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Borderline Mess: my bpd playlist

  1. 21 questions// waterparks
  2. liability// lorde
  3. i’m gonna show you crazy// bebe rexha
  4. you are going to hate this// the frights
  5. by your hand// los campesinos!
  6. colorful mind// broken iris
  7. your graduation// modern baseball
  8. tattooed tears// the front bottoms
  9. nothing was the same// hotel books
  10. i’m not a good person// pat the bunny
  11. leave me alone (i’m lonely)// p!nk
  12. be your shadow// the wombats
  13. love me dead// ludo
  14. valley of the dolls// marina and the diamonds
  15. starring role// marina and the diamonds
  16. anxiety song// human petting zoo
  17. blue// marina and the diamonds
  18. flawless// the neighbourhood
  19. a deer mistaking candles for headlights// crywank
  20. au revoir (adios)// the front bottoms
  21. identity disorder// of mice and men
  22. i wanna get better// bleachers
  23. i hate everything about you// three days grace
  24. afraid// the neighbourhood
  25. you are the problem here// first aid kit
  26. not cut out// katy mcallister
  27. crying in the club// camila cabello
  28. your validation// canadian softball
  29. how to hide your feelings// man overboard
  30. fear and loathing// marina and the diamonds
  31. the lonely// christina perry
  32. stupid for you// waterparks
  33. gloom boys// waterparks
  34. conversations with my 13 year old self// p!nk
  35. yellow flicker beat// lorde
  36. learn to let go// ke$ha
  37. tell me you love me// demi lovato
  38. yes girl// bea miller
  39. hymn// ke$ha
  40. leech boy// crywank
  41. nobody’s home// avril lavigne
  42. barbies// p!nk
  43. a new hope// broken iris

Kel Lavellan

Happy Birthday @feynites! You’ve been such a wonderful friend, and there’s nothing I look forward to more than seeing that you’ve posted something, or a message in my inbox. 

Kel is so lovely, I’ve wanted to draw her portrait for a while now. I hope I did her justice. I wanted to give you a vallaslin and non-vallaslin version and then you wrote that lovely General Fen’Sulahn fill and said she wore Fen’Sulahn’s vallaslin so I had to add that, of course. XD

anonymous asked:

Do you do thread with rpers that are not very well know? I see you do alot with tt and and other more well know blogs but was just wondering

(( OOC: It’s really not an issue of how “well known” someone is, but rather how well I know the person? Simply put, I’ve been rping for a while now and I’ve made some really good friends, who’ve been around for about the same time as I have. So I find rping with these guys much easier because I’m friends with them and I know them well enough to bounce ideas off of.

I’ve seen some amazing rps from people who are new to the community and I think there’s some great content being generated, but for my own larger, personal projects I tend to work closely with my friends, firstly because I trust them, and secondly because there’s no pressure there to navigate social niceties with someone you don’t really know. And also… because I like rping with my friends!

If you want me to join in on something you’re doing, shoot me a message. If it’s something I’m interested in and I actually have the time (which is… rare) I’ll totally be up for it. But for my own projects, I’ll probably continue taking advantage of my friends until they tell me to bugger off. ))

lifejvsthappened  asked:

Gasp I just started following your blog and I would like to personally thank you for drawing nyotalia my babies don't get enough recognition and I absolutely love your art!! Could I ask you to draw Nyo Spain with long hair? I love my smiling sunshine she's my favorite 💞💞 thanks again for existing

I am floored by her beauty. ;u;

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I saw CMBYN at mvff & loved it but was confused what to take away from their relationship. I felt like it was more defined by attraction/passion/lust & less about a once-in-a-lifetime love that is being described by Elio’s dad and by critics, mostly due to how little conversation we see of E & O getting to know each other. I know the film focuses more on tone/mood and less on dialogue, but I was curious to hear your thoughts since you read the book & have a deeper understanding of the characters

whaaaaat?! i was at mvff too!! the way I see it, it may very well have been lust in the beginning, but I believe it transformed over the course of their time together. I think of lust as more of a sexual desire that was only one component of their relationship. it’s clear that they were physically attracted to each other, but they were also attracted to the other’s knowledge and ways of thinking. they’re both intellectuals and they challenge each other mentally throughout the book and film, and I like to think that’s what turned “lust” into love. if anyone has anything else to add, feel free to comment!


He’s a super sword warrior that surpasses all others!

↳  “Don’t worry about reality. UK!”

For Nima // @musso-musso-black-forest

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Hi Hi hi I recently just made my own bts fanfic account here and I just wanna day you are a HUGE inspiration to me and I love everything you do so please just keep being you and really, your improvement from your early stuff has me so inspired thank you for writing and posting and yeah thanks idk what else to say just thank you ❤️❤️

firstly, congratulations on creating your own account!!!

aa i’m so happy to hear that my improvement was inspiring! (( i get so embarrassed by earlier stuff but happy its being useful )) 

this is such a cute CUTE message like my poor heart, good luck with your future writing sweetie ❤️

A calls out posts aims at people with neurotypicalness because they are hypocrites haha!

-Lots of sarcasms-

Hello, I am a neurotypicalness friends to people with neurotypicalness. I navigates life with neurotypicalness because I likes to co-opts the neurotypicalness identity and makes it my own. But you can’t calls yourself neurotypicals because that is ableists and you are not your neurotypicalness, so you needs to does what I says since you needs to focus on me! 

I thinks person firsts languages means the words person comes firsts before everything. Person firsts languages is not about puts what the person I am speaks to wants firsts, oh no no no no no, banish the thinks that I cares how you wants me to identify you! I knows bests and I doesn’t for reals cares about your identity because it is all about me! 

I, a neurotypicalness parents who is autistic, knows my very severe lows functions kid’s neurotypicals brains more betters than you highs functions antineurodiversity people with neurotypicalness! You people has neurotypicalness that is so highs functions that it doesn’t affects you at all so how dares you tells me I doesn’t knows how to raises a child with severe neurotypicalness who can’t communicates at all and can’t blinks their eyes without my helps?! This is about me! Me! Me! Me!

I doesn’t wants to hears advice about makes their life more easy because does all that stuffs to finds out why they screams makes my life more hard! If I makes their life more easy then I will not has anything bad to writes about them anymore and then I can’t trots them out as why neurotypicalness needs to be cures or gets ass pats for being so braves to parents a child with severe lows functions neurotypicalness. This is about me, not neurotypicalness! What about me?!

Everybody who is not autistic are people with neurotypicalness and I will speaks overs you because you doesn’t knows anything about what you wants or needs. Many times, I finds that I questions if you are for reals a person at all! Besides, it is all about how your neurotypicalness affects ME!

-Ends sarcasms- 

Dears people with neurotypicalness who are angers at my sarcasms– guess what? You does it to autistic people! You says we shouldn’t puts autism firsts when you has it firsts in your identity! 

  • Autism moms
  • Autism dads
  • Autism siblings
  • Autism (something here)

Or you makes things all about our autism and not us!

  • Parents with autism
  • Life with autism
  • Educates with autism
  • Goes to the doctors with autism

You are big hypocrites!

It is so confuses when you uses identity firsts languages on us, makes us thinks your articles is about helps autistic parents, life as an autistic person, helps an autistic teachers or goes to an autistic doctors…but nooooo your bullshits is all about being parents to autistic people, lives with autistic people, educates autistic people and takes autistic people to the doctors! You demands we puts people firsts and you takes the people out. What does that makes you? Spells it with me…


Guess what?! 

  • Rocket, Quill and Gamora are not “autism friends” because they are not autistic, they are Mantis’, Drax’s and my friends! 
  • Rocket, Quill and Gamora doesn’t “lives with autism” because they doesn’t lives with Mantis’, Drax’s or my autism, they lives with Drax, Mantis and me! 
  • Drax, Mantis and me can calls ourselves “autism friends” who “lives with autism” and “educates (about) autism” because we are friends who are autistic, we lives our autism every days and autistic people are the best teachers about what it is likes to be autistic

And you people with neurotypicalness has the nerves to treats autistic people likes autism is a terrible parts of us that we shouldn’t puts firsts in our identity or refers to at all except as after-thinks?!

Shuts the fucks up!

Stops says you are an “autism (something here)” or says you “lives / educates / navigates doctors / blah blah blah with autism” if you are not autistic because it is not your experiences! 

You lives with an autistic person or are the parents of an autistic person. You educates an autistic person or are helps an autistic person navigates goes to the doctors. You has no rights to makes us does languages gymnastics! I sees it all the times, people with neurotypicalness! You takes overs our identity, tells us to shuts up and try to dictates how you wants us to identify ourselves to makes you more comfortable! 

No! YOU shuts up this times! 

Am I an “epilepsy friends” who “lives with seizures” because I am friends with Rocket and knows what to does when he has a seizures? Seconds: Am I a “chronic pains friends” who “lives with chronic pains” because I am friends with Rocket and knows how to takes cares of him on “fucks everything” pains days? Am I an “asthma friends” who “lives with asthma attacks” because I am Quill’s friends and knows what to does when he has an asthma attacks?

Autistic people has to watch people with neurotypicalness co-opts our voices with theirs every days and I am tires of it! My experiences of autism is my own and it is my story to tells. Drax and Mantis’ experiences of autism are their own and it is their story to tells. My voices matters and their voices matters. We knows what being autistic is likes. You, people with neurotypicalness, doesn’t knows what being autistic is likes. You can imagines it but you can’t lives it, you can only experiences it as a witness. 

Now shuts up and lets the autistic people in your life tells their stories– it should always their choices. NOT YOURS!

When will you people with neurotypicalness gets it?!