Camila vs Lucy / Camren vs Laucy

Now that Laucy has been confirmed that they were on and off, I wonder how Camila felt during those times where Lucy visited Lauren while on tour and spent a couple of days with them. It must suck seeing your ex being happy with someone else especially when you haven’t really moved on yet. No wonder Camila was so emotional during the tour, looked sad most of the time and distant, spending her time with people other than the girls especially when Lucy was around. She must have avoided them to spare her feelings. (I’m not saying camren/laucy is the only reason why C was being distant, just saying it could have been a big part of it. I mean imagine how suffocating that is.)

On the other hand.. I admire how patient and understanding Lucy was towards Lauren. Distance might be a factor for their on/off relationship but knowing and seeing your girlfriend with her rumored ex/girlfriend might have caused trouble in paradise. Say even if Lucy is not the jealous type, I know for a fact that a part of you will always be insecure when you see your loved one being affectionate with someone else, especially when you know they have something in the past. Camren for sure was a threat to Laucy’s relationship all through out the years.

As for Lauren, I don’t know. Maybe she was so conflicted with her feelings. Only she can affirm that. But maybe Lucy was her safe place (childhood best friend, always there for her no matter what, very supportive) and Camila was her spark (chemistry at first sight, it-felt-right-kind-of-thing but risky and challenging at the same time) Well, we aren’t really sure whether Camren was also an on/off thing while Laucy existed, but whoever Lauren ends up with, I hope she chooses the right one. No matter if it’s Camila, Lucy or none of the two.

Bottom line is that I hope Camren will find their happiness because they are clearly hurting right now. I just wish to see them happy even if it meant for them to be with other people. (But of course, I’m still waiting for Camren to rise from the dead)

And for all Camren Shippers - Don’t get sad. I mean if Laucy rumors are true, there’s no way Camren ain’t. Camren might not be together anymore but hey don’t you dare stop believing, you know Camila never allows that to happen. We are pretty solid. Let’s just wait for our time! We didn’t come this far for nothing. 🌚🌹👀

ps. I’m not saying I totally believe what that article stated about Laucy being real and over because I’m taking a lot of things to consideration but my thoughts above only applies if they truly are telling the truth and not just for PR. Whether you believe their statement or not, is all up to you. But my point is that we should not stop believing in camren and most importantly we all shouldn’t be fighting over this.

Knocked Up Part 7 - Requested (All)

datshai said:knocked up part 7 please?? x 

Please read the other parts first if you haven’t:  Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 

Let me know what you think :)

“Are you okay? Do I need to carry the baby?” Ashton has his hands already full, carrying your bags and all the baby stuff.

“No, it’s fine. She’s sleeping, don’t want to wake het up”, you look down to the sleeping baby in your arms.

“Let’s get the two of you inside”, he drops everything in front the door to open it to let you in. You enter first, Ashton follows you. You gasp seeing how the living room is decorated. They worked with pastel colors: light pink, blue, purple and a dash of yellow. Welcome home Francesca you read on the huge banner, hanging on the wall.

“Guys! This is amazing”, you smile to the boys standing under the banner.

“We needed to welcome our new girl home”, Michael is the first one to come to you.  

“And what about the old girl?”, you pout to him.

“To be honest, the new kinda rubbed off her”

“Oh thanks”, you scoff.

“Just kidding”, he kisses your temple and then softly kissing Francesca’s head.

“How is my princess?” Calum whispers, coming over to you. “She’s so beautiful”, he says admiringly, his eyes gliding over her little face. “Just like her mommy”, he smiles looking up at you, you smile back.

“I made tea”, Luke speaks up. He strokes your little girl over the head. “Do you want a cup?”

“I would love some. I’m going to put Francesca down first. See you in a sec”, you get to the nursery. Ashton is already there, putting away everything you brought back from the hospital.

“You gonna put her down?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to, but I have to. I can’t hold her forever, and letting her go here, is a good start”, you lay her down in her white crib. “And my arm is numb”, you giggle.

“She’ll be fine here”, he wraps his arm round you and you sigh. “If she gives as much as a whimper, we’ll be at her cot in a second”, you give her both a last look and go back to the living room. “It’s good to have you back”

“Don’t know if you’ll feel the same in a week”

“Why not?” he looks at you with surprise.

“A baby cries Ash. You won’t get the sleep you’re getting now”

“I don’t mind. I already love the girl. And if it gets too much, I’ll just crash at Calum’s”, he chuckles.

“Wish I could do that too”

“You can, just ask”, you give him a thankful smile.

“Guys? Could you all sit down?”

“Are we in trouble?” Michael asks and you can see Luke getting worried.

“No”, you wait until they sit and are quiet. “You know my mum is Francesca’s godmother”, they all nods. “Well, she needs a godfather too and I was thinking maybe one of”

“One of us?” Calum looks at you.

“Yeah”, you smile at him. “But the problem is”

“Just one of us”

“Yeah and I don’t know how I need to pick. So if you could pitch to me who would be the best godfather, that would help so much”, you sit down. “Let’s hear it. Michael?”

“I would be the cool godfather. Anything and everything she needs, she can come to me”

“Don’t know if that’s worrying or reassuring. Luke?”

“I don’t know. I’m good with kids, I guess”

“My turn. I love my little princess and I will forever. I will always be there for her and stand by her side”

“That’s really nice Cal. Ashton?”

“You live with me, I think that’s enough of an explanation”, he smirks.

“Seriously dude, you’re not going to win with that”

“It’s not a competition Mike”

“It is Calum”

“No it’s not”, they all start to biccer. You sit back and let the show play in front of you. You try to keep a serious face, but you start to giggle and laugh.

“What are you laughing at (Y/N)?” they are all looking at you.

“You don’t need to argue about it. You can all be godfathers”

“Really?”, Calum asks immediately. All their eyes are glued on you, holding their breaths for your answer.

“Really. I know you will all protect her with your life”, they jump up and crash themselves on you. “I’ll take that as a yes”, you laugh, trying to get out of their embraces.


“Hey”, Calum speaks softly. You’re watching Francesca in her crib, she’s sleeping like only babies can sleep. You’re softly rocking in your rocking chair, your phone’s resting in your laps. “I think I’m in love with her”, he smiles dreamy as he watches her too.

“I have a feeling you’re not the only one”

“She’s going to break a lot of hearts”

“I hope she chooses the right ones and doesn’t make the same mistakes as her mom”

“We’ll make sure boys who doesn’t have the right attentions will disappear”

“Disappear?” you giggle.

“Don’t know what I would do just yet, but I know I’ll keep them away from her”

“You still have a couple of years”, you laugh.

“Thank god, she better stay little for a long time”, you nod agreeing, looking back at her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing”, your eyes flash over your phone before you look at Calum.

“You’re lying”, he kneels before you. “Just tell me”

“I texted him when she was born, but I didn’t hear from him. But now he asked for a picture”

“Did you sent one to him?”

You nod yes. “He’s her dad”


“What if he decides he wants her in his life”

“That’s his right babe”, he gently strokes over your knee.

“But what if he wants to take her from me? He has a good job, he has money, he has his own house. He can give her things I can’t”

“It won’t get that far, I promise”

“You don’t know that”, the lump in your throat gets bigger.

“Don’t worry about it now, let us look at it step by step. It was just a picture, maybe for his mum, we don’t know. Promise me you won’t worry about it”

“I promise”, you tell him, but you know you just promised him something impossible.