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Hey, guys! I’ve been wanting to redo my commission sheet for a while and since I’m in trouble again financially, I’ve been working hard to get it done ; v ;/

Okay, so! I really need the money, my family and I are struggling here at home and finding a job is still impossible so any help would be appreciated! The prices are not completely set in stone and you’re all free to message me for any info/questions. You can inbox me here on Tumblr or shoot me a private message, or email me at bearhuggy626@yahoo.com. I will be accepting payment through PayPal!

I draw:

  • Splatoon OCs
  • Original OC’s
  • Furry OC’s
  • Fanwork
  • NSFW (will cost extra!)
  • Gore
  • Mostly anything! Feel free to ask if not sure!

More details on what the menu means below Read More! Feel free to ask about things not listed like bust, heads, etc! If you can’t buy anything, signal boosting this would be amazing! Thank you again! <3

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I am just really really really in love with hoseok 🌻

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An apology

Yo, just wanted to say this separate from the ask about it, but I just wanted to apologize if I spoiled anyone on the new SU stuff. I don’t really use tumblr mobile, so I wasn’t aware that blocking or blacklisting tags didn’t work there, and thought that just tagging spoilers would work okay. 

I know how frustrating that is when you get spoiled and don’t want to be, so I’m sad that happened with some people. In the future I’ll try and put things under read mores too, or save the freakouts for a little later. 

Shout out to @gayblackhat for their awesome Villainous fanfic, Irresistible! Absolutely gorgeous writing style and the ship ain’t half bad either! Keep up the great work, my friend. The feels are hitting hard right now.

Ride of Your Life 02

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Ring. Ring. Ring. The sound of a cellphone made as it rand and rang. No one answered. Vision blurry and your wrists ached. You couldn’t move. Ring. Ring. Ring. You passed back out. 

La-Ring. La-Ring. La-Ring. Another sound of a cellphone rang as you become groggy and reach for your cellphone to turn it off but you gripped something else startling you awake. You shot up to see that you were gripping that mans thigh. You immediately retract your hand and try to scooch away from him only to find another man beside you. 

“Princess if you wanted to touch me so badly, you could have asked.” he said, the one who kidnapped you. 

“Take me back!” you shout as you try to fight both men. “Take me back right now!” you continued to shout but you were met with being restrained into a firm hold by the other guy. 

La-Ring. La-Ring. La- 

The sound of your cellphone made before the man who kidnapped you threw it out the window. The look on your face was pure shock. “Hey! You can’t do that! That was my cell-” you yell at him but he cut you off. You start to fume. 

“Listen kitten, this is how it’s going to be, You’re going home with me whether you like it or not and you are going to keep that tiny pretty trap of yours shut.” he tells you, his tone laced with venom. 

But that doesn’t stop you, he doesn’t own you. He can’t tell you what to do. So you fight back. “Yeah right, Like hell I will! You don’t own me and you owe me another phone asshat!” you shout as the look he gives you is daring you continue. 

“Honey, do you even know who I am?” he asked you leaning down into your face causing you to flinch back.

“A kidnapper perhaps.” you stated. “I promise I won’t tell the police, just please I beg you, let me go.” you start to whine as you tried to remain calm. You forbid yourself to cry in front of this man. 

He leans in closer as if he was going to kiss you and pulls away looking at his Gucci watch. “No can do sweetheart, you’ve already seen too much.”

“No I haven’t! All I heard was gunshots and screams and when I opened the door you were blocking my way!” you shout at him. 

“Exactly.” he says in a bored tone. “Quit shouting, you’re making my ears bleed.”

“Well who’s fault is that when they decided to kidnap me huh?!” you continued to shout at him as the car comes to a halt and the driver looks back into the rear view mirror. “We’ve arrived.” 

Everyone seemed to get out of the car while you chose to be difficult causing you to be dragged out of the car by one of his men. “Take her to my room and lock her in. No one goes into that room except for me. Guard the door until I get back. I have business to attend to.” the man who wore the Gucci watch ordering the men around him. 

And just as soon as he was gone, you were being dragged into a bright looking mansion. “No! Let me go!” you yell as a grayish blonde hair man was dragging you from the car to the front door. You saw a lamp post on the steps leading to the front door and held onto it like a koala until another man with broad shoulders lifted you up and slung you over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. “PUT. ME. DOWN!” you yelled as you kicked and screamed. Your palms hitting his back but he didn’t seem at all affected. 

Every person in the large home that could see the scene stopped what they were doing and watched. You didn’t care. The person carrying you up the flight of stairs went down a hallway and kicked open what you assumed was that mans room.

It looked expensive than the average bedroom; mansion or not. And then you were slung down onto the bed and as you chased the man that slung you down, he was too quick as you were met with the door. You slammed your hands on the door finally crying, as you banged on the door. “Let me out! Please! I want to go home!” you sobbed through the door. 


What did you do to deserve this? You were just a simple plain college girl. You stepped away from the door as you made your way to the bed, sobbing. And in this moment, you regret not being truthful of where you worked to your family because now, you were a missing person. And missing persons never have a happy ending. 

Suddenly their was a commotion outside the main door that was keeping you in here. You perked your ears up to try to listen as you dried your tears. “Did the shipment get picked up?” The man who kidnapped you asked whoever he was talking to. You stayed silent. 

There was a long pause until you heard the door click and you pretend to fall asleep on the bed. Listening. 

“Did you get rid of all the bodies Namjoon because I swear to God I do not want to have to fix another one of your mistakes” he stated to what seemed like he was talking on the phone. “We can’t have people searching for her…I lost her and I finally got her back.” he said. 

‘Her…who’s her…’ you thought to yourself as you pretend to be asleep. 


You shriek when he pulls you off the bed. “I know you’re faking.” he says as he drags you to the bedroom bathroom. When he shoves you in, you lose footing and almost face plant the floor as you look back and mean mug him. He doesn’t look phased. “Strip.” he stated crossing his arms over his chest and you looked at him as if he’s gone crazy. 

You refuse. “Excuse me? You’re fucking crazy if you think I’m going to take my clothes off for you.” you retort crossing your arms over your chest. 

He chuckles. “I’m flattered you want to be modest but that’s not how you were at the club. Now strip.” he says a little more harshly.

You shake your head. “No. You can’t make me. You don’t own me.” you say defyingly. 

“Oh so am I going to have to brand you as mine before you do as I say? Because I will brand you like a farm pig if I have too and I really don’t want to be mean here.” he warns you. 

“I’ll scream.” you warned. “I’ll scream like a rape whistle.” 

He was growing annoyed and you could see it phase over his facial expressions. “Just fucking strip already, I don’t want you contaminating my bed.” No. You refused. You may work at a club but that didn’t mean you were willing to strip for anyone. He waited for you to comply before he snapped. “You leave me no fucking choice.” he grits out in a low growl. He grabs your hair back in a tight fist and makes you turn around toward the shower. “I don’t want my girl to be filthy..” 

“I am not your girl.” you breathe out in a low whimper as the hand in your hair pulls back harsher. Pain. You wince. “Please Mr. Let me go..You don’t want me..I’m a virgin..Please let me go..I swear I won’t say anything.” you plead as you started to sob again. 

“Tsk. Tsk.” he clicks his tongue. “ No. No. No. You’re missing the point. You won’t be going anywhere. In fact, this is your new home princess. And you are my girl whether you like it or not. I always get what I want.” he states before slinging you around to face him. You stare at him with tears rolling down your face. “All I want is for you to take a shower and when you are done having your sobbing fit, you can join me in the bedroom.” he whispers just before he turns away to leave. “But don’t try anything stupid Y/N… I always find out.” And then he was gone. 

Leaving you stunned in the bathroom as you never told him your name. How the hell did he know your name? Now thousands of questions were popping into your head. Who was he? You wanted answers as he may have kidnapped you but you were determined to not be in the shadows. You turned to look at the shower, sighing. ‘At least he was kind enough to allow you to shower.’ you thought to yourself. 

After you adjusted the shower to the correct temperature, you got in. The water was your only warmth in this moment as you fell apart even though you held your composure the best you could. The door clicked. You froze. Their was shuffling in the room but you didn’t dare peek to see who or what it was and then more silence. You quickly finished then and after drying off, you went to get your clothes only to find that they were missing. 

“That asshat!” you shouted out loud as you wore the towel tightly around your body as you waltzed up to him in a hurry pissed. “Give me my clothes back jerk!”  you yell at him. 

“I’m getting real tired of your whining.” he grits out. 

You scoff. “Oh I’m whining?! I’m whining?!?!” you yell clearly frusterated. “I was working then you , whoever you are decides to cause a commotion and kidnap me!” you yell. “Then you take my clothes!” you were upset. To say the least, you just wanted to go home. 

“Your clothes were filthy..”he said annoyed. “So I could have left you there to die but I couldn’t.” he said trying to guilt trap you. “I own you.” he says. 

“No you don’t !” you yell and just as it left your mouth, he pulled you into him. 

“Oh yeah? Well we will see about that Princess.” he whispers into your ear sending shivers down your spine. A faint blush spreading cross your cheeks. You advert your gaze. 

Archie Andrews x Reader: Hakuna Matata


Can I please request an Archie imagine where you get drunk with your friends while watching the Lion King, and you bawl when Mufasa dies and everyone freaks out and starts laughing when you tell them what’s wrong? (This happened to me and I thought it’d be a funny imagine)

A/N: It’s really short, but I kinda like it and hopefully you guys do to. This is my first Archie imagine hopefully it’s not that sucky. I hope the requestor enjoys it.

Words: 672

Summary: Reader and friends hanging out and decided to watch The Lion King and Reader gets emotional over Mufasa’s death.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Not that I can think of ☺

There wasn’t much to do in Riverdale, but just because the options were limited didn’t mean you and the gang didn’t try to enjoy your youth.

It was a Friday after a football game as you waited for Archie to finish up in the locker-room.

“Okay so maybe we can sneak into the club” Veronica encouraged the group.

“They would never let us back in after last time” Kevin denied making you all chuckle of the memory.

“What about a classic hangout” the blonde cheered “just us and a movie” Betty continued.

“I can do that” Jughead agreed.

“My parents are gone, I don’t really want to go out, what do you guys think? You can sleep over” you cheered.

“Can I bring Joaquin?” Kevin added.

“Of course, but only him you guys. Inner circle only” you spoke as Kevin smiled.

You guys made your way out of the stadium as Archie came out and placed his arm around you.

“So what are we doing?” Archie placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Movie night, my house, I think most of them are staying the night” the group made its way to your house as you and Archie picked up an order for all you at Pops.


The living room was set up and you grabbed a few drinks your parents wouldn’t miss or you could easily replace for the hang out as Kevin made his way in with Joaquin.

“I brought some booze” Joaquin smiled at you guys.

“You are an angel” you smiled at the serpent.

You all grabbed a beer and some food and started talking. You guys played plenty of drinking games until you remembered you had yet to watch a movie.

It was just you and your friends and it beat many of the other things you guys had done.


It was now 3am all of you buzzed from drinking and were now on your chosen movie The Lion King.

You went through the whole movie okay all you trying your best to sing on key to all the songs.

Jughead had fallen asleep the beanie covering his eyes and you all laughed as he was the first one out.

You were making out with Archie in the couch when the alcohol started to take over and as the movie continued you started tearing up until it turned into actual crying.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Archie questioned

“I just can’t believe it!” you yelled between your sobs everyone staring at you confused and it was enough to wake Jughead up.

“Believe what baby” Archie rubbed his hand on your back.

“How could he do that?! Just kill his brother in cold blood and have no remorse!” you cried out.

“I’m really sorry the artist stopped drawing Mufasa” Jughead chuckled and Betty threw a pillow at him.

“Hey! What was that for?!” Jughead whined.

“It’s a throw pillow Jug, what else do you think it’s for” A drunk Veronica protected her best friend as she threw another.

Soon everyone was having a pillow fight.

“Your friends are interesting” you heard Joaquin tell Kevin and you just laughed.

“We’re weirdos!” Archie and Jughead chuckled as the pillow fight came to an end since none of you had any more energy to keep hitting each other.

You were all so drunk, but you didn’t care at all of you had fun.

Somehow Veronica persuaded you all to jump in the pool and you made your way to your backyard.

You remember this day so vividly as one the greatest days you had with the gang. Especially when the pool scene would flood your mind.

None of you bothered changing as you made your way to the pool.

“WAIT!” you yelled before anyone could get in.

“In honor of Mufasa” you smiled cleaning up tear that escaped your eyes. You and your friends chuckled at the current events.

“HAKUNA MATATA!” you proclaimed as you jumped in the pool.

“HAKUNA MATATA!” your drunk friends followed suit jumping in the pool with you.

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justa-swingin-electrode  asked:

hi! im sorry, i've probs already sent u something, but did u kno that Allura has recently been confirmed as 17 (or the altean equivalent)? It happened at Wondercon. And seeing as Shiro is ~25, Sha//ura is a bit... Yikes, y'know? sorry to clog up ur ask box!

Hi there! No worries at all about clogging up this inbox, I’m always open to messages!

As for the whole age of the characters thing, I haven’t actually heard anything about this, and to be perfectly honest I don’t really subscribe to the idea that things said in tweets, cons, interviews are canon. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there so as far as I’m concerned, unless the character’s ages are explicitly stated in the show, we don’t have canon ages, and therefore everything is kind of up to interpretation and personal headcanons, y’know?

So it is totally possible that Allura is 17! And that’s awesome because it means she’s such a badass at such a young age, and that’s something to be impressed and inspired by! I personally don’t headcanon her being that young myself - the way she speaks and presents herself to me seems like someone who is much more comfortable and confident with themselves than a teenager - but it’s totally plausible that she’s just very mature for her age! She’s royalty after all. Or maybe Alteans age differently, who knows?

My point is that while I personally don’t headcanon Allura as being 17, it is totally okay for others to do so. And if that means shipping her with Shiro squicks you out a bit, that’s totally cool too! I personally try to tag any shippy stuff I post, regardless of the ship, so that people can blacklist. And if I ever miss anything I encourage people to tell me so I can fix it. I totally understand that not everyone ships the same things.

I’m a multishipper myself. I will ship some things more than others, and some of my ships I just think are adorable or cute rather than realistic. It’s all in good fun. If my ships are your ships, great! I’m always up for chatting about the different ships and possible AUs and headcanons! And if my ships are not your ships, that’s fine too! Just let me know if you ever need anything tagged, and you are always welcome to unfollow me if my blog is making you uncomfortable. Voltron is a great show, and we have a great fandom, it’s all about making sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time, and if I can ever help with that I’d be happy to.

Thank you so much for sending in this message, I’m always pleased when I get a chance to talk to people in the fandom. Keep on rockin!

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I was wondering if you had any other poem blogs you'd recommend? I really want to find more people!

i just had the very weird realisation that almost all of the poetry blogs that i started following when i started writing haven’t been active for 5 months or more, and even ignoring that i don’t actually follow all that many people, but i picked a random few out, some aren’t individual people but rather blogs that reblog some poetry:

@dovesweet @nosebleedclub @rishwrites @fairytalesques @adavidajane @dosenherz @dhritspoetry @aphroditics @ink-trails @ibuzoo

That right there is netflix. Now let’s talk about netflix. Can we talk about netflix, please, guys? I’ve been dying to talk about netflix with you all day, OK? “Ice Fantasy,” this name keeps coming up over and over again. Every day this show is getting put on my ‘continue watching’. Ice Fantasy! Ice Fantasy! I look in queue, and this whole thing is Ice Fantasy! So I say to myself, “I gotta watch this show! I gotta go  sit down and put this show on my tv right now! Otherwise, I’m never going to watch it and it’s going to keep showing up.” So I sit down and watch Ice Fantasy and what do I find out? What do I find out?! There is no Ice Fantasy. The plot does not exist, okay? So I decide, “Oh shit, buddy, I gotta dig a little deeper.” There’s no plot? You gotta be kidding me! I got a whole queue full of Ice Fantasy! All right. So I start marchin’ my way down to netflix help in the chat and I start typing away and I say, “Netflix! Netflix! I gotta talk to you about Ice Fantasy.” And when they mesage me back what do I find? There’s not a single goddamn cohesive plot in that show! There…is…no… plot in Ice Fantasy. Guys, half the episodes in this show have been made up. This show is a goddamn ghost town

anonymous asked:

Honest question.. Does it realy take you weeks or months to write a new part of stories or do you just make people wait so you get more attention?? Like you want comments or something an then you post new stuff? Not being rude, just wondering that's all. You write good though. i like ur stuff

Anon, I’ve looking at this note from you for a little while. I couldn’t decide if I was going to respond to it or just let it go. In all good sense, I should have taken a screenshot of this and edited it to only respond to the nice part of this, because I don’t know you if meant it this way but some of it comes off a bit accusatory.

So first. I am glad that you enjoy my writing and that you think I write well. That is very nice of you to say.

Secondly. One of the reasons that the parts of my pieces take so long to publish is that I want them to be good. I spend about 8 to 10 hours of dedicated writing, then 15 to 20 hours of dedicated editing for a piece that’s about 3000-4000 words, if the piece is longer the time is adjusted properly. These are hours that I have to fit into my life which includes working 40-50 hours a week and on top of spending some time with my dogs and hubby. Also I do need to sleep occasionally. 

Thirdly. I do like comments and reactions - honestly who doesn’t like to know that people enjoy their work? It is inspirational to have someone reach out and give me their opinion, but no I’m ‘holding back’ pieces waiting for a certain number of responses.

So I hope that you continue to enjoy my pieces. Good work takes time - so hopefully you keep finding that it’s worth the wait. I hope that clears up my process a bit for you.

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Literally there will never be anything funnier on this site than whenever somebody says something vaguely political like “gee life sure is hard for immigrants in the usa” and some rando will come up, drop some quote from some 19th century author that vaguely applies to the sotuation, and then when you click their blog their description is a mile long paragraph about how they hate SJWs and want to fuck ponies and human-shaped airplanes or trains while being vored by an anthropomorphic animal