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some parisian things from a parisian who was just in paris for ml fic writers part 3
  • couples show a lot of PDA in Paris, it’s just a thing
  • there are less Starbucks than you think, Parisians prefer old fashioned cafes at the side of the road
  • the McDonald’s menu is INTENSE. they have something called McCafe that sells a bunch of french pastries
  • there is this under appreciated pastry called a viennoise au chocolat and it’s absolutely delicious. it’s basically bread with chocolate chips in it and it’s so good but no one ever talks about them
  • 100g of chouquettes (about 11 sugar covered choux) are only about 3 euros, they are some of the cheapest pastries
  • a baguette is about 2 euros
  • half a baguette is 50 cents (don’t ask it’s weird)
  • students end school at different times every day.  they also start school at different times every day usually
  • after school sports are not really a thing, you end at around 5 or 6 anyways
  • after school people like to hang out at cafes for a little before doing homework
  • dinner usually starts at 7:00 or even 8:30
  • sometimes people have a snack at 11, we like to eat
  • the metro is actually super quick at times and is the most common form of transportation
  • metro stops are also reasonably clean and beautifully tiled
  • if there is a movie being promoted you’ll see it everywhere from busses, to taxis, to metro hallways, to big circular posters that turn in the streets
  • thrift shops are called antiques stores. that’s how bratty a parisian is
  • tight clothing is in style, nothing very loose
  • the roofs of paris are insanely fun to climb on and jump across even if you’re not a superhero. it’s very much a thing
  • there are parks in every part of paris, it’s a very popular place to spend your time. teens usually go there right after school and after hours like at midnight

*arrives at thanos’s house*

thanos: welcome to my humble abode! 

me: nice place ya got here thanos! *sniff sniff* aw man…i got so sweaty driving here…i stink

thanos: no worries i can give you a bath

me: thanos you don’t have to be THAT friendly, i can run one myself

thanos: well i must be a courteous host i want to help you

me: i can give myself a bath thanos!!!



Word: “Shoes” by @overflowingpassion

Juh thank you so much for reblogging my messy stuffs all the time😂 and I really, really, really love your tags^^💙 This comic is definitely for you!!

This unexpectedly turned out as a Modern Cinderella AU where the prince finds the other prince(not princess) in less than 5 minutes (since they’re neighbors) with a lost slipper(not crystal shoes) and some help from his elite doggo(not fairy godmother) lmao


A cute little first year Draco somehow coming across the Mirror of Erised.

Him looking in the mirror and seeing none other then Harry standing there beside him.

He’d probably keep shifting his eyes from the mirror to the empty space beside him, wondering what this mirror is.

He notices that Harry and himself are smiling and holding hands.

And he gets a sense of sadness.

So now whenever he has free time, or when he’s particularly sad, he goes back to the mirror and just sits in front of it watching himself and Harry smiling, with a sense of longing.


When he comes back to hogwarts for his second year, he goes to the same room the mirror was, only to find that it isn’t there anymore.

And as upset as Draco is over it, there isn’t much he can really do.

So he forgets about it.

But he doesn’t stop thinking about what he has seen.


The next time he comes across the mirror though actually isn’t until 5th year. He just found out that his father is getting sent to Azkaban and by no other than Harry Potter himself.

And although he never had the best father, Lucius is still his dad, so he can’t help but to hate Harry and want to get revenge.

One day while angrily walking the halls,after getting into a nasty fight with Harry (because he’ll always call him Harry when he’s by himself) he comes across a room.

Curiosity getting the best of him he goes inside, and wouldn’t you believe what he sees.

The same mirror that he hasn’t seen since first year.

Draco gets a little wary because he doesn’t know what he’ll end up seeing.

But he decides to walk towards it anyway.

And at first, it’s just him, smiling at his real self, but then Harry appears, looking the same as he’s always been, with his unruly raven black hair, and those emerald eyes.

They’re holding hands again, but something different also happens. The Harry in the mirror leans over and starts kissing mirror Draco. And Draco starts kissing back until they’re full on making out.

Let’s just say that the Draco watching this ensue, has to rearrange his pants a little.


6th year is by far the worst year so far, as far as Draco is concerned.

And all because of that stupid task the dark lord has given him.

He isn’t eating, he isn’t sleeping, he’s barely even functioning.

Only using what little energy he has left to put on this facade so that people don’t get suspicious.

It’s a few hours before dinner and he’s just aimlessly strolling through the halls, a shell of the person he used to be.

He comes across a familiar door, and decides that ‘fuck it’ I’m going inside.

And as expected, that damn mirror is still here.

He doesn’t expect the images he sees to be any different from the other times.

But he’s wrong

Sort of

Cuz instead of him and Harry making out, or groping each other, it’s him sitting on the floor crying, full on sobbing, while harry is there to comfort and soothe him.

And he doesn’t realize how much he needs that. How much he wants it.

So he just sits in front of the mirror crying along with his other self.

The only difference being that he has no one to comfort him.

And it isn’t until a few hours later, while he’s holding his wand toward the real harry, that he should of just asked for help.

Maybe then he wouldn’t be bleeding to death on the bathroom floor, wondering when this nightmare that is his life will end.


Yeah so I though this was just going to be a little thing but it got longer than I expected it to. I was going to end it with Draco seeing the mirror in his final year (8th year), and Harry being with him and then him confessing, but I kept rewriting and it wouldn’t come out right so I left it at this. Sorry! But if anyone’s willing to give this a happier ending please feel free. I’d love to read it!

adaringdrinkerofdreams  asked:

an idea: amnesiac!loki who's been rescued by the grandmaster from the void between worlds and groomed into a pet as docile as he is deadly and who doesn't understand why the "thunder god" in the arena is looking at him with such desperation. and just for funsies, the grandmaster lets loki fight thor in the arena :-)

“Having fun, precious?”

“Always,” Loki laughed brightly from his perch on the arm of the long sofa where his master sat, one bracelet covered arm stretched out along the back of the couch behind the Grandmaster’s head. The other hand lazily played with the edge of his gauzy silver-edged lavender cape.

His master looked up at him with his usual fond, indulgent smile. “There’s a new fighter in the arena tonight. Could be quite the contender,” he teased. “He might be able to beat your favourite.”

Loki tossed his elegantly arranged hair with a smirk. “Unlikely. The beast will kill him as easily as he does the rest.”

The Grandmaster casually caressed the bare leg closest to him. “I don’t think the Hulk cares to be referred to as the beast, my darling pet.”

Loki shrugged, uncaring. The beast was of no concern. As long as he kept winning.

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ilovereed  asked:

Make a fanfic where tj gets mad at reed for flirting with cyrus

Okay I don’t really agree with Reed flirting with Cyrus but I do think he was making fun of TJ’s crush, so here’s my take on your request and that, if you will.

TJ was walking to his locker when he spotted two people together he absolutely never expected to see: Cyrus and Reed. He frowned, forgetting about his English assignment and making his way over to the two boys, who were chatting by Cyrus’ locker. Reed was leaning over him, so close it made TJ uncomfortable. He was grinning down at Cyrus with an expression which either meant he was teasing, or he was flirting; TJ couldn’t tell. As he got closer, it became more and more obvious: He wasn’t blatantly teasing him.

“Cyrus,” TJ said, approaching the boys. Cyrus smiled at him and then TJ turned to his best friend. “Reed,” the name came out more testing than he had expected. Reed gave him a subtle wink.

“I was just telling Cyrus how cool it is that he’s running for class president,” Reed explained. “You definitely have the face for it,” Reed said quieter. Cyrus half smiled, half frowned, unsure of what Reed was really saying. TJ completely frowned. “A lot of the kids running are average looking, you know? But you’re pretty. You’ve got great hair, your eyes, like,” he leaned in closer, “sparkle, and you’ve got an amazing smile. I’d vote for you just based on your smile,” he grinned. TJ wanted to push him. He wanted to grab him by his jacket and yank him down the hallway. Wanted to slam him into the lockers and tell him to back off. But he didn’t, he grit his teeth and watched Cyrus.

He had gone pink, and started playing with the stars of his backpack. “Thanks,” he said lightly, his eyes darting to TJ quickly, then back at Reed. TJ tried to make himself seem unbothered, but he was sure it was obvious.

“I mean it. I like watching you talk, you could be a really great class president.” He was so close to Cyrus, TJ’s nails were digging into the palms of his hands.

“Thanks,” Cyrus replied, still blushing, “I hope I do too.”

“You’re really smart about politics and stuff,” Reed continued. “You wanna meet up outside of school sometime? You could teach me about politics, why some people feel certain ways or do certain things,” he said.

Cyrus frowned, “That’s psychology.” He looked back at TJ for a moment.

Reed shrugged, “Yeah that’s like political though, right? You can teach me that stuff, you’re smart,” he grinned. “Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll just listen to you talk. I’ll tell you if your speech is good, if you look good, maybe pick out your outfit?” He looked down, “You should definitely wear khakis, they look great on you. And a red shirt, the one with the white collar? You wore that last week and I—” That was it, TJ stepped in, slamming his hand into Reed’s chest. He stumbled back slightly, laughing.

“Sorry, Cyrus, I forgot Reed and I had a project due next period that we haven’t finished,” TJ lied, probably very poorly, as his voice was thick with anger. He didn’t wait for Cyrus to respond, or even look at him, he pushed Reed down the hallway by his chest. When they were around the corner, he grabbed his shirt and spun him around, “What the hell,” he hissed. Reed was smiling at him. “I’ll punch you,” TJ warned.

“No you won’t,” Reed replied.

“Why were you flirting with him?” TJ pressed.

Reed faked a gasp, “Flirting? No!” TJ pushed him against the lockers, causing a few people to turn their way. “Relax, man,” he had finally stopped smiling, “I’m just messing around.”

“Messing around? You’re fucking with him, fucking with his feelings,” He hissed.

“Oh really? Am I?” Reed pushed TJ off of him, but stood his ground against the spot TJ had trapped him in. “How can flirting with a straight guy fuck with his feelings? He’s straight, right? That’s why you have no chance?” Reed tested.

“You’re a dick,” TJ said, pushing him back into the lockers and then letting go.

“Seriously, TJ, why are you mad?” Reed brushed down his shirt, “All you do is rant about how he’s definitely straight, think about it,” he pushed.

“Are you high?”

“You’re mad. You watched him react to the things I said and it made you mad,” Reed explained.

“You were repeating shit I’ve said,” TJ shot back. “His smile? That red shirt? Dumb shit I’ve said.”

“Funny shit you’ve said,” Reed laughed. “So? It’s not like he knew that. It’s how he reacted.”

“Which was what?”

“He got nervous, he blushed, he kept looking,” he poked TJ in the chest, “At you.”

TJ shrugged, “So what?”

“So he’s not straight, you idiot,” Reed concluded.

“That’s not proof,” TJ said. Reed shrugged and turned to walk off but TJ caught him, pushing him up against the lockers once more. “And if you flirt with him,” TJ pushed him harder, “Ever again. I will hit you.”

Reed rolled his eyes and pushed him off, “Make it so I don’t need to.”

  • Adolin: so you guys have magic too?
  • Elend: yeah, but you can only access it if you’ve snapped.
  • Adolin: Like you have to learn how to snap? With your fingers?
  • Elend: no like you undergo a trauma so intense it breaks you in your soul. And it has to happen before you reach adulthood
  • Adolin: And there are...a lot of magic people?
  • Elend: I guess relatively yeah, but once people figured out the soul breaking thing they would have their kids beaten & stuff to try and snap them. I’m not saying it was a great system, but it produced results
  • Adolin: shit, OK but after you snap then you can just be magic?
  • Elend: No then you have to figure out what metal to eat and that metal will give you a power.
  • Adolin: you guys have to eat metal?
  • Elend: Yeah. Or you can stab yourself full of spikes but that option is way more complicated. Why, what do you guys have?
  • Adolin: I think you have to say some words, and then you have an invisible friend who can turn into any kind of weapon at any time. And some other powers too but it depends on the words and the friend.
  • Elend: …some words? That’s it?
  • Adolin: Yeah. But I’m not magic so I don’t know exactly. We just kind of figured this stuff out like in the last year
  • Elend: Um, your magic people. Do they all have kind of tragic backstories?
  • Adolin: I mean I doubt they would all tell me
  • Elend: but you don’t, right?
  • Adolin: well my mom died when I was a kid wait why am I telling you that?
  • Elend: I’m trying to figure out if you guys have snapping too
  • Adolin: Well my dad...and my brother...and my aunt...and my wife… shit you think they all have broken souls? Like my whole family?
  • Elend: Bro i didn’t know you were like the only person in your life who’s not magic
Tending an Injury: Surprise Tangled!Au

So like… nobody asked for this. I didn’t even ask for this. But somehow I just got… really involved in the Tangled!Au. I did some sketches of it, but I also really wanted to recreate the healing scene. So hope you enjoy! <3 The fanfic is just below the read more!

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inkedinserendipity  asked:

*jazz hands* taakitz 25??

seren, you should know i laughed out loud when i saw which prompt you’d gone for because yeah this tracks.

25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.” (Taako and Kravitz)

Taako’s had dreams like this before, with unfortunate frequency. He’s got no shortage of nightmare fuel and yet somehow it always comes back to this—to Kravitz, gone.

It happens in different ways—Kravitz leaving after a fight; Taako unable to open a gateway to the astral plane on the Day of Story and Song and leaving him trapped; the Hunger taking Kravitz out while Taako is aboard the Starblaster, consuming him. There are a million ways he could have lost Kravitz, a million ways he could still lose him, and somehow this wasn’t one of the possibilities that lingered in his mind. After defeating the Hunger, it seems silly to think an attack from some other being could take Kravitz from him. When he wakes from dreams where a necromancer gets the better of Kravitz and Lup and Barry, they’re easy to laugh off—easy to forget. Taako losing Kravitz because of something Taako does or some stupid fight they have seems far, far more likely. Kravitz is functionally immortal, his existence is bound up with a god, half-celestial and half-astral all at once.

So this shouldn’t be happening, Kravitz shouldn’t be in danger and Taako’s heart shouldn’t be in his throat, but he is and it is.

Lup and Barry come to Taako after Taako spends hours trying to call Kravitz’s stone of farspeech, after the dinner he made them is long-cold, after Taako rang Lup and Barry’s stones incessantly because eventually someone has to take his call and tell him what the fuck is going on, tell him where his husband and his sister and his brother are.

Lup and Barry come, and they stand in Taako’s kitchen, and Taako can hear the exhaustion in Barry’s voice, can read between the lines of the careful language he uses to explain the situation and knows that there’s plenty out there for him to have nightmares about still.

There’s a cult of necromancers in Neverwinter. Powerful ones. A cult that wanted a reaper as part of a ritual. There’d been a fight—one Kravitz should have won easily, except he was thwarted by the cleric the cult had working with them, thwarted because the house the cult is working out of was suddenly blessed so strongly that Lup and Barry were blasted back to the astral plane instantaneously.

Kravitz is trapped. Kidnapped. And Lup and Barry can’t help him, but Taako can.

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