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To the girl he said, “Drink this,” and pressed a cup into her hand. She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes.

Lena’s First Game Night

Lena Luthor does not shy away from challenges.

She’s tackled hostile business men – perhaps not literally (that’s her new girlfriend’s job), but effectively – and she’s survived her mother (enough said).

But this? This overly-casual invite from Kara?

“You don’t have to, you know, I know how busy you are, but if you wanted to, I’d love you to get to know everyone, but you know, you don’t have to – “

“Don’t be ridiculous, Kara, of course I’d love to spend more time with your friends.”

This sends her into a spiral that has her digging into her purse for her anti-anxiety medication, because she wasn’t lying when she told Kara that she was her only friend in National City.

But she was exaggerating slightly; because Kara was her only friend… anywhere.

So this idea? This idea of taking off her CEO blazer and fuck-me pumps to sit on a throw blanket with Kara and her sister and her sister’s girlfriend and their best friends – their family – and play board games and Mario Kart like she’s not horrific? Like she’s not vile?

Like she’s not a Luthor?

This idea is at once the nicest, kindest, sweetest thing anyone has ever proposed to her; and also the most terrifying.

Maggie knows, and Maggie talks her way past Jess: it’s not that hard, she just mentions Pam from HR and their outing the other night when Jess had that late meeting, and when it becomes clear that Maggie had no love for arresting Lena earlier; when it becomes clear that she’s concerned about her girlfriend’s kid sister’s girlfriend (”queer girl geography, right?” she jokes), Jess lets her through.

“Here to escort me out of my own building in handcuffs again, Detective Sawyer?” Lena glances up, holding in the amount hostility she’d normally show for Kara’s sake.

“Here to escort you to your girlfriend’s place for game night, actually.” Lena looks up from her paperwork with a slightly furrowed brow, and Maggie puts left hand under her lip briefly.

“Look, I… I didn’t have much by way of family. Before National City. Before Alex. And now… it’s scary. It’s scary, having people who just… accept you without an agenda, and want you to come eat potstickers and play crappy 90s board games in your socks on their living room floor, especially when they’re all already…”

“Family,” Lena supplies, skepticism still in her voice but shocked warmth growing in her eyes.

“Yeah. But Kara… Kara’s wild about you, Lena, and I… Here’s the thing. I understand what it’s like to feel like you don’t deserve a Danvers girl. But instead of beating myself up about it, I just try to earn it – earn her, earn Alex – every day. And I know you do the same for Kara. And she wants you there tonight, Lena. No one’s going to test you, no one’s going to ask you to prove yourself.”

Lena tries to swallow the tears stinging her eyes – she’s deeply unfamiliar with this feeling – and she bites her bottom lip slightly, at a loss for words.

“Unless you try to verse Winn in Mario Kart. He will try to crush you.”

Lena laughs, softly but irrepressibly, and Maggie grins. “Yes, he would be competitive about that sort of thing, wouldn’t he?”

Maggie nods and shoves her hands deep in her pockets. “I know Kara was gonna pick you up to take you over to her place, but I just… I don’t know. I could have used a pep talk from someone that wasn’t my girlfriend before my first game night with the squad, so… consider yourself pep talked.”

If Lena is expecting Maggie to ask anything in return – to hold anything over her for her kindness – she’s mistaken, because by the time she and Kara slip into an already full apartment about an hour later, Maggie greets her warmly from the floor, from Alex’s arms, but doesn’t give any indication that they’d just talked. Doesn’t give any indication that she’d just reached out to try to be Lena’s… friend.

“James Olsen,” James shakes her hand near the door with a small smile, and Lena gulps almost imperceptibly.

“A Pulitzer Prize winner, I daresay I know who you are, Mr. Olsen.” Also Kara’s ex. The pit in her stomach grows wider, but James smiles broadly.

“It’s just James,” he assures her, and pulls Kara into a hug.

“I’m happy for you,” he whispers, and she kisses his cheek while still holding Lena’s hand. Or, more accurately, while Lena keeps her hand in a vice-like grip.

She’s already met Alex, Winn, and Maggie, so none of them bother getting up, all engrossed in some sort of card game that has Winn screaming something about cheating and index fingers and unfairness in between waving enthusiastically at Lena.

She perches on the couch in front of them all as Kara sinks back in the pillows.

“It’s okay, Lena, you can relax. I promise,” she whispers, and Lena melts and leans back into her.

Alex glances up and grins.

“I hope your thumbs are ready for war,” she says, and Lena blanches slightly. Maggie leans her head back into Alex’s shoulder so she can meet Lena’s eyes.

“She means Mario Kart.”

“Winn takes it very seriously.”

“Hey, so does Kara, it’s not just me!”

“Oh please, Schott, you almost gave Maggie a bloody nose with your flailing last week!”

“The key word is almost, Danvers!”

“Yeah Alex, no need to take out my tech man with some index finger trick just because your girl’s face got in the way of his maneuvering – sorry Maggie – “

“Not at all, Olsen, I’ll just make sure to toss some turtle shells at you – “

“You wouldn’t – “

“Try me!”

Kara laughs along with the banter, and Lena just tries to follow it all. Kara watches her carefully, a soft smile on her face. “I’m so glad you’re here,” she kisses her cheek, and James smiles affectionately and nudges Winn.

“We’re outnumbered, man.”

Winn laughs happily and tosses aside his cards – he would never admit it to Alex, but he was losing anyway – to set up Mario Kart as Alex takes the opportunity of Kara’ diverted attention to kiss Maggie senseless.

Between Winn’s excited yelling and wild gesturing, James’s cheering a squinting, focused Kara on, and Maggie’s cheering a pursed-lips, focused Alex on, none of them notice immediately.

None of them notice immediately that Lena is silent but Lena is determined. That Lena’s expression is set, is fire, is blazing with the shock of being surrounded by people who love having her there, who toss their arms around her to grab more popcorn easily, who make sure she’s getting enough to eat, to drink.

Who only ignore her when they’re focusing on driving their Mario Kart characters forward.

Who notice her – who care – at every moment except exactly when she wants to be stealthy. When she wants to sneak up behind all of them, perfectly calculated to pull ahead with a burst of speed just on the last lap, with a brilliantly timed maneuver that puts her strategically-chosen Toad kart ahead of everyone else’s for a first-place win.

Kara beams and bounces on her seat and squeals because if she can’t win, then her girlfriend definitely should; Alex tosses down her controller and exchanges a slack-jawed expression of begrudging admiration with Winn; and James and Maggie try their very hardest not to giggle, not to tease Kara, Alex, and Winn over the ultimate Mario Kart upset.

Lena smiles nervously into the silence and shrugs. “It’s all about strategy, isn’t it?”

She gulps and she fights down panic and she fights down agony because maybe she shouldn’t have won. Maybe they accepted her only before she stole their spotlight, their rush.

But then Alex is leaning in and Alex is grinning and Alex is more than the hardcore, take-no-prisoners agent that unflinchingly and single-handedly blew up Lena’s mother’s most updated facility, because Alex is congratulating her and Alex is, “Okay, you’re definitely coming to this every week. Anyone who can make Winn lose like that? Definitely a keeper.”

She squeezes her sister’s knee and Kara beams and practically tackles Alex with a hug and Maggie nudges Lena softly while James and Winn egg on the tickle fight that ensues.

“Our Danvers girls, huh?”

Lena fights down tears again, worn out Play Station controller still in her hands. But this time, the tears aren’t anxiety or disbelief or distrust.

This time, the tears are just happy.

“Our Danvers girls, indeed.”

Volume Four was “This Will Be the Day.”

This’ll be the day we’ve waited for,

This’ll be the day we open up the door.

I don’t wanna hear your absolution;

Hope you’re ready for a revolution.

Welcome to a world of new solutions;

Welcome to a world of bloody evolution.

In time, your heart will open minds,

A story will be told,

And victory is in a simple soul.


I saw Yoongi as the older brother I never had. He was always there for me. Jin was there too, but he seemed more like a mother to me. Yoongi on the other hand was down to earth. Quiet but caring, and despite his cold demeanor was a huge softy.  I was happy he was coming over. In a time like this i could really use my best friend.

But i can’t tell Jimin how i feel, not now. So Yoongi was going to be my helping hand until then. 

If Only

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

[A/N]- things will start to get more interesting in the next few parts! hope your ready for the ride- 

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rosvolio + jealousy

Escalus takes another swig of his drink, though he lost count of the number of times his cup got filled. This late into the evening, even his sister left his side, mingling with other members of the court; discussing, heads bended close and pearly smiles flashing, with ambassadors that bring more smiles onto her face than he did since he became prince.

His eyes, though, more often than not, are trained on where Rosaline sits. Her posture changed as the night went on, her back relaxing into Benvolio’s arm, her cautious stance exchanged for one of just mild, confident hostility. At the beginning, lots of curious lords and ladies have crowded their table, have checked the betrotheds’ smiles for falseness, have picked at each of their gestures.

But Escalus does not, cannot, understand where this charade starts or where it ends, if there is one to talk about in the first place. It’s easy to ignore the reality of a marriage when he fights off the wrath of the whole Europe, but with the candles slowly melting down, the minstrels playing in the background and no bigger, stronger Isabella at his side to remind him of the fair Verona, he can think of nothing else but fair Rosaline.

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As we enter through the doors of the temple, we leave behind us the distractions and confusion of the world. Inside this sacred sanctuary, we find beauty and order. There is rest for our souls and a respite from the cares of our lives.
—  Thomas S. Monson
You Smell Like Lavender

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

Summary: Just a cute Dean x Reader with smut

Warnings: Smut, oral sex (male and female receiving), just pure smut

A/N: I’m actually surprised I even got any notes on my first imagine lol. Thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged it! Also this is my first smut, so I’m sorry if it’s terrible. Requests are also open!


It was a typical lazy day at the bunker. It was rare to have these days. There was always a case or something happening everyday that prevented you from having a day off. 

You let out a relieved sigh when you fluttered your eyes open and stretched. You knew it was a day off if you woke up on your own and no one’s yelling, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” 

You looked at the clock next to the bed, which read 10:37 am. You, then, rolled over to take a look at the sleeping body next to you. It always gave you a moment to admire his physical features. 

The way his face looked so relaxed when he slept. His striking green eyes that were currently covered by his eyelids. His pink lips that looked so kissable. The way his nose crinkled in his sleep. His stubble that made him look 10x hotter, not that he wasn’t hot before. His hair all messed up, leaving him with that sexy bedhead. 

You didn’t know how long you spent staring at him before he stirred in his sleep. His eyes fluttered open, revealing his green eyes to you. The corners of his lips turned upwards as he formed a smile at you. 

“It’s creepy to stare at people when they sleep,” he spoke, his voice deep and low. You resisted the urge to groan at his voice. 

“Well, I can’t help it when I have the sexiest man alive sleeping next to me,” you replied, chuckling before kissing his lips. 

“I’m going to take a shower,” you spoke, when you pulled apart. 

“Can I join?” He asked, and you shook your head no. He groaned in frustration and threw his head back into the pillow. You chuckled and walked out of the room and into the bathroom. You locked the door behind you before stripping all of your clothes off. 

Your shower lasted longer than you expected. You couldn’t make yourself move from the warm water. You hair felt so nice and clean, so did your skin. You used your lavender scented body wash, because you absolutely loved the smell of lavender. You finally turned the water off, and wrapped yourself in a towel before walking back into Dean’s room.

You had your own room in the bunker, but you always stayed with Dean. You never wanted to be apart from him, so he let you stay in his room. 

You strolled into his room, just in a towel, to see Dean sitting on the bed. He was too focused on the laptop to noticed you had walked in.

“Really, Dean? It’s our day off,” you groaned, before walking to a drawer and pulling out some clothes to put on. As you pulled out a shirt, a hand grabbed it and put it back.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing clothes today,” Dean spoke, before wrapping his arms around you, over the towel, and started kissing your neck. He pushed your wet hair out of the way while you tilted your head, and he attached his lips to the spot that made you moan and groan. 

“C-Can we at least go to the bed,” you whispered out. Dean removed his lips from your neck and picked you up, your legs around his waist, and carried you to his bed. He sat you on top of the messed up covers and hovered you, pushing his lips against yours. 

He swiped his tongue against your bottom lip, but you decided to be a tease and keep your lips closed. Dean, then, reached his hand down and grabbed your ass. You gasped, and Dean took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth. 

“You smell like lavender. I like it,” Dean said, then pushed his lips back onto yours, and snaked his tongue back into your mouth. 

He kept one arm by your head, to hold himself up, and moved the other hand to the top of your towel. You were too distracted with kissing him to notice that he was pulling at your towel. He succeeded, finally, and pulled your towel apart and out from under you, leaving you stark naked under his fully clothed body.

He moaned as his eyes raked over you. His eyes first stopped at your red lips, swollen from the intense make out session. Then they moved to the hickey that rested on the side of your neck, courtesy of Dean. He moved his eyes further down your body and stopped on your breasts, where your nipples were fully harden and perked up. He pulled his eyes to the final stop on your body, which was your freshly shaved and clean pussy. 

“Dean, please do something,” you whimpered. He snapped his eyes back up to you. He pulled his shirt off, then leaned his head down to your breasts and automatically took your right nipple into his mouth, while his hand massaged the left breast. After a few minutes, he took your other nipple into your mouth, do the same actions as he was a few minutes ago. 

He pulled away from your other nipple, to see you squirming underneath him, wanting more. 

“Just a minute, baby girl,” he spoke, then proceeded to pulling his pants down, along with his boxers. His bulge had grown to a full hardened boner. You stared at his dick a few more minutes before sitting up and instructing him to lay down. You moved and he replaced your spot, while you straddled his legs.

You lightly grazed your fingers across the tip of his dick, which was glistening with precum. He groaned at the feeling, which made you wrap your fingers around him. Dean was a fairly large size, but your fingers still wrapped around him, just perfect. You started moving your hand up and down, going faster every second. 

“Please, baby,” he moaned. You, then, took him into your mouth. You sucked on the head for a second before moving further down his dick. You had a poor excuse for a gag reflex, so you couldn’t make it far before gagging. Dean seemed to have liked it though. His hands rested on your head, gently pushing your head down onto his dick. You breathed through your nose and attempted to deepthroat him. You felt him hit the back of your throat before you gagged again. 

You moved up his dick and started sucking hard, while your hand pumped the base of his dick. You moved your hand under his dick, to fondle with his balls. He moaned louder at the feeling, which motivate you to start moving faster. Your left hand was squeezing and rolling his balls, your right hand was pumping the base of his dick, and your mouth was sucking the rest. All of that seemed to have brought Dean closer and closer.

“Baby, I’m gonna,” he was interrupted by a moan escaping his mouth as you felt him release in your mouth. You quickly swallowed the liquid in your mouth and lifted your head off his dick. 

“That was amazing, but it’s your turn now,” Dean spoke, with a wink. You giggled as he moved you to where he was laying down and got to work. He started from kissing at your chest, to the valley between your breasts, then onto your stomach. He stopped at the spot right above your clit. 

He moved his hands to spread your legs wide, showing him your wet and glistening pussy. He licked his lips at the sight before him. But before he started devouring you, he started kissing the inside of your thighs, not leaving a spot untouched by lips. 

You bucked your hips up, trying to get him to put his mouth on you. He chuckled and pushed them back down, leaving an arm on your hips. He leaned his head down and put a light kiss on your clit. His tongue slipped between your folds, moving back and forth. 

You moaned loudly, tangling your fingers in his hair, and tugging. Dean groaned, which vibrated against you, making you moan louder. He moved his tongue to your clit, flicking it back and forth. He eased a finger into you, while focusing his tongue on your clit. 

He pumped his finger in and out, while swirling his tongue around your clit and moving his tongue between your folds. After a few minutes of doing this, he added another finger, stretching you out. His repeatedly hit your g-spot, making you cry out, along with the pleasure coming from his tongue on your clit. He took his tongue off your clit then wrapped his lips around it and sucked as hard as he could. You could feel the knot in your stomach, indicating that you were close.

“Cum for me, babe,” Dean spoke, then pulling his fingers out and replacing it with his tongue. You cried out, feelings your legs shake as your orgasm hit you. Dean licked up and cleaned your mess. 

“Hope you’re ready for this,” Dean said, then pushed in. He hovered you, each hand on either side of your head and your arms around his neck. Dean held still inside of you, letting you adjust before moving slowly.

He pulled out, nearly all the way, then pushed back in. If anyone knew how to give a good fuck, it was Dean Winchester. Before you two got together, he slept with a huge number of girls. But you weren’t any different. You’d always pick up guys at the bar, and go home with them. It was your way to get your mind off of your crush on Dean, but little did you know, that Dean was doing the same thing for the same reason. 

He finally asked you out, after getting frustrated with seeing you coming back late after one night stands. And now, here you are. 

Dean gave a sharp thrust, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“You looked like you were zoned out, babe,” Dean said, continuing his thrusts. Your hands raked down his back, leaving red claw marks. 

“Just thinking about how good you’re making me feel,” you moaned out. Dean buried his head in your neck, and sped up his thrusts. The bed was squeaking as it rocked back and forth from Dean’s thrusts. You couldn’t imagine how Sam felt, listening to you and Dean fucking.

Yours and Dean’s moans gradually got louder and filled the room along with the sound of his body slapping against yours. You both were panting and sweaty as you neared your highs. Dean moved his head from your neck to look at you in the eyes. He moved a hand down between you two and rubbed your clit, inching you closer to your orgasm. 

He watched your face as you let out moans and whimpers. He watched you scream his name, letting everyone know who was making you feel this good. 

“Fuck, I’m close,” you whimpered out, making Dean speed up his thrusts. They soon got sloppy, letting you know he was about to cum. 

“Cum with me, baby,” he said, giving one final sharp thrust. You both released, panting and moaning as he slowly thrusted, riding out your highs. After the intensity had wore off, Dean pulled out, making you whimper at the loss. He planted himself on the bed next to you, pulling your sweaty body into his. 

“I love you,” he said. 

“I love you too,” you said, laying your head on his chest, ready for a long nap.

Why Me? Part 2 (Reggie x Reader)

A/N: Sorry it’s short but it was always just a dabble so I didn’t plan on making it two parts. But I really liked how it turned out.

You leaned against Reggie’s car waiting for him to be done with football. Your anger was now fuel from what the girls had told you minutes before. Being alone for this little time made you rethink everything that had happened between the two of you over the course of the last few months. All of the hook ups and late night talks were now going to come to an end. It made you sad to think about but if Reggie was okay with this whole book thing you knew you couldn’t be with him. You weren’t going to be with a guy that thought girls were pretty little objects for them to use.

“Hey, didn’t know that we were hanging out today” Reggie said he walked up to his car.  He looked tired, sweat was still running down his forehead.

“We aren’t”

“Then why are you leaning against my car for?” He asked confused. If there was one thing about Reggie that he didn’t fully get was people’s emotions. He didn’t’ know how to read or express them. Anyone that walked by the two of you right now could tell that you were pissed but Reggie couldn’t.

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Soulmate AU where Every injury your SO gets you get as well, and they are someone really depressed and self harms? Like, once a month sort of thing? Their thoughts before and after they meet them? (UT, UF, SF, INK, ERROR, FRESH AND REAPER SANS AND US SKELEBROS)

Oh, geez. ~Mod Feral

UT Sans

Before meeting, he’s concerned. He’s hoping you’d have even one month where you don’t do this. Don’t you have anything you can do for this situation that isn’t this? I mean, yeah, he has some chip marks on his upper arm but that was from a long time ago. When he does finally meet you he hugs you right away. “you don’t need to do that, hun. you can talk to me.”

UF Sans

He doesn’t even notice the cuts right away. He’s kinda… just as guilty as you are on this front. He finally notices when he’s getting pain without actually doing anything at all. He meets you and notices the scars. He gets real uncomfortable, but tries to make talk anyway, being sure to complement you to his best ability. He hopes you can help him as he tries to help you, honestly.

SF Sans

Aww, hell no! He’s gonna track you down and make you stop. “”YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THAT! YOU’RE AMAZING AS IS!” He’ll give you the closest thing to words of encouragement as he can. He’s hugging you on occasion. He’ll do whatever he can to stop you from doing that again.

Ink Sans

He’s pretty upset beforehand. When he finally meets you, he’s giving you a large list of alternatives, most of which are artforms. “try drawing. or paining. ooh! cheselwork could help too!”

Error Sans

He can’t understand hurting yourself over anything. He really hates it happening sometimes. It makes work hard. When he finally meets you, he can only say one thing. “why hurt yourself when you can hurt someone else?”

Fresh Sans

He doesn’t really get anything. He thinks you’re getting in fights or something and that’s why you get cut all of the time. When he meets you, he asks about your battles. When you don’t answer him is when it clicks. “oh, wait emotions. k. that makes more sense.”

Reaper Sans

This is terrible. Hopefully, he doesn’t meet you the way he expects to meet you. Especially with the route you are on.

US Sans

He’s freaking out. He’s gotten pretty low in depression himself, but he never got… that bad. Once he sees you he’s instantly asking you how you feel. “AND DON’T LIE, EITHER! I NEED TO KNOW IF I HAVE TO GET YOU ANYTHING!”

US Papyrus

He’s concerned and sad for a while. When he sees you he already has a lot of things set to help out. Hope your ready for an instant support system. He’s the most patient of all of the skeletons.

Bitter Friendship

This is for the anon who requested for Anti. I sorta changed it a bit; instead of them forming a friendship, I’ve written the reader and Sean have been friends for a long time. 
Sorry if that’s an issue, it made it a little easier to write :)

Anon request:

“I have no clue if this fits Anti in your view, but if the reader had recently moved to Ireland and comes across him, thinking he’s Sean, and they befriend each other (him kind of fancying her) but someone who is against Anti kidnaps her and really tortures her (physically and mentally) and Anti finally finds them and goes BALLISTIC and saves her, revealing that he isn’t Sean and the reader doesn’t care but lets him comfort and confess his feelings to her? Sorry it’s weird… Thank you so much!!”

Warnings: swearing, mentions of torture, angst, fluff, a little blood, violence, knives. 

Hope you enjoy!

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