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Positive Vibes (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you do something for Bucky that brightens his bad day. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,923

A/N: An anon requested “reader does something spontaneous and romantic for Bucky that she doesn’t even think of as romantic! And he is just floored by her thoughtfulness.“ This takes place between “The Little Things (Part Two)” and “The Get Together”. Here’s a track list for the CD mentioned in this part. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you for existing and being my very best friend/editor

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You’re stuck in the middle of a heated debate between Bruce and Helen Cho about gamma radiation when Steve walks by. He scans the dining hall, letting his gaze fall from one table to the next, before balancing his tray in one hand so he can rub his forehead. As he does, he discreetly scans the room for a second time, reminding you of a lost child desperately seeking out his mother.

"Steve!” You call out, making sure your voice is loud enough to be heard over all the chatter. He turns around immediately, a relieved grin overtaking his features as he walks towards you.  

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Unraveled | Part 2| NSFW


Summary: After the rule was broken, you didn’t know what the status of your relationship with Tom stood. It worried you until one night.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, cursing, light bondage

Word Count: 2,165

A/N: YOOOO! It’s a long one!! Sorry if it’s too long for you, but I wanted to develop it properly. This is 18+ only, please! I also dabbled in the sug*r da*dy/s*gar b*by relationship like last time. Smut begins after the forth break, but anyways enjoy and give me feedback. This was also requested by two anons to continue part one of Undone. Part 1 can be found here.

It had been a week since you both broke the rule. He hadn’t reached out to you since that afternoon when he dropped you off at your apartment. You just accepted that you would have to find someone else because you understood that things might just be weird between the two of you. It was until your cell phone rang and Tom’s name appeared on the screen. You took a big sigh and then answered.

“Hello,” you said.

“Come over,” he said, and then hung up.

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anonymous asked:


this could go in a number of angsty directions but I think we all need a little healing from the last episode. hope you like, anon!

Clarke is running as fast as she can. Through the dinner lines, past the bewildered workers. They do not understand her haste, but all that matters to Clarke is that Bellamy Blake is laying all the way across camp, drugged and injured, and she is not there with him.

She had waited all evening for him to wake up, and just as he was coming to consciousness, she’d been called away. An attack on the Eastern Front, they’d said. It looked as if armies were moving in. The moment she found out it was a false alarm, she’d turned around and booked it back.

Clarke feels the radio dig into her waist as she runs. She’d used it to speak to her mother just minutes ago, who had instructed her to keep Bellamy awake at all costs. Despite the heavy painkillers he’d been given for his concussion – potential concussion, Clarke reminds herself – it’s crucial to keep Bellamy conscious.

At last, Clarke bounds into the medbay. Miller catches her eye as she approaches. He’s standing next to the head of the bed, and Monty is perched at Bellamy’s feet.

“Is he awake?” Clarke asks, out of breath. The question is needless, she realizes. Bellamy’s eyes – though heavily lidded – are open.

Miller says, “He’s only responding to Monty’s voice.”

Bellamy does, in fact, appear to be blinking sluggishly at Monty. “Keep talking to him,” Clarke directs. “We have to keep him conscious.”

Monty gives a curt nod. To Bellamy, he says, “Can you hear me, Bellamy?” There is no response. “Bellamy, can you understand me?”

This time, Bellamy lets out a groan. Clarke bites her lips. God, she hopes he’s not in any pain. Please let him be okay.

Monty keeps his voice steady.  "Bellamy,” he says, “I need you to answer me. Can you hear me?“

One slow blink, then another. Then Bellamy opens his mouth. “Yes,” he croaks. 

All this time, Clarke realizes she’s been holding her breath. 

She’s not the only one relieved. She hears Miller sigh, sees Monty’s shoulders drop. He says, “Do you know who I am, Bellamy?”

Bellamy blinks again. “No.“ 

If Monty is surprised, he does not show it. In fact, he catches Clarke’s eyes, mouthing, “It’s the drugs. Don’t freak out.”

“I’m not,” Clarke mutters.

Monty asks Bellamy, "Do you know where you are?”

Bellamy squints his eyes. After a beat, they roll up to the ceiling, lids slowly beginning to droop. Clarke’s stomach clenches, because is he passing out again, oh God—but then he says, “Ship.”

Clarke looks at Miller. “Ship?” Miller mouths, eyebrows lifted.

“He is right,” Clarke mouths back, unsure why she feels so defensive.  

Monty continues, “Can you tell me your full name?”

“Bellamy Blake,” he answers.

"Good. How old are you, Bellamy?”


“Do you remembered what happened?”

Bellamy blinks. He once again looks up to the ceiling, his lids relaxing. With a start, Clarke realizes now he is losing consciousness. “He’s passing out!” she yells.

At her voice, however, Bellamy’s eyes open and snap to Clarke’s. She freezes at their scrutiny.

“Bellamy,” Monty’s voice is quiet, “Do you know who that is?”

His gaze lingers on her face, hard and unyielding. After what feels like a lifetime, his examination softens. “Yeah,” he murmurs.

"Can you tell me her name?”

“Clarke Griffin.”

“What do you know about her?”

Bellamy says, “Princess.”

Clarke is unable to stop the grin that forms on her face. Bellamy, too, is looking at her, a soft smile tugging at his lips. 

Clarke tests her voice on him. She asks, “Can you hear me?”


“Are you in pain?”


Clarke looks at the slight strain in his eyes, the way he holds his right arm. She crosses her arms. “Are you lying?”

A pause. “Yeah.”

She shakes her head. “You’re an idiot,” she informs him. Because he is. How stupid he was to go after that damn moose – falling off a tree in the process – just to ensure that their people would not starve this winter. Stupid, stupid hero.

Clarke knows she’ll have time to yell at him properly later. For now, she says, “Where does it hurt?”

“Shoulder,” he says.

A distant part of Clarke thanks the universe that it’s not his head. She peels back the blanket to peek at the joint. It’s bruised, but not deformed or swollen. “You’ll live,” she says. “I can’t give you more medication.”

“Okay,” he says.

She looks at this boy, hurt and battered and lying about his pain, and the relief that floods her is unreal. “Glad you’re safe,” she murmurs.

The radio suddenly begins to beep. A crackle, then, “Clarke, we’ve got a situation on the Eastern Front. Confirmed movement towards the Ark, over.”

And just like that, her relief dissipates. She looks at Miller and Monty, seeing her own fear reflected in their eyes. 

“Go,” Monty says, “We got it here.”

Clarke nods. She knows she needs to leave, as much as her heart wants to stay. She says into the radio, “I’ll be right there, over.”

Clarke leans down beside Bellamy, locating his good hand to give it a squeeze. “I’ll be back soon, okay? Don’t do more stupid things.”

To her surprise, Bellamy squeezes her hand back. “Okay,” he murmurs. His eyes are heavy, but he still holds the soft smile. “Love you.”

Clarke doesn’t know how long she stares at the boy. She only realizes his eyes have closed when her radio screeches, “We need you here ASAP, Clarke. Over.”

It’s Miller who speaks. “Clarke, we’ll get him awake. You need to go.”

Clarke thinks she nods, she thinks she replies to the radio, but her body is on autopilot. Her feet take her out of the medbay without much of her own input, her heart thrashing in her chest. In the cool night, despite the threat of attack impending just outside their borders, all Clarke can feel are her fingers, still warm from Bellamy’s grasp.

Home Again - Jace Herondale (Shadowhunters)

Pairing: Jace x Female!Reader

Requested by: @cjhorseback

Request:  This request is long so it might come in 2 parts. Could you do a Jace x reader where the reader is 50% shadowhunter and 50% warlock. The reader was thanked in by Magnus when she was 14. She trained at the institute until she was 18, her and Jace dating. Jace and the reader got married and kept it on the down low, Jace faking his feelings for Clary. The reader willingly went to Washington to work for the FBI and come back when she’s 25. The reader’s totally badass and basically the female version of Jace. The reader would call Magnus Maggie and Magnus would call the reader sunflower. Alec and the reader are extremely close. Izzy is the reader paributi. Just to let you know I sent in a similar request as an anon to another account. I understand if this is too much, but I’ve Reader your work and think you can handle it.

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy

A/N: Okay, so I don’t actually say in the fic that she is half warlock half shadowhunter, but I hint it, hope that’s okay^^This took me so long, but I hope you like it^^ENJOY!

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*gifs not mine*

«Finally, my Sunflower.» Magnus embraced you as soon as you stepped through the portal, a huge smile on his face. 

 «Hi Maggie.» You hugged him back, his familiar scent surrounding you once again. You were home. 

 «Never leave for such a long period of time ever again, Sunflower, it’s been dull without you.» Magnus held you at a arm length away, studying your face. 

 «Just as beautiful as ever. Come on, I’ve prepared your favorite food.» Magnus ushered you with him to the dining table, which was already set, the delicious scent of the food drifting over to you. 

 «Can’t wait.» You smiled at him, yet you couldn’t help but look around the room, to your disappointment the person you had hoped would be here, wasn’t.

«I didn’t tell them you were coming back, although they would be expecting your return any day now. Especially your darling.» Magnus smirked, some part of you were really happy he hadn’t told everyone you were coming home, surprising them would be a lot more enjoyable. 

 «Wait, you don’t seem to despise him with every syllable.» You narrowed your eyes at the only parental figure you had ever had, seeing him nervously fidget with his hands as he sat down by the table.  

 «I can admit he’s not as bad as I once thought he was.» Magnus shrugged his shoulders, trying to hide a smile from appearing on his lips. 

 «About time you accepted him, I’ve been married to him for quiet some time now.» You mused, sitting down by the table. 

 «I know, I know. Now tell me about that spell book you found in that filth house you told me about.» 

The institute hadn’t changed a bit, standing tall and proud as it always had. At least on the outside. 

 From the reports you had gotten from your friends, things weren’t exactly like before, and in a way you dreaded seeing the change yourself. When something first felt safe and like home, you never wanted to change a thing, especially when it came to any institute. 

 You didn’t exactly have a good history with most of them. 

 Inside everything looked the same, yet the feel of the place itself had changed. You adjusted the bag hanging from your shoulders before proceeding. 

You smiled at a few of the people you recognized, although there seemed to be a large number of unfamiliar faces around as well. Those who only knew you by looks, shed away, throwing unsure glances away. 

Although it didn’t take long before you spotted a very familiar back. Alec. 

Finally someone who didn’t look at you as if you would kill them any second. 

 «Looks like someone hasn’t changed a bit. Or maybe you’ve become slightly taller, can’t really see, you’ve just always been too tall to tell.» You said as soon as you stood right behind him. Alec turned around quicker than you thought was possible, a huge smile appearing on his lips. 

 «Y/n, you’re back!» A mixture of shock and happiness shone from his eyes, yet he quickly engulfed you into a big bear hug. 

 «Missed you too, Alec.» You hugged him back, but quickly pulled away. 

 «As nice as it is seeing you again, where is Izzy and Jace?» You couldn’t contain your smile any longer, almost jumping up and down on the spot from excitement. «Izzy should be training, I’m not sure where Jace is though. You’ll probably find

 him, you always do.» You nodded, skipping away to the training area, Alec shaking his head with a smile on his lips at your excitement before going back to work. 

Things were going to go through a change yet again. Just as Alec had said, Izzy was there throwing punches with some other red headed girl you had never seen before. 

You stood on the sideline for a short while, watching the two fight, smirking as you noticed Izzy pulling some of her punches. 

 «One would think the great Isabelle have forgotten how to throw a proper punch.» You remarked loudly, making Izzy stop in her tracks as she recognized your voice. 

 Whipping around Izzy’s eyes went wide as she spotted you, a wide smile spreading on her lips. 

 «Y/n!» She ran towards you, throwing herself around your neck in a bone crushing hug. 

 «Good to see you too, Izzy.» You chuckled, hugging her back tightly.

 «When did you arrive back?» She asked as she pulled away. 

 «A little over an hour ago, Maggie wanted to have dinner before you guys would steal me away. At least that was what he said, if that is true or not, we’ll have to see.» 

 «Oh, I pretty sure Jace won’t let you out of his sight for the rest of his life now. He’s been impatient lately.» Izzy winked, the redheaded girls head perking up at hearing the mention of Jace. You glanced at her before looking back at Izzy. 

«And she would be Clary I presume.» You bit your lip, crossing your arms across your chest. 

 Even though you knew what kind of relationship her and Jace had, or what Clary thought they had, sparks almost flew from your fingers in jealousy. Fake feelings from Jace’s side or not, he was yours. 

 «Y/n, calm down okay? You know he had his orders.» You sighed looking at Izzy defeated. She was right. 

Jace had faked his feeling for Clary after she had come into the shadow world, nobody knew why Jace had gotten the orders he had, but non the less, he had had to obey. 

 «I know, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle.» As you finished you sentence Clary moved towards the two of you, a friendly smile on her lips. 

 «Hi, I’m Clary Fray.» Clary held out her hand for you to take, and you reluctantly took it. 

 «Y/n Y/L/N» Clary stiffened in front of you, visibly swallowing as she looked at you wide eyed. For once you accepted the feeling of someone fearing you, purely because Clary didn’t stiffen because of your mixed heritage, but because of your relationship with Jace. 

 «Nice meeting you, now, Izzy do you know where Jace is?» You turned to look at your parabatai. 

 «Last I saw him he was by the library.» You glanced at Clary once more, before offering Izzy a smile and walking off. Clary wasn’t going to dampen your mood. 

Soft tunes flowed out of the library as you were approaching the door, the song a familiar one which you had heard time and time again. Jace was playing the piano. 

 You stopped by the door, placing your bag carefully down by your feet as you just stood there watching Jace play. 

It was something you had done often before the clave had sent you to Washington to work with the FBI, away from the institute with only one way of contact with anyone within the shadow world; letters. It had been years since you had seen Jace last, years since you had felt his body against yours, his tender caress dancing over your features. 

 You had missed him so badly. Jace played his last chord, his body still as he let the sound fade away. 

 «You play just as beautifully as you did last time I heard you play.» You spoke softly into the silent room, Jace surprised eyes meeting yours across the room.

«Oh, and I’m not a ghost.» You added as you walked over to him, closing the piano before you sat down to straddle him, the piano supporting your back. 

 His hands gently palmed your thighs, slowly traveling upwards over your butt, stopping at your waist where he pulled you tighter against him. 

«You’re really here.» He whispered, his eyes soft as he looked into yours. He lifted his right hand from your waist to caress the side of your face, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, he proceeded to take your hand from his shoulder, his fingers gracing the mark around your ring finger. He smiled softly, before looking back at your face, leaning in to kiss you with as much tenderness as he could muster. 

Jace pulled away briefly, your noses still touching. 

 «My wife is finally home again.» He smiled brightly, kissing you softly on the lips once again. 

 «Oh, and you have to change your last name again.» He smiled cheekily, holding up the Herondale ring in-between his fingers. 

 You just laughed, leaning in to kiss him again, motioning with your hand for the door to shut behind you with a soft thud. 

Part 2  

Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 1]

New Series!!! Request by an awesome anon that inspired me to turn it into a series :) hope you guys enjoy!

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

Originally posted by myjaebutt

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She’s Perfect

Originally posted by anatheowl

Request from Anon : Hi I was wondering if you could write something about a Metamorphi magi! reader x Newt? They meet for the first time at Tina’s and Queenie’s apartment and the reader finds Newt attractive and her hair changes red (its normally brown) and Newt wonders what the color means.

Word Count : 2823

Part 1 : You’re Different
Part 2 : She’s Beautiful

A/N : I’m alive! Haha I’m so sorry about the delay guys, I hope you like it! 
Something to keep  in mind though, I switch between POVs a little bit in here, it’s mainly Newt with a sprinkle of Y/N. 
Oh and if you’re wondering why her hair keeps changing different colors, I thought I’d use the color to represent how she’s feeling/thinking so here’s a little cheat sheet : 
Auburn Brown - Newt (LOL)
Grey - confusion
Blonde - caution
Red - love

Newt looked back at his friends utterly confused and slightly hurt about what just happened. Jacob equally as confused as Newt, he was having a nice conversation with Y/N when the mood turned sour. Maybe he was talking about himself too much.

Queenie placed a hand on his knee and gave him a reassuring smile. “It wasn’t you, honey.”

“Then what was?” Newt looked at her with determination in his eyes. He wanted to set this right but he needed to know what he’d be apologizing for first. He turned to Queenie because he knew that she’d have the answers to his dilemma. Being a legilimens, she must have heard Y/N’s thoughts. “Please…I need to know.”

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Weight of the World

Request: Hi 😊, I love your blog. Could I request a Tony Stark imagine? One where he is in a bad mood, his maid(whatever you want her to be + as a crush on him) goes to down to see if he is ok. Where it ends up to smut and it just happens to be the readers first time.

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~2130

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, a tiny bit of Angst, unprotected sex, loss of virginity

A/N: This is for another sweet little Anon. Thanks for the request, love, and I hope this finds you.

Originally posted by dewocja


“Yes, Miss?”

“What’s Mr. Stark’s location?”

“I believe he is still in bed.”

You look up from your tablet screen, eyebrow raised as you glance at the time.

“It’s almost two.” You mutter, rising from your seat on the couch and heading toward his bedroom with cautious steps.

Two and a half years ago, when you took on the role as Tony Stark’s personal assistant, you never thought you’d find yourself here. After everything that happened with Ultron and then Steve, you knew he couldn’t be left alone. Luckily, he knew it as well and asked you to move in almost immediately after Steve left.

You were never sure what he needed you for. He pretty much kept to himself and his work, living mostly out of the spotlight – save for the occasional party for appearance’s sake. After moving in, you learned that the man would probably forgo food and sleep in favor of a glass of whiskey and a new project to occupy his time.

So, you made sure he ate properly at least twice a day. You tried your best to get him to bed at a reasonable time. You also did well to keep him on a good waking schedule so the fact that it was nearly two in the afternoon and he was still in bed was a problem. It meant something was wrong.

You ease open his bedroom door, peeking your head in and glancing around. There he lies, sprawled out in the center of his bed, the sheets covering him from the waist down, one leg still hanging out the side of them. In the dim light, you can make out the muscles of his back, his shoulders, and you let yourself take a moment to stare.

You’ve always admired Tony from afar; you had no choice. He was still with Pepper when you first took the job as his assistant. After they broke up, he kept everyone at a bit of a distance, everyone but you anyway.

You two had shared one drunken make-session after one of his parties, but it never went past that. Neither of you speak of that night, and you don’t speak of the feelings it planted inside of you. You loved him, but he could never know that. You’d convinced yourself he could never love you back.

You walk to his bed, sitting at his side and reaching out to run your fingers through his hair.

“Tony? Tony, you gotta get up.”

He groans, mumbling something into his pillow before turning his back to you.

“Tony, you know I can’t understand you when you mumble.”

He rolls over again, this time to face you. He looks up at you, his brown eyes sad but hopeful.


“Will you lay down with me? Just for a little while?”

You try to convince yourself that agreeing would be a bad idea, but his tone of voice suggests nothing heinous; there’s no ulterior motive swimming his eyes, just the silent hope that someone will choose to hold onto him in this moment. You smile when you realize it’s you he wants to hold onto.

You nod your head, “Just for a little while.”

He smiles, moving over in the bed and readjusting the sheet to cover you both as you settle in at his side. He rests his head on your chest, his torso nearly covering yours as he drapes his arm across your waist.

Instinct takes over as you return his embrace, your fingertips scratching lightly through the short hair as the back of his neck.

“What’s going on, Tony?”

He shrugs, “Bad dream.”

“You want to talk about it.”

He tenses, though only for a second, before sighing, “That party, the one I had the day Ultron attacked… You were there. You got shot, and I couldn’t save you. We tried everything, but you lost too much blood. You died in my arms. Your blood was all over my hands.”


“Ultron was my fault. If you had died that day, it would have been my fault.”

“Except I’m fine, and Ultron is long gone. You can’t keep carrying that weight with you.” He tries to look away, but you stop him, “You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

“Except you’ll always be in danger as long as you’re around me.”

“I knew the risks when I took this job, and I chose to stay after everything.”



“Why do you stay? You could work for anyone, anywhere in the world, yet you choose to stay with me. Why?”

“Honestly, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

He raises up, resting on his forearm next to you, “Can I ask you something else?”

“Of course.”

“Why did you kiss me that night?”

“I was drunk.”

“Maybe but drunk or not, you don’t kiss someone the way you kissed me unless you feel something for that person.”

“It’s not like you were fighting me off.”

“Why would I do that? I know what I feel for you.” He chuckles, “I mean, it’s not like I was hiding it.”

This leaves you taken aback, “Wait… what?”

“God, woman, are you that blind?” This time he laughs wholeheartedly as he falls to his back, pressing his hand over his eyes, “I pushed everyone away for so long but always kept you close. I tell you things I’ve never told anyone. I confide you. I trust you.” He drops his hand, turning his head to look at you, “I love you. I have for a while now.”

“Why tell me now?”

“I had convinced myself that you wouldn’t – that you couldn’t – love me. I didn’t think I deserved it. I decided that I would rather accept your rejection than spend another day wondering what if.”

“And if I said I loved you too?”

“Do you?”

“I’ve been swallowing back my feelings for you since that kiss.”

“So why admit it now?”

“I had convinced myself that you couldn’t – that you wouldn’t – love me.”

He reaches out, taking you hand and lacing your fingers with his. He presses his lips to the back of your hand before resting your hands on his chest.

“Well I guess you were wrong about that.”

You smile, giving his hand a light squeeze, “I guess so.”

He sits up then, his eyes meeting yours.


He hushes you, his fingertips brushing over your bottom lip. He watches as your lips part and soft sigh escapes from between them. His lips cover yours then, pressing gently, the complete antithesis to the first kiss you’d shared. That one had been sloppy, forceful and demanding. This one was passionate, slow and deliberate in its complexity.

You press your hand to his bare chest, the rapid beating of his heart meeting your palm. Your hand slides up over his shoulder and to the back of his neck as you guide him to lie over you, making a space for between your slowly parting thighs.

Your skirt rides up when you bend your knees, raising one foot to press into the small of his back. His hand cups your cheek as he tilts his head. Your lips part for him, his tongue delving between them as the kiss deepens. You moan into it when you feel press his hips downward into yours.

If you were nervous, you did well to hide it. Maybe it was instinct that had your body responding to every touch of his lips against your skin, every caress of his hands over your body. He leans away, tossing the sheet back and running his hands up your thighs, over your skirt and to the waist of it. He looks up at you, silently asking for permission. You bite your lips, smiling as you nod your head.

He smiles as he begins to pull it down, his smile growing wider when you raise your hips from the bed. When you fall back to the bed and your skirt is gone, you sit up and yank your shirt over your head, any hesitation being tosses away with it. You stand on your knees, wrapping your arms tight around his neck as you kiss him again.

His hands travel up your back and to the clasp of your bra. He skillfully unhooks it, sliding the thin straps down your arms and pulling it from between you; it joins the rest of your clothes in some forgotten spot on the floor. He hooks his hands around your thighs, lifting your legs to wrap around his waist before laying you back against the bed once again.

He proceeds to remove your panties, kissing down the length of your body as he does. Once they’re gone, his kisses travel back up the inside of your thighs, around and over your hip. His mouth finds the hardened peak of your breast in the same moment that his fingers press at your entrance. You take in a sharp breath as two of his fingers gently stretch you open.

“Oh…” you moan, your hips rolling into his ministrations.

The movement of his fingers builds a gentle sensation in your lower stomach, a tightening of sorts that’s only slightly unfamiliar to you. As your moans begins to grow louder, your breath begins to come faster, he pulls away. You gasp, whining at the loss of contact.

“If your gonna come, it’s gonna be with me inside of you.”

You stare at him, eyes wide as he stands to remove his boxers. Then you’re looking up at him, reaching out for him. He lowers his lips to yours as he positions himself at your entrance. The new sensation is painful but only slightly as he pushes in. It doesn’t take long for the pain to turn to pleasure.

He keeps a steady pace at first, allowing you plenty of time to adjust. Then, as he begins to move faster, when he begins to push harder, he encourages you to be as loud as you want, ensuring you that it’s one of the perks of having a private floor.

So, you take him up on the offer, chanting his name like a prayer as you hold tight to him. Your nails dig into his shoulders, dragging down and leaving angry red marks in their wake. He groans each time it happens, seeming to enjoy the slight pain that comes with the action.

Just as your body begins to reach that high again, he slows back down, making each drag of his length inside of you deliberate, careful to touch that little sweet spot deep inside each time.

Your head presses back into pillow. Your back arches as your cry out, your orgasm wracking your body with shivers as it claims you. He follows after a few more steady, hard thrusts of his hips into yours.

He supports his weight on his forearms as the two of you share lazy kisses while your bodies calm. Then he pulls out, lying on his back for a moment before turning to face you. You do the same, scooting closer to him as his arm wraps around you.

You pass your nails lightly through the light scruff on his cheek.

“Tony, there’s something I have to tell you.”

“You know you can tell me anything.”

“Promise you won’t be upset with me.”

“Just tell me.”

“That… was my first time.”

His eyes widen; his brows raise, “Really?”

“Well, don’t sound so surprised.”

“No.” he smiles, “Just…” he stumbles over his words, “Thank you.”


“For trusting me that much. You have no idea how much it means to me. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I didn’t want you to treat the situation – or me – any differently.”

He nods, understanding your dilemma. He smiles again, reaching to tuck a loose lock of hair behind your ear before cupping your cheek in his hand and bringing his lips to yours.

“I love you.” He whispers against your lips.

“I love you too.”

You two share one more kiss before pulling back from one another.

Then his stomach growls, and you share a laugh.

“How about a shower?” you suggest, “Then we’ll get you some lunch.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

He gives your behind a light tap as you get out of bed. You giggle turning to face him as you walk backward to his bathroom. You crook your finger at him in a ‘come hither’ motion, your bottom lip pulled between your teeth.

“Don’t be such a tease, sweetheart.” He says, slowly rising to follow you.

“Who’s teasing?”

That familiar cocky grin spreads across his face as he rushes you, lifting you into the air and carrying you into the bathroom.

When I Was Your Man – Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by Anon: I don’t know if you’re taking song requests, and it’s totally okay if you don’t. But if you do could you do an imagine based on “when i was your man” by bruno mars, where theo is the reader ex-boyfriend and now she’s in a new relationship with brett? basically the concept of the song.

Warning: Sad Theo and dealing with heartbreak

Word Count: 1,522

Author’s Note: Feed back is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Theo stopped in his tracks the second an old familiar sound reached his ears with his werewolf hearing. It was a sweet and playful giggle. It was Y/N. He’d recognize that giggle anywhere as he heard it a thousand times before. He turned the corner and saw her with someone else. She had her arms around his neck as the guy’s hands rested firmly on her waist. He was playfully kissing and biting her neck, hence her giggling. She looked genuinely happy and that brought a huge wave of pain and guilt over Theo. 

“I got you something,” Theo overheard as the guy pulled away from her.

“Brett, you didn’t have to get me anything,” she smiled widely at the boy in front of her.

“But I saw it and I knew you had to have it.” He pulled out a small bag and gave it to her. Theo watched her slowly untie the ribbon and open the bag. She carefully grabbed what was inside. The second her eyes landed on the necklace with a werewolf charm, she gasped. “Do you like it?” He asked her.

“Brett…” she said completely surprised by his thoughtful gift. “I love it.”

He brushed her hair to the side and grabbed the necklace. “I know we’ve only been together for three months, and I hope this doesn’t scare you,” Theo’s heart stopped beating as he realized this guy was about to tell her he loves her. 

“But you’re my anchor,” Brett continued. Theo relaxed a bit, but it didn’t ease the heartache he had in his chest. Telling a girl you’re his anchor is just another way of saying I love you. It was just a matter of time before Brett would actually say it to Y/N.

After Brett clasped the necklace on, Y/N looked down and smiled at the silver werewolf resting on her chest. She looked up at Brett with a genuine smile. “Thank you,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Theo sighed in defeat. He knew he messed up. His relationship with Y/N was long gone. There was no way to fix it, but he knew he had to apologize. He wasn’t ready to let her go and move on, but she already had. He wasn’t one to stop her from being happy when she deserved everything the world had to offer. The only problem was he had to let her go otherwise he’d be miserable for the rest of his life.

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Sleep tight (Christian Yu Scenario)

Request: Christian Yu scenario where you end up falling asleep in his work room while he’s editing a video. Please make it super fluffy - Anon 

A/N: Hi Hi!! My first Christian Scenario whaaat!! lol I hope it turned out alright! I tried to make it really really fluffy! Hope you like it dear anon and yay for first christian scenario!! :D (it turned out kinda short, forgive me please?) ~ Red

Genre: Fluff~

Word Count: 1,334

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Your life spiraled out of control the day you woke up early one morning, a transparent young man standing by the foot of the bed, staring at you. Letting out an ear-splitting screen, your father and brother both ran in with their bats, wondering what was going on. Even after pointing and wildly yelling about the man standing right beside them, they didn’t see. And neither did they believe you. Not even your brother, who was active in the supernatural community believed that you could see something that wasn’t there. 

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Best dreams - Jamie Benn (smut)

Requested by anon: Can you do a Jamie benn beard smut?! Please and thank you!

A/N: Sooooo… it isn’t exactly what it was requested, beaus I think it turned out pretty good if I may say so. I actually had fun writing it. Soon i hope you like it.

Also, I’m sorry it took so long. I’m on spring break right now, so I’ll try my best to write all the requests.

Word count: 1730


Master list

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anonymous asked:

Phanprompt where Dan gains a lot of weight maybe from meds or hypothyroidism and Phil comforts him?

Genre: smut, fluff, angst???(if you squint)

Word count: 900ish.

Warnings: dysphoria, body worship, comforting!phil, insecure!dan, handjobs, rimming,,,,,,


Looking at himself in the mirror, dan let out a sigh. He was sick of looking fat, just because he wanted to be healthy. It was only three months ago that phil had convinced dan to go to the doctor to get some sort of medication for his recurring migraines. They worked, but now dan had gained almost 10 pounds and he was panicking, I mean how much weight could he gain before phil stopped finding him attractive and he left him?

As dan poked and prodded at his tummy and thighs, phil walked into their bedroom looking for his laptop charger, and overheard dan’s grumbles. Curiously, he walked over to the bathroom door, and looked through the thin crack of an opening, to see dan looking sadly down at his tummy. Phil scrunched up his nose, he had thought the little bit of fat on dan had been quite appealing, especially his thighs that now jiggles when he rode phil, but what if dan hadn’t felt the same?

“Dan?” Phil watched Dan flinch before dropping his shirt and spinning to face Phil, blushing and nervously twisting his fingers.

“Oh, uh hey, didn’t see you…um how long have you been standing there?” He whispered the last part but phil heard it anyways, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around dan waist.

“Long enough. You know I think it’s sexy.” Dan scoffs as if to say, ‘yeah right’, but Phil is having none of it. He grabs onto Dan hip roughly and pushes him into the bathroom counter before picking him up and sitting him on it. Pushing between his thighs, phil grabs ahold of both in each hand, “You’re fucking thighs, Jesus they kill me, make me so flustered when you ride me, the way they bounce, fuck, Dan, you don’t even realize do you?”

Dan’s blushing a red hot and Phil is nuzzling his neck, “Not to mention your tummy, so cute when I fuck you, love your little rolls and love tickling you, giving you kisses.” His hands grip the hem of Dan shirt, tugging lightly in a form of asking for permission to take it off and dan nods quickly, whimpering. He steps back and dan whines but phil just pushes off his own shirt, stepping forward again to press their now bare chests against each other hotly, his hands roaming to dan lower back, “Your hips and little love handles are so adorable, Dan, make me want to touch you all the time, love marking them up and knowing I’m the only one who can see them, shit.” His hands flutter to the button on dan’s jeans, looking to himself permission before popping it open and unzipping them, pulling them off with his briefs.

“Love your arms too, Christ, when I cuff you to the bed frame, they look so good, fuck, pulling at the restraints trying to touch me like it’s all you can think about, gets me so fucking hot.”

Dan finally breaks, moaning wantonly, “C’mon phil, please, bedroom now.” His fingers threaded in Phil soft hair, gripping tightly and thighs hooked around his hips securely.

“Yeah baby, I got you. Gonna make you feel so good, sweetheart. You want me to make you feel good?” Feverishly, dan nods, a whine ripping from his throat.

Phil pushes Dan back onto their shared bed, discarding his own pants and boxers, before joining him. Reaching into the bedside table drawer, he pulls out a bottle of lube, popping open the cap and squirting some onto his hand before loosely taking hold of his own member and dan’s in one hand and pumping them together. Dan’s whimpers become high pitched moans and he arches into phil’s tight fist, “So good, Phil, g-gonna cum. P-please, can I c-cum?” Phil shakes his head, pulling from his own hold to lower himself to Dan’s thighs. He bites into dan, licking over the mark before licking and sucking a trial to dan’s entrance.

“Not yet. Hold it for me.” Dan nods, but seems reluctant as Phil’s tongue meets his throbbing hole, lapping wetly at him before prodding gently with the muscle.

“Can’t, can’t hold it anymore please.” Phil pulls back to grab his pulsating cock with dan’s again in his fist, quickly tugging them both, kissing at dan’s neck and groaning out his release as dan convulses under him, their cum collecting on his hand stickily as he works them down.

Rolling off of dan and out of bed, phil grabs a warm washcloth and comes back to find dan with tears rolling down his cheeks, he comes over quickly, “Hey, baby, you ok? What’s up?” Dan curls into his arms, “Just love you, fuck these meds are screwing with my emotions too, I’m sorry, I’m just, thank you, Phil.” Scrunching his eyebrows, phil kisses Dan’s forehead.

“What for?”

“Doing this. Taking care of me, affirming me, making me feel sexy.”

Phil laughs, “Dan! You are sexy, you don’t need me for that. I just couldn’t help myself.” Giggling Dan nuzzles Phil nose with him own, kissing him sweetly before taking the clothe and cleaning them off, throwing it somewhere on the floor. Phil scoops dan into his chest, and dan pushes his face into Phil neck, before they both doze off, not ready to ever leave this feeling.


Sorry this took so long! Hope it’s what you wanted though.


Pocket-sized!NCT 127 reaction when they see you for the first time, normal sized

Anon said: “Could you do a part two of the pocket sized!nct 127 reaction about how they would react/what they would do the first time they see you again when they return as “human sized”? Pls pls pls I love your writing so much wow :’)))”

Taeil: Finally, he was human sized! He couldn’t believe he’d done it. It had taken him 3 weeks but damn, did he feel good. All he could think about was you, seeing you. He raced up your front steps before banging on the door like never before. You cursed & groaned, getting ready to yell out at whoever was at your door for causing such a ruckus. You swung it open only to be faced with the man himself. It felt like time stood still. You weren’t moving from the shock but he was tired of waiting. He swiftly pulled you over the doors threshold, into his arms, mumbling a soft “"I love you”. 

Johnny: He’d left 2 weeks ago. It had taken him 2 weeks. It was worth it though. He knew now that he was a real man, that he could finally be your man. He no longer had to shudder in comparison to a Ken doll. It was pitch black outside as he raced back to your house. Lucky for him, he knew where your spare key was. He unlocked the door, nearly tripping on his way in, & rushed to your bedroom. He turned on the bedside lamp & began shaking you. It took a minute but you finally woke up. You looked over at him & had the biggest fright of your life, as you nearly fell out of your bed. He pulled you in by your arm though, grabbing your face & giving you the biggest smooch of your life. 

Taeyong: He stood outside your house, contemplating whether or not he should go in. It had taken him 4 weeks, but his goal was accomplished. He was just scared of how you’d react. There was only one way to find out though. He had to go in. He slowly crept through your back door, careful not to startle you. You were at the stove, cooking dinner. Once he finally caught a glimpse of you, he swore his breath got caught in his throat. You really did look like an angel, even more so now than before. He couldn’t hold back any longer & ran forward and wrapped you up in his arms. He was glad he could finally hold you. He scared the shit out of you though, let’s be real here. 

Yuta : The smile that erupted on your face when you first saw him caused his heart to flutter & his cheeks to turn beet red. He was a tall, manly lol human now. He had done this all for you. He needed you & in order to have you & hold you, he had to give the shoulder devil pocket size life up. Not that he was really complaining. He felt a lot different & even more confident. He pulled you into his arms with a small “come here you”, planting a kiss on your forehead. Then, of course being Yuta, he proceeded to tease you because “you’re the midget now”. Please let me fight him, ohmygod.

Doyoung: He stood in the doorway as you flipped through a long novel. He had been standing there for a while, hoping you’d notice, but you didn’t seem to. He was leaning against the frame as he watched how your hair tumbled over your shoulders, how you’d push it back unconsciously now and then, & how you were biting your lip every time the book got tense. He couldn’t help but almost chuckle at the cute sight. He stood up straight, pulling a book from the shelf, making his way behind you, before slipping his arms over your shoulders & plopping the book in your lap. With a slight smirk at your surprise, he kissed your temple and confidently asked, “Miss me?” 

Jaehyun: Jaeyhun barely avoided the slap you threw at him. He pulled back in surprise, wondering why you were acting like this. You stopped trying to fight him and simply went on a rant. He watched as you paced around, grumbling about how you thought he’d died and how you were worried sick. You didn’t seem phased that he was now a full sized man. At that alone, he couldn’t help the small smile that graced his features, knowing you cared about him just as much as he did you. He pulled you into his arms, while you were still ranting. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to kiss you, so he did. 

WinWin: You came home that night to music playing throughout your house. You sat down your grocery bags and as you went to find something to defend yourself from any possible threats, WinWin emerged from the living room. You couldn’t believe your eyes, he was actually here. Screw the fact that he was now a full-sized human being, you could ask questions about that later. You rushed over & flung yourself into his arms & all he could do was pray this wasn’t a dream. Wrapping his long arms around you, he was hoping he could finally get what he wanted. With much courage, he finally asked. “(Y/N), can I have this dance?” 

Mark: He rushed over to your house as soon as he changed, only to be met with no you. You must’ve been at school so he decided to sit and wait. As he was waiting, he mentally prepared himself for what was to come. After waiting for an hour, he heard your door open & you running up the stairs. He stood, not knowing what to do with himself, until you threw open your bedroom door. You both simultaneously gasped, cause you both to giggle. You could swear you were seeing things. He couldn’t believe how much more beautiful you were, now that he could see all of you at once. You both stood in awkward silence, staring at one another, until he finally reached out & yanked you into a long awaited embrace. 

Haechan: He knew you’d be at school, so that’s where he went. He ran and ran, until he finally made it there. He rushed inside knowing that soon, your lunch break would be over. He ran through the halls, looking for any sign of you. He nearly gave up searching, until he finally heard your voice. He rushed over & found you talking to another boy, making his face drop. This guy was too close. You weren’t that stupid guys, no. He could tell that this guy was flirting which only made his blood boil. He rushed over to you and slung his arms over your shoulders, surprising you. With a cocky grin, he looked at the male and said “she’s already got a boyfriend”, which in turn nearly made you cough out your lungs. The other guy, feeling awkward, said goodbye & finally walked away. After he was gone, Haechan pulled you into a gentle embrace, looking at you with hopeful eyes as he said, “please say I can be.” And meanwhile you’re just kinda like how tf did you get here & when did you grow into a normal sized boy?

A/n: ohmygoddd, finally. This took a little longer than I thought because I was trying not to be to repetitive. Also, Haechans turned out longer than everyone else’s but I just couldn’t shake the idea I had for him. Nonetheless, thank you for the request!!! It means a lot anon. 

Auston Matthews #16

Requested by Anon:  Hey!! I love absolutely everything you write!! I was wondering if you could write a Auston Matthews one were he’s sad about his goal drought and the reader comforts him or something like that. ❤️❤️

*Hiii!! OMG This was from such a long time ago! I can’t believe I missed this one. I’m so so sorry and thank you very much. This is very sweet, I guess. I hope you like it! Enjoy. :)*

Word count: 830

Originally posted by mttymrts

The door banging had gotten so normal in your house that when it happened again, a few seconds ago, you didn’t even flinch anymore. The first time Auston banged the door, you almost fell from the couch – it literally sounded like a bomb went off, just imagine the power those massive muscles held. Now, though, you can sleep through the night even if he banged his way down to the living room.

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I’m clearing out my ask box, so here’s a rapid fire bunch of answers to the 43 questions in there! A lot of these I wanted to draw a comic or do a little animation for but just never got the time or energy, and others I didn’t know what to say, but I think that some response is better than no response, so while these are all going to be either text or doodles, I wanted them all to actually get answers.

Below the cut because this’ll be a hella long one~ Plenty of Zelda doodles in there though so if you just wanna see doofy drawings click too!

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The Little Game of Hearts (Part 1/2)

Requested by anon:  Hey can I request an Isaac/Theo story where the FemaleC is part of the pack and she had this friends with benefits thing going on with Theo during season5 but obviously there were also feelings involved. And after everything went down with Theo and the Dread Doctors, Isaac showed up with Chris to finish his senior year. Theo comes back season 6,FC and Isaac are only friends but at this party she kisses him in front of Theo so he gets the clue that she’s done with him-that as the background

A/N: Thanks for the request! Because it is quite long (no problem there) and I want to do it justice, I decided to split it into two parts: the first one will be about Theo and the friends with benefits thing, the second about the Isaac situation. There is no smut, only making out. Hope you like it! xo

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

You turned on your side and sighed with satisfaction as he pressed a soft kiss onto your neck. His arm rested around your waist and his body radiated comfortable warmth. It was perfect. No, it would’ve been perfect if you could actually stay here and your time together wasn’t limited.

“It’s late”, you mumbled unwillingly, realizing that the room has gone darker by the second.

Theo opened his eyes and looked at you with that unreadable expression that was such a big part of him. “I guess it is.”

The answer you would’ve wished for would’ve been: “It doesn’t matter, please stay.” But he never said that. You should’ve gotten used to that by now but it still gave you a sting. At the same time you knew perfectly well that it wouldn’t be okay to be mad at him. You had an agreement and feelings had never been a part of it. When you started seeing each other, you had had no problem with that, but Theo grew on you. And all of a sudden his mysterious persona attracted you more than expected.

However, you weren’t keen on ending this or breaking the agreement. It was too good. Every second you spent with each other was filled with pure passion, something you had never felt before. His kisses and little treatments became your addiction. Although you weren’t even sure if he was your friend, he definitely was the best friend with benefits.

After a while you finally brought yourself to stand up and pick up your underwear. Your skin was still tingling and hot from the sex you had just minutes ago. Theo’s eyes followed you through the room while he stayed in his bed, looking absolutely relaxed. His hair was still messy and his eyes still shining a little too brightly, though. You were never sure if he returned your growing feelings. Sometimes, when you were in his arms and had a quiet, intimate moment, it seemed so. Sometimes not at all.

“You know, a gentleman would accompany me home in the middle of the night”, you claimed before you pulled your shirt over your head. A halfhearted attempt.

Theo smirked. “Your car is standing right outside. Also: you’re a werewolf, you don’t need a gentleman and you’re so not a lady.”

Well, he was probably right. A lady would never play this little game with him.

“Every other girl would be offended now”, you told him nevertheless, turned around and looked at him with raised eyebrows. You were finally fully dressed but he was still naked under the blanket and lay there with his arms behind his neck and an amused grin on his lips. He looked forbidden good.

“But you’re special”, he retorted and it was impossible to say if he meant it or if he was teasing you.

You just rolled your eyes. It would be so much easier if he just stopped playing even for a second. “Right. I am. Maybe I should just search for someone else. Maybe I’m getting bored of you.”

“Really? Didn’t seem so fifteen minutes ago”, he said with unwavering confidence. Sometimes, like in that moment, his smug attitude got on your nerves.

You answered by shooting him a glare. “Maybe I’m just an exceptionally good actress.”

“Oh Y/N, believe me, I know when a girl is faking it and you definitely weren’t”, he objected complacent.

You huffed but you knew you lost. Lying was never an option when sharing the room with supernaturals. Although Theo’s heartrate always seemed to be calm and that was what made it so hard to trust him. Even for you, the person who fell for and slept with him.

“Whatever, I guess I should go now”, you grumbled, fetching the keys from his nightstand. He sat up a little straighter.

“Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?”, he asked expectantly and softly grabbed your arm to keep you from walking away. You frowned at him and his little smile.

“You never asked for one before.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t it?”

His look was intense, catching you and not letting you go. Your pulse quickened immediately, you couldn’t control it. Suddenly you longed for him, a feeling that was only heightened by your werewolf senses, and it was impossible to resist the offer. So you sighed and bent down to press your lips on his.

It was a mistake. At once the kiss sparked a fire inside of you that reared up until it filled your whole body with pure heat. You weren’t able to stop. You moaned and buried your hands in his hair while he swiftly pulled you back down onto the matrass. He embraced you tightly, your tongues intertwined and there it was again, the passion that made everything else unimportant.

You would’ve carried on if you hadn’t remembered that he originally planned on simply letting you leave. That his affection probably hadn’t the same intensity and background as yours. That thought hurt enough to allow you to come back to your senses and pull away. For a second you believed to find a trace of disappointment in his eyes but it was as quickly gone as it appeared.

“I really should go now”, you said, much colder than you intended. He let go of you and you slipped out of the bed once again.

“Okay…”, he mumbled. You ignored his tone and hurried this time as you walked straight at the door.

“Y/N?” You wished to have the strength to keep walking, but of course you turned around.


“You know you can trust me, right?”

You swallowed hard but nodded. You really believed him that night.

Two weeks later you were standing in the rain in the middle of the forest, shivering and struggling to hold back your tears. The betrayal weighed heavy on you and seemed to pull you down to the ground. This was the worst night of your life and he was responsible for it. He was the one who broke your pack apart. And, if you were honest with yourself, also your heart.

Nevertheless, you had to see him. You had to ask him and hear from him how he could do that to you, how he could use you like that. Like you were nothing. You needed answers or you’d never find your peace again.

You twitched when he finally stepped out of the forest onto the clearing. Theo seemed watchful. His eyes were directed at you but you could read nothing in them. Not even a little trace of remorse. He stopped at a safety distance to you and remained silent.

“Why?”, you asked after a while, not able to free your voice from your immense pain.

His demeanour became defensive at once. “You know why. I need the power. I want it.”

“You said I could trust you!”, you spit as his selfish words sent waves of anger through your body.

“And you could. I never hurt you.”

“Oh you did! You did hurt me when you hurt them! That’s what it means to love, to be able to feel something! I should’ve realized, should’ve known that you’re not capable of that.  I should’ve known that you were just playing a stupid part!”

Your loud voice echoed in the clearing. You wanted to throw yourself at him, beat him and rip his throat out but at the same time you felt tired and powerless. Theo tensed up a bit but that was all the emotion he showed. He was so cold. How did you not notice before?

“This was the only way for me to get a strong pack”, Theo claimed, ignoring pretty much all your accusations.

You snorted. By now, you couldn’t hold back your tears anymore and they streamed down your face, mingling with the rain. Caused by disappointment and anger. “That’s not true. You could’ve been a part of us. You could’ve had everything! We would’ve fought for you without blinking. Hell, you could’ve had me .”

For the first time since you started this conversation, a flicker of insecurity wandered over his face. For a second he seemed to struggle. He took a step towards you but stopped almost momentarily and you were glad because you probably couldn’t have taken it. Even a simple touch of him would’ve reminded you of all the nights you had spent with this monster.

“Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want most”, he finally sighed.

You had to laugh humourlessly and wiped away your tears.  Something inside of you turned very cold and hard. So he wanted you but he wanted his stupid power more. You pressed your lips together and simply glared at him.

“Yeah, sometimes you have. Bye, Theo. I won’t kick your ass today but from now on, I don’t owe you anything. You better never see me again.” With that you turned around and walked away, never looking back.

That was your story. The story how you lost your trust in everyone and had to pick up the pieces, saving your pack. The story how Theo Raeken broke your heart and you spent months in darkness and bitterness.

At least until Isaac Lahey came back to finish his last year at Beacon Hills High.

BTS- when they 'accidently' break your heart

BTS as boyfriends when they break your heart but they didn’t do it on purpose/ didn’t mean it~

Requested by anon~

Warning: Might get a little sad ^^’ And those are very long, so this isn’t a reaction but Little Imagines!



It had been quite a stressing day for you and all you wanted was to get home and cuddle with your boyfriend, Hoseok. You’d even left early today. No matter how frustrating work was, he was always able to cheer you up. That's  what you really loved about him. But today, as soon as you opened the door, you knew something was off. Next to your boyfriends shoes, there was another pair. And it definietly wasn’t his. You couldn’t remember buying a pair of red heels either.

Your shuddered when you heard voices coming from the living room. The door was closed. You silently walked to the door, trying to understand what the voices were saying. One of the voices was definietly your boyfriends, but you couldn’t quite hear the other voice. However, it was clearly a womans voice. You gulped. What was going on here? You froze when you heard them laughing loudly. Suddenly, you heard Hoseoks voice louder than before.

“OK, let me try it one more time. I love you, ever since I met you your my sun and my everything. I want to spend my whole life with you. Will you marry me?”.

You had heard enough. A sob escaped your lips as you ran out of the house, your eyes full of tears and your heart full of emptiness.

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You grabbed a bar of chocolate and a mug of tea, before you walked to the sofa and made yourself comfortable with some pillows and a blanket. It was Saturday, your beloved weekend, but you couldn’t even go out because it was raining without a break. You sighed. Yoongi, your boyfriend, had left the house about an hour ago to get some grocery shopping done. You felt sorry for him, but he said he didn’t need your help. You couldn’t help but notice how distant he had been today, but he just wouldn’t tell you what was wrong.

“(Y/N), I’m back.”, you suddenly heard him mumbling as the door closed with a loud bump.

You wanted to get up and help him, but he was already standing in the door frame, looking at you with a strange expression. You were really confused. What was wrong with him? Why was he acting cold all of sudden?

“Yoongi? What’s wrong?”, you asked. He sighed and closed his eyes before staring at you with an angry expression.

“Are you serious? I’m working my ass off all the time, I go out and buy groceries even though it’s raining like crazy and all you do is just laying on the sofa in my appartment and binging on chocolate? Can’t you do that in your own house? Your such a burden!”

Yoongis words hit you like a knife. What was wrong with him? What did you do to him? You just watched him leave the room as the tears ran down your face. Alright… If you were a burden, he didn’t need to ever see you again.

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You watched your boyfriend dance the difficult moves like they were nothing and you couldn’t help but feel proud. Today was one of his dance classes and since he was here twice a week to teach, you were curious and wanted to accompany him. He really was a good dance teacher. Everyone was watching him in awe and trying to remember the dance moves, some where  already trying to move along even though they saw the choreo for the first time. You’d seen his students before, they really  were quite good, even the younger ones were advanced. You weren’t that good of a dancer. In fact, you liked dancing, but only for yourself. A choreo like this was impossible for you.

You smiled at your boyfriend as the music stopped and you clapped along. He turned around and smiled at his students, his eyes wandering to you.

“Ok, guys. We’ll learn the point move and the beginning today. Get up, we’ll do it together. (Y/N), you too!”

You widened you eyes in shock. What did he mean, you too? That move was way to hard for you! But when the students realized you weren’t going to get up, they started cheering you on. Ok, that was embarassing… You quickly got up and hoped they would concentrate on themselves.

After 30 minutes of you struggling and hoping nobody would notice, Jimin suddenly turned around. Please don’t say anything, Please don’t…

“(Y/N), would you like to dance in the front line? Maybe it helps if you see the mirror.”, he said. Nooo….You got red as some of the others started giggling. If they hadn’t noticed your bad dancing skills, they would now. But you felt like you didn’t have a choice, so you quickly walked to the front line. Why was he doing this to you?

Jimin started the music again and you tried your best to keep up, but It wasn’t easy with all the students giggling at you. Even Jimin giggled from time to time, which really made you sad. However, you tried your best to stay strong.

Suddenly, right at the beginning of the chorus, you slipped. You couldn’t help but curse as you fell right on you ellbow, a sharp pain making you squint your eyes. But instead of helping you, everybody, including Jimin, just laughed at you. You couldn’t believe it. You’ve never felt that embarassed in your whole life. You quickly got up and ran out of the room, not wanting them or Jimin to see your tears.

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You sat down on the sofa in your livingroom, a wide smile on your face. You were quite excited since today was the release of your boyfriends first ever Single. In a few minutes an interview was going to start, and since your relationship wasn’t yet public, you decided to watch the live broadcast on TV. Your smile grew even bigger when Taehyung appeared on the screen, wearing his beloved Gucci clothes and a big, boxy smile. He looked so happy, you just loved to see him like this. After his introduction the interview started.

Taehyung answered a few questions in his usual happy and polite way. You already knew all the answers since you’ve got a pretty close relationship, but you didn’t mind at all. You were way to proud to really care about anything.

However, suddenly the interviewer started asking more and more personal questions. Taehyung answered them all without hestitating, he was probably prepared for them, but you already knew where this was going. Sooner or later-

“So, Taehyung-ssi, let’s ask the question every girl in this room is dying to hear. Do you have a girlfriend right know?”

You tensed as you watched the TV screen full of curiousity. Taehyung didn’t even blink.

“No, I’m not in a relationship right now. I don’t have the time for that.”

You sighed. You totally understood that he didn’t wanted to go public yet, but it still hurted to hear him say those things.

“Ah, that’s good to hear, right ARMYs? So, who’s your ideal type?”

Again, that question really caught your attention. Of course you hoped he’d name someone who looked like you or at least someone who wasn’t in contact with him.

“To be honest, I think every girl has her charms. But personally I think, Twice’s Chaeyoung is pretty cute!”

You turned the TV off. You didn’t want to be that hurt, but you felt like you’ve just been stabbed. Taehyung knew exactly how much you and Chaeyoung disliked each other…  Since every time they met, she was all over him.

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You happily sang along to Just One Day as you were setting the kitchen table. Everything had to be perfect. The dark red tablecloth matched with the already burning candles, the whole room was filled with the warm, flickering light. The usually messy kitchen looked as clean as it could get. You even searched out some of BTSs old albums. Every thing looked quite romantic and you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself. The only thing missing now was your boyfriend, Namjoon. He was already 10 minutes late, but you were fine with that. He was always quite busy as the leader and after all he probably didn’t know you were preparing a special dinner. The two of you’d never really talked about what to do on your 1- year- anniversary.

60 more minutes passed and you were starting to get impatient. You didn’t feel good about this at all. He’d never really been that late and if he was, he always messaged you. You checked your Kakao. No messages. You’d already expected him to forget your anniversary, after all it was Namjoon who you were dating. You wouldn’t even be mad about that, you loved him after all. But this was a little too much. You decided to call him..

After 3 times of trying and him not picking up you were starting to panic. What happened? Was he ok? You quickly called Yoongi, hoping he would pick up. Luckily the rapper picked up and you didn’t leave him any time to talk.

“Yoongi! Thank god! Listen, Namjoon was supposed to be home like 2 hours ago and he’s not answering his phone… I’m really worried, do you know where he is?”, you spilled out, trying not to sound to worried.

After about 5 seconds of silence you finally heard Yoongis voice.

“Wow…I’m really sorry about that  (Y/N), but Namjoons here with me… We are at a Club in Hongdae and he’s quite drunk. I actually was considering calling you so that you could take him home. He’s not even walking straight.”

You slowly moved your phone away from your ear. You didn’t even realize you dropped your phone as the disppointment hit you. He’d never gotten that drunk before, why out of all days today?

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“How does NASA organize a party?”, your boyfriend Jin asked you while giggling.You couldn’t help but giggle too, even though you already knew this one.

“I don’t know, Jin. How?”, you said grinning.

“The-, They…. They PLANET!”,

Jin said while uncontrollably laughing. You bursted into laughter too. The joke wasn’t even that good, but you just had to laugh about your cute boyfriend. You loved this side of him so much, even though it annoyed you sometimes. Since he was sitting on the kitchen table and the food was in the oven right now anyways, you decided to join him and sat down across from him. The two of you were silent now, but you didn’t mind, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything. That was one good thing about your relationship: You understood each other without words. At least that’s what you thought. That’s what it’s normally like. But when you looked his direction, you realized he was looking at you with a sad expression. You got confused. Why was he sad all of sudden, he cracked a joke like 2 minutes ago! He must’ve seen your confused expression, because he started smiling. But it wasn’t a smile out of happiness.

“What’s wrong, Jin? Are you not feeling well?”, you asked, full of concern. Jin sighed. All the laughter from earlier seemed so far away.

Then he took you hands and looked in your eyes. Now you were really starting to worry. You didn’t say anything, you push him. However, you couldn’t keep back you thoughts from going wild.

“(Y/N). I know this is very sudden and everything… Please don’t take this the wrong way. I really like you. Your the best friend I ever had… but I feel like… I’m sorry. I’m breaking up with you.”

His words hit you like a truck. Why the hell was he breaking up with you? After 2 years of the happiest, best relationship you could ever imagine? You tried to find words.

“Jin, but why? I thought you were happy! I thought we were just fine!”

Jin just left the room mumbling another quiet “Sorry.” You could hear he was crying, just like you. You wish he had given you an explanation… Now the 6 months were he was on tour were going to be even harder for you.

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You ran as fast as you could. People were looking at you like you were crazy, the wind was freezing cold and your feet hurt badly from all the running but you couldn’t care less. You had to find your boyfriend, Jungkook. He didn’t even have to tell you, you knew he was in danger. Actually, he was all the time. Ever since he joined this crazy gang. You didn’t exactly know why he did it, but you knew him. They must’ve had something against him in their hands, he’d never join such a brutal, strange gang just to be a part of them. However, your live changed drastically after that. He’d tried to break up with you to keep you save back then but you couldn’t leave him alone just like that.

About 20 minutes ago you’d found this letter in your appartment, Jungkook must’ve left it there. You tried to hold back the tears as you remembered his words. He was going to leave you. But not just you. He wanted to leave the country, his family, everything he loved. You didn’t understand it. For sure he wanted to escape from this gang, but why couldn’t he take you with him? You knew he loved you and you loved him like crazy, so why wasn’t it possible?

You reached the airport and your lungs felt like they were going to explode, but you couldn’t yet stop. You ran into the big hall and searched  for him. His flight was going off in 30 minutes, he must be here somewhere!

“(Y/N)… I told you not to search for me.”

You jumped and turned around. You felt exhausted and tired, but happiness filled your heart when you saw Jungkook standing right on front of you. He seemed shocked and angry, like you expected.

“Your such an idiot! I love you… don’t just leave me here! Please, let me come with you at least!”, you begged and walked closer to him.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). But stop being so naive. I can’t take you with me. Stop loving me. It’s over and I never want to see you near me again. Understand?!”.

The stinging tears in your eyes made your vision cloudy as you watched him leave forever.

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Sorryyyyyyy, I can’t help it, I’m not able to write a short reaction xD I really hope the ones who had the patience to read it all enjoyed it! Thanks to the anon who requested it~ I really got to carried away with them, especially Jungkooks got…. well, special X’D

Do you guys want a PART 2??


Monsta X Reaction #20 - Their s/o is extremely clumsy

anon asked: Can I request a reaction for Monsta X to their s/o being clumsy and getting injured a lot? :o (Im a prime example of clumsiness. Broke my leg a week ago by falling down the stairs…)

A/N: OMG ANON I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU’RE OKAY?!? I just fell down the stairs the other day and it really hurts but luckily I didn’t break anything. I’m so sorry you have to go through that TT.TT I hope this reaction brightens your day a little!!

Hyunwoo:  “…Jagi…? Where are you?”

He’d turn around in circles before finally hearing you say, “Down here Hyunwoo.. DOWN HERE!!”

“Baby what are you doing lying on the sidewalk??”

Your shoelace/heel had gotten caught in the drain pipe and you’d tripped and fell, spraining your ankle in the process.

Hyunwoo would be super worried and panicky on the inside, but his face would only show slight concern. If you had trouble walking he’d 100% carry you back to your place or to the doctors. The entire way. Without pause. He’s so worried he can’t breathe anyway so it doesn’t matter to him that he has to carry you because he’s just SO FREAKING WORRIED but you won’t know that until after the doctor sees you and he finally lets out a sigh of relief, admitting that he was completely spazzing out inside.

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Hoseok: Hard core tease. You’d trip and face plant on the floor and without skipping a beat he’d be lying beside you and waving like the gif.

“Hey sunshine. I see you fell again. Are we drunk before noon again?”

You: “Shut the hell up Hoseok.”

And then he’d burst out laughing, poking your cheeks then helping you up. He’d giggle about that for the rest of the day. If you really hurt yourself though, he’d be so freaked out he’d bawl his eyes out while trying to help you and wouldn’t make fun of you until you healed again.

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the rest is below the cut due to the length of the post (EVERY DAMN TIME KAT! I’m sorry I’m long-winded xD)

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Starting our family (Ethan)

request: (anon) Can I have an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Ethan’s baby and he finally gets to hold the baby for the first time and how their first month goes and maybe a little argument in there. thank you xx and you can decide if it’s a boy or girl. :) 


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The whole baby thing was never apart of the plan, well not the short term one anyway. I was only 20 when I fell pregnant with Ethan’s baby, it was about the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. My knee jerk reaction was ‘there is no way in hell we are raising a child together’ but I told Ethan and, after he had a mini freak out, he was over the moon. He told me to make my own choice, but that he would really like to have the baby. From there it was settled. I always wanted kids, I had just hoped it would be a little later on in life. 

Ethan I hadn’t been together very long either, just under a year before we found out. At that point I hadn’t had that moment where you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with that person. But now I can most definitely say I have that moment every damn day. That boy is so supportive, loving and hard working. Yeah we argue, sometimes small, sometimes big. I know we will be together forever, even when we have big fights there isn’t a doubt in my mind we will be able to resolve it and get back to exactly how we were. We are both quite stressed and anxious about the arrival especially since it’s so close now.

My due date was 4 days ago, I could not wait to get this baby out of me. I was huge and it has gone way past the point of being able to live a semi normal life. I spend most of the day in bed or on the couch, I can barely walk let alone do anything I used to do. I have loved being pregnant, it has been the most incredible experience but I am very ready for it to be done now. 

I had a gut feeling about this day. Every other day I have woken up feeling no different at all, but today things were happening. I knew today was the day, Ethan had already left for work by the time I woke up. I felt him place a kiss on my belly in the early hours of the morning. I called him as I got up.

“Today’s the day baby.” I said quietly into the phone. 

“WHAT? HAVE YOU GONE INTO LABOUR?!” He screamed back at me. I held the phone away from my ear and giggled. 

“No, calm down. I just feel like today’s the day, things feel different.” I replied. He sighed with relief. 

“You scared the life out of me. Okay baby call me with updates, as soon as you feel anything call me and I’ll come straight home.” He demanded. I smiled, he was so caring. 

“I will, have a good day.” I said as I rolled my giant body out of bed. 

“You too beautiful, see you later.” He ended the call and I proceeded to waddle into the kitchen. The baby definitely felt lower and I smiled with excitement thinking it could happen today. 


“You feeling okay baby?” Ethan asked me as we laid on the couch watching TV. 

“You have asked me 5 times, and again I am still okay.” I said with a smile. He smiled and shook his head. 

“Just making sure.” He winked at me. 

“I am quite thirsty though I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” I asked him as I started trying to get up. He immediately stood up. 

“It’s okay I’ll-” he started, I cut him off with a death stare. 

“Babe we’ve talked about this, don’t make me feel like I’m incapable.” I said. He held his hands up in defeat and sat back down. I made my way into the kitchen, doubling over in pain clenching the edge of the sink as I groaned. I heard Ethan’s footsteps coming after me. I could see the panic in his eyes and it scared me. 

“It’s happening, we need to go to the hospital.” I cried. He just nodded and put an arm around me as he helped me get to the car. Luckily I was extremely organized and had everything in the car and ready to go. The car ride felt like an eternity, the pain was almost unbearable and I didn’t know how to handle it. All the books and articles I had read flew from my mind and I was clueless. 

“It’s okay baby you’re doing so well, we are pulling in you’re going to be okay.” I knew he was just trying to help but I couldn’t even comprehend what he was saying. The nurses got me into a wheel chair and brought me to the birthing suite. Everything was happening so fast, I was so panicked. Could I really do this? Ethan stood by my side, holding my hand and stroking my hair, occasionally placing a long kiss on my forehead as I pushed. Here was I thinking that labour would go on for hours on end, now I’m literally pushing it out and the nurses are saying I’ll have a baby in my arms in less than an hour. I appreciated I was luckier than most in this sense but god did it hurt like a bitch. I refused all pain medication, wanting it to be as natural as possible even though I knew Ethan wanted me to take the pain away. He hated seeing me in pain, even when it was just a headache I refused to take Advil and he would get so annoyed. 

“One last push, make it a big one, deep breath now.” The doctor said as my contraction came again. I gave it all my might, pushing as hard as I could while I held my breath. Suddenly there was a strong feeling of release as I heard the baby cry. Instantly my eyes welled up with tears. 

“It’s a girl!” The nurse said. They immediately placed her on my chest. I cried and cried and cried. I had never seen anything so perfect in my life. I looked up at Ethan, he was crying too and lent down to kiss me. The doctor instructed Ethan on how to cut the cord, it was then that he was able to hold her for the first time. The doctor picked her up, cleaned her up a bit, wrapped her in a blanket and passed her to Ethan. Tears streamed down my face as I watched them bond for the first time. He seemed so happy and I knew he was going to make a great dad. 


“How has it already been a month since you were born aye?” I heard Ethan coo at her from the other room. I smiled to myself. Time was flying by, I wanted it to slow down so we could properly enjoy having this new born baby. Things were hard sometimes, we were both very tired and it was hard to have any alone time to catch up. But everything was still perfect. 

“Babe.” He called for me. I got up and walked into the living room. 

“What’s up?” I asked him as I sat down next to him. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go back to work just yet.” He started. He had agreed he would take all his time off for the first month of her being here. 

“You don’t have any more paid leave baby.” I replied, I felt bad for him. I knew if it was the other way round I couldn’t bare to leave this gorgeous baby. 

“I’ll just stop working for a while, find another job in another month or two.” He continued. I shook my head. 

“E, you know we just don’t have the money for that.” I said resting my head in my hands. 

“We can cut back, we will be fine for a while longer.” He argued with me. I just kept shaking my head. 

“You know how irresponsible that is, it wouldn’t work. This is what we agreed on, you have to go back.” My voice cracked with the last words, my hormones still at large. Tears welled up because I wanted him here, I didn’t want him to go back to work but I knew he needed to. 

“Hey don’t cry baby, I know it’s hard but one day, we will win the lottery and I can stay home every day and we can all be together.” He reassured me, I laughed a little at the lottery bit. It was always something we dreamed of, not having to worry about money. He rubbed my back and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I love you Ethan.” I said into his chest. 

“I love you more y/n, always will.”

“...This My Girl, No One Else’s”

Requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy. I love Min Sik, guys. Look at this cutie. A WHOLE SNACK!

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“How am I going to do this? Do you think now is a good time?” Min Sik asked quickly.

He wanted to come clean. It was killing him just to hide you out of the public eye. He loved you too much to not let the world know he was taken. He wanted to spoil you and let the world watch as he showered you in gifts he could get with that rapper money of his. You were his most prized possession and he wanted to show you off as his, and not anyone else’s. You couldn’t blame him. You came from a rough background and all he wanted was to give you a good life. 

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