can look ‘em up pretty easily.

So off of the 2 colors I chose as an example for Complimentary, (red-orange and cyan, refer to the images above), I’ll make a 7-color palette

Here is what it looks like when I use the above color palettes,

notice how the one on the left, where I moved along the color wheel while choosing the colors, looks more vibrant than the one on the right, where i stayed stationary on the color wheel.





And that’s how I choose my color palettes.

Hope this makes sense to all of y’all.

Also even I tend to stray from the above. I always make sure to balance any cool color with a pinch of something on the warm spectrum and vice versa, just to put balance in the color palette.


Beth Greene Appreciation Week: day 5; favorite quote
The thing is, I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be a f r a i d. But this morning Daddy said something, “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?”

THE MAGIC OF DISNEY  a playlist. This playlist features some of Disney’s most beautiful pieces throughout the decades and serves the purpose of reliving our childhoods (and yes, I have included one song from Tangled). I’ve tried my best to choose the most iconic songs (both instrumental and lyrical, specifically the princesses) so I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 

Tracklist: So This Is Love (Cinderella), Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast), Overture (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Short Hair (Mulan), Farewell (Pocahontas), Under The Stars (The Lion King), The Second Star To The Right (Peter Pan), Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty), Main Titles (The Little Mermaid), Nemo Egg (Main Title) (Finding Nemo), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Waiting For The Lights (Tangled).

Listen here.

[TRANS] ~ Q: If you could spend the very last day on Earth with a member, who would you choose and why?

Jimin: Rather than just choosing one, I want to spend it with everyone! It’s more meaningful if we spend it together, right?

Jungkook: Can’t choose either. I’ll spend it with everyone. 

Suga: Can’t choose either. It’s the best if we all spend it together. 

Rap Monster: Suga-hyung. Although we spend a lot of time together, it seems like we still have a lot we haven’t said to each other so I hope we’ll eventually say them.  

J-Hope: If we die, we’ll die together! If we live, then we’ll live together!

V: Jungkook! No reason in particular. I just want to play together. 

Jin: I hope all seven members can be together. It’s impossible to choose only one. 



Short comic: Bubunhanten

Translator & typesetter: cilecile

Cleaner: ch40

Proof reader: slivabel

Bubunhanten is my goddess. This is my second work translating stuff. I realized that I still have a lot of things to learn. I need  to thank Chao and Umetan for helping me translating this short comic from Bubunhanten. Now I can’t wait to see her last work of Kagehina doujinshi AND I’M SURE WE ALL NEED A REHAB FOR THAT RIGHT?!

I know that translating stuff isn’t easy. But since now I’m working on one, I can say that it’s so fucking hard. I mean, probably you know what they’re talking about but it’s so hard to choose the right words so the readers could understand what’s going on without changing the meaning and the context. So I guess, I need to appreciate translators work more! :D

Well, hope you guys enjoy :D

I’m trying to make new habits.
Good habits.
Healthy habits.
I’m trying to enjoy the thought of what tomorrow brings.

When I wake the first thing I do is write a few lines about how I feel. The inkstains somehow prove that I’m awake, and this is real.
I take a great big gulp of good clean air, and fill my lungs with the new day.
I drink some water, try to cleanse my system, and my soul a little quicker.
I say her name three times, and hope I’m in her dreams.

Every day is a new beginning, another chance to make things right.
A chance to chase away the dark desires of night.
Every morning is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled.
Every tomorrow is a today waiting to be lived.
Every tomorrow brings me a new reason.
Every day I’m trying to choose the pen over the poison.
—  giraffevader - One day at a time

eyesfullofscars  asked:

About the swordfight between Lexa and Roan I think it's the other way around. She takes Roan's sword from him and then someone throws him a spear or something. If you look really closely at 2.07 you can see Roan's unique long handled sword strapped to his back which look exactly the same as the one Lexa has in her left hand doing that fight (the one in her right is 100% her own sword) So my hopeful theory is that the scenes are purposely clipped together in the wrong order :)

I think you are 100% right!!! I was confused to why Lexa’s other sword seemed to be too big for her hand and this makes 100% sense now! So, I think that THIS is how the fight sequence went down, and in editing they switched the sequence.

Let’s first start out with entering the battle. I believe that Roan and Lexa were able to each choose a weapon. Roan chose a spear and Lexa chose a sword. Now, each of them were given each other’s selections as well. Meaning that during the duel there were 2 spears and 2 swords. As they went onto the arena they made a weapon selection. They both chose to start with swords. While there were two men in the arena that held onto the spears until, or if, they needed to be used. 

I think that once Lexa is kicked to the ground that is when she takes Roan’s sword… or shortly after, that is when you see her fighting with the two sword and Roan takes a spear. This is why you see the ‘bulky sword’ in Lexa’s hand. It is bulky because it is meant for a larger hand – Roan’s hand. 

So, this makes me think EVEN MORE that Lexa prevails over Roan. This is another reason why we shouldn’t trust editing. :D 


make me choose: nicksmiller asked ▷ meredith grey or peyton sawyer
“ I want to believe in it all again. Music and art, fate and love… and I want to believe that I’ve made the right choices and I’m still on the right path and there’s still time to fix some mistakes I’ve made. I guess I want hope. ” 

klance wedding ideas w/ @alienxginsberg

hunk would take like 80% of the wedding planning on himself. like,,, hed stress out about the cake, the color scheme, the venue. he shows up to a lunch meeting w keith n lance with a 3" 3-ring-binder STUFFED w planning materials like fabric swatches for the table cloths and color swatches for the scheme. and like TONS of pictures of venues n examples of other ppls weddings. 

and keith and lance are like SO indecisive about everything and one day during a meeting where theyre not even paying attention to hunk, hunk just. slams his hands down on the table and is like “LISTEN! you fucks better choose between the mauve or mahogany color right FUCKING now or i swear to god im making the color scheme for your wedding halloween colors” and lance just looks at keith with such a hopeful expression like. “babe. HALLOWEEN COLORS

and hunk is like “i was SO not serious about that. do not choose the halloween colors” and lance is like “oh im sorry hunk i wasnt aware that this was YOUR wedding” and keith to dispel tension is like “i mean….im not opposed to halloween colors”

hunk: why do i even try

hey y’all! so after i moved and had no connections or job prospects i found this free app called ‘jobmagnt’ which was suuuper useful and i thought i should make a post about it bc it really helped me and could help you too. it’s great bc it cuts out all the middle-men and is the most straightforward tool to use, literally all you do is search for jobs and choose whether or not to apply to the ones that come up by swiping left or right just like tinder and taking it from there! also their website/app store page does a much better job at explaining it in detail than i could tbh so that’s here and here! have fun i hope y’all find success and financial security!

  • My hope and prayer for this blog is; that anyone who sees a content from this page is inspired to lead a life not familiar of the world, I pray that the maker and the lover of your soul, Jesus, is the only one whom you choose daily. I hope and pray that the struggles of life, whether it be depression, sexual sin, family problems, insecurities, money + physical + emotional problems, school, false idols, and even marital issues are not held by the world but by the Maker of this world. I pray for your successful future endeavors, your daily steps, the right husband or wife to come your way, and I pray that you continue to put Jesus first when you have found that special person til death do you part. I pray for your spiritual growth. I pray that you remain steadfast in Christ even if it's so SO hard attimes. I pray that you are wise, full of knowledge, and know the voice of the shepherd as He becomes the one you listen to and seek approval from. I pray that you become whom God made and called you to be.
  • I pray for all of you in the manner I pray for me.

If y’all were wondering why I didn’t do a daily tarot, this is why. I made my first sigils today, and I kinda got caught up with them–shamelessly. I guess I should have put “my house” but, my room fits just fine for right now. I’m practically the only one in the house affected by anything and my room is my sanctuary. (Hate going to bed paranoid…) I’ll have to remake it when I get to Seattle, though…

One looks like an angry face… XD!! Now to activate and make more sigils! 

Don’t expect me to stand up for the pledge in school today. I don’t care how many stares or looks I get, I don’t want to stand. And this terrifies me to do because I am a POC and go to a VERY predominantly white school in Florida(btw screw you) and I KNOW that there’s going to be controversy. There’s already been some at my school in the past.

Most of the teachers who teach out at my school strongly believe that as an American citizen you HAVE to stand for the pledge and be grateful for the “strong and brave men and women who died for us to have our freedom, and the ones fighting for us right now.”

But as an American citizen, should I not be able to not stand for the pledge if I choose because that’s my right? I’ve lost hope in our country and it really saddens me.

Sammy Imagine: Requested

Can you do a blurb where you are best friends with one of the Nebraska boys or cam and Nash. You like them but your scared to tell them and they end getting a girlfriend and you can do the rest! Thanks!🙈

Sorry for the wait love!! I really have no excuse except I was trying to save this request because I really liked the concept. I had the option of making a mini story out of it by choosing just one guy you requested. Or make an imagine based off this request for each one of these guys. I decided on just picking one. If this imagine gets enough notes I’ll do a part 2.

Thanks for the request darling! Hope you like it 😘

“Goaallllllll!!!!” You throw your hands up in celebration and run around Sam’s room in victory. It was currently right around 3 am and Sam and you were having a FIFA tournament on the Xbox 360.

Only about an hour and a half ago were you at home sleeping, but Sam called and woke you up. As soon as you answered the phone he didn’t even give you a chance to complain about waking you at the ungodly hour of the night.

He said something about not feeling well and Nate wasn’t there and he needed you immediately. Remembering exact words is difficult when you’re still half asleep. Nonetheless, you yanked yourself out of bed and threw a sweatshirt on over your sports bra and spandex and drove straight there.

Turns out Sam wasn’t ill as in a cold or something; he was suffering through some anxiety about the new album he was releasing soon. It put a lot of stress on Nate and Sam, and you did everything you could to help out when you weren’t busy with your own job.

Lately though, things had changed for you. After many sleepless nights together, and long days in the studio, you had developed feelings for Sammy boy. Never would have you pictured it in a hundred years.

The only boy from the whole group you ever even thought was near your type was Swazz, but you didn’t like him or anything. The last you pictured yourself ever liking was definitely Sam. But the world works in strange ways.

Luckily, you could put those feelings aside and continue on living. You were good at that sort of thing thank God. Sam would never go for you in a million years. You weren’t even going to attempt to screw up the best friendship you’ve ever had with anyone in your life ever.

That didn’t stop you from the harmless flirting you and Sam always did to each other. It was just harder now to ignore the extra thump in your chest when Sam came from behind you and tackled you on to his bed.

“You only win because I’m stressed. Remember that Y/N.”

“Oh yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep tonight.”

“You will.”

He sends you a wink and you hide your slight blush by attacking him with a pillow.

“Oh it’s on,” he smirks and a grabs a pillow.

“Come get me babe.” You tease and run out of the room and down the hall. You squeal when you turn and see just how close Sam is to catching you.

He whacks you in the back with the pillow, which forces you to turn around and face him to fight.

The pillow war continues for another solid 20 minutes and it has finally reached their master bathroom with a huge garden tub. Seeing an opportunity, you slowly but steadily make Sam start to back up.

“Ahh!” He yelled as he toppled backwards in to the empty tub. You put your foot on his chest in victory and he laughs his adorable laugh at you and your trickery.

Before you know it, he pulled you down on top of him with your faces inches away.

“Let’s just sleep here tonight, okay?” You question him with a slight grin on your face.

“Fine by me.”

With that the two of you make yourselves comfortable. Sammy was laying with has back on the wall of the tub and his feet dangling over the edge. You lied perpendicular to him with your body draped over his. You smile slightly at the sight and drift off to sleep.

*the next morning*

“I swear you two are weird as shit.” Nate shakes his head with a chuckle as he walks in to the sight of you and Sammy in the bath. “At least you have clothes on I guess.”

You both laugh as you volunteer to go make breakfast.

While you’re waiting to get biscuits out of the oven you check your snapchat and see Nate posted something. Opening his story, you see a photo of Sam and yourself in the bath asleep. He captioned it the same thing he told you two “weird as shit.” You shake your head and continue with breakfast.

Not too long later Sam comes out and surprises you with a kiss on the cheek. It wasn’t something completely random for Sam but it still have you butterflies.

“What was that for?” You turn and ask him.

“For always being there. Seriously thank you.”

*2 weeks later*

That was the last kiss or heart to heart you had with Sammy before they started filming their new music video, which you were in by the way.

Things didn’t go as planned though, when you paired up to be Nate’s “girl” in the video and not Sam’s. Instead some bitch with extensions got to be. And you hated it.

Constantly, they were touchy and flirty and never stopped for anyone or anything. It made for a good video but off screen was just getting ridiculous. She was literally feeding him now, and your blood was boiling.

Extensions, as you referred to her, had already work with Sam and Nate before, so she knew exactly what to do to get Sam. They started dating like 3 days in to shooting, and you’ve been dead since .

“You’re really had at hiding jealousy you know that?”

You whip around to find Nate standing there with a smirk on his face, and evil in his eyes.

“What are you up to Maloley?”

“No Y/N, it’s what WE are up to.”

Make him jealous. The most obvious plan in the book was Nate’s grabs scheme. But you were desperate so you went for it.

Timing was perfect because it was time for Nate’s solo to be filmed and that meant you were to dance around him and end the solo with you pushing him up against the hood of his car and kiss him. Sammy and Extensions had to sit and watch the whole thing.

When the camera started rolling you brought out all your dirtiest moves, and Nate played right along. At one point you did a body roll perfectly in-sync with Nate and you knew it had to look hot.

If this didn’t get Sam, he’s officially blind.

Again sorry for the wait babe 💙😘 hope you enjoyed. Sorry for typos it’s 1:30 am.

I need at least 50 notes for a part 2! ❤️❤️thanks guys.

Request are closed.

Elsa and Anna: US National Costume



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As promised in my Facebook page, here’s Elsanna cowgirls. :)

Of course it’s not really the national costume for USA because it’s a melting pot right? I had a hard time in choosing the costume for representing the country… OTL

As some had suggested me, I picked this one. Hope you like it my American followers and friends. :D