Beth Greene Appreciation Week: day 5; favorite quote
The thing is, I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be a f r a i d. But this morning Daddy said something, “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?”

[TRANS] ~ Q: If you could spend the very last day on Earth with a member, who would you choose and why?

Jimin: Rather than just choosing one, I want to spend it with everyone! It’s more meaningful if we spend it together, right?

Jungkook: Can’t choose either. I’ll spend it with everyone. 

Suga: Can’t choose either. It’s the best if we all spend it together. 

Rap Monster: Suga-hyung. Although we spend a lot of time together, it seems like we still have a lot we haven’t said to each other so I hope we’ll eventually say them.  

J-Hope: If we die, we’ll die together! If we live, then we’ll live together!

V: Jungkook! No reason in particular. I just want to play together. 

Jin: I hope all seven members can be together. It’s impossible to choose only one. 


Question by a 9 year old kid to Josh & Liam: In real-life, if Jennifer was to pick one of you as a boyfriend, which one of you would win ?

Josh: I was hoping you were going to ask this question.
Liam: It’s a good question. I’m also very happy that you’ve asked it. I’m glad we get to go down this road right now.
Josh: I think she would choose Liam … Stanley [laughs] … Josh: I do.
Josh: He’s Australian … … well, you’re a criminal. No, there’s so many reasons why she’d choose Liam and not me, self-confidence being one of them obviously. I have so much !
Liam: Jen and Josh share a bond that is pretty unlikely.
Josh (cuts him off) : It’s brother and sister really  … Liam: It is, yes … Josh: That’s the answers.
Liam: We’re all like brother and sister … Josh: We’re all like brother and sister
Liam: It’s a big happy family.
Sam: Now it’s incestuous.
Josh : And now it’s incestuous. I am from Kentucky.

Then to Jen: Who would you pick as a real boyfriend out of Josh and Liam ?

Jen: I can’t, you ask me to choose between two people who I honestly feel related to, I could never choose, they are both perfect.
Elizabeth: She is not prepared.
Jen: Liz ! we are great together.
Interviewer: They actually went with Liam.
Jen: They went with Liam, what about Liam? Interviewer: Liam went with the whole brother and sister thing, we are a family, we love you all but Josh said Liam.
Jen: [pfff] … everyone [laughs]


eyesfullofscars  asked:

About the swordfight between Lexa and Roan I think it's the other way around. She takes Roan's sword from him and then someone throws him a spear or something. If you look really closely at 2.07 you can see Roan's unique long handled sword strapped to his back which look exactly the same as the one Lexa has in her left hand doing that fight (the one in her right is 100% her own sword) So my hopeful theory is that the scenes are purposely clipped together in the wrong order :)

I think you are 100% right!!! I was confused to why Lexa’s other sword seemed to be too big for her hand and this makes 100% sense now! So, I think that THIS is how the fight sequence went down, and in editing they switched the sequence.

Let’s first start out with entering the battle. I believe that Roan and Lexa were able to each choose a weapon. Roan chose a spear and Lexa chose a sword. Now, each of them were given each other’s selections as well. Meaning that during the duel there were 2 spears and 2 swords. As they went onto the arena they made a weapon selection. They both chose to start with swords. While there were two men in the arena that held onto the spears until, or if, they needed to be used. 

I think that once Lexa is kicked to the ground that is when she takes Roan’s sword… or shortly after, that is when you see her fighting with the two sword and Roan takes a spear. This is why you see the ‘bulky sword’ in Lexa’s hand. It is bulky because it is meant for a larger hand – Roan’s hand. 

So, this makes me think EVEN MORE that Lexa prevails over Roan. This is another reason why we shouldn’t trust editing. :D 


make me choose: nicksmiller asked ▷ meredith grey or peyton sawyer
“ I want to believe in it all again. Music and art, fate and love… and I want to believe that I’ve made the right choices and I’m still on the right path and there’s still time to fix some mistakes I’ve made. I guess I want hope. ” 

klance wedding ideas w/ @alienxginsberg

hunk would take like 80% of the wedding planning on himself. like,,, hed stress out about the cake, the color scheme, the venue. he shows up to a lunch meeting w keith n lance with a 3" 3-ring-binder STUFFED w planning materials like fabric swatches for the table cloths and color swatches for the scheme. and like TONS of pictures of venues n examples of other ppls weddings. 

and keith and lance are like SO indecisive about everything and one day during a meeting where theyre not even paying attention to hunk, hunk just. slams his hands down on the table and is like “LISTEN! you fucks better choose between the mauve or mahogany color right FUCKING now or i swear to god im making the color scheme for your wedding halloween colors” and lance just looks at keith with such a hopeful expression like. “babe. HALLOWEEN COLORS

and hunk is like “i was SO not serious about that. do not choose the halloween colors” and lance is like “oh im sorry hunk i wasnt aware that this was YOUR wedding” and keith to dispel tension is like “i mean….im not opposed to halloween colors”

hunk: why do i even try

Elsa and Anna: US National Costume



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As promised in my Facebook page, here’s Elsanna cowgirls. :)

Of course it’s not really the national costume for USA because it’s a melting pot right? I had a hard time in choosing the costume for representing the country… OTL

As some had suggested me, I picked this one. Hope you like it my American followers and friends. :D 


Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day Two: Favorite happy (or) AND sad moment(s)

A specialty for these two is bittersweet moments. Those scenes that have you ‘aww-ing’ and 'oooh-ing’ one second and sobbing in the next. Not all of these moments are particularly happy but they are moments that made me (and others) happy. Either because they were great character moments, relationship moments, or both. It’s those moments we wanted, hoped and waited for followed by soul crushing sadness. Their 'I love you’s’ during a goodbye, Regina doing the right thing but having to lose Henry in the process; Henry choosing and believing in Regina, but it’s their last moment together; Regina finally reuniting with him but not really having him back. It’s those big moments where you really saw the growth in them and their relationship but with some kind of underlying pain attached to it.

The electronics of your heart, see how fast they fall apart - A Cullen & Inquisitor mix.

/listen/ (download version) - other fanmixes

i. Chelsea Wolfe - Moses (Can you help me carry the burden) // ii. Purity Ring - Cartographist (Lie down to keep our heads from falling, give in to these seeds beneath me) // iii. Lorde - Biting Down (The electronics of your heart, see how fast they fall apart) // iv. A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums (I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons) // v. Nine Inch Nails - Even Deeper (All the hands of hope have withdrawn could you try to help me hang on?) // vi. Tool - Parabol & Parabola (We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment, we are choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside) // vii. A Perfect Circle - Magdalena (One chance, one kiss, one taste of you my magdalena) // viii. Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love (Wait for the night that comes to hide, your eyes black like an animal) //  ix. Oh Land - Lean (Did you carry me when I was asleep, now you’re out on the bottomless sea so it’s time for you to lean on me) // x. Hayley Richman - Heart Shaped Box (Cover) (She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak, I’ve been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks) //  xi. How To Destroy Angels - Keep It Together (There is a voice inside of me, I don’t know and all his words keep echoing a tremolo. I’ve been waiting for a sign to appear, he has a message waiting for me)

[INFO on Youngjae’s 20th/21st Birthday Hashtag] Please read and spread. Thanks ♡

Dear followers, 

Many of you were asking me which hashtag we should use for Youngjae’s 20th/21st birthday on Sep 17th. My friend told me that apparently right now, JYPE twitter staff would choose a simple hashtag to trend or choose their own hashtag. I know that there are several hashtags were being used right now for Youngjae’s birthday this year but I think it’s a good idea to just stick to one hashtag so it is easier for that hashtag to be trend on his birthday since everyone will be using the same hashtag. Yesterday, @/got7&co has tweeted a birthday hashtag for Youngjae so after did some discussion, we decided to choose #SunshineYoungjaeDay as Youngjae’s birthday hashtag this year.  

But, if @/jypnation decided to use a different birthday hashtag, then we should use the hashtag used by jypnation. Let’s hope they will use the same as us.

Thank you. 

Don’t forget to support Youngjae’s 20th/21st Birthday this year on Sept 17th by helping to trend #SunshineYoungjaeDay worldwide at 12AM (KST). 

*Help spread the word. Thank you  ♡

*Feel free to share this message on twitter & Instagram. Thanks 

by: fuckyeahchoiyoungjae


Day 3 – Favorite Quote(s)

“I will accept it when that darkness comes and yanks me to oblivion. I will accept it when I no longer exist. I spent over 50 years stuck in a cell; poked, prodded, tortured. By all rights, I had no hope of ever getting out, but I clung to it. So, I will accept it when it’s done… not a minute prior.”


there wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose he did what he had to do

VHope's love for each other.
  • {130612} 2 COOL 4 SKOOL Jacket Photo Shooting ─ Question:“Whose photo do you think came out the best?”. V: “Me? Hoseok-hyung. He came out really well~”.
  • {130925} After School Club ─ Hanbyul:“If you have the chance to date one of the members, who would it be?”. V: “I'll choose J-Hope”. J-Hope: “I'm your J-Hope. I'm your Hope!”.
  • {131022} SBS MTV BTS Rookie King EP.08 ─ V:“You like me, right?”. J-Hope: “Ah~ of course. Now I'll ask something serious. That time you enjoyed the kiss, didn't you?! Your lips were trembling”. V: “Of course!”.
  • {140212} BTS Skit:SOULMATE ─ J-Hope: “Let's talk about our ideal type”. V: “Hyung, what is your ideal type?”. J-Hope: “Me? A girl like you”. V: “Really, hyung? Seriously?”. J-Hope: “I WANNA BITE YOU!”.
  • {140407} BTS 'Just one day' MV Shooting Sketch ─ J-Hope to V:“Why are you shaking up my heart~”. V (pointing at their shirts): “Couple item”. J-Hope: “Couple item”. V: “Yeah”. J-Hope: “Yeah, good”.
  • {140614} BTS Idols' True Color Radio ─ Question:“If you have the power to one day, what do you want the members to do?”. V: “Hope-hyung, for one day I want to place him in a nearby park because he's always bullying me. He always pisses me off”. J-Hope: “That's because he's too cute”.
  • {140416} MBC Show Champion 'Just One Day' Mission ─ J-Hope to V:“You're so cute”.
  • {140513} Rap Monster 4 Things Show ─ J-Hope to V:“Hold my hand. It's too loud over here, we need to go out. You're a cute dongsaeng”.
  • {140518} BTS Yinyuetai China Job Documentary ─ J-Hope (talking in chinese):“Woah~ cute”. V: “I don't know what you mean”. J-Hope: “This kid is causing troubles in J-Hope's room early in the morning. His name is V! He's really cute”.
  • {140904} BTS American Hustle Life EP.07 ─ Jin:“Who do you want to be in a team with?”. V: “Hopie-hyung and me! Just the two of us!”.
  • {150330} CTV News An Niu Han Liu BTS Interview ─ J-Hope:“Our V, he's very charming. He's also very talented. Anyone who looks at him would really want to have this man. He has that type of charms”.
  • {150509} MBC Show Champion Backstage ─ V:“What would we do if we can't do live during our comeback”. J-Hope: “Ohjaja~ You did well~”.
  • {150706} BANGTAN BOMB BTS Waking-up HOBI CAM @ Dream Concert ─ J-Hope (touching V's chin):“It's soft, it's alive”.
  • {150720} BANGTAN BOMB OMG J-Hope World Aegyo King (With V) ─ J-Hope:“Hey you... I love you”. V: “Uh?”. J-Hope: “Shall we?” (eat the churro together). V: “I don't want to”. J-Hope: “It makes me think of Rookie King”.
  • {150813} V App BTS Live In Tokyo ─ J-Hope:“You seem very interesting, V-ssi”.
  • {150909} V App BTS Gayo Track EP.03 ─ J-Hope:“Kim Taehyung-ssi, since when did you become so pretty? Since last year?”.
  • {151013} V App Run BTS! EP.06 ─ Jimin:“To ask for forgiveness, you can tell me your sin now”. V: “Among the members, there's Jung Hoseok. We share a room. It happened yesterday; Hoseok took a shower and came out being naked. When I saw his...”.
  • {151123} V App J-Hope & V '화양연화 PT.2' Concept Photo Reaction ─ V:“V and J-Hope”. J-Hope: “That's right, VHope”. V: “The best combination”. J-Hope: “VHope”.
  • {151219} MBC Show Champion Backstage ─ V:“I personally felt that you and Jin-hyung became more good looking lately”. J-Hope: “Why are you like this~ Let me give you a hug”. V: “I want to tell Jin-hyung not to loosen up because I think Hoseok-hyung will take your place!”. J-Hope: “Why are you like this~ Come here!”.

Hello, yes, my name is cazz and you should probably never do art trades with me because it takes me years to finish them… OTL

ANYWAY, Arlyn and I decided to do that thing where we redraw one of the other’s pictures. I had loads of almei to choose from, so I chose to do this one of her’s because I’m a sucker and needed another excuse to draw kisses lol. I really hope you like it, Arlyn!! I’m sorry it took me so long to do ;A;

OK. I caved and made a gemsona. If you follow my casual blog, you probably know by now that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE Steven Universe, and since my birthstone and my other favorite gem (Garnet and Lapis Lazuli) were already taken, I had to choose another one of my favorites– Bornite, which up until now I knew as “Peacock Rock/Ore.” (It is kind of funny, since my last name is Bourne.)
Her gem is on her right temple, and her weapons are darts. She’s not very good at fusing, but she likes it that way. She’s very positive and modest!

I had a real fun time making her! I hope you guys like her too : )

And I know people say you shouldn’t get tied down at such a young age -I’m not asking you to marry me right here, right now- I’m just saying I would rather have one hand to hold every single day than a string of nameless faces. If that’s what it means to be young, then I hope I grow old quickly.
—  I would choose you over any summer fling- S.L.O.
6 Life Lessons You Learned From Gayle Forman Novels

Have you ever felt like if you could just have your favorite author be your life coach, everything would be a lot easier? That’s how we feel about Gayle Forman, who seems to give us all the feels AND all the wisdom in everything she writes. Read on for 6 life lessons you’re sure to find when you open her books!

1. “Life might take you down different roads. But you get to decide which one to take.”

––If I Stay

The ultimate story about the decisions we make for ourselves and those we love: After an accident in which she loses her family, Mia is caught between life and death and must choose whether to stay…or leave.

2. “Some things you can’t control, no matter how hard you try.”

––Where She Went

The sequel to IF I STAY throws you right back to a place of intense feels, but this time from the perspective of Mia’s boyfriend, Adam.

3. “Anything that kills hope is a sin.”

––I Was Here

Cody’s journey to find out why her best friend Meg decided to end her life asks a difficult but eye-opening question: can you ever know what’s truly in someone’s heart?

4. “Everything is happening all the time, but if you don’t put yourself in the path of it, you miss it.”

––Just One Day

Allyson’s spontaneous decision to spend the last day of her European tour with a free-spirited actor named Willem in Paris is the perfect reminder that you need to get lost to truly find yourself.

5. “Love is not something you protect. It’s something you risk.”

––Just One Year

After Willem’ 24 hours with Allyson in Paris, he spends an emotional and transformative year searching for her that reminds us of the choices we make, accidents that happen, and the happiness we can find when they intersect. 

6. “Celebrate the liberation of being honest, of being brave, maybe a little stupid.”

––Just One Night

Allyson and Willem’s reunion is everything your heart needed and more, and will likely give you the urge to travel the world to find a love like this.

What life lessons have YOU learned from a Gayle Forman book?

anonymous asked:

Mom it's my birthday tomorrow and I was hoping you could write a little fic you can choose the prompt but please make it happy!! Thanks!

Mom it’s my birthday tomorrow and I was hoping you could write a little fic you can choose the prompt but please make it happy!! Thanks!

You got it, bby! I sure hope you enjoy this one! I had so much fun writing it, omg. It’s so fluffy that you better go to the dentist right away once you finish reading this ;) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIDDO!!!!!! I hope you had a great one! <333

Alexander had been writing poetry for a while. Ever since he knew what poetry was, really. It was what had earned him acclaim back on the island, part of what had propelled him and his mother to a better life. It was what had caught his teachers’ attention in America, more than one of them suggesting he enter various contests.

All of that was great. All of that was amazing. But there was one thing he really needed his poetry to do for him: win over the boy he’d fallen in love with.

For once, he was afraid poetry would fail him, but he was not throwing away his shot.

He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the Washington’s house, straightening the collar of the shit Laf had selected for him. Laf burst through the door without knocking. If Alex hadn’t been so anxious, he’d be annoyed.

“I have a few final touches to make, mon ami,” Laf said before setting various tubes, bottles, and brushes on the counter, seating himself on the tiny bit of empty space still next to the sink.

“That looks like more than a few,” Alex mumbled.

“The lights on that stage are harsh, we’re just going to, how you say, counter them, by, how you say, contouring––”

“Laf! I said no makeup!” Alexander whined, knowing that now that Lafayette had gotten out the makeup, Alex was certainly doomed to wearing at least some of it.

Laf pouted at his foster brother. “But mon ami, boys can wear makeup!”

Alex rolled his eyes. “That’s not my issue with it and you know it. I just…” Alex shrugged.

“Just a little,” Laf begged.

Alexander sighed. “Fine, but really only a little!”

Laf grinned and descended upon Alex’s face. Alex shut his eyes as various powders and brushes tickled at his face. After a few moments Laf instructed him to open his eyes. A wand quickly layered black goop on his upper eye lashes.

“Laf, I fucking swear if––”

Lafayette held up a hand mirror and Alex gasped. “It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any?” He touched his face as if he needed to make sure there was indeed something on it. He felt a little powder rub against his fingertips before Laf swatted his hand away.

“Do not ruin it before we even get in the car!” Laf whined. Lafayette then brushed Alex’s hair back and gathered it into a much neater bun than Alexander usually wore, quickly misting the smaller boy’s head with some spray before he could even open his mouth to protest it. “You will thank me later,” Laf mumbled.

When he was finally done creating his masterpiece, he gave Alex a few moments alone in the bathroom, telling him to be downstairs in three minutes so they could get there in good time.

Alex looked in the mirror and actually smiled at his appearance. Maybe makeup wasn’t so bad after all. He just hoped that it would go over well with everyone, especially––

“ALEXANDER!” Lafayette hollered from downstairs.

Alex rolled his eyes. Three minutes had not passed, but he wasn’t about to argue with Laf. He didn’t have the energy or the time.

Alex patted his jeans pocket, checking for what felt like he fiftieth time that the piece of paper was indeed still there. He took a deep breath, a chill racing down his spine. He was ready.

Fifteen minutes later (five of those minutes had been spent convincing George and Martha, for the third time that very evening, that Alex really preferred for them to miss this performance and yes of course they could come to all of the ones after this, but please don’t come this one time oh my god.), Laf pulled up in front of the coffee shop that held poetry open mics every other Friday night.

He street-parked a bit down the road, which Alex was grateful for. A quick walk would help him keep his head clear. As they got closer to the coffee shop, Alex heard a very familiar booming laugh echoing in the street.

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” Lafayette shouted, confirming the smaller boy’s prediction.

Next, Alex heard someone cackling–– that had to be Peggy–– and someone else chiding the cackler. Angelica, no doubt. Soon they were within a few feet of the shop and their friends’ forms were fully illuminated.

Herc, Angelica, and Peggy were sitting on the wooden bench right outside the main entrance and Eliza was nervously shuffling her feet on the grey sidewalk beside them. And there, leaning against the side of the building, was the boy this was all for.

Alex felt all of his words rush out of his brain, his mouth, his fingertips, when John Laurens looked up and smiled at him.

“Hey,” John said as if everything was normal.

“H-hey,” Alexander stammered back while trying to remind himself that, to John, everything was normal. He had no idea what was about to happen. He had no idea how Alexander really felt.

Alex patted his pants pocket again, sighing in relief when he heard the paper crinkle. It was all there, on the page. All he had to do was read it, deliver it with the same passion he did all his poetry.

It’d taken him over a month to write. Normally, his poems were finalized within a week. But this one was different.

He’d needed it to be discreet–– John wasn’t out thanks to his lovely father’s very public homophobic views–– but still obvious to John that it was for him.

Fifty-one drafts later, he had it.

The group squealed over Laf and Alex’s arrival before filing into the coffee shop, where they crowded the around the counter.

Alex let out an annoyed sigh when he saw who was working.

“Ugh, I gotta listen to your whiny-ass poetry again?” Jefferson drawled as he scribbled a name on a paper cup.

Alex rolled his eyes. “I’ve gotta be in the same room as you outside of school?”

“Weak comeback, Hamilton. You’re clearly off your game. Didn’t peg you as having stage fright,” Jefferson snickered.

“I don’t,” Alex said, slamming a five dollar bill on the counter. “I’m just annoyed at seeing your face.”

Thomas laughed as he took the money and gave Alex the change. Alex didn’t need to order. Thomas already knew.

Alex dropped the change in the tip jar. “Treat James to something special,” he said with a wink.

Thomas grew slightly flustered at the mention of his boyfriend and mumbled something about not telling him how to spend his tips.

Alex took his order from Jefferson and joined his friends at a table near the front of the shop, facing the mic setup.

Peggy had a brownie, M&M cookie, and cup of hot chocolate in front of her, Angie had a biscotti and tea, and Eliza had a latte.

“Peggy, what the fuck?” Alex said with a laugh.

“Angewlica swaid swed tweat me,” she said around a mouthful of food.

“That is not what happened,” Angelica muttered. “I lost a bet.”

“The bet was whether or not Peggy could convince Dad to double her allowance this week,” Eliza said.

Laf and John walked over to the table, drinks in hand. “And how did you manage that, mon ami?” Laf asked Peggy.

She snorted before forcing herself to swallow the cookie crumbs still in her mouth. “I told him that because of inflation it really wasn’t fair I get the same amount that Ang and Eliza did. I made up a fancy chart and everything.”

“I only stopped getting an allowance last year,” Eliza said before taking a sip of her latte. Ever since Eliza had started babysitting for a family after school, her allowance had stopped. Alex knew that was the way it was in the Schuyler family: allowance until you’re old enough to work. Peggy had one year left.

“So not only did I get it double for the week, but for the rest of the year.” She stuck her tongue out at Angelica. “And she said I couldn’t do it.”

“Dad has grown weak, clearly,” Angelica said, crossing her arms and playfully glaring at her sister.

Just then, someone tapped the microphone. “Greetings, y'all!” Maria Reynolds stood behind the mic, beaming. “We’re getting started in a few minutes, so please make sure y’all put your name on the sign-up sheet if you want to read tonight. And please remember our rules: no more than fives minutes on stage. If you can read ten poems in that time, be my guest. If you can only read half of your poem in that time, sorry, that’s all ya got.”

She winked at Laf, would had once tried to read an epic poem he’d written in French. He grinned and winked back at her.

“I’ll be back up in a few to start the open mic!” With that Maria bounced off the stage and came over to say hi to the group. The way Eliza blushed when the other girl approached them did not escape Alex’s notice. He was just too anxious to do much about it at the moment, but made a mental note to bombard Eliza with texts about it later.

He separated from the group for a moment and went to the table with the sign-up sheet on it. There were five people signed up so far. He put his name in slot seven, hoping one last person would put theirs in six, though that rarely happened. He was actually surprised that someone had put their name in the first spot. Usually people put their names at the bottom, hoping someone else would be the dreaded first.

With that, he took his seat and watched Maria chat with Laf and the Schuyler sisters for a few more minutes before glancing at her watch and gesturing toward the stage.

Soon she was behind the mic again, going over the rules one last time, then calling up the first reader, a girl in Angie’s class, Abigail Smith. Alex like her well enough, but she was dating that jerk, John Adams. She could to so much better. It made no sense to him.

When she was done, John jumped to his feet, applauding her, not sitting down until she tugged him down next to her, clearly embarrassed. He was called forward next, and read a gross sonnet about his fair maiden. It took everything Alex had in him not to barf.

After that Laf read something pretty in French. Well, pretty to anyone who didn’t understand French. It was an inside joke between him and Alex, for Laf to get up there and read beautiful-sounding nonsense because everyone always clapped and murmured about what it could possibly mean when Laf exited the stage.  

After that a girl in Peggy’s class, Sybil Ludington, was called to the stage. She straight-up recited a poem about feminism that had Angelica hollering by the end. Alex knew the poor girl would be ambushed by the eldest Schuyler afterward.

After her, Peggy, who typically abstained from reading poetry at these things since, as she once put it, she “didn’t write much and never cared to,” was called up, much to everyone’s surprise–– even Maria seemed shocked as she read off the younger girl’s name.

Peggy floated up to the stage with a smug smile, wiping cookie crumbs from the side of her mouth with her sleeve before reading.

“Ahem,” she said into the microphone. “This one goes out to my oldest sister.” She winked at Angelica. “Love you, Ang!”

“I have a feeling I won’t love you after this,” Angelica muttered.

“Roses are red, now you’re all blue, because Dad decided to give me more money than you.” She cackled into the microphone and flashed a peace sign at Angie before bouncing off the stage.

Angelica looked just about ready to strangle her sister, but thankfully the table, and Eliza’s hands, separated them. Angelica calmed down when Alex’s name was called.

Alex took a deep breath and walked up to the stage, where he’d stood countless times before, in front of this very group of people. In front of John. But he’d never done this before. He shut his eyes for a moment, praying to whoever may be listening that his words would work for him, just like they always had. If they failed him now, the heartbreak would be unimaginable.

So he didn’t think about that. Instead, he pulled out the paper and smoothed down the creases with his hands. He smiled at the audience, pretending it wasn’t the most nerve wracking moment of his young life so far.

“This is something I wrote called ‘Sitting by the Pond With You.’” He took another deep breath.

“We wait all afternoon, you and I.
We watched the heron fly by and I try not
to look into your eyes because if I do,
damn, I might just drown.”

He took in a shaky breath. He couldn’t bear to look at John, who undoubtedly knew he was the other person in the poem because who the hell else did Alex spend entire afternoons with by a pond?

“The longer we sit there, looking
around, the more and more I think about
how it’d feel to have your hand in mine,
to be able to call you mine.”

He wanted to disappear because oh my god he was actually doing this and this was not a game, this was not a game.

“But I push that thought aside and chat
idly with you as we wait to find
that turtle, who pops her head up sooner
or later, having the audacity to never be on time.

“I hope you know that I would swim the depths
for you, that I’ll stand or sit by you in any
and everything you do because when I think
about how you make me feel, I begin to feel more

real than anyone else has ever made me
and I just think that maybe, maybe,
what I’m feeling has a name, but it’s the very
thing that we daren’t speak, so I will simply say this to thee:

When we’re sitting by the pond
everything except your name, your laugh, escapes
me; and I can only pray to whoever may listen
that, together, we can speak love’s name.”

Alex had never rushed off a stage faster in his entire life. He couldn’t even look at John. He ran right out the back door and gulped in the burst of cool night air, his shaking hands gripping the wooden railing of the back deck.

He could vaguely hear someone else, who’d put their name way toward the bottom of the list, being called up to read, and felt slightly bad he’d run out, but pushed it from his mind. He could deal with that another time, when he was certain he hadn’t scared away the closest friend he’d ever had.

The door opened and closed. Someone cleared their throat.

“Hey, um…” John Laurens.

Alex’s breath hitched as a hand came to rest on his shoulder and gently turned him around. John was crying. Alex’s eyes widened. He’d made John cry. That was the very last thing he ever wanted to do.

He opened his mouth to stutter out some explanation, to somehow make this all better, but he was stopped by John’s lips grazing his own. By John placing his hand behind Alex’s head, pulling him closer. By John sobbing into their kiss.

Alex pulled away and looked at his best friend, confused by the kissing and crying at the same time.

“I’m happy, Alex,” John said, knowing what Alexander was thinking. “I’m so damn happy.”

Alex’s lips were on John’s again. They stood out there, kissing, as poetry floated around them. And with every kiss they shared, they dared to give their love its name.

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Day 2 - Cigarettes

Day 3 - Problems Raising a Child

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Day 5 - PTSD

Day 6 - Addiction

Day 7 - Domestic Fluff / Ghosts / Handcuffs (your choice)

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