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hi, i hope you're feeling better! i've had a pretty stressful week between school and work, so i was wondering if u could request some happy/fluffy jaytim headcanons?

I’m so sorry this is so late babe!! I hope things are lot less crazy and that you’re feeling better now!!! I’ve actually done jaytim headcanons before, but it’s a fun ship and they’re both characters I really enjoy writing about, so have some more:

  • Their first kiss was in the middle of a thunderstorm. They’d been forced to collaborate to stop a certain human trafficking gang, and it left them both beaten and bloody, watching from a rooftop as police officers arrested the criminals. Jason’s nose was bleeding when he turned to Tim with a grin and made a comment about how the rain was like something out of a romance movie.
  • “So what, are you going to kiss me?”
  • “Do you want me to?”
  • “What do you think?”
  • Jason and Stephanie are best friends, which you would think would be awkward for Tim, but he loves it. Stephanie is probably the best third wheel in the world, and the three of them have a lot of crazy semi-illegal adventures that no one is allowed to tell Bruce or Dick about under any circumstances.
  • Jason is highly offended by how few literary classics Tim has read (”Seriously, I thought you said you went to one of the best private schools in Gotham. And you’re telling me To Kill a Mockingbird wasn’t on any of your summer reading lists?”) and his solution is to refuse to cuddle unless Tim lets him read aloud to him.
  • Whenever Tim stays over at Jason’s place, he borrows some of Jason’s clothes to sleep in. They are way too big for him. It’s adorable. Jason is struggling.
  • This does not work in reverse, because Tim’s clothes are all way too small for tall, beefy Jason. So when Jason stays over at Tim’s, he has to sleep in just his boxers and Tim s u f f e r s
  • At first Jason is under constant scrutiny from Batdad and Nightbro, because they’re just waiting for him to do Tim wrong, but he actually treats him really, really well??? Their relationship also helps to clear the bad blood between Jason and the Batfamily and allow him to work more closely with them. 
  • Who knew that the infamous Red Hood was one for romantic gestures? Sure, the roses were probably purchased with drug money, but it’s the thought that counts.