hope you're doing well in the army

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hey sarah! i hope you're doing well. i just wanted to tell someone abt this...i have a friend who'd been an army ever since bts debuted, but she's not very involved anymore. i don't mind that part at all, but i was just upset when she shamed me for being an army in front of our other friends and denied the fact that she was ever a fan :// she obv doesnt have to be an army for us to be friends, but i feel like ive lost a connection w her bc of what she did...i dont have other army friends (1/2)

(2/2) so im kinda seeking some comfort from you haha. anyway thanks for reading my ramble (if you find this in your mountain of asks) and have a great day :))

Tbh i think there’s a really fucked up trend right now. The “hate army” trend. 

Some people hate us because a large group hate us, without even making their own opinion on the subject. There’s bad people in the Army, like in every other fandom, kpop related or not. People are bashing us, sometimes even for no reason, taking the worst comments and stating that THIS is Army. When in fact, if you want to be fair, you have to randomly take a large number of comments. So some people want to be in that trend, which is really stupid.

If she shamed you for being an Army, tell her “do you really think that I have to be ashamed of enjoying music?”. You’re an Army when you enjoy and support BTS. Is there something to be ashamed of? Nop

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Hello dear ^^
ah this is too sweet ♡ thank you so much for caring. Don’t worry I’m fine and feel very energized by all the love I get back from ARMY. And I’m happy our dear boys are doing so well! They deserve every attention and success! Being part of this is a great experience ♡ Bye bye Diana

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Hi, I want to first off thank you for taking the time to read my question. I'm writing a story revolving around objects (everyday and extraordinary) and was wondering if you have any references or lists on cursed and/or famous objects throughout history and fiction? Thank you again! You're awesome!

Well, I didn’t have a resource/information list before, but I do now! Important and cursed objects are awesome and can get super creepy, so this will be fun. Let’s start. (I’ll include some other stuff that I think might help as well, if you’re thinking of creating your own objects).


Top 10 Creepy Cursed Objects
[Link includes information on: Maori Warrior Masks | Koh-i-Noor Diamond |Terra Cotta Army | Crying Boy Painting | Delhi Purple Sapphire | Hope Diamond | Uluru Rocks | Black Orlov | Blarney Stone Rocks | Iceman]

Cursed Antiques and Haunted Objects
[Background of this page is a little much to deal with, so I’ve picked out some of the more interesting objects included in their list]

  • The Woman of Lemb — This strange little artifact has done so much damage that it is commonly referred to as the ‘Goddess of Death,’ and remains under glass in a private section of a Scottish museum. Discovered in 1878 in Eastern Europe, in the village of Lemb, Cyprus, it has been dated to about 3500 B.C. and is believed to represent a goddess of that time by noted historians, but its exact placement in the pantheon of gods and goddesses remains a mystery. The statue is carved from pure limestone, and appears to have been done in a manner similar to fertility idols of the ancients…
  • Cloth Poppet — …were made by witches and other soothsayers of long ago to act as a fetish of a person. It was mostly used for malaise, but on occasion, some were used for healing. I bought this at an estate sale in New Hampshire, as is dated approximately from c. 1850 – 1900. The inside is made of herbs, defiantly lace, ivy and rose petals, as well as unprocessed cotton. We think it was used primarily as a love fetish for a loved one. Green signifies health issues, and the white buttons may mean to clear something. The linen cloth is cheaply made, and has been estimated as coming from either a laundry bag or a linen protector, so this would signify that the maker was poor, possibly a servant…
  • Crusader Rings 
  • Scarab Icons

10 Most Haunted Objects Of All Time
[Link includes information on: The Dibbuk Box, the contains an ancient, malevolent spirit | Annabelle, the doll possessed by a lying demon | The “eBay Haunted Painting” -causes sickness, screaming and fear | The Myrtles Plantation Mirror | Haunted Wedding Dress | Chairs that push people out of them and make people feel sick | Haunted doll (Robert) curses those who take his picture without permission | The Women from Lemb | “The Anguished Man” | The cursed ‘Chair of Death”]


Top 10 Most Important Historical Finds

10 Most Amazing Ancient Objects of Mystery in History

101 Objects that Made America: America in the World
Pulled from the Smithsonian collections, these items range millennia, from pre-historic dinosaurs to the very first supercomputer

6 Famous Things From History That Didn’t Actually Exist


10 Coolest Magical Items from Fiction
[Link includes information on: Truth Chain from Fablehaven Series | Hand of Midas from Alibaba and forty Thieves | Flying Carpet from One Thousand and One Nights | Eye and Hand of Vecna from Dungeons and Dragons Universe | Elder Wand from Harry Potter Series | Summoning Horn from Bartimeaus Trilogy | Magic Lamp from Aladdin | The Dagger of Time from Prince of Persia Franchise | One Ring from The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings]

The Coolest Fictional Objects You Most Want to Own

10 Amazing Mythological Objects
[Link includes information on: The Cintamani Stone | The Seven-League Boots | The Ring of Gyges | The Hand of Glory | Skatert Samobranka | The Book of Thoth | Helmet of Invisibility | The Spear of Destiny | The Argo | Dragon’s Teeth]

Some Wiki mega-lists:

Fictional Dolls & Dummies
Fictional Jewels
Mythological Objects
Time Viewing Devices
Fictional Weapons


Gemstone meanings and properties 

Herb properties & uses

Magical Properties of Metal

Ideas on objects that could have significance

  • Everyday Objects: baskets, books, boxes, broaches, cups, furniture, pottery, rings (general jewelry), taxidermy, writing utensils
  • Oddities: animal bones, animal horns or antlers, animal skulls, antique books or documents, antique jewelry box, creepy dolls, haunted antique medical equipment, human bones, human skulls, preserved specimens
  • Large-Scale Objects and Locations: abandoned tunnels (with super secret corridors), areas that are located on intersecting ley lines, cursed bridges, cursed hotels, haunted & abandoned prisons/hospitals/institutions
  • Historic & Ancient Objects and Locations: ancient figurines, ancient pottery, art pieces (paintings, sculptures etc), crowns, executional artifacts & locations, giant ancient stone sites like Stonehenge or Easter Island, Indigenous Peoples’ cities/sites/homes, Indigenous Peoples’ weaponry, jewelry, swords or daggers


I hope something in here helped! Happy writing! Xx

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"John I think I have a problem," Sherlock says seriously one evening just as the the army doctor is heading up to bed. "What kind of problem?" John asks hoping to god that it's not drugs. "I can't eat, I can't sleep," Sherlock begins, "I can't concentrate on my work." "What do you think the problem is?" John asks. "I think I'm in love," Sherlock tells him. "Well perhaps you need to tell the person you're in love with how you feel," John suggests. "John, I'm in love with you." "I love you too."