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Kouha, Koumei, and Kouen as a guest of honor during a festival in their royalty!crushes country? How would they gain their favor amidst all the excitement? Also thank you for all of your hard work. It makes my day to read your responses!

Ren Kouen

  • Sitting up straight and puffing out his chest, Kouen tries to a good impression. He applauds exuberantly at the end of each festival song and dance, but refuses to participate himself—he’d look like a fool, which was the last thing he wanted to do in front of his crush.

Ren Koumei

  • Koumei watches the festival with great interest, but prefers to remain a spectator, until he’s swarmed by elderly women who tease him and provide cultural context in equal measure. He humors them, answering all their questions…until they ask who he was staring at so amorously (though they already knew the answer.)

Ren Kouha

  • Kouha is in the middle of the action and having the time of his life. He may not know the traditions, but that doesn’t deter him one bit. Kouha catches his crush’s eye as stumbles through the steps of their dance, fitting in just fine in spite of their differences.